How to remove iCloud from computer completely

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How to delete files from PC, but keep them in the cloud?

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There are certain things you must take care of in order to keep your data stored in the cloud.

If you use Google Drive on your PC, you may have already saved a lot of images or other files on it. Did you notice one thing: when you delete one file / files / folder / folders in the Google Drive folder on your computer, it is automatically deleted from the Google Drive web app / service as well? Yes, it is happening! This happens with all cloud storage services in sync mode.

The same happens if you saved data from your phone and then deleted it.

So if you don’t want this to happen to your Google Drive, just deactivate syncing. This is the answer to your question on how to delete files from Google Drive on PC without affecting the files saved on the Internet.

Step-by-step instructions on how to delete files from your PC, but not from the cloud:

  • Click the Google Drive icon, now called Backup & Sync, in the taskbar on your computer. Select “Settings” in advanced options.
  • Go to the sync menu.
  • Uncheck “Sync my drive with this computer”.
  • Click OK to apply the changes.

Now you can delete all files stored in the Google Drive folder on your computer without affecting the files stored on the Internet.

Next time, if you want to sync Google Drive with your desktop again, we suggest completely uninstalling Google Drive from your PC. Then download and install it again and sync. How to delete, read on.

Key benefits of Google Drive

Google Drive is a free storage service offered by the American search giant Google. It offers up to 15 gigabytes of storage space that you can use to store important files, documents, images, and more. The service uses cloud computing technology, which means that all valuable data is stored on one of Google’s servers, and the user can access it from anywhere in the world.

Here are 9 benefits of using Google Drive:

  • Ability to back up precious files. Do you have photos of a family vacation that mean the whole world to you, or some important business documents that you simply cannot afford to lose? Google Drive is a better storage alternative than an external hard drive or USB drive as they can malfunction or get damaged over time.
  • Send large files to family, friends or colleagues. If you use Gmail, using Google Drive will also allow you to send large files to your contacts directly from your email account.
  • Use the Google Drive app to access your documents. If you need to access any files while traveling, you can download the Google Drive app to your smartphone. You can use this if you need to make a presentation or show proof of purchase.
  • Effective built-in search engine. Google Drive has its own built-in search engine that allows you to search by file type such as an image, Word document or video, or by keyword.
  • Optical character recognition. Google Drive’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology allows you to scan documents saved by other users and find the word (or name) you are looking for. It can also be useful if you are doing research on a historical topic.
  • Share photos and videos with your contacts. If your family or friends also have their own Google Drive accounts, you can share files with each other. This is especially convenient if you need to travel for work or work on a project at the same time with colleagues, being in completely different places.
  • Open and edit different types of documents. Are you using a computer that doesn’t have the software required to open a particular type of file? Don’t worry. upload it to your Google Drive account and open it from there. Google Drive lets you open anything from Adobe Suite files to spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents.
  • Fantastic built-in image recognition technology. This is more of a useful feature than an advantage, but still worth mentioning. Image recognition technology in Google Drive allows you to recognize the content of your images. If you visited a famous attraction during your recent vacation and uploaded a photo in front of it, that photo will appear when other users search for that attraction using Google Drive search.
  • Completely free to use. Google Drive offers us all these benefits, but it’s completely free. Thanks google!

But even with all these benefits, users sometimes want to try something new. And for this they need to delete this cloud service.

How to completely remove Google Drive from your computer

If you are using Google Drive as a cloud storage and syncing across devices, you might be wondering how to delete Google Drive from your computer and delete files from Google Drive on your PC so that it doesn’t affect files saved on the Internet. This is because sync is required when we use cloud storage services and is part of almost all cloud storage providers. You may have synced your files as well. What happens to them when you delete files from your PC? Let’s talk about this further.

How to completely remove Google Drive from your computer?

For some self-seeking users, the journey through cloud storage has been wild and hectic over the past few years. And these users, who have already tried everything possible, distinguish two services in terms of usability and value: Dropbox and Google Drive. If you already use Google Drive, but want to try Dropbox as well, you will have to delete your Google Drive account.

