How to Record Screen Video from Android Samsung

Free Android Screen Recorder Apps

If the methods above are not suitable for you, you can use the free Android screen recorder apps that are widely available on the Play Store. Among them:

Android Screen Recording. All Ways

If you need to record video from the Android screen. from the system interface, games and other applications, you can do this in a variety of ways: in some cases, recording is available with built-in Android tools, you can almost always use third-party screen recording applications, there are also methods for recording video from the screen smartphone on computer.

In this manual, in detail about the various methods to record video from the screen of an Android phone or tablet, one of which should definitely be suitable for your tasks.

Record Android screen video in Play Games app

Many owners of Android phones and tablets have the Google Play Games app preinstalled. But not all of them know that it allows you to record video from the screen, and not only from games, but also in other locations on Android.

Details on using the function in a separate instruction How to record a video from the Android screen in the Play Games application.

Record Android Screen Videos on Samsung Galaxy

Depending on the Android version of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, screen recording capabilities may differ:

  • On Samsung smartphones with Android 10 and newer, just go to the notification area and find the “Screen Recorder” button (note that the list of action buttons can be scrolled horizontally). If it is absent, click on the menu button (three dots in the upper right), select the “Button order” item and see if the screen recording button is available among the disabled and add it if necessary.
  • When you start screen recording using this button, you can choose whether to record audio and from where: only from the phone (from the game, application) or from the phone and microphone.
  • When recording video from the screen, a panel will appear on top of it, where the recording can be stopped.
  • The screen recording settings on Samsung with Android 10 are located in Settings. Additional features. Screen captures and recording (for example, there you can choose the resolution of the video to be recorded).

On Samsung Galaxy smartphones with previous versions of Android, screen recording was possible in games: for this in Settings. Additional functions, you need to enable Game Launcher.

And during the game, open the panel with control buttons and use the Game Launcher button on it, where the screen recording functions will be.

How to Record Android Screen Video on Computer

If recording a video on Android requires post-processing on a computer, you can immediately record on it. To do this, you can use the following methods:

  • Stream video from your screen to your computer (even with Windows 10’s built-in image broadcast functionality) and record with a third-party video recording program such as OBS Studio.
  • Use special programs to broadcast the Android screen to a computer with a recording function, for example, Apower Mirror or LetsView.

However, keep in mind that this recording method is not very suitable for games due to broadcast delays, but it will be more than enough to record instructions and actions in the Android interface and regular applications.

Android Screen Recorder Built-in System Tools

If we talk about the possibilities of recording video from the screen using Android, up to version 10, then, unless such an opportunity is provided by the manufacturer (for example, on Samsung Galaxy or LG, as described in the next section of the instructions), you will not see such a function.

However, if your phone is running stock Android 10, you can try the following method (it doesn’t work on all phones):

  • Turn on Android developer mode.
  • Go to the options “For Developers” and find the item “Experimental features”, open it.
  • If the list is not empty and the settings_screenrecord_long_press parameter is present in it, enable it.

After enabling this experimental function, to start recording the screen, you will need to press and hold the power button, then in the menu that appears, press and hold the screenshot button and then you can start the screen recording.

Using ADB for Screen Capture

If simple ways are not for you and you need something sophisticated, you can record video from the Android screen using the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands:

  • Download and unzip Platform Tools from Google.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Android phone and connect it to your computer via USB.
  • Run a command line and enter the command cd PATH_TO_FOLDER_PLATFORM_TOOLS (if the folder is not on the C: drive, then first enter the command consisting of the letter of the desired drive with a colon).
  • Enter the command
  • As a result, the video file of what is happening on the Android screen will start recording to the sdcard folder, the file name is You can stop recording by pressing CtrlC in the command line window.
  • If you want to copy the video to your computer, enter the command The video file will be saved to the current folder. Platform Tools.
  • Console screen recording supports settings, which can be listed using the command

That’s all. If you have something to add, for example, on the topic of built-in screen capture on other brands of smartphones. your comment will be useful.

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Hello! I wanted to use your instructions, but the link you gave contains the Android Studio program, not the archive. In this regard, it is not clear what and how to do. Please update the instructions if possible. I’ll be very thankful!

