How to Refill Canon Color Cartridge

How to refill Canon cartridge

Correct refilling of reusable cartridges is the key to accurate and high-quality printing of text and photos. In this article, we will look at how to properly refill a cartridge for a Canon Pixma printer.

Cartridge device

In order to properly refill a cartridge for a Canon printer at home, you first need to find out how it works:

  • Container for ink. It contains a special sponge that keeps the ink from flowing out. For black, the cartridge comes with one reservoir, and at least three for the color one (in new models, more are installed).
  • Filling hole. Through it, ink is poured into the chamber with a sponge. It is closed with a lid or protective tape.
  • Printhead. Contact plates. Need to remove shown ink counter and nozzle control cartridge head.

Component parts of the cartridge

Preparing and refilling the cartridge

At some point, when you tried to print a document, you got a message on the screen that the ink level in the cartridge is very low and needs to be refilled. Don’t rush to carry it to the service center. Consider how to do it yourself at home.

Before you are going to refuel it, you need to prepare everything so that everything happens quickly and accurately.

Ink for cartridge

To refill Canon Pixma inkjet cartridges, you will need a medical syringe, if available, purchased with a rubber plunger. They are much easier to move and much longer service life. You will need 4 syringes of 20 ml each (if the XL cartridge will need to draw ink into the syringe several times or take a larger syringe).

Some cartridges, such as Pacxodka black, have two colors and in no case should they be filled with the same syringe, since they use different inks. The larger cartridge is filled with pigment ink, and the smaller cartridge is filled with water-based ink. They are completely different in their characteristics, and mixing them can simply damage the printer.

Any of the refillable cartridges comes with a refill clip to facilitate the refilling process and prevent toner from leaking out of the bottom slot of the cartridge during this operation.

Refueling organization

The cartridge cover is also made of plastic and is usually painted to match the ink inside. There is a filling hole on the cartridge lid, discreetly left by the manufacturer. In addition to the pores for refueling, there are holes on the lid through which air escapes and the ideal pressure in the cartridge is maintained. Remove the protective tape of the air gait.

Occasionally, but it happens that the tape is removed NOT completely. To make sure that there is residual adhesive after removing the tape, check the accessibility of the air channel with a syringe needle. This manipulation is done during the first refueling and will NOT be required later. We take out the filling gap plug. through it the cartridge will be refilled. After completing these steps, the cartridge is ready for refilling.

Filling of cartridges Canon PG445 / 441

Let’s take a closer look at how to refill a Canon PG-445 and PG-441 cartridge. To refill the cartridge, you must first remove the stickers from the top with a knife. In multi-colored toners we will see 3 air intakes. We make these holes a little larger with something sharp. The diameter of the holes should be 1.5-2 times larger than the diameter of the syringe needle. If the needle enters the hole with difficulty, then, during refueling, air will not come out of It, the pressure in the cartridge will increase, and ink will pour out of the nozzles.

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In the black cartridge, the air intake is located in the middle of the cell. It also increases the hole.

Take 4 ordinary disposable 10ml syringes. We collect ink in them, each color separately. We introduce the needles into the air intake until they stop. There is no need to be afraid of breaking something in the cartridge. this is almost impossible. Slowly push the syringe plunger to inject ink into the cartridge.

It is impossible to know the exact amount of ink for refilling, since the colors are consumed unevenly. Therefore, injects the same volume incorrectly.

Canon cartridge refilling process

Refuel until the ink comes out of the air intake hole. It must be remembered that it is necessary to introduce very carefully, as there is a possibility of being sprayed with ink. As soon as the ink appears from the hole, pull the syringe plunger in the opposite direction and take 1-1.5 ml. It is then recommended to wipe the nozzles with a tissue to make sure the ink does NOT spill out.

The first refueling of thin cartridges will take you half an hour, for pigment cartridges an hour and a half. It is recommended, if possible, not to speed up the refilling process or install the cartridge in the compartment until the filler is saturated with ink, such a cartridge will start printing.

Canon Pixma Auto Chip Cartridges

Advantages of cartridges from autochip:

  • No shutdown of ink levels, and as a result. preservation of the warranty.
  • All necessary visually Monitor the level of ink in the cartridges, the chip is fully automatic and will report a low level of ink in the cartridge, as well as stop printing when the cartridge runs out.
  • Chip reset the ink level reading after refilling the cartridge.
  • Chip, but will not reset the ink level if the printer was turned off or the cartridge was removed from the printer (if the cartridge is empty).
  • PZK cartridge works perfectly normally in tandem with originals, there is a need to change all cartridges at once.
  • The shut-off device can be installed in the printer as soon as the ink in the original cartridges runs out.

After replacement, the printer detects a new, full ink tank and is ready to use. The remaining colors work the same way. The printer will resume the job.

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How to refill Canon cartridge

The most important thing to remember about refilling Canon cartridges is that they need to be replaced immediately after the ink runs out. If you do not refill the cartridge immediately, it will dry out quickly. At best, it will print much worse, at worst it will not print at all. Therefore, carefully monitor the readings in the ink supply using Special programs on the computer.