Disconnecting is what you should do if you want to keep your Google Drive files on your system and in the cloud, but stop syncing between them from now on:

  • Click on the Google Drive icon on the taskbar.
  • Click the “Advanced” button, then select “Settings”.
  • Go to Account.
  • Select “Disable Account”.
  • Click Ok.

Remember that now that the sync is complete, the two sets of files (the set on your system and the set in the cloud) will start to diverge as you add and remove files from each.

If you want to stop syncing and delete all files from Google Drive from your system, whether it’s to free up space or simply because you no longer want to use this service, you can simply uninstall Google Drive. Please note that your files will remain part of your Google Drive cloud account.

  • Open the Start menu, find Programs and Features and run.
  • Find Google Drive. You can use the search bar or search manually.
  • Right click and select “Delete”.

Formatting methods

It should be noted that by default, all owners of “apple” products are allocated 5 GB of free space on the iCloud cloud service. If necessary, for a fee, you can increase this limit.

Despite this, from time to time you still have to think about how to clean your iCloud storage. This can be done in several ways. For example, you can format the cloud in whole or in part. Depending on preferences, the algorithm of actions will also change.

Today, Aykloud cleaning can be carried out both through a mobile device and using a computer. Accordingly, the procedure is both complete and partial. Next, we will tell you about all the options for the development of events.

How to clean iCloud: tips and tricks

Any copies of the backup data have their own size. When working with computers, problems do not arise. PCs are equipped with a large amount of memory, a huge amount of information can be stored there. This is not the case with smartphones. Especially when it comes to iPhone.

This gadget allows you to back up your data using the iCloud service. It has its own limitations on the allocated space for user information. If you do not format the cloud from time to time, the storage will sooner or later fill up to 100%.

In this article, we will show you how to clean iCloud. What every user should know about this process?

Partial deletion

How to clean iCloud on iPhone? First tip. it is the deletion of only certain data. The point is that the data cloud stores a variety of user files. These are programs, pictures, videos, and backups. You can free up some space by partially deleting information.

In order not to ponder how to clean iCloud for a long time, we suggest doing this:

  • Turn on the “apple” gadget. Be sure to wait until he is fully ready for further work.
  • Go to “Settings”.iCloud.
  • Select “Storage”.
  • Click on “Control”.
  • Select the data to be deleted. Then click on “Change” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the “Delete” button.

This procedure is considered the longest, but the most suitable for clearing the cloud from unnecessary information.

Removing backups from PC

Let’s take a look at how to clean iCloud from PC. When it comes to deleting backups, you can use iTunes to bring your idea to life. Every user can do this. To remove copies of data through iTunes, you need:

  • Connect iPhone to PC via a dedicated wire.
  • Install the latest version of “iTunes” for the operating system.
  • Run the program and wait for synchronization with the device.
  • Go to “Settings” and open the “Devices” section.
  • Select the desired copy of the data and click on “Delete”.
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Fast, simple, convenient. Although in practice this option is not used very often.

From backup data

But this is only the first way. You can free up space by eliminating unnecessary backup data. So, how to clean iCloud from copies of user information?

The process as a whole is not much different from the previously proposed algorithm. But there are some differences. precisely, the removal of backups is done like this:

  • Smartphone or tablet must be turned on.
  • Go to “Settings”.iCloud- “Storage”.
  • Select the “Manage” function.
  • Click on the device whose data you want to clear.
  • Click on “Delete copy”.
  • Confirm the operation by clicking on the “Turn off and delete” button.

The described algorithm of actions will help to get rid of only backup copies of information. You can do the same from a computer.

Via iCloud for Windows

How to clean iCloud through the official cloud page? The process is possible only from a computer and if there is an Internet connection.

  • Visit
  • Log in to the system using Apple ID.
  • Open the “Storage” service.
  • Select the required components and click on “Remove”.

The use of the official page is not very common in practice. Usually people think about how to clean iCloud from mobile devices. From now on, you know the answer to this question.!

Delete via control panel / settings

This is probably the first thing you tried for yourself, but let’s try again to make sure we tried to uninstall it in the usual way. If this method helps you deal with iCloud error messages, you don’t need to go to other solutions.

