How to refill ink cartridges for HP printers

Are all cartridges refillable?

When choosing a printer, remember that not every cartridge can be easily refilled. This can lead to high costs in the future. Printer manufacturers very quickly realized that the main cost item for users is not the purchase of the printer itself, but its operation. That is why the price of the device is much lower in comparison with the for consumables. Accordingly, it is beneficial for users to refill refillable cartridges, rather than buying new disposable ones.

That is why manufacturers prefer to produce models that are difficult to refuel. This primarily applies to inkjet products. The price for an inkjet printer of the middle category is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of the cheapest laser equipment. However, this difference is fully compensated by problems with refueling. their consumables are expensive.

In addition, they are enough for a much smaller number of pages.

if you do the job incorrectly, then the newly purchased ink in the cartridge will simply dry up and the printer will stop printing;

refueling an inkjet is a rather dirty process, ink oozes literally from everywhere and stains all nearby objects;

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inkjet ink has a limited shelf life, if you do not have time to spend it, you just have to throw it away.

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It also takes a lot of time to find the right toner for your inkjet model. You can do this work yourself, but it is better to entrust it to an experienced foreman or, if we are talking about a company, a system administrator.

If you work with the printer at home from time to time, it will be more profitable to purchase new official cartridges for each specific model of the printing device.

How to choose?

Depending on the type of cartridge, printers can be original, refilled and remanufactured. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Original cartridges are sold in a set with the printer. They are the ones recommended by the manufacturer. Such devices are not cheap. it is not uncommon for a cartridge to cost even more than the entire printer. In addition, they may not be of the highest quality. Professionals choose HP LaserJet cartridges from Hewlett-Packard.

Refilled. These cartridges have been previously used. After they ran out of ink, the bottle was refilled. This process is quite complicated, such work is carried out in special workshops.

Remanufactured. These cartridges are cheaper than original cartridges. They were previously used and found to be defective. They have been tested, according to the results, a conclusion is given on the possibility of repairing the equipment. If it is found to be unrepairable, the cartridge is disposed of. If it can still work, then it is cleaned, damaged components are replaced, refueled and sold.

What it is?

A printer is a device for outputting information to print media, that is, paper. These days people find it difficult to do without them. printers are in homes, offices, educational institutions and other organizations. They can be matrix, inkjet and laser.

The parts containing ink or toner are called cartridges. They look like roomy bays, without which the printer does not work. How the cartridge works differs depending on the type of printer.

In laser models, due to the action of the laser, the electrostatic image of the future text or image goes to the photo roll, and toner is attracted to it through a special hole. As the drum rotates, the toner is applied to the paper as it was drawn.

In an inkjet printer, drum cartridges are installed, micro-droplets of ink come out through the nozzles of the print head. They put text or images on the paper in separate dots.

How to Refill a black ink cartridge HP 60 60xl 61 62 63 64 65 65xl 302 303 303xl 304 304xl 662 680

Both types of printers are in demand among users.

At the same time, laser wins in print speed, and inkjet. in the quality of printed pictures.

How to replace?

Remove the old cartridge before installing a new cartridge inside the printer. This is not difficult to do, especially for people who have some skills in working with office equipment. But if this job is new to you, it makes sense to use step-by-step instructions.

First you need to carefully open the printer cover and find the cartridge. Note that some parts get very hot during printing, so be careful when touching parts.

Pull out the cartridge carefully. Usually it is held on special clamps, with sudden movements they can be broken.

After removing the clamps, pull on the notches or handles on the cartridge. If it gets stuck, it is better to contact the service department, since any strong movements will most often lead to damage to the equipment.

The cartridge contains a lot of small elements, failure of any of them will negatively affect the print quality.

Remains of paint inside the element can severely stain both the skin and the surrounding objects. In order to maintain cleanliness, use the recommendations of specialists.

Prepare your workplace in advance. Remove all unnecessary items from the table, cover the surface with sheets of paper or plastic.

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Roll up your sleeves, remove all jewelry from your hands, put on gloves (you can use plastic, rubber or unnecessary knitted).

Put on an old apron, or cover your body with an unnecessary towel.

Stock up on wipes to quickly remove paint on skin or clothing.

Prepare solvent. It will help rinse your hands if the ink dries.

And most importantly, do not flip and shake the cartridge to check the amount of ink remaining. This leads to paint leakage.

For inkjet printer

Prepare dye and syringe to inject inside the cartridge.

Fill the syringe to the upper mark using the plunger. It is not necessary to fill it to the limit, otherwise the paint will begin to pour out.

Look for a hole in the outer casing of the cartridge. Insert a needle from a syringe into it, and pour ink into the container with gentle smooth movements.

