How to reset a password on an HP printer

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How to check if the printer sees a new cartridge ID

Let us remind you that for everything to work out, with each new installation of a cartridge with sealed contacts, the printer should see a new identifier. To check this, take a close look at the nozzle test.

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In the last text line from the top (before the black bar), there are two “entries”: left and right. These are the cartridge IDs. Make sure that they change after each re-sealing of contacts.

Method 2

If all else fails, you can try the second method.

The sequence of actions at the beginning is the same as in the first method. Cover the contact marked in green, turn on the printer, print the test. The difference from the first method is that without removing the adhesive tape from the green contact, glue three more, marked in red in the figure, and insert the cartridge into the printer, print the test. Then peel off all the tape, wipe the contacts and insert the cartridge into the printer.

How to reset (reset) HP 121, 27, 28, 56, 57, 21, 22 cartridges. instructions

Everyone knows that HP 121, 27, 28, 56, 57, 21 and 22 cartridges can be refilled with a simple syringe (like this) or a refill set. At the same time, most users turn off tracking the ink level (usually, for this, it is enough to click “Continue” in the next message from the printer about the empty cartridge and print.

Important! Most HP models cannot reset the cartridge! The printers have a double ink control system: an electronic ink counter in the chip and a sensor for their actual availability. The chip usually responds first, reporting low ink. An exclamation mark appears next to the cartridge icon. When the level on the chip reaches zero (while the sensor does not run out of ink), the printer will report this and ask whether to continue printing. In this case, it will continue to work if you add compatible ink in a timely manner. There will be a question mark next to the ink cartridge icon to indicate that ink level tracking is disabled in this ink tank. Whenever you reinstall the cartridge (for example, to refuel), the printer will ask again if you want to continue printing.

If you skip a refill and completely empty the cartridge while printing, the actual ink sensor will be triggered. In this case, the printer will pause and lock the chip, and a cross will appear next to the cartridge icon. In this case, you will have to change the ink tank or install a new chip. However, for some models of cartridges and shut-off valves, there are automatically reset chips. It is also worth noting that in the new HP models, disabling tracking does not work at all due to strict measures against the use of alternative consumables.

At the same time, the chips of cartridges 121, 21, 27, 28, 56, 57 can be reset to zero, and then the ink level will be displayed. It is worth noting that in fact, information about the level of fullness of the cartridge is stored in the printer. It remembers how the last 4 installed cartridges were used by ID. identifier. At the same time, if you make the device believe that 4 different cartridges were installed in it one by one, it will “forget” the ID of your refilled cartridge and will perceive it as a new one.

Attention: if the device reports not about the empty cartridge, but about a malfunction, zeroing will not help. Chances are, buying a new ink bottle will save you.

Method 1

So, place the cartridge on the table with the print head facing you, contacts up.

The picture below shows the cartridge contacts. Cover with a piece of scotch tape the one shown in the figure in green. Be careful, only one contact should be glued!
Insert the cartridge back into the printer. Click “OK” in the message box that appears. Print an internal printer test, and then remove the cartridge again.

Cover one more contact (any of the ones shown in the picture in blue, purple or red), without removing the tape from the first contact. Then insert the cartridge into the printer, click “OK” in the message box and print a test page. Then remove the cartridge again.

After that, remove the tape from the first sealed contact, insert the cartridge into the printer, and wait for it to recognize it. Then take it out, remove the tape from the second contact, wipe all contacts with alcohol and return the cartridge to its place.

For the printer, these manipulations will look like 4 different cartridges inserted in succession, and it should recognize the cartridge as the 5th in a row and new (after all, information about its identifier will be lost). The ink level should be 100%.

Reset counter on HP 121 cartridge

On the HP 121 cartridge, you can also simply trick the ink consumption counter. To do this, glue the upper left contact marked in the figure.

We insert the cartridge. We take out the paper from the receiving tray. Press simultaneously the I (enable) and X (cancel) buttons. The printer will try to print the report. But since there is no paper, the “out of paper” indicator will light up. Press the button (X) (cancel), the “no paper” indicator will go out. Insert paper and send one sheet to print.

After the cartridge is installed in the printer, it will be determined as 100% full. After the counter has lowered the ink level to zero, peel off the tape from the contact and the level will be 100% again. You can do this as many times as you like.

How to zero the cartridge and reset the ink levels on HP

An unpleasant feature of HP cartridges, laid down by manufacturers, is the need to purchase new consumables when the ink in the ink tank is completely consumed. Hardware tracking of the performance of disposable cartridges is carried out in two directions.

