How to refill the HP deskjet 2130 printer

Cleaning the nozzles

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  • Using the printer software, enter the Device Services section.
  • Activate the “Clean Cartridge” process.

As a rule, the last point has a three-step execution scenario. Therefore, carry out a complete cleaning cycle. If the steps outlined above did not have a beneficial effect, or if the detectable ink level is critical, refill the HP cartridge.

Instrument preparation

In order to properly fill the containers of a refillable cartridge (RCP), you will need:

  • Four syringes with needles.
  • Napkins.
  • Scotch.
  • Gloves.
  • Paint.

This is a standard refueling kit of the block type PZK with an integrated print head. If your modification of the PU is serviced by a different type of cartridges, be aware: for each color. a separate syringe.

Cleaning and Printing a Test Page

If you did everything correctly, then the “colorful” result is guaranteed. When the printed page “sins” by shifting some areas of the picture, it is necessary to carry out another type of adjustment. alignment of the cartridges, which can be done by starting the process of the same name in the printer control panel.

How do I refill an HP cartridge? Standard and safe method

The financial costs of purchasing a printer do not end there. Sadly, the truth of this statement cannot be disputed. After a certain time, the ink in the cartridge runs out. The popular assertion that nothing lasts forever under the moon becomes an obvious fact in the form of a technical imperfection of a particular device. At such moments, the practical user thinks about how to refill the HP cartridge. Because I am convinced that this is the most effective way to protect yourself from unnecessary costs for expensive consumables. As you can imagine, the article is devoted specifically to the printing devices of the American brand Hewlett-Packard, whose logo is often associated with the term “usability”, as you can see for yourself by putting into practice the tips and tricks from the presented material.

Wise diagnosis

Before worrying about running out of ink or experimenting trying to figure out how to refill an HP cartridge, use the printer software to do a few things.

  • Make sure that the printing device (CP) “sees” the cartridges as a correctly installed component.
  • What ink level is detected by the printer?

If the ink cartridge has enough ink, but the diagnostic page prints out blank, go to the next step.

Colored filling of tanks

Typically, the outer part of the cartridge has a special sticker that displays information that identifies the print component. Peel it off gently. Each hole (sometimes there are two for each paint compartment) is a filling channel for a particular color.

Important! Take the practical steps that will teach you how to refill an HP cartridge slowly. The utmost attention is your best friend in such a situation, as often the user confuses the location of the colored tanks. For example, red ink flows into the yellow compartment of the cartridge, etc. Usually the color of the ink is visible when looking closely at the fill port. Otherwise, use a match, the wood of which will stain on contact with the absorbent material of the camera.

  • Pre-fill ink in syringes.
  • Slowly inject paint into the color-matched compartment.
  • Seal the filling holes with tape (cut to size of the sticker).
  • Use a tissue paper to remove ink marks from the printhead surface.

Attention! Movements should be mostly tangent rather than rubbing. Do not turn the refillable cartridge container, as ink outflow from the print head may occur, which, in turn, will negatively affect the overall process, and you will never know how to refill the HP cartridge.

Summing up

So, you have received the necessary knowledge on how to refill an HP cartridge yourself. Now, in a situation where the paint has run out, you will feel like a confident user. However, this is only a small part of what includes a full field service for printing devices. Do not forget that, in addition to electronics, there are quite a few different mechanics in the printer that will work for a long time and properly only if you know and follow simple rules. All the best!

The need for refueling

  • when white stripes began to appear on the sheets when the printer was printing (gaps);
  • the print becomes faint, blurry;
  • other situations when information is poorly visible on the sheet.

In order to fill the cartridge with new ink on time, the software (driver) provides a tool for monitoring the ink level, both for color and b / w cartridges. At the first sign of running out of capacity, run a check.

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Filling of the cartridge HP 123

The photo below shows HP 122 cartridges. The refilling technology does not change from this!

  • Draw ink into syringes. Draw up approximately 8-10 ml of black ink, for colored compartments draw 3-4 ml into separate syringes. Set the syringes aside. The formation of foam or the ingress of air into the cavity of the syringe is not allowed!
  • Remove the cartridge from the carriage. Open the cover, move the carriage to the center position. Press gently on the top of the container until you hear a click. At this moment, the ink tank will change position and it will be possible to make a full extraction by pulling.

When refueling for the first time, turn off the ink tracking built into the printer. Within 15 seconds, press the cancel button on the body. As a rule, a button is indicated by a red triangle or a cross. If the printer periodically pops up notifications about an empty cartridge, it’s okay. In this case, printing should not be blocked.

What ink to fill in HP 123

The main rule is to purchase only high-quality paints, as the manufacturer’s fame can indicate. From the entire list, we can recommend consumables from Ink Mate (about 650 rubles per 100 ml) and RDM HO series H1W.

Since the HP 2130 is a color printer, there are two cartridges installed inside. One is responsible for black and white printing, the second for color. In the latter, the container is divided into three compartments with the same number of holes on the body for refueling inside the cartridge. A certain color is poured into each compartment (more on that below).

