How to refill HP 123 cartridge

Refilling instructions for HP 123 inkjet cartridges

In this review, we will show you how to refill the original three-color inkjet cartridges HP 123 (F6V16AE) and original inkjet cartridges HP 123 (F6V17AE) black, for the all-in-one printer HP DeskJet 2130 All-in-One in the consequences of buying inexpensive and frankly cheap inkjet printers, and that is no longer a secret, if your HP 123 inkjet cartridge has dried up, namely in the use of a household glass cleaner, such as the green “Mr. Muscle”. Yes, it is green, not blue. Since it is he who contains a solution of aqueous ammonia or, in other words, an aqueous solution of ammonia. One of its positive properties is good dissolution of dried ink in the nozzle nozzles of the printheads of inkjet cartridges. Why green Mr. Muscle? Yes, because blue, at present, is produced with an increased concentration of isopropyl alcohol, and it will not help in this situation in any way, only it can aggravate the drying of ink.

All-in-one printer HP DeskJet 2130 All-in-One

HP 123 ink cartridges have a very low page yield, on the order of 190 pages for the black cartridge and 100 pages for the color cartridge.

As always, before refilling these inkjet cartridges, it is recommended to wet the surface of the printheads with a solution of inkjet flushing fluid. Or, alternatively, drop a few drops of green “Mr. Muscle” directly from the bottle or pre-draw it into a syringe without a needle. And if the cartridge is not very dry, then the properties of the print head will quickly recover.

It is important to know one detail, to properly wipe the print head of such cartridges, and in general inkjet cartridges with a similar design, that is, with a built-in print head, you need to firmly press the print head surface against a soft high-quality paper napkin so that the cartridge chip looks at you, and move the cartridge away from yourself. To yourself with a chip and wipe away from yourself. Thus, when you wipe and clean the printheads of the cartridge, you will harm it and NOT damage it.

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How to refill HP 123 cartridges

The refueling itself is quite simple, it is enough to have at hand a set of universal HP RDM H1W series ink, four disposable medical syringes with needles, the most suitable will be, with an optimal volume of 5 milliliters, and be sure to have a supply of white paper towels.

Using the blade of a clerical knife, carefully remove the stickers, with a black cartridge it is easier, but in the color cartridge you can see colored traces from the factory refueling, we follow these color traces and find out which color to fill with a syringe through a needle. Remember the rule. yellow ink is filled first, then red and, last but not least, blue ink. Ink is NOT overflowing, this applies to both the color cartridge and the black one. After refueling, wipe the surface of the cartridge dry and stick the sticker in its place. And we install the cartridges into the printer, and if everything works out we start printing.

Refilling instructions for HP 123 color cartridge

HP 123 is suitable for printers and all-in-one printers belonging to the budget class, with built-in printheads (hereinafter PG) in a cartridge. When users buy printing devices at a low price, after using up ink, they learn about the cost of new consumables and think about how to save on printing. One way not to spend extra money is to refill the HP 123 cartridge at home.

For a successful refueling result, you need to make sure that the cartridges are working. The most common problems are a dry printhead or faulty electronics. In the first case, you need to clean the steam generator with a special flushing liquid, and in the second case you need to buy a new one.
Refilling the HP 123 cartridge with your own hands is not a difficult process, below we will show how this can be done. First you need to determine the location of the flowers. Several options are possible, one of them is shown in Figure 2.

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You can determine the location of colors in different ways:

