How To Refill Juul Cartridge At Home

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What to do when the printer suddenly stops printing at the most inopportune moment? Right. Need to replace cartridge.

But now on sale there is a large, I would say, even too large selection of a wide variety of cartridges for almost all known printer models. You can buy an original cartridge, which is quite expensive, but the quality of its work will be guaranteed by the printer manufacturer. In addition to them, there are also restored, that is, used, but refilled, most often in semi-handicraft conditions, which are significantly cheaper than the original ones. Between them, both in quality and price, are the so-called compatible cartridges produced by third parties.

Or maybe you should try to refill the old cartridge yourself, breathing new life into it, and in the meantime, saving a “certain” amount for your home budget? It is no secret that all printer manufacturers, without exception, wanting to capture the largest possible market share, sell their products at a price that does not differ too much from the cost price, and the lost profit is “made up” on consistently expensive consumables. At the same time, all of them with amazing unanimity promise all sorts of troubles (and, first of all, a significant decrease in print quality) to all those who do not wish to follow their insistent recommendations to use only original consumables.

There is no doubt. Quality is important, but if there is no money, then we choose what we can afford: the difference in price between the original cartridge and the ink bottles reaches tenfold (this price ratio is also true for laser printers).

At home, printers became widespread only after the advent of inkjet technology, which, in comparison with dot matrix printers, dramatically improved print quality and, at the same time, significantly reduced noise and increased printing speed. But the most important thing. There is a possibility of color printing, and with high quality. Most of the models of inkjet printers are just SIMple mechanisms for feeding paper and positioning the ink cartridge, which is the concentration of all the technological “highlights” that determine the capabilities of this printer. This “division of labor” has led to the fact that the cost of the cartridge, in the cheapest models, reaches half of the total cost of the printer.

So with intensive use, when cartridges are changed almost one after another, the total cost of ownership of an inkjet printer is rapidly approaching the corresponding indicator of an expensive laser. What to do? Is it really possible to fork out for a laser printer? Not necessary, but to dramatically reduce the cost of an inkjet printer, you will have to master the process of refilling cartridges. Believe me, this is not as scary as it seems, but that’s just about the decrease in print quality after refilling. Here, unfortunately, very often manufacturers are right. So it is recommended to refill only black cartridges. Indeed, the requirements for the quality of black and white printing, for the most part of texts, are far from being as high as for color, and even more so. To photo printing.

However, before moving on to the practical part of our story, it would be nice to update in memory some theoretical information about inkjet printing. So:

Ink cartridge arrangement

The print unit of any inkjet printer consists of two main parts. First, it is a reservoir (or ink tank) filled with ink, and a capillary system that supplies ink from the reservoir to the nozzles, from where the ink is “shot” onto the paper. In some black ink cartridges and in almost all color ones, the ink tank is filled with a special absorbent sponge (such as foam). These cartridges are best suited for refilling. In the second models, the ink is retained in the reservoir due to the difference between internal and external pressure. Well, in some cartridges this happens due to a special bag filled with air.

The head is the most important part of the print unit. At the same time, for some printers, the head makes a single non-separable unit with the ink tank (for example, in cartridges for HP, Lexmark printers). In the second model, it remains in the printer, and only the ink tanks change. Here, too, there can be two options, for example, in Epson printers, the head is an integral part of the printer’s design, while in most Canon models the head is made removable. Recently, with the “light” hand of Epson, many cartridges began to be equipped with built-in chips that control ink consumption. One of the most important (from the point of view of manufacturers) functions of such chips is to combat the re-introduction of the same cartridges, since they remember the zero level of ink in the reservoir and block the reuse of such cartridges. But the need for inventions is tricky, such protection did NOT hold out for a long time, and now in many file archives on the Internet you can find “breaker” programs for various models of too “intelligent” cartridges.

The ink used in different cartridges also varies. over, according to manufacturers, each printer model needs its own, strictly defined type of ink. But such thoroughness (after all, there is NO universal ink suitable for all occasions) is correct only in relation to original cartridges and ink. Now very often ink is sold (mainly in large containers), which, according to the statements of the sellers, are suitable for different models of printers and even different manufacturers. This ink belongs to the group of SIMple (standard) inks, and they are suitable for printing at low resolutions, that is, mainly plain text. Occasionally you can find special inks for printing with high resolution, but they are quite expensive, and refilled (and even in artisanal conditions) cartridges are not suitable for high-quality printing by definition.

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When refilling a cartridge with ink from an unknown, or known, but second manufacturer, it is recommended to thoroughly rinse the cartridge first. For flushing, you can use distilled water or special flushing liquids, not containing alkalis. In the same cases, when the type of ink does not change during refilling, on the contrary, it is recommended to refill the cartridge, and not wait until it is empty.

