How to remove a piece of paper from the printer

We fix the problem with our own hands

The best way to start clearing paper jams is to unplug the printer. Suddenly you have to crawl into the device with your hand. you should exclude problems with electricity. It also allows the feed rollers to cool down faster. Otherwise, you can burn yourself about them.

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Let’s be honest, this technique only helps in 10% of cases, but it’s worth a try. Just turn the printer off and on again. If the jam is small, the drum will spin and push the jammed paper.

Open the top cover and paper tray. This will help locate the jam. You can even shine a flashlight. It happens that the sheet not only remains inside the printer, but also breaks into small pieces. Be sure to remove them.

It happens that the jammed sheets are not visible at all. the printing was interrupted at the moment when the paper was mostly inside the device. Then it is best to remove the cartridge, which will open up more access for the actions described in the previous paragraph.

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The main thing is not to use any third-party items. knives, scissors, pencils, etc. You can damage the mechanical parts of the printer.

If you are unable to clear regular paper jams on your own, you can contact a service center. Today there are many organizations that provide specialist home visit services. It is convenient and does not require additional time for the delivery of equipment for repair.

By the way, it is best not to self-medicate with expensive and complex models of printers and MFPs. User intervention is often the cause of serious damage to such devices. If you categorically refuse the services of a specialized service, then watch several videos on the Internet on the topic “What to do if the paper is jammed in the printer.” It cannot be ruled out that you will find a detailed overview of how to fix this problem using the example of your printing device model.

What causes paper jams in the printer?

There are many reasons for misfeeding of sheets for printing. They mainly arise due to the following operating errors:

  • Using old or wrinkled paper, sheets with curled edges.
  • It is not uncommon for the printer to purchase unsuitable, non-standard paper. For example, too thick or too thin.
  • Sheets are not stacked correctly or crookedly in the feed tray. This leads to misalignment, jamming and malfunctioning of the entire printer.
  • Sheets caught with a paper clip or staple staple. They like to save money in offices and send “drafts” to print. Only now they forget to check the former documents for the possibility of further use.
  • It happens that the sheets themselves stick together from a long stay in the pile. As experts often say. “magnetized”.
  • If you open the tray during printing, then in 90% of cases you will have to remove the sheet jammed in the printer.
  • Wear of device parts cannot be ruled out. For example, a breakdown of the paper feed roller. On average, its service life is limited to 3-5 years of active use of the printer.
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What to do if paper is jammed in the printer?

Any even an expensive and proven printer model can sometimes surprise its user with paper jams. Further printing becomes impossible until we remove the jammed sheets. In this case, you should not panic. you need to understand why this happened and quickly fix the problem. In this article, we’ll walk you through what to do if a paper jam occurs in the printer.

Tips & Tricks

Considering a few things when using the printer, you can significantly reduce the risk of problems:

  • Do not put too many sheets in the tray. Optimal when it is slightly more than half full.
  • Insert sheets neatly into the tray. Be sure to align the stack with the side clamps.
  • When sending previously used sheets to print, remove any staples and staples from them, and check for jammed corners or dust.
  • When inserting a stack of sheets, always fan through the fold. This will keep them from sticking together.
  • If you are printing on non-standard weights, be sure to indicate this in the printer settings. To do this, select the “Properties” tab, then the “Paper” section. Here you can select the paper type: Cardboard, Recycled, Stickers, Thin, Heavy, etc.
  • Adjust the input tray. If it slides out, make sure that the stack of sheets does not hang down. Convenient when the printer has a cross guide. Position it as close to the edges of the paper as possible so that it squeezes the sheets without skewing.
  • Do not open the paper tray while printing.
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Below are videos on removing paper from different printer models.