How To Refill A Cartridge For A Canon Printer Yourself

We buy materials. How to refill the HP printer cartridge yourself

Printer ink is one of the very expensive things that you will have to work with if you set up your home office. DO NOT be surprised by this situation: you took dozens of pictures with your new digital camera, downloaded them to your computer, printed just a few, and soon the ink cartridge ran out. Their consumption is always very large, and nothing can be done about it.

How To Refill A Cartridge For A Canon Printer Yourself

This article provides instructions on how to refill your HP inkjet cartridge yourself instead of buying a new one. This can save you a pretty decent amount.

Filling process

Insert the long, needle-like end of the ink bottle into the correct hole deep enough to penetrate the bottom of the cartridge. It is important to do this so that the air is not blown out and does NOT create foam when refilling the cartridge. An air will prevent ink from reaching the printheads and the cartridge may NOT function.

To properly refill the HP 655 print cartridge yourself, add ink slowly and smoothly. Watch the filling process carefully so as not to overflow. Stop quickly as soon as you see some ink begin to trickle out of the hole. DO NOT let go of the bottle, RELEASE the air slowly by squeezing some ink back out of the cartridge (before removing the needle completely).

Ink must NOT thicken and dry

DO NOT let your ink cartridge dry out. Check and replenish it periodically to keep it in working order. Try NOT to leave it unused for very long. Print something at least once a week. This will help your product last longer, even if you have to refill the HP print cartridge (178) earlier.

As a last resort to buying a new cartridge, you can always try to revive the old one. Take a clean syringe, remove the plunger and insert the syringe into the cartridge. Place the open top of the syringe over your mouth and blow hard enough. This can help push poor quality or thick ink towards the printheads. Be careful NOT to allow ink bubbles to form at the top of the cartridge. Then blot the end of the cartridge nozzle with a paper towel. Repeat as needed several times. This method can enhance the convenience and ease of use of refilled cartridges.

If ink still does not come out of the cartridge during printing, use a syringe to inject one or two small drops of a special solution (a mixture of ammonia and distilled water in equal parts) deep down into the cartridge. This will help dissolve the formed ink clot.

Checking the correct filling

Repeat all the above steps for each ink color to fully refill the HP printer cartridge yourself. After you fill in all the colors, blot very well (do not wipe or press down) the printhead of the cartridge with a folded piece of paper towel. This process will likely need to be repeated several times. Do this until the paint stops oozing, mixing and the towel pack. Stop this process only when you have 3 pure color traces.

If the paper towel shows discoloration or no ink escaping at all, blot the printhead with a wet cloth and then dry. Repeat this several times until ink starts to emit.

Install the cartridge into the printer. Remember that you should never, under any circumstances install a leaking cartridge.

Print Test Files immediately to make sure ink is emitting properly. We will print a small number of different pages, preferably photos with bright shades.

Preparation for the process

Place the purchased ink set, a roll of paper towels, and some clear tape on a large, flat work surface (table or board). Remove the empty cartridge from the product. Be sure to close the cover or fuse while you work with it.

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Put on disposable rubber or plastic gloves before handling paint. Take a paper towel and fold it in half twice. Work constantly on a paper towel to avoid leaking ink onto the table. Place an empty cartridge on it.

Before refilling an HP print cartridge yourself, read the instruction manual that came with your ink kit to learn how to refill your specific capsule type. This article provides general instructions only.

Look for the refill holes on the top of the cartridge. This depression can be felt by rubbing the label with your fingers. Some cartridges have multiple holes, but only one of them always leads to an ink reservoir that can be refilled. This hole will have a sponge in it.

Use a sharp pencil to pierce the refill hole at the top of the ink cartridge. Alternatively, you can remove the top label with a knife or screwdriver (see the user manual that came with the kit for a diagram of these locations).

Typically, in addition to black, three ink colors are included: cyan, magenta red, and yellow. Follow the installation instructions using the insertion hole for each color, or push a toothpick into each hole to identify the colors. It also happens that the marking on the cartridge of the device is sometimes erroneous, and you can accidentally refill the wrong colors in the ink capsules. This happens when users are trying to refill a cartridge for an HP 650 printer by themselves (and SIMilar models).

