How to remove the front camera on Samsung

How to turn on the front camera?

Modern models of mobile phones are capable of making calls with video support, for this, their device includes two cameras. One is intended for taking pictures, the second front. for making video calls, which is located on the front side of the phone. Basically, the camera turns on automatically, but there are modes when you need to turn it on manually.

To make a video call, you need to connect to the service of a mobile operator that provides such an opportunity. The interlocutor with whom the connection is to be made must also have an active video call service. After all the conditions are met, the phone number is dialed and instead of the call button, the left soft key is pressed, which calls the “Functions” menu, in which you must select the “Video call” item or a name with a similar value, it all depends on the model of your device. When talking, the front camera turns on automatically and should be directed at you. The interlocutor should perform the same steps to complete which, he should be displayed on the screen of your phone. To make a conversation, you need to turn on the speakerphone, or connect a headset, since the phone is at a sufficient distance from the ear, and there is no point in bringing it closer.

If you want, frequent use of video calls, you can save money by installing an application such as Skype on your phone, of course, provided that this model supports it. To do this, you need to configure an APN access point, the name of which should begin with the word “internet”, then you should register on the Skype website to receive a username and password that are required when authorizing this application. The list of contacts contains a list of names (nicknames) of the interlocutors with whom you want to communicate. When you select one of them, a call will be made with automatic activation of the front camera.

Also, this camera can be used to take a self-portrait, it is very convenient when you need a photo, but there is no one to help with this. To do this, you need to turn on the “Camera” function, where the “Second camera” item is selected, after which the camera is aimed at itself, the perceived image by the camera is displayed on the screen, we adjust it to the desired result, press the shutter button or hold it (depending on the type of phone ), it is worth remembering that the keyboard must be unlocked.

After taking a photo, you need to switch the camera to the previous mode “Main camera”.

Step-by-step instruction

Do-it-yourself Samsung washing machine disassembly and drum removal is easy if you act carefully and consistently. Having prepared all the tools and materials, you can get to work. The main thing is to adhere to the given instructions.

  • Disconnect the washer from communications: power supply, water supply and sewerage.
  • Remove the cover. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the self-tapping screws holding the “top” located on the rear wall of the case. After pushing the panel away from you and pulling it up.
    remove, front, camera, samsung
  • Remove the dashboard. To do this, loosen all the fasteners provided. The former are located under the detergent drawer, while the others are located around the perimeter of the control unit. It is not necessary to detach the wiring: it is enough to carefully put the “board” on top of the machine or hang it on a special side hook. But if desired, the wires can be marked, photographed and disconnected.
  • Remove the access door. It is located in the lower right corner of the case and hides the trash filter. To remove it, just hook the panel up with a flat screwdriver. Be prepared for residual water to pour out of the hole (it is advisable to substitute a container nearby or lay rags).
  • Unhook the front panel. First, you need to loosen the metal or plastic clamp on the cuff of the hatch, picking it up with a screwdriver, and then bend the seal inside the drum. Then we unscrew all the self-tapping screws around the perimeter of the panel and detach from the machine body by 2-3 cm.Through the opened space, we disconnect the liner from the UBL from the end or remove the blocker completely.
  • Eliminate all other “barriers”. All conductors leading to the drum from the heating element, electric motor, pump and other sensors are disconnected. It is also necessary to remove the inlet valve and pressure switch from the unit, and then remove the branch pipe connecting the tank and the powder receiver. It is necessary to act as carefully as possible so as not to damage the elements.
  • Pull out counterweights. Most modern Samsung models have two concrete blocks located under the top cover of the machine. It is necessary to unscrew the bolts holding them. Be careful. concrete is extremely heavy.
  • Dismantle depreciation. First, the lower shock absorbers or dampers that fix the tank are unscrewed. The second in turn is the springs that hold the drum from above.

Be prepared for the heavy tank of your Samsung washing machine: better enlist the help of extra hands.

After removing the tank from the unit, you need to put it on a flat dry surface with the pulley up. After we loosen the fixation on the motor and remove the engine by disconnecting the drive belt.

In the process of disassembling the washing machine, it is recommended to carry out a comprehensive diagnostics of the equipment and check all components for operability. A multimeter will help in this, with which you can “ring out” all the electrical components. At the same time, you can clean quickly contaminating elements: heating elements, hoses, pump impeller, dispensary and garbage filter.