In the first case, control over ink consumption is carried out using a chip, in which there is an electronic counter. In the second, the amount of ink, and the result of their consumption is transmitted to the sensor for monitoring the actual presence of ink. It should be remembered that the readings of these control systems differ slightly.

The ink level is transmitted by the sensor

The appearance of an exclamation mark on the panel, next to the cartridge icon, signals the end of the cartridge refueling. Chip readings will be zero. But this does not mean at all that the ink is completely empty. The main indicators that you should pay attention to are the readings of the control sensor.

Options for the ability to continue working

When the chip counts to zero, the printer’s operation is extended by timely refilling of ink that is compatible for each specific model. There will be a question mark on the panel and you will be prompted to continue. Pressing the “Continue” button disables the ink tracking function.

You can add ink yourself

In the latest HP products, you cannot turn off ink tracking. This is the development of the developers, aimed at preventing the use of consumables with similar parameters.

If the sensor for controlling the actual ink consumption is triggered, which occurs in the event of a full ink consumption in the cartridge, the chip will be blocked and the printing device will stop working.

Sensor for monitoring ink in the printer cartridge

It is not recommended to use the printer in blank printing mode (no ink). This could damage the print head.

Chip lock bypass (zeroing)

As a rule, in this case, it is proposed to purchase and install a new chip and ink tank. But it is possible to bypass such a lock and reset (reset) the chip readings. The most accessible way, the use of software (utility), with which you can quickly reset the meter readings and continue working. But such software is designed to use certain printer models.

Ink consumption chip can be reset by software

The method with changing the identifier (ID) of the cartridge is considered a little more complicated, but more reliable. This method guarantees a positive result due to the fact that the printer memory can only contain the last four identifiers of the installed cartridges. To remove the installed cartridge ID from memory and “force” the printing device to believe that a new cartridge is installed, it is enough to temporarily close the cartridge contacts. This can be done using duct tape (scotch tape). The proposed photos show the order of alternately gluing and peeling off the contacts (strictly one at a time).

The procedure should be carried out sequentially and at each stage it is necessary, after installing the cartridge in place, to print the internal test of the printer. You can determine that the printer has fixed a new identifier by changing the data after the “right” and “left” lines in the self-test report. After four consecutive steps, the printer usually perceives the inserted cartridge as new. Sometimes you have to change the place and amount of sticking the contacts.

Resetting the ink levels on the HP deskjet 2130, like most similar budget printers, is not necessary at all. If ink is refilled on time, the printer will continue to function normally. Pay attention to the indication or information shown on the display (“no cartridge”, “incompatible cartridge”). Sometimes it is enough to wipe the contacts to eliminate such errors. If replacement is required, use only original cartridges for each specific HP printer model.

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How to Reset Factory Defaults for Ricoh Printers

Create a backup of the address books stored in the Ricoh copier settings, Restoring the factory default settings will erase all saved data.

Press the “./” and “#” buttons on the Ricoh copier at the same time for 10 seconds. The copier turns off and starts rebooting. During this process Ricoh is reset to factory default settings.

Check if the process is running. Review the menu options on the screen and see if your old settings have been replaced and if your address books have been cleared. In this case, your Ricoh copier has been restored to its factory defaults.

Canon Printer Zeroing Features

There are many more ways to reset the chip on Canon devices than on equipment from other manufacturers. The recommended sequence of actions differs depending on the specific model, while for some devices it is indicated directly in the instructions. The most common methods are:

  • Reset the printer by gluing the desired contact on the contact pad of the cartridge.
  • Disable ink level monitoring in device properties.
  • Hold down the cancel button (usually red) for 10 seconds.
  • Completely disable bi-directional communication via hardware properties.

Important! In order to directly reset the information on the chip, you must use a special device. a programmer.

How to factory reset Brother HL-L2350DW / HL-L2370DW / HL-L2370DW XL printers

1.From the home screen of the printer display, navigate to Initial Setup and press OK.

Select the type of reset you want to perform and click “OK”.

Press the Down button and then press the Down button again to select Yes.

How to reset any printer model

When refilling a cartridge at a service center, zeroing or replacing the chip is usually done by a service technician. It is recommended to check in advance whether this service is included in the refueling price. Otherwise, you run the risk of being left with a refilled, but inoperative cartridge. If the printer is not reset, to restore the correct operation of the device, you will have to contact the wizard again or find the instructions yourself.