  • First of all, make sure you are logged in with an administrator account, as you cannot uninstall programs using any other account.
  • Back up the data you want to keep because deleting iCloud will delete it.
  • Open iCloud, check the boxes next to the data you want to back up and click Apply.
  • Once your data is uploaded to iCloud, click the Sign Out button located in the lower left corner.
  • Click on the Start Menu and open Control Panel by searching. Alternatively, you can click on the gear icon to open Settings if you are using Windows 10.
  • In Control Panel, select “View As: Category” in the upper right corner and click “Uninstall a Program” in the “Programs” section.
  • If you are using the Settings application, clicking Applications will immediately open a list of all installed programs on your PC.
  • Find iCloud in Control Panel or Settings and click “Uninstall”.
  • The iCloud Uninstall Wizard should open with two options: “Recover” and “Uninstall.” Select Remove and click Next to uninstall the program.
  • A message appears asking “Do you want to completely remove iCloud for Windows?” Select “Yes”.
  • Click the “Finish” button when the uninstallation process is complete and restart your computer to see if the errors still appear.

How to uninstall iCloud on Windows 10.

The use of iCloud is usually associated with Apple products and related operating systems such as Mac OS X and iOS. However, there is a Windows version of iCloud that works as it should.

All you have to do is download its installer from Apple’s official website, install it and use your Apple ID to sign in and choose which features you want to sync across your devices. In addition, you will need to use and set up iCloud on all the devices you want to sync. However, some problems may arise with this program, so let’s see what might happen.

Using Advanced Uninstaller Pro to Uninstall iCloud

There are many different uninstall programs available to replace Control Panel and Settings as they often become unresponsive and sometimes freeze in the middle of the uninstallation process. You don’t need to use this particular uninstaller, but it was able to help people who were dealing with this problem in particular, which is why we recommend it.

  • Download Advanced Uninstaller Pro from their official website
  • Find the downloaded file, double-click it and follow the instructions on the screen to delete it. Be careful not to install additional programs, you may be prompted to check and uncheck all boxes. Select Custom installation and uncheck everything except Advanced Uninstaller Pro.
  • Open the program and open Shared Tools.
  • In the General Tools section, click Uninstall Programs and a list of all installed programs should appear.
  • Select iCloud and click the “Uninstall” button located on the left under the information about your selected program.
  • After clicking on the Uninstall button, the uninstaller will likely crash as it either displays an error message or is already in use or uninstalled.
  • However, this program implements a scanner whose purpose is to scan your hard drive and your registry for leftovers. It will find these files and you can click Select All and delete them.
  • Restart your computer and check if your problem persists.

Launching the downloaded installer

It has been discussed in Apple forums that users have stated that uninstalling using Control Panel or Settings will not do the job as expected. Instead, people said that you need to run the installer you downloaded in order to install the program on your computer. This is definitely something you should try and it shouldn’t take long.

  • Open the Downloads folder or the folder where you downloaded the iCloud installer. You can also try searching for the file by typing “iCloudSetup.exe” in the search bar.
  • If you’ve already deleted the file, you can re-download it by visiting the Apple website.
  • Run the file that you found or downloaded and you will again be prompted to select the delete and restore options, as in solution 1.
  • Follow steps 6-8 to remove iCloud from your computer.
  • Restart your computer and wait until everything is ok.

Removing iCloud on Windows

Many users report that they have uninstalled iCloud on their Windows PCs, but they still receive iCloud related error messages such as:

“Cloud Music Library shared not responding”
“Unable to turn on iCloud Music Library”
“ICloud Verification Failed / Request Timed Out”
ICloud Error: Critical iCloud sync error has been detected. ICloud sync with the first day is disabled “.

It doesn’t have to be, because people deleted it using it, but somehow parts of it remained on their computer. These parts are not impossible to remove, but make sure you follow the instructions below carefully and try each one before checking in.

Find hidden uninstaller

There is also a way to find the uninstaller and permanently remove iCloud from your computer by placing it on your hard drive. However, if the previous installers failed to load correctly or opened an error message, this solution may not work, but it is worth showing it as it helped a couple of people get rid of iCloud.

