How to remove a cartridge from a Samsung printer

Samsung ML-2160 Laser Printer Series Software and Driver Downloads

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Samsung ML-2160 Laser Printer Series Software and Driver Downloads

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Resetting the page counter on a laser printer

[Brian] was very fond of his Samsung color laser printer until it was time to replace the toner cartridges. A complete set of toner cartridges sells for about the same price as the printer itself, so [Brian] figured he could just refill the toner cartridges he already had. The printer will give a “low toner” warning based on the number of pages and will not print if the number of pages is too high, which negates the savings in the toner refill kit. Fortunately, [Brian] has come up with an extremely easy way to reset the page counter so that it could use third party top-up kits.

All configuration settings and page counts for the printer are stored in the I2C EEPROM. After dumping the data stored in that EEPROM with the Arduino and sniffing whatever gets into the EEPROM with the Bus Pirate, [Brian] was almost on the edge of his wits. Fortunately, intuition intervened. When [Brian] restarted the printer with the Bus Pirate connected, he noticed that it took much longer to initialize. After printing out the configuration report, he was glad to see that all page counters had been reset.

The final trick that allows [Brian] to reset the page counter and used refilled toner cartridges. it is a simple wire that connects the SDA EEPROM line to ground at boot. [Brian] used a snap-action switch, but given that this is a once every few months operation, a simple wire will suffice. Watch a demo of [Brian’s] page reset after a break.

Samsung ML-2160 Repair Manual | Manualzz

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Find the file in your browser window and double-click it to start the installation.

Wait for the installation to complete, then click “Continue”.

This Product Discovery Tool installs software on your Microsoft Windows device that enables HP to discover and collect data about your HP and Compaq products to provide quick access to support information and solutions. Technical data is collected and used for products supported by this tool. to identify products, provide appropriate solutions and automatically update this tool to improve our products, solutions, services and your experience as our customer.

Note: This tool is only applicable to Microsoft Windows PCs. This tool will detect HP PCs and HP printers.

  • Operating system
  • Browser version
  • Computer seller
  • Product name / number
  • Serial number
  • Connection port
  • Driver / device description
  • Computer and / or printer configuration
  • Hardware and software diagnostics
  • HP / non-HP ink and / or HP / non-HP toner
  • Number of pages printed

Information about installed software:

  • HP Support Solutions Framework. Windows service, localhost web server and software

Removing installed software:

  • Uninstall “HP Support Solutions Framework” via Add or Remove Programs on PC.
  • Operating system. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Browser
  • – Google Chrome 10, Internet Explorer (IE) 10.0 and Firefox 3.6.x, 12.0


How to remove the cartridge from the printer

Nowadays, printers are used to print documents and files. These are special peripheral devices that are connected to a computer and convert information from an electronic format in a database to a paper medium. The process of work of any printer consists in sequential execution of a certain cycle. It consists of several main stages:

  • Connecting equipment to a power source and recognition by a computer program.
  • Setting the print format and the quality of the resulting display.
  • Loading a cartridge and paper, starting a job.
  • Sequential printing of document pages.

This happens every time you use the program. As can be seen from the described manipulation plan, one of the main elements for carrying out the work is the cartridge. For normal printing, it is necessary to monitor its condition, the amount of ink After it is completely consumed, it is necessary to refill it or completely replace it with a new element.

How to refill the cartridge?

After you have removed the old element, you can replace it with a new one, but to save money, you can use refueling at home. This is easy enough even for a beginner, but some questions may arise on the first try. A step-by-step plan for performing the manipulation will help to answer them:

  • Prepare ink and syringe to inject inside the cartridge body.
  • Use the plunger to fill the syringe container up to the upper mark. Do not fill to the limit, otherwise the paint may spill out.
  • After that, find the hole on the outer case and insert the needle from the syringe into it. Begin to gently and smoothly pour ink into the container, filling it.
  • In the final step, tape all the holes in the cartridge to prevent ink loss.
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In the case of using laser toner, the process will be slightly different:

  • Prepare personal protective equipment as polymer powder is highly toxic.
  • Remove the element from the printer body, inspect its walls. There should be a hole on the top cover. In its absence, you need to burn a small hole in the wall.
  • After that, using a special funnel, pour the powder into the free chamber.
  • Then cover the hole with a plug or duct tape.
  • In some cases, a special chip (included in the kit) must be applied to the cartridge so that the computer and printer programs recognize it
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This option is suitable when using a universal technique and a suitable coloring material for refueling. Some manufacturers limit the ability to work with non-native elements, you should take this into account before trying to insert a refilled cartridge. Information can be found on the cartridge body or in the printer’s instruction manual.

Samsung Xpress M2070 M2070W M2070F M2070FW. Replacing the Toner Cartridge

IMPORTANT: Do not leave the printer for a long time without a cartridge, this may cause malfunction and poor print quality.

Therefore, it is recommended to quickly replace or refill paint in order to restore the operation of the equipment in a short time.

How not to get dirty in paint?

An important point when replacing a cartridge is the presence of remaining ink in it. The problem is that the coloring composition inside the element can stain human skin and surrounding objects. In order to protect yourself and the elements of your home interior, use the following tips:

  • Prepare your work area, lay sheets of paper on a surface. Remove unnecessary items from the table.
  • Put on an old apron or cover your body with a towel. Be sure to put on gloves on your hands, you can use old knitwear that you have not used for a long time.
  • Also stock up on rags or wipes to quickly remove any paint that gets on your skin or clothing. Stock up on solvent to remove the paint when it dries.

IMPORTANT: Do not shake or turn the cartridge to check the remaining ink levels as this may result in ink leakage.

Of course, different types of paint or polymer powder (toner) have different effects and require special precautions. In some cases, it will be helpful to use personal protective equipment: rubber gloves, respirators, goggles.

Removing the cartridge?

Before you start installing a new element inside the printer body, you must remove the old cartridge. This is quite simple to do, especially if you have experience with technology. However, if this is your first time performing the manipulation, it is better to follow the step-by-step instructions and carefully remove the cartridge from the printer body. To do this, follow the instructions:

  • Prepare your work area, remove unnecessary jewelry from your hands and roll up your sleeves for comfort and paint spillage.
  • Gently lift the printer cover, look inside the case. During operation, some parts may become very hot, be careful when touching elements.
  • Find a cartridge, in some models it can be held by special clips. Pull them gently without sudden movements so as not to break.
  • After releasing from the clamps, pull on the handles or notches on the cartridge. If it gets stuck, you should contact the service center for help. Sudden and violent movements can damage equipment.
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When you open the case, the cartridges can continue to move for some time without applying ink, you should not stop them yourself. Wait a while until the movement stops, then remove them.

IMPORTANT: Different versions of the equipment have their own characteristics when installing removable parts, for convenience it is worth reading the instructions and watching the training videos.

Care must be taken when removing the cartridge as it contains many small parts, damage to which can adversely affect print quality.

How to insert the cartridge correctly?

  • Disconnect the needle and syringe, rinse them thoroughly until the coloring composition is completely removed.
  • Place the cartridges on a flat surface with the holes facing up to allow the ink to settle inside them.
  • Now locate the original location on the moving carriage. Turn off the printer so that the printheads do not move and interfere with the main process.
  • Pre-open the holes by removing the tapes or tape covering them to get paint into the nozzles.
  • Insert the element into the device without sudden movements until a characteristic click appears, signaling the correct installation. Don’t push hard.
  • If there are retaining clips, slide them back slightly to neatly seat all components.

So you can definitely refill the cartridge or install new equipment, if necessary. This will significantly save your money and time.

To improve performance and productivity, read additional information about your hardware and follow these tips:

  • Diagnose and troubleshoot operational problems.
  • Periodically clean the structural elements from dust, dirt and foreign elements.
  • When refueling cartridges, do not mix different compounds, this will spoil the printing machines.
  • If the equipment does not support other people’s parts, try not to use them.