Standard user manuals usually do not contain information on how to reset the chip counter. This is because the manufacturers of printing equipment are not interested in providing such data. Most companies recommend not refilling old consumables, but purchasing new ones. over, their cost in some cases may even exceed the price of a new printer with a set of starter cartridges.

Try looking for the service manual for your printer model. This document contains detailed steps, diagrams, and step-by-step troubleshooting instructions. It is not intended for distribution to general users, so there is no such manual on the included disk. The availability of the service instructions depends on the manufacturer of the device. Some companies provide it only to authorized service centers, others publish it for everyone in a separate section of the official website.

However, whatever the manufacturer’s policy regarding the protection of proprietary information, you can find repair manuals for most popular models on thematic forums. When you find the document, open it and go to the chapter on refilling and maintaining the cartridges. Follow these steps in the order you want to reset the printer. Typically, this will require a device reboot.

Note! On some models of printers, you can reset the counter programmatically using a special utility. Other devices can only be reset by hardware, by manipulating the chip.

Restoring the Printer to Factory Defaults

Special considerations for restoring the printer to factory defaults.

Your printer is amazing. except when he loses his mind and forgets who and what it is. Cannot find network connection Internet is not available Paper feed error I can’t do anything right

What’s the matter? You have some form of machine dementia?

How to reset a refillable Epson cartridge

Multiple refills is the recommended scenario for servicing Epson cartridges. The chip installed on them is used not in the interests of the manufacturer, complicating the refueling process, but in the interests of the user. Its main purpose is to display information about the current level of ink in the tanks. You can reset the microcircuit on printers of different models in different ways:

  • If the chip does not have a button or two contacts at the top. remove the ink tank and insert it back.
  • If there is a button, press it and hold it for 5-7 seconds.
  • If there are two separate contacts located side by side. take out the cartridge and close the contacts with any metal object.

Important advice! Confirm your intention to reset the printer when a window appears with the appropriate question. Confirmation request can be displayed both in the operating system and on the LCD screen, if available on the device.

The second option to reset the Windows 10 password (with the command line already running, as described above)

To use this method, you must have Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise installed on your computer. Enter the command net user Administrator / active: yes (for the English or manual version of Windows 10, use Administrator instead of Administrator).

Either immediately after the successful execution of the command, or after restarting the computer, you will have a user choice, select the activated administrator account and log in under it without a password.

After logging in (the first logon takes some time), right-click on “Start” and select “Computer Management”. And in it. Local Users. Users.

Right-click on the username for which you want to reset the password and select the “Set password” menu item. Read the warning carefully and click “Continue”.

Then set a new password for the account. It is worth noting that this method fully works only for local Windows 10 accounts. For a Microsoft account, you must use the first method, or, if this is not possible, logging in as an administrator (as just described), create a new computer user.

Finally, if you used the second method to reset your password, I recommend returning everything to its original form. Disable the built-in administrator entry using the command line: net user Administrator / active: no

And also delete the utilman.exe file from the System32 folder, and then rename the utilman2.exe file to utilman.exe (if this cannot be done inside Windows 10, then, as well as initially, you will have to enter the recovery mode and perform these actions in the command line (as shown in the video above). Done, now your system is in its original form, and you have access to it.

The first method consists of the following steps:

  • Boot from a bootable Windows 10 flash drive (Ways to make a bootable Windows 10 flash drive will have to be done somewhere on another computer), then in the installer press the ShiftF10 keys (Shift Fn F10 on some laptops). Command Prompt will open.
  • In the command line, type regedit and press Enter.
  • The Registry Editor will open. In it, in the left pane, select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and then select “File”. “Load Hive” from the menu.
  • Specify the path to the file C: \ Windows \ System32 \ config \ SYSTEM (in some cases the letter of the system drive may differ from the usual C, but the required letter can be easily identified by the contents of the drive).
  • Set a name (any) for the loaded hive.
  • Open the downloaded registry key (will be under the given name in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE), and in it the Setup subkey.
  • On the right side of the Registry Editor, double-click on the CmdLine parameter and set the value to cmd.exe
  • Change the value of the SetupType parameter to 2 in the same way.
  • In the left part of the Registry Editor, select the section whose name you specified in the 5th step, then select “File”. “Unload Hive”, confirm unloading.
  • Close Registry Editor, Command Prompt, Setup and reboot your computer from your hard drive.
  • When the system boots, the command prompt will open automatically. In it, enter the command net user to view the list of users.
  • Enter the command to set a new password for the desired user. If the username contains spaces, enclose it in quotation marks. If you want to remove the password, enter two quotation marks in a row (no space between them) instead of the new password. I strongly advise against typing a password in Cyrillic.
  • At a command prompt, enter regedit and navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ Setup registry key
  • Remove the value from the CmdLine parameter and set the SetupType value to 0.
  • Close Registry Editor and Command Prompt.

