How to remove a cartridge from an HP printer

How to refuel?

You can refill the cartridge for the HP printer yourself. This procedure has certain features that you must definitely familiarize yourself with before starting work. Self-refilling is much more profitable than replacing old cartridges with new ones, especially when it comes to color equipment. Consider the scheme of refueling a consumable for an inkjet printer.

To refill the cartridges, you will need:

  • suitable ink;
  • Empty paint containers or cartridges that need to be refilled;
  • a medical syringe, its optimal volume is from 5 to 10 millimeters;
  • thick rubber gloves;
  • napkins.

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Having collected everything you need, you can start refueling.

  • Place new cartridges on the table, nozzles down. Find the protective sticker on them and remove it. There are 5 holes under it, but only one is needed for work, the central.
  • The next step is to draw ink into the syringe. Make sure the paint is compatible with your equipment. When using new containers, you will need 5 milliliters of ink per container.
  • The needle must be inserted carefully and strictly vertically so as not to break. There will be little resistance in the process, this is normal. As soon as the needle hits the filter located at the bottom of the cartridge, you need to stop. Otherwise, this element may be damaged. Lift the needle up a little and continue to insert it.
  • Now you can start injecting the pigment. It is recommended to do the job slowly. Once the ink is poured from the syringe into the container, you can remove the needle from the cartridge.
  • The holes on the print element must be re-covered with a protective sticker.
  • The refilled cartridge must be placed on a damp or dense dry cloth and left for about 10 minutes. The printing surface should be gently wiped with a piece of soft cloth. This concludes the work: the ink container can be inserted into the printer.

Excess ink in the cartridge can be removed with a syringe by gently pumping out the ink. Before work, it is recommended to protect the table with old newspapers or film.

The process of refilling laser equipment cartridges is complicated and hazardous to health, therefore, it is highly discouraged to carry it out at home. You will need special equipment to charge the cartridges with toner. Better to contact specialists.

Installing Paper in the Printer

The official manual from the manufacturer designated above states that before installing a new cartridge, you must insert paper into the appropriate tray. This feature is due to the fact that you can not only change containers with paint, but also align the paper, immediately starting to print.

  • open the printer cover;
  • then you need to open the receiving tray;
  • the mount that is used to fix the paper should be pushed back;
  • several sheets of standard A4 size must be installed in the paper tray;
  • fasten the sheets, but do not pinch them too tightly so that the pick-up roller can rotate freely;
  • this completes the work with the first type of consumable.

How to replace correctly?

It is necessary not only to correctly remove the cartridge, but also to install a new printing element yourself. The installation will take only a few minutes. Most models from Hewlett-Packard use removable ink cartridges that can be purchased separately.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer?

Despite the fact that modern technology is simple to operate, it is necessary to know certain features of the equipment. Otherwise, the equipment will malfunction, which will lead to breakdown. Products of the Hewlett-Packard trademark are in great demand. In this article we will tell you how to correctly replace cartridges in printers from the above manufacturer.

Installing the cartridge

Before purchasing a cartridge, be sure to check if it is suitable for a specific equipment model. You can find the information you need in the operating instructions. Also, the necessary information is indicated on the official website of the manufacturer.

Experts recommend using original consumables, otherwise the printer may not detect the cartridges at all.

With the right accessories, you can get started.

  • To get to the desired holder, you need to open the side of the printer.
  • If an old consumable is installed in the device, it must be removed.
  • Remove the new cartridge from the packaging. Remove the protective stickers that cover the contacts and nozzles.
  • Install new parts by placing each cartridge in its place. A click will indicate that the containers are positioned correctly.
  • Use this diagram to install the rest of the consumables.
  • Before starting the equipment, it is recommended to perform a calibration by running the function “Print a test page”.

Laser technology

Office equipment of this type operates on cartridges filled with toner. It is a consumable powder. It is worth noting that the consumable is harmful to the health of people and animals, therefore, when using the printer, it is recommended to ventilate the room, and the refueling process itself is carried out by professionals and in special conditions.

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Each laser model contains a drum unit inside. This element must be removed and carefully removed. The whole process will take a few minutes.

The work is carried out according to the following scheme.