  • Open My Computer (or This Computer) and navigate to Local Disk C:.
  • Click on the “View” tab at the top of the window and check the “Hidden Items” box.
  • Go to ProgramData Apple Installer Cache iCloud Control Panel #. #. #. ## where hashes represent the installed version of the program and it depends on computer to computer.
  • Find the icloud64.MSI file if your Windows is 64-bit or find the icloud32.MSI file if your OS is 32-bit.
  • Run this file and the installer should appear.
  • Follow steps 6, 7 and 8 from solution 1 to remove iCloud.
  • Restart your computer and check for errors.

Using Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell is a powerful tool that can help you automate tasks using the command line shell and scripting language built using the.NET Framework and.NET Core. It used to be exclusive to Windows, but it was made open source and is now available for all platforms. You can use PowerShell to uninstall various applications, and even use it to uninstall pre-installed Windows applications such as photos, videos, calculator, etc.

  • Type PowerShell in the search bar, right click on the first result and select Run as administrator.
  • Copy and paste the following command to get a complete list of installed applications and detailed information about each one: Get-AppxPackage
  • Wait for the list to load and try to find iCloud. It may take a while, but be patient while you go through your installed apps.
  • When you find it, copy everything next to the PackageFullName line by selecting all the text and using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl C.
  • Use the following command to remove iCloud from your PC. Replace PackageFullName in bold with the actual name you just copied and press Enter.

Remove-AppxPackage.package PackageFullName

  • Restart your computer and see if there are any changes to the error messages.

delete from iPhone

Removing iCloud takes a few minutes. You must have a device and know your Apple ID password. Detailed instructions will teach a user of any level how to remove an old iCloud:

  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Select “Accounts and Passwords”.
  • Open iCloud in accounts;
  • In the menu that opens, select the “Exit” item
  • Next, the program will offer two exit options:
  • exit and leave data on the device;
  • go out and destroy information on iPhone.
  • To complete the liquidation of the storage from the phone, you will need to enter the access code for the ID.

To restore access, you should use the iForget service.

The specified algorithm of actions is suitable for smartphones of a new generation.

Users of older models will be interested to know how to remove iCloud from iPhone 4:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “iCloud”.
  • Click the last menu item “Exit”.

via computer

You can unlink your account using a laptop or PC:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Go to service.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.

If you are logged in on someone else’s computer, you need to cancel autosave the access code in the browser.

  • On the opened desktop, select “Find iPhone”.
  • Sign in to Apple ID again.
  • In the “All devices” menu, select the gadget you want to deactivate.
  • Select “Erase iPhone” from the menu.

To completely remove iCloud from a PC, basic knowledge of working with it is enough.

This requires a few simple steps:

  • Log out in the browser by canceling the autosave password.
  • Eliminate a program in Windows using the Add or Remove Programs menu.

Saving data before deleting

Before removing iCloud from your computer completely, you need to make sure that important data is saved:

  • All photographs, images must be transferred to albums. Files remaining in the photostream are deleted.
  • We recommend that you copy documents from the iWork application to your computer.
  • You should back up your SMS messages.
  • It is recommended to save the video library in a backup archive.

Removing an iCloud account

Cloud storage allows you to save photos, documents, contacts and other information in one place. Login to the service is available from all synchronized user gadgets.

Removing a repository is necessary in several cases:

  • loss of iPhone;
  • sale of a gadget;
  • buying a phone with the credentials of the previous owner.
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How to remove iCloud from iPhone

Apple users should know how to remove iCloud from computer completely. Selling an iPhone requires removing the storage from the phone. This will keep your personal information safe from strangers. If you leave access to the account on the smartphone, the new user will not be able to sync their own data.

Frequent problems

Most often, users face the following problems:

  • Removed videos, photos and other documents.

Before removing iCloud from iPhone, you need to transfer all data to storage albums.

Making a backup copy of your messages will eliminate this problem. After unlinking iCloud, all information on the phone is deleted.

  • The storage was accessed by a new PC / laptop user.

Before transferring the device to a new owner, you should delete all iCloud data on it.

To do this, just log out of the service. Remove the installed program in the PC control panel.

  • No password from ID.

You can recover the access code using the free iForget service.

How to uninstall Apple Software Update from Computer?

Verify that iTunes and related components are completely uninstalled

  • Press the Windows and R keys to open the Run window.
  • In the Run window enter:
  • Click OK to open the Program Files folder.
  • Delete the following folders, if they exist:
  • Open the Common Files folder, then the Apple folder.

