How to reduce sound on iPhone 11

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How to increase the speaker volume on iPhone?

  • Go to the Library section, Preferences tab. In the com. Apple. celestial.
  • The plist document is then edited. There you will see the name of the regions and the value of the sound. For example, it could be 83%. You need to set 100% (number 1).
  • Reboot your device. After that, the smartphone should give out sound at full strength.

Why can’t I hear the ringtone on iPhone?

Go to the Settings menu and turn on airplane mode, wait five seconds, and then turn it off. Check your Do Not Disturb settings. Go to Settings Do Not Disturb and make sure this feature is turned off. Check for blocked phone numbers.

How to remove the do not disturb mode?

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Notifications.
  • Click on the switch opposite the Do not disturb mode.
  • Mode disabled.

How to Exit Headphone Mode in iPhone?

How to turn off headphone mode on iPhone?

  • Reboot the device (in all incomprehensible cases I do this);
  • Mechanical damage to the socket or blockage. Inspect and clean with alcohol;
  • Turn on and off the speakerphone;
  • Press the volume buttons.

How to turn on sound on iPhone 11?

Open the application “Settings” → “Sounds, tactile signals” on the smartphone; In the “Ringtone and message sound” section, move the slider all the way to the right to turn on the maximum volume; If you want to adjust the volume of the ringtone using the physical buttons, move the slider opposite the option “Change with buttons”.

How to turn off silent mode on iPhone 11?

The easiest way to turn off the sound on your iPhone is to use the switch located above the volume buttons on the left side of the case.

What to do if the silent button on iPhone doesn’t work?

What to do if iPhone 6 silent button doesn’t work?

  • Pay attention to the settings of the gadget, which mode is currently on.
  • Restart the device if the installed application interferes with the switch.
  • As a last resort, use iOS recovery via iTunes.

How to turn off silent mode on iPhone without a button?

To make your phone truly quiet, you can turn off vibration in silent mode by going to Settings> Sounds. Locate the “Vibration in mute” switch and turn it to Off.

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone?

Immediately, we note that there is no separate option in the Device Settings that allows you to turn off the camera click on the iPhone. This can be done in a purely mechanical way by setting the iPhone to silent mode. For this:

We find the toggle button on the left side of the device, move it from the upper position to the lower one (while at the top we will see a red stripe.indicator of silent mode).

Remove Noise from iPhone Video

reduce, sound, iphone

Switch iPhone to silent mode.

An image of a crossed-out bell with the inscription “Silent mode” will appear on the screen of the device. this means that all sounds are muted, and the sound of the camera shutter will not bother us.

The silent mode icon appears on the screen.

How to turn off the sound of the camera or photo on the iPhone of various modifications?

The process of taking pictures on Apple phones is as close as possible to authentic shooting with a camera. not only due to the high quality of photos and the possibility of extensive work with the settings, but the soundtrack. When you press the “take” button, the camera will automatically release the shutter sound. Thanks to him, we know for sure that the button was pressed and the photo was taken.

But this sound may not always be comfortable. What to do if this option is irrelevant or uncomfortable for you, and you want to deactivate it?

In today’s article, we will tell you and clearly show how to turn off the sound of the camera shutter on the iPhone completely and how to reduce the volume of this sound. Tips will be complemented by detailed photo and video instructions, made using the example of the iPhone 8 Plus. The instruction is suitable for all Apple iPhone models on iOS 10.

How to reduce camera clicking sound on iPhone via Control Center?

If we want not to turn off the sound when taking pictures on the iPhone, but only to reduce it, we can do this through the Control Center.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the main screen to bring up the Control Center menu.
  • In the menu that opens, press with a long press on the sound adjustment field.
  • In the sound adjustment menu, lower the volume to the desired level, possibly to the very minimum.

Lower the volume down.

Done! Camera shutter click sounds much quieter now.

Additional methods to make the “camera sound” less noisy.

These methods make it possible to temporarily disable the click when taking photos on the iPhone.

  • When the Camera is inactive, we decrease the overall volume of the phone with the side volume down button located on the side of the device (when the Camera is on, these buttons will work as a shutter release). After we have reduced the sound with the buttons to the minimum, turn on the Camera and check. the sound will be much quieter!
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We decrease the volume of the device using the side buttons (bottom button, volume down).

  • If we shoot in Live Photo mode. the shutter also works without sound.

The yellow circles icon at the top of the display on the Camera means that Live Photo is active and the shutter button is silent.

We looked at several methods, one of which allows you to completely mute the camera shutter sound on the iPhone, while at the expense of others you can reduce the click volume.

