How To Refill Ink Cartridges For Canon Printer

Filling of cartridges for the color printer Canon MP210

Color printers like Canon MP210 use two cartridges: color and black. A color cartridge costs about 1/3 of the entire printer, so refilling it is much cheaper than buying a new one.

I will tell you how to refill cartridges for the Canon MP210 printer, but this method works for most SIMilar cartridges.

Lift the printer cover to access the cartridges, the printer must be plugged in at this time. The cartridges are mounted on a moving platform, so wait for this platform to take place to service the cartridges.

How To Refill Ink Cartridges For Canon Printer

On the printer there are stickers with the English letters “B” and “C”, in translation they mean: B. (black) black. С. (color) colored. Below these letters are the cartridges, respectively, black and color. Pull down slightly on the protruding brackets on the cartridge and it will pop out. Reinsert the cartridge very carefully, it should snap into place easily. After removing from the printer, remove the sticker from the top cover of the cartridge. There will be a small circular indentation under the sticker on the black cartridge, while the color cartridge will have three. In the center of THESE circles, you need to drill holes with a diameter of about 1 millimeter. If there is no drill, then carefully do them with a knife or sharp cutter. Try to keep out chips and other debris!

Everything is clear with the cartridge for black ink, but in the color cartridge there are three holes and different paints are poured into everything. The main thing is not to mix up the colors, otherwise the cartridge will have to be completely disassembled and washed.

On my cartridge, I even scribbled where to pour the ink paint. Top hole. Red ink, bottom left is blue, bottom right is yellow.

Now a few words about the ink itself. They are sold in syringes and banks, it is better to buy in banks, they are enough for a long time.

For refueling, you will need 10 ml medical syringes. For each color Use a separate syringe!

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Up to 10 milliliters can be safely poured into a cartridge for black ink. When refueling, the needle of the syringe should easily enter the hole of the cartridge, because air will come out of it. Insert the needle into the hole 1 centimeter and start pouring paint.Do not be afraid to spoil anything inside, there is a sponge that absorbs the paint, you can even stick the needle into this sponge a little.

For a clearer view of the color cartridge device, I took an exploded photo. Inside the cartridge is divided into three compartments. Pour 3-4 milliliters of colored ink into each compartment.

Always try to refill the cartridges neatly, use napkins, the ink is very caustic, it can last for several days on your hands, they are completely OTMO from the fabric. Before refilling color ink Make sure you refill it correctly, do not mix colors. If you mix up the ink, then either buy a new cartridge, or disassemble it and rinse in distilled water.

Attention! Never turn the cartridges over as shown in the photo below, otherwise the paint inside may mix, or spill out through the holes. After refueling, always seal the holes with tape or tape. Before returning the cartridge to the printer, wipe the nozzles with a dry cloth, a couple of drops of paint may leak from them (in the photo of the nozzle above), do not press hard! Also, try NOT to touch the electrical contacts on the side of the cartridge.!

That’s all, use the cartridges and the printer carefully, keep it clean!

Preliminary manipulations

Let’s say right away that ink should be poured into an empty compartment, and not into a compartment with a filler! The refueling hole is best done on the side. Can be drilled with a 1mm drill.

The needle of the medical syringe (with which we will fill) has a diameter of 0.8 mm, so it will easily enter it. The hole can be made with the wire of an unbent paper clip heated over a fire, but this is inconvenient and will look less neat.

Then place the cartridge with the filling hole up on a table covered with paper or old newspaper.

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Please note that some ink may leak from the cartridge during refilling.

After that, you need to fill the syringe with ink of the corresponding color, insert the needle into the filling hole, and, slowly pressing the plunger, fill the cavity of the cartridge.

At the same time, you should look at the round outlet, which places the cartridge on the fitting of the printheads. As soon as a drop of ink appears there, the cartridge is full! We take out the needle and put the syringe with the remaining ink aside.

Now you need to securely close the filling hole.

How to refill ink cartridges for Canon iX6540 inkjet printer. Ending

Good afternoon friends!

We continue our conversation on a smart machine. Canon iX6540 inkjet printers.

In the first part of this article, you familiarized yourself with how its cartridges work. That was theory, but now let’s get down to practice. Let’s go directly to how to properly refill the cartridge for the iX6540 printer.

Refueling errors

Sometimes the hole is SIMply sealed with tape. But this is very unreliable! After a while, the adhesive tape, even the most sticky, will come off. As a result, the air-liquid balance in the cartridge will be disturbed, since another hole has appeared in addition to the air capillaries.

Sometimes the filling hole is NOT covered at all. But at the same time, the cartridge can hold much less ink (since they will mainly be in the compartment with the filler) and you will have to take it out more often for refilling. In this case, some ink may leak from the outlet and flood the printer carriage.

Better to do everything right and count on at least some result than to play the lottery.

The filling hole must be securely closed!

How to close the filling hole

The hole can be closed with molten polyethylene, which is sold in the form of rods with a diameter of about 1 cm on the market. Such a rod is inserted into a special glue gun, which is connected to the network

220 V. Built-in heater heats the rod and the molten polyethylene is fed through a narrow nozzle into the working area.

But it is quite possible to do without a pistol. You need to cut off a small piece of the rod, put it on the filling hole of the cartridge, and melt it with a soldering iron.

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Recall that the cartridges in the printer carriage are very close to each other, the side “blotch” covering the filling hole should be thin enough.

Therefore, the piece of polyethylene should be small. You can reduce the thickness of the “blotch” if you press the molten polyethylene with a flat metal surface (you can use a knife blade) moistened with a thin layer of machine oil. The oil will prevent the polyethylene from sticking to the knife.

This will cause a small portion of the ink to leak out until the cartridge is air-liquid. After that, the cartridge can be inserted into the printer and work!

If you are using refillable cartridges and you have a programmer, remember to rewrite the cartridge chip so as not to disconnect Difficult over ink levels.

If you are refilling original cartridges, or you have a programmer, you will have to turn off the ink level monitoring. Sooner or later, a service message with a graphic image of the cartridge will pop up on the monitor screen, which needs to be replaced.

In this case, the “resume” button blinks in series of 14-16 times. You must press it within 5 seconds, the button will go out, the indicator of the corresponding cartridge will stop blinking.

Note that any cartridges must be refilled with strictly defined brands of ink (and not with what is currently at hand).

The ink packaging usually says which printers can be refueled. The manufacturers’ websites provide the Corresponding Printer and Ink Tables. DO NOT confuse!

If you are just starting to conjure with refueling, ink and everything else, familiarize yourself with the rules for using inkjet printers and their device.

An inkjet printer is a complex machine that needs to be handled carefully and neatly! Handle it carefully and carefully. and you can count on reciprocity.