How to Recover Videos on iPhone after Deleting

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Return erased data via iTunes

The iPhone backup made with iTunes will be stored on the computer. To create it you need:

  • Connect the gadget to a PC with a Mac or Windows system installed via a USB cable.
  • Open iTunes Utility.
  • After your device is identified, in the “Overview” tab, click “Create a copy”. Here you can specify where the backup will be stored. on a personal computer or on a virtual disk.
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  • After creating a restore point, it should appear in the “Devices” tab. If it is not there, then you made a mistake somewhere.

Now, after deleting important data from your phone, you can restore it using a previously created copy. For this you need:

  • Connect iPhone to PC and launch iTunes.
  • In the “Browse” tab, select “Recover from a copy”.
  • If Find My iPhone is enabled on your device, turn it off. To do this, go to “Settings”. “iCloud” and drag the corresponding slider.
  • Specify the backup you want to use (if there are several of them) and click “Restore”.

After everything is done, the phone will reboot and the “Settings Assistant” will start, with which you will need to manually configure some parameters of the smartphone.

When restoring an iPhone from a backup, you should be aware that all data written to the device after creating a backup will be deleted. Therefore, if necessary, you need to store them in a safe place.

Ways to Recover Data on iPhone

There are several ways to recover accidentally erased data on iPhone:

The first two methods are relevant only if the user has system backups (backups). over, if the information was backed up through iTunes, then the restoration must be performed through this program. The exact same situation is with iCloud.

Data Recovery on Iphone

The ability to recover user and system data on the iPhone (iPad) is provided by the developers of the iOS OS. So, if you accidentally delete important information from the gadget or lose it as a result of a system failure, you can start the resuscitation procedure by returning all the files to their places. In this case, you can use both the applications built into the system and additional software.

Information recovery via iCloud

In this case, the creation of a backup copy of the OS with all data is performed directly through the phone. The only thing you need is a stable (preferably high-speed) internet connection via a Wi-fi hotspot. This is due to the fact that the backup will be stored on the iCloud cloud service, and not on the PC hard drive.

To record the rollback point, you must activate the system backup procedure. To do this, go to “Backup” (“Storage and copies” for iPhone on iOS 7 and below), located in the iCloud tab, and drag the corresponding slider. After that, click on “Create a copy”.

After completing these steps, backups will be created automatically on a daily basis. Therefore, if you notice the loss of data a few days after deletion, you will not be able to restore it, because the backup will be overwritten in iCloud without the required files.

To return erased information, you will need:

  • Reset iPhone to factory settings. Only in this case will you be able to start recovery in this way. To do this, go to the “General”. “Reset” section in the settings menu and click “Erase iPhone”. System rollback will delete all data saved on the phone.
  • After the initial settings (choosing a language, creating a Wi-fi connection, etc.), a window will appear on the screen of the gadget with a choice of further actions. You need to click “Recover from iCloud”, thereby starting the resuscitation procedure.
  • Activate your Apple ID account by entering your password.
  • Agree to the terms of use, create a sign-in password (if necessary), and reconfigure all Apple services.

After that, all applications previously installed on the phone and deleted data will be restored.

Data recovery using additional software

Standard resuscitation tools help out in many situations, but in the absence of an iPhone backup, they are completely useless. In this case, additional software comes to the rescue, for the normal operation of which a previously created backup is not required.

Such programs do not roll back the system to an earlier state. Their work is based on scanning the storage medium and searching for “fingerprints” of deleted files. If such traces are found, the data will be restored.

The most effective means to recover lost information are:

  • Undelete Plus;
  • Dr.Fone;
  • Mobisaver.

All resuscitators work on a similar principle, so as an example, consider how to recover accidentally erased data on an iPhone using the free Undelete Plus utility.

This application allows you to recover any type of files (music, video, text, images, etc.). To return deleted data, you must:

Recovery immediately after deletion

When the removal of WhatsApp happened by pure chance (or, for example, as a result of someone’s joke), you can and better proceed to restore the program and the data accumulated in it immediately after uninstalling.

On the screen that opens, tap “Purchases”, then tap “My purchases”. Scroll through the displayed list of software previously installed using the current Apple ID software and find “WhatsApp Messenger”. Click on the bubble with an arrow located to the right of the program name.

