How To Replace A Cartridge In A Printer

5 ways how to recover a dried ink cartridge HP, Canon, Lexmark?

The inkjet cartridge can dry out due to long periods of inactivity or as a result of untimely refills. Manufacturers of inkjet printers strongly object to any manipulation of cartridges (other than their complete replacement), but in most cases this costly procedure can be avoided.

Recovery methods

If this procedure did not help the first time, then you can repeat it or try another recovery method.

The recovery process is the same for black and color cartridges with built-in printheads, but it is easier to recover a black cartridge than a color one, because. It has one color, then the chances of getting a positive result are greater.

Boiling or “the principle of cooking pasta

  • Small iron bowl or ladle
  • Pliers and pliers
  • Napkin or toilet paper


  • When you turn on the printer, open the lid, wait. And the cartridges themselves go to the replacement position. It is enough to lightly press down on its box and it will come out easily. We take out the cartridge
  • Now it is necessary to heat a small amount of water on the stove in an iron bowl or ladle so that the water boils and steam starts to flow. We take the cartridge and hold the printheads over the evaporation, you can rinse for 2-3 minutes, the cartridge with the printing elements is lowered into boiling water. Be careful as The cartridge will heat up, so it is best to hold it with pliers. Do NOT squeeze in any way to avoid damaging.
  • The dried paint in the head should get wet and start dripping, wipe off all excess with napkins until all the colors break through. This can take quite a long period of time, depending on the degree of neglect of the printing nozzles.
  • If the ink cartridge has been in use for a long time, you will have to rinse the inside out. Carefully open the cover. In older models, there is a special metal device for this. You should NOT be afraid of a small crunch, you can’t do without it. On new printers, the cover is sealed with adhesive tape, first you need to get rid of it, and then carefully open it with a screwdriver. The main thing is that it will not allow cracking of the walls, this can render the container unusable. We take out the absorbent inserts and rinse them with warm water, be sure to remember where each of them was.

Hot running water

Sometimes it happens that the cartridge head becomes clogged or dries up. In Trying to Clean the Head, you have tried many ways to clean the print cartridges, but none of them helped you. I found another way to clean (restore) the ill-fated cartridge. To do this, you do not need to buy anything extra, such as “Liquid for cleaning cartridges”, “Special devices”, etc. To do this, take the cartridge and put it upside down in the bath, head up. Then turn on hot water, with a small stream of water. This stream must accurately hit the nozzle head. Thus, the cartridge should stand for a couple of minutes. The cartridge needs to be moved a little so that the falling stream of water falls on all nozzles. The meaning of this method of cleaning printing elements is as follows. Water, falling from a height of about a meter, picks up speed and forcefully passes through the nozzles (holes, through which ink splashes onto the paper during printing) and cleans them. Also, the jet breaks through the dried channels, which you did not succumb to before. After this procedure, close the tap, take the cartridge and put it head down on a cloth, let it dry. Wipe it clean and put it back in the printer. Print a test page. If the first time is unlucky, then repeat the procedure several times.

If these methods did not help you, see more material on cartridge recovery below.

Cleaning the cartridge in an ultrasonic bath

Used “Fairy” and water. Water-based color ink cartridges are refurbished after 10 years in a nightstand.

Steam steaming. Maceration

If the cartridge with a sponge inside dries, try to soak the sponge. To do this, put the cartridge in a vessel filled with distilled water or flushing liquid with the nozzles down (in the same position as it is installed in the printer). Soaking can take quite a long time (from several hours to several days.) It is important to pour a little water so that only the nozzles are immersed in it (to a height of about 1 cm). Then ink is poured into the cartridge. It will NOT hurt to pump ink through the suction cup with a syringe, but do not use too much force. Pull the syringe slowly, without sudden jerks, and when the ink begins to come out evenly and in large quantities (no more than 10 ml), it is better to stop the procedure. Before inserting the cartridge into the printer, wipe off any remaining ink and pay particular attention to the electronics contacts. Do 2-3 head cleaning, print a test page.

Or: pour the composition abundantly on the napkin and put the cartridge on the napkin with nozzles and let it stand for 1-3 days if it is very dry. Then purge with a syringe with a rubber adapter in both directions; blow directly into the nozzles (the main thing. DO NOT overdo it with the purge). HP, Lexmark, Canon and the like are quite successfully restored in this way.

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Replacing the cartridge in the printer

Each model of printing equipment from different manufacturers has its own design, and the method of mounting the container for ink is also different. Below we will describe a general example of replacement, and you, taking the features of the technique used, repeat the instructions given.

