How to refill the Canon pg 445 printer

Instructions for refilling cartridges for the printer Canon PIXMA-MG3640

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Canon PIXMA-MG3640 belongs to the budget class of the printer and MFP, with built-in printheads (hereinafter PG) in the cartridge. When users purchase printing devices at a relatively low price, after using up ink, they learn about the cost of new consumables and think about how to save on printing. One of the ways not to waste extra money is refilling Canon MG3640 cartridges at home.

The printer contains two ink cartridges, black and color Canon PG-440 and CL-441 ink cartridges. Using their example, we will show you how to refuel the Canon PIXMA-MG3640 printer yourself. For a successful refueling result, you need to make sure that the cartridges are working properly. The most common problems are a dry print head or an electronics failure. In the first case, it is necessary to clean the steam generator with a special flushing liquid, and in the second case, you need to buy a new one.
Refilling a Canon MG3640 cartridge with your own hands is not a difficult process, below we will show how this can be done. In a black cartridge, insert the needle through a single hole. In the color position of the colors in the cartridge you can see below, just as if you make a print on a sheet, then the color in the middle of the print is always at the top, and the colors on the left and right of the print are respectively of the print. (Figure 2)

  • We start refueling Canon MG3640 cartridges, we collect paint in the syringes, it is better to take 4 syringes and fill them with ink (Black, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan), you can use insulin 1 ml. or, as in our case, 10-20 ml. syringes.
  • Carefully remove the stickers from the top, if you have not done so before.
  • If you use insulin syringes, the needle can go into the factory hole for refueling, if you use others, then a 4-mm needle is needed. drill or utility knife to widen the hole.
  • We insert the needle of the syringe into the filling hole. It is not necessary to enter deeply, 10-15 mm is enough. (Figure 3)
  • Slowly inject ink until ink appears in the filling port, approximately 8 ml is needed. for black and 9 ml. (3 ml. in each color) for color, then pump the excess ink back into the syringe, it is always better not to add ink than to pour it over.
  • We fill in all colors and clean the surface of ink with a dry napkin.
  • Stick the labels in place (If necessary, it is possible to use an adhesive tape).
  • We make an imprint of the printheads on the sheet, they should be clear.
  • We install the refilled cartridges in the printer, we do the cleaning of the steam generator.
  • Pay attention to the contacts (Figure 4), they must be dry, if you install consumables with wet contacts in the printer, your electronics will burn out.
  • If you are refueling for the first time, then you need to cancel the tracking of consumables, to do this, press and hold the Cancel button (Red X or Triangle) on the printer for 15 seconds. After canceling tracking, your printing device will signal that the ink has run out, but it will print.
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RDM flushing fluid

Canon PG-445, CL-446 ink cartridges for Canon Pixma MG2540 printers are refilled with Canon RDM ink. Refilling inkjet cartridges Canon 445, 446 is necessary when color distortions appear on the prints, which indicates the end or drying of ink in the cartridge, in the second case, flushing liquid and instructions for restoring inkjet cartridges will help you. In the case when the printer “asks” to replace the cartridge, refueling is useless, since this indicates that the resource of the cartridge’s firmware has expired, only replacing the cartridge with a new one will help.

  • Resource cartridge Canon PG-445, CL-446 on which the chip is flashed. 180 pages.
  • Resource of the cartridge Canon PG-445XL, CL-446XL. 400 pages.

For refueling you will need:

Refilling instruction for Canon 445, 446 cartridges

Place some paper towels on the table and place the cartridge on them with the print head down.

Using a sharp blade, gently peel off the self-adhesive sticker with the cartridge number from the surface of the cartridge. She will still be useful to us

Under the sticker there are holes through which we will refill the cartridges, we need to enlarge them with a drill or an awl to a diameter of about 4 mm so that the needle from the syringe can freely enter it

The sequence in which colors are refilled in a color cartridge: yellow is refilled first, magenta second, and blue third; this is necessary in order to minimize the negative consequences of possible mixing of ink in the cartridge head during refilling

After typing ink into the syringe, insert the syringe needle through the hole into the foam adsorber and slowly injecting ink, fill it. The approximate volume of ink for a color cartridge is 2.5-3 ml per color, for a black cartridge it is 5.5-7 ml. When ink appears on the surface of the adsorber, pump it out a little with a syringe, excess ink can only harm.

It is recommended to insert the needle at an angle of 45 degrees so as not to damage the print head of the cartridge from the inside.

Avoid touching the cartridge chip with your hands and do not stain it with ink. Even an imperceptible contamination of the contact area of ​​the chip can cause the cartridge to malfunction.

After filling all the ink cartridges with ink, wipe them dry with a paper towel and, if necessary, wipe the contact pads of the chip with alcohol. Under no circumstances use eau de toilette, colognes and other perfumery products for this, as they contain various aromatic oils.

Now that the cartridges are filled and dry, reapply the labels and reinsert the cartridges into the printer.

It is recommended that you clean the print head through the printer software from your computer before printing.

