How To Remove The Cartridge From The Canon Printer

How to remove the cartridge from the printer

Many of us in the office or at home have an extremely useful and even irreplaceable device. a printer. With it, you can print a large amount of documentation that we need in our studies, work or just for what we love. However, sooner or later the moment comes when you need to figure out how to pull the cartridge out of the printer. This need arises for the following reasons:

  • Out of dye (ink, powder)
  • There is poor or faint typing of the text;
  • Stuck letter paper, which stopped the operation of the device;
  • The printed paper shows streaks, streaks, blots;
  • An error has lit up on the computer monitor or printer display.

How To Remove The Cartridge From The Canon Printer

Description of the procedure

Removing the cartridge from the printer is not difficult. Difficulties can arise only the first time. Then you will do it with your eyes closed.

First, find the instructions. Often, it clearly describes how to remove the cartridge correctly. Many manufacturers use diagrams or even pictures in their instructions that make the user’s life extremely easy. Crib images are also found on the device body itself: on the back, side or under the top cover.

For most printer models, this procedure is SIMilar, as the position and fixing of the cartridges are almost the same. Therefore, we will give a general description of how to quickly remove this element from the printing device.

, how to remove the cartridge from the printer Samsung ML-2015

We start by plugging the device into the network. Electric shock will not shock you, but power is necessary due to the fact that in many devices, when turned off, the cartridge is securely fixed inside the device and it becomes impossible to pull it out.

We are waiting for a few minutes: the device will boot up and be ready for use. Then we open the top cover. no special tools are needed for this, everything is done even with one hand. Usually there is a special platform or notch on the side or under the cover, along which you can pull.

After this action, the unit with the cartridge moves to the middle, the so-called service window. Here it is just and easy to remove. It remains only to understand the fastening system. For most models, the cartridge is removed as follows: lightly press on the front, lower the element down and pull it out of the grooves. In some printers, the cartridge is fixed by special clips. Press the buttons or small protrusions (levers) on the sides and pull towards ourselves.

If something doesn’t work out, don’t be nervous and DO NOT use force. The result will be the same. the failure of the device. Read the instructions carefully, try to find information on the forums or ask there a question about your printer and how to safely remove the cartridge.

Did you succeed and notice that the inside of the printer is stained with ink? Take a dry cloth or a piece of unnecessary clean cloth and gently remove any dirt.

Precautionary measures

  • To protect yourself from injury, remove rings, bracelets, watches, etc. This will also help avoid possible damage to THESE items.
  • All actions to remove the cartridge from the printer must be carried out with minimal effort. If something does not detach, then first think about whether you are doing everything right. It’s a good idea to refer to the instructions in such cases.
  • It is not recommended to leave the cartridge in the light. Especially when exposed to direct sunlight. This has a bad effect on his future work.
  • When taking out any, be careful and careful not to get your hands and clothes wet
  • It is best to supply a new cartridge immediately. Otherwise, the printing elements of the device may dry out and the print quality will suffer significantly, which will require contacting the service center.
  • Due to their design, inkjet models require greater efficiency in removing the cartridge. If the device is left without an ink element, there is a risk of ink drying.
  • In laser printers, the fuser unit gets very hot. Therefore, be careful. it is easy to burn yourself.
  • Before starting the procedure, it is best to remove the paper feed slot so as not to jam the blank sheets.

Presented below is how to remove the cartridge from the HP Deskjet 2050 and Canon LBP 2900 printers.

Precautionary measures

Before removing the cartridge, remember:

  • DO NOT touch the nozzles and electrical contacts on the ink bottle as they may be damaged;
  • When the container is NOT being pulled out, avoid using force. Reinsert the tank and try to remove it again;
  • Do not start printing until ink is changed;
  • DO NOT take out the paint tank unnecessarily. Close the cover that leads to the cartridge compartment so that debris does not get there and the ink does not dry out.

How to remove a cartridge from a Canon inkjet printer

The following steps are suitable for the owner of Canon systems PIXMA, G1400, MG2540S, MG3040, MG3640.

  • Turn on the MFP.
  • Close the recording paper bin.
  • Open the back cover where the cartridges are located. NOT removing the container until the holder stops moving.
  • Press your finger on the top of the inkwell, until you hear a click. this will indicate a loosening of the fastening.
  • Pull the tank to remove the cartridge from the slot.
  • Insert the paint tank, repeat the steps in reverse order.

Note! Some models are equipped with a tank holder, which must be removed first.

