How To Refill Cartridge For Printer 446

RDM flushing fluid

Canon PG-445, CL-446 ink cartridges for Canon Pixma MG2540 printers are refilled with Canon RDM ink. Refilling inkjet cartridges Canon 445, 446 is necessary when color distortions appear on the prints, which indicates the end or drying of ink in the cartridge, in the second case, you will be helped by flushing liquid and instructions for restoring inkjet cartridges. In the case when the printer “asks” to replace the cartridge, refueling is useless, since this indicates that the resource of the cartridge’s firmware has expired, only replacing the cartridge with a new one will help.

How To Refill Cartridge For Printer 446
  • Resource cartridge Canon PG-445, CL-446 on which the chip is stitched. 180 pages.
  • Resource of the cartridge Canon PG-445XL, CL-446XL. 400 pages.
  • Canon RDM Ink Set # 9. black, cyan, magenta and yellow;
  • Four syringes with needles, one for each color;
  • Paper napkins or towels.

Place some paper towels on the table and place the cartridge on them with the print head down.

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Using a sharp blade, gently peel off the self-adhesive sticker with the cartridge number from the surface of the cartridge. She will still be useful to us

Under the sticker there are holes through which we will refill the cartridges, we need to enlarge them with a drill or an awl about 4 mm in diameter so that the needle from the syringe can freely enter it

The sequence in which the colors in the Color Cartridge are refilled: yellow is refilled first, magenta second, and blue third; this is necessary in order to minimize the negative consequences of possible mixing of ink in the cartridge head during refilling

Having collected ink in the syringe, insert the syringe needle through the hole into the foam adsorber and slowly injecting ink, fill it. The approximate volume of ink for a color cartridge is 2.5-3 ml per color, for a black cartridge it is 5.5-7 ml. When ink appears on the surface of the adsorber, pump it out a little with a syringe, excess ink can only harm.

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It is recommended to insert the needle at an angle of 45 degrees so as not to damage the print head of the cartridge from the inside.

Be careful NOT to touch the cartridge chip with your hands, and also do not stain it with ink. Even an imperceptible contamination of the contact area of ​​the chip can cause the cartridge to malfunction.

After filling all the ink cartridges, wipe them dry with a paper towel and, if necessary, wipe the contact pads of the chip with alcohol. In no case do NOT use eau de toilette, colognes or other perfumery products for this, as they contain various aromatic oils.

Now that the cartridges are filled and dry, reattach the labels and reinsert the cartridges into the printer.

We recommend that you clean the print head through the printer software from your computer before printing.

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