Wait for the messenger to be re-downloaded and installed on the iPhone, then tap “OPEN” to the right of its name.

Go through the authorization procedure in WhatsApp, as if registering in the system for the first time, but using the phone number previously used as a login.

If, before deleting, you activated the two-step verification option in your messenger, instead of verifying the identifier, you just need to enter the verification code you have set.

The WhatsApp screen following the verification of the registration data will show you the date and time when the backup found in iCloud was created. Click here “Recover from a copy”, then wait for the information to be downloaded from the cloud storage and deployed in the messenger.

When you receive the notification “NUMBER of messages recovered”, click “Next” in the upper right corner of the screen. Now enter the name you are using in the communication system and tap “Done”.

As a result, you will find yourself on the “Chats” screen of the messenger, showing a list of all previously opened and existing at the time of the backup in the cloud of individual and group chats. This completes the restoration of WhatsApp to iPhone.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp on iPhone

There is perhaps no greater nuisance for a WhatsApp user than unintentionally deleting an app from a device. If you are faced with the need to restore deleted by accident or as a result of a failure or breakdown of the messenger device on the iPhone, in the following material you will find the instructions necessary for the effective operation of the operation.

It is not difficult to restore the WhatsApp for iOS program on the iPhone, it is also worth considering that when you uninstall the messenger, your account remains intact, including information about participation in groups. As for the content of the chats formed during the operation of the service, it will be possible to return this information to the device only if the information was backed up in iCloud!

Recovering from resetting or replacing iPhone

If WhatsApp was deleted from the device as a result of erasing content and iOS settings, reinstalling the operating system after fixing hardware faults and in other similar cases, and also, if necessary, restoring the messenger on another (new) iPhone, the procedure is performed according to the following algorithm:

    Fully customize your iPhone’s operating system. Be sure to log into iCloud using the Apple ID that you used to use the device earlier, when WhatsApp was installed and functioning.

Read more: How to sign in to iCloud on iPhone
Install the messenger program on your smartphone in any available way.

Read more: Installing WhatsApp messenger on iPhone
Launch the installed WhatsApp and activate the program, that is, enter the ID previously used in the messenger and go through its verification.

Follow steps implicitly restoring the chat history from a backup saved in the Apple cloud storage. No.-7

from the previous instructions in this article.

From the above, we can conclude that effective and complete recovery of WhatsApp on iPhone is possible only by those users who have taken some preventive measures, that is, ensured regular backups of information from the messenger to iCloud. Otherwise, only the WhatsApp client and the previously used account can be returned to the Apple device, but not the chats formed during the period of operation of the service prior to the removal of the program and data.

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Lost correspondence in Direct Instagram. what to do

Private messages are stored on the app itself and on Instagram’s remote servers. Therefore, if the correspondence disappeared or was deliberately deleted from one interlocutor, it is most likely kept by the other. If the messages contained important information, then you can ask this user to copy them or send screenshots.

If the correspondence was not deleted on purpose, then you should try:

  • restart the device;
  • reinstall the Instagram app;
  • log out and log back into your profile.

Perhaps, after that, the missing messages will be displayed again. If not, then you can try to restore the correspondence on Instagram.

How to recover messages after deleting from a computer

Instagram has two ways to use Direct: from an app on Windows 10 and an Android emulator. In the first case, it will not be possible to return the lost data. For emulators, there are standard ways, as for mobile devices. install the “Recovery” application.

  • for Windows 10. the Backup for Instagram application;
  • for emulators. App Back Up.

Using the latter option, functions become available to the user: restore photos and videos, correspondence and initial data. The disadvantage is that the user has to install the program in advance in order to recover information.

How is the restoration of correspondence in Instagram:

  • Go to the installed Bluestacks emulator.
  • Press: “Play Market”. enter the name of the application in the search.
  • Wait for the installation to complete. open.
  • Click on the section: “Archive”. ​​select the file Instagram.
  • Install.

The owner of the page must save the Instagram file beforehand in order to access the recovery. Also, you can set up automatic backups.

Recovering deleted messages in Direct Instagram

The reason for the disappearance of correspondence in Direct is not always technical problems in the form of data loss on servers and unfinished updates. It is not uncommon for users to delete messages themselves due to accidental clicking or not knowing the application interface. Under certain conditions, you can restore the correspondence in Direct Instagram after deletion on Android and IOS.


