How to remove auto-lock on iPhone 7

How to enable auto-lock.

If auto-blocking has not been previously installed on the device, and we want to enable it:

  • Go to Settings, select Screen and Brightness.

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  • Click “Auto-lock” and select the time interval for it.

Click on the item “Auto-lock”.

That’s all! IPhone is now set to automatically lock the display at a selected time interval.

How to turn off auto-lock on iPhone?

The Auto Screen Lock on iPhone is designed specifically to conserve battery power as a long-glowing screen is energy-consuming. But what to do if the user is uncomfortable that the screen locks too quickly, and this interferes with the work?

In this article, we will take a closer look at how to prevent iPhone from locking (that is, how to disable auto-lock screen on iPhone), as well as how to change the time interval for auto-lock.

How to change the auto-lock time and available time intervals

If we want not to disable auto-blocking, but only to change the time interval for it, we can choose from the available ones. There are several spacing options in Settings. from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

  • Go to Settings, go to “Screen and Brightness”, then. in the “Auto-lock” menu.

How to Turn Screen Passcode on/off. iPhone 7/7

  • Among the options presented from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, choose the one that suits us, click on it.

Choosing the desired interval option.

Done! Now auto-blocking will be performed at the selected time interval.

Disable auto-lock via Settings

If we want to turn off auto-lock screen, we need to do it through iPhone Settings:

  • We go to the Settings section, select the item “Screen and Brightness”.

We select the section “Screen and brightness”.

  • Now we find the item “Auto-lock”, open it, and put a tick in front of the option “Never” (deactivate auto-lock).

Selecting “Never” to disable auto-lock.

As we can see, enabling and disabling auto-lock on the iPhone is quite simple, it will take less than a minute. Also in the Settings, we can select the period of time after which the automatic blocking will be performed.

We hope that our instructions were useful for the readers, and now you can easily understand the process of regulating auto-lock on the iPhone.!

How to remove auto-lock on “iPhone

To do this, select the “Never” item in the menu. The manufacturer does not recommend using this setting, as it can greatly reduce the battery life of the device, as well as adversely affect the display itself. After all, the longer and more it is used, the higher the possibility of its breakage.

How to change the blocking time

Apart from the question of how to turn off auto-lock on “iPhone”, many users are wondering how to change its time. After all, this is an equally important parameter, after which the screen will go out on its own. On new gadgets, this indicator is set by default to 1 minute.

The parameter can be adjusted by going to “Settings. Screen. Auto-lock”. Then the time can be changed at the discretion of the owner.

The interval can vary from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. In addition, there you can also find an option, thanks to which it is possible to disable the automatic screen lock completely. It is recommended to use this function only in exceptional cases.

The most popular option is considered to be a time period of 3 minutes. This means that if you do not perform any actions with the gadget during this period, the display will automatically turn off and the device will be locked. A few seconds before locking, the screen will greatly dim, warning of an imminent shutdown.

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The iOS operating system has a function designed to automatically turn off the screen. To activate and configure it, open the “Settings” application, and then go to the “Screen and brightness” subsection. Next, you need to select from the list “Autoblock”. There are several methods available for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone owners, one of which should be applied.

In addition, to save battery power, you can reduce the brightness and use the “Auto Brightness” function, which is located in the same department.

Starting with iOS 11, this functionality has been moved to: “Settings. General. Accessibility. Screen adaptation”.

Why auto-lock on “iPhone” is not active

Thanks to the power saving function, in some cases the operating system partially cuts down the operation of certain services. When it is activated (“Settings. Battery”), you will not be able to change the screen auto-lock period. The system automatically sets the time for 30 seconds.

After turning off the power saving mode, the function returns to the original value set by the owner.

How to disable auto-lock on “iPhone”: instructions

There are many ways to increase the battery life of smartphones, ranging from the simplest to the most radical ones, which will limit the functionality of the gadget. Below we will talk about the time after which the screen of “apple” devices automatically turns off, we will figure out how to change it and how to turn off auto-lock on “iPhone“.

What it is

Auto-lock is considered an important option that can significantly reduce the battery consumption of a smartphone, as well as eliminate accidental key presses while the gadget is in your. The owner can independently choose how long his device will be unlocked. It’s worth noting that some people don’t want their gadget to lock itself at all. How to turn off auto-lock on “iPhone”? This is a question that worries many new buyers of Apple technology.

