How to refuel a laser printer at home

Samsung and Brother printers

These brands are a little more demanding on refueling, especially Brother. With Samsung, everything is very clear. the cartridge needs to be disassembled and new toner filled in through the filling hole. In this case, no other manipulations need to be carried out. But you need to know how to refill the laser printer cartridge yourself if you have a Brother. First, you will have to disassemble the cartridge and put the toner inside. Be sure to pour the residues that are in the waste bunker. You can reuse them. this is not critical.

In addition, this printer model has a built-in system that counts the number of printed sheets. over, when the threshold value is reached, printing stops completely. Fortunately, such a “breakdown” can be eliminated with simple manipulations:

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  • Turn on the printer.
  • Wait for it to start and shut up (all the insides will stop rotating).
  • Press the “Back” and “Up” buttons.
  • Press the “Down” button several times until “00” appears on the display.
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That’s it, press the “Start” button and get to work. The counter is cleared and you can continue printing. At the same time, refueling is not at all necessary.

How to refuel various laser printers

In this short article, you will learn how to refuel a laser printer. Any user can independently carry out all the work, there is nothing complicated. But you need to be able to handle a screwdriver and sometimes pliers. Now we will look at general recommendations for refilling toner cartridges. As an example, the most common printer models will be given, which are most often found in offices and homes.

OKI printers

These printing machines differ in that they also have chips installed. These are small boards with microcircuits that set the resource (the maximum number of pages that can be printed). Typically, the chip needs to be replaced every time a cartridge is refilled. Now let’s talk about how to refuel laser printers of such models. First, let’s talk about the finicky OKIs:

  • Refueling is necessary infrequently, since the cartridge has (like all others) two bins. for clean toner and for waste. But for the sake of economy, they are connected to each other. As a result, toner takes a very long time.
  • The cartridge contains a microchip. When a certain number of printed pages is reached, the printer simply stops. Therefore, you need to replace the chip.
  • In addition, sometimes (approximately every 15,000 sheets) the printer starts to “swear” at the cartridge. Only installing a new element will help. But you can also cheat. New cartridges have fuses that burn out the first time they are turned on. At the same time, the printer “sees” a new cartridge and starts counting again. To deceive the printer, it is enough to close the corresponding contacts and open them in time when turned on. For this purpose, it is convenient to use an ammeter.
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Features of refilling cartridges HP and Canon

Perhaps the best laser printer for the home is one made by HP or Canon. There are models that are very similar to each other. Refueling is carried out according to the same aLGorithm:

  • Removing the cartridge.
  • Remove the side panel of the cartridge by unscrewing 1-2 screws.
  • Pull out the magnetic roller and drum unit.
  • Pour new toner paint into the hole covered by the magnetic roller.

Xerox printers

These printing machines are also capricious, but not as much as the previous ones. How to refuel a Xerox laser printer? This is very easy to do. remove the cartridge and add new toner. over, sometimes it is not even necessary to disassemble the unit. the filling hole is in plain sight. But the problem is that you will need to install chips. Their cost is quite high, but some masters manage to programmatically get rid of the need to replace the chip card.

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Now you know how to refuel laser printers of various models, and what nuances can be encountered in doing so. If you are not confident in your own abilities, take the cartridge to the workshop. they will do everything much faster and will also provide a guarantee for the work performed.