Ok, really, they’ve updated a bit. But: the archive is there.
At the very bottom of the page
Download (the version may actually change in the filename)

I do not have such folders in the downloaded archive. What to do?

Now I can’t double-check, but there must be adb somewhere. Only if you accidentally downloaded the wrong archive from them

Downloaded but the specified folders were not found. I dug everything up. The volume of the archive seems to be the same

And that’s all, I remembered. It’s just that platform-tools needs to be installed separately now. It is first described here:

Thank! I set everything up, it works. I just don’t understand how to change the video recording settings. recording time, bit rate, etc.?
see section screenrecord options

Thanks for the help! I have only one question left. is it possible to record sound from the device in this way??
Thanks again!

Specifically, this method does not exactly support audio recording (it says so on their office page). Others didn’t google 🙁
From ideas that come to mind. to implement all this in an emulator on a PC.

Xiaomi also has a built-in Screen Recorder application. Now I tried it. the sound also writes. Model RN7.

Thanks for the info, very timely. I’ll try, otherwise the sound was not recorded in the built-in screen recording on the phone (there was a webinar, maybe there was protection on the content?)
By the way, this is not the first time. when I have problems or questions, you just give solutions and answers)))
I will never forget March 2016, when, thanks to your instructions, I fixed everything myself My colleagues still didn’t believe me that they had “fixed” the PC themselves. Thanks for the help)))

Error, Dimon. “Cd” only wants to rob the system partition. I have it on “C:”. when I try “cd D: \”, nothing comes of it.

just D: and enter
and then cd and the path to the folder.

Lol, why did MS do it this way They don’t believe in “cd” anymore?

Not. CD. type “Change Directory” (change the directory on the same disk where we are now).

Oh yes, by the way. If the ABD binaries for the Droid (available in the Magisk repo) have such functionality, you can record the screen without a PC.

Of course you need ROOT access. The droid is not Win

After off. UAC, the point regarding the launch from the admin “went down” a couple of points (although it was always immediately after “Open”).

Is it possible to somehow raise this point? Like reorder.

Dimos, what is it? Reload this page (with “/ comment-page-1 /” in url)

In my code, it seems clean. By Google on the topic. they write that some browser extensions do this. Judging by the domain, it is possible that something related to the proxy is worth (not on my part) and has failed.
I hope so)

I do not use proxies and extensions are normal.

And one more thing: Do you know how to turn off the grip in Explorer COMPLETELY (not only for the folder)? It’s already so up, I’ve never seen one like this in my entire life

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By grouping, you can try this option: go to the folder where it is disabled, open the menu. view. press the “parameters” button. On the “View” tab, click “apply to folders”. But in general, whether this method works specifically for “grouping” I do not know for sure, I have not experimented.

Yes, I tried the application for everyone. nothing. It used to be okay, they did it. So he says.

Don’t filter. Let it be seen how I don’t like this stuff

One more question. I rolled the Win 10 image from the officials. When installing, a choice of revisions appears. I chose, so straightforwardly and write: “Windows Pro”. Just Pro, nothing. But in Win itself, Education is spelled out.

This is how it should be?
And I noticed the editorial edit point. Type I have Education and can be changed to Pro. But as I understand it, logically, the idea of ​​programs about Win changes. the OS itself does not change.

On the first question. not in the know.
On the second. I suppose that it is, but I myself am only now working with licenses. Whether it is worth trying. I see no point. Education is not worse in functionality than Pro.

In general, I do not know. Maybe something like EasyContextMenu will help, but not a fact.

Something else. My brother does not understand what is wrong with the network. Diagnostics wrote something about the gateway. The values ​​on the adapter are by IP and DNS on the machine. He tried to set it manually, sort of like the correct numbers. also no.

record, screen, video, android

Prescribed on the patient: “netsh winsock reset” and “ipconfig / flushdns”. Have not tried “netsh int IP reset C: \ Log.txt”
Yuzali MS Easy Fix. too.

What do you say? As I understand it, a situation of unsuccessful

Any considerations after what happened? And: how the connection is made?
In theory, this can be caught simply from a router glitch (then rebooting the router is banal) or with temporary problems on the side of the provider. That is, you do not always need to decide on your part.

