How to Recover Contacts on iPhone Phone

2 Quick and Easy Ways to Recover Lost Contacts from iCloud

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Top 4 Reasons to Lose iPhone Contacts

Failed to update or downgrade iOS version: for example, from iOS 10 to iOS 11 or vice versa.

Jailbroken iPhone: Removing iOS Software Restrictions May Also Lose Important Data.

Reset iPhone: You should only reset your iPhone to factory settings as a last resort. as this can also lead to data loss. If you decide to do this, make sure you back up your data beforehand.

Export contacts from iCloud

If the Contacts option has been disabled, but you have previously synced your contacts to iCloud, you can export deleted contacts from iCloud to your computer and then import them from your computer back to your iPhone.

Go to your iCloud account and make sure all contact details are up to date

In Settings, click on the gear icon in the lower left corner and click Export Business Card. “

ICloud contacts interface: vCard export.

On your iPhone, open your email and click on the attachment. Click the Add Contacts button. You will be asked if you want to create new contacts or merge them with what is already on your list.

Here are two of the fastest available options to recover your contacts from iCloud:

If none of these quick options do it, then read our guide to recover deleted contacts from iCloud backup or iTunes backup.

Merge iCloud contacts

If you’ve turned on iCloud contact sync, chances are that you’ve also lost contacts in your iCloud account. You can check this out: Sign in to with your Apple ID, click Contacts, and then check to see if you’ve lost your lost contact. If so, you can easily recover your lost contact:

Click “Save to My iPhone” when the pop-up message appears

Save contacts to iPhone

Turn on “Contacts” again and select “Merge”

After a while, you should be able to see the deleted contact back on your iPhone

Be aware that it may take a few minutes for your contacts to be restored. If this method does not solve the problem, you can also try to extract the.vcf file as described below, or using iPhone Backup Extractor.

Do not lock your iPhone or plug it into a charger when connected to Wi-Fi: this will sync iCloud with your iPhone and contacts in iCloud will be erased as well!

How to avoid losing iPhone contacts

You probably want to make sure this doesn’t happen again to you:

The best way to prevent the loss of contacts is to back up your data regularly. You can do this using iCloud or iTunes: while iCloud offers to back up iPhone data to Apple servers, iTunes will allow you to back up iPhone data directly to your PC or Mac.

You can also export your contact lists on a regular basis as a.vcf file and send them via email. They’ll be safe in your inbox.

We recommend using at least one of the two methods.

Do you have any stories that could be divided into contact recovery? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

How to Recover Lost Contacts from iCloud Quickly

Have you lost some of your iPhone contacts? Don’t worry, we’ll show you 2 easy ways to get them back from iCloud in no time.!

2 Quick Ways to Retrieve Lost Contacts via iCloud

Bonus: how to use iCloud backup to recover contacts

Top 4 Reasons to Lose iPhone Contacts

How to recover contacts on iPhone without backup (TWO Ways)

Recover Contacts on iPhone via UltData

If you have not synced iPhone via iTunes and have not made any backups in the cloud storage iCloud, then you can restore contacts only using utilities for recovering deleted files. The easiest to use and most reliable is UltData from a major developer of utilities for the iPhone. Tenorshare.

In order to recover deleted contacts on iPhone just follow the instructions:

Connect your iPhone to your computer while it is on and run the UltData utility on your computer.

For the utility to detect the device, you must confirm that you trust the computer by clicking on the appropriate option.

After that, your smartphone will be identified, and you can choose which data you need to recover. Leave a tick only in front of the “contacts” field.

Click on the “Scan” button at the bottom.

During the scanning process, the application will display all the contacts that can be restored, and you can select only the ones you need. After you have chosen, click on the “restore” button and upon completion of the process they will be on your smartphone.

Tenorshare UltData utility can recover a large list of files. It can be downloaded from the developer’s official website. The application is completely safe for your smartphone and does not void the warranty. It, as you can see from the instructions, does not require additional knowledge or skills. It is also important that a free trial version of the app is available with somewhat limited features.

3 ways. how to recover deleted contacts on iPhone

Sooner or later, every iPhone owner cleans his device, formats or simply deletes unnecessary things. But, very often, along with the garbage from the iPhone, the necessary files, photos, music, videos or contacts can be deleted. Therefore, in order not to worry about losing them, you need to know how to restore contacts on iPhone.