To refill a Canon cartridge you need:

Remove the cartridge from the printer. To do this, first read the instructions to find out the features of your device, and then, following it:

  • Find out the model name of your printer to know how it works. To do this, inspect the device, and there you can find the name of the printer model next to the brand name. If It is not listed there, look in the button bar. Also, the model name can be found on the barcode located on the back of the device. If this information is not visible, find it using your computer (in the “device manager”).
  • Review after the location of the buttons on the printer.
  • Open the printer cover.
  • When the containers automatically exit (this function is available in all models, but also, if necessary, it can be pulled out using the Special buttons), remove the desired cartridge from them. To do this, pull on it on a specially designated place (arched ledge). To avoid drying out the printheads, you must wait until the containers with the cartridges reach the right place by themselves.
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Place the cartridge on a flat surface with the sticker facing up

Peel off the sticker. There you will see three small indentations (this is equal in the black ink cartridge, three in the color ink cartridge). You need to make holes in them for paint to get in (expand these recesses). Through the holes that you make, we will inject paint with a syringe. You can make these holes with a drill or a hot needle. But be very careful not to push the drill or needle too deep, as this could damage the cartridge.

Fill the syringe with the ink you want to fill

  • It is necessary to inject paint in specially designated places. Remember that the top hole on the Color Printer belongs to the red ink. The bottom left is blue and the bottom case is yellow. On the black cartridge, the hole is.
  • The needles of the syringe must be lowered into the hole by about two-thirds (in no case deeper, so as not to damage the cartridge).
  • When you see some paint spilling through the holes, it means that the cartridge reservoir is already full.
  • To prevent the cartridge from being overfilled, you need to pump out, and do not take out the syringe, 0.5 ml paint.
  • When you have filled all the paint tanks you need, carefully remove the syringe and put back the sticker. This should be done immediately after filling with paint to avoid drying out.

Place the cartridge that has been filled back into the printer

Be sure to check that the ink matches the brand of your printer. If they are incompatible, the cartridge may NOT print and you will have to completely flush the print head.

Make sure the cartridges are well seated in containers. This is one of the reasons the printer may NOT print. Therefore, wait for a characteristic click before printing.

Remember to check the expiration date of the ink.

How to reset a Canon cartridge after refilling: three ways

Printer owners are constantly faced with the question: how to reset the Canon cartridge? The problem lies in the memory of the chip on the ink tank and printing device. When a new cartridge is installed, the printer reads information from the chip. The software displays the data that the installed ink tank is original and 100% full.

Refillable cartridges do not have such chips, which is why the device cannot read information about a new ink tank and update data in the software. Accordingly, the printing device “thinks” that the cartridge has not been replaced and blocks use. The same situation develops in owners using CISS.

The question of how to reset a Canon cartridge may arise when using an ink tank without chips. Then only the printer’s software cutting and one contact on the cartridge site are responsible for the volume of printed pages and the ink resource. In this case, the ink counter is also reset and you can continue printing.

Let’s take a look at the main ways to reset cartridges in Canon printers, which include the following:

  • Using the programmer;
  • Blocking the read contact;
  • Reset counter in printer.

Each model of printing device has a different zeroing option. Using the wrong method, the user risks damaging the printer, so remember that all actions you perform at your own risk.

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The cartridge has a chip: what to do?

How do I reset a Canon cartridge that has a chip? The design of the cartridge does not provide for a chip, but there is a contact pad, which is recognized by the printer, and it reads information about which ink tank is installed and how much it has exhausted its resource.

Optional kit

The most common trick that many people use is to buy two sets of cartridges and print one at a time. Each subsequent ink tank resets information about the previous one. This method has a big disadvantage, which is dangerous for those who rarely print. The ink cartridge is downtime, nozzles dry up and become unusable. If the cartridge is rarely used, go to the instructions and follow the steps in order.

Algorithm of actions

How do I reset a Canon cartridge after refilling? The result is guaranteed by following the instructions sequentially, first for the color cartridge and then for the black one.

Take out the cartridge and cover the top row of contacts with tape or tape.

Install the ink tank in the printer, the message “cartridge not inserted” appears.

Remove the cartridge from the printer.

Cover the second row of contacts with tape (or tape).

A cartridge not inserted error appears again.

Pull the cartridge out again.

Tear off both strips of tape.

Put the ink tank back, the printer will now detect the cartridge as full

After this procedure, you can use them as new. Keep in mind, if the device does not give out a message about an empty cartridge, but simply prints white sheets, then the problem lies in poor-quality refueling or dried nozzles.

How to reset Canon Pixma cartridge

This is a way to disable the printer’s ink counter. Please note that DEACTIVATION is written to the device memory and voids the user of the manufacturer’s warranty. The shutdown procedure is carried out only once and is irreversible.

  • After installing a cartridge refill, an “Ink is running low” error appears. Press ok in the alert window or out of paper. there is paper.
  • If nothing else appears, you can work further.

How to reset a Canon cartridge if an Ink has run out error pops up?

  • You need to click Yes in the window with this notification.
  • A window should appear that says Press and hold the Stop / Reset button, so press and hold the Stop key (or diamond, color copy button. for all-in-one printer, or resume for simple printers) for about ten seconds until the window is NOT disappear.
  • As soon as the message disappears, the printer will reset to zero and start printing.

How to reset a Canon cartridge using the programmer

The safest way to reset the chip is to use a special programmer. There are several types for different nun models. Finding a suitable one is easy, since there are many such offers on the market. They have the same action type:

  • Pulling the cartridge out of the printer.
  • We install it in the programmer so that the chip lies on the contacts.
  • As soon as the indicator light comes on, Take out the ink bottle.
  • Return the cartridge to the printer and print.

Each of the described methods can be considered universal. For newbies, it is recommended to use the programmer zeroing or sealing the ink tank contacts. These options will NOT void your warranty or service. It is worth deactivating the counter if the printer’s warranty period has already expired.