All openings in the cartridge must be carefully closed.

For laser printer

Polymer powder for a laser printer is toxic, so you need to prepare personal protective equipment before starting work.

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Take the cartridge out of the printer, carefully inspect its surface. The top cover has a filling hole. If it is not there, then you can carefully burn a small hole with a needle.

Use a funnel to pour toner into the camera, then cover the hole with adhesive tape.

A number of models provide for the application of a special chip on the cartridge.

The program does not recognize non-chip devices.

How to refuel?

It is best to entrust the refilling of the cartridge to specialists. But if you are determined to do this work yourself, then you will need a step-by-step plan.

How to refill HP 650, HP 121, HP 122 black and color ink cartridges. instructions

Empty cartridges HP 121 (CC640, CC643) and HP 122, HP 650 need to be refilled immediately after the end (both color and black), and better shortly before the end. Refilling a cartridge that has been kept empty for a while is usually a waste of time and money. It is better to refuel using a refueling kit / kit for HP 121 (there is a similar one for 122: black, color).

Before starting refueling, gently clean the outside of the print head with a damp cloth soaked in cleaning liquid, i.e. nozzle plate with nozzles on the bottom of the cartridge. And further down the list:

  • Place the cartridge on the tissue with the print head facing down.
  • Carefully remove the sticker from the cartridge cover.
  • Draw the correct amount of the correct ink into the syringe to refill the HP 121 cartridge, being careful not to draw in air, bubbles or foam.
  • Carefully push the needle deeper into the filling hole of the color to be threaded (no more than 2-3 cm). Possibly slight resistance of the filler when pushing the needle.
  • Slowly (1 ml in 15 seconds) inject ink into the cartridge until excess ink appears in the fill port. Rinse the refill needle with distilled water and dry it before refilling with a different color.
  • Blot the remaining ink around the filling hole to avoid mixing different inks.
  • Cover the top of the cartridge with adhesive tape so that all openings are sealed.
  • Puncture the duct tape over the filling holes with a needle.
  • Clean the printhead and cartridge contact plate with a dry cloth.
  • Install the cartridge in the printer and carry out the initial inspection cycle according to the printer’s maintenance manual.

Attention! HP 21/122, 650 Black cartridges are distinguished by the presence of a special camera (indicated by a red rectangle in the photo) of an enlarged size. The new pre-filter separating this chamber and the upper filler space (where refueling takes place) in an empty cartridge is easily airborne and does not allow ink to flow to the print head. As a result, the standard refilling technique with black pigment or water-soluble ink (regardless of manufacturer) often leads to malfunctions.

As a solution to the airing problem in HP 121 cartridges, air can be pumped out immediately after filling the cartridge using, for example, such a filling platform. As a temporary measure, you can shake the cartridge like a thermometer (nozzles down).

It is also possible to pierce the pre-filter with a fine syringe needle and “fill” the chamber with ink, but this can lead to unstable cartridge performance. After piercing the pre-filter, ink can flow freely to the print head. To avoid damage to the nozzle plate and SG, do not lower the needle deeper than shown in the photo with the air compartment mark.

On average, the 121st, 122nd and 650th cartridge withstands from 1 to 5 refills for color and from 1 to 8 for black. The ink tanks are refilled until the electronic part of the cartridge fails (and it burns easily and often).

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer yourself

Printer ink is one of the very expensive things you will have to work with if you set up your home office. Don’t be surprised by the following situation: you took dozens of pictures with your new digital camera, downloaded them to your computer, printed just a few, and soon the ink cartridge ran out. Their consumption is always very large, and nothing can be done about it.

This article provides instructions on how to refill your HP inkjet cartridge yourself instead of buying a new one. This can save you a pretty decent amount.

Filling process

Insert the long, needle-like end of the ink bottle into the correct hole deep enough to penetrate to the bottom of the cartridge. It is important to do this so as not to kick in the air and create foam when refilling the cartridge. An air will prevent ink from reaching the print head, and the cartridge may not function.

To properly refill the HP 655 cartridge yourself, add ink slowly, smoothly. Watch the filling process carefully so as not to overflow. Stop quickly as soon as you see some ink begin to trickle out of the hole. Without letting go of the bottle, slowly release the air by squeezing some ink back out of the cartridge (before removing the needle completely).

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Useful Tips

Don’t worry about testing and verifying the refueling kit you have purchased. It is worth the effort and is unnecessary. If you spoil the cartridge by your own actions, you can always buy a new one. In any case, you should try to refill the HP printer cartridge yourself (122), as if the outcome is favorable, this will significantly reduce your costs.

