How to remove iCloud from iPhone 7

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How to Unlink iPhone from Apple ID

To sell your device, you need to know how to unbind an iPhone from Apple ID to avoid data leakage. To erase your data from your smartphone and get a new cleaned device, you need to log out of all accounts on the iPhone and reset the settings.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Apple ID” tab.
  • Scroll down and press “Exit”.

Thus, the device will be able to untie the Apple ID. User should also sign out of iCloud, iTunes and App Store accounts. But in order to exit, the owner will need to enter a username and password.

After all the steps have been completed, you need to go to the device settings again, select the “Basic” tab, where to find and click on the “Reset” button. This will reset the iPhone to factory settings and be like new. All data from the smartphone will be deleted, so if the owner is going to use them later, then he should transfer all important documents and files to the iCloud cloud storage.

Note! It is impossible to unlock, disable Apple ID, iTunes, iCloud when buying a used iPhone without the login and password of the previous owner.

How to sign out of Apple ID on iPhone or iPad

There are several ways to sign out of your Apple ID. For example, do this using the device itself, or using a computer. If a person has purchased an iPhone, and the data of the previous owner is saved on it, then he must be contacted. The previous owner must independently remove all information from the old gadget. It is advisable that the deletion of accounts occurs with the buyer, so that he makes sure that the gadget is not stolen.

To remove Apple ID from iPhone, you need to:

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  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll to the “Apple ID” tab.
  • After that, you will need to enter authorization data.
  • Sign out of your account.
  • Reset settings.

The algorithm of actions for all versions of the iPhone is the same, be it iPhone 7 or se.

To completely delete an Apple ID account, the user will need to go to the official website of Then you need to go to the “Confidentiality” section and log in. After a successful login, you can start deleting your account by clicking the “Delete” button.

Important! This method is only suitable if the Apple ID belongs to the person who is going to delete the account. It is impossible to carry out the deletion procedure without a username and password.

After the Apple ID is removed, the user can create a new account. It should also be remembered that ID will be deleted completely and irrevocably, that is, it will cease to exist in the system. Therefore, if a person wants to continue using this account, then he does not need to delete it, it is enough to reset the data from the device.

Account destruction can take up to 7 days. All information regarding this process will be sent to the owner’s email address. When deleting, the user indicates the reason for this action, and also leaves his email address. The system will give the person a special code consisting of 12 characters, with which it will be possible to cancel the deletion of the Apple ID if the owner changes his mind. But after the end of the procedure, the destruction cannot be canceled.

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Wipe iCloud account completely

How to unlink iPhone from icloud if you forgot your password

Often, users of Apple products have a need to sell their device or buy a used phone. When selling a smartphone, all data must be deleted from it so that the new owner cannot use it. Well, if it happened that a person bought a used iPhone, and the accounts of the previous owner were saved on it, then he needs to know how to untie the iPhone from the icloud.

How to untie iPhone from icloud

Before you start working with a new device, you should check if it is linked to iTunes, Appleid and other accounts. The easiest way to do this is to ask the former owner to see if their accounts are linked to their iPhone. He can also untie them and clear the contents of the phone.

Otherwise, the person will have to cope on his own. To see if the iPhone was unlinked from iCloud, you need to go to Settings, then find the iTunes Store tab and sign out of your existing account. Next, you need to create a new one in order to use iTunes.

Unlinking an iPhone from iCloud is also necessary, but it’s much easier to do. To do this, go to the settings, click on the Apple ID tab, scroll down and click the “Exit” button. It should be remembered that in this case, the cloud storage is logged out and the owner will not have access to it. Apps from iTunes store will be downloaded to the new account.

In order for all data to be saved in iCloud, the user needs to create his own Apple ID. Every Apple service uses the same identifier. Therefore, you should not forget your username and password, since it is not easy to recover them.

Note! Apple ID is created when you buy a new iPhone, you can also do this in the App Store.

To create an Apple ID using the App Store, you must sign out of an authorized icloud. After that, go to the application and click on the profile icon, and then click on “Create a new Apple ID”. Next, you will need to enter a phone number, email address, and select a country. After that, you need to click “Next”, enter the date of birth and full name of the new owner.

What to do if you forgot your iCloud password on iPhone

Due to the fact that the user does not often enter the iCloud password on the iPhone, it is enough to simply forget it. In this case, there is no need to panic, the password can be restored.

Important! Only the original owner of the iPhone can recover the password from an iCloud linked to an iPhone.

To recover the password from the service using e-mail, the user needs to go to the settings and go to “iCloud”. After that, you need to click on “Forgot your password”. A letter with a special code will be sent to the mail that was linked during the registration of the icloud. If the owner indicated an additional mailing address, then a letter will also be sent to him.