For this, the most effective and simple ways to restore contacts were collected. Each of them does not lead to loss of warranty, does not require special knowledge and will not take more than a few minutes. over, the first two methods are presented by Apple itself and use the official utilities and services of the company. Therefore, check out all and choose the best one. It won’t take more than five minutes.

How to Download Contacts to iPhone via iTunes

Recovering deleted contacts via iTunes is a way for those who do not use cloud storage and often use this utility. The key point is the previous sync. Therefore, if you have not yet installed iTunes or reinstalled it after deleting all files, then most likely this method will not work for you. The recovery itself occurs through the synchronization of contacts.

Connect your iPhone while it is powered on to your computer and launch iTunes.

Wait for the sync to complete or terminate it manually.

Go to the info section in the tab with your iPhone.

Check if the function of syncing contacts between your devices and iTunes is turned on. The feature should be enabled by default. It allows you to save contacts not only on your iPhone, but also on your computer and your other devices. If the function was turned off, then most likely the contacts were not saved.

In addition to iTunes itself, you can use backups. If all the necessary files and contacts are in the last copy, then you can simply recover from it.

The iTunes utility itself is the official Apple application for working with all brand portable devices of any version. The utility works on any Windows starting from 7, as well as on MAC computers. The application is completely free and available for download in the Russian version on the official Apple website.

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At the moment, the use of iTunes fades into the background, since the emergence of high-speed stable mobile Internet allows the use of cloud storage for synchronization and data recovery.

How to Recover Contacts on iPhone via iCloud

Recovering contacts on your phone via iCloud is the easiest method. In order for deleted contacts to be restored, you just need to turn on sync with iCloud and then restore only contacts.

Go to your iPhone’s settings.

Go to the iCloud section. If you have iOS 10.2 or earlier, then go first to the section with your name or phone name, and already in it to the iCloud tab.

In the iCloud tab, make sure the switch next to the contacts section is turned on. In this case, if there is a mobile Internet and Wi-Fi connection, the smartphone will automatically save contacts in the cloud storage. If this item was turned off, then the contacts were not saved in the cloud storage and you can restore them only using the third method.

ICloud cloud storage is a universal storage for backups, contacts, photos and other media files. It is the official repository from Apple and is designed specifically for use with Apple mobile devices.

iCloud is easy to use and highly protected against loss and unauthorized access. Thus, all your data on iCloud will be completely safe. In addition, the storage allows you to create backups of the system and gives access to them anywhere in the world where there is Internet.

Final part

It is very easy to recover deleted contacts on iPhone. Especially if you sync them regularly via iTunes or use iCloud all the time. In this case, it is enough to simply synchronize or restore from a backup, so that all the data is returned to your smartphone. Everything is simple and convenient.

If you rarely or do not use the iCloud cloud service at all, and have not installed or synchronized contacts via iTunes, then in this case, only recovering contacts using the recover deleted data utilities will help. The easiest to use and most versatile is Tenorshare UltData or Tenorshare UltData. This utility is available on the official website of the Tenorshare developer in the full version or free with several limited features.

The features of the utility are data recovery in a few clicks and the ability to recover any necessary data if it has not been overwritten yet. Also, the choice of which data to restore allows you to avoid cluttering your smartphone.

In addition to UltData, the developer Tenorshare also produces other utilities for working with the iPhone. They allow, without using iTunes or other services, to update the iPhone in a few clicks, fix critical errors, roll back or move all data from one device to another. All applications are available for download on the official Tenorshare website.

Everything above assumes that you can log in with your account, and also used automatic synchronization. If synchronization was not enabled or you do not have access to your Google account, this method, unfortunately, will not work and you will have to try the following, usually less effective.

From a phone backup

If your phone has backups, then you can use them to restore contacts. All that is required (provided that a Google account has already been added to Android) is to go to Settings. Google. Restore contacts, and then select a backup at the bottom, click on it and confirm the start of recovery.

Recover Android Contacts from Google Account

The most promising recovery method is to use a Google account to access your contacts. It is suitable both if you need to restore Android contacts after manually deleting, and after resetting the phone to factory settings (formatting), or losing or breaking it.