Despite the fact that each iPhone has a cloud storage system iCloud, which automatically backs up data (unless the user manually disabled this function in the settings), this does not apply to external applications.

If the correspondence on Instagram has disappeared, it is easy to restore it via iCloud:

  • Smartphone Settings. Owner Name.
  • iCloud. Storage Management.
  • Backups.

For the IOS operating system, similar programs have been developed Apple Data Recovery. In order to use it, you need to make a JailBreak, since access to the file system is required for recovery. But it is worth remembering that after jailbreak the iPhone loses the warranty and technical support from Apple.

From android

On smartphones with configured functions: “System Restore”, there are copies of all applications and files.

  • Settings. Accounts and Services.
  • Backup and reset.
  • Recover data.

The service works if the user specified automatic backups.

Also, there are separate applications that will help with data recovery:

  • Insta Message Saver. Keeps correspondence in the background;
  • Easy Back up Restore. Also recovers files lost by the user.

But, in Instagram it is impossible to save those messages that were rejected in sending, even with a backup copy. This concerns the function: “Cancel sending of text notification”. Copied text may remain on the clipboard if the user has copied it previously.

How to keep correspondence from accidental deletion

But no application is capable of recovering data if the save system was not previously connected.

  • install Insta Massege Saver. Sends a notification to the user after each save;
  • take screenshots. Take pictures of important chats;
  • send a request to access data.

In the latter case, messages from Direct may not appear among the available files. Depends on current privacy policy and volume of text notifications.

Screenshots will be displayed as a notification to the sender if the information included photos and videos. Text and sent posts can be photographed and saved on your device. Additional security measures. use cloud storage for data safety.

It is possible to restore Instagram correspondence in Direct after deletion, both through standard tools and third-party ones. But due to privacy policy, the social network cannot open access to personal correspondence to third-party services.

How to return Viber on an Android mobile device?

The need to restore Viber on an Android smartphone or tablet may arise for various reasons:

  • uninstalling the application;
  • reset;
  • replacement gadget.

Consider the algorithm of actions in each of these situations.

Returning an application after uninstalling

Recovering Viber on a phone or tablet after deletion is a simple task, the account is stored on Viber’s servers and can be restored without problems. In just a couple of minutes, you can reinstall the application and continue using it. Link for Google Play.

How to restore Viber

Viber is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world. It allows you to communicate free of charge with family, friends and colleagues, actively introduces a variety of innovations, ensures the safety and security of correspondence. This program is used by millions of people around the world.

However, there are situations when a user uninstalls an application from a smartphone or computer. This can happen by accident or deliberately, for example, due to a program crash, a smartphone reset to factory settings, or a disk formatting when reinstalling the operating system.

It is more difficult to recover messages in chats as of the time of deletion. This can only be done if two conditions are met. First, the account was configured to back up information. Second, you haven’t deactivated your account.

Recovering Viber client immediately after uninstalling

The easiest option is to return Viber to your old phone immediately after deletion. To do this, you need to do a minimum of actions. You need to go to the Play Store, call the application menu and tap the link “My applications and games”.

Now you need to go to the “Library” tab and find Viber in the list of applications.

Next, you need to click on the “Install” button and wait for the download and installation of the application to complete. After the “Viber” icon appears on the phone’s desktop, you need to launch the application. Most often, the program automatically substitutes the phone number, but if this does not happen, then you will need to enter it manually. After that, wait for the secret code and activate the application.

If a backup has been configured on the account before, then after entering the registration data, it will be possible to restore the history of the correspondence from the backup. To start the process, you need to tap the link “Restore now”.

At the last step, Viber will ask for permission to access the camera, microphone and files on the device. Depending on the goals and objectives, the user can allow these actions or reject the request.

After that, Viber is ready to use, it will be restored to the same state as before deletion. All contacts will be restored on a smartphone or tablet, the history of correspondence with interlocutors will be available.

Downloading from the App Store

The easiest way to get deleted apps back on iPhone is to reinstall them in the App Store.

[Solved] How to Recover Permanently Deleted Videos from iPhone without Backups

There is another useful tab in the Shopping section called Not on This iPhone / iPad. Here you will find applications that are installed on another device with the same Apple ID. If you want to transfer some applications from another device, then use the same button in the form of a cloud.