If a person does not have access to e-mail or for another reason he cannot use this method, then there is another option for resetting the password. answers to security questions. This method will suit him if, when registering, he gave answers to such questions. To do this, you must enter your login from iCloud and select the “Answers to security questions” password recovery option. If the user answers everything correctly, he will be prompted to create a new password.

How to reset iCloud on iPhone

In order for a person to be able to donate or sell their smartphone, they need to know how to delete an account from the iPhone. This can be done using a computer. The iPhone itself will need to be turned off or put into airplane mode (this can be done in the settings):

  • Next, on your computer, go to and enter your account information.
  • After that, the user will see on the screen a list of functions, among which you need to find the “Find iPhone” option.
  • You will need to enter your account password again.
  • Then click on the “All devices” tab and select the device that you want to untie.

You can also deauthorize using iTunes on your computer. To do this, you need to go to the program, authorize and go to the “iTunes Store” tab, and then click “Account”. After that, you need to click “Manage devices”, select the desired gadget and click “Delete” next to it.

How to delete an account on an iPhone or iPad

It often happens that a person has purchased a used iPad, on which all data seems to have been erased. But after updating the firmware, an iron friend requires authorization in the Apple ID account. If this happens, this means that the Activation Lock function is enabled on the iPad, which can lock the tablet PC or deny access to the user if he does not enter a username and password. To prevent this from happening, the user needs to know how to delete an account on iPhone and iPad.

To delete your Apple ID account on your device, you need to unlink your iPhone from the icloud. If the tablet is locked, then this can be done using The user needs to go to the site, and then log into their iCloud account. There you need to find the “Sign out” option and sign out with your Apple ID by selecting the “Remove from iPad” command. You should also reset the settings and delete all data from the device. After that, the tablet PC should be unlocked and the user can create a new account or log into an existing one.

If the owner has access to the login and password from the Apple ID, then he can erase the data from him using the device search function. This will require:

  • Go to
  • Go to the “Find iPad” tab. The map will show the current location of the tablet PC, as well as its coordinates.
  • The user needs to click on the designation of the iPad on the map, after which he will see a question about whether to erase data from the device.
  • You need to click “Erase”, after which the system will ask for a password from the account.

If a person has such an opportunity, then he needs to find out the Apple ID activation number from the previous owner of the gadget. You definitely need to know it, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to unlink the device from your account.

Note! You can use the Device Firmware Update function, which will delete absolutely all data from the iPad and bring it to its factory form.

As a last resort, the owner of the iPad can contact Support. To do this, he must have a box from the device and receipts confirming the purchase. The support email address can be found on the official website. The letter must be written in English, it is also important to correctly indicate the subject of the letter, it must correspond to the reason for the request. If, after 7 days, a response from the support service does not come, then it is recommended to write again. You should write in support until the answer comes, as the letter can simply get lost among thousands of others. If the device is on the stolen list, then the user should definitely contact the previous owner. Otherwise, you will not be able to unlock the tablet.

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Ways to Clean iPhone

  • Recovering your device in iTunes.
  • Erase Content and Settings on iPhone.
  • Erase iPhone to iCloud.
  • Removing an application from the desktop.
  • Removing an application in iPhone settings in the “Storage” menu.
  • Removing App from iPhone via iTunes.

The first 3 methods allow you to completely “zero” the device’s memory, as a result of which you will have an iPhone with a “clean” iOS at your disposal. After cleaning, you will need to re-configure it and restore the necessary data from a backup to iTunes or iCloud.

The last 3 are classic, allow you to manually delete individual applications and all their data.

We have already written about restoring the iPhone and in sufficient detail, I see no reason to repeat myself. Let’s try to erase content and settings on the iPhone and see what it threatens.

How to erase iPhone to iCloud

Another way to completely clean the iPhone “in one fell swoop”, you can do it remotely from any computer, tablet or smartphone (the operating system does not matter). The only thing is that the device must be connected to the Internet.

    Go to, log in with your Apple ID and launch the Find My iPhone web application. You can just follow this link and log in.

In the “All devices” menu, find the required (if there is more than one) and click on it.

In the window that appears on the right, click on “Erase iPhone”.

Confirm the request by clicking on “Erase”.

Activation Lock will prevent you from erasing data from your device until you enter your Apple ID password.

There is no need to enter a phone number and a text message, just click on “Next” and then on “Finish”.

  • Immediately after you click on “Done”, the procedure for erasing iPhone will begin.
  • You can also erase an iPhone that is not (currently) connected to the Internet in iCloud. The request will be queued and executed as soon as the device appears on the network.