Two important conditions for this method to be applicable: the synchronization of contacts with Google on the phone turned on before deleting (or losing the smartphone) (usually enabled by default) and the information you know to log into your account (Gmail account and password).

If these conditions are met (if suddenly, you do not know if synchronization was enabled, you should still try the method), then the recovery steps will be as follows:

  • Go to (it is more convenient from a computer, but not necessary. the process from the phone is shown in the video instructions below), use your username and password to enter the account that was used on the phone.
  • If the contacts have not been deleted (for example, you have lost or broken your phone), then you will immediately see them and you can go to step 5.
  • If the contacts have been deleted and have already been synced, then you will not see them in the Google interface either. However, if less than 30 days have passed since the date of deletion, it is possible to restore contacts: click on the gear icon in the menu and select “Undo changes”.
  • Indicate as of what time the contacts should be restored and confirm the restoration. In the window that appears below, do not click “Return”.
  • When finished, you can enable the same account on your Android phone and sync contacts again (if it is already on, sync will be done automatically). Or, if you wish, save contacts to your computer, see How to save Android contacts to a computer (the third method in the instructions).
  • After saving on your computer, to import to your phone, you can simply copy the contacts file to your device and open it there (“Import” in the “Contacts” application menu).

Using data recovery software on Android

Many Android data recovery software has a contact recovery option. Unfortunately, since all Android devices began to connect via the MTP protocol (and not USB Mass Storage, as before), and the storage is often encrypted by default, data recovery programs have become less effective and it is not always possible with their help. then restore.

Nevertheless, it’s worth a try: under a favorable coincidence of circumstances (a supported phone model, a previously unused hard reset), success is possible.

In a separate article Recovering data on Android, I tried to indicate first of all those programs with the help of which, from experience, you can get a positive result.

Contacts in messengers

If you use instant messengers such as Viber, Telegram or Whatsapp, then they also store your contacts with phone numbers. Those. by entering the list of contacts of the messenger, you can see the phone numbers of people who were previously in your Android phone book (and you can also go to the messenger on your computer if the phone is suddenly lost or broken).

Unfortunately, I cannot suggest ways to quickly export contacts (except for saving and then manually entering them) from instant messengers: there are two applications in the Play Store “Export Contacts Of Viber” and “Export Contacts for Whatsapp”, but I cannot say about their performance (if you tried, let me know in the comments).

Also, if you install the Viber client on a Windows computer, then in the folder C: \ Users \ User_name \ AppData \ Roaming \ ViberPC \ Phone_number you will find the viber.db file, which is a database with your contacts. This file can be opened in a regular editor like Word, where, albeit in an inconvenient way, you will see your contacts with the ability to copy them. If you know how to write SQL queries, then you can open viber.db in SQL Lite and export contacts from there in a form convenient for you.

How to recover contacts on Android

One of the most annoying problems with an Android phone is losing contacts: as a result of accidental deletion, loss of the device itself, phone reset, and in other situations. However, it is often possible (though not always) to restore contacts.

In this manual. in detail about the ways in which it is possible to restore contacts on an Android smartphone, depending on the situation and what can interfere with this. We will consider restoring contacts after deleting, resetting the phone to factory settings and in other scenarios.

Additional options for recovering contacts

If none of the methods gave a result, then here are a few more possible options that theoretically can give a result:

  • Take a look at the internal memory (in the root folder) and on the SD card (if any) using the file manager (see Best file managers for Android) or by connecting your phone to your computer. From the experience of communicating with other people’s devices, I can say that often you can find the contacts.vcf file there. these are the contacts that can be imported into the contact list. It is possible that users, accidentally experimenting with the Contacts application, export, and then forget to delete the file.
  • If the lost contact is of urgent importance and it is impossible to restore it, simply by meeting with the person and asking for the phone number from him, you can try to view the statement of your phone number from the telecom operator (in your personal account on the Internet or in the office) and try to match the numbers (the names are indicated will not be), dates and times of calls with the time when you communicated with this important contact.
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I hope that some of the suggestions will help you restore your contacts, if not, try to describe the situation in detail in the comments, perhaps you will be able to give useful advice.

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How to recover contacts deleted from phone or SIM card

Yesterday I wrote about how, when trying to delete contacts from a SIM card, I inadvertently deleted all phone contacts. It’s time to tell you what I did to try to recover deleted contacts. I hope you find this information useful in the future. But it’s better not to come in handy.