After you refill the cartridge, it should weigh the same as new parts. Overcrowded in excess of the norm can fail much earlier than its term. These inkjet printer parts use sponges to store ink, and if overflowed, you wet the top of the sponge causing ink to flow upward, away from the print port.

The ink should not thicken and dry

Don’t let your ink cartridge dry. Check and replenish it periodically to keep it in good working order. Try not to leave it unused for very long. Print something at least once a week. This will help the product last longer, even if you have to refill the HP print cartridge (178) earlier.

As a last resort, before buying a new cartridge, you can always try to revive the old one. Take a clean syringe, remove the plunger and insert the syringe into the cartridge. Place the open top of the syringe over your mouth and blow hard enough. This can help push poor quality or thick ink towards the print head. Be careful not to allow ink bubbles to form at the top of the cartridge. Then blot the end of the cartridge nozzle with a paper towel. Repeat as needed several times. This method can enhance the convenience and ease of use of refilled cartridges.

If ink still does not come out of the cartridge during printing, use a syringe to inject one or two small drops of a special solution (a mixture of ammonia and distilled water in equal proportions) deep down into the cartridge. This will help dissolve the formed ink clumps.

Another helpful tip

And finally, you can use another method if everyone else has failed: find a used or simpler printer for sale for less than a new cartridge. It comes with one new cartridge (or two: black and color). If you manage to do this, you will have a new device with 1 or 2 cartridges for less than the cost of one new component. Printer companies often sell them cheaply, planning to profit from future cartridge purchases. this is a well-known marketing ploy. Use them before the ink runs out, and then look again at what is more profitable to buy.

Preparing for the process

Place the ink kit you purchased, a roll of paper towels, and some clear tape on a large, flat work surface (table or board). Remove the empty cartridge from the product. Be sure to close the cover or fuse while you work with it.

Wear disposable rubber or plastic gloves before handling paint. Take a paper towel and fold it in half twice. Work constantly on a paper towel to avoid spilling ink onto the table. Place an empty cartridge on top of it.

Before refilling an HP print cartridge yourself, read the instruction manual that came with your ink kit to learn how to refill your specific capsule type. This article provides general instructions only.

Look for the refill ports on the top of the cartridge. You can feel this indentation by rubbing the label with your fingers. Some cartridges have multiple holes, but only one of them always leads to an ink tank that can be refilled. This hole will have a sponge in it.

Use a sharp pencil to puncture the refill hole at the top of the ink cartridge. Alternatively, you can remove the top label with a knife or screwdriver (see the user manual that came with the kit for a diagram of these locations).

Typically, three ink colors are included in addition to black: cyan, magenta red, and yellow. Follow the installation instructions using the insertion hole for each color, or push a toothpick into each hole to identify the colors. It also happens that the marking on the cartridge of the device is sometimes erroneous, and you can accidentally refill the wrong colors in the ink capsules. This happens when users try to refill a cartridge for an HP 650 printer by themselves (and similar models).

Useful “rules

In fact, there is nothing complicated about refilling cartridges. It is enough to understand a couple of rules and take precautions, since the toner with which laser printer cartridges are filled is harmful to health.

  • It will not work to refill the chip cartridges for the first time at home, since the chip will need to be replaced and “canceled”. It is better to contact specialized firms with this, where they will replace the chip and refill the cartridge.
  • If you are not well versed in technology, then it is not recommended to refill the cartridge yourself. Not everyone is capable of assembling / disassembling the equipment, and having scratched the sensitive element, you can completely throw it into the trash. Therefore, if you are not sure that you can refill a laser printer cartridge yourself, you better trust the professionals. Save health, nerves and cartridge.
  • There is no universal toner. As a result, you need to purchase exactly the toner powder that is suitable for your printer model. Don’t worry, toner packaging usually says “supported” cartridge types.

How to refill a laser printer cartridge

In our world, every company tries to find benefits in everything. So, in the computer industry, printer manufacturers receive most of the profits not from the sale of office equipment, but from the sale of components for it. For example, HP gets the lion’s share of the profits from the sale of printer cartridges.

The reason is that when purchasing a printer, the customer receives a demo cartridge, which is not only half filled, but also “refuses” to refuel after the end of the toner or ink. And if refilling an inkjet printer cartridge is quite simple, then you have to tinker with laser printer cartridges. How to refill a laser printer cartridge yourself?


As mentioned above, toner is very harmful to health. Do not allow it to come into contact with hands or respiratory tract. In this regard, it is recommended to refuel with rubber gloves and a dressing gown so that toner does not get on your clothes.