    My iPhone 5s had Find My iPhone turned on and, as a consequence, after erasing the Activation Lock, it locked it. To activate it, you had to enter your Apple ID and password, if you don’t, you will have a “brick” at your disposal.

    The radical methods of cleaning the contents of the iPhone are over, now we will focus on more liberal ones, or rather, on deleting applications and their files.

    How to erase content and settings on iPhone

    This procedure is carried out very simply, in just 5 “taps”.

    Select “Erase content and settings” and if you set a lock password, you must enter it.

    Confirm the request by double-tapping on “Erase iPhone”. Do not be surprised that you need to confirm the erasure 2 times, the action is not reversible and can lead to the loss of important data, you must be sure of what you are doing.

    If Find My iPhone is enabled in iCloud settings on iPhone, you need to enter your Apple ID password. You cannot erase content and reset settings without this (this is how activation lock works).

  • After you turn off Find My iPhone, the iPhone screen will go blank, then the Apple logo and progress bar will appear. Depending on the device model and the amount of space occupied in its memory, the reset can take from 2 to 15 minutes.
  • To erase content and settings on an iPhone, it does not need to be connected to a power source, but make sure that the battery level is at least 25%. Otherwise, if the battery is completely discharged during the erasing process, you may need to restore iPhone using iTunes.

    This is exactly what happened with my iPhone 5s jailbroken with Pangu. It’s good that the backup in iTunes and iCloud remained. I had to restore the device from Recovery Mode, or from DFU mode, there is no difference.

    How to remove an app and all its files from an iPhone

    Above, I have already noted that there are several ways to delete an application from the memory of an iOS device: from the desktop, through iTunes, from the settings.

    There is nothing easier than removing an installed application (programs or games) from your desktop. To do this, just hold your finger on the iPhone screen anywhere for at least 2 seconds.

    At the top left of the icons (icons) of applications that can be deleted (downloaded from the App Store), a cross icon will appear, the icons themselves will begin to “dance”.

    Tap on the cross and confirm the deletion.

    The same can be done from the iPhone settings in the “Storage” menu.

      Go to Settings. Basic. Statistics. Storage “.

    Tap on the desired application. A window will open with information about its aggregate (including data) size.

    Tap on “Remove program” and confirm. Done, the application and all its files will be deleted.

    The third and final method to uninstall via iTunes is to de-sync it between the PC and the iOS device. I talked about this in the article “3 ways to install applications from the App Store on an iPhone or iPad” (link).

      Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable or Wi-Fi and launch iTunes.

    Select the device in the menu located next to the “iTunes Store” button (top right).

    Go to the “Programs” tab.

    Opposite the application to be removed in the list of downloaded programs, click on the “Remove” button. If the application is not installed in the device memory, “Install” will be displayed instead of the “Remove” button. Then click “Sync”.

    The app you marked demolished will be removed from the iPhone. Similarly, it can be reinstalled.

    In addition to applications, free space in an iOS device is consumed by photos, videos, music, contacts, notes and other important information. But there is another secret (for many) memory eater. Safari.

    The mobile web browser from Apple works like any other: when the site is loaded, it loads its content into temporary storage (cache). This is done in order to speed up the loading of pages when they are accessed again.

    When the web pages loaded into the cache are accessed again, the cached data is not downloaded from the servers again, but is retrieved from the cache. On the one hand, this allows you to save on traffic and get fast loading of web pages, on the other hand, you have to put up with the fact that the cache “eats” memory.

    So, if you actively use your iPhone or iPad for “surfing the Internet”, be prepared for the fact that the Safari cache can take up a lot of memory space. This amount depends on how much data the server hosting the site has allowed to be cached. The owner of the iPhone cannot limit this size, it only remains to periodically clean.

    How to clean iPhone

    You can clean up your iPhone radically, i.e. completely, or partially, by removing individual applications and their files. It is quite simple to do this in several ways.

    How to Clean iPhone: Erase in iCloud, Delete Content & Factory Reset

    Oftentimes, the reason why iPhones and iPads start to perform significantly worse than usual lies in the lack of free space in the device’s memory. If you notice that your device has become “brooding”, often freezes, involuntarily reboots without a command, then it’s time for a “general cleaning”. It’s time to clear the device memory from extra megabytes, or even GB of software junk. Agree, it is not professional to delete each application and its files by “handles”.

    Today I will tell you how to quickly clear the device memory in whole or in part, as well as how to reset iPhone to factory settings.