Before performing the reviewed procedure with the following notes. Particular attention should be paid to them to the owners of FINE cartridges, since they are the most vulnerable, and the mechanism has its own subtleties:

  • Never touch the electrical contacts or nozzles on the cartridge with your hands. They are easily distinguished from the base, so problems with their detection should not arise.
  • DO NOT operate the printer without a missing cartridge. Replace immediately.
  • After installing the container, DO NOT take it back out unnecessarily, and even more so Do not leave it open. Such actions provoke ink drying and equipment breakdown.

Now that you are familiar with the basic notes, you can proceed directly to replacing the ink tank.

Replacing the cartridge in the printer

How To Replace A Cartridge In A Printer

Printer cartridges have a certain ink capacity, in addition, each model of equipment consumes a different amount of it. Over time, ink runs out, resulting in streaks on the finished paper, blurry images, or errors, and lights on the device itself. In this case, the cartridge should be replaced. How to do this will be discussed further.

Removing the cartridge

During this step, you need to remove the ink tank, the holder of which is close to the rest of the device. It is important NOT to touch metal components and not touch them with the cartridge. If paint gets on them, just carefully remove the liquid with napkins. Removing the ink tank itself is as follows:

    Press down on the cartridge until you hear a click.

The mount may differ depending on the model and manufacturer of the printer. A design with a special holder is often found. In this case, first you need to open it, and then take out the container.

Each area has its own laws and regulations regarding the disposal of consumables. Dispose of the used cartridge accordingly, and then proceed to install a new one.

Gaining access to the holder

First you need to get access to the holder. It is not difficult to do this, it is enough to perform several actions:

  • Plug in the power and turn on the device.
  • Close the paper output tray according to its design.
  • Open the back cover. Now wait for the holder to move to the state to replace the cartridge. DO NOT touch it while moving.

If the lid is left open for more than ten minutes, the holder will snap into place. It will move back only after re-closing and opening the lid.

Installing a new cartridge

All that remains is to insert a new ink tank and prepare the device for further printing. All actions are performed quite SIMply:

    Unpack the cartridge and remove the protective film, otherwise the ink will not flow into the printer.

At a slight angle, insert the container into the holder, while making sure that it does not touch the electrical contacts near the mount.

Press down on the body of the ink tank until a characteristic click appears. Required Make sure all items have been installed.

The last step is to close the lid.

This completes the cartridge replacement. We hope you managed to cope with the task without any difficulties, and the printing device again produces high-quality documents and images.

When to change the cartridge

Many users of office and home printing equipment are faced with the question of how often the cartridge in the printer needs to be replaced, and when it needs to be done.

The main sign of the end of the ink resource in the device is, first of all, poor print quality. White streaks appear on the sheet of paper, not printed lines, individual letters are lost, and the tone of the printed characters becomes faded. These signs clearly indicate that you need to refuel or replace the cartridge in the printer.

In addition, modern printing equipment often has a special notification option about the need to change or refill a cartridge in a printer. When the need for the next toner replacement appears, an indicator lights up on the device display and a corresponding notification appears, that is, the printer itself writes that it is necessary to replace the cartridge.

Usually, after the replacement indicator is activated, you can still print on the printer for some time, which eliminates the possibility of an unexpected shutdown of the equipment due to lack of ink. Seeing the alert, the user can promptly replace the cartridge and prevent the full consumption of toner.

In the event of primary exhaustion of the resource, it is possible to SIMply replace the toner by refilling. However, after several refills, the resource of consumables ends, and then you will definitely need to install a new cartridge.

In addition, the mandatory replacement of the cartridge is necessary when there is no way to change the chip. Many modern printing devices have a special chip that reads the remaining resource of consumables. And when this parameter reaches the minimum value, the chip for the cartridge blocks printing until a new product is installed.

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Cartridge: types and features of replacement

There are two main types: cartridges with a chip and without a chip. In this case, it is unacceptable to replace one type of product with another. Otherwise, if you choose an unsuitable option, there may be compatibility issues. Modifications with a chip are installed on more modern models of printers, and cartridges without a chip are usually used on the most budget versions of printing equipment or on outdated models.

Chipped products have a limited number of printed sheets. As this limit is used, the machine stops printing even if there is still enough toner left for printing. And such printers, for example, the popular Xerox or Samsung models equipped with a chip, will completely block the operation of the device when the limit value is reached. But the operation of Canon and HP printers does not depend on the chip.