If the connection is via a router, then: are other devices working (smartphones, etc.)? If so, then, for example, on Android (there are other ways, but I am writing this one, since it will not depend on the brand of the phone), you can download the IP Config application, in it you can see information about the IP and the main gateway (Gateway) and score them. in connection parameters, only in IP, change the last number to something else, but not 1-2.

Yes, you’re right. my jamb that I did not indicate. On a smart, he has an Internet, everything is ok. Route has rebooted 20 times already. To the hospital conn. goes through the LAN from the router.

He tried connecting. the same cable from the laptop. there are all the rules. Apparently, this is a problem in the OS

In short, something came, supposedly fixed. Said he was incl. home group and there were 5 networks.
But the problem is that I put it on a separate Win 10 partition for testing and there is no default group there. And there was no Internet.
Question: I cheated and it wasn’t in the group?

Did you fix it in general? If so, then I think there was no point in deceiving him (there will be no more money from this, this is nonsense anyway). But at the same time, I do not know how homegroups could cause this behavior, provided that there were no duplicate hard-coded IPs in the LAN, for example.
Those. maybe he really knows some nuance about home groups that I don’t know, either. I don’t know, did something that fixed the problem, but didn’t understand what it was, it also happens.

And one more thing: in 10-ke the same home groups were cut or there are a lot of computers and not with 10 in the apartment? And if not a lot, then where did the home groups come from? Neighbors hang on the router, picking up a simple password?

through control.exe the homework remained. Does it work fully. no idea

Laptop for 10-ke, hospital for 7-ke. There are mini-neighbors, in general, relatives, they have their own route.

No idea where the homework came from. He is not a picker like me. he would hardly have started homework alone, in addition, he says that he only played that day (WoT Blitz or whatever). Paranormal Activity…

No, out of these “relatives” there is a certain “professor”. he put such a mess on WPA2-PSK. I ate entered the route list. there is not a password, but a purgatory.

And, finally, one caveat. some content, for example, a video played on Android, may not be recorded (there will be a black screen on the recording), this is due to the protection functions of such content.

What do you mean by security features, and how do you fix it? The video was always written norms, the vrecorder application. Then, at one point, it began to write a black screen.

It depends on the specific video and player. Those. not any video can be recorded.
If you wrote the same video before in the same player, perhaps Android has been updated and now like this.
Protection features include copy protection, DRM.

Game Screen Recorder

A stable working device that can be used in a free version and a paid professional one. An attractive option is the presetting and resolution to adjust the overview and the quality of the image that you want to shoot. Other predominant functions should be highlighted:

  • video recording up to an hour;
  • no root access required;
  • it is allowed to record on the microphone;
  • clear functionality and interface;
  • saving previously installed presets;
  • start countdown timer.

The disadvantage is that some of the listed options are available in the PRO version. Crash reported on smartphones.

How to record screen during video call on Android ?

Record and save your screen during video calls you make with various apps like WhatsApp, Duo, Hangouts, IMO, Skype, etc. with a simple trick

Record video and audio at the same time with this trick and save the video chat on your Phone. We will try our method on Android as it is easy to configure and modify. Android has many video chat apps

Android contains many video chat apps. some of them are the most popular: Google Duo, IMO, Skype, WhatsApp Call, BBM, Hangouts, Viber, WeChat, Tango, ICQ. Messenger etc.

Android is the best smartphone environment for any user. Due to its open source nature and many customization options.

In fact, today I received an email from one of the visitors named ‘Raghu2k2. who, after finding a helpful post, asked me if I could help him in recording a video along with sound during a video chat.

Raghu said he tried many screen recording apps on Android that worked but couldn’t record sound.

  • I tried several apps myself and actually found that apps can only record screen but not sound.
  • I even tried several audio recording apps at the same time with the screen recorder, but the moment Vidoe calls start, the audio recorder stops.

Curious I started looking for the reason in the forums and found that internal audio recording is no longer supported by Android and stopped by Google.

This means that the updated Screen Recorder apps do not support audio recording during a video call.

But earlier versions could record screen along with sound. So any older version of the app can help you.

Screen and speaker recording

This free screen sharing tool also supports recording screen video with the voice of the speaker or user. This method is suitable for those who make video tutorials with narration for a better explanation or commentary. To start this process, we just need to click on the audio input tab and select “Microphone” below it. After that, you can start recording the screen and also make some comments at the same time.