How to Remove iTunes from Computer Completely?

  • Click on the “Start” button and go to “Control Panel”.
  • Go to the Programs and Features menu.
  • Select iTunes and click on the “Remove” button.
  • Confirm your decision and wait for the system to uninstall the program.

How to unlink iPhone from iCloud via website?

First, go to and sign in with your Apple ID. Then you should go to the “Find iPhone” section. In it, you need to select “All devices” and then. in the list that appears. find the smartphone that you want to untie. Click “Erase iPhone” and then confirm your decision.

How to upload videos from computer to iCloud?

Open a Windows Explorer window. Under the Favorites heading, select iCloud Photos. Click Upload Photos and Videos. Select photos and videos to upload and click “Upload”.

How to reinstall iTunes on computer?

If you downloaded iTunes from the Apple website

  • Open iTunes.
  • From the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window, choose Help Check for Updates.
  • To install the latest version, follow the directions.

How to uninstall iPhone via computer?

Remove a linked iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Click Settings [your name] and select “iTunes Store & App Store”.
  • Choose your Apple ID.
  • Click View Apple ID. You may need to sign in.
  • Scroll down to the “iTunes in the cloud” section and click “Remove this device”.

How to sign in to your iCloud account?

Choose Apple menu  System Preferences. Click the “Login” button. Enter your Apple ID and password. If prompted, enter the six-digit verification code sent to your trusted device or phone number and complete the sign-in process.

How to permanently delete photos from iCloud?

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Go to the “Albums” tab.
  • Click “My Photo Stream”.
  • Click “Select”.
  • Select one or more photos by pressing. Selected photos are marked with check marks.
  • Click the trash can icon. Click “Remove [number] photos”.

How to delete photos from iCloud storage?

On iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings [your name] iCloud Manage Storage Photos, then click Disconnect & Remove.

How to remove an Apple ID account on a computer?

  • Go to the Data & Privacy web page. Log in with the required Apple ID account.
  • In the “Data Management” section, we find the item “Account Deletion” and select “Start”.

How to remove from iCloud?

To clean up iCloud and free up space, you can upload photos and videos to your computer and then delete them from storage. To do this, go to “Settings” “Apple ID” “iCloud” “Manage storage” “Photos” “Disable and remove”.

How to Delete iCloud Photos from Computer?

  • On a computer or iPad, sign in to your account at
  • Click the iCloud Drive icon.
  • Select the files you want to delete, then click the trash can icon
  • Open the iCloud Drive folder and click “Recently Deleted”.
  • Select the folders or files you want to delete.

How to remove iCloud from iPhone via computer?

The first step is to log into your iCloud account on the official website from your computer and enter the password for the account you want to remove from your iPhone. Next, go to the “Find iPhone” tab, then find the “All devices” tab and “Erase”. At this stage, you need to remove all unnecessary devices tied to iCloud.

How to delete an old iCloud account?

  • Sign in to with your Apple ID.
  • Open Find My iPhone.
  • Click “All devices” at the top of the screen.
  • Select the device you want to remove from iCloud.
  • Click Erase [device].
  • Click “Remove from Account”.

Disconnecting contacts from Gmail, iСloud accounts

Email accounts allow you to share data. In the Gmail settings, the “Contacts” parameter will help you add or remove the desired number. You can also customize the sort order and display of names here.

Algorithm of actions, how to delete all contacts from iPhone (for example, 7 Plus) using the mail address:

  • it is necessary to mark the name that needs to be removed;
  • in the menu that appears, click “Change”;
  • use the “Delete” command.

The task of cleaning data is also handled by the iCloud application. a cloud storage that saves all copies of the information files of the smartphone, including the phone book.

  • log in to from a computer;
  • open the “Contacts” web application;
  • mark the numbers necessary for the elimination and stop at the “Edit” command;
  • in the window that appears, select the “Delete” item.

An accidentally erased file can be restored at

IOS developers offer several methods on how to delete contacts from iPhone. Everyone can find the most suitable option. However, if for some reason none of the “official” functions is suitable, you can always turn to other programs.
The table will tell you the differences between the popular variations of cleaning names from the iPhone.