How to refill an HP printer cartridge yourself: complete the process

Wipe the cartridge contacts thoroughly with a paper towel. You must completely eliminate dirt and drips on its surface.

Cover the hole with a small piece of clear tape. This works much better than the sealing points included in the prime kit. Make sure the ink does NOT leak from the top holes at all (this is what you need to use transparent tape for).

Useful Tips

DO NOT worry that you DO NOT test or inspect the Refueling Kit you have purchased. It is worth the effort and is unnecessary. If you ruin a cartridge by your own actions, you can always buy a new one. In any case, you should try to refill the cartridge for the HP printer yourself (122), as if the outcome is favorable, this will significantly reduce your costs.

After you refill the cartridge, it should weigh the same as new parts. Overcrowded in excess of the norm can fail much earlier than its term. These inkjet printer parts use sponges to store ink, and if overfilled, you wet the top of the sponge causing ink to flow upward, away from the print port.

Another helpful tip

And finally, you can use another method if everyone else has failed: find a used or SIMpler printer for sale for less than a new cartridge. It comes with one new cartridge (or two: black and color). If you can do this, you will have a new device with 1 or 2 cartridges for less than the cost of one new PARTS. Printer companies often sell them inexpensively, planning to profit from future cartridge purchases is a well-known marketing ploy. Use them to use up ink, and then look again at what is more profitable to buy.

Refilling the printer

The toner hopper is located in the second half of the printing unit. Most often, the access to the filling hole is located on the side under the plastic cap. But there are cartridges, the design of which does NOT provide holes for filling paint. In this case, you have to completely unscrew the cartridge and pour the toner into the slot through which it enters the magnetic shaft. Sometimes a hole is made in the hopper, and in this way the cartridges are refilled. Avoiding complete disassembly and cleaning of the entire cartridge.

Security measures

All components of toner for printing devices are very toxic. To avoid poisoning, wear rubber gloves, a gown, or other clothing that is not a complaint before refilling the laser printer cartridge.

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Replace toner in a well-ventilated area. Since fine particles of toner dust can even pass through a special gas mask. You can arm yourself with a respirator or gauze bandage. But they are unlikely to help, even if the gas mask allows dust particles to pass through.

The table on which the refueling of the laser printer cartridge will be carried out should be covered with a newspaper or something SIMilar.

What are the cartridges

There are two types of laser cartridges. Some have a special hole for filling the powder into the hopper, others have it. You will have to tinker with such a model in order to get to the toner compartment.

The print device cartridge has two parts. The first is the dye bin. The second is a container for collecting garbage and powder residues.

Replacing the toner in the cartridge is carried out in two stages: first cleaning the waste container, then refilling.

How to clean a laser printer cartridge

Now you need to disassemble and clean the garbage container from dirt. To do this, using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws, which fix the side plugs of the case. Then carefully pull out the light-sensitive drum. It is important not to take it with your fingers on the main surface, but try to hold it on the sides or along the gear, otherwise the drum will deteriorate and be unusable for later use. After the photo is taken out of the case, it is advisable to put it away from the main workspace, covered with a newspaper or letter of paper so that light and dust do not fall.

Then you need to remove the charging roller (rubberized part), which is located under the photosensitive drum. At the same time, remember that all parts must be taken by the side parts. As surface damage to THESE parts will result in poor print quality.

Now we unscrew the cleaning blade called the squeegee. And carefully, so that the remnants of powder and debris do not scatter on the sides, turning over and shaking out the container. Thoroughly clean all the parts from paint residues and put them back together. In filling workshops, a special vacuum cleaner is used, with which they clean the entire body of the printing device.

What you need to know about refueling at home

Laser printers are filled with a special powder called toner.

Toners are different for all printers. The manufacturer on the toner bottles usually indicates a list of models for which this or that powder is intended.

Toner is chemically very hazardous and should be used with care.

It is important to know if there is a special chip on the cartridge that blocks the operation of the device after the consumable is used up. If so, it’s best to take it to a gas station.

How to refill laser cartridges?