We hope our tips and instructions were simple and useful for you, and now, depending on the situation, you can easily turn off or reduce the camera sound on your Apple device.!

Using headphones

Another way to turn off the camera shutter sound on iPhone is to plug in headphones. If you connect headphones or any other headset that can receive an audio signal via a wire or via Bluetooth to the iPhone, then all sounds from the device will be automatically played on the external device.

That is, if you connect headphones to the iPhone, then no one will hear the sound of the camera shutter except for the owner of the smartphone, who is wearing these headphones. That is, if you like the clinking of the camera, but you do not want to embarrass others with this sound, then just put on headphones.

Many smartphone owners use headphones while shooting to take more interesting shots. Since using the buttons on the headset, you can take photos remotely, without even touching the smartphone.

To bring the sound back, simply pull the headphones out of the jack. If you are using a wireless headset, then on the iPhone itself, turn off the wireless connection.

Decrease the volume level

If the volume mute button does not work for you or you do not want to completely mute the sound on the device, you can lower the volume using the keys on the left side of your smartphone. When the level is lowered, the device screen will display how many bars of sound you have reduced.

If these keys do not work for you either, you can change them through the settings:

    Go to your iPhone in “Settings” and go to the “Sounds, tactile signals” section;

Here find the section “Call and Alerts” and set the slider to the level you need. Then just exit the menu and start the camera mode.

Camera click on iPhone is not disabled. What to do?

This instruction was published as part of the Support project. Write to the mail: press (at) and get solutions to problems related to the operation and operation of Apple devices.

Reader question:
I have an iPhone 6s MKQN2J / A (for Japan), iOS 10.0.2. Please tell me, is it possible to somehow disable / remove / replace the camera shutter sound without jailbreak? Now, at no settings and volume level, this sound is not muted and clicks very strongly when photographing.

Well, welcome to Japan and its extraordinary laws. Your iPhone was released for the Japanese market, and according to the legislation of this country, any photographic equipment must have a camera shutter sound in any mode.

The reason for such a strange law was the popularity of the so-called voyeurism. sexual deviation, characterized by the urge to spy on people who have sex or are in an intimate situation.

With the proliferation of smartphones equipped with cameras, voyeurism has become a global problem for the people of Japan. A real “photo hunt for skirts” has begun in the country. Then the authorities of the country decided to oblige manufacturers of mobile devices to leave the shutter sound on for any mode of operation of the gadget.

Espionage was stopped, and when passing certification before entering the Japanese market, all devices are still required to “click” when shooting.

A similar situation is observed in South Korea. You can only mute the camera on a South Korean or Japanese iPhone using a jailbreak. Headphones, vibration switch and volume down won’t help.

When buying a smartphone, pay attention to the inscription on the box and markings.

The last two Latin letters carry information about the country.

(5.00 out of 5, rated: 2)

Alternative cameras

A good option is the Microsoft Pix camera, which is completely free. This is a very simple camera from a renowned company. There is no shutter sound when taking photos, so this is a very good option.

Other cameras can be installed. Among them are Halide and Obscura. These apps come with a price tag, but they have the ability to control the volume of the shutter sound. And these cameras can also shoot in RAW format, which is also a big plus.

Music app

Few people know, but the iPhone can be tricked using the “Music” application. Run any melody in it and turn down the volume level to zero, and then go to the “Camera” application and start shooting. When you take photos, you will not hear the click you are used to. But if you turn up the volume, you will hear it.

Launch app with music

This method will work on iPhones with iOS 11, 10, 9, 8 and newer versions of the system.

  • Launch the Music application and play any song.
  • Use the volume buttons to completely mute the sound.

Then use the Camera app as usual, and you will no longer hear the usual shutter sound.

The most important thing in the above method is to turn the volume down to zero in the Music app.

Live Photo Mode

Launch the Camera application and select Live Photo instead of normal mode by clicking on the circle icon at the top of the screen. In this mode, you will be able to take pictures without hearing a click from the camera. The peculiarity of this mode is that you get not just a photo, but a mini video or animation, where an additional 1.5 seconds will be recorded before and after. They can be set as a screensaver on the screen and sent to friends.

How to reduce photo size on iPhone using third-party apps

IPhones have a built-in photo editor. with it, you can, for example, crop a picture and apply a filter to it, however, you will not be able to change the resolution of any photo. Therefore, users have to resort to using additional utilities. One of the most popular programs to reduce photo size is Resizer. You can download the free version of this utility here.

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The main advantage of Resizer is simplicity. The developers did not think about how to create another multi-editor, and equipped the application with only the most basic functions. How to change photo resolution on iPhone via Resizer?

Open the app. you will see the simplest interface possible.