Not knowing how to turn off auto-lock on “iPhone”, you can use our instructions. After all, in fact, everything is simple, and if you figure it out once, then in the future there will be no problems with enabling and disabling the parameter.

Setting a password for the lock screen

If you set a password, then each time you have to enter it to remove the lock screen.

    While in the “Computer Settings”, select the “Accounts” block.

Go to the “Accounts” section to select the option to protect your PC

Go to the “Login parameters” sub-item and select one of the possible options for setting a password: classic password, pin code or pattern.

Choose a way to add a password from three possible options: classic password, pin code or pattern

Add a password, come up with hints to help you remember it, and save your changes. Done, now you need a key to unlock.

Prescribing a password and a hint for data protection

You can disable the password in the same section by setting the “Never” parameter to the “Login required” value.

Various ways to lock your computer

Blog → Various ways to lock your computer

In this article we will tell you about a function that appeared with Windows OS a long time ago, but has just recently undergone significant changes. It’s about locking your computer.

Everyone knows about this option on the system. However, starting with Windows 8, it became possible to lock the screen. A photo splash screen appears in front of the user, displaying the date and time. we see exactly the same computer lock when we turn it on every time we log into an account.

Disable using the Local Group Policy Editor

One of the quickest ways to disable / remove the lock screen in Windows 10 is to call a built-in service called Local Group Policy Editor.

It is called from the program search line (WinR or through the Start menu), in which we enter the command gpedit.msc.

In the window that opens, click on the item “Computer Configuration”, select the sub-item “Administrative Templates”, then go to the “Control Panel” and select “Personalization”.

We are looking for the branch “Prohibiting the display of the lock screen”, double-click on it, after the screen lock settings window pops up, select the desired pointer, confirm the changes and reboot the computer.

Disconnect via personalization

One of the most advanced and functional ways to remove / enable the lock screen in Windows 10, as well as change the lock time and set other parameters is using the “Personalization” system partition.

To do this, right-click on any area of ​​the desktop and select “Personalization” in the menu that appears. Then we select the “Lock Screen” tab and get access to the window of all kinds of settings, with which you can both enable / disable this function, and manipulate its parameters (choose a background image, set the waiting time, personalize these parameters for individual applications, etc.).).

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How to lock with a password

It is also possible to lock the computer with a password. This is a separate feature. It is set at the stage of installing your system. There will be a special question. whether to insert a password or not, and what it should be. You will enter it twice to avoid mistakes. But we still recommend using the methods described in one of our previous articles.

You can also set a password through the control panel. for this, go to the “User accounts” section in the item and “Create an account password”

That’s all. I hope that the article was useful to you and you know exactly how to block your computer from any unauthorized people. Block computers, friends!

What the lock screen looks like

This interface element is a screen saver with one or more icons of users of this PC and an offer (button) to enter the system with a password for password-protected accounts. In Windows 10, this function was diversified by adding several additional elements to the interface (current time / date, for laptops. battery level) and screen saver rotation. But its essence remains the same. user identification to prevent unauthorized access after prolonged inactivity of the computer, as well as when it is turned on.

Even if the user account is present in a single copy and is not protected by a password, the lock screen will still appear.

How to move

Similarly, you can change the location of the clock on the screen. both on the main one and on the lock. Selectable from Clock & Lock, Screen Lock or other similar function. Typically, below each is a short list of actions that you can take if you select it. You can move the clock up, down, leave in the middle.

How to set the clock on the lock

On the iPhone, the clock is already set on the lock screen by the manufacturer. this is in the style of a mobile device. Therefore, the user can only move the indicators on the display or remove them altogether, if he wishes.

How to remove

It is easy to cope with the task on your own, but you should not remove the clock at all. This is a great opportunity to find out what hour is running without unlocking the display. The step-by-step instructions are presented as follows:

iPhone 7 / Plus: How to Change Auto Lock Screen Timeout (New Location for iOS 10 & Above)

  • Find “Settings” on your mobile device.
  • In the offered list of functions, select “Clock and lock” or “Time setting”.
  • It is required to disable the clock. move the slider to the “Disabled” mode.

Hours can be added and removed as needed. The same sequence is always used. valid for all iPhone models.

IPhone Lock Screen. Enable or Disable

There are often difficulties with the iPhone lock screen. Users are faced with auto-blocking in the absence of settings made on their own. In order not to suffer from such problems, it is recommended to study in advance the instructions on how to lock the screen on an iPhone.