For best results, make sure you have a fully functional microphone, either built-in or external, because the recording tool will be useless if you have a faulty microphone.

Note: If you need to record the screen with a microphone, please connect the DO microphone to the launcher of this screen recorder. Otherwise, you need to re-run this tool for it to successfully detect the microphone and lock it.

Free way

To start making DIY videos right away, the best way to record video with audio is to use Apowersoft’s free online screen recorder. It is completely free and has no time limit for recording. It has never been easier to record gameplay, live broadcasts, video chats and more.

How to Record Screen on Samsung: All Methods

Here are all the ways to enable screen recording on Samsung: natively built-in and those that Samsung provided but did not. And I will also list the most convenient programs with free functions.

Screen Recorder on Galaxy Note10 / Note10

For this device, the manufacturer has simplified the task as much as possible. You do not need to configure anything, the functionality is available immediately. But this procedure will be useful to you, even if you have a different smartphone. How to do this will be described in the following paragraphs. And the display recording in Galaxy Note10 starts like this:

  • Just fold back the top curtain. Scroll to the left.
  • Tap on Screen recorder.
  • The process will start after the end of the countdown.
  • During recording, control buttons will appear in the corner: draw on the video, add an image from the front camera and complete the process.
  • When recording is stopped, you can further adjust the parameters. If you long press on the icon in the curtain, the settings will appear. Here you can select the video quality, the size of the front camera window and the source of sounds that will be recorded.
  • built-in Samsung function;
  • flexible settings;
  • activation from the “curtain” with one click;
  • is free;
  • no watermark.

Getting root rights

Many programs require superuser rights. The procedure is performed by various software tools, with or without a computer, largely depends on the model and manufacturer and does not always bring only a positive result.

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If the manufacturer does not use special protection (like, for example, “Samsung”), the Kingo Root and Frammaroot applications are among the most popular and effective and universal solutions.

In other cases, only “proprietary” solutions are applied through a computer, recovery and the SuperSU program.

The solution for gamers: Game Screen Recorder

This application is specially designed for capturing and recording game video.

Only works with Android 5.0 and up. over, even devices with updated OS using third-party programs are not supported:

  • ROOT is not needed;
  • distributed free of charge:
  • automatically detects games on the gadget, but they must be launched from the application itself;
  • there is a video editor and a prologue;
  • the record button can be “edited”: change the transparency and upload your own picture. You can also “remove” it in the notification panel.

Overall, this is a good program with a wide variety of settings for quality, resolution, frames per second and bit rate. It is possible to mute the microphone and record from the front camera.

It should be noted that this is only a small part of the extensive list of noteworthy utilities, some of which are unique. If someone is interested in how to record video with the screen off on Android, now there are plenty of such “spy” applications on Google Play, for example, Secret Video Recorder or Spy Phone.

Recording without Android apps

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to shoot video from the gadget’s screen without special applications. But it is quite possible to do without additional software if there is an auxiliary computer with ADB RUN installed, a working USB cable and a device with an Android version of at least 4.4.

To record video from the screen, you first have to install a driver package for a smartphone / tablet, and enable USB debugging on it. And then everything is simple and remains:

  • Connect the gadget to the computer and run ADB RUN.
  • In the program menu, select Screenshot / Record, and then Record Video Android.
  • In the window, mark the desired recording time in seconds and press Enter.

The screen recording of the connected gadget starts automatically. If there is ADB, you can enter the command adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/filename.mp4 into the console (in this case, the memory card is selected).

The maximum recording time is limited to three minutes, and the key combination CtrlC is used to stop.

In this case, by entering certain commands, you can set the resolution, bit rate, increase the time and even expand

  • for example, the stream speed is set by the command bit-rate 6000000 / sdcard / demo.mp4 (the numbers indicate the speed of 6 Mb / s);
  • the size can be changed using a command like size 1280 × 720 / sdcard / demo.mp4 (by default, the settings of the main screen are used), and the maximum duration using. time-limit 240 / sdcard / demo.mp4, where the time is indicated in seconds;
  • image rotation is set by the rotate 90 / sdcard / demo.mp4 command, where the angle is determined by a digital value.

On versions starting with Lolipop, there is a standard function for recording video from the screen. However, some manufacturers’ firmware does not have it.

