How To Refill Ink Cartridge For Canon Pixma Printer

Refilling cartridges Canon PGI-450 / CLI-451, PGI-470 / CLI-471, PGI-480 / CLI-481. How to refill Canon PIXMA PIXMA TS5040, iP7240, iX6840, MG5740, MG5540, TS8040, TS8140, TS6140, MG5640, MX924, MG7740, MG7140, MG5440, MG6840, MG6440 cartridges (PGI-450, CLI-451, PGI-470, CLI- 471, PGI-480, CLI-481). instruction

Refilling instructions for original ink tanks for Canon PIXMA printers and MFPs using cartridges PGI-450 Black, CLI-451 Cyan / Magenta / Yellow, PGI-470, CLI-471, PGI-480, CLI-481 (as well as European analogues PGI- 550, CLI-551, PGI-570, CLI-571, PGI-580, CLI-581). Relevant for Canon PIXMA models:

  • 450/451: iP7240, iP8740, MG5440, MG5540, MG5640, MG6340, MG6440, MG6640, MG7140, MG7540, MX924, iX6840,
  • 470/471: MG6840, MG7740, MG5740, TS5040, TS6040, TS8040, TS9040,
  • 480/481: TS6140, TS6240, TS6340, TS8140, TS8240, TS8340, TS9140, TS9540, TS9541C, TS704, TR7540, TR8540.

Attention! You perform all refueling operations at your own peril and risk. We recommend to carry out the process on a stack of napkins or oilcloth with the introduction of gloves.

For refills, we recommend using only high-quality ink:

They provide high-quality color reproduction and long-term printing systems. In addition, do not forget about the possibility of buying convenient refillable ink cartridges for Canon iP7240, MG5440, MG5540, MG6440, MG5640, MG6640, MX924, iX6840 with already installed chips and convenient refill holes.

Refilling procedure (bottom of the cartridge)

SIMply flip the cartridge over, stick the sharp needle of the syringe 2-3 centimeters in, and slowly dispense 3-5 ml. Ink. To check for overflow, you can hand over the cartridge with your fingers (upside down): if there is enough ink, then they will begin to protrude beyond the nozzle filler. This method will not be able to refill a lot of ink (since you saturate only the filler, the second. the floors. the cartridge compartment remains empty), but this option is easier and is recommended for consumables of regular capacity (not XL). For convenience, we recommend using the C-Forma stand.Ip7240.

How To Refill Ink Cartridge For Canon Pixma Printer

Refueling procedure (through the top of the cartridge)

This method is highly recommended for XL-ink tanks, it allows you to fill in the maximum amount of dye.

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We take out cartridges from the printer (MFP). The filling hole is closed with a plastic ball, which is located under the QR code (square barcode in the middle of the cartridge).

With a stationery knife, carefully cut off the film with the image of the barcode, under it we see a silicone ball.

We install the cartridges with a nozzle on an orange stand (supplied in the kit), if you have not preserved it, you can use any solid seal that is suitable in size, for example, an eraser. This is to ensure that the ink does NOT run out.

To remove the ball, heat the needle or a thin rod and melt it into the ball for a few seconds.

Holding the cartridge, we take out the ball from the hole, we will NOT need it anymore.

We collect ink in the syringe (for each color. its own syringe), insert the needle into the hole and very slowly, intermittently, Fill the cartridge with ink. CLI-451 Color Cartridge Holds approximately 9ml. Ink, pigmented black PGI-450PGBK. approx. 14 ml. Try to refill cartridges without overflowing from the filling hole, if ink appears, pump out the excess with a syringe and blot the surface with a paper towel. To avoid leaks, during all refueling procedures, the cartridge must be firmly pressed against the eraser by the nozzle or placed in an orange platform.

After refueling, the filling hole of the cartridge must be hermetically closed, for example, with a silicone plug from such a kit (the plug must be cut and recessed almost flush with the horizontal surface of the cartridge) or with pre-cut tape (in this case, it is necessary to carefully degrease the surface to be glued, otherwise the cartridge will suck in air, and ink will drip into the carriage, drip onto the paper and the printer bundle).