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Refueling should take place in a well-ventilated area. You should definitely wear glasses on your eyes, and a respirator or a gauze mask on your nose and mouth. Alas, even a gas mask will not hold the toner powder, so you need to be careful when refueling and try not to spray it. But do not worry and worry too much about your health. You won’t blow it up from one gas station.

Remember that toner should be stored under normal conditions and at normal temperatures. The ingress of moisture into it will lead to “clumping” of the powder. Do not refill cartridges with this toner. If lumps appear, close the toner bottle and shake it.

Refueling process

Refilling a laser printer cartridge yourself is not as easy as it would seem. There are three types of cartridges:

  • for refueling some, it is enough to remove the plug and add toner there;
  • to refuel others, you will need to completely disassemble the entire cartridge;
  • refilling of chip cartridges will require professional help.

In the second case, refueling will take longer, since you will need to completely disassemble the printer cartridge. On the Internet, for each type of cartridge, there is a complete disassembly scheme. The principle of disassembling the cartridge boils down to the following: the cover is removed, the metal arms move apart and the photosensitive drum is pulled out, which must not be touched by hands. After refueling, all this is assembled in the reverse order.

Some experienced users prefer to drill a hole in the cartridge and add toner. But for this you need to know where to drill. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to this method in extreme cases.

Refueling of chip cartridges at home is impossible, as it requires “flashing” or replacing the chip. If it turns out that you are not “lucky” with the cartridge, then contact a specialized company to replace the chip. Then you will be able to refill the cartridge yourself using the above methods.

How to refill original HP cartridges 178, 920, 655, 934, 935, 903, 907. instructions

Besides buying specialty refillable cartridges, HP printer owners have another way to save on consumables. Usually, all original cartridges from this manufacturer can be refilled manually. This manual is suitable for refilling HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3525, 3625, 4615, 4625, 5525, 6525, DeskJet 3070A, C5383, B109C, CN216C, CN245C, B8553, C309A, Photosmart 7510e (C311a), B8550, C5324, C5380 C6324, C6380, C6383, D5460, D5463, D5468, D7560, C309g, C309h, C310a, C310b, C310c, C309c, Officejet Pro 6230, 6830 and others on HP 178, 655, 920, 934, 935, 903, 907.

  • compatible inks (do not use “general purpose ink”), your printer uses pigment black combined and water based colors (learn more about the differences):
  • inexpensive InkTec ink (South Korea). use H7064 or H5088-H8940 ink
  • for HP 934, 935 cartridges
  • for HP 178 cartridges
  • for HP 920 ink cartridges
  • for HP 655 cartridges
  • for HP 903/907 cartridges
  • expensive OCP ink (Germany)
  • for HP 178 cartridges
  • for HP 920 ink cartridges
  • for HP 655 cartridges
  • syringes according to the number of flowers with a volume of at least 5 ml. each,
  • a few napkins.
  • Note that there are other ways of filling (for example, through the top air hole), but this one is the easiest.

    Let’s start refueling

    We turn the cartridge with the nozzle to the top and put it on a napkin. We collect ink into the syringe, about 4-5 ml. Slowly insert the needle of the syringe about 2 cm deep into the cartridge filler (rushing to puncture will reduce the service life of the absorbent filler). You can not inject the syringe into the material at all, but drip from above, waiting for each drop to be absorbed.

    It is more convenient to refuel in a special platform H-Forma.178, which will hold the cartridge and collect the ink that has flowed out through the air hole.

    Fill in ink

    Very slowly we squeeze the contents of the syringe into the cartridge filler: so that it has time to soak. If ink starts to protrude back, it means that the absorbent filler is full and approximately 0.5 ml needs to be pumped out. dye back into the syringe and stop refilling. If you do not do this, excess ink will leak into the printer during installation. During refueling, a slight outflow of ink through the air hole of the cartridge is allowed (it will be absorbed into the napkin).

    First step

    We take out the cartridges from the printer, prepare everything you need. Do not leave the printer without cartridges for more than 5 minutes, so that the ink does not dry out in the print head (you can remove the cartridges for refilling one by one or install other cartridges).

    Finishing refueling

    We take out the syringe, wipe the cartridge with a dry napkin or cloth, including the chip.

    When installing a cartridge in a printer, you need to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the chip: if you stain it with ink, this can damage the electronics.

    When installing a cartridge, the printer will inform you that “used cartridges are installed, or not HP”. You must agree with this message, then the printer will warn that “it is canceled from the warranty, and HP is not responsible for the print quality”. You also need to agree with this message. In the future, the ink level in the cartridges will not be displayed, you need to monitor the fullness of the cartridges yourself.

    If the printer was originally set to protect against theft and counterfeiting of cartridges, the printer will not work with refilled cartridges. Before starting refueling, disable this function in the driver settings on the computer.

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