How to Recover App on iPhone after Deleting?

Is it possible to recover deleted messages

Many people ask if it is possible to find and return deleted messages in a takte if the VKontakt application is deleted by mistake. Of course! We offer 2 ways to recover a lost page and find lost messages completely: restore history on your own, and restore deleted VK dialogs using UltData (iPhone Data Recovery).

How to uninstall an app on iPhone and iPad with iOS 12 or earlier

Perhaps the easiest and most convenient way that most iOS device owners use.

It is enough to hold down any shortcut on the desktop with your finger and hold it for a couple of seconds until the icons begin to move. Now a cross has appeared in the upper left corner of the icons, after clicking on which a warning will appear that deleting the application will erase all its data.

After clicking the “Delete” button, the shortcut will disappear, like the application itself.

It is worth noting that the cross does not appear on some standard applications that cannot be deleted from an iOS device, and applications in folders are deleted in the same way, just go to the folder. The folders themselves disappear when there are no shortcuts left in them.

This item is larger than 200MB: How to bypass this limitation on iPhone or iPad.

Sync with iTunes

How can I restore deleted applications if my phone has no internet access? The option with downloading from the cloud will not help, so another method is needed. for example, downloading from iTunes.

  • Connect iPhone, open iTunes.
  • Select the device in the program window. Make sure you’re signed in to iTunes with the correct Apple ID.
  • Open the section with purchases.
  • Select an application and click on it to start the download.
  • Open the device page.
  • Select the “Programs” section.
  • Find the downloaded application and click “Install”.
  • Click “Sync” to transfer the app to iPhone.

After disconnecting your smartphone from your computer, make sure the app is installed and working. All progress will be lost, but it can also be restored.

How to Delete Apps from iPhone and iPad in iOS 13: 3 Main Ways

Some iPhone apps look great in words. But one has only to install them, as it turns out that it is only in reviews that the programs work so well. And often annoying in-app purchases noticeably interfere with its functionality.

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Download Manager in Safari iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad: how to use, where it is located, where it saves files?

Program for recovering deleted messages

First of all, you need to download and install UltData on your computer (Windows or Mac). Connect iPhone, iPad and iPod to your computer via cable.

  • Step 1 Run the program and UltData automatically finds old and deleted dialogs saved on your iPhone 7.
  • Step 2 To restore text and mail messages, check the box and click “Restore”. The application allows you to separately restore the required correspondence, does not require the restoration of all.
  • Step 3 After that, you can choose to save the SMS to your device or computer. At that time, you too choose the output format.

In fact, the restoration of the correspondence to the computer has already carried out the transfer of files from iPhone to PC. This means that UltData can transfer restoring deleted messages from iPhone to PC. In addition, the main advantage is that it restores what you need, not whole.

Even if you created a backup, including lost dialogs, switch to the “Recover from iTunes copy” or “Recover from iCloud copy” section, you can restore VK chats from the backup. You can also select one item and several items to restore. Besides, if you want to recover notes on iPhone, recover photos, WhatsApp correspondence on iPhone. UltData can recover this data too.

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How to recover a deleted app on iPhone if you uninstalled it accidentally along with all data? Redownloading the app from the App Store and syncing with iTunes.


DiskDigger program. one of the closest alternatives to Recuva.

Supported recovery types: AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, M4V, MP4, 3GP, F4V, RM, RMVB, MKV, MPEG, MTS, M2TS, R3D, WEBM

There is an in-depth search and scanning of a given area on the phone’s flash drive. Supports virtual and hard disks, USB sticks, memory cards, CD / DVD and other media.

Table: Supported video formats for recovery

Format / Program 3gp asf avi flv m4v mkv mov mp4 mpeg mpg wmv
Active File Recovery

Download and install Recuva

Recuva. free recovery software. I recommend it because it is very easy to learn. The recovery wizard is available in Russian. Besides videos, the program finds dozens of other formats and data types. So, she is able to return music files, documents, pictures. The main thing is that your files are not overwritten by other data. Well, in the most severe cases, the deep scan option will be useful.

Therefore the first step. download the program and install it on your computer.

Important. Install the program NOT on the disk where the files were deleted.