Take your time to get to work

It is not difficult to remove the drum from the washer without breaking the unit completely. The main thing is to act consistently and carefully prepare for dismantling. The preparation process necessarily includes the following stages:

  • determine a place for disassembly;
  • study the instructions for the washing machine, electrical diagram and other technical documentation;
  • collect materials and tools necessary for work;
  • prepare equipment for the upcoming disassembly.

The first step is to find a room suitable for disassembly. It should be a spacious, ventilated and lighted area with a free area of ​​at least 4 square meters. m. Ideally, it is recommended to take the washing machine to a garage or workshop. The floor must be covered with rags or old newspapers, which will help to avoid a “flood” and heavy pollution.

Remember to keep safety in mind when disassembling your Samsung washing machine!

Next, we prepare the inventory required for dismantling and subsequent repair:

  • screwdriver or a set of screwdrivers (slotted and Phillips);
  • a set of wrenches and an 8 mm hexagon;
  • pliers;
  • pliers;
  • multimeter;
  • wrench;
  • a hammer;
  • chisel;
  • marker;
  • lubricant cleaner WD-40;
  • sealant;
  • SHRUS type grease;
  • rag;
  • basin or other container.

If you plan to assemble the machine back, then it is better to take care of video or photographic recording. In this situation, it is easier to track your manipulations and return the technique to its previous state, acting in the reverse order. We will talk about the dismantling process further.

How to remove a drum from a Samsung washing machine?

The need to remove the drum on a Samsung washing machine arises if the machine is faulty and requires repair or is hopelessly broken and taken apart. In any case, disassembly should be carried out consistently and carefully so that the pulled out tank and other parts of the washing machine are not damaged during the dismantling process. To reduce risks and avoid surprises, you should focus on the instructions.

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Final stage of work

Pulling out the tank is half the battle. Then it is necessary to open it and remove the desired drum from the “shell”. But before you get down to business, you should determine the method of connecting the tank container and the material of its manufacture. Then the disassembly will take place faster and without undesirable consequences.

As a rule, Samsung makes washing machines with plastic and collapsible tanks, which simplifies the disassembly process. So, in order to halve the container, you will need to unhook the staples or unscrew the self-tapping screws around the perimeter. The first pry off with a flat screwdriver, and in the second case, a screwdriver will come in handy.

  • detach the lower half of the tank (where there is no cross and pulley);
  • remove the pulley from the tank by unscrewing it with a suitable wrench;
  • we insert a bolt into the vacant place and use a hammer to knock it out in the opposite direction;
  • generously clean the hole with WD-40 cleaner.

If it is not possible to “knock out” the shaft, then the joint must be carefully treated with WD-40 grease and left for 15-20 minutes.

That’s it, the drum has been successfully pulled out of the washing machine and tank. If the purpose was to repair or replace the bearing assembly, then after work it is recommended to replace the grease and treat all joints with silicone sealant. A container from non-working equipment can be used for other purposes, making something useful out of it.

How to hide front camera on Galaxy S10 | easy ways to remove punch hole camera

Professional camera mode

Pro mode opens up additional settings and a function editor for the user. To use it, you need to find the “PRO” mode and select it.

Shutter duration is a value that can be changed to increase the speed at which the shutter opens. The parameter is indicated in seconds. (1/1000, 1/500, 1/250). Faster exposure increases the amount of light affecting the sensor.

A higher exposure value is recommended for shooting dark areas, but too high a value will cause blur.

When using 1/10, it is recommended to use a tripod.

Selfie Tips on the Samsung A50

When using the front camera, it is not recommended to set the face retouch and blur setting to maximum. Better to choose the average.

How to set up the front camera on Samsung A50

In the settings, the default value for shooting is 12 MP. However, correctly selected parameters in the settings allow you to use the device to the maximum. Here’s how to set up the camera on your Samsung Galaxy A50.

There is no direct function to increase the resolution in the settings, but you can change the value using the aspect ratio editing option. The problem is with the 4: 3 ratio turned off, so the pictures come out in 16: 9. For high-quality images, select 4: 3.

Other camera settings Samsung A50

ISO is a value that determines the camera’s sensitivity to light. Often in smartphones, you can select a value from 50 to 3200. The higher the value, the more the device reacts to light.

Low ISO settings allow you to get a better image in good natural light. A higher value is used at night or in darkened rooms.