The very process of refilling cartridges is quite different for cartridges from different manufacturers. However, if you do NOT want refilling of cartridges instead of the expected cost savings to bring you an additional headache, you should not forget about a few general rules:

[Instruction] Refilling a cartridge at home: What you need to know? | 2019

How To Refill Juul Cartridge At Home

Refilling the cartridge at home

This part of office equipment costs a lot, and with frequent use, replacements become NOT a rarity and can hit your hard.

The main income of manufacturers of inkjet printers is not the sale of the printing devices themselves, but rather the proceeds from the constant replacement of expensive parts.

Instructions for refilling Xerox Phaser 3010 3045 cartridges at the cartridge cleaning station. Canon

When refueling a canon cartridge at home, in addition to the equipment already agreed upon, you will also need an awl. You can also use a drill or a thin screwdriver.

All work comes down to performing a SIMple six steps:

  • First you have to remove the sticker from the case. It is designed to hermetically close the filling holes. The sticker can be thrown away immediately and after completing the work, replace this important element with a SIMple transparent tape.
  • Air holes corresponding to each color must be enlarged with a screwdriver or SIMilar tool. After working with each filling hole, the tool is thoroughly rinsed with water. This will prevent paint of a different color from getting into the holes.

Each model requires its own amount of coloring matter:

  • PG-440 requires 8 to 10 ml ink.
  • To replace ink in PG-440XL, you need to prepare 15. 20 ml.
  • Each color of the CL-441 model is filled with 3-4 ml. Ink.
  • CL-441XL already requires 6-8 ml. Ink of each color.
  • As you can see from this list, no one knows the exact amount of ink to restore the printer to work. You will have to find out in practice. Pouring ink is done slowly and carefully, with the needle dipping 2-3 cm into the filling tank.
  • Excess ink will start to spill out. This is completely normal and if this happens, then just pump out 2 ml. Ink and clean the surface of their marks with a napkin.
  • After finishing work, replace the removed sticker with transparent tape and pierce it with a thin needle over each of the holes for the paint.

After the work, the printing device will start working again, but before starting printing, you still have to perform a check in accordance with the annotation to the device.

Jet printer

Inkjet devices have earned their popularity due to the possibility of color printing and the low price of the device, however, they require refilling the cartridge, it can be difficult to do it at home, especially if the owner of the printer is far from technology. But everything can be learned.

HP printers

Typically, you can successfully refill HP cartridges at home 1 to 5 times. Black and white can be refilled up to 8 times.

The electronic parts of the device DO NOT support more. In the process of replacing paint, special refueling kits are used. They are black and colored.


The HP 121, 122 and 650 black cartridges have an oversized camera. Due to the design features, it can create problems when performing work.

Oversized camera

The filter separating the air space and a special filler, which is refilled, can easily be filled with air, which eliminates contact between ink and printheads.

This is causing the printer to malfunction.

This problem is solved by pumping out air from just filling the device.

For this, filling platforms are used. But for a while, a SIMple shake-up will help.

The paint container will have to be placed with the nozzles down and shake it like a thermometer.

Another measure to help solve the problem is to “refill” the camera with ink.

To do this, use a thin needle, with which the filter is pierced and after that the ink will be able to freely flow to the head.


To refill Kyocera cartridges, you will have to find several necessary tools:

  • Chip, but it’s not necessary.
  • Compatible toner.
  • Knife, it is best to take a clerical.
  • Sealant.
  • Soldering iron.
  • Duct tape.

When performing work, it is not necessary to have any special skills and knowledge, just accuracy will be enough.

  • Toner replacement work begins with disassembly.
  • The device has a refueling hole in its case, but it’s not that SIMple. After all, the manufacturer does not allow users to change the toner on their own. The hole is sealed and very rarely it is possible to open it easily and without damaging the case.

Hole in the housing

  • New toner is poured inside through a just made soldering iron or a factory hole.
  • After the end of the replacement, the cover is returned to its place and is additionally sealed with glue or special substances. If the hole was made with a knife or a soldering iron, then it is SIMply sealed with tape hermetically.


Self-refilling Lexmark cartridge will allow the owner of the printer to quickly return the equipment to working condition and save money on buying a new expensive device.

If the prudent owner of office equipment takes care of purchasing ink in advance, then it will be possible to return an important device to working condition at any time of the day or night.