  • First, the equipment must be disconnected from the mains. If the machine has recently been used, wait until it has completely cooled down. The room where the equipment is installed should have optimal humidity and temperature. Otherwise, the powder paint can get lost in a lump and completely deteriorate.
  • The top cover must be carefully removed.
  • If done correctly, the cartridge will be visible. It must be carefully taken in hand and pulled towards you.
  • At the slightest resistance, you must carefully inspect the compartment for the presence of foreign objects. If you cannot reach the cartridge, you must remove the special securing latch. It is located on both sides of the cartridge.

Note: if you are going to carry the consumable, it must be packed in a tight package and sent to a dark box or separate box. When reusing an removed cartridge, it is important to be as careful as possible and grasp the edges of the cartridge to remove it. It is recommended to protect your hands with gloves.

How to take out?

The popular manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (HP) produces two types of office equipment: laser and inkjet models. Both options are in high demand. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages, which is why equipment of various types remains relevant. To safely remove the cartridge from the machine, you need to know how it works. The workflow depends on the type of printer.


In some cases, the equipment may not correctly perceive new cartridges, for example, incorrectly detect the color. In this case, you need to align.

The procedure is as follows.

  • The printing equipment must be connected to a PC, turned on and started.
  • Next, you need to go to the “Control Panel”. You can find the corresponding section by clicking the “Start” button. You can also use the search box on your computer.
  • Find the section titled “Devices and Printers”. Having opened this category, you must select the equipment model.
  • Click on the model with the right mouse button and select “Printing Preferences”.
  • The user will see a tab called “Services”.
  • Look for a feature called “Align Cartridges”.
  • The program will open an instruction with which you can set up office equipment. After finishing work, it is recommended to reconnect the equipment, start it up and use it as intended.

2 Easy Ways to Bypass HP Cartridge Protection

There are two ways to remove, disable, or bypass HP Cartridge Protection settings. In particular, we are talking about the following methods:

  • For printers not connected to the Internet. Disconnection is carried out through the control panel of the device. On your personal computer, find the Devices and Printers section. Then find the model of the HP printer you want. In the properties of the machine, find the “Security” tab and disable the option that is responsible for protecting the cartridges. Save.
  • For printers connected to the Internet. Find the IP address of the product in the printer settings menu. Copy and paste it into the address bar of any browser. The configuration of your printing device will open. Go to settings and disable cartridge protection.

Attention: Updating the printer software again will re-enable the cartridge protection feature. You can avoid this by disabling automatic updates for web services.

The described method should solve the problem caused by HP Cartridge Protection. However, there is an exception. It is not possible to unlock a cartridge that was previously protected by another printer. Only replacing the chip or cartridge will help.

How to reset HP Instant Ink preferences

If you used the HP Instant Ink service (or accidentally activated it), and now decided to switch to regular cartridges, but the printer refuses to accept them, try resetting the device. This can be done in the following way:

  • Enter the printer menu and reset the settings to factory defaults.

Warning: Setting default options will erase all previous printer settings. Make sure you really need it before pressing the reset button.

  • When the settings are reset and the printer restarts, you will be prompted to subscribe to HP Instant Ink again. Click “No”.
  • Now disable HP Cartridge Protection as described above.
  • Change storage settings. To do this, on the printer display (if touchscreen) press “Settings” = “Preferences” = put “Off” opposite the item “Storage of anonymous information”.
  • Install cartridges.

This method allows you to disconnect the printer from the monitoring system. HP will not be able to find out what consumables you are using, so the equipment will not be blocked. Of the shortcomings. the remainder of the ink in the cartridges will no longer be displayed correctly. However, the consumables will work without any glitches.

Please note: This method is valid, but not suitable for every printer or MFP model.

HP Cartridge Protection. what is this program and why is it needed

HP Cartridge Protection is a printer management program that automatically blocks the operation of cartridges if they were previously applied to any other printing device. First of all, it is designed to combat the fraudulent activities of those who are trying to pass off fakes as original consumables. However, sometimes the program locks up and compatible cartridges.