The standard way is to delete one by one from the “Contacts” menu

A convenient option for those who need to eliminate just one or a couple of entries.

How to delete contact in iPhone (like 7 32G) correctly:

  • On the iPhone, you need to find the “Phone” icon and click “Contacts”;
  • Find the desired number in the list that opens;
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, find the inscription: “Change”;
  • At the very bottom of the presented actions, select “Delete contact”;
  • Confirm command.

This solution is quite simple and does not require the use of additional programs. However, for those who want to get rid of the mobile numbers of the previous owner or decide to erase their own records completely, this option will be inconvenient, because takes a lot of time.

How to Delete All Contacts from iPhone: 4 Easy Ways

Removing extra numbers from an android is easy, you just need to study its options. But how do you delete all contacts from iPhone? The developers from Apple have tried to make the process of clearing the directory as unusual as possible. The iPhone does not have a delete key that is immediately visible, and neither does the corresponding context menu. How to get rid of unclaimed numbers quickly and without unnecessary troubles, the article will tell.

Delete all contacts at once with iTunes

Built for organizing and playing video and audio files, iTunes media player can also help you remove contacts from your iPhone. To complete the task, you will need: a computer, a USB cable and an iPhone directly (for example, 6S ​​Rose Gold).

  • it is necessary to synchronize the device via a cable with a PC;
  • launch iTunes;
  • log in to your own account;
  • click on the “Change” command in the upper right corner;
  • in the new window, select the “Synchronize” checkbox;
  • open “All contacts”;
  • scroll the menu to the very bottom and click “Delete contact”;
  • confirm the decision.

If the instructions are followed step by step, all numbers will be eliminated. This procedure takes no more than 5-7 minutes and completely clears the smartphone of unnecessary names in the phone book.

Deleting contacts with third-party applications

You can erase data using Smart Merge, Erased Contacts and other applications.
Smart Merge is a program designed to remove duplicates and unclaimed recipients. It can remove both individual files and clean up completely. The advantage of the application is ease of use.

And the Erased Contacts program downloaded on the iPhone (for example, X 64 G) provides cleaning unnecessary information in one click. You can format files by clicking on the application icon, the rest of the actions will be performed automatically.

There are many ways to delete contacts from iPhone. The question is whether you need to format the phone book or stop at several numbers. Each of the proposed options takes a different amount of time. However, all variations are effective if you follow the guide.

How to disable iCloud account without password from Mac

Alternatively, you can delete iCloud account without password from Mac computer. Here’s how:

Click the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your Mac. A drop-down menu will appear on the screen and click “System Preferences”.

Check iCloud option on screen.

Then click on the “Sign out” option located in the lower left corner of the screen.

You can back up important data, including contacts, reminders, photos, etc. Then tap “Save a copy”.

You need to enter your Apple ID password to remove iCloud from your Mac.

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Looking for a secret passcode to unlock any iPhone? Using passcode to unlock iPhone and iPad, you need iCloud remote unlock. This article will show you how to unlock iPhone with or without a computer.

IPhone screen is broken or unresponsive? How to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen to access it? This article will teach you the useful method to enter password on broken iPhone screen, you can also learn how to unlock broken iPhone and iPad screen.

Can’t enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen? Try the solutions mentioned in the article to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen and you can also use iPhone unlock tool to unlock broken iPhone screen without passcode.


How to remove passcode from disabled iPhone? How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your passcode? This article will show you how to remove password from locked iPhone / iPad using iTunes, iCloud or UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker.

How to Delete iCloud Account without Password with UkeySoft Unlocker

Launch UkeySoft Unlocker on Computer

Launch UkeySoft Unlocker on your computer and then you will get a main interface like this. To remove an iCloud account without a password, check the box next to “Unblock Apple ID”.

Start Unblocking Apple ID
Please confirm your device model. After that, click “Run” to enter the iCloud unlocking process.

Unlocking is automatic. The whole process takes only a few seconds. Please make sure the device is connected when unlocking.

Soon the unlocking process is complete. Now you can set a new iCloud password without any problem. Click on “Finish” to exit the unlock function.

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How to remove iCloud account without password from settings

Sometimes, you may need to delete your iCloud account for some reason, but you forgot your password. Here is another way to delete iCloud account without password using settings.