We connect the memory card to the computer via USB

To recover deleted video on Android, you need to read data from a memory card through a card reader (what is it). If you are using a laptop. you’re in luck: it usually already has a built-in card reader. It is also suitable for connecting an SD card.

At worst, instead of a card reader, you can use an mp3 player (if it has a slot for a memory card) or a phone. The main thing is that the phone’s SD card appears in the list of available drives when the device is connected.


The CardRecovery resuscitator searches for removable media: USB sticks, microsd, etc. Allows you to recover video through a step-by-step wizard.

The following recovery formats are supported: AVI, MPG, MOV, MPEG, MPEG-2, ASF, MP4, 3GP, MTS

Launching the Recovery Wizard in Recuva

Recuva Recovery Wizard will be useful for newbie users, and it greatly simplifies the process.

When the Recovery Wizard window appears, click Next. You need to select the type of information that you will recover. In our case, this is the item marked in the screenshot.

Recuva Recovery Wizard: Selecting Media to Search

Here are the video types included in the Recuva search: avi, mov, mpg, mp4, flv, wmv, mpg, mpeg, mpe, mpv, m1v, m4v, ifv, qt.

Choosing data types will save you time. Recuva will skip all other media types. In principle, you can specify “All files” (for example, if the mentioned extension is not in the list above), but this will complicate the recovery process.

In the “Location.” Field, select the location of the files where they were deleted and from where we are going to restore them. We mark the option “On the memory card” to scan this particular storage source.

Telling the program where to look for deleted videos

The last step is to enable in-depth analysis. It will significantly increase the chances of recovery. Plus, the SD card scans quickly compared to a large hard drive. From experience, it will take less than an hour to find deleted videos.

Press the “Start” button and wait until Recuva scans the phone’s memory card completely.

How to Recover Deleted Video on Android Phone via Recuva

Readers regularly ask how to recover videos on their phone, which is why I wrote this guide. Everything you need. Recuva program, card reader and phone memory card. Let’s start finding your files!

Saving recovered video files to disk

When the scan of the memory card is finished, the search results will be displayed. For clarity, let’s go to the advanced mode.

Filtering recovery results

A color marker is displayed on the line next to the file name:

  • red. little chance
  • yellow. there is a chance of recovery
  • green. chances are great

You can identify the videos you are looking for by name. However, this is not always possible (after deletion, information about the name may disappear from the file table). Mark the required lines and click “Restore”. Point the program to the save location.

Recover video on iPhone

Below we will talk about two ways to recover deleted video.

Album “Recently Deleted”

Apple has taken into account the fact that some photos and videos can be deleted by the user inadvertently, and therefore implemented a special album “Recently Deleted”. As the name implies, it automatically contains files deleted from the iPhone’s camera roll.

    Open the standard Photos app. At the bottom of the window, go to the Albums tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and then select the “Recently Deleted” section.

Select the “Restore” button in the lower right corner, and then confirm this action.

  • Done. The video will reappear in its usual place in the Photos app.
  • iCloud

    This method of recovering a video will only help if you have previously activated the automatic copying of photos and videos to your iCloud library.

      To check if this feature is active, open your iPhone settings and then select your account name.

    Select the “Photos” subsection. In the next window, make sure that you have activated the item “iCloud Photos”.

    How to Recover Permanently Deleted iPhone Videos without Backup

    In the next window go to the section “Photos”.

    All synced photos and videos will be displayed here. Find your video, select it with one click, and then select the download icon at the top of the window.

  • Confirm to save the file. As soon as the download is complete, the video will be available for viewing.
  • If you yourself faced the situation we are considering and were able to restore the video in another way, tell us about it in the comments.

    Bookmark the site and we will still be useful to you.
    Thank the author, share the article on social networks.

    How to Recover Deleted Video on iPhone

    articles on this topic:

    So if I deleted a video file from my phone, then how can I see it in iCloud?)) It is automatically deleted there too. What is this crazy advice you have.

    No, deleting photos and videos from the smartphone’s memory, they remain in the cloud storage.

    Well, how can they stay in the cloud storage if synchronization is enabled and all additions and all deletions are duplicated. Am I blind? ICloud has the same information as in the phone in real time

    Why can’t I see my deleted video from 2 years ago in iCloud ?? Synchronization with iCloud was always turned on for me.