Experts advise adhering to general recommendations when preparing to replace an old cartridge:

How to prepare for a replacement

On sale today A variety of models of laser and inkjet printers are presented, which have certain features of replacing toner for printing. Therefore, it is advisable, preparing to change the cartridge, first to study the features of your technique and take into account the recommendations of its manufacturer. In addition, it must be borne in mind that cartridges have different types and associated installation nuances.

We take out the old cartridge

To retrieve the used toner bottle, in most cases you must first connect the printer to the network. Although there are models of printing devices, where you can change consumables when the power is off. Next, to remove the cartridge from the MFP or printing device, follow the instructions below:

  • Lift or pull out (depending on the design of a particular model) the cover of the device. Different printer models have different opening mechanism. This picture shows how to replace inkjet printer cartridges. And in the picture below you can see how the toner in a laser printer changes.
  • Carefully remove the cartridge itself, Considering that each model of equipment may have its own design features. For example, you may first need to open the stop mechanism holding the printing element in place, or the latch may be hanged inward to release it. Depending on the modification of the printing device, there are other ways to get consumables. For example, sometimes you need to hold down the reset button or pull the product up at an angle from the attachment point. Some models have a special handle for easy removal of the cartridge from the machine.
  • If the cartridge is stuck during handling, it is not necessary to use force or try to pull it out using various tools or devices. In the situation under consideration, when you cannot easily get the product, it is better to contact a specialized service center, which will make the necessary change of consumables without damaging the equipment

Install new

To complete the replacement of the cartridge in the printer with a new one, you need to take it out of the box, and, NOT taking it out of the plastic packaging, shake it a little. The fact is that the coloring matter may accumulate, and its uneven distribution inside the container may subsequently negatively affect the print quality.

After shaking the case, you must unpack the product, carefully insert the consumable into the printer and fix it in place. It should be borne in mind that the product will also need to be inserted without sudden movements, taking into account the design of a particular model.

If you are inserting an original inkjet cartridge, you must first remove the protective tape from its body. This is a brightly colored ribbon on the printhead.

If the printing device has a stop mechanism, then you need to make sure that the housing with the ink element was firmly inserted. This is usually evidenced by the characteristic click of the mechanism when it is pressed.

Replacing the cartridge in the printer. detailed instructions

The printer today is an indispensable office equipment, so almost all users sooner or later face the question of replacing and refilling the cartridge in the printer. And the more actively the printer is used, the more often you have to change the cartridge in the printer.

Consider the instructions and all the stages of self-replacement of the cartridge in more detail.

Checking the cartridge after replacement

The final stage of replacement is checking the cartridge. In many modern models of printing devices, after closing the lid, the printer automatically detects that the consumable has been replaced and prompts you to print a test page. If the printer does not have this option, you need to print the letter in the usual way.

If the print test showed that the printed page meets all the required parameters, then the ink bottle replacement was successful. If on the test page you find gaps, stripes, then something went wrong. To fix the problem, you need to do a deep cleaning. Also in some cases it may be necessary to align the printheads. These manipulations with the equipment can be carried out using the control panel of the device and the manufacturer’s instructions.

After you have verified that everything is in order and the replacement of consumables was successful, you can close the printer cover.

Thus, following all the instructions above, you can figure out how to change the cartridge in the printer yourself.

The figure again shows the step-by-step diagram of replacing the cartridge.

If the replacement of consumables still causes you some difficulties or you DO NOT want to spend your time studying the instructions, contact the specialists.

How to insert a cartridge into a Brother printer

The Japanese company Brother specializes in the production of laser printers. The operation of THESE devices is based on the principle of electrography. The laser transfers the toner to the photosensitive drum (drum, photobar) of the cartridge, and then prints the information that you want to print on the paper. The coloring powder is attracted to the letter, melted under the influence of the high temperature of the thermal roller and fixed in the form of text or an image. Before the release of the letter from the printer, the charge is removed from the drum unit and it is cleaned of ink residues.

The cartridge is the main consumable of the laser device. Periodically, it needs to be filled with dye powder. The life of the cartridge is limited, so after a certain period (depending on the conditions of use) it will have to be replaced with a new one. How to change the cartridge in a Brother printer and how often it needs to be done, we will consider in the article.

Features Brother DCP 1510R. when you need to replace the cartridge in your printer

Brother offers a wide variety of laser printers for the home, small production and office applications. a range of color and monochrome printers for standard A4 documents, brochures and flyers.