10 minutes after opening the lid, the holder will return to its standard position. When you need to put the ink bottle back in, close and reopen the back cover.

In the CISS (continuous ink supply system), there are no cartridges: they are replaced by containers filled with paint, taken outside the MFP case. Instead of replacing, the tanks are filled manually, which is more economical than buying new cartridges.

How to remove a cartridge from different Canon printers

The way to get the cartridge out of your Canon printer depends on the individual model. Next, we will tell you where the ink tanks are and how to remove them from inkjet or laser MFPs.

How to remove a cartridge from a Canon laser printer

The principle of how to remove a cartridge from a laser printer like the Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 is different from that of the second type. Remove rings, watches or bracelets beforehand. this will avoid damage to the device. Now do the following:

  • Disconnect the printer from the network;
  • Open the top or side cover;
  • Raise the top panel using the special notch;
  • Remove the cartridge by pulling the handle;
  • If you cannot remove the inkwell, try leading it in different directions.

Important! The reason why it is difficult to pull out the ink tank is debris (paper clip, piece of sheet) that is blocking the cartridge. Shine a flashlight inside the case and remove excess.

Depending on the printer, the ink tank may be equipped with additional locks, which should be stated in the instructions for the device.

To remove a cartridge from an MFP or printer, you just need to know where it is and be familiar with the method of removing it depending on the type of MFP. Process Takes 2-5 minutes, which is influenced by the number of additional mounts or the ink tank arrangement.

How to remove a cartridge from a Canon printer

In Canon inkjet Pixma printers (MP250, TS9540, etc.), the cartridge removal process is quite SIMple.

  • Start the printer and wait for the device to load.
  • After opening the cover, secure it and wait until the carriage with cartridges stops. The place to be pulled is specially marked and is usually located under the scanning part.
  • Lift the clamp (or pinch the tab) holding the cartridge and gently pull it out of the slot.

It should be borne in mind that some printers (G series) have an uninterrupted ink supply system and there is no need to change cartridges, you just need to refuel them through special compartments.

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In the case of laser printers like Canon LBP everything is even SIMpler.

  • Disable printer.
  • Open the lid.
  • Pull on the handle on the cartridge that allows you to pull it out with minimal effort.

The only confusion can arise when looking for a cartridge, but, as a rule, there is a special paper sticker on it with the word “cartridge”. the pen is under it.

Types of printers and cartridges. General recommendations

  • Safety precautions must be followed. Before interfering with the system Remove any jewelry from your hands: rings, bracelets, gloves and everything else that can catch on the mechanism; roll up your sleeves.
  • Determine which printer you have. Inkjet printers often require switching on (otherwise the cartridges will be difficult to remove), laser printers. on the contrary, disconnecting from the network.
  • Open the cover and find the cartridges. They are easy to identify by paint (where the container is transparent) and special markings: C, M, Y. for color cartridges (sometimes just C is used), for black. K or B; also common color markings with numbers.
  • Remove paper from printer before removing cartridge.
  • DO NOT use brute force. everything can be inserted without it if you use the correct levers.
  • Be careful with laser printers. they have a hot fuser. It is best to wait about ten minutes after turning off the printer so as not to burn yourself.

How to remove a cartridge from printers from different manufacturers

Although we want to, it is not always possible to avoid collisions with the Filling of technology. and this is especially true for printers. This office miracle can jam paper, leave a blot on a printed document, disconnect from your computer or use up all the ink in a cartridge. The cartridges will have to be changed anyway, but sometimes it is quite difficult to do it.

Let’s see how easy it is to remove the cartridge from the printer.

When to remove a cartridge from the printer

There may be several reasons for removing the cartridge.

First, if the paint runs out. The printer will warn you about this in advance, when the lack of ink does not yet affect the print quality, but then the color rendition begins to deteriorate, black ink will start Blackey and, in total, the corresponding error will pop up.

Secondly, if the device generates an error, although no warnings appear. In this case, a SIMple reinstallation of the cartridge into the system may be enough, but sometimes you have to replace the chip or call a specialist.

Finally, if the printer has jammed the paper, left incomprehensible streaks, blots and other strange marks on it.

How to Remove Cartridge from Samsung Printer

The inkjet printer ink set may differ for each specific model. Most work with three color inks and one black (CMYK), but there are, for example, six colors. You also need to make sure the quality of the ink, their compatibility with the printer. Unfortunately, printer manufacturers like HP or Xerox DO NOT produce their own inks, so you have to follow the advice from the Internet.