Restoring a backup
Imagine that you have lost your phone. In this case, all your contacts will sink into oblivion. Therefore, you need to regularly back up your data. You can save this data to your computer, you can. to the cloud storage.
I didn’t have a backup. Rather, there are copies that I made on an old Nokia phone. But the “old woman” went to the sea last summer and now does not turn on. In principle, this data can be restored, but it takes time and, possibly, paid services of specialists will be required.

Recover contacts from Google account
Many people save contacts not in the SIM card or in the phone memory, but in Google. If I did that, I would restore contacts from my Google account. The instructions can be found here. In my case, I was able to recover only seven phone numbers.

Recover deleted contacts using special programs
There are programs for PC, there are mobile applications. I installed three of the most popular mobile apps on my smartphone, but as expected, nothing came of it.
After that I found a hacked version of Data Doctor Recovery. SIM Card It allows you to recover information from SIM cards. To do this, you need a SIM card reader. I had one. Air Tone AT-ZW04. Alas, nothing too. I did not get access to the SIM card. the program was closing with an error. A newer hacked version could not be found.

Contact professionals
There is a chance that specialists with the right software and “correct” card readers will be able to recover deleted contacts. But this is the time. And money. over, considerable.

Find contacts in drilldown
Go to your mobile operator’s personal account and request details of calls and SMS for the last months. Unfortunately, this will only give you digital numbers without reference to names. But this is at least something.

How I Recovered Deleted Numbers
The first method did not work for me. The second one too, since I did not save my contacts to Google. The third turned out to be useless. I didn’t want to go to the fourth one. I feel sorry for the money and there is no 100% probability of success. I was about to turn to the fifth method, but suddenly I remembered about Viber. It also binds to your phone contacts. Indeed, there were about a hundred numbers in Viber. However, I still lost the short numbers. But this is not critical.

Unfortunately, you cannot export the list, you had to copy them to your notebook manually and later manually enter them into the phone book in your smartphone. At the same time, I saved only a third of the numbers I needed. The rest were not needed.
The main thing is to copy the numbers as quickly as possible. A few hours later, the planned synchronization of contacts took place and the list in Viber turned out to be empty, since the list of contacts in the smartphone was clean.

Note. In fact, this is an incomplete list of ways to restore contacts. We also advise you to read the article “Recovering deleted numbers from a SIM card” on the Softdroid website. Some of the methods mentioned here are described in more detail.

How to Export and Transfer iPhone Contacts

Time required: 2.10 minutes

Getting your iPhone contacts in an accessible format, transferring them to another phone, or retrieving deleted contact numbers can be painful and time-consuming. We have created this guide to help you solve these problems quickly and painlessly.

This guide will help you do the following:

  • Export contacts from your iOS address book in a format that you can easily import elsewhere
  • Recover lost and deleted contacts. even if you don’t have a backup.
  • Transfer and restore contacts to another iPhone, Android phone, Gmail or other systems.

If you only need help at a certain stage, you can click the links to dive into the action. If you are not a verbal person, we have included a video below to show you it.

Recover contacts via

If you’ve deleted contacts from your iPhone but haven’t created a new iCloud backup, you can access deleted contacts via iCloud at Follow the steps above to export contacts from to recover deleted contacts. Click here for more information on recovering contacts from iCloud.

Hidden on under Account Settings → Restore Contacts. you will find a limited interface for recovering contacts. Strictly speaking, this restores all your contacts to a specific point in time, so while it restores deleted contacts, it will also delete more recently added contacts.

Recover deleted contacts directly to

Likewise, depending on what you plan to do with the exported contacts, it might make sense to set your iPhone to sync with a Contacts service, which can, for example, also sync with other non-iOS devices. If in doubt, contact our support team for advice.

Recover deleted contacts

The step-by-step guides above show you how to export contacts, but what if you’ve deleted those contacts from your iPhone? Here are some methods you can use to try and recover deleted contacts.

Export your contacts from

If you have an iOS device set up to sync its contacts to iCloud (i.e. not only with iCloud enabled and contacts on your device, but saving contacts to an iCloud account), you can use the iCloud website to export contacts iCloud. Here’s how:

  • Go to Apple and sign in.
  • Select the contacts icon.
  • From here you can select and export contacts individually or click the gear in the lower left corner of the screen and select all contacts and then export.