How to refill the HP Deskjet 2130 printer cartridge at home

The HP 123 cartridge is built into many of the company’s printers. The most popular printers with ink tanks of the presented model are: HP Deskjet 2130, 1110, 1115, 2132, 2134, 2135, 2136, 3630, 3635, 3775, 3785, 3830, 3832, 3833, 3834, 3835, 4535, 4675.

The problem with such printers is the cost of the cartridge, which is commensurate with the printing device itself. So, for cartridge 123, you can give half the cost of equipment. In addition, the volume of the container is too small. In the filled state, it will be possible to print approximately 120-150 pages. Then the consumables must either be changed, which is not very convenient due to the high price, or refilled.

Fortunately, the cartridge is refillable (PZK). Therefore, you can refill the HP 123 cartridge yourself at home without resorting to third-party services.

What is needed for refueling

Ready-to-use refueling kits are on sale, consisting of the necessary tools and four cans of ink. Kits fit similar with 123 HP model.


  • After refueling, the printer may start to print dirty. To avoid this problem, blot the nozzles several times in a tissue paper before placing the ink tanks back into the carriage. This removes excess ink from the print head. Also do a program head cleaning immediately. Try to print any document and make sure the print quality is normal.
  • With multiple refills, the label may wear out and lose its adhesive properties. In this case, duct tape or plaster would be a worthy replacement. Important! In order for air to enter the cartridge, when replacing the sticker, small holes must be made in the places of the filling holes with a needle.

We hope that with this instruction you were able to refill the cartridge for the HP Deskjet 2130 printer and the like. The technology is the same for many HP brand inkjet printers.

Checking for cassette

It is fair to establish that the HP Deskjet 2130 printer does not print, when purchased with incompatible cassettes or other consumables. Producers on the basis of their own customers to the fact that it is important that there are no incompatible substitutes. It is very important that all equipment is technically a tool in case of damage itself with original components, which can be used without problems on the official website of the manufacturer.

In some cases, the HP Deskjet 2130 printer is not ready to supply power, but the result is unlikely to be of poor quality. In Tosi’s case, the one generally does not pay attention to the nivoto on the mastiloto. Ako kasetata e in a semi-different form, the printer is honestly “protester” and in full refusal and dissuade to search.

Please, tazi cause a lot of consumers to strongly spoil the test for nivoto for mastiloto.

But it’s true that you’re obviously not enough, the shaking is unforgettable, but punch the cassette, then check if you gave the HP Deskjet 2130 printer to print the Sega.

Ako guarantee term is out of stock, but pay the sum, which will cost you from spending for new consumation and specialized services.

Reasons for the printer malfunction

How to find out if your HP Deskjet 2130 printer does not print, focus first, start these actions, and then open the cause, which caused technical problems. You can be connected with the consumative quality and with the error of the settings, as well as with the fact that the damage was caused, which is more than the time for the viral invasion.

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Zeros on cassette

A lot of honesty on the printer, all slugs with technical problems, when the cassette will be damaged and the printer will fail and open, consequently, with a conditional “missing”, which device cannot be printed. The printer can be specified if the cassette is supplied is useful. Aco will meet even more problems, you will see and come up to a small trick, forcing the device to do so, just bought and added a new cassette. For yes, we will “get lost” the device, more rags and zero chips on a cassette.

For the mercy, not all consumer information is needed as a restart of the HP Deskjet 2130 printer, so it’s convincing that it’s very difficult and that’s the reason for the whole problem with the service center. Do not burgle with such an unpredictable conclusion, check it out and disassemble it and direct it, enter the base on the sewer barriers. Sigourney sme, all of them can be zero, as well as interest from tov.

Someone for the first installment of the new cassette, the printer has two technical identifiers and a trace of the tova, while the link is from the new cassette, the identifier is completely different, and I refuse to accept. For yes, they will force the device to accept the cartridge, examine the extraction of zero. Ako do not crawl services on the main story, you can also zero the chip by printing on some contacts on the cassette on the HP Deskjet 2130 printer.

Disconnect the printer from the electrical contact, make a cassette. Put it on the masata, so why not so much on you. Sega take a little brocade skoch, seal the contact with him. Put the takawa “hard” cassette in the printer, print a test page. Once again, close the trail and close the contact again. Replace and print a test page again.

Again, you will scold the cassette, but don’t stick up the contacts, but on the contrary, you’ll get the tape, which you’ve gotten over. Next, put the cassette in the printer again, the next page will print the dough, I will remove it, you will often peel off the tape from the tape, carefully select contact with alcohol and I will put the trail on the paste, for the purpose of the cassette.

Acoustic was sent everything correctly, if you can support the device, then not just the reception of the cassette, but also the caton is recognized with the need for an identifier.


Ako know the printer will refuse to print the document, which means that you need to know how to do it and how you can set up a successful work on the printing device. Parse this, but I have a common “recipe”, from which you can have fun and send the HP Deskjet 2130 printer.

How did the HP LaserJet 2130 not print documents??