How to refuel a laser printer? Very SIMple. Remove the cartridge from the printer. Remove the cover. Add toner. Close the lid. Insert back into the device. I must say that refueling the laser is not difficult at all. If you adhere to certain rules and do not lose consciousness when the words “screwdriver” and “pliers” are used, because these are the tools that are needed to refill the laser printer cartridge by yourself.

Nuances that need to be observed when refilling toners.

It often happens that laser printer cartridges are equipped with a print counter chip. To refuel them, you should contact a specialist to reset the data in the chip memory or to replace it. Even if you manage to do all the dirty work at home, the printer will SIMply refuse to work, since “by its calculation, the resource has already been used up”.

An important question. “How many times can you refill the cartridge?” It all depends on the cartridge itself. On average, this number ranges from 5 to 15 times. over, during every 3-6 refueling, it is necessary to perform restoration. This is a procedure for replacing consumables that need to be replaced as they wear out.

In general, refueling is not such a difficult task. But it is worth taking on this business only when there is confidence that everything will work out. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new cartridge, and its cost is often comparable to the cost of the device itself. And all the expected savings from “self-service” will come down to comments. If you still have questions about how to refill a laser cartridge, we advise you to read the instructions for refilling your particular model. To do this, go to the section cartridges.

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Features of self-refilling cartridges Samsung SCX and ML

Laser printers are easy to use and reliable, but like any other technique, they need replenishment of consumables. The constant purchase of original cartridges after using the toner available in them significantly affects the final cost of the resulting prints. Refueling is an easier and more economical way. With care and the presence of certain skills, this operation can be done independently.

Self-refilling of cartridges

We will consider the features of self-refilling of Samsung cartridges using the example of Samsung MLT-D101S. It is suitable for a range of printer models from this manufacturer: SCX-3407, SCX-3405W, SCX-3405FW, SCX-3405F, SCX-3405, SCX-3400F, SCX-3400, ML-2168W, ML-2168, ML-2167, ML-2165W, ML-2165 and ML-2160. In this case, the issue of printer firmware will NOT be considered.

The first step is to remove the cartridge side covers. They are attached to the body with plastic rivets, which must be carefully cut with a knife.

They can be re-installed in two ways: using hot glue plastic or screws. In the second case, holes are pre-drilled in place of the rivets.

After that, the side covers are carefully removed. This operation must be performed with utmost care to avoid damage. Then the cartridge is separated into two parts. One contains the toner compartment, the other contains a waste bin.

First of all, it is necessary to clean the parts of the cartridge from waste toner, therefore, the drum unit is removed from the “hopper” part, cleaned with a damp, lint-free cloth, dried and put into a dark place.

Next, the primary charge shaft is removed. It is completed with plastic holders at the ends, which must be carefully moved. When reassembling, it is important NOT to mix up the shaft sides.

Use a lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol to clean it. Next, the cleaning blade is removed. It is fastened with two screws, which must be unscrewed.

The cleaning blade is wiped with a dry cloth. Its rubber edge can be coated with talcum powder, toner or starter powder. This will make it easier to start the cartridge after refilling.

In the next step, the hopper niche is cleaned of toner residues. This operation is performed using a vacuum cleaner. The cleaning blade is then replaced, followed by the primary charge roller. The contacts of the holders of the latter must first be lubricated with conductive grease. Then the drum is installed in place and the first part of the work can be considered finished. The assembled compartment must be covered with an opaque material to prevent lightning of the drum.

Disassembly of the toner compartment begins by removing the gear on the right side of the magnetic roller.

On the left side, the fixing screw of the plastic cover is unscrewed, which is then carefully removed.

Then remove the magnetic shaft and the metering blade.

The latter is fastened with two screws, which must be unscrewed.

The blade must be removed very carefully. Any curvature or damage to it will lead to incorrect toner dosage and, as a result, print defects.

The niche of the toner compartment must be carefully vacuumed. The metering blade and magnetic roller are then replaced. Magnetic shaft contacts are pre-lubricated with conductive grease.

Now you need to refuel the cartridge, pouring the toner from the can into the compartment, leaving 1-2 cm free.

After that, the compartment is closed with a stopper, the magnetic shaft gear is installed in place and the two halves of the cartridge are assembled. This completes the refueling. Considering that this procedure is rather complicated and requires special knowledge, it is better to perform it in a specialized workshop.