Only after sealing the upper hole, remove the orange holder or remove the cartridge from the eraser, put the nozzle down on a napkin folded in several layers so that it can absorb excess ink. If this is not done, everything will flow inside your printing device.

After installing the cartridges in the printer, in order to continue printing with filled cartridges, the ink counter must be turned off. Following the instructions in the dialog boxes on the computer, click “OK” everywhere, the last window will display a warning about disabling the tracking of the ink level, after it appears, press and hold the “resume” key for a few seconds (red triangle in a circle).

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Next, you need to do a nozzle test from the printer utility (MFP) and, if necessary, start cleaning the printheads so that the pump pumps the dye.

Recommendations for the use of refilled cartridges

  • Avoid printing with empty ink cartridges. Besides the main function of ink, there are also coolers for thermoelements of nozzles on the print head. If you see the first sign of low ink in a cartridge, such as horizontal streaks in printouts or a sudden change in color, stop printing and refill the cartridge.
  • DO NOT mix inks of different types and do not use dyes of doubtful production. This can lead to a deterioration in print quality, up to and including printhead failure. Even if you change the ink manufacturer, it is recommended to flush the print head of the printer (MFP) and cartridges with a special service liquid, for example OCP RSL 100.

How to refill original cartridges CANON PG-445 CL-446, printers Canon PIXMA iP2840, MG2440, MG2540, MG2940, MX494

In this manual, we will try to explain how to refill CANON PG-445 CL-446 cartridges, These cartridges are used in Canon PIXMA iP2840, MG2440, MG2540, MG2940, MX494 printers

To refill these cartridges, you can use the following inks, it is also advisable to use OCP RSL flushing fluid when refilling cartridges

Before refueling, after you have just removed the cartridge from the printer, you need to prepare it for refueling and remove the sticker from it, which is located at the top of the cartridge

After the stickers are removed from the cartridges, you can see the system of air channels and air holes through which we will refill the cartridges. You should NOT try to push the needles into these holes as they are, if you do this, the needle will go very tightly and pressure will build up in the cartridge during refueling, and ink will flow out of the printheads. Therefore, before refueling, the air holes must be widened with a drill or awl. Drills 1.5-2mm are perfect, after you have drilled the hole, you can start refueling. On the starting black cartridge, which you got with the printer, the air hole is located in this place

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For drilling, I personally prefer to use a screwdriver with a 2mm drill bit

Likewise, you need to drill 3 holes in the color cartridge, then you can start refueling. The colors in the color cartridge are arranged as follows

After everything is prepared, we need to draw ink into the syringes for refueling. For the color cartridge, we only need 3 ml of each color, for the black cartridge. 8 ml. There is a sponge inside the cartridges, so Do not be afraid that plastic crumbs will get inside the cartridge when drilling, when refueling, you need to pierce this sponge by about 1 cm, you immediately feel it when you lower the needles into the cartridge.

After you have refilled the cartridges, you can stick the sticker in place

Before installing already refilled cartridges into the printer, it is advisable to clean the print head of the cartridge using the OCP RSL flushing fluid, for this Turn the cartridge with the print head up and pour a little flushing fluid on it

Then attach a toilet paper or napkin folded in several rows on top

Wait a while until the flushing liquid and ink from the printhead are absorbed into it and Wipe the printhead

Well, that’s all, the print head is cleaned, the refill cartridge is ready for further use.

Also, after refueling, there are problems of the following nature. It would seem that we have refilled the cartridge, and the printer displays a message that the cartridge is out and refuses to print, and does not even pick up paper. No need to be scared, this is normal! Fortunately, in Canon printers Difficult ink levels can be turned off, and quite SIMple! To do this, you need to hold down the STOP button on which a “triangle in a circle” is drawn and hold it for about 30 seconds after that the printer will stop swearing at the finished cartridge and continue printing. On all Canon printers, this button looks something like this