Select models are designed to print on envelopes, self-adhesive paper, cardstock, and other heavy media. Laser equipment is almost never used for printing labels and stickers. thermal and thermal transfer printers are designed for THESE tasks.

Brother’s line of multifunctional devices (MFPs), such as the DCP-1602R and MFC-1815R, which SIMultaneously function as a printer, scanner and copier. The manufacturer indicates that such MFPs are suitable for printing on films and labels.

Laser devices are cheaper than thermal and thermal transfer printers, but the consumption of cartridges for regular printing of labels and price tags will be higher. Price tags printed with a laser printer on A4 paper will have to be cut manually. In addition, thermal transfer printing provides high quality coding. resistance to abrasion, humidity and temperature changes, even during long-term storage. Electrography will not give such a result in labeling, therefore, laser devices are recommended to be used for their intended purpose. for printing A4 documents on office paper.

The procedure for replacing the cartridge depends on the modification of the device. How to remove and insert the cartridge into the Brother printer, let’s take the example of the DCP-1510R model. Compact and budget MFP with black and white printing belongs to the category of versatile equipment for home and office use. The print speed reaches 20 pages per minute, the time for printing one letter does not exceed 10 seconds. The drum unit and toner bottle in this model are not combined into a single unit, which makes replacing them even more convenient and quick.

The MFP is equipped with a 150-sheet paper tray. The cartridge lasts an average of 1000 pages. Replace the cartridge in Brother DCP 1510R printers after 5-7 refills (depending on conditions of use, paper quality and other factors). In some cases, it is sufficient to replace only the worn out drum unit. it is enough for 10,000. 12,000 pages.

When the ink / drum unit is near the end of its life, the device notifies the user of a “flashing” red light on the control panel.

Separate the toner from the drum unit and replace only the consumable item that is exhausted or will soon run out.

How to install a filled container

You need to carefully take a full tank and place it where it was previously. Install in a click. The next step is to turn on a “cleaning cycle”. getting good print quality. Then the equipment can be considered ready for operation. This way you can refill the cartridge yourself, saving time and money on going to the workshop.

Reinstallation specificity for different types of devices

Now many have a printer, having turned into a household device. over, the printing equipment is capable of working on a wide variety of surfaces. The most common designs are inkjet printers. The reasons are the relatively low cost, the ability to print on various types of paper. Consider how cartridges are installed in laser and inkjet printing devices from various manufacturers.


The toner cartridge in the Brother printer is separated from the drum unit. To replace the container, you need to purchase an original (from the dealer) cassette that matches the model of the printing equipment. The device reports the need to replace, the Toner indicator lights up. Open the cover and take out the drum unit and cartridge assembly. The first one is pulled towards themselves, after which they are raised. Pressed on the blue release lever, the reservoir is removed for subsequent disposal. Everything seized is placed on paper.

The insert is made in stages:

  • Unpack a new cartridge, keep away from light. It also needs to be shaken to distribute content.
  • Place the container in the drum unit, not touching the gray areas. Fixation will occur with a click. If everything is correct, the locking lever will rise.
  • The blue slider needs a feat to clear the inner wire of the drum unit.
  • Before installing the drum in the device, put the blue slider in place.
  • At the end close the front cover.

Now it remains to check the operation of the printing equipment.

Step-by-step instructions on how to insert the cartridge into the device

There are two situations: change or refill print cartridges. One way or another, you will need to get them out of the printer, and then put them in place. Consider this for several types of printing equipment.

Laser printer.

The reinstallation technology in a laser printer is as follows.

  • For free access to the internal parts, the equipment must be on the network. Some models require pressing and holding the Reset button. Then you need to pull the cover towards you. Secondly, it should SIMply be opened. In this case, the cartridge leaves the middle.
  • Open the retaining mechanism to remove the reservoir. For this, the stop latch is pressed inward. And in some models press “Reset”.
  • After unlocking the system, you can remove the cartridge by pulling it towards you and up. They shake it, changing it to a new one, so that the ink is distributed. After all, they often become stale, which can degrade print quality.
  • We unpack the cartridge, remove the protective sticker. The print head located at the bottom must not be touched by hand.
  • We make the installation, we provide a reliable fixation in the right place. Mindfulness will exclude turning backwards and upside down. The cartridge should slide easily along the guides. If this is not the case, reinstall it again. After clicking firmly, you can cover the fillings with a lid.
  • Trying to print. Usually the computer asks for permission to check. we agree (ok).
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Inkjet and laser printers generally recharge in the same way. The only difference is in the form of tanks and filler: ink, powder.