  • Under the sticker, carefully look at the sponge in the filling holes and see traces of ink.
  • Make a PG print on a sheet (The color in the middle of the print is always at the top, and the colors on the left and right of the print are respectively the print in the cartridge. (Figure 2)).
  • We start refueling color HP 123 (you can read the instructions for refueling black here), we fill the syringes with paint, it is better to take 3 syringes and fill them with ink (Magenta, Yellow, Cyan), you can use 10 or, as in our case, 20 ml. Syringes.
  • Carefully remove the sticker from above, if you have not done so before.
  • We insert the needle of the syringe into the filling hole of the cartridge. Inserts deeply is not necessary, 10-15 mm is enough. (Figure 3)
  • Slowly inject the ink until the ink does NOT appear in the filling holes, you need about 9 (3 ml. In each color), then pump the excess ink back into the syringe, always It is better not to refill than to overflow. (Figure 3.)
  • We fill in all three colors and Clean the surfaces from ink with a dry napkin.
  • Stick the label in place (if necessary, you can use scotch tape).
  • We make a print with the printheads on the sheet, it should be clear. (Figure 2.)
  • We install the filled cartridges in the printer, we do the cleaning of the steam generator.
  • Pay attention to the contacts (Figure 4), they must be dry, if you install consumables with wet contacts in the printer, your electronics will burn out.
  • If you are refueling for the first time, then you need to cancel Difficult for consumables, to do this, press and hold the Cancel button (Red X or Triangle) on the printer for 15 seconds. After canceling tracking, your printing device will signal that the ink has run out, but it will print.

How to refill an HP cartridge at home

Inkjet devices have earned their popularity due to the possibility of color printing and the low price of the device, however, they require refilling the cartridge, it can be difficult to do it at home, especially if the owner of the printer is far from technology. This device prints with lasers. There are color and black and white units. Sufficiently economical device, in which one toner replacement is enough for a significantly longer period than in the previous two options.

How do I refill HP 123 Black and HP 123 Tri-Color ink cartridges? | Workshop Android Vyazma

Therefore, it is also better to immediately find out if it is possible to refuel this cartridge at home without unlocking the chip? Well, to make it more clear, here is a video on refilling the cartridge. The cartridge may have a slightly different device, but the principles remain the same. It is also worth noting that if you buy a color laser printer, then you will need to refill 4 cartridges, and this may not be cheap, and the required color toner may not be on sale.

HP 123 refueling. HP 2130 refueling. Refill HP 123

Refilling instructions for Canon pixma cartridges at home involves using a small awl to widen the air intake opening. First of all, the sticker indicating the model is removed from the case. The filling holes can be seen under the sticker. Due to the design features of the PG-445, the ink volume is greatly reduced and makes up about 60% of the total ink capacity. The entire volume is used in models marked with the XL prefix.

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How to easily refill HP and Canon cartridge

When refueling a canon cartridge at home, in addition to the equipment already agreed upon, you will also need an awl. You can also use a drill or a thin screwdriver. First you have to remove the sticker from the case. It is designed to hermetically close the filling holes. The sticker can be thrown away immediately and after completing the work, replace this important element with a simple transparent tape.

Typically, you can successfully refill HP cartridges at home 1 to 5 times. Black and white can be refilled up to 8 times. The electronic parts of the device DO NOT support more. In the process of replacing paint, special refueling kits are used. First of all, remove any possible dirt from the printheads.

To solve the problem of how to refill an HP cartridge without visible traces of color, you should take a clean disposable syringe, which will be a refilling tool, and, putting needles on it, insert it into the hole. Then pull the piston towards you, as a result we get the remains of the color that was there. When asked how to refill a laser cartridge, you should look for the answer in the instructions for the device. Since almost all modern printers of this type are designed for a long service life and can be refueled without compromising the warranty, although there are exceptions.

Therefore, many are interested in the question of how to refill the cartridge yourself. First you need to figure out whether there is a possibility of such a refueling on a specific device. The fact is that most manufacturers of office equipment are carefully trying to protect their devices from such refueling in order to increase the demand for consumables of their own manufacture. Therefore, we will consider how to refill an HP cartridge, since it is this company that produces Not only high-quality devices, but also leaves the user with the possibility of self-refilling.

However, quite often there are questions about how to refill the HP cartridge if there were NO such holes under the label. To do this, you must carefully examine the vacated surface, where you can find the grooves for them. This is not done for the convenience of the user, but in order to save money on the manufacture of a new shape of the caps during mass production. Therefore, we take a drill of the required diameter and drill holes in which you can refill ink.

You can extend the life of the cartridges: black HP 122 withstands up to eight refills, and color. about five. The printhead nozzle plate heats up during operation and the ink cools it down. When refueling is finished, there is not enough coolant and the nozzles quickly become clogged with overheated ink. Sometimes such a cartridge lends itself to no recovery and can only be thrown away. White streaks appear or just the print is not clear. Stop working and DO NOT delay refueling.