As a result, you will be taken to the login screen, and the password for the user will be changed to the one you need or deleted.

Reset local account password in Windows 10 built-in tools

In the latest versions of Windows 10, resetting your local account password is easier than it used to be. Now, when installing Windows 10, you ask three security questions that allow you to change your password at any time if you have forgotten it (but this option is not always possible to use).

  • After entering the password incorrectly, the “Reset password” item will appear under the input field, click it.
  • Indicate the answers to security questions.
  • Set a new Windows 10 password and confirm it.

After that, the password will be changed and you will be automatically logged into the system (provided the correct answers to the questions). If you did not ask security questions (in this case, you may be informed that this operation requires removable media) or do not know the answers to them, use the following method.

Changing the password for a user using the built-in Administrator account

To use this method, you will need one of the following: Live CD with the ability to download and access the computer’s file system, a recovery disk (flash drive) or a Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7 distribution kit. I will demonstrate the use of the latter option. that is, resetting the password using the tools Windows recovery on an installation flash drive. Important note: in recent versions of Windows 10, the following method may not work.

The first step is to boot from one of the specified drives. After loading and the screen for selecting the installation language appears, press the Shift F10 keys. this will bring up a command line. If nothing like this appears, you can on the installation screen, after choosing the language, select the item “System Restore” at the bottom left, then go to Troubleshooting. Advanced options. Command line.

In the command line, enter the commands in order (after entering, press Enter):

  • diskpart
  • list volume

You will see a list of partitions on your hard drive. Remember the letter of the partition (it can be determined by the size) on which Windows 10 is installed (it may not be C at the moment, when starting the command line from the installer). Enter the Exit command and press Enter. In my case, this is drive C, and I will use this letter in the commands that should be entered next:

  • move c: \ Windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe c: \ Windows \ system32 \ utilman2.exe
  • copy c: \ Windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe c: \ Windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe
  • If everything went well, enter the wpeutil reboot command to reboot the computer (you can also reboot in another way). Boot from your system drive this time, not from a bootable flash drive or disk.
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Note: if you did not use the installation disk, but something else, then your task, using the command line, as described above or by other means, is to make a copy of cmd.exe in the System32 folder and rename this copy to utilman.exe.

After loading, in the password entry window, click on the “Accessibility” icon at the bottom right. Windows 10 Command Prompt will open.

At the command prompt, type net user username new password and press Enter. If the username consists of multiple words, use quotation marks. If you don’t know the username, use the net users command to view a list of Windows 10 usernames. After changing your password, you can immediately log into your account with the new password.

How to reset Windows 10 password

This tutorial is about how to reset a forgotten password in Windows 10, whether you’re using a Microsoft account or a local account. The process of resetting the password itself is almost the same as the ones that I described for previous versions of the OS, except for a couple of minor nuances. Please note, if you know the current password, that is, there are easier ways: How to change Windows 10 password.

If you need this information due to the fact that the Windows 10 password that you set for some reason does not work, I recommend that you first try to enter it with Caps Lock on and off, in the Russian and English layouts. this may help. If the text description of the steps seems complicated, there is also a video instruction in the section about resetting the password of a local account in which everything is clearly shown.

Reset Microsoft account password online

If you are using a Microsoft account, and the computer on which you cannot log in is connected to the Internet (or you can connect from the lock screen by clicking on the connection icon), then a simple password reset on the official website is for you. At the same time, you can perform the described steps to change the password from any other computer or even from your phone.

  • First of all, go to the page, on which select one of the items, for example, “I forgot my password”.
  • After that, enter your email address (it can also be a phone number) and verification characters, and then follow the instructions to restore access to your Microsoft account.
  • Provided that you have access to the email or phone to which the account is linked, the process will not be complicated.
  • As a result, you will need to connect to the Internet on the lock screen (using the connect button at the bottom right) and enter a new password.

If you do not have the ability to change your Microsoft account password online, you can proceed as follows: go to the instructions on how to reset the password without programs, follow all steps up to and including 10, and then create a new local user in the command line, give him rights administrator and log in as this user, a separate instruction will help with this: How to create a Windows 10 user.