For photographs in the sun, select a low ISO level. 50, 100. If there is a lack of natural light and when shooting indoors, you should set the parameter to 400 or 600. Do not select 800, as the image may have a noise effect.

White balance is a function that determines the light source that affects the matrix.

It is recommended to use the flash in low light conditions. Often, this option allows you to create a better quality photo than setting the maximum values ​​of shutter speed and ISO.

On professional cameras, an optical zoom is installed, which enlarges images by changing the positions of the lenses inside the lens. In phones, however, digital zoom is used, when used, the picture loses its resolution and, accordingly, quality. It is not recommended to activate the digital zoom function. To get closer to the subject, the most correct option would be to mount the lens on a smartphone.

Customize Samsung Camera Modes

5 shooting options have been added to the Galaxy Samsung A50 smartphone model:

  • “Live focus”
  • Hyperlapse
  • “Panoramic mode”
  • “Slow shooting”
  • “PRO mode”

Setting each of them affects the changes in the values ​​of all functions.

For full control of photos, you need to disable “Night mode”. This requires automation, and professional mode is required to create high-quality images on cloudy days.

The modes allow users to avoid editing pictures in third-party applications. The taken photo can be immediately sent to social networks, if the settings are selected correctly.

To use the “Panorama” option, an area without moving objects is required, which will not disturb the final image.

The “Hyperlapse” mode makes it possible to create a small film that will be changed by the system and accelerated several times.

Night Mode automatically sets additional lighting when there is insufficient natural light in the photo area. The function often performs well, but the lack of optical stabilization limits the option.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. How to Hide FRONT CAMERA (Hole)

How to set up camera on Samsung A50

“How to set up a camera on Samsung A50” is a question of interest to users who want to get high-quality photos from a smartphone. The developers have added a powerful front camera. 25 megapixels to the A50 model. This allows you to open images in good resolution on any device.

Basic camera settings for Samsung A50

For snapshots, the system automatically selects the default coverage. The camera has an “AUTO” mode, but it is often necessary to manually select the shooting parameters for better images. A common problem is the wrong lighting level of the system, which negatively affects the photos.

How to set up camera on Samsung Galaxy

Hey! Today I will show you how to set up the camera on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can easily and quickly change the camera settings on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Any model A, S, J, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, X. See the instructions below and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have questions. Go!)

On the home screen, find the Camera icon and tap on it.

Next, your camera will turn on. At the bottom left, click on the Settings icon. You can also include here:

  • Full screen mode;
  • Automatic flash;
  • Choose an effect;
  • Expand the camera;
  • Strength and Vignette.
  • Image size. Resolution and Megapixels;
  • Video size. FHD;
  • Turn on the timer. For example, 2, 5 or 10 seconds before shooting;
  • Front camera photo size;
  • Front camera video size;
  • Timer front.,
  • Vertical display. Save all images as shown in the preview area, not upside-down;
  • Shooting method. Take selfies when you touch the screen., Automatically take photos when you show your palm to the camera.
  • Change camera mode. Rear camera: HDR, Night, Panorama, Pro, Beauty, Auto, Stickers, Burst. Front Camera: Selfie Focus, Selfie, Stickers, Wide Selfie;
  • Grid;
  • Geotags. Saving location data in snapshots and videos;
  • Review of images. Viewing photos immediately after shooting;
  • Quick start. To open the camera, quickly press the Home key twice;
  • Floating camera button on the screen;
  • Press the volume key to take a photo;
  • Reset camera settings.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

Location Tags

Thanks to this option, GPS tags will be added to each image you take. If you are concerned about your privacy, then this option should be disabled on Samsung.

Mode Button

In your Samsung camera settings, you can find the “Mode” button, which will give you access to the functionality of the “Pro” button.

The latter will give you access to professional camera settings.

  • Brightness;
  • ISO (camera sensitivity to light);
  • White balance;
  • Focal length;
  • Filters and other options to suit digital camera professionals.

Having got acquainted with the basic camera settings, we will figure out how to set up a camera on Samsung using examples of a number of models.

Camera functions on Samsung smartphones

Of course, there are a great many models of Samsung smartphones, and each of these models has its own specifics of phone camera settings. But the vast majority of such cameras have the following basic settings, which we will discuss below.

Video size

The same as with the image, but in the video area. The higher the video quality you select, the more space it takes up on your device’s memory. Usually, the highest quality video recording on Samsung phones is 4K. Remember that such a video takes up a lot of space on the device’s memory.