Why the recording does not work and how to solve the problem

If the installed program does not work, you can reinstall it or try using a different one. Perhaps the software is simply incompatible with the operating system. In this case, you will have to update the version or get ROOT access. In rare cases, a full reset or flashing is required.

If the camera refuses to work, then there may be several solutions. We recommend that you reset your Camera app data first. To do this, you need to enter the settings, select the program in the “Application Manager” and click on the “Clear data” icon.

If that doesn’t help, you can turn off the “Ok, google” option. The fact is that this function uses a microphone programmatically associated with video recording.

If there is no result, then only reset and re-flashing remains.

How to Record Screen Video on Android

Just like a screenshot, video recording of your desktop is sometimes essential. This feature is often used by both professionals and amateurs: gamblers, compilers of all kinds of study guides, teachers, designers, software developers, and so on. Recording video from the Android screen is also needed for ordinary users who, for example, want to use the video they like offline, but for some reason cannot download it. There can be a lot of reasons, however, as well as available ways to implement the plan.

DU Recorder: Reliable Recorder

This application is distributed free of charge, there are no purchases inside. But it allows you to easily capture a video from the screen of an Android smartphone without ROOT rights.

DU Recorder will stably and quickly record screen content, video chat or live streaming in high definition (1080p) and high speed (up to 60 m / s).

  • pause;
  • shaking stop;
  • external sound;
  • front-camera;
  • a complete set of editing tools;
  • function “brush”;
  • choosing a save location, including on a computer with a Wi-Fi connection.

A convenient notification bar and floating window allow you to take screenshots with a single tap. There is the possibility of combining, blurring and cropping images, as well as publishing finished videos on social networks.

Suitable for everyone: Screen Recorder 5

This program differs in that it can work even on devices with Android 2.3.3. Only in this case, capturing the screen on Android requires ROOT. This is not required for gadgets under version 5 and higher.

Available for free. Allows you to easily create high-quality advertising and training videos and even record clips with voice acting. A wide range of settings and sound recording in the paid Pro version puts this app among the best in its class.

One of the best: AZ Screen Recorder

This program is available for free on Google Play and has no time limit. Allows you to shoot video from the screen of an Android phone or tablet without root, weighs relatively little (less than 4 MB) and therefore does not eat up system resources.

In addition, the developer on his website suggests using a recorder to record video from a computer monitor.


Another fairly popular application, which has already accumulated over 100 million downloads. It allows you not only to record your smartphone screen, but also to take high-quality screenshots with the ability to edit them. And to go to the settings, you will need to click on the floating icon of the program, and then mark the icon in the format of squares. And now we turn on the microphone as follows:

We translate the slider to the right next to the line “Enabled”

In such a simple way, we managed to enable sound recording. Sounds received through the microphone will now be heard in the finished video. You can edit the available parameters in every possible way, adjusting them for yourself.

How to Record Sound from Android Screen. 3 Proven Ways

It’s no secret that with the help of special applications, you can record actions taking place on the smartphone screen. As a result, the created video can be sent to friends or uploaded to YouTube. But in some programs, the settings are quite complex, so novice users often have a question: how to record sound from the Android screen? Typically, by default, all system ringtones are captured, so your microphone remains inactive. We’ll show you how to fix this problem, and also look at some of the best quality recording apps.


Opening the XRecorder application settings

Now you can start shooting video without worrying about your voice not being recorded. To do this, you need to minimize the program and click on the small water icon. If necessary, you can change its position by moving the icon across the screen. This is a shortcut menu for managing all functions (pause, start, end recording).

How to Record Sound from Android Phone Screen?

Any available program allows you to enable the use of a microphone while recording actions on the phone screen. For example, you need to open the settings, and then move the slider to the right next to the item of the same name. But sometimes the desired menu is hidden, so we have prepared instructions for various, mostly popular, applications.

Screen sound recording via built-in app

Almost every modern Android phone comes with a default screen recorder app. Finding it is easy enough. For example, on a Xiaomi smartphone, you need to open the “Tools” folder on the desktop. Or, even easier, you can unfold the notification shade and hold the Screen Recorder icon. In this case, the desired application will also open. And to turn on the microphone, do the following:

    Click on the gear icon (⚙) located in the corner of the screen.