Check the download and configure

The HP Deskjet 2130 printer can, of course, “declare suddenly” due to a minor technical misunderstanding. In a special way, the device does not print, as the charter did not meet in it. Open the gorny kapak on the printer and you will be assured that in the event that the charter has been met. Ako, the charter is still in session, and I will attentively.

Aco printer does not print itself, but still don’t light the indicator, so please check all the contacts. You will pay attention to the cables with which the device is connected to the connector, as well as the USB cable, which is used when plugged into the computer.

Remove the trail of the cat, the visual check is in order, at the time of the sign, which is correct, if not, follow the steps, then check the settings on the printer. Click on the top “Start”, go to the option “Printers and Devices”. In the opening of the clearing, measure all the printing devices, connect the computer or open it in the mrezhat.

You intend a printer that will be up to date and printed at that moment. Click twice on the top of the icon from the Levi bud on the bear. In the next prozorets, in the forge often on the menu, you intend the option “Printer”, you will place the bear in the top of it, and then you will show the falling list. Tosi is a list of ima bottom “Spirana on print”. Ako know the mark before him, can you please see if you have opened the cause of the problem. Wave the mark from the product square, for yes, allow the HP Deskjet printer and resume printing.

For some reason, the printer does not please print for the cause, which is assigned to the goals of the task, which at first did not have time to do it, and at the time of the evening takawa is possible. Examine the quality of the net for formyranate pomegranate. Orientation to the printer for izvrshvane on takawa technical problem is forestry, just a rag and go to the drop-down submenu, like before, but click on the top of another line, called “Check out the opashkata for printing”.

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These actions don’t lead to a positive exchange. In that case, if you need to repair and uninstall the driver, drop the printer device, click the bud on the teddy bear and select the “Iztriy” option.

The trace is full premahvane, restart the computer, the trace of the product, preinstall the driver, restart the operating system. In some cases, this will install the printer.

But it’s all the same, it’s still useless, togava unify the experience and the printer’s web site when you visit the service center. In the case of si, create a financial ruin, bind off the shroud, do it for a service on the captain.

Refilling HP Laser Printer

HP printers marked “laserjet” use laser printing technology. You can charge them at home according to the scheme below.

IMPORTANT! The instructions describe the technology for disassembling and assembling the cartridge, which consists of many structural elements (metal pins, springs, various plastic parts, and others). Perhaps you have a different cartridge, then you are in luck, because disassembly and assembly will be even faster and easier.

The filling principle is the same. The only difference is that some steps must be skipped, which greatly simplifies the work. In short, it is necessary to divide the part of the cartridge with the hopper from the part with the unused toner. Then take out the rotating elements: green (or blue) photo roll, magnetic drum and charge roller (corotron). Then unscrew the blade, empty the waste toner. Clean all structural elements with a clean, lint-free cloth. Pour powder paint into the desired compartment and reassemble the entire structure in the reverse order.

First, let’s provide a good video, below there is a text aLGorithm.

  • Turn off the power with the button located on the case. Pulling the cable out of the socket.
  • Open the cover on the front or top of the case (depending on the printer).
  • Take the cartridge by the handle and pull it towards you, pull it out.
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the side cover.
  • Remove the plastic.
  • Remove the photo roll by holding it by the outermost white gears.
  • Move the charge roller away from the wall with a flat screwdriver, remove it.
  • Divide the cartridge into two parts: compartment with waste and fresh powder. To do this, press the metal pin from the inside with a screwdriver, and from the outside, grab it with small pliers. The pins must be pulled out from both sides of the cartridge.

When you insert the photo roll, gently check with your hands that it turns easily. If rotation is difficult, it is likely that some mistakes were made during assembly and something is preventing the drum from spinning normally.

IMPORTANT! If there is no compartment with a plug, then you will have to pour toner into the slot behind the magnetic roller. In order not to spill the powder into unnecessary places, insert half an A4 sheet into the slot and pour on it, having previously positioned the structure at an angle.

See the video for more details.

What consumables are used

  • Ink. Liquid dye for inkjet printers. Has a water or pigment base. Pigmented pigments are of higher quality, are resistant to light, do not fade, are not afraid of water, the image is clearer.
  • Toner. Powder material for laser printers. It is made from oil waste. Less ink is consumed, low cost per page of monochrome (black and white) printing. Thanks to electrostatics and rollers, the toner is transferred to the paper and adhered to it by the high temperature. At the factory, the cartridge is filled with original powder. The user can use less expensive compatible dyes when refueling to save money.

Subject to the rules of operation of the shut-off device in inkjet color printers can be charged up to 10 times.

To prevent the dye from drying out on the foam sponge and hardening, the printer must not be idle without ink in the cartridge. But even with ink inside, it is impossible for the printer to stand idle for a long time, otherwise the nozzles and nozzles may dry out.

HP laser shut-off valves are almost eternal, but different parts can break. First of all, the fotoval breaks, then the magn. shaft, metering blade (squeegee). To extend the life of the cartridge, you need to clean the hopper with waste each time you refuel.