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Voice control

This option makes it possible to take pictures by saying a key phrase. For example, it could be “Cheese”, “Smile”, “Record video”. after which they take a picture or start recording a video.


With this option, you can set the delay time between pressing the shutter button and the actual shooting. Usually options available in 2, 5, 10 seconds.

Tracking AF

This parameter is used to track an object that you tap on the screen during shooting. The phone keeps focusing on this subject no matter where it is going or what is happening. This feature, typical of expensive DSLR cameras, is supported on Samsung phones.

Tracking AF

The function allows you to highlight the subject on the camera while shooting. To do this, you need to click on the screen in the desired area. The camera will automatically focus on the subject regardless of its movements or movements of neighboring objects. This option is used on expensive DSLR cameras, however, it is also supported by Samsung smartphones.

Video size

The function is the same as for taking photos. The higher the video resolution, the more memory the file occupies on the device. On modern models of Samsung smartphones, the user has the opportunity to shoot videos in high resolution 4K.

Video stabilization

When shooting video, stabilization is required to get rid of the effect of shaky hands, wind and other sudden movements that occur during the process of creating a material. Stabilization activation allows the user to get smooth footage without blur or loss of quality. It is worth noting that the options “Video stabilization” and “Tracking autofocus” often cannot be enabled at the same time.

How to set up a Samsung camera with HDR

The HDR option edits the difference between highlights and shadows. When using the function, the user receives an image with the maximum parameters of realism. The system automatically takes 3 pictures with different exposures, after which it generates images into one photo. The picture quality is significantly increased.

How to choose photo size

The image size affects the quality of the photo, but the photo file will also become larger. Reducing the size of the picture results in a smaller file size, however, the image quality also deteriorates significantly. Keep values ​​as high as possible for good shots.

Mode Button

Added a settings section to the camera section where the Mode button is located. The function allows you to switch to the professional shooting mode “PRO”.

What parameters can be edited in PRO mode:

  • Brightness;
  • ISO;
  • White balance;
  • Focus length;
  • Effects and other values ​​needed to improve picture quality.

The “AUTO” function is often available, which automatically adjusts values ​​for specific shooting conditions.

Update apps on your smartphone

Make sure your phone has the most recent versions of camera-related apps (especially if you’re using externally installed apps). Go to the “Play Store”, select “My Apps and Games” there. and update them to the latest versions. This might help solve the camera crash error on Samsung.

Top Causes of Camera Failure on Samsung

The camera error is caused by a number of software reasons, among which the following should be noted:

  • Problems with updating the Android OS. If you have recently updated your OS, then there is a possibility that the installed update is not working correctly. This is especially true if the update is interrupted during the installation process;
  • There is no free space on the phone. If, due to the installation or operation of any applications, the gadget’s memory is crammed to capacity, then this will cause the “Camera failure” error;
  • Cache and data errors in the Cameras application can also be a factor in the problem;
  • The error in question can also be caused by incorrect changes to the system settings by the user himself;
  • And, of course, the cause of the error can be an outdated version of the application that works with the camera.

Method: cleaning the internal storage

Camera failure on “Samsung” is bad, so it is better to eliminate this shortcoming as soon as possible. The second method is to clear the internal storage in the “Camera” application using the Recovery method. Just like the previous method, we will consider all the details step by step.

The first step is to turn off your device. Next, you need to press and hold three buttons on your phone for a certain time. These buttons are:

  • The button that is responsible for turning on and off.
  • A button called Home.
  • And the phone volume up button.

When you hold these buttons for a few seconds, the phone will provide you with the system parameters of “Android”.

In order to clean your device, you need to flip through the lines using the volume buttons. To go down, use the volume down button.

You need to find a line called Wipe cache partition. Next, your task is to restart the device.

If the camera crash on the “Samsung Grand Prime” has stopped. that’s good, but if not, then you should turn to the next method.

Reset your phone to factory settings

This method should be used as a last resort, since the files in your phone’s memory (including your accounts and progress in games) will be deleted. Go to the gadget’s settings, find the “Backup and reset” subsection (or “Backup”, etc.) there, and select the “Data reset” option.

Global cache cleaning through recovery

A few seconds later you can reboot your phone by selecting “reboot system now”.

Full reset

So, let’s move on to heavy artillery. If none of the above helped, and the “Camera Failure” warning has not disappeared, then you need to perform a full reset of the device.