    In the settings of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in the menu “General. Statistics ”there is an interesting section.“ Storage ”. This menu contains information about how much and what the device’s memory is busy with. Take a look, you may be very surprised that even the most harmless, at first glance, applications, such as social media managers, can store gigabytes of useless data.

    Recently we were contacted by the owner of an iPhone who faced the problem of insufficient memory. When updating iOS over Wi-Fi, this caused the device to get caught in a recovery loop. Restoring iPhone was not considered a solution to the problem. the user did not want to lose data from the device. Fortunately, everything ended well, the person still had to restore the iPhone via iTunes, and the information was restored from an iCloud backup, which he did not even know existed.

    This precedent pushes to always keep the device memory “clean”, or at least periodically clean it of information “trash”.

    How to clear the Safari cache on iPhone

    To delete all temporary files, tap on “Delete cookies and data”.

    If you want to delete cached data for a specific site, go to the Add-ons menu. Site data “.

    This menu provides information about all sites using the Safari cache: the total space they occupy and the size of the data for each site. To delete data for one site, tap on “Change”, and then on the red icon in front of its name.

    Confirm the deletion by tapping on “Delete”. All data for the selected site will be deleted and the next time you visit it, they will be downloaded from the server again, and not unloaded from the cache.

    Here you can also delete the cached data of all sites. To do this, tap on “Delete all data”.

    So, in fact, everything is simple. Now you know how to remove the “problem” application from the iPhone or completely clear its memory.

    If you have any difficulties or questions about the article, welcome to the comments.

    Last Chance to Reset iCloud on iPhone 5S

    If the previous options do not work, then you will not be able to save your phone. The only exception is 5S or earlier models that have iOS version 7.0-7.0.6 installed, as it has a small loophole for deleting an entry.

    On later ones, this will not work, but if you are still a happy owner of such a gadget, then follow the instructions to remove it:

    • Go to the phone settings and go to the iCloud menu.
    • Simultaneously press “Delete account” and the item “Find iPhone”.
    • In the event that you pressed at the same time, a window will appear to confirm the action, where you will need to enter the password.
    • We do not press anything, but simply hold down the lock button and turn off the phone.
    • When turned on, the account will be deleted and you can connect a new one.

    But this does not always work, and you can try a more complex option according to the following instruction:

    • Go to settings, then iCloud.
    • Click to delete the account, and then cancel the action.
    • We go into the account, delete the password field and enter any one at our discretion. Confirm and exit.
    • We repeat the second point.
    • Next, go to your account, erase the value of the line description and click “Finish”.
    • Again we press “Delete account” and now it should be deleted without asking for a password.

    How to reset iCloud on iPhone?

    In order to perform a reset, you will need to follow the following instructions:

    • We take our gadget and go to “Settings”.
    • Next “Apple ID”.
    • Scroll down the page and click “Exit”.
    • Next, you will need to confirm the action and enter the password for your account.

    It is important to note that in order to reset iCloud on iPhone 4s and other models, you need to know the password from your Apple ID.

    How to Reset iCloud on iPhone without Password?

    If the account does not belong to you and you do not know the password, which happens when buying a handset, there are several ways to delete the account, in particular:

    How to Reset iCloud on iPhone 5S, 4S, 6

    One of the popular services on iPhone is iCloud cloud storage. How to reset iCloud on iPhone 5s and other models, for example, when reselling or transferring an iPhone to other hands. read our material.

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    For users of iPhone smartphones, a large number of useful services are provided, access to which is opened by an Apple ID account. But when transferring your gadget, in case of sale or for another reason, it becomes necessary to reset iCloud on iPhone 5s or another model. And you need to know how to do it.

    How to reset if you forgot your password?

    Now it’s worth considering how to reset iCloud on iPhone in case you don’t know the password. But note that this will help in the case when the phone, and, accordingly, the account belongs to you and the password was simply forgotten.

    To do this, you need to restore access to the ID:

    • We go to the site to log into your account and at the bottom we click to restore the password.
    • Enter your email, to which the ID is linked.
    • We are waiting for a letter from Apple and follow the instructions in it.

    After recovering and activating the password, you can reset iCloud in accordance with the instructions that were given earlier.

    Saving iPhone data before resetting your account

    If you just change the Apple ID, but the device remains yours, then to save the files, you just need to transfer them from the iPhone cloud to the phone gallery and save there.

    If you need to save data and reset iCloud on iPhone 6, then follow the instructions:

    • Go to “Settings” and go to Apple ID.
    • Next, go to iCloud, scroll down and find the item “Backup to iCloud”.
    • Now we press “Create a backup” and wait for the end of the operation.

    After that, a full reset of the phone is carried out with zeroing for transfer to the new owner. Log out of your account in accordance with the instructions provided earlier.