So, how to refuel an inkjet printer yourself:

  • First, look at the type of cartridges on the packaging or in the instructions for the printer, look for ink compatibility with them.
  • After ink selection, prepare one syringe and needle for each color. Remove the cartridge from the carriage and locate the holes in the cartridge. Usually they are located behind a sticker on the back wall (in this case, it must be removed and put aside at the end of the reloading) and are already ready for using the syringe, but there are also recesses without holes. Then you need to make punctures with a needle yourself.
  • Draw 2-3 milliliters of paint with a syringe and insert the syringe a couple of centimeters deep. Slowly inject ink until there is NO excess around the hole. take back some ink and blot the nozzle with a paper towel and alcohol. Cover the hole with a sticker or tape.
  • Repeat this operation for all holes. It is very important NOT to confuse the colors. there are special instruction pictures for this.

How to remove a cartridge from a Canon printer

During the operation of the printer, a situation often arises when there is almost no ink in the cartridge, and you need to pull it out in order to refill or replace it with a new one. Basically, this process is NOT difficult if you can do all the procedures accurately and correctly.

The most important thing is Do not rush, do everything as carefully as possible, And do not try to put a lot of physical strength into the process, since because of this you can accidentally break something. First of all, you need to follow the instructions. As a rule, in it, not only is it very clear and written in detail, but also NOT rarely there is a photo of the instruction, where arrows describe how to get it, remove it, and then how to insert the cartridge into the printer. Often, even in different brands, this procedure is very SIMilar, since the distribution and fastening of cartridges in the devices are almost the same.

First, we need to power off the printer. After that, you need to wait a bit, since it is important that the printer is completely ready and started. Now we open the cover of your device. Often, after such an action, the head very easily moves to the place where the cover needs to be removed. Wait until the head movement is completely stopped and then try to remove the cartridges.

How to remove a cartridge from a Canon printer

On most models, the cartridge is removed by pulling it towards you. At the same time, it is released from the retainer and is perfectly removed. At the same time, a characteristic click is heard, which means that the latch does not hold the cartridge. If this method did not give results, and you do not yet understand how to remove the cartridge from the Canon printer, do not pull the cartridge too hard, otherwise you will SIMply break it. Look, maybe there is a special release lever somewhere. If one is found, SIMply move it to another position and you can pull out the cartridge. In some models, in order to figure out how to remove a cartridge from a Canon printer, you just need to press on it, lightly. After that, a click is heard and then the cartridge is easily removed from the printheads. Certain printer models are designed in such a way that it is easier to remove the entire printhead and then remove the cartridge from it. This should also be remembered if you do not know how to get a cartridge from a Canon printer.

How to open a Canon printer

The main thing is, do not rush and I do NOT get nervous when extracting, NOT jerking anything with labor. If something doesn’t want to detach, This does not mean that the element needs to be pulled out of the printer by force, maybe you just do something wrong. Once again, carefully read the instructions for the printer. If it is not there, search the Internet for information about your device, and you will find everything related to removing the cartridge. You can also visit forums specializing in this topic and ask your question there. As a last resort, Contact the service center, as they will help you with the problem and explain in detail how to correctly remove the cartridge from your printer. There is enough ink or toner to print a certain number of pages, and then every printer owner is faced with the need to change or refill the cartridge. Therefore, you need to be able to extract it and install it back. The design of different models of Canon printing equipment differs from each other, but individual units have much in common.

How to remove cartridge from Canon mg2440 printer

Perhaps the easiest way to get a monochrome printer is a laser cartridge, it doesn’t even require a network connection. The main thing here is to get to the very detail. For printers with a paper tray at the bottom, lift up the top cover (often made of translucent plastic) that receives the printed pages. Then open the second one that covers the internal mechanism of the device. This lid has a small notch (it can be located either on the left or on the right), under which you can easily slip your fingertips. Some Canon printer models, such as the LBP810, load paper from the top. In such a printer, the cartridge is usually placed behind a cover located on the front of the housing. It is necessary to pull it towards you and fold it down. The path is now clear and the cartridge can be easily pulled out by the handle. It is also easy to return the part back, but if something does not work out, you cannot use force in any case. A bias is possible, and in order to avoid breakage, it is better to make a second attempt. When the cartridge is brought straight to the guides, it practically falls into its intended place. The final stage: press to a characteristic click, so that the contacts are in place. The location and design of cartridges depends on the technology used in a particular device. For example, the Canon i-SENSYS LBP7110Cw printer operates on the Single Pass method and includes four SEPARATE print engines. The cartridges are located one after the other in a specially designed tray. Their replacement is carried out as follows: pull towards yourself and lower the cover on the front wall of the device; pull the block out by the handle; get out the cartridge that needs refilling; install complete. Important: Do not leave the cover open in the printer, remember that the drum unit may light up.