How to increase the blocking time

The screen lock time cannot be increased, since the display will be locked only as long as the owner needs it. You can only increase the period during which the display remains active when the mobile device is not used. The procedure can be carried out by analogy with the above instructions.

Here, the manufacturer only gives time recommendations. You should not stop at 30 seconds, as the owner himself will experience inconvenience from using the phone in this way. It is also not recommended to choose 4-5 minutes, because during the presented period of time, you can commit unintentional actions.

IPhone Lock Screen. Turn Auto Lock On or Off

Before considering the issue of disabling or connecting auto-lock, it is necessary to define what the iPhone lock screen is. Every mobile phone is equipped with this function, which means that the screen turns on after pressing the power button. This is an “intermediate” moment between turning on the phone and activating it.

There are additional functions on the lock screen. you can make a call to single numbers, turn on the camera, flashlight, and more. The possibilities depend on the settings you made yourself. It provides information about updates to existing applications and message notifications.

Automatic blocking only by its name explains how the blocking is activated. This is done automatically after a certain period of time, which is pre-configured by the user. To independently configure the time for activating automatic blocking, you must perform the following steps:

  • Select “Settings” in the iPhone menu.
  • Select the parameter to be configured. To set the time, select “Screen and brightness” or “Screen”, which translated from English means “Screen”.
  • A form with available and set parameters opens. Select “Auto-lock” or “Lock” if using the English layout.
  • A list of time intervals will open, which is set by the manufacturer.
  • In most models, the manufacturer fixes the auto-lock activation time at 3 minutes. The time can be changed at will.
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Note! You can turn on auto-blocking by simply pressing the “Shutdown” button. The screen turns off by any unlocking method, which is set by the owner of the mobile phone during settings.

The switched on display of the mobile device “eats up” more charge. you have to charge the phone earlier for about 1-3 hours. Continuous charging will shorten the uptime of the device. Therefore, you need to independently adjust the time to turn on the lock screen.

How to turn off screen lock on iPhone 5 and 5s

In the process of using, the owners faced the problem of how to unlock the screen on the iPhone on their own, since the available methods are sometimes difficult. But the manufacturers offered only two ways to quickly turn off the auto-lock. this is to set a lock or a password from numbers on your own.

Note! Each user can change the method of unlocking the enabled “sleep mode” screen at any time.

The first way is to install a lock. In this case, the lock is represented as a graphical figure that needs to be outlined immediately when the phone is turned on and the display is locked. This is done as follows:

  • Press the phone’s power button.
  • Display turns on. the wallpaper of the lock screen and the active display is often different.
  • If the lock screen turns on, you can see 9 dots on it.
  • A drawing is made according to them in a predetermined sequence. It may not touch all 9 points, but it may go through some of them twice. It all depends on the user who independently set a similar password so that fraudsters could not remove it. Thieves often use the owner’s data by entering a digital code based on the date of birth and other personal data. It is almost impossible to guess the graphical code if you do not peep it in advance.
  • If the drawing is entered correctly, the screen will unlock. Otherwise, you will have to face difficulties when they turn to specialists.

The second way to remove auto-lock on iPhone is to use digital protection. cipher. The system will lock the screen by analogy with the previous method, but you will have to enter a certain code to activate the display. It is also set in advance, when setting up screen protection. Similarly, the screen lock is removed from other models of iPhone 4, 4s, XR, etc.

How to remove auto-lock on iPhone 7

On the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, just like on any other model, it’s easy enough to remove auto-lock altogether. The screen lock is always turned on in auto mode, you just need to set the time during which the display will be active. Here you can turn off auto-blocking altogether. It is necessary to take the following steps in solving the issue of how to prevent the iPhone from locking:

  • To turn off the screen lock yourself, you need to go to the “Screen and brightness” function in the settings.
  • The mobile device model may display a slightly different feature list, but it will always have “Auto-Lock”.
  • Check out the list of times you can work with while owning a mobile device. At the bottom there is a sentence “Never”. Selecting the stitch shown will cancel the screen lock enable function. This means that the screen will not turn off in the absence of the owner at all.

This is how they do it on all models, if in doubt, how to disable self-locking on the iPhone yourself. It is better not to disable auto-blocking, as it is fraught with numerous unpleasant consequences. Firstly, the owner himself can put the phone in his or bag, where he will press the button to call any contact. Secondly, a child can use the phone, who will also dial an unnecessary number and make a call.