    It is also worth completely resetting all data and settings to the factory settings, which is done as follows:

    • In the settings, go to the “Basic” item.
    • Next “Reset”.
    • Select the item “Delete content and settings”.
    • We confirm the action and wait.

    Upon completion, you will have a completely clean phone with factory settings.

    How to unlink iPhone from iCloud remotely?

    How to Remove iPhone or iPad from Apple ID to iCloud Remotely

    If the device is offline, click Remove from Find iPhone. If the device is online. in the window that appears on the right, select “Erase iPhone”. Confirm the deletion and complete the procedure by clicking “Remove from account”.

    How to sign out of a baby Apple ID?

    Every family member who is 13 years of age or older can leave the family group.Leaving a family group

    • Go to Settings [your name] Family Sharing.
    • Click [your name].
    • Select “Leave Family”.

    How to Delete Apple ID of Old iPhone 6 Owner?

    • Sign in to with your Apple ID.
    • Open Find My iPhone.
    • Click “All devices” at the top of the screen.
    • Select the device you want to remove from iCloud.
    • Click Erase [device].
    • Click “Remove from Account”.

    How to unlink your phone from iCloud?

    First, go to and sign in with your Apple ID. Then you should go to the “Find iPhone” section. In it, you need to select “All devices” and then. in the list that appears. find the smartphone that you want to untie. Click “Erase iPhone” and then confirm your decision.

    How to sign out of Apple ID on iPhone?

    Output on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    • Select “Settings” [your name].
    • Scroll down and click “Sign Out”.
    • Enter your Apple ID password and click Turn Off.
    • Include the data you want to keep a copy of on your device.
    • Click “Sign Out”.

    How to factory reset iPhone 6 with buttons?

    • Press and release the volume up button.
    • Press and release the volume down button.
    • Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.
    • So to implement a Hard Reset, you need to hold down the volume down and Power buttons until the Apple logo appears.

    How to reset iCloud account without password?

    Go to the Apple () System Preferences and click iCloud. Select “Account”. If you need to enter your Apple ID password, click Forgot Apple ID or Password? and follow the instructions on the screen. … Select “Security” “Reset Password” or “Change Password”.

    On iPhone

    It is worth warning right away: it is impossible to completely remove iCloud, as well as the Apple ID account associated with the cloud storage, on the iPhone. Everything that is available to the owner who does not want to go to the official website is to unlink the device from the account. It is performed by standard means in the “Settings” iPhone.

    Signing out of your phone account is no more difficult than recovering your iCloud password; this is done as follows:

    • The user goes to the “Settings” of their iPhone.
    • At the very top, he tapes on the icon of the linked account.
    • Once in the Apple ID section, scrolls the page “all the way”.
    • And clicks on the “Exit” button located in the center.
    • As needed, by entering your username and password and confirming the desire to log out of the account, the iPhone owner unties the device from iCloud, thereby canceling the synchronization.

    Tip: in order not to lose important data, it is recommended in the “Settings” section of iCloud to check how much space is occupied in the cloud storage, and copy the necessary information from there. this will take no more time than trying to figure out why the computer does not see the iPhone.

    How to delete an iCloud account?

    The owner of Apple technology, who decides to prepare the iPhone for sale or simply create another account, will certainly face the need to remove iCloud. depending on his needs, only on one device or completely. Despite the functionality of iPhones and iPads, you won’t be able to do it in two mouse clicks. the account is reliably protected from unauthorized manipulations. To remove iCloud without unnecessary complications, the following instruction will help.

    Via browser

    A user who has forgotten or lost their iPhone and wants to protect confidential data can completely, once and for all, delete their Apple ID. and with it their iCloud account. In this case, all purchases made are lost, synchronization between the devices remaining at the owner’s disposal is lost. and, of course, the Apple client is deprived of all rights to use the account.

    To completely remove iCloud, you will need:

    • Open a browser on any convenient device for use (for example, a desktop computer) and go to the link. After waiting for a while, the owner of the iPhone must enter his iCloud login in the widget that appears.
    • And the password from the account. they match the Apple ID data.
    • Due to the individual characteristics of Apple developers, you will have to enter your username and password quite often during the iCloud removal process. You can slightly reduce the number of repetitive actions by checking the “Stay logged in” checkbox.
    • After logging into iCloud, the user should open the “Settings” section.
    • And in the Apple ID field, follow the link “Manage”.
    • On the new page, the owner of the iPhone may not indicate the login and password from his iCloud. Instead, by moving down the page.
    • He must click on the link “Privacy Policy”.
    • And again enter your username and password.
    • By ticking the “Remember me” checkbox, the iPhone owner will be able to go to the main page and delete the unnecessary iCloud.
    • In some cases, before proceeding to the appropriate section, the system may require the user to answer personal questions determined when creating an account. On the same page, it is recommended to create a pin code to communicate with the operator. it will simplify communication on the phone, without which deleting an iCloud account is not always possible. By clicking on the corresponding link, you need.
    • Use the “Generate PIN-code” button.
    • Once in the “Data and Privacy” section, the iPhone owner should go down the page and click on the link in the “Account Removal” section.
    • Read the warning about the consequences of deleting an iCloud account.
    • You should select the reason for this action in the drop-down list.
    • The user can choose any of the “ready-made” options.
    • And agreeing to the procedure for deleting an iCloud account.
    • The owner of the iPhone must choose the order of informing about the status of the deleted account.
    • If he preferred to contact by phone, in the next window you will need to select your country code from the drop-down menu.
    • As a result, the owner of the iPhone will be on the page with a unique code. It must be written down, copied or saved in any other way until the account is completely deleted.
    • On the next page, the user will be prompted to enter the previously generated code. You won’t be able to do this in the usual way from the clipboard. you have to type twelve digits yourself.
    • By doing this and clicking on the “Continue” button.
    • The user will again be faced with a proposal to think about the consequences of deleting an iCloud account. If the decision is definitely made, you need to click on the “Delete account” button.
    • You should now sign out of your iCloud profile on all devices. The easiest way to do this is to go back to the “Settings” of the cloud storage and use the corresponding link.
    • Fine! An email will be sent to the iPhone owner’s email notifying that deleting an account can take up to seven days. During this time, Apple specialists can contact the user. you should be ready to authenticate and once again explain the reasons for the deletion.

    If, after seven days, the iCloud account is still active and the user has not forgotten about their desire to delete the account, it is necessary to contact Apple support for details:

    • Go to the “Support” section on the manufacturer’s official website.
    • On the page that opens, click on the link “Contact Support”.
    • Next. to the button “Other sections about identifier Apple ID”.
    • On the new page, enter the “Delete account” section.
    • And choose a method of communication with a specialist. It is recommended to use the button “Talk to support now”. this is the easiest and fastest option.
    • By specifying his cell number in the appeared feedback form and clicking on the “Continue” button, the user can safely wait for a call. as a rule, operators contact customers within five to ten minutes.

    Tip: if an Apple consultant insists on the impossibility of deleting the account, you should not agree with him. instead, it is better to point to previous independent attempts and the accepted user agreement, which provides for the possibility of completely getting rid of the iCloud account.

    Summing up

    Removing an iCloud account is as easy as finding out what to do if your iPhone won’t turn on. The user can completely get rid of the account in the browser by going to the official Apple website and going through a simple procedure. On iPhones and iPads, you won’t be able to remove iCloud. you can only unlink the device from the profile, thus stopping the synchronization of data and purchases.

    Saving data before changing your account

    Transfer photos and images from your Icloud account to your iPhone albums and photo galleries.

    Data (documents, presentations, texts) created in iWork, music. in the iTunes directory (this procedure can also be performed by connecting a computer).

    Saved dates and reminders can be restored through a new profile in iCloud directly on the device or computer.

    How to delete an iCloud account?

    The need to change the account in iCloud on iPad and iPhone devices may arise due to the loss of the password from the old profile (old iCloud) or the absence of one at all (this sometimes happens when buying a used iPhone). And sometimes the user, regardless of third-party circumstances, independently decides to change the profile to iCloud (for the purpose of doing business, for professional activities, etc.).

    This guide will help you delete an iCloud profile from Apple i-devices (iPhone, iPad), as well as back up the information stored in it (photos, files, contacts and other data of value to the user).

    Standard procedure for deleting a profile

    Tap the “Settings” icon on the gadget display.

    At the bottom of the options panel, click “Delete Account”.

    In the panel asking for confirmation of the activated operation, tap “Delete from iPhone“.

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    Enter the password from the “old” account and click “Turn off”.

    Note. All data stored in it (files, songs, contacts, etc.) are deleted along with the iCloud profile.

    What to do if there is no password?

    Note. This method works only on iOS versions 7.0. 7.0.6.

    To delete an iCloud account without a password, follow these steps:

    In the application panel, tap “Delete account” → Delete → Delete from.

    In the window for entering the password, select “Cancel”.

    At the top of the list of options, tap “Account”.

    Erase the real password for authorizing Apple ID and enter the “fake” password in the same line.