  • Prophylactic printing should be done on an inkjet printer. With prolonged idle time, the ink will dry on the elements of the cartridge and inside it. Of course, then you can try to restore a dried cartridge, but resuscitation does not always help, and the print quality may noticeably deteriorate. Print a few b / w and color pages at least once a week to clean the printer parts and keep the ink from stagnating.
  • Check the ink levels regularly. Complete emptying of the cartridge during even short-term printing will lead to overheating and damage to the print head.
  • When a lot of gas stations have been made, the standard sticker can wear out and stop sticking. Alternatively, adhesive tape is suitable.
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Installing XL cartridges

They have doubled their volume, which makes the filling and resource as many times larger. The starter cartridge (which came with the purchase) does not have a long service life, so sooner or later you will have to buy new consumables. Take a closer look at the XL counterparts.

An important condition

For Canon inkjets, the cartridge must be refillable (refillable), that is, be able to top up ink inside the container and work after.

In most cases, the cartridge is. But sometimes the manufacturer equips printing devices with disposable consumables, which greatly increases the cost of printing and maintenance for the consumer. Laser devices can always be refueled.

Canon Printer Inks

China’s cheap ink will not only produce poor image quality. Ultimately, the cartridge may fail altogether. Therefore, you only need to buy a high-quality product that is completely suitable for the printer and cartridge model.

Accurate information about the printer, the necessary data, are always in the documentation, may be contained on the box or on the body of the equipment. When choosing ink, it is not superfluous to operate with a specific name of the cartridge (for example, PG-445 and CL-446) and its number. So it turns out to choose the most suitable and high-quality dye.

Inks are pigmented and water-soluble in appearance. Sometimes it is possible to refuel one type instead of another. It is better to check the information when buying equipment. But this is still not recommended, especially if there are no problems with obtaining the correct ink.

Tools and materials

In addition to ink, to refill a Canon cartridge you need:

  • four 10 mm syringes;
  • regular clean napkins or paper towels (can be replaced with a lint-free cloth);
  • litter on the work table so as not to stain the surface with ink (for example, old newspapers or the same napkins);
  • stationery knife;
  • thin drill.

Refilling an inkjet cartridge Canon

  • Prepare your workplace. It is desirable that this is a large, flat surface. Cover the base with a newspaper or rag. It is better if the material is multi-layered, as ink can seep through thin sheets or rags. Remove unnecessary things from the table so that nothing gets in the way.

How to refill a cartridge for a Canon printer. technology for inkjet and laser devices

The principle of refilling cartridges for Canon printers depends on the printing technology. So, there are inkjet and laser technology. In inkjet printing, the main substance that is transferred to the paper is liquid ink. Laser printing uses toner (dry powder) during operation, which is transferred to a charged photo roll, and then to paper, baked in a thermo unit (oven).

Accordingly, the inkjet printer should be refilled with liquid paints. And toner is poured into the laser.

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Possible problems and solutions

Often the printer does not print well after refueling. The print on the paper becomes indistinct, blurry, or, conversely, the printer begins to smear. In this case, you need to clean the printer elements (print head, pallet, check nozzles, etc.).

For Canon models, cleaning functions appear in the printer properties after installing the driver. Go to the “Devices and Printers” window (combination of “WindowsR” and the execution of the “control printers” command). Next, right-click on the desired printer and go to properties.

The Maintenance tab will contain the cleaning tools. Do a simple cleanup first. If the result is unsatisfactory, run deep cleaning.

Canon device still does not print well. do manual printhead cleaning.

Features of refilling cartridges for MFP MG2440, MG2540, MG2540S, MG2545, MG2940, MG3040, MX494, iP2840, TS3140, TS204, TS304, MG2545S, TR4540, Canon PIXMA series.

Canon PIXMA series multifunctional devices MG2440, MG2450, MG2540, MG2545, MG2550, MG2940, MX494, iP2840 are designed for use in home or small offices. These are inexpensive, compact models ideal for personal use. The resource of the starter cartridges installed in them is very small: depending on the print density, about one hundred and eighty pages.

Canon ink cartridges PG-445, CL-446

The demo versions of the included CL-446 Color and PG-445 Black cartridges are only half full. Also, additional consumables are produced with a resource of 300 and 400 pages of color or monochrome printing, respectively. These cartridges can be identified by the presence of the letters XL on their labels. The cost of original cartridges with a large capacity is comparable to the cost of the printing device itself. You can solve this problem by learning how to refill cartridges yourself or by installing CISS.

What if you urgently need to print monochrome text, and your printer refuses to do so because it has run out of color ink? This problem can be solved. In Canon My Printer, you must select Black Only in the Cartridge Settings and the printer will print. A color cartridge can also perform a couple of pages of monochrome printing.

Preparing for refueling. Refueling is recommended to be carried out before the end of ink (approximately 5%) in the cartridge. If the ink in the cartridge has run out, it must not only be refilled, but also reset to zero on the printing device. Prepare ink that is compatible with this unit for refilling, 4 medical syringes, tissue or paper towel, gloves and a utility knife. Turn off the MFP, then the cartridges will move out of the parking space, and you can get them. Important: The printer must be unplugged before removing the cartridges.!

Expansion of the filling holes.

Refilling ink cartridges.

Arrangement of colors in cartridges Canon PG-445, CL-446

How can I reset the ink level?

Ink for Canon PIXMA MG2440, MG2540, MG2545, MG2940, MX494, InkTec 4 x 100 ml, set

a set of high-quality ink (Premium Ink) in the original factory packaging, paint colors. black, cyan, magenta, yellow, suitable for refilling color inkjet printers and MFPs Canon PIXMA MG2440, MG2540, MG2545, MG2940, MX494, PZK, CISS