Please note that all existing data in memory will be erased, so save it, for example, on a computer. If you do not know how to do this, then read the instructions on our website.

When launching the Camera application, owners of Sumsung phones (especially the Galaxy line) may face a problem when taking pictures. This error is not hardware, but software in nature, and is associated with the incorrect operation of a number of applications installed on the user device. Below we will analyze why this error occurs, and what to do if the camera crashes on Samsung.

What to do if the camera fails on Samsung

Despite the presence of many template tips, only a few of them really allow you to get rid of the “Camera failure” error on Sumsung. But, before moving on to their implementation, it is worth making sure that your smartphone has enough free space (both on the internal memory and in the SD card). If everything is okay with that, then let’s move on.

How to hide the front camera hole in Galaxy S10

In an effort to provide a truly bezel-less smartphone experience, Samsung has decided to use the Galaxy S10’s signature Infinity-O design. There are quite a few users who don’t like the hole in the display. Especially for them, the Seoul residents have provided a separate option that allows you to hide the camera lens so that it does not catch your eye.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 Plus have one front camera lens each, while the Galaxy S10 Plus has two. The latter thus has a wider opening for a double camera. In some cases, especially when using light wallpapers or applications with bright colors, the hole can be very distracting. You can improve the current situation with a single switch in the phone settings.

Galaxy S10 Plus owners note the Galaxy S10 notch is less annoying than the new iPhones.

How to hide the hole on the front of the Galaxy S10

In fact, there are two ways: the first involves activating a special option in the display settings, and the second masks the camera using the wallpaper on the home screen.

enable a special option in the settings

There are 4 simple steps that block you from your goal. If you don’t understand something, you can always ask for help in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

  • Open the Settings app on your Galaxy.
  • Go to the section where the smartphone display options are located.
  • Select the application submenu there and tap on “Full Screen Applications”.

The option “Hide front camera” is available there. activate it.

After that, a virtual black frame will appear at the top of the display. Against its background, the camera lens will become less noticeable.

set the wallpaper that will mask the camera lens

There are wallpapers specifically for Samsung’s new flagship family that may hide the presence of the Galaxy S10’s front camera lens. We have already talked about this, so all that remains for you is to choose the image you like and install it on your home screen.

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If you do not like them, then it is easier to find wallpapers in dark colors, and best of all, completely black. This will not only achieve the goal, but also improve autonomy, taking advantage of the AMOLED screens. The fact is that panels of this type consume practically no energy when they display black. Its pixels are simply turned off, which means they stop consuming battery power.

If you know of other tricks or tricks that can help get rid of the feeling that the hole in the screen is distracting, then we will be very grateful. You can upload a screenshot of the desktop to the corresponding album in our group on

How to set up camera on Samsung A51

I recently told (wrote) about 6 hidden, but useful functions in your phone, and since there are some that relate to the camera, those who want to “discover the truth” can see how to use them here.

If you do not touch the camera on the Samsung a51, in other words, start shooting with the built-in settings, the video will turn out to be disgusting.

I was amazed. As with the claimed 48 mega pixels in the back and 32 or two in the front, it worked out for me, somewhere approximately like on an old push-button phone.

At first, I even thought that this was a factory defect. well, a camera with such parameters as stated for the A51 cannot, it’s so disgusting to shoot.

“Marriage” was the first thought, the second was “Settings”. Moving away from the shock, I began to look for the reason and, naturally, I had to delve into the camera settings.

Having rummaged there, I noted with satisfaction that the dog was buried there. Although there are a lot of them there, it was enough for me to change only 2 to improve the video shooting.

Yes, there you can still customize and redo a lot, but now I will not describe all this, unless someone asks in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then I will answer in them.

How to set up rear and front camera on Samsung A51

Samsung a51 is stingy with camera settings. if you want a lot more of them, then I recommend watching the video that I will put here at the end.

Now start the camera and click on the “gear icon”. Then find and select “Video Size (Main Camera)”. After that, you can change the default resolution to a higher one.

Choose UHD 3840 × 2160. Do the same with the front camera. Everything is identical there.

After that, I recommend, if not already done, indicate the storage location. By default, this is the phone memory, but if there is a memory card, then you can specify.

That, in fact, is all. There is also a drawback in this resolution. Then the choice of effects disappears.

Here, everyone decides for himself what is best for him. effects or maximum quality. As already mentioned, try it as below in the video and compare the result. Have a good day!