    Tap Done. The device will display a message stating that the password is incorrect (it should be so; click “ok” and then “Cancel”).

    Try to get rid of your Icloud account again (the button at the bottom of the options list). And again, in the password entry panel, select “Cancel”.

    Return to the “Account” section, delete the contents of the “Description” line. Tap Done. (After performing this action, the “Find iPad” option should be disabled).

    Click “Delete account” and confirm the start of the deletion procedure.

    Remove iCloud from iPhone

    Hello everyone, dear readers. In today’s post, I will share how you can quickly remove iCloud (iCloud) from your Apple mobile device: iPhone from 4s, iPad, iPod. Before we start our lesson, I would like to say a few words about what iCloud (iCloud) is, what it is used for and why it is actually deleted.

    iCloud (iCloud) is a service developed by Apple for users from mobile gadgets: smartphones. iPhone and iPad tablet computers, as well as from devices based on Mac and Windows operating systems.

    They usually remove iCloud in order to sell their Apple mobile gadget. If you do not delete the account, then the subsequent owner of the smartphone or tablet will be able to access your files.

    In addition to cloud storage, this service provides services such as: mail, tool. find iPhone, find my friends. Also, this service will allow you to synchronize the device library (iPhone from 4s, iPad, iPod) iTunes with cloud storage.

    So let’s move on directly to the lesson itself. Also, after describing the deletion process itself, I made a number of very important notes, which I recommend that you familiarize yourself with before deleting your iCloud account.


    In fact, deleting an iCloud (iCloud) account is very simple, you can do it, literally, in a few minutes. Follow these steps:

    • To delete a profile, take your gadget and go to the “Settings” section. The settings icon looks like a gray gear, I think it will not be difficult to find it on the desktop of a mobile gadget (iPhone from 4s, iPad, iPod);
    • Further, in order to delete, you need to find and go to the section called “iCloud”;
    • In the field that opens, you need to scroll down the screen and find the “Exit” button, it will work. delete, in fact;
    • Now, in order to successfully delete, you just have to perform one simple operation. click on the “Sign out” button. suitable for iOS above 7 (in the seventh and below. the “Delete account” button;
    • All the actions described above are visualized using the screenshot below, see to make it easier to delete your account.


    So that later, after removing iCloud, you will not be excruciatingly painful for the lost data and media files, I recommend following these steps (if you have, in principle, no important files on your mobile gadget running the iOS operating system, you can ignore the instructions below):

    • First of all, be sure to save all the images and photos from the photostream (this is the folder where all the photos you take) to other folders, for example, in albums. The photo stream must be empty or contain images you do not need on the device (iPhone from 4s, iPad, iPod), because after removing iCloud (iCloud), all files from this folder will be erased, without the possibility of recovery in the future;
    • If you are an iWork user, then all documents that you created in this application, after deleting your iCloud (iCloud) account, will be permanently deleted. So I recommend that you save all important documents to your computer;
    • Also, sometimes it happens that after deleting an iCloud (iCloud) account, some SMS messages are deleted. This should not be, nevertheless, we recommend that you make a backup copy of your SMS archive before deleting your account. Although, if you do not store important information in SMS messages, then their loss will not be so important;
    • I recommend that you do the same with the media library on your mobile device. Make a backup copy of your videos so that after removing iCloud (iCloud), your videos are not lost;
    • After deletion, all entries from notebooks and entries from calendars may disappear.

    For today I have everything, I really hope that this small training material was useful for you and you were able to delete your iCloud account (iCloud) on your gadget (iPhone from 4s, iPad, iPod).

    I would be grateful if you would share a link to this lesson on your social media accounts. Also, if you have something to supplement this article, then you can use the commenting form from the social network located below. See you in the next lessons.

    If programs are not removed

    You will not be able to erase the application by any of the above methods if the restriction on deletion is activated in the settings of your device. To remove it, go through the chain: “Settings”. “General”. “Restrictions”. Then type in the security password used to unlock the device. It is better not to be mistaken here and enter the correct combination right away. Move the toggle switch next to Uninstall Programs to the active position. That’s it, now you can get rid of unnecessary components in the usual way.

    If you are the owner of a gadget with modified software (with a permanent or tethered jailbreak), you may face the problem of deleting items installed using Cydia. You won’t be able to get rid of them with standard tricks, for this you need to use the Cydia package manager:

    • Open this app from the home screen.
    • Click on the Manage option, which is located on the bottom toolbar. In the menu that opens, from three tabs, select Packages.
    • In the opened package manager, find the item to be disposed of and select it to open the details.
    • Click the Modify button and open a menu allowing you to uninstall or reinstall the package.
    • Choose Remove. In the dialog box that opens, click Confirm (upper right corner). To delete multiple items at the same time, select Continue Queuing and add the rest of the packages to erase. Finally, also click on Confirm.