Export contacts directly from

Please note that if you are using iCloud to export your contacts, you can only export contacts as separate VCF files.

Recover contacts without iTunes

iPhone Backup Extractor can automatically search and recover deleted contacts on your iOS device. This can be done using a number of proprietary iOS forensic recovery methods.

To recover deleted contacts, you can use the normal process shown above. But make sure the Show Deleted Data option is checked in the Utilities menu of the application.

Recover contacts using Google contacts

Many iPhone users use their Gmail accounts for email and contacts. If so, and your default contacts account is your Google account and not your iCloud account, restoring from iCloud doesn’t make sense. Fortunately, you can also easily recover your contacts from Gmail. Here’s how:

  • Go to and
  • Click on the settings button on the left side of the window.
  • Click “Discard Changes”

Recover Deleted Google Contacts

This will open the Undo window, and this will allow you to roll back the most recent changes to your contacts. Keep in mind that just like recovering deleted contacts, this will also undo any changes you’ve made recently. So be careful!

Export contacts from iPhone

This guide walks you through 4 different ways to export your contacts:

  • Export your contacts without iTunes or iCloud.
  • Export your contacts from iCloud account
  • Export your contacts directly to iPhone or iPad
  • export your contacts from

Sync iPhone contacts with iCloud, iPhone with Gmail

After you enable the sync function for contacts in iCloud and in your Google account, contacts are exchanged between iPhone and iCloud, iPhone and Gmail automatically every time the device connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi. No additional action is required.

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How to Transfer Contacts to iPhone from Gmail?

Google Contacts (Gmail Address Manager) lets you transfer contacts to iPhone without using a computer. The entries saved in Google Contacts are easily transferred and synchronized with the address book of the iPhone when it is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. In order for the process to be carried out without user participation, you need to set up a Gmail account in the iPhone settings.

If you don’t use Gmail for email, you must create a separate CardDAV account to sync contacts from Google Contacts.

  • On iPhone, go to Settings. Mail, addresses, calendars and in the “Accounts” section, tap on “Add an account”.
  • Because we create a special account to sync only contacts, on the page with preset accounts, tap on “Other”.
  • In the “Contacts” section, tap on “CardDAV Account”.
  • Enter: server in the appropriate fields., user. Google email address, password. Google email password, description. a label for the account (can be arbitrary). Tap “Forward”.
  • After checking the entered data and connecting to the server, the contacts from Google Contacts will be transferred to the iPhone and will be available in the “Contacts” application.

If you have a Google account and you use Gmail to work with e-mail, there is no need to create a separate account for synchronizing contacts, it is enough to enable contact synchronization in the Google account in the device settings (Settings. Mail, addresses, calendars. Translate switch “Contacts” to the “On” position).

  • you must have a Google account;
  • you must first import your contacts into Gmail;
  • Internet connection required.

How to create an iPhone contact on computer?

As you know, using the iTunes media combine, you can synchronize contacts between your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with a computer based on Windows or Mac OS X. After synchronization, all existing contacts on your PC are imported into the iPhone address book (aka Contacts) and become available directly from devices.

iTunes allows you to sync contacts on iPhone with Microsoft Outlook and Windows Contacts. Let’s consider creating a contact for iPhone in the internal component of Windows OS. Windows Contacts.

  • In the main “Start” menu, left-click on the name of your Windows account. The “Computer” application window will open with the contents of the “Users” system folder for your account. Universal method: in Windows Explorer (aka Computer), go to the path: \ Users \ (username) \ Contacts \.
  • In the main menu of the program, click on “Create contact” and fill in the required fields for the contact and click on OK. A separate file will be created with the

The contacts created in this way in the “Contacts” folder on the PC can be easily transferred to the iPhone via iTunes.

There is an easier way to create contacts, which can later be imported into the iPhone address book. via the Internet. Using the web application interface from Google and Apple, you can create and sync contacts with iPhone online.

How to create contacts for iPhone in iCloud?

Creating and managing contacts through the iCloud web app is exactly the same as creating your iPhone address book entries (unification). To create a new iCloud contact:

  • On, enter your Apple ID and password from your iPhone’s iCloud settings and go to the Contacts web app.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on the image “” and in the menu that appears, select “New contact”.
  • Fill in the required fields and click on “Finish”.