Select “Sound source” and indicate “Microphone”

The presented manual is suitable for most smartphones, be it Honor, Samsung or Realme. Differences can be observed only in the names of the available menu items.

Well, we have covered how to record sound from the screen of an Android phone. As it turned out, it is enough to activate the desired option in the settings of the application for shooting. If you still have additional questions, then watch the training video or describe your problem in the comments.!

How to Record Screen Video on Samsung

Hey! Today I will show you the Super App! You will be able to record video from your Samsung Galaxy phone screen. You can very simply and quickly take a screenshot of the screen, GIF, video of the screen as you play the game, record instruction, live broadcast, video call, etc. The application is suitable for any Android Samsung Galaxy smartphone, any model S, A, J 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, etc.

See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Go!)

Features of the

  • Choice of resolution, frame rate and bit rate;
  • HD video support;
  • Pause and resume recording;
  • Using the front camera;
  • External sound recording;
  • On-screen drawing function;
  • Screen broadcasting to YouTube, Twitch;
  • Trim and delete part of the video;
  • Combine multiple videos into one;
  • Add background music;
  • Change the volume of the music;
  • Russian language!
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On the home screen, find the Play Store icon and tap on it.

This will open the Google Play app.

Search the top for the DU Recorder app and install it on your phone.

Next, you need to enable the pop-up function in your phone settings in order to use this program.

Just click on the switch on the right and return to the app page.

Next, you will be shown instructions on how to use the application. A special control button will appear on the right of the screen.

At the top of the menu, you can use the tools:

  • Edit video;
  • Connect videos and paintings (photos, images);
  • Make GIF from video;
  • Setting up Wi-Fi transmission;
  • Change the image;
  • Connecting and combining images.

In the settings (button at the top right) you can change the resolution and quality of the video, etc.

To record video from the screen, click on the camera button on the right. Then click on the Record button (red circle).

Click on the red square to end the video. Press two sticks to pause.

You will see the Recording Complete window. Click on the Edit button in it.

This will open the video editor. Here you can trim, add music, subtitles, etc. Click on the Save button at the top.

How to take a screenshot of a video on Samsung

In the recording selection menu, click on the button in the form of a camera with a key.

In the window that opens, you need to enable the Screenshot function.

A button will appear on the left of the screen. the camera icon. Click on it to immediately take a screenshot of the screen.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

How to Record Videos on Samsung Smartphones

On Samsung smartphones, the button for recording video from the screen is located in the quick settings menu (shutter). To start a survey, do the following:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the quick settings menu.
  • Find the icon that says “Screen Recorder”. If it is missing, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and find this function in the list that appears.
  • Then you can start shooting. Its launch is intuitive.

Configuring video recording parameters is available in the “Additional functions” section located in the phone settings. Here you can determine the quality of the video and specify where to record the audio track: from the phone (external sounds will not be heard) or from the microphone (so you can record a voice message).

Screen recording features are available on the following Samsung phone models:

  • Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10;
  • All Galaxy S flagships
  • On Samsung A series devices, the screen capture function is only available for some applications.

If you have not found such a function in your smartphone, just download one of the programs, which we will discuss below.

DU Recorder

DU Recorder is another popular application for capturing video from a smartphone screen. It can also be used without ads without buying a premium membership.

The program allows you to record videos with a resolution of up to 1080p, edit recordings, crop them, use filters, change the playback speed and add animation. It also makes it possible to pause shooting, switch to the front camera, record both system sounds and external sounds from the microphone.

record, screen, video, android

How to record video with DU Recorder:

  • To start recording, click on the white button with a red circle.
  • To add a selfie to the recording, click on the webcam icon.
  • You can pause or end the video using the corresponding menu buttons.

DU Recorder will work on smartphones with Android 5.0 and higher operating system. Its rating is 4.3 points, and the number of downloads is over 100,000.

The peculiarity of this program is its significant file size. To install it, you will need 25 MB of memory, which is more than analogs.

How to Record Video Built-in on Android 10

Back in 2019, the Google corporation pleased its users with the news that the new Android 10 operating system will be able to record video from the smartphone screen. Previously, this feature was not available on mobile devices.