You can cope with this problem on your own if you know exactly how to refill the HP 122 cartridge. Take care in advance of purchasing suitable ink (the label must have the HP 122 entry), universal It is better not to buy. If the paint is packaged in bottles, Zabezhova will have to go to the pharmacy for ordinary medical syringes. To prevent this kind of trouble Print one or two pages every week. It is necessary to prepare the workplace: remove all important papers and cover the table with newspaper.

How to refill HP 122 inkjet cartridge yourself

Many of us rightly decide to refill the HP 122 cartridge at home. The main reason is that this consumable often has a cost similar to that of a new inkjet printer. In addition, each manufacturer puts a certain resource in the cartridge, exceeding one refueling cycle several times. Therefore, you can safely try to refuel it yourself, saving a decent amount.

What is needed?

So, the HP 122 cartridge is suitable for four devices: HP Deskjet 1000, 1050, 2050, 3050. The black (black) version of the HP 122 works properly with 8 refills, and the color (color). about 5.

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To refill the cartridge yourself, you first need to prepare yourself a place and some auxiliary items. The procedure does not require any special and specialized knowledge or skills. over, you do NOT need to purchase a special tool.

Prepare your work surface in advance. For example, a desk will do, removed unnecessary items from it. It’s a good idea to lay a few sheets of paper or newspaper on top, preferably in several layers. So, if paint spills on the table, then you are protecting its covering and other things.

In the process of refilling the HP 122 cartridge, the following will come in handy:

  • Ink (up to 10 ml for black and a maximum of 3 ml of each shade for color)
  • The cartridge itself, which needs to be refilled;
  • Medical syringes with needles (one for a specific color);
  • Paper towels (or napkins) and cotton pads;
  • Knife;
  • Rubber gloves can be worn on request.

Refilling instructions for HP 122 color cartridge

  • We take out the cartridge and free the holes for refueling, removing the special label. You can just use a knife. It is important to remember that the color version of the HP122 comes in two flavors. They differ in the location of the filling holes for yellow and red. Determining which option works in your printer is not so difficult. You can press the cartridge from the side of the print head to the toilet paper and see from the prints where and what ink needs to be poured. Some people prefer to use a syringe to locate the filling hole. Lowered the needle, you can see what color it will paint or pump out a little ink into the syringe.
  • Wipe the cartridge nozzles with a damp cloth or a piece of cloth soaked in clean water.
  • We fill all 3 syringes with ink. This must be done carefully and do not rush so that air does not get inside or foam with bubbles does not form.
  • Pour ink into the filling holes. It is important to follow the order: first yellow, then red and most recent blue. The needle is lowered into each hole at a distance of 2-4 cm, the main thing is not more. The optimum tilt angle is 45 °. Next, slowly introduce ink. For 15-20 seconds, there should be about 1 ml of water. Watch when ink starts to appear in the fill ports. DO NOT be alarmed if some color is gone completely, but some remains. The fact is that in the Color device, paint is always consumed unevenly. If you accidentally poured ink when refueling, then you can pump out the excess with a syringe.
  • We wipe the cartridge with a paper towel or napkin, return the sticker to its place. It is a good idea to wipe all contacts with alcohol before installing the consumables back into the printer. Don’t forget to print a test page.

Refilling the HP 122 black cartridge

We take out the consumable from the printer. We do this when the device is turned on, and the cartridge itself is left outside the printer for a long time. This can dry out ink, nozzles and poor print quality.

We remove the sticker or sticker from the device, freeing the filling hole.

We collect about 5 ml of paint into the syringe. Then we begin to smoothly inject ink using a needle, which is immersed to a depth of 3-4 cm and at a slight angle so as not to damage the print head.

Then we take out the needle, and wipe the excess ink with a Cotton pad or napkin. Putting back a protective sticker.

Installing the device back. We recommend that you wipe the contact area first with alcohol and then with a dry cloth. Printing a test page.

If there are paint streaks on a sheet of paper or the text itself is not clear, then use the driver window to run the cleaning program. This will help pump the ink.