Click on the plus button and go to the “Camera Roll”.

Next, select the photo you want to convert.

On the next screen, you will see tools for working with images. You will need the Resize tool.

Set the required photo resolution. The width and height remain proportional, so it is enough to change just one of these parameters. the second will be adjusted automatically.

Below you will find ready-made templates for common resolutions. you can use them.

Click on the “Done” button. this is how you complete the work on the image.

Next, you need to save the corrected image to the iPhone memory. Click the down arrow button.

Click on “Save Image”.

The following message will notify that the work has been completed:

Now you can use the Photo Investigator program to make sure that the picture has really changed its parameters.

In addition to Resizer, there are other utilities in the AppStore that can reduce

How to find out the metadata of a photo on iPhone?

The user of the “apple” technology does not have the opportunity to view the metadata of the photos taken on the iPhone. at least with the help of the smartphone’s own means. There is no analogue of the “Properties” menu (Windows) on iOS. To find out what the resolution and weight of the image are, you have to indulge in tricks or download additional software.

How to reduce photo size and resolution on iPhone?

Users of Apple gadgets often suffer from a lack of free memory on their devices. What to do in such a situation? The first thought that comes to mind is to “clean” your media library and photo album and get rid of unnecessary files. However, parting with photos can be difficult. many of them remind of important events.

There is also a less obvious solution: to reduce the size of photographs. anyway, when viewing an album on a small screen of the gadget, the difference will not be noticeable. By reducing the size of the photo, you can not only free up memory on the device, but also reduce traffic costs when publishing images on the Internet.

Find out the size of the photo via mail

You can get information about the weight of the image through the built-in tool “Mail”. You need to act like this:

Go to the “Photos” application and select a picture that is of interest to you.

Click the Share button in the lower left corner.

Click on “Next” and in the menu that appears, select “Mail”.

Fill in the “To” field (you can choose any mailbox. you won’t have to send a letter) and click “Send”.

Then confirm that you want to send an email with an empty subject.

It is necessary to pay attention to the field “Actual”. here is the real size of the photo.

We learn meta-data through third-party software

Another way to get information about a photo is to use the Photo Investigator app from the AppStore (you can download it here). The program is very simple, but at the same time extremely effective. you need to use it like this:

Click the button indicated by the red arrow with the caption “Choose Photo”.

Find the desired photo in the “Camera Roll” section and click on it.

A list of metadata will open, where you can view such characteristics as file size (“File Size”. in the example 50.5 Kb) and image resolution (“Pixel Height” and “Pixel Width”).

The subsection “Tiff” contains information about when the picture was taken.

Photo Investigator allows you to not only view the metadata of a photo, but also send it by email and even erase it altogether. To perform these actions, the buttons “Share” and “Metadata”.

To view the metadata of photos, the following programs are also suitable:

Finally, the third way to find out about the size of the photo and the date when it was taken is to connect the iPhone to the computer, go to the folder with the pictures and go to the “Properties” menu.

It is very important to determine how much the images weigh before changing their resolution. Photos on iPhone come out in different sizes. operations with those that take up little space will not allow you to increase the amount of free memory significantly.

Unfortunately, the iPhone does not have a built-in tool that would allow you to recognize metadata and change the parameters of images. You can view the weight of the image through the “Mail” mail, but this method is rather long and complicated.

Users wishing to reduce the size of a photo in order to increase the amount of free memory should download a special Resizer utility from the AppStore, which makes image adjustments a matter of “five minutes”. For a quick check of meta-data, Photo Investigator is suitable. a program with which no mail is needed!

How to use the virtual Home button on the iPhone or iPad screen (Assistive Touch)

Click on the Assistive Touch button. You will see six icons. Notification Center, Hardware, Control Center, Home, Siri, and User.

As you might guess, clicking on each of them launches the corresponding action. going to the notification center, control point (there are a flashlight, calculator and other tools), simulation of pressing the physical button “Home” and so on.

How to enable the virtual Home button on the iPhone or iPad screen (Assistive Touch)

Open Settings → General → Accessibility → Assistive Touch (in order to quickly find it, scroll down the screen. By the way, check out how many useful things Apple has invented for people with various diseases!).

New iPhone 11 Call Volume Extremely Low Fix (Do not return It)

After that, a square button with rounded corners and a white circle with circles diverging from it in the center will appear in the lower right corner of the iPhone or iPad display. This is Assistive Touch. Now with its help you can also control your gadget.

If you have the Shortcut keys enabled, you can turn Assistive Touch on or off on any screen (lock screen, Home screen, app) by triple-tapping the physical Home button. You can adjust the click speed along the path Accessibility → Home.