To activate the screen capture mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to system settings and select the menu item “About phone”.
  • Go to the last line and press 3-5 times on the inscription “Build number” to activate developer mode.
  • Go back to the phone settings and click on the item “For Developers”.
  • Select the “Experimental functions” column and activate the Settings_screenrecord property with a long touch.
  • Press and hold the power button of your phone until a pop-up window appears. Then select “Record Screen”. If there is no such button, touch and hold your finger on the “Take screenshot” button for a few seconds.
  • After that, the video recording menu will be available to you. Tap the red circle to start shooting.
  • When you press the button with the crossed camera, the selfie mode is activated and your image appears on the recording.
  • To enable video recording with audio, press the crossed-out microphone button.
  • Press the last gear button to open the recording settings.
  • Click on the red square to finish shooting.

The finished recording will be saved in the device memory and will be available in the Gallery. It can be viewed using the built-in player, as well as sent to friends by email, messengers and social networks.

Depending on the phone model and the version of the Android shell, the names of the menu items may differ, but the procedure is approximately the same everywhere.

How to record screen on Android

All modern smartphones have a built-in function for taking screenshots, but the need to record video from the phone’s screen also arises quite often. For example, to show the order of any actions on the phone, create a video instruction for the application, or record a walkthrough in a game. This feature is also useful for bloggers and YouTube channel owners.

In Android 10, screen recorder is already included in the system. But users of smartphones on earlier versions of this OS do not need to be upset: there are programs by installing which you will not only shoot a screen video, but also edit it.

Free Screen Recorder Apps for Smartphones

The programs described below are convenient in that they can be installed on absolutely any smartphone with the Android operating system version 4.4 and higher. All of them are available on Google Play.

  • Security (all programs on Google Play are scanned for viruses).
  • A wide range of capabilities (you can choose a program with a set of functions specifically for your tasks).

However, they also have weaknesses:

  • Almost all free programs of this class have paid content. The user can get premium status and additional functions only for money.
  • In some versions of such programs, watermarks are superimposed on the video.
  • Movie recording length and quality may be limited.
  • Like many free software, screen recording software often includes ads.
  • Application may require root rights to record system sounds.

And now let’s look at the most, in our opinion, the simplest and most convenient tools for screencasting on an Android smartphone.

Screen Recorder No Ads

After installing Screen Recorder No Ads, its icon appears on the Quick Access Toolbar, making it very easy to launch. Immediately after downloading, the application opens in English, but in the settings you can switch the interface to Russian.

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The program works without ads and has a large number of functions: it has the ability to add selfies to the recording, edit the captured video, save finished videos in any folders on the device, etc.

How to Record Video with Screen Recorder No Ads:

  • To start shooting, click on the red button with the image of a video camera.
  • If you need to record a video with sound, click on the microphone icon.
  • A countdown of 3, 2, 1 will appear on the screen, and then recording will begin.
  • You can pause or end the video using the corresponding buttons in the top notification menu.
  • To see the result, press the green button with the picture.

Screen Recorder No Ads has a 4.3 rating on Google Play and over 10 million downloads. For its correct operation, you need Android 6.0 or higher.

The disadvantages of the program, users include the inability to record only system sounds on Android versions below 10, as well as paid content.

Az Screen Recorder

Az Screen Recorder has a very high rating on Google Play. 4.5 points, and has been downloaded over 50 million times. The application supports Android version 5.0 and higher. Its distinctive feature is the ability to work without root rights.

The program supports video recording with soundtrack, which will be a plus when creating video instructions. It also has the ability to pause recording.

How to Record Video with Az Screen Recorder:

  • Click on the video camera icon. For the convenience of launching the program widget, it is desirable to place it on the working screen.
  • Allow the application to record audio, access the images on the device’s screen, and click Start. After that, you will see a countdown with numbers 3, 2, 1, then video recording will begin.
  • To pause shooting, press the button with two vertical bars.
  • Press square to end recording.
  • Video recording parameters settings are available by clicking the button with the suitcase image with a wrench drawn inside.

The basic functions of Az Screen Recorder are available for free, but if you also want to get an editor with the ability to convert and cut video files, as well as apply captions to the screen, you will have to install the premium package.

In addition to the considerable price, the disadvantages of this program, users include incorrect creation of screenshots and periodic mute of the microphone during video recording while Skype is running.