HP, Canon, Samsung.

How do I insert an ink bottle into an HP printer? The products of this brand are diverse, in connection with which discrepancies in the instructions may arise. You can turn to an example. the DeskJet series, on the basis of which the steps will be repeated.

First of all, install the paper (which is recommended by the guide). This requires:

  • Open the cover, trays: for paper and receiving;
  • Move aside the top mount, which is responsible for the width of the sheets;
  • Some A4 paper is loaded into the tray;
  • Securing the stack of effortless width guide.

Installation of the cartridge. It must match the hardware, or the device will not detect it. We perform the following actions:

  • Open the side panel (cover) where the holder is located;
  • Press on the old ink bottle, remove it, unpack the new one;
  • Remove the protective film from the contacts and nozzle;
  • Install the cartridge in place by hearing the click;
  • Reinstall the rest of the ink tanks in the same way, if necessary;
  • Close the side cover.

The final step is calibration and printing. Cartridges Must be recognized by the hardware. To do this, we align the heads using the program:

  • Connect the printing unit to the computer, turn it on (Control Panel. Start Menu. Devices and Printers. HP Printing Preferences)
  • If the equipment is NOT displayed, add it to the list;
  • Find the “Services” tab;
  • Select the “Align Cartridges” tool, will start the process following the instructions.

It remains only to reconnect the printer so that it can print.

Let’s move on to the Canon brand and look at the installation of an ink tank in this device. The principle is almost the same in all models, the containers are in the FINE format. Having purchased a new filled tank, we perform the following steps.

  • Removing the container. Turn on the power, start the printer. Then open the cover and paper tray, and then the cartridges will move to replace. Click on the holder, lowering it down to the click. We take out the capacity.
  • Install the new ink tank immediately after unpacking it DO NOT shake it. Placing all the way into the back wall. Raise the locking lever to click.
  • Close the tray lid. This moves the cartridge so that you can print.
  • If you need one color, indicate it through the program. The path is as follows: Control Panel. “Start”. Devices and Printers. Canon. RMB. Printing Preferences. “Maintenance” (tab). “Cartridge Settings”. Next, select the inkwell and click “OK”.

Now reboot and start typing.

Let’s see how the Samsung toner cartridge changes. The program reports on the need for this procedure. It is necessary to purchase an ink bottle corresponding to the model, shake it. Do not leave the container in the light, but hold it by the handle, and not touching the working parts. We proceed to the replacement in the following steps.

  • Open the lid, take out the old container.
  • We release the new tank from the packaging, remove the protective tape.
  • Shake up to 6 times to distribute the toner inside.
  • We hold the inkwell by the handle, slowly insert, aligning the protrusions with the grooves of the printer. Clicking indicates correct location.
  • Close the lid securely.

How to insert the cartridge into the printer

Installing a cartridge after refueling or buying a new one is a procedure that many users are forced to do on their own. This is NOT a difficult action at all, even a beginner can handle it. But inexperienced users raise a number of questions about this. Consider how to properly change the cartridge in an inkjet or laser printing device.

What you need to refill the cartridge

In order to fill an empty cartridge, you need to prepare:

  • Cotton swabs;
  • Latex gloves;
  • Cloth napkin;
  • Refueling kit: syringe, ink.

We act in the following stages.

  • Open the hinged cover and carefully remove the empty cartridge according to the instructions for the printer.
  • Find the filling hole and insert the syringe needle there, which will respond with a light touch to the sponges located inside.
  • At a slow pace at intervals, allowing the sponges to soak, refill the cartridge with ink.
  • When paint appears in the drainage holes, the syringe can be removed.

The holes are wiped with a cloth napkin. Place the cartridge on a flat surface (table) for about 5 minutes to settle.

Useful Tips

  • You can find out about the need for replacement by the messages of the program, as well as by the deterioration of the quality of the text: light stripes, faded display, and not completely printed areas.
  • When replacing the ink tank, do not touch the contacts of the containers, otherwise the stains will badly affect the print.
  • Distinguish between chip and non-chip cartridges. Namely: those equipped with a chip can report the need for replacement. Those in which it is absent are cheaper, but it is necessary to calculate the supply of paint yourself according to the amount of work already done.
  • When purchasing a new replacement cassette, it is convenient to use the markings on the old one, which can be recorded or photographed to find an analogy.
  • Link of one black ink cartridge lasts about 95 pages (according to the manufacturer. up to 130).