You can also activate Assistive Touch with a Siri voice prompt.

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Home button on the iPhone screen, or how to turn on and use Assistive Touch

What is Assistive Touch (virtual Home button) for? The feature. one of Apple’s best practices for people with disabilities. allows you to quickly access specific applications and settings using gestures. This is useful when you do not have the ability to use the physical buttons of the iPhone (for example, the lock button or volume buttons are broken, and it will not be possible to fix the breakage quickly).

A few useful commands for the Assistive Touch virtual button

Machine → Screen Lock. lock the iPhone / iPad screen. If you hold the Screen Lock button for a few seconds, you turn off your device. If your power button is broken, it is better not to do this. you can turn on your smartphone or tablet only after connecting it to iTunes via a cable;

Machine → Off / On. sound. switch iPhone out of silent mode;

Apparatus → Louder / Quieter. decrease or increase the system volume;

Machine → → Screenshot. take a screenshot;

Apparatus → → Gestures. select the required number of fingers and bind a certain gesture to it (whatever you want. To create a gesture, you need to move the circles on the screen).

This is how Assistive Touch works on iOS devices. We sincerely wish you never use it. so that you have all good health, and the iPhone buttons work properly. If something happens to you or your favorite gadget, now you know what to do in order to simplify your life.

Setting up an alarm on iPhone

Since smartphones have become an indispensable thing for us, either originals or conservatives have used conventional alarm clocks. On Monday morning, he will wake you up with a boss’s voice or a cheerful melody, and on Saturday with your favorite song. It will ring until you press the desired button, and if you turn it off incorrectly, the smart alarm will remind you of itself after 10 minutes. You do not need to start it every day, you just need to create it once and it will lift you up itself every morning.

How to know if an alarm is on in iPhone

You can tell if your iPhone has an alarm on without going to the Clock app. If this application is active, a special icon will be displayed in the upper right corner of the phone, next to the battery indicator. Programmed for several days of the week, it will still be active, even if you turned it off today.

Favorite ringtone

In addition to the ringtones embedded in the shell of your iPhone, you can set your own created ringtone or any melody from your phone to the alarm clock.

How to create an iPhone alarm clock

  • First of all, we set the right time
  • Then we click on the inscription “Repeat” and select the days when it should work. For example, we create an alarm clock for weekdays. We select all working days from Monday to Friday. A check mark should appear next to the name of the selected days. Click on the “Back” button and return to the main window.
  • Go to the “Label” tab and come up with a name. For example, “To work”.
  • Go to the “Sound” tab and select the melody you like from the available ringtones. The app allows you to listen to selectable sounds.
  • We activate the “Repeat signal”. The smart alarm will sound again 10 minutes after you tap the screen if the iPhone was locked or if the “Later” button was pressed while the phone was unlocked.
  • The app will shut down completely if you slide your finger over the “Unblock” label when it rings. And if at the time of the call the iPhone was unlocked, you need to press the “OK” button

You can create multiple alarms by setting them different times, days of the week and melodies.

Low battery alarm behavior

Apparently, the developers of the software for the phone slept a couple of times when the phone was discharged during the night and the smart alarm did not work. Therefore, if the battery charge is low, the very last crumbs of energy are given to the iPhone alarm clock and it will wake you up even at 3% charge.

If you turn down the sound of the iPhona to a minimum, it will not affect the sound of the alarm clock, it will ring as loudly as always. It will also work when the Do Not Disturb and Airplane modes are on.

A short video on setting up an alarm

  • The Sleep Cycle application uses a gyroscope to track the movements of the sleeping person, analyze the sounds he makes and determine the stage of sleep in which he is. And then it will wake up the person at the most favorable moment in a given period of time, for example, from 7 to 7.30 in the morning. After a few days of use, the app will graph your sleep stages and generate statistics on your awakenings. This application will help you not only to wake up comfortably, but also to fall asleep, as it contains pleasant “soporific” melodies.
  • The Smart Alarm from Plus Sports offers roughly the same functionality. The only, but significant, drawback of such applications is the need to fully charge the battery or the presence of a charger connected to the iPhone, because the phone has to work all night.

For people who find it very difficult to get up early in the morning, the developers offer applications that are not easy to disable when sleeping. The puzzle alarm cannot be stopped until the puzzle or mathematical example is solved. And the Wake N Shake app won’t shut up until you shake your iPhone well. And the not very pleasant sounds of ringtones just make you turn it off as soon as possible.

On this, perhaps, we will conclude the review dedicated to the alarm clock on the iPhone, we hope that you have received comprehensive information about all its capabilities, if this is not the case, you are welcome in the comments.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.