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How to get the cartridge out of HP and Canon printers. Instructions

So, you have a question about how to get a cartridge out of a Canon, HP or any other printer in order to replace or refill it, but at the same time you do NOT want to overpay for the master? This is an extremely SIMple procedure that can be carried out by any person, even completely far from technology. The main thing. Do this carefully and do not rush anywhere, otherwise you may damage something in the printer. How to get the cartridge out of the printer You will learn about this from this article and be surprised how easy it is in most cases.


In most printer models, the cartridge can be removed by SIMply pulling it towards you. At the same time, the latch automatically snaps off, and the cartridge should be pulled out without problems. If this method does not work, then do not pull the cartridge with difficulty, because otherwise you can SIMply break it. Look carefully, maybe there is a special release lever somewhere? If there is one, then move it to another position, then try to pull out the cartridge again. It should work out.


You will need a flashlight (preferably bright with a white light). First of all, you should refer to the instructions. As a rule, it clearly and in some detail explains how to get the cartridge out of the printer. This procedure is SIMilar for different printer models, as their internal cartridge retention is almost the same. Now you need to turn on the printer power. Wait a bit before it starts up. Then you can safely open the lid. As a rule, after this, the Printhead with the cartridge attached to it rises itself to a position that allows you to remove the cartridge. Wait until the mechanism stops working and proceed to remove the cartridge.

Important addition

In some models of printers, to remove the cartridge, you must first press lightly on it with a click sound, and then. Extract. In addition, there are printers, which are somewhat more complicated, there you need to remove the entire print head before removing the cartridge, but, as a rule, these are industrial printers. Large and complex, in them It is better not to try to change the cartridge yourself, but to use the services of a wizard specializing in these devices. Home and office printers usually have these complexities. Now you know how to get a cartridge out of an HP printer or any other printer yourself.

The most important thing. DO NOT be nervous and do not rush to carry out this procedure. DO NOT force anything. If something doesn’t want to disconnect. That does NOT mean it should. You are most likely doing it wrong. Read the instructions for your printer carefully again. If you don’t have one, you can find it on the Internet. You can also visit the forums dedicated to your printer model, or the manufacturer’s official support site. In extreme cases, you can contact the service center, where they will definitely help you with your problem, they will explain in more detail how to get the cartridge out of the printer yourself in the future. DO NOT be alarmed if this is your first time doing this. Everything will work out.

How to remove cartridge from Canon printer

Canon printers are available in inkjet and monochrome and color laser printers.

In order to remove the cartridge from the Canon printer you need:

  • If the tray for loading paper is at the bottom of the printer, then lift the top cover for receiving printouts;
  • We fold back the protective cover of the device; for convenience, there is a special recess in it;
  • We pull out the cartridge by the handle of the case;
  • If the printer is loaded with paper from above, then the cover flips down.
  • When the cartridge is correctly pulled out, no force is required for action.

To replace ink cartridges in a Canon Pixma 2 printer from this manufacturer, you should:

  • Turn on the printer and wait for the download;
  • Wait for the installation of the carriage;
  • De-energize the printer by unplugging the power cord
  • If the cartridges have a locking lever or a cover, it must be raised, the levers will lower;
  • L pressed down on the cartridge, pull it out of the slot towards you.

How to remove a cartridge from a Canon inkjet printer?

Removing Canon ink cartridges begins with the standard power-on of the printer, but the following steps must be performed in the recommended order:

  • Open the sheet feeding tray, and also open the output flow compartment.
  • Removing any paper in the tray.
  • We open the technological compartment, at this time the carriage begins to smoothly go from the parking compartment to the service window. Attention! It is prohibited to obstruct its movement in any way.
  • Then the latch will open and the cartridge can be removed freely. But do not forget to exclude any contact with the encoder tape, which is intended to ensure the correct position of the carriage. Removing this mechanism from the working state will entail expensive repairs.

On a note! The cartridges are removed only when urgently needed, because long-term storage outside the parking space negatively affects the technical parameters of consumables.