Reset Windows 10 password in Dism

Dism is a powerful freeware program for tweaking, cleaning and some other actions with Windows, allowing, among other things, to remove the password of the local Windows 10 user.

In order to accomplish this using this program, follow these steps:

  • Create (somewhere on another computer) a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10 and unpack the archive with Dism on it.
  • Boot from this flash drive on the computer where you need to reset the password, press ShiftF10 in the installer, and in the command line enter the path to the executable file of the program in the same bitness as the image on your flash drive, for example. E: \ dism \ dismx64.exe Keep in mind that during the installation stage, the letter of the flash drive may differ from the one used in the loaded system. To see the current letter, you can use the commands diskpart, list volume, exit in order (the second command will show the connected partitions and their letters).
  • Accept the license agreement.
  • In the launched program, pay attention to two items at the top: on the left. Windows Setup, and on the right. Windows Click on Windows 10, and then click “Open Session”.
  • In the section “Tools”. “Advanced” select “Accounts”.
  • Select the user for whom you want to reset the password and click the “Reset Password” button.
  • Done, password cleared (deleted). You can close the program, command line, and installer, and then boot the computer from the hard drive as usual.

Details about the Dism program and where to download it in a separate article Setting up and cleaning Windows 10 in Dism. In case none of the described options helps, perhaps you should explore the methods from here: Restoring Windows 10.

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Thank you for the instruction. The advice with the registry and the command line helped.

The dism method helped really quickly

Tell me, what will happen if, after changing the password, you do not return the registry to the original version, this will affect something?

If, after changing the password, it is loaded into the system without problems and the command lines themselves do not open, then you can not return it, it will not affect.

Thank. The question is not much: Tell me, is it possible to buy Windows 10 license keys on AliExpress? They are working?
Thank you if you answer.

Hello. Usually they work, although this is, shall we say, not quite an official license for users (but intended for OEMs).

How to change the password for an administrator account on an HP laptop at logon

This is what you do when you are logged into an administrator account whose password you no longer remember and want to change.

  • Open “File Explorer”.
  • Go to your main drive. Usually this is drive “C”.
  • Go to “Windows”.
  • Go to the “System32” folder.
  • Find the file “cmd.exe” and double-click it, or right-click the file and select “Run as administrator”.
  • Enter the following command “net user UserName NewPassword” replacing UserName with the appropriate username and “New Password” with the password you want to associate with this username.
  • Press “Enter” to finish the job.

How to reset the administrator password on an HP laptop

As statistics from the end of 2019 reliably indicate, MS Windows is the most popular operating system for both laptops and desktops. While Android may be the most ubiquitous OS in general, this is due to the fact that it is ubiquitous on mobile phones. iOS, on the other hand, is the most popular for tablets, and Linux in many of its flavors is used on shared IoT, servers, and supercomputers. However, when it comes to PCs, MS Windows is king. which is why HP laptops come with some version ready to install.

Like any sane king, Windows has set a certain security standard to prevent attackers or other unwanted individuals from entering their domain. The first stronghold against these spam messages is a password, which is required to log into an account or, in some cases, to make changes to a user’s computer. This is all good and good; however administrator passwords. this is a problem to be thought of and remembered. that’s why they are so often forgotten or lost.

You set up Windows a long time ago and do not remember which of the many passwords you have to remember that you used in a particular case, or maybe someone else created it for you and did not write the password, or perhaps you bought or received a device without explicit instructions and must now deal with this situation. Problems of this kind seem to arise quite regularly. so how do you deal with them?

Well, there are dozens of different guides on the Internet on how you can recover your Windows password. and the vast majority of them. extremely outdated, inaccurate or outright fabrications that have no real basis. In reality, the following courses of action are the most sensible and viable that you have access to. Choose the one that suits your specific concerns and follow the instructions to successfully unlock your HP laptop.

How to use an administrator account to reset the password for an HP laptop for a user account

If you want to recover the password of the user account and have access to the administrator account, you should have no problem following these steps:

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Go to the “Control Panel” at home.
  • Select “User Accounts”.
  • Click on User Accounts again.
  • Click “Manage Another Account”.
  • The list of current users should now be displayed on the screen.
  • Click the Change Password button next to the username you want to change.
  • Complete the pop-up menu.
  • Click “Change Password” to exit.