For example, if you want to use remanufactured or refilled cartridges, the message “Cartridge is blocked on another printer” may appear on the display of the device. This happens for the following reasons:

  • The printer is protected against reuse of cartridges or the use of non-original consumables.
  • The chip or microcircuit of the cartridge being installed has already been in contact with another printer model that has a blocking function.
  • Your printer is connected to HP Instant Ink.
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Please note: If you unsubscribe from HP Instant Ink, this does not mean that you will be able to freely use the device. The Cartridge Protection program will not disappear anywhere and will further block the operation of non-original consumables.

How to get rid of the HP Instant Ink status pop-up window

If you have previously used HP Instant Ink, the printer may still try to connect to the Internet while printing to check the status of the ink in consumables. This is not critical, but it can annoy someone.

You can disable verification. To do this, go to the printer menu. Go to the web service settings. Next, turn off the “HP ePrint” option and disable web services.

Why did Hewlett-Packard implement this program in their products??

For the same purpose, there is the HP Instant Ink service. When using it, you have to pay monthly for printing a certain number of pages. You don’t need to buy cartridges. The developer will send them to you as soon as the ink starts to run out. But you need a constant connection of the printer to the Internet so that the monitoring system automatically monitors the state of technology.

Unfortunately, these programs block the use of not only fakes, but also legal analog consumables. However, the use of compatible cartridges is not prohibited by law. Therefore, if you want to switch to more economical supplies and not receive messages about their blocking, we recommend using our tips for bypassing the protection of HP printers.

How to bypass HP Cartridge Protection blocking

If your HP printer displays a message about blocked cartridges or mentions that consumable protection has been turned on, then you are likely to be the victim of a printer software update. A similar problem with cartridges often occurs with new office equipment that involves the use of the HP Instant Ink service or original consumables. We understand that not everyone seeks to use the services imposed by the manufacturer. Therefore, we will tell you how to overcome this problem caused by the HP Cartridge Protection program.

After studying the article, you are guaranteed to find answers to the following questions:

Let’s start solving the problem of blocked cartridges.

Why are cartridges blocked on HP printers?

Modern Internet-connected HP printers are regularly updated with micro-software updates. These updates can not only affect the operation of equipment, but also add several new functions. Initially, you may not notice any changes. But if a pop-up window for blocking cartridges appears during operation, then it is very likely that your printer software has recently been updated.

Important: If your device did not have built-in HP Cartridge Protection, then the update is guaranteed to install it.

In addition, the first time you connect a purchased printer, you may be prompted to subscribe to HP Instant Ink. If you agree (even if you accidentally click or decide to try it as an experiment), then in the future you will be able to use only consumables provided by the terms of this service. The use of any other types of cartridges will become unavailable.

Printer table with HP Cartridge Protection running



F2410 / 2418/2423/2430/2476/2483/2488/2492/2493/4583

Cleaning the HP Printer Properly

Scanner working surface

There are a series of models with a built-in scanner, or they are full-fledged MFPs with a display and fax. In any case, such an element as a scanner is found quite often in HP products, so it’s worth talking about cleaning it. Gently wipe the inside and glass, be sure to remove any stains as they interfere with good scanning. To do this, it is better to take a dry cloth that does not have lint that could remain on the surface of the device.

Cartridge area

Let’s move smoothly to the internal components of the printer. Often, pollution in this area provokes not only a deterioration in print quality, but also causes malfunctions in the functioning of the device. Follow these steps:

    Turn off the device and unplug it completely.

Lift the top cover and remove the cartridge. If the printer is not a laser printer, but an inkjet printer, you will need to remove each ink tank to access the contacts and the inner area.

Use the same dry, lint-free cloth to gently remove dust and foreign objects from inside the equipment. Pay particular attention to contacts and other metal parts.

If you are faced with the fact that FINE format cartridges or separate ink tanks do not print or there is not enough color on the finished sheets, we advise you to also clean this component separately. Our next article will help you understand this process.

We clean the HP printer

The whole procedure is divided into steps. They must be performed sequentially, having carefully read the instructions given. It is important not to use ammonia-based cleaners, acetone or gasoline, even on the outside. When working with the cartridge, we advise you to wear gloves to avoid paint splashing.

Gripper roller

In the printing periphery, there is a paper feed unit, the main component of which is the pickup roller. If it does not work correctly, the sheets will be captured unevenly or it will not be done at all. Full cleaning of this element will help to avoid this, and it is done like this:

    You already had the side / top cover of the printer open when you accessed the cartridges. Now you should look inside and find a small rubberized roller there.