How to Remove Cartridge from Samsung Printer

In order to remove the cartridge from the Samsung printer you need:

  • Turn on the printer
  • Carefully Open the front cover. it is located under the printout output tray and has a special stop for opening;
  • Gently pull on the opened cartridge handle. to facilitate sliding in the grooves, it must be slightly raised.

How to remove the cartridge from the printer photo instruction. How to remove a cartridge from a Canon printer?

General rules for removing the cartridge

Remove the cartridge from the printer if:

  • Toner or ink out light is blinking;
  • Lines on printouts are too faint;
  • A white streak appears on the side of the printed sheet;
  • A letter is stuck or torn in the printer.

There are some general rules according to which the cartridge is removed from any type of device.

First, you need to carefully inspect the printer and determine its manufacturer and type. Usually the brand of the printer is written on the front operation panel. The printer type can be determined by looking at the printed sheet. If it is impossible to read the name on the front panel, on the back of the printer there is always a label with the full name of the manufacturer, model, serial number of the device. The same information is displayed upon request in the computer menu Start. Devices and Printers.

I invited information on the model and the question: “How to remove the cartridge from the printer” in the search engines, we will get links from Visually showing the replacement process.

It is not necessary to use force to remove the cartridge from the printer. If done correctly, the cartridge slides easily into the guide slots.

Then, check if the printer is turned on. Inkjet models of printers allow you to pull out the cartridge only when turned on, in laser there may not be such a need.

You need to find a cover that blocks access to the cartridge. On its inside, all manufacturers place a picture. instructions for replacing the cartridge, which you can use to pull out the cartridge.

Many printer models are equipped with a work panel, where commands will be displayed on the screen, prompting the procedure for replacing the cartridge.

On some product models that combine a printer, scanner and copier, the cover that prevents access to the cartridge is located under the scanning unit.

In inkjet printers, once removed, the print head is automatically positioned against the access cover. After it stops, you can take out the cartridge.

It is necessary to check if there are locking levers that hold it in place. If they are, then in order to pull out the block, you need to lower the levers and disconnect the cartridge by moving towards you.

In some cases, it is pulled straight up.

When pulling out the laser cartridge, you need to be careful. if there is a poor-quality refill, you can get very dirty with toner.

Types of printers and cartridges

The most common types of printers that are installed in offices and homes are:

  • Color inkjet printers;
  • Laser black and white printing;
  • Color laser printers.
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Many manufacturers combine print, copy and scan functions in laser products. The cartridge in a modern printer is an independent unit, which can be easily removed and inserted into the device.

It contains under one building:

  • Toner (coloring powder) for printing;
  • Parts of the cartridge that directly print;
  • A chip that transfers information from a computer to a printer

An inkjet cartridge is a container, often made of transparent plastic, hermetically sealed, having a chip for communicating with a computer and equipped with a print head. In some models of printers, the cartridge of each color is separately removed, there are models in which cartridges of different colors are connected into one unit with one head. In such cartridges, it is easy to control the amount of ink and the need to replace it.

How to remove a cartridge from an Epson printer

To remove the cartridge from the Epson printer you need:

  • Check if the printer is on
  • After starting and loading the printer, open the printer cover;
  • After stopping the printer head By pulling out the cartridge towards you;
  • If the cartridge is removed, check if there is a release lever in the printer and change its position;
  • On some models, the cartridge will come off after light pressure on it with a click.

For some Epson models, after opening the cartridge cover for 3 seconds. Press down the ink control button. After that, remove the cartridge straight up, squeezing the edge to release the latches.

Removing cartridges from HP printers

As mentioned earlier, there are laser and inkjet devices. They are in approximately the same demand, so they are distributed in the same way. Because of this, we would like NOT to focus on any one type, but to tell in detail about each, presented separate instructions.

Laser Devices

Laser printers use a toner cartridge that prints only black, but does so much faster than inkjet models. The toner itself is one of the components of the cartridge, where there is an imaging drum and other important elements. This entire block is removed from the printer, and then it is refilled. The whole procedure is completed in just a few minutes:

  • Turn off the printer and turn off the power. Proceed to the next step only after making sure the printer is cool and the room is at a normal temperature and humidity. Precautions are necessary to ensure that the remaining powder inside does not stray into lumps, complicating the refueling operation.
  • Open the top cover by moving your hand in the appropriate direction.

Grasp the cartridge by the handle and pull it lightly. If you suddenly feel that some part is interfering with the normal removal, carefully Inspect the fillings. you may have to open the fastening latch on both sides of the cartridge.