Go to “Settings” on your iPhone and select “iCloud”.

You may be asked for a password, you can enter any number.

After entering a random number, tap Done. iCloud will tell you what is wrong.

Click OK, then click Cancel. You will be taken back to the iCloud page again.

Select the account again, then delete the content and click “Finish”.

You should be back to the iCloud homepage without a password. At the same time, you will find that Find My Phone is disabled.

Scroll down and click Remove.

You have now successfully deleted your iCloud account without password.

Forgot iCloud password? How to change / reset

Forgot iCloud password? You can change or reset forgotten iCloud password on

Go to your account page and select “Forgot your Apple ID or password?” reset iCloud password.

You will be taken to a new page where you will need to enter your Apple ID or the email address associated with your account. Click Continue, then select I need to reset my password and click Continue again.

There are two options for resetting your iCloud password: receiving an email or answering security questions. Choose one of them and start resetting your password.

How to Delete iCloud Account without Password with UkeySoft Unlocker

If you forgot iCloud password or didn’t know it from the very beginning when purchasing a used iPhone, you can use this method to delete iCloud account on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch without any problem.

UkeySoft Unlocker is just the kind of Apple ID and lock screen removal that meets your needs. It is designed to unlock the screen from iPhone and iPad and includes 4- or 6-digit passwords, Face ID and Touch ID. over, this tool can easily remove Apple ID or iCloud account without password. It is a really good iTunes and iCloud alternative that can be used specifically to bypass the screen passwords of disabled / broken / locked iPhones and iPads. Follow these steps to permanently delete your iCloud account from your device.

  • Remove Apple ID and iCloud account from any activated iPad without password;
  • Remove lock screen from damaged, disconnected, locked iPhone / iPad / iPod;
  • Unlock 4 types of passwords such as 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, Touch ID and Face ID;
  • Unlock the lock screen without a password from a used or second-hand iPhone;
  • Your iDevice will not be tracked or blocked by a previous Apple ID user;
  • A few easy steps to remove your locked screen;
  • Works for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models such as iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone SE / 6S / 6 / 5S, etc;
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 13;

How to remove iCloud account without password

Justin Sabrina Updated June 16, 2020

Apple’s iCloud service is popular with the public. It can instantly back up important data like photos, contacts, emails and text messages. Some users use multiple iCloud accounts at the same time, making it easy for them to forget their passwords. Generally, if you plan to resell or give away your iPhone, you need to delete your iCloud account and all personal privacy. Or you just bought a used iPhone and found it locked by iCloud lock. At this point it seems necessary to find a way to delete your iCloud account. But how do you delete an iCloud account without a password? In this tutorial, you will find the answer you need.

How to Uninstall iCloud in Windows 10

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Remove associated devices

Before deleting your iCloud email account, you can download all files from your iPhone, computer as well as iCloud.

Open the Apple website, enter the iCloud email account you want to delete, click the arrow icon and enter your password to sign in.

3: Scroll down to the Devices area, click one of your devices and click Remove from Account in the pop-up window to remove it from your iCloud account.

How to Delete iCloud Email Account on iPhone / Mac without Track

ICloud email account. is the email address used as the Apple ID for Apple services such as FaceTime, iMessage, iTunes Store, or iOS App Store. Previously, when you deleted your iCloud email account, you can no longer sign in, use Apple services, or buy things.

Apple made it possible in May 2018 to support the European General Data Protection Regulation. Regulation is mandatory in Europe, but Apple applies globally. Just learn more about the methods to remove iCloud email account from your iPhone and Mac from the article.

How to Delete iCloud Email on Mac without Track

When you need to delete iCloud email on your Mac without any track like Apple ID related files, cache and more, Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner is a one-step solution to get rid of iCloud account from Mac easily and quickly.

  • Remove junk email files, system junk and other junk files from your Mac.
  • Find duplicate or large files, similar photos to remove.
  • Support for wide Spectra file types and formats.
  • Monitor your computer’s health, such as CPU space and load.

How to Completely Delete iCloud Email on iPhone

If you need to delete iCloud email from your iPhone as well as related information, FoneEraser is the desired iPhone data eraser to permanently and thoroughly delete all iPhone content and settings with 3 different erasure levels.