To do this, you will have to perform several easy steps:

  • First of all, you will have to remove the sticker from the body that seals the ink chambers. You can throw it away right away because a used sticker won’t stick as well as the first time.
  • Both the black and white and color cartridges have three holes. In black, what is used is what is located at the top and does not have a paired hole. All three are involved in Tsvetnoy. Top is red, bottom left is yellow, bottom right is blue.
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Xerox Printer Cartridges

To refill Xerox cartridges, very few Special tools are used:

  • Toner suitable for this printer.
  • Small flat screwdriver.
  • Pointed tweezers.


Self-refilling of the cartridge.It is not difficult, you just need to carefully study the instructions, and not rush and perform all actions accurately, accurately and unquestioningly.

It is much more difficult to cope with the work if you have purchased a laser printer, but such a device differs in print quality.

If it is scary to do the work on your own and you lack confidence, then you can contact special companies dealing with such work, but it will be much more effective to try to do everything on your own.

How to refuel a vape. Step-by-step instruction

Many are also interested in how to refuel a vape, so as not to make annoying mistakes in this process. We have already partly figured out this issue, but we will try to give a small step-by-step instruction that will help you find your way in the process more easily:

  • Make sure that the atomizer is empty and needs refueling, otherwise disassembling it can lead to unpleasant leaks;
  • Before filling the vape with liquid, turn off the mod itself or Remove the batteries (in the case of the mech mod), so as NOT to accidentally activate it at the time of refueling;
  • Disconnect the atomizer (if necessary);
  • Think about whether you will refuel the liquid with a new taste, if so, it is better to change the cotton wool in Coil before refueling;
  • Unscrew the bottom or top (depending on the type of construction) part of the tank;
  • Make sure that all O-rings and other elements of the atomizer are NOT damaged and in good condition;
  • Gently fill in the required amount of liquid without rushing or overflowing;
  • Screw on the lower or upper part of the atomizer, after that checking if the liquid has formed under pressure, if a small amount of it appears somewhere, remove all excess with a dry paper towel;
  • Connect the tank to the mod and take one short puff. the heat from the evaporator will be transferred to the liquid, making it more fluid and making it easier and faster to soak cotton or thread.

How to refuel the clearomizer

Things are a little SIMpler with how to refuel a vape with a clearomizer. Such devices, do not look at their obsolescence, are still popular due to their cheapness, SIMplicity and maximum SIMilarity to an ordinary cigarette. A clearomizer, in SIMple terms, is a cross between a cartridge and an atomizer. A transparent body, the presence of a tiny winding with a thread, a minimum capacity for liquid and a calculation for devices with a very modest vaping power. these are, perhaps, the main distinctive features of clearomizers. Clearomizers are refueled in much the same way as their larger modern counterparts: from below or from above. In the first case, you just need to unscrew the base of the inverted clearomizer and carefully add liquid with a thin pipette or syringe, in the second. do the same, only by unscrewing or Removing the drip-type, which will open access to the container with liquid.

Refueling tanks

The overwhelming majority of electronic cigarettes are equipped with an atomizer of this type, since they allow you to receive a large amount of steam, almost not lose the taste of the liquid and provide long vaping from one refueling in comparison with the same clearomizers or dripkams. And in order to understand how to refuel a vape with a tank, you first need to find out what type of refueling its design implies: bottom, side or top. Finally, there are the so-called drip atomizers with drip top-up salary, which is strikingly different from refueling ordinary tanks. However, first things first.

How to understand that a vape needs to be refilled

As you know, vaping liquids are poured into a special container. this can be a clearomizer, cartridge, atomizer (tank) or even a drip atomizer (drip). Designs Some atoimasers are opaque, which makes it a little difficult to control the liquid level in them, but in most cases it is not so difficult to determine that the liquid is running out.

In addition, there are a number of additional signs that indicate that it is time to refill the tank in an electronic cigarette. Here are the main ones:

  • There is not enough steam when steaming. a SIMilar symptom sometimes also indicates that the battery in the device is running out, but most often it still indicates that it is time to fill the tank.
  • A burning taste appears when steaming. as soon as the liquid runs out, the thread or cotton wool placed in the heating coils begins to become insufficiently moisturized and burn, which is accompanied by an unpleasant taste sensation.
  • The liquid level is no longer visible through the transparent flask of the atomizer or clearomizer. in this case, you can refuel the vape, and not wait for the second symptoms, since it is obvious that their onset is just a matter of time.

Refueling drips

Speaking about refueling drips, you need to understand that this type of atomizer does NOT imply the presence of a container that contains the liquid supplied to the heating elements, and then in this case only one single refueling method is relevant. Drip. In this case, the user only needs to thoroughly moisten the cotton wool or other material laid in spirals (coils) with liquid. In many drips, filling with liquid is carried out directly through the drip-tip, which means that you do NOT have to disassemble anything at all. Although experienced vapers know that a high-quality drip can only be done by completely removing the upper dome from it. However, this procedure also looks very SIMple due to the design features of the drip atomizers. The only drawback of drips has always been the small number of puffs that can be done after refueling, however, lately manufacturers have foreseen special trays in the base of such atomizers, from which the liquid gradually flows up to the Coil, which makes them even more convenient to use.