    The video was original. decided to cut. cut off. the original is missing. but some remained. question: where to get that original? Where did he disappear

    Hello. Which application did you crop through? If you used the standard iPhone tool for cropping, the original is saved, a copy of the video appears.

    Through the standard application. but, we already figured it out)))

    How ? If it is not restored after cutting and saving as original

    After trimming the video, the video disappeared, the part that is not needed remained where the video went original

    When transferring the video to the computer, the video from the phone disappeared, but at the same time it was downloaded to the computer with an error. Synchronization with iCloud was not turned on and in the recently deleted ones it does not exist either. And for some reason it is not on the other cloud with which synchronization is also taking place. As evil, the video is important and lasted almost half an hour.

    I accidentally deleted all videos (400 pieces.) In the hope that they will be saved in the recently deleted ones, but they were not there and now I do not have 1 video (((((help. How to restore them now??

    Please tell me how to recover deleted video on iPhone. and is it possible?

    If you read the article under which you left your comment and follow the recommendations in it, it is likely that the deleted video can be restored. But if after deletion more than 40 days have passed or videos have not been synced to iCloud storage, nothing can be restored.

    The video was original. decided to cut. cut off. the original is missing. but some remained. question: where to get that original? Where did he disappear?

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    I have a question how can I restore my iPod tablet gallery from last year, they just told me everything can be restored how and in what way? I will be very grateful even if I am ready for a paid program, just if there is a guarantee that you can restore it in advance, thank you

    The question was, If the photo is completely deleted. Not saved to iCloud or recently deleted folder.

    Maya, hello. That is, the fact that the answer to the question “how to recover a completely deleted photo” in this article does not bother you, but what information about the photo you are looking for in the article about video does not even bother you? If the photos were completely deleted, with a probability of 99.9% we can say that they cannot be restored. But still, it is worth trying to do this using one of the specialized programs for PC (you have to connect your phone to them), most of which are paid. You can familiarize yourself with this kind of solutions and choose the right one in the article presented at the link below, it is better to try several options.

    Ask a question or leave your opinion Cancel comment

    How to recover deleted photos on iPhone using third-party programs?

    If the deleted snapshot is not included in any backup, you should prepare for financial expenses. All applications that can recover videos, photos and other data on an “apple” gadget are paid utilities, moreover, their “bite”.

    We have already written about how to recover SMS on iPhone and suggested using the shareware utility iSkySoft. It should be noted that the situation with SMS is simpler: the information contained in the message can be viewed using the trial version of the program. there is usually no point in returning an SMS to the device.

    Free versions of special programs only allow you to find out if it is possible to restore a lost photo. but directly to restore you need to purchase the Pro version.

    The best “reanimator” of erased data is often recognized as a utility called SmartPhone Recovery Pro, which can be downloaded from the developer’s website Enigma Recovery. The full version of this program costs almost 4 thousand rubles, however, having paid this money, you can be sure of the result. How to get back photos via SmartPhone Recovery Pro?

    Run the utility and go to the “Recover from iOS Device” section.

    Check the boxes of what kind of data you want to return. Our task is to restore the photo; then we put a daw in front of the item “Photos”.

    Click on the big green button “Start scan”. this will start scanning the gadget’s disk. Just below the iPhone image, it is indicated how long the user has to wait for the analysis results.

    At the end of the scan, the iPhone user will see something like this:

    The SmartPhone Recovery Pro program summarizes how many deleted and existing photos and videos it managed to find in the iPhone memory. In our case, the utility found 233 erased photos and 4 deleted clips. There are no existing photos and videos on the gadget.

    Click “Continue” and see what results the program has achieved. Please note that only one deleted photo is available for preview (the very first one). the developers apparently considered this to be sufficient for the user to be convinced of its effectiveness. A preview of the rest is available after purchasing the full version, so you can only find the desired snapshot in the list of detected SmartPhone Recovery Pro by name.

    Select the checkbox of the photo you want to return to the iPhone memory. If you want to restore all deleted images, check the box next to the name of the “Camera Roll” section in the “Folders” block.

    Click on the “Restore” button. SmartPhone Recovery Pro also allows you to export data to XLS, CSV (for Outlook), XML files (via the “Export” button), but this option is more appropriate when recovering, say, contacts, SMS and notes than photos.

    The program will notify you that you are still using the trial version, and will offer to purchase the full.