  • If you need to further transport the cartridge, wrap it in bubble wrap and put it in a dark box.
  • When you proceed with the removed ink tank, take special care: hold the structure by the edges so as not to touch fragile parts with your hands. If you need to self-refill the cartridge, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our separate material on this topic, follow the link below.

    Removing a cartridge from HP printers

    HP has been manufacturing printers and multifunctional products for many years. Among the models of this equipment there are both laser and inkjet devices, differing not only in the printing method, but also in structure. Each of these models has at least one cartridge, which sometimes needs to be refilled. You can do this yourself, but before starting the procedure, you will need to remove the ink tank.

    Inkjet devices

    In inkjet technology, two or four cartridges are usually installed, depending on the used printer model or MFP. They DO NOT form a single system as it is done in laser equipment, but are separate small components that are installed in the appropriate places. Each of THESE containers is individually removed, and this can be done as follows:

    • Turn off the power to the printer and wait until it stops working.
    • Open the top cover according to its design. For example, in some devices, it is enough to lower it down, holding a special recess, and sometimes you need to press the corresponding button and completely detach the panel.

    Then press on the cartridge until a characteristic click appears. If there is a holder, you must first lift it up, otherwise you will NOT be able to detach the ink tank.

    After that, you can proceed to installing new cartridges, refilling existing ones, cleaning them or connecting a continuous ink supply system. Read about all THESE procedures in expanded form in our other materials, listed below.

    As for the disposal of cartridges, this must be done in accordance with the established rules of the area of ​​residence, because such elements need to be recycled, and if they are thrown away in the wrong places, nature will be polluted with materials that DO NOT decompose for a long time.

    You are now familiar with the methods for removing cartridges from different types of printing equipment. Although we have indicated various nuances, there are still many varieties of models and series of devices with their own technical features, which must be taken into account in any interventions in the system. Therefore, before removing the cartridge, we strongly recommend the available instructions for the model used.

    Solving problems when removing a cartridge from a Canon printer

    Sooner or later, almost every owner of a Canon printer will face the challenge of removing the cartridge from the printer. It may need to be refilled, replaced or cleaned. In most cases, everything goes without any difficulties, but sometimes difficulties arise when trying to get an inkwell. Exactly how to avoid and solve them, and will be discussed further.

    Removing the cartridge from the Canon laser printer

    As you know, printers are divided into two types. laser and inkjet. You can read more about their difference in our other material at the link below. We will start with the analysis of removing the cartridge from the laser printer, and then talk about the possible difficulties.

    The equipment manufacturer recommends removing jewelry from hands to avoid injury. In addition, it is not necessary to Make great efforts, all actions must be careful. First you need to do the following:

    • Turn off the device and unplug it.
    • Lift the top cover if your printer has one.

    Now take out the cartridge by SIMply pulling the handle.

    Usually there is nothing complicated in this procedure. Laser peripheral ink tanks have a slightly specific design, so you can only try to lead the component from side to side and smoothly remove it from the connector. In addition, we advise you to check the insides for foreign objects, it is possible that a paper clip accidentally got inside prevents you from pulling out the cartridge. If such actions did not bring the desired result, it remains only to seek help from a specialist.

    Removing the cartridge from the Canon inkjet printer

    The most popular are the company’s inkjet products. Yes, sometimes they are more expensive and print slower, but they allow you to make documents in color using several types of inks. How to remove such an inkwell, you can find out from Step 1 and Step 2, Having read our other article at the link below, we will analyze only the main difficulties.

    • Follow the steps after the printer has been turned on and the cartridge retention movement has finished. If it gets stuck half way, you need to restart your device.
    • Make sure you pull the individual ink bottle holder fully up or down as it may interfere with removal.

    Pay attention to the instructions for the equipment. It clearly indicates in which direction the component should be dragged.

  • If the cartridge is halfway stuck, put it back in and carefully, in accordance with the manual, try to remove.
  • In most cases, the user is able to solve the problem with the extraction himself. However, if you have tried all the tips and nothing helps, we strongly advise you to use the services of professionals, because your further actions may lead to breakage of contacts or the ink tank itself.

    Now that the cartridge has been removed, you can start replacing, refilling or cleaning it. In our second materials, the links below provide you with detailed guides on this topic. They will help you cope with the task without any difficulties.

    This concludes the article. We hope the tips were helpful and you still managed to get the ink tank out of the printer at home. When performing this procedure, carefully Read not only our recommendations, but also look into the instructions that came with your Canon product.

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