    Option two. settings screen

    Let’s consider another method on how to uninstall an app from iPhone 7 using the built-in app. This is a fairly simple, convenient and informative way. It allows you to see how much memory a certain utility takes from a mobile device. Everything here is also quite simple:

    • Go to Settings. General. Storage & iCloud Usage and then open the Manage tab. You will see a list of programs installed on your smartphone. The most “weighty” applications are displayed first. To view the complete list, click on the “Show all” box.
    • Select the unwanted item and click on its icon. After the transition, click on the “Remove the program” button and confirm your action in the window that opens.

    Remove apps from 7 iPhone

    During operation, all kinds of information is accumulated on a mobile device, which is not always useful and in demand. Often, unnecessary data, unused games and programs clog up the memory, cause the system to freeze, and slow down the operation of the device. Therefore, it is recommended from time to time to clear the memory of the gadget from unnecessary additions. There are several ways on how to uninstall an app from iPhone 7.

    Option three. iTunes

    The third way to uninstall an app on iPhone 7 is to use iTunes. This option is especially convenient for those who synchronize a mobile device with a PC. There is nothing complicated here either. To get started, connect your Apple gadget to your computer and launch the application. After opening iTunes, go to the tab located under the “Manage” section. Then, in the list that opens on the left, select the “Programs” subsection. The iPhone workspaces will appear in front of you. Double-click to open the desktop where the application to be removed is located. Move the mouse cursor over the application icon, a cross will appear in the upper left corner. Click on it, the application will disappear from the desktop. To confirm the actions, to complete the operation, click “Finish”. All deleted items after synchronization will disappear from the smartphone.

    Option one. deleting from the desktop

    The simplest way to eliminate applications from the iPhone is the so-called “five-touch method.” First, touch the Home key to exit to the home screen. Select the icon of the program you want to uninstall and click on it. Hold your finger in this position for a few seconds until the icon begins to move and an “X” appears next to it. This will bring up a dialog box with two options. Select Delete and press the Home key to save changes.

    It is noteworthy that the icons of the built-in standard applications also shake when pressed for a long time, but the “cross” does not appear near them. Therefore, it is impossible to delete them.

    How to Delete Contacts from iPhone 7

    You can remove unnecessary contact information from the phone by selective or group deletion. To erase one number, go to “Contacts” and find the name you want. In the upper right corner, click “Edit” and, scrolling to the end of the page, select “Delete contact”. This is a standard and simple method that is useful for clearing the notebook locally. But if you have accumulated a considerable number of unnecessary phones, you will have to act differently. Delete all contacts at once will help “iTunes”:

    • connect your mobile gadget to your PC and open iTunes;
    • click on the “iPhone” icon, then go to “Settings”;
    • select the “Details” subsection. Check the box next to “Synchronize contacts”;
    • in the menu that opens, select “Outlook” or “Windows Contacts”. Check if the dot is next to the item “All contacts”;
    • scroll down the page, at the bottom in the “Add-ons” block, check the box next to the “Contacts” section;
    • to start synchronization click “Apply”.

    There is also a more radical way to erase contacts from iPhone. reset the settings completely. This can be done by following the chain: “Settings”. “General”. “Reset”. At the end, select “Erase content and settings”. Remember that along with the numbers from the phone, all user data will be lost. Therefore, a full reset should be carried out only if the information contained in it has been previously saved.

    How to uninstall an app from iPhone 7: erase game data

    In some cases, progress in games downloaded from the AppStore is linked to a user account. Therefore, if you want to start the gameplay over again, you have two options. The first is to create a new account when starting the game. The second is to delete all achievements via iCloud. To do this, go to the “Settings” section, select iCloud from the list, then go to “Storage and Copies” and then to “Storage”. Toggle the slider opposite the app, leaving it in OFF mode.

    Shredding contacts with iCloud

    You can delete several items from the phone book at the same time via the cloud. Before that, you will have to log in and enter the same data on your PC and iPhone. Let’s consider the procedure step by step:

    • Select iCloud under Settings.
    • Enter your Apple ID and password in the appropriate fields and click Sign In.
    • Next, the system will ask about the need to combine data on the device and in the cloud. We need the “Combine” option.
    • Move the toggle switch in the “Contacts” section to the active position.
    • Enter the Apple ID / password, open the contacts window and, holding down CTRL on the keyboard, select the ones you want to erase.
    • At the bottom left, click on the gear and in the opened window select “Delete”.
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