    If you click “Buy”, you will find yourself on the developer’s site, where you can pay for SmartPhone Recovery Pro. You need to click on the “Activate” button if you have an activation code.

    At this stage, an unexpected turn awaits us: we press “Cancel” and click on the cross to close the program.

    A message appears offering a 40% discount on the utility. so long as you don’t leave.

    Press the green button “Yes, I want to use this discount”, and you will find yourself on the developer’s website, where you will see that the cost of the software has changed significantly in your favor.

    Instead of the promised 40% discount, you get only 30%, but this is already a significant savings. After you pay and activate the full version of the utility, the photos you have selected will be returned to the device memory.

    A user who tries several iPhone data recovery programs that are offered on thematic sites and forums will certainly notice how much all the utilities are similar to each other. Using the SmartPhone Recovery Pro instructions, you can easily master Enigma Recovery, Tenorshare UltData, iSkySoft iPhone Data Recovery and many other programs.

    From the point of view of the recovery algorithm, there are no differences. what can be said, even if the design elements of most utilities converge. The conspiracy theorists have room for imagination: there is a strong feeling that all the programs listed were created “under one wing” and exist only in order to create the “illusion of choice” for the user.

    Is there a “Trash” on iPhones??

    If your iPhone is running iOS 8 or a later version of the “operating system”, you can return a photo that was erased by an oversight without even leaving the “Photos” application. Together with the 8th version of the OS, the “Recently Deleted” folder appears on Apple gadgets, which is a complete analogue of the “Recycle Bin” on Windows. After deletion, the photos go to this folder and are stored there for 30 days.

    Go to the “Photos” application and find the “Recently Deleted” folder among the albums.

    Click on the “Select” button in the upper right corner and mark the images you want to return with checkmarks.

    After selecting the desired photos, click “Recover”.

    The pictures will return to the album from which they disappeared.

    This recovery method is appropriate if you have deleted photos in a standard way and have done it recently. If images are lost due to unsuccessful manipulations with the software, you should familiarize yourself with other methods.

    Is it possible to restore iPhone photos from backups?

    Photos are included in both iTunes and iCloud backups. This means that if the backup was created after the photo appeared on the device, the snapshot is contained in the backup copy. By restoring iPhone from a copy, you will return the photo you need to your gadget.

    However, before proceeding with the recovery procedure, you should create a backup with the current information. As soon as the return of information from the old copy is completed, “pull” the snapshot from the device’s memory and transfer it to your computer. Then perform the restore procedure again using the backup with the current data. As a result, you will return the photo dear to your heart, without losing anything.

    The differences in the procedures for returning data from iTunes and from iCloud are dramatic:

    Restoring through iTunes is quite simple. you need to click on the “Restore from a copy” button in the device management menu.

    If several iTunes backups are stored on your PC, you should press CTRL “Restore from a copy” and select the appropriate one by date.

    Recovery from the “cloud” iCloud you can do after you reset the device completely. To do this, you need to follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “Reset” and click on the item “Erase content and settings”.

    Then, making the initial setup of the gadget, restore the iPhone from the iCloud copy. you will be offered this opportunity.

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    How to Recover Photos and Other Data on iPhone?

    Owners of iPhones are well aware of how well Apple devices take pictures. To bring a lot of stunning pictures from an exotic trip, you don’t have to take a semi-professional camera or a soap dish with you. the iPhone camera will accurately convey all the charm of distant islands and European capitals.

    Unfortunately, quite often travelers who took pictures on the iPhone recklessly forget about the need to transfer their pictures to a computer and, as a result of an incorrect jailbreak, an unsuccessful OS update or banal carelessness, lose their photos. Is it possible to get a photo back to iPhone after deleting?

    If the photo you deleted was included in an iTunes or iCloud backup, it’s easy to restore it, and you won’t have to pay for it. This is why mobile experts strongly recommend making regular backups for preventive purposes.

    If there is no valuable photo in the copies, it will be possible to return it only with the help of additional paid programs.Many people think that it is unreasonable to pay such an amount for the restoration of one or two images, but this is only a subjective opinion: surely everyone has photos whose value cannot be measured in financial terms. Utilities like SmartPhone Recovery Pro can not only return such pictures to the iPhone, but also provide the user with confidence that his personal data will not be lost due to imprudence.

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