Replacing the printer tanks is fairly quick. But at the same time, you need to know how this is done. Otherwise, it is better to turn to professionals.

Preparing and installing a new cartridge

Next, you have to install a new part in the body. You can replace a cartridge in an HP printer, for example, with either the same HP cartridge or with a non-original compatible with the printer model. Manufacturers prohibit substitution with third-party consumables, and here the policy of HP, Samsung, Canon and other companies is strictly the only one. But the owner (in this case, the printer) is a master, and there are a lot of compatible (cheap) consumables on sale, the choice is his.

You should print a new cartridge just before installation. As a rule, there is a shockproof sealed package inside the box, opening which you should try to avoid touching the drum unit and contacts with your hands. Sometimes even new ones spill toner, so take care of cleanliness beforehand.

Preparation for work consists in removing the packing tape (as a rule, you just need to pull the bright tab in the direction indicated) and removing the protective tape from the contacts. In addition, experts strongly advise returning the cartridge back and forth several times, keeping it in a horizontal position. This will allow the toner to be evenly distributed inside the reservoir.

The next step is to install a new cartridge. We just insert it, getting to protrude into the guide grooves, and not making significant efforts, and push it into the printer body until it stops. If something is stuck somewhere. Extracting and try again, avoiding distortions. We close the lid, wait for the transition to a working state and print a test page (some printer models will offer to do this through the proprietary program window, others will print automatically, the rest will need instructions for action).

How to replace a cartridge in a printer?

In our reality, replacement of consumable components is of interest to users of office equipment much less often than self-refueling. Each manual for each model describes how to replace the cartridge in the printer, but it happens, and often, that either access to the manual booklet is lost, or it itself. Some try to act intuitively and make mistakes that lead to unstable work, so it will be much more useful to study the universal instructions for replacing consumables.

By itself, the process of replacing the cartridge does NOT include anything complicated. We removed the old one, printed a new one, installed it, printed a test page and continue using your printer. But many owners are horrified only by opening the lid of the device: the internal structure seems so complicated and the fear of damaging something is so strong. In fact, there is nothing to injure with your hands, if you are careful and DO NOT use force.

Removing the old cartridge

First, you will have to turn on the printer and open the cover to access the consumables. The easiest is the case with laser printer cartridges. they are a single large box with a gripping handle. Regardless of which manufacturer’s emblem is on the body of the device, the process follows the same scheme: to remove the cartridge, pull it by the handle yourself or up. The direction is set by the rails on the sides of the body. No effort is required: the cartridge moves easily inside, but only in two directions (back and forth). If you apply force in a different direction, you can break both the consumable and the device itself. the plastic is rather fragile.

When removing the cartridge, you can only hold the handle, if necessary, along the ends, but in no case along the moving parts or along the drum unit. Do not drop it either. it is fraught with irreversible damage. Toner can spill from laser cartridges, which is toxic and very corrosive. If hands or clothes get dirty, the powder can be wiped off with a dry cloth, and washed off from the skin with cold water and soap or another cleaning agent. Hot water DO NOT remove toner marks.

After removing the cartridge, either put it in its own packaging, or wrap it tightly in polyethylene and dispose of as non-household waste. in specially designated containers.

In nuances

Technically, replacing inkjet cartridges is identical to working with laser ones, but there are some nuances. Modern color inkjet printers allow individual ink tanks to be replaced as they are consumed. Typically, the cartridge cover is located on the back or top of the printer. Epson offers users to use the “ink replacement” mode, for the latter, it is enough to turn on the device.

The inkjet printer itself sends the printhead of the cartridge into the access area. There will be several tanks in color models, and each can be replaced separately. Canon may have two black tanks. they are different, and the replacement must be made in accordance with the type. Each “jar” is fixed with a latch, so you need to remove it by lightly pressing it or pulling it up. Installing a new cartridge is made by clicking the latch. Excessive zeal can lead to breakage.

Replacing a cartridge in a Canon Pixma IP printer is a little more difficult due to the configuration of the printing device. To make it more convenient, you should remove the entire printhead from the housing and replace the ink tanks outside the housing. As a rule, this is done by pressing from top to bottom with the latch bent out. After replacement, the installation of the head is carried out in the click of the clamp.

How to change a cartridge in a printer?

