How To Refill HP 106a Cartridge

BASF W1106A cartridge SIMilar to HP 106A for Laser 107, 135, 137 printers. Can I refill?

HP Laser 107/135/137 printers are available from mid-2019. Compatible cartridges (non-original) Available in “no chip” versions from January 2020 and “with a chip” versions from July 2020.

In this review, we study an analog cartridge without a BASF W1106A-WOC chip. Cartridge BASF W1106A-WOC without chip, analog for HP 106A:

How To Refill HP 106a Cartridge

As you can see, the cartridge for HP Laser 107/135/137 printers is almost an exact copy of the cartridge for Samsung ML-1660, ML-1661 printers. This is NOT surprising considering the 2017 takeover of Samsung’s print business by HP.

The first thing that pleases the eye is the adaptation of the cartridge for refilling. The body is not glued, but fastened with screws. Chip holder allows you to install the chip from the outside, rather than removing the side cover of the cartridge.

We begin to disassemble the refueling cartridge by removing the screws from the side covers:

Then we tighten the locks-teeth in the indicated places:

On the inside of the side cover on the chip side, we find two more locks:

Hopper cap can be easily removed allowing you to refill the cartridge with toner.

Disassembly humidity remains Unscrew two more screws:

Fold back the last tooth:

And separating the cartridge in two. Visually, the internal parts of the HP 106A analog cartridge turned out to be very SIMilar to those of the Samsung MLT-D104S / MLT-D1043S cartridges. It remains to check if this is so.

The primary charge rolls (PCR) matched completely. But the material of the HP 106A shaft is the same as in the ordinary HP 1010 or HP P1005 SPO, visually very SIMilar to the material of the Everprint shafts. In shafts for Samsung ML-1660/1661, the material of the charge shaft is denser and stronger. PCR shafts available for sale: Everprint PCR-EVP-SML1660, BASF PCR-D104S, Foshan 81429.

Following the charge roller Removing the squeegee (cleaning blade) by unscrewing the fixing screws. If the cartridge requires refilling, then at this stage it is necessary to clean the niche of the hopper under the squeegee from the existing toner waste.

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In the photo: the upper blade is a BASF analogue of the HP Laser 107/135, and the lower one is from the original Samsung MLT-D1043S cartridge. Blades match in shape and length.

But the Samsung ML-1660/1661 cleaning blades have their own nuance. These blades are presented in two generations, conventionally Old and New (for “old” and “new” MLT-D1043S / MLT-D104S cartridges, respectively). The “new” doctor blades are slightly shorter than the “old” ones, since they attach the locking levers to the primary charge shafts.

And to be clear, all three blades in the bottom photo: 1. Blade of the BASF HP 106A (W1106A) analog cartridge, 2. The “Old Style” blade that matches the blade of the non-original / compatible analog cartridge, 3. The “New” blade Style “used in Original HP 106A (W1106A) ink cartridges.

Let’s go back to the cartridge. Remove the photo cylinder from the toner compartment of the cartridge. For bringing photo: above. Image drum from a BASF cartridge SIMilar to HP W1106A, and on the bottom. a new Samsung MLT-D104S / MLT-D1043S SGT image drum (YADM-SS1630).

The length, diameter, shape of the gear and the number of teeth are fully consistent. And it pleases, because there are always Samsung 1660/1661 drums on sale in the assortment: Static Control GREEN DRSAM1630-GR5, Static Control Elephant DRGR-S1630, NewTone OPC.ML1660E, Handan HGOA-ML1630, Golden Green YADM-SS1630.

Next By removing the Developer Roller (aka “magnetic” roller). Compare it with the Samsung shaft. Both shafts are removed from refilled working cartridges, so there is toner on both shafts. As you can see, the development rollers also coincide. This means Samsung ML-1660/1661 series shafts can be used for HP Laser 107/137 cartridges.

Shaft diameter and material, axle length, drive gears are externally identical. By the way, Samsung development rollers are very tenacious and rarely change. Nevertheless, they are always on sale: Static Control SAM104DEVRL, Everprint DR-EVP-SAM1660.

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It remains to compare the dispensing blade. We unscrew the screws.

The blade is NOT removed immediately. From the inside, it is pasted over with foam rubber, so you need to carefully separate the foam rubber on the sides at the joints. To do this, pry up the edges of the blade and gently lift, slightly loosening it, so that the foam rubber comes off, and not provoking deformation of the dispensing blade.

HP’s metering blade is also perfectly aligned with Samsung’s. On the photo in this projection, it seems that the blade is slightly longer, but in fact, both blades are really completely identical in shape. The only difference is that the HP blade from a compatible BASF cartridge is covered with foam rubber along the entire length from the inside, and the new blade for Samsung 1660/1661 has only short foam cubes around the edges.

Dispensing blades Kuroki LP214MSF are usually commercially available (blister packaged individually).

Well, all internal replacement supplies for HP W1106 ink cartridge are the same as Samsung MLT-D104S / D1043S parts. This means that there will be no problems with them. We can assemble the cartridge. Reinstall the dispensing blade, developer roller and drum unit.

In this review, we are NOT focusing on the process of refilling the cartridge, since we already have a detailed Expandable instruction on how to refill the MLT-D104S / MLT-D1043S / W1106A cartridge, which you can read. It remains for us to connect the two compartments of the cartridge, fix them with screws in the appropriate places and show how the chip is installed.

So, the cartridge is assembled, the side covers are put on and secured. As we have already mentioned above, the cartridge analogue BASF W1106A-WOC is adapted for refilling. The chip is installed here on the Assembled cartridge, outside the side cover. Just insert the chip into the slot with the right side (if you install the chip on the wrong side, then the chip is likely to become unusable).

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Chip Set to click the lock.

In general, original native chips DO NOT block printing. They can be transferred from the original cartridge to the purchased cartridge “without a chip”, installed carefully with the correct side and printed, ignoring the printer message “out of toner”.

Now let’s compare the cartridge BASF W1106A-WOC analogue HP 106A with the original cartridge Samsung ML-1043S. The enclosures are very SIMilar, but not identical. We managed to install the HP 106A cartridge into the Samsung ML-1661 printer, but the printer cover did NOT close. This is prevented by the “horns” protrusions on the HP case.

The side covers on the side of the chip are different. The HP W1106A Cartridge fits into your Samsung printer thanks to the curved side and lower guide. Samsung MLT-104 / 1043S Cartridge CANNOT be installed in HP Laser 107/135/137 printer due to differences in body.

We would like to express our opinion about the HP 106A chips. Now they are really expensive (≈650 UAH) and are not always available. But, at one time (2018-2019), chips for HP CF217A, CF219A, CF230A, CF232A, CF234A and even CF226A cartridges at first cost the same and even more. Now they are sold from 60 to 120 hryvnia, depending on the model and manufacturer. Therefore, if you do not print in large volumes (for example, at home), and one cartridge is enough for you for a long time, do not rush to “reflash” the printer, because the price of HP 106A chips will certainly decrease after a while. This happened with many models of HP / Samsung chips, this has been shown by practice for many years.

Analogous cartridges will help to wait for the price drop for HP 106A chips)

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