  • Remove iCloud email account and related information from your iPhone.
  • Protect your privacy to permanently delete files without restoring.
  • 3 different erasing levels to erase iOS content in different situations.
  • Available for iPhone 11 / XR / XS / X / 8/7, iPad, iPod and more.

Remove iCloud Email Account

1: Sign in to the iCloud account you want to cancel on the Apple website.

2: Select “Manage Account” after logging in to your Apple ID account page. Find the “Data & Privacy” area at the bottom of the page and click “Manage Privacy”.

3: Click on “Delete your account” and then “Request to delete your account”. When prompted, select the reason why you want to cancel your iCloud email account.

Note. Apple will cancel your iCloud account after 7 days. Until then, you can still use the account. After that you have to create a new iCloud account and Change this to use on your iPhone.

How to Remove iCloud Account from iPhone

Note. It will take a long time to delete iCloud account from iPhone if there is a lot of data on your device. To prevent data loss, you’d better make a backup before deleting your account.

What’s more, deleting an iCloud email does not mean deleting an iCloud account, and you can still access your iCloud data.

How to Delete iCloud Email Account Permanently

According to Apple, there are important steps to delete an iCloud email account, delete your iPhone, Mac, or other devices associated with an email account, and then cancel or delete the account.

How to Remove iCloud Storage from iPhone and Computer

Storing files in the cloud has become a great discovery for people who work with a large flow of information, because you can simply move important files to the storage and connect to it if necessary.

Deleting an account using an iPhone

The process of deleting an iCloud account will not take more than five minutes if the user has a mobile phone at hand and knows the personal information of the Apple ID. The algorithm of actions is extremely simple and a person can cope with it even with the lowest level of knowledge in modern phones.

  • Open the “Settings” menu on the device.
  • Go to the subsection “Accounts and passwords”.
  • In the menu, find a menu with settings and data from iCloud.
  • In the window that opens, find the “Exit” button and click on it.

Further, the telephone system will offer a choice of two options for the development of events:

  • log out of the account, but save all data on the gadget. Option for those who resell a phone and then want to sync iCloud and a new device;
  • sign out of the profile and then delete all information on the iPhone. Suitable for people who buy a used phone and want to get rid of their old account in order to create a new one.

The last step in the process of completely deleting an account is to confirm the operation. To do this, you need to enter the access code for the ID.

Note! To restore access to a lost account, it is recommended to use the iForget application. The service is certified and is an official utility from Apple

However, even in 2019, there are users who use old mobile phones, for example iPhone 4. For the owners of this device, the algorithm of actions is slightly different:

  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Immediately open the subsection “iCloud”.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the “Exit” icon.

Deleting an iCloud account

Also, the advantages are the multifunctionality of this scheme, because the user can log into the account from any device that is synchronized with the account.

Deleting a profile may be required when:

  • Lost iPhone.
  • Selling or buying a new device.
  • Buying a hand-held phone when it already has an account link.

Before removing iCloud from iPhone, it is recommended that you first save the necessary files and information:

  • Make sure that all pictures and pictures are in albums. Files that remain in the photo stream are automatically deleted without the possibility of saving.
  • The documentation that is in the iWork program should be transferred to the computer.
  • You need to take care of the messages in advance. To do this, create a backup.
  • Video files are best stored in a backup archive.

You can completely delete an account in different ways, depending on the conditions and needs of the owner.

Deleting an account using a personal computer

  • Disconnect phone.
  • Go to through your computer.
  • Go to your own profile by entering your Login / Password and Apple ID information.
  • In the menu that opens, find and activate the item “Find iPhone”.
  • Re-enter all profile data.
  • Go to the subsection “All devices”. Select the gadget you want to sync.
  • In the next subsection, find and click on “Erase iPhone”.

Important! If you are logging in from someone else’s computer, it is recommended to uncheck the Save data box

Removing the program itself from the computer also does not take much time. To do this, you should:

  • Exit the profile in the browser, after turning off the function of saving data. It is also recommended to clear the cache.
  • Remove the application using the “Add / Remove Programs” service.

Deleting a profile in iCloud will not take long, but if necessary, it will help the owner to protect their personal data.