To replace the cartridge, follow the instructions below:

Open the front cover of the printer. Remove the used cartridge. Remove the new cartridge from the box. Attention! Handle the toner cartridge with care. If you spill toner on your hands or clothing, remove it immediately or wash it off with cold water.

Be sure to seal the toner cartridge tightly in a bag so that toner does NOT spill out of the cartridge. Dispose of the used cartridge in accordance with local regulations, separately from household waste. If you have any questions Contact your local waste disposal service.

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Hold the cartridge horizontally with both hands and gently shake it from side to side five or six times to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge. Remove the tape labeled REMOVE and the orange protective cap from the new cartridge. Attention! Unpack the toner cartridge just before installing it in the printer.

If the cartridge is unpacked and NOT used for a long time, the cartridge life will be reduced. Insert the toner cartridge into the drum unit immediately after removing the protective cover. DO NOT touch the shaded parts shown in the illustrations to avoid a reduction in print quality.

Install the new cartridge by aligning with the guides. Slide it gently into the printer. DO NOT use force, the toner cartridge should move freely on the guide rails and will automatically position itself when the front cover is closed.

Please note that each color cartridge has its own individual “key” to avoid incorrect installation. Comparable color label on the cartridge with the same color label in the printer.

Close the front cover. Caution! Slide the toner cartridges gently into the printer. DO NOT try to use force, they must move freely on the guide rails and will automatically be in position when the front cover is closed. If you use toner cartridges other than Genuine Brother toner cartridges or refilled toner cartridges, the printer may break or malfunction. This may void your warranty. DO NOT install the cartridge backwards or upside down.

Open cover and replace cartridge.

According to the instruction manual of your printer or MFP model.

Open the lid, pull out the cartridge, insert a new cartridge, close the lid. Unclear? Not enough information? Whatever the question, this is the answer. Check your printer model!

Why change them? Download paint with a syringe. When you remove the sticker from the top of the cartridge, you will see holes. If there is a tri-color cartridge, then there are only three colors. It will be seen where what color is, but it is better to sign on the cartridge where what color, and boldly, pump it in a little with a syringe, just be careful, do not overflow. The black cartridge is much easier to fill, there it is in any hole (no difference), but you can also where it was filled from the factory.

Which printer? See instructions!

To do this, the printer must have a special button or mode. After calling this option, it is possible to easily remove the cartridge!

You have not left what printer you have, so you will have to read the instructions and DO NOT hope for answers.

How to replace the cartridge in the printer yourself?

Sooner or later, printer owners have to deal with such a problem as replacing the cartridge. But it should be noted right away that replacing a cartridge in a printer is not such a difficult and complex problem as it might seem to most. In addition, the instructions attached to each model of office equipment, whether it be a printer or MFP, provides detailed information on how to replace the cartridge in the printer. Please note that if you act in this case completely relying on your intuition, then this can lead to making mistakes, which will certainly negatively affect the operation of your printer.

Second step: preparing a new cartridge

At this stage, you will need to replace the old consumables with a new part. But before you insert the cartridge into the printer, make sure that it really fits your device. For example, if you have an HP printer, then you can replace a consumable in it with the same model or with a non-original one that is compatible with your printer model. In general, today the market offers a wide range of cheap compatible cartridges to choose from, and the choice between the original and the compatible is solely yours.

To solve the problem of how to insert the cartridge into the printer, first print out a new consumable. Inside the cartridge box, you will see a shockproof sealed package. You will need to open it and remove it from the cartridge, and then carefully remove it, and not touching the contacts and the drum unit. Try to be clean in advance, as Even new ink cartridges designed for laser printers may spill toner. Next, remove the packing tape and the protective tape that is on the contacts. Rotate the new cartridge back and forth several times while keeping it horizontal. This will allow the toner inside the reservoir to be distributed as evenly as possible.

Step one: Removing the old cartridge

Before removing the cartridge from the printer, you should turn on the device and open its cover to gain access to the consumables inside it. The easiest way to deal with the cartridges, which is equipped with laser printers, because. They are one whole box with a gripping handle.

So, in order to answer the question of how to remove the cartridge from the printer, you should pull it by the handle. The direction will depend on the rails on the sides of the printer body. It should be removed carefully without any additional effort. Otherwise, if you pull it out in the wrong direction, you may break not only this consumable, but the device itself. In addition, it’s not a secret for anyone that plastic is quite fragile.