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What to do if the liquid runs out

Top vape filling

A slightly more convenient way looks like the top vape filling, in which the tank does not have to be unscrewed from the mod. Most electronic cigarettes now use this type of filling. All the user has to do in this case is to unscrew the top cap or move it, if there is such a mechanism, fill the container with liquid for vaping to a certain level, and close / screw the cap back. That’s all: the tank is completely ready to continue hovering.

Side filling

It is somewhat SIMilar to the top and side vape filling. over, such a constructive solution seems to many more successful, since it does NOT involve unscrewing the top cover, which can always be lost or dropped due to carelessness. In this case, the lid SIMply slides to the side, thereby opening the opening for filling the liquid into the tank. Then everything looks the same as in the case of the top filling. Top and Side Filling Tanks are considered to be the ideal solution for newbies as vape is the easiest way to refuel.

Is it possible to pour water without consequences

For example, for beginner vapers, you can sometimes hear the question of whether it is possible to fill the tank of an electronic cigarette with ordinary water, or any other components that are also capable of leading to the formation of steam. In this sense, one should remember about the main feature of a vape. the vapor formed in it has to be Breathed in. Of course, not all liquids are suitable for inhalation, and even the SIMplest water can sometimes contain a lot of components that are harmful to the human body. As for liquids for vaping, their composition is designed specifically for THESE purposes, and even the presence of propylene glycol and glycerin in them is designed to follow one specific goal. the formation of a “soft” vapor in its structure, which is suitable for inhalation and does not have a harmful effect on respiratory human pathways and organs.

How to refill a Canon cartridge at home?

Today inkjet printers are incredibly popular. Even more: it is difficult to find such a computer owner who does not have a printing device at home based on the principle of forming an image with ink. Matrix solutions have long been a thing of the past (with the exception of specific models), and laser solutions, capable of printing in color, are still much more expensive than their inkjet counterparts. There are a number of companies that make printers. Among them, “Canon” occupies a special place, since the products of this company are distinguished by their democratic cost, high performance characteristics and the ability to independently refill paint in containers without any special difficulties. Even a person without experience of SIMilar work can know how to refill a Canon cartridge.

Determine the type of ink tank

Before you start refueling empty containers, you need to know that there are different Canon cartridges. They differ not only in shape, but also in the way the contacts are located. Accordingly, their refueling method is also different. Although it is worth admitting that the base itself is SIMilar, and having learned how to refill cartridges, in the future you can easily solve SIMilar problems. So, the type of ink tank installed can be found in several ways, among which the SIMplest is to read the instructions for the printer, where it is indicated, and also to read the model specification on the manufacturer’s website. Most often found BCI-24 and CL series with PG.

Once again, how to refill a Canon cartridge is no big deal. First of all, you need to select the “tools”:

Time-tested BCI standard

To turn on the printing device, you need to open the housing cover, which will lead to the carriage leading to the service area, and remove any cartridge. Turn it upside down, draw into the syringe NOT more than 3 ml of ink of the required color. Then insert the needle into the porous filler 1 cm and slowly fill it with paint. The lower the speed, the better (20 to 40 s is sufficient). Some “gurus”, Telling how to refill a Canon cartridge, recommend filling in 4-5 ml. It is better not to do this, since in this case the excess may leak out through the air holes, which is undesirable. Refilling from above is allowed, but for this you need to remove the top cover of the cartridge and determine the location of the colors. Please note that it may vary depending on the manufacturer of the ink tank. After refilling, the cartridge is returned to the printer and the nozzles are cleaned in the service program.

Reliable PG and CL

These models are refueled differently. You will need to remove the sticker. it is under it that the pressure equalization hole is located. It should be expanded to fit the diameter of the needle, but with a small margin. Chips falling inside, and not dangerous, since the cavity is filled with felt and foam rubber. Next, you need to collect ink of the desired color (up to 10 ml of black and 3 for each color), insert the needle into the foam rubber and slowly fill the container. Old-timers confronted with the question of how to refill a Canon cartridge remember that excessive pressure (fill rate) can damage the nozzles. For a color cartridge, the standard hole pattern is blue on the left, yellow case, and red tanks at the top (recheck). After refueling is complete, the sticker is returned to its place. It can be replaced with scotch tape. Do not seal the holes.