On the sides are two small latches that hold the component in place. Spread them apart.

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Gently pull out the Pickup Roller by grasping its base.

  • Purchase a special cleaner or use an alcohol-based household cleaner. Dampen paper in it and wipe the roller surface several times.
  • Dry and put it back in its place.
  • Remember to secure the holders. They need to be returned to their original position.

    Reinsert the cartridge or ink tank and close the cover.

    Now you can connect peripherals to the network and connect to your computer.

    External surfaces

    First, cover the printer. It is best to use a dry or damp soft cloth that will not scratch the plastic panels. Close all covers and wipe thoroughly to remove dust and stains.

    Software cleaning

    The HP device driver includes software tools that automatically clean some of the inside of the device. These procedures can be started manually via the built-in display or the Printer Properties menu in the Windows operating system. In our article at the link below you will find detailed instructions on how to clean the print head using this method.

    If you find additional functions in the “Service” menu, click on them, read the instructions and start the procedure. Most common cleaning tools for pallets, nozzles and rollers.

    Today you have walked through the five steps to thoroughly cleaning HP printers. As you can see, all actions are performed quite simply and even an inexperienced user can do it. We hope we helped you to cope with the task.

    Laser Devices

    Laser printers use a black toner cartridge that is much faster than inkjet models. The toner itself is one of the components of the cartridge, where there is an imaging drum and other important elements. This entire block is removed from the printer, and only then it is refilled. The whole procedure is completed in just a few minutes:

    • Turn off the printer and disconnect power. Only proceed to the next step after making sure that the printer is cool and that the room is at a normal temperature and humidity. Precautions are necessary to ensure that the remaining powder does not collapse into lumps, complicating the refueling operation.
    • Open the top cover by moving your hand in the appropriate direction.

    Grasp the cartridge by the handle and pull it lightly. If you suddenly feel that some part is interfering with normal removal, carefully examine the insides. you may have to open the securing latch on both sides of the cartridge.

  • If you need to further transport the cartridge, wrap it in bubble wrap and put it in a dark box.
  • When proceeding with the removed ink tank, take special care: hold the structure by the edges so as not to touch fragile parts with your hands. If you need to self-refill the cartridge, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our separate material on this topic by clicking on the link below.

    Removing cartridges from HP printers

    As mentioned earlier, there are laser and inkjet devices. They are in approximately the same demand, so they are distributed in the same way. Because of this, we would like not to focus on any one type, but to tell in detail about each, presenting separate instructions.

    Removing a cartridge from HP printers

    HP has been manufacturing printers and multifunctional products for many years. Among the models of this equipment, there are both laser and inkjet machines, differing not only in the printing aLGorithm, but also in structure. Each of these models has at least one cartridge, which sometimes needs to be refilled. You can do this yourself, but you will need to remove the ink bottle before starting the procedure.

    Inkjet devices

    In inkjet technology, two or four cartridges are usually installed, depending on the used printer or MFP model. They do not form a single system as is done in laser equipment, but are separate small components that are installed in appropriate places. Each of these containers is removed individually, and this can be done as follows:

    • Turn off the power to the printer and wait until it stops working completely.
    • Open the top cover according to its design. For example, in some devices, it is enough to lower it down by grasping a special recess, and sometimes you need to press the corresponding button and completely detach the panel.

    Then press on the cartridge until a characteristic click appears. If there is a holder, you must first lift it up, otherwise you will not be able to detach the ink tank.

    After that, you can proceed to installing new cartridges, refilling existing ones, cleaning them, or connecting a continuous ink supply system. Read about all these procedures in expanded form in our other materials listed below.

    As for the disposal of cartridges, this must be done in accordance with the established rules of the area of ​​residence, because such elements need to be recycled, and when they are thrown out in the wrong places, nature is polluted with materials that do not decompose for a long time.

    You are now familiar with the methods for removing cartridges from different types of printing equipment. Although we have indicated various nuances, there are still many varieties of models and series of devices with their own technical features that must be taken into account in any interventions in the system. Therefore, before removing the cartridge, we strongly recommend the available instructions for the model used.

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