How to remove the cartridge from the Canon pixma printer

How to remove a cartridge from a Canon printer

During the operation of the printer, a situation often arises when there is almost no ink in the cartridge, and you need to pull it out in order to refill or replace it with a new one. Basically, this process is not difficult if you can do all the procedures accurately and correctly.

The most important thing is not to rush, to do everything as carefully as possible, and not to try to put a lot of physical strength into the process, since because of this you can accidentally break something.
First of all, you need to follow the instructions. As a rule, it is not only very clear and written in detail, but it is not uncommon for there to be photo instructions, where arrows describe how to get it, remove it, and then how to insert the cartridge into the printer. Often, even for different brands, this procedure is very similar, since the distribution and fastening of cartridges are almost the same for the device.

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First, we need to turn off the power to the printer. After that, you need to wait a little, since it is important that the printer is completely ready and started. Now open the cover of your device. Often, after such an action, the head very easily moves to the place where the cover needs to be removed. Wait until the movement of the head is completely stopped and then try to remove the cartridges.

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How to remove a cartridge from a Canon printer

On most models, the cartridge is removed by pulling it towards you. At the same time, it is released from the retainer and is perfectly removed. At the same time, a characteristic click is heard, which means that the latch no longer holds the cartridge. If this method does not work, and you do not yet understand how to remove the cartridge from the Canon printer, then do not pull the cartridge too hard, otherwise you will simply break it. Look, maybe there is a special release lever somewhere. If one is found, simply move it to another position and you can pull out the cartridge. In some models, in order to figure out how to remove a cartridge from a Canon printer, you just need to press on it, lightly. After that, a click is heard and then the cartridge is easily removed from the print head.
Certain printer models are designed in such a way that it is easier to remove the entire printhead and then remove the cartridge from it. This should also be remembered if you do not know how to get the cartridge out of the Canon printer.

The main thing is not to rush and do not be nervous when extracting, do not pull anything through force. If something does not want to detach, this does not mean that the element needs to be pulled out of the printer by force, maybe you are just doing something wrong. Once again, carefully re-read the instructions for the printer. If not, search the Internet for information about your device, and you will find everything related to removing the cartridge. You can also visit forums specializing in this topic and ask your question there. In extreme cases, contact the service center, as they will help you with the problem and explain in detail how to correctly remove the cartridge from your printer. There is enough ink or toner to print a certain number of pages, and then every printer owner is faced with the need to change or refill the cartridge. Therefore, you need to be able to extract it and install it back. The design of different models of Canon printing equipment is different from each other, but individual units have much in common.

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How to remove the cartridge from the Canon mg2440 printer

Probably the easiest way is to get a monochrome laser cartridge, it does not even require a network connection. The main thing here is to get to the very detail. For printers with a paper tray at the bottom, lift up the top cover (often made of translucent plastic) that receives the printed pages. Then open the second one that covers the internal mechanism of the device. This lid has a small notch (it can be located either on the left or on the right), under which your fingertips can easily be slipped.
Some Canon printer models, such as the LBP810, load paper from the top. In such a printer, the cartridge is usually placed behind a cover located on the front of the housing. It is necessary to pull it towards you and fold it down. The path is now clear and the cartridge can be easily pulled out by the handle. It is also easy to return the part back, but if something does not work out, you should never use force. A bias is possible, and in order to avoid breakage, it is better to make a second attempt. When the cartridge is brought straight to the guides, it practically falls into its intended place. The final stage: press until a characteristic click, so that the contacts are in place.
The location and design of the cartridges depends on the technology used in the particular device. For example, the Canon i-SENSYS LBP7110Cw printer uses a single-pass printing method and includes four separate print engines. The cartridges are located one after the other in a special tray. Their replacement is carried out as follows:
pull towards you and lower the cover on the front wall of the device;
pull the block out by the handle;
get out the cartridge that needs refilling;
install full.
Important: do not leave the cover open in the printer, remember that the drum unit may light up.