In this case, the question is how to remove the cartridge? To get the consumable as accurately as possible, hold it exclusively by the handle and, if necessary, at the ends. Therefore, do not touch the drum unit or moving parts of the cartridge! In addition, it should be noted that toner residues can spill out of such consumables, which is a very corrosive and toxic substance. If you do get dirty, you can wash off the remaining toner from your skin with cold water and any suitable cleaning agent. At the same time, it is better to take off clothes and put them away for washing. Thus, now you have learned how to remove the cartridge from the printer.

Step three: install the cartridge

Next, we proceed to solving the problem of how to install the cartridge correctly and correctly. To do this, you only need to insert it, got to protrude into the corresponding grooves. Do NOT make any significant efforts, because The consumable should be installed easily enough. Then push it into the device housing until it stops. If something went wrong initially, be sure to remove this part and try again. Try to avoid distortions, otherwise the replaced cartridge will completely snap into place. After that, you just have to close the printer cover and wait until the device goes into working state. Thus, the question of how to put the cartridge into the printer is solved quite SIMply.

Be sure to print Test Pages at the end to make sure the cartridge fits fully into your printer and is working normally. If the cartridge is not installed properly, then you will have to open the cover again and remove the consumable.

In addition to all of the above, it should be added that in technical terms, replacing a cartridge in a printer intended for an inkjet model looks almost the same as in the case of consumables for a laser device. But before removing the cartridge in this type of printer, pay attention to the presence of reservoirs. The fact is that it is somewhat easier to solve the question of how to change the cartridge in the printer of the inkjet model, because They only allow replacement of individual ink tanks as they are consumed. In general, as you have probably seen, installing the cartridge into the printer is a fairly SIMple process that requires consistency and accuracy.

Ink priming and printhead flushing

Users of printers and MFPs know that the device can stop printing at the most inopportune moment. If you have dried out or run out of ink in the printer, use a special flushing liquid that can be purchased on our website. The special composition will help to safely clean the cartridge. If the system runs out of ink, you just need to refill it.

How to view the ink level in a printer / MFP When using a device with compatible cartridges, you need to focus on the electronic ink level in the cartridges. It can be seen using the MFP menu or through the driver.

If a slam-shut or CISS are used, the ink level can be determined visually by examining the containers. When the level falls below the 30% mark, it is worth adding ink of this color.

Head cleaning and ink priming Print head cleaning is performed either through the MFP menu entry or through the driver. After the procedure, you can let the device stand for 20 minutes without work. Then it is worth sending a couple of images / text documents to print to evaluate their quality. If after repeating the procedure 2-3 times, the print quality is NOT restored, you need to contact the service center.

You can also correct the situation by pumping ink. To do this, you need to download and install the PrintHelp program. it will enable you to start the procedure. After pumping, you can let the device stand for 20 minutes without working. If after receiving a test print the quality is NOT restored, you should contact the service center.

Please note. when performing these manipulations on the ink tanks, the air holes must be open. When working with CISS, you need to check the Ink loop for jams and pinches.

You will find more useful information on the topic on our website. For flushing printheads, see the links below:

We do not recommend flushing the printheads yourself. Incorrect actions can affect the performance of the printing device.

Users of printers and MFPs know that the device can stop printing at the most inopportune moment. If you have dried out or run out of ink in the printer, use a special flushing liquid that can be purchased on our website. The special composition will help to safely clean the cartridge. If the system runs out of ink, you just need to refill it.

How to view the ink level in a printer / MFP When using a device with compatible cartridges, you need to focus on the electronic ink level in the cartridges. It can be seen using the MFP menu or through the driver.

If a slam-shut or CISS are used, the ink level can be determined visually by examining the containers. When the level falls below the 30% mark, it is worth adding ink of this color.

Head cleaning and ink priming Print head cleaning is performed either through the MFP menu entry or through the driver. After the procedure, you can let the device stand for 20 minutes without work. Then it is worth sending a couple of images / text documents to print to evaluate their quality. If after repeating the procedure 2-3 times, the print quality is NOT restored, you need to contact the service center.

You can also correct the situation by pumping ink. To do this, you need to download and install the PrintHelp program. it will enable you to start the procedure. After pumping, you can let the device stand for 20 minutes without working. If after receiving a test print the quality is NOT restored, you should contact the service center.

Please note. when performing these manipulations on the ink tanks, the air holes must be open. When working with CISS, you need to check the Ink loop for jams and pinches.

You will find more useful information on the topic on our website. For flushing printheads, see the links below:

We do not recommend flushing the printheads yourself. Incorrect actions can affect the performance of the printing device.