Clearing the cache of faulty applications

The cache stores the data needed to run Android apps quickly. Often, it is the cache that is the culprit for all kinds of “glitches”.

Clearing the data must be done in the Camera and Gallery applications. So, we follow all the points of the instructions:

  • Go to Phone Settings.
  • We find the item “Application Manager” (or “Applications”).
  • Select “Camera” and tap on the corresponding menu item.
  • Go to the “Memory” section,
  • We find the button “Clear data”, and just below. “Clear cache”, click on it.
  • Close the settings and check if the camera is working.

To delete data in the Gallery, go back to the application manager, find the “Gallery” item in it and clear the data and cache in two clicks.

Note. You need to delete unnecessary information and clear the cache on your phone not only when an error occurs in the Camera application, but also on a regular basis. This ensures the efficient operation of all programs and prevents possible crashes in the Android OS. To quickly delete cached files, we recommend the free CCleaner mobile app.

Also read the google help for more details on clearing the cache.

Removing a memory card from a smartphone

Another quick and effective way to solve the problem with the camera on Samsung phones is to remove the memory card and insert it back.

If the Camera application starts to launch without a memory card, it is likely that it will continue to work after reinstalling the SD card. However, take your time and check your storage device for read errors first. This can be done using the chkdsk utility utility (in Windows it is available initially):

  • We connect the memory card to the computer (via a card reader).
  • In the context menu of the disk, select the Service tab Check.
  • We are waiting for the end of the check (at this stage chkdsk will correct errors) and insert the memory card into the phone.
  • Checking the operation of the “Camera” application.

See article on this topic: Here are some common errors that can cause your phone to not detect your memory card. This is what causes the camera to crash.

Data reset

Returning a smartphone to its factory settings is quite a drastic measure. Its main drawback is the consequences: the deletion of absolutely all personal data from the internal memory of the phone. However, Samsung “zeroing” can fix the camera problem.

Please back up important user files before performing a factory reset. For example, transfer all data to the cloud or to another device. The Titanium Backup app is great for creating a full Android backup.

There are two ways to reset data on Android:

  • Via Android system settings. To do this, go to the “General settings” “Restore and reset”. Among all the sub-items, we are looking for the inscription “Reset settings”.
  • Through Recovery. Option for advanced users who know how to handle this add-on. (Above we described in detail how you can do this). In the Recovery menu, select the Wipe All Data item and wait a few seconds for the system to delete all data. We reboot the phone and check the operation of the camera.

Fixing Samsung Camera via Recovery Mode

If the standard cleaning of the data failed to fix the camera failure, you can carry out a “global” cleaning through a special mode. Recovery. To run it on a Samsung phone, you need:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Simultaneously hold down the power button, Home and volume up.
  • After a few seconds, Recovery Mode is activated on the phone.
  • Using the sound adjustment button, select the Wipe Cache Partition item in the menu.
  • We clear the cache in all applications installed on the smartphone.
  • Reboot the phone through the Reboot System Now menu item.

Safe mode

One of the features of all Android gadgets is the presence of a safe mode, which allows for the initial diagnostics of the device. Thus, you can find out why the camera on the phone does not work.

You can enter Safe Mode on Samsung as follows:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Turn on the smartphone, wait for the “Samsung” logo to appear on the screen.
  • Hold down the volume button (volume down) and hold until the Android OS starts completely.
  • If “Safe Mode” appears at the bottom of the screen, then you did everything right.

The point of Safe Mode on Samsung is that only a limited number of apps work. All third-party programs are blocked.

Note. Read more about Safe Mode here.

If the camera on the smartphone starts up in this mode, this indicates problematic third-party applications that, most likely, were installed recently. In this case, it is necessary

  • Start the phone in standard mode (exiting safe mode)
  • Delete new apps one at a time until the camera starts up again.

[Instructions on how to uninstall unnecessary applications]

If the camera still does not work in safe mode, proceed to the next chapter.

Simplest: reboot your phone

It would seem that this method cannot solve problems with the camera. However, experience shows that often a simple restart of the phone will normalize its operation. The method is simple and absolutely safe.

To fix Samsung camera crashing through reboot:

  • Open the “Restart” item (to display the corresponding menu, hold down the Power button on the phone).
  • We are waiting for the phone to turn off and restart, displaying the Samsung logo.
  • Check if the camera is working by logging into the application and taking a test photo.