As a result of simple operations, a new entry in the address book will be created, which can later be easily imported into an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

ICloud goes beyond creating address book entries.

  • change the order of sorting contacts by Last Name or First Name;
  • change the display type from “First Name, Last Name” to “Last Name, First Name”;
  • change the presentation format of the postal address and telephone number depending on the country;
  • establish contact as a personal card;
  • import vCard contacts (upload files in.vcf format from hard drive to iCloud);
  • export vCard contacts (download selected contacts to.vcf file from iCloud to hard drive);
  • update contacts.

All the features of the Contacts app in iCloud are available in the main menu.

Delete contacts from iPhone

There are times when you need to delete contacts from the iPhone address book, you can do this in two ways:

  • deleting one by one;
  • deleting all contacts at once.

How to Delete All Contacts from iPhone?

In order to delete all contacts from the iPhone “in one fell swoop” you can synchronize it with an empty Outlook address book or Windows Contacts. iPhone will interpret such synchronization as zeroing the address book and all entries will be erased from the Contacts application.

  • Connect iPhone to Computer and Launch iTunes.
  • In the “Devices” menu, select the model of your iOS device and go to the “Information” tab.
  • Check the box next to “Synchronize contacts with:” and in the drop-down list select an application that has no entries in the address book. Beforehand, you can create a backup copy of the Outlook address book and delete all contacts from the program.
  • At the very bottom of the “Information” page in the “Add-ons” section in the “Replace the following information on this iPhone” list, check the box next to “Contacts” and click on “Synchronize”.

You can completely clear the phone book through iPhone restore, but in this case, all user-generated content from the iPhone will be deleted. For jailbroken iPhones, regular recovery is contraindicated, only through SemiRestore.

As you can see, you can manage contacts on iPhone in various ways, both from a computer and through web applications, and it’s quite simple to do this, the main thing is to set up synchronization of contacts on iPhone.

If you have any difficulties or problems in setting up iPhone sync with iCloud, Gmail or iTunes, write to us in the comments, we will try to help you.

IPhone Contacts: Create, Import, Sync and Delete Contacts on iPhone

If you are lucky enough to get a brand new iPhone 6, you probably have a problem importing contacts into your iOS phonebook. Transferring contacts from an Android smartphone to an iPhone manually is a thankless task, especially if more than one hundred entries are stored in the phone book. It is possible to synchronize contacts between an Android smartphone and an iPhone automatically, especially since it is quite simple to do this.

In today’s tutorial, we will look at working with contacts in iOS: how to transfer contacts to iPhone, how to sync them, delete and restore them in case of loss.

First, let’s clearly define the meaning of the phrase “iPhone contacts”.

One entry in the iOS phonebook contains a whole set of personal data:

  • Name, Surname, Company;
  • the photo;
  • phone numbers with different labels: cell, home, work, etc.;
  • E-mail address;
  • separate ringtone;
  • vibration mode for an incoming call;
  • message sound;
  • vibration mode for an incoming message;
  • website address;
  • mailing address;
  • information about the date of birth;
  • social media profile : Flickr, Linkedln, Myspace, Sina Weibo, custom;
  • profile in instant messaging managers (messengers): Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, Jabber, QQ, Gadu-Gadu, custom;
  • the note;
  • custom field: address, first name pronunciation, middle name, middle name pronunciation, last name pronunciation, suffix, pseudonym, position, department;
  • related contacts.

As you can see, just one entry in the phone book can contain comprehensive contact information about a work colleague, acquaintance or close person. Such information is extremely important for most people and sometimes its value exceeds the cost of the iPhone itself or any other mobile phone. Therefore, you need to take care of backing up your contacts on the iPhone, keeping them up to date.

How to create a contact directly on iPhone?

  • In the upper right corner of the program, tap on “”, fill in all the required fields and tap on “Finish” again. A new entry appears in the address book.

For example, suppose you have entries on your computer, Gmail Address Manager, and the Contacts web app in iCloud that you want to import into your iPhone. How contacts are imported depends on how they were created.

To demonstrate how to import contacts to iPhone, you’ll have to reset your jailbroken iPhone 5s to factory settings without losing your jailbreak.