How to recover password using Windows boot disk

If you are not using a Microsoft account but are using a local Windows account and find that you are completely locked out of Windows, do not despair. there is still hope. You can still reset Windows password using Command Prompt, but in order to even open Command Prompt, you need a bootable Windows USB stick. Luckily, you can download the MS Windows ISO file from Microsoft’s official website for free. Do this and write to a USB stick.

  • Insert the Windows boot disk into your computer.
  • Restart your computer when the option appears and press the boot key.
  • In the boot menu, select the device you have connected.
  • Select “Next” on the Windows Setup screen that appears.
  • Select “Repair your computer”.
  • Select “Troubleshoot”.
  • Select “Advanced Options”.
  • Select “Command Prompt”.
  • Enter the following command in CMD to change the utility manager.

“CD C: \ Windows \ System32”
“Ren utilman.exe utilman_bak.exe”
“Copy cmd.exe utilman.exe”

  • Restart your computer when the Windows logon screen appears, click “Ease of Access”.
    While in the System32 directory, type “control userpasswords2” and press enter.
  • Click on reset password and then enter a new password or leave the new password field blank to remove your Windows login password.

How to remove a password on an HP computer using Recovery Manager

WARNING: This is a nuclear option, so consider doing this only if all others are down or unavailable. It will remove the password, but it will also completely wipe the primary drive on the HP laptop. All documents, files and media on this drive will be deleted. If you’ve partitioned your hard drive and store all of your relevant data in a non-primary partition, if you have a recent backup of your data, or for some other reason, don’t mind losing data on that primary drive. that shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you do not want your data to be deleted from the main drive, DON’T DO THIS.

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  • Restart your HP laptop.
  • Press the “F11” button while loading.
  • When the option appears on the screen, select “HP Recovery Manager”.
  • When “HP Recovery Manager” boots up. select “System Restore”.

How to restart the device?

If you need to reset your HP printer and return to the settings that were originally set, follow these simple steps:

  • Find the File menu in the HP printer software.
  • Having found the “Restart” option, click on it.
  • When the corresponding window pops up, the action will need to be confirmed, which will subsequently restart the device.

Fonts loaded into memory will be deleted due to factory reset.

How to reset the ink counter

The printer manufacturer (HP 2050, HP 4283, Deskjet 2130 and others) usually installs single-use cartridges on printing devices. Thanks to the built-in chip, the ink level is monitored, so a container that does not have a sensor will not be able to work in such a device.

To avoid buying a new consumable, you can reset the ink counter on your HP printer:

  • The cartridge is removed from the device and placed on the working surface with the contacts facing up.
  • Using a small piece of tape, the contact is glued, which is located in the upper left corner.
  • The container is installed in the device, after which you should click “OK”, print and remove the cartridge again.
  • The contact is glued in the bottom row on the right side. After placing the container back into the device, you will need to perform a printout. Next, the ink tank is removed.
  • To reset the counter that monitors the ink level, it is necessary to remove the tape that was applied first from the container and insert the cartridge into the printer.
  • The inkwell is removed and the second tape is removed. Next, the contacts must be carefully cleaned with alcohol. If you install a consumable in its place, the counter will be reset to zero. HP printer will show dye level reaching 100%.

You can also reset the counter as follows:

  • three contacts in the top row on the right side are glued at the same time;
  • the cartridge is installed in the device and printing is performed;
  • after removing the tape, alcohol is used;
  • the container is returned to its place, after which you can start test printing.

Based on the fact that on some models it is possible to reset the HP printer counter, experts advise using quality ink to avoid unwanted damage to the machine.

HP printer reset rules

Users of HP printing devices often have to deal with resetting machine errors or ink counters. Typically, printers use disposable cartridges. But since the purchase of new consumables is expensive, many are trying to find a way to reuse the ink bottle. To reset fault codes, you must take into account the specific model.

Ways to clear errors

In modern models of printers HP Laserjet, Deskjet 2130, HP 4283 and others, a system is installed whose task is to self-diagnose the device. The device informs about the occurrence of malfunctions by flashing error codes on the display or by flashing LEDs.

Although HP printing devices are reliable, they can also fail. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to reset an HP printer error.

Among the existing errors, a malfunction with code 79 is often encountered. This is how the device signals a software failure. To reset, the following sequence of actions is provided:

  • the device is disconnected from the power supply, after which it is necessary to wait at least 30 seconds;
  • after turning on the printer, wait for it to initialize;
  • if the errors persist, you may need to reset the print queue or reinstall the drivers.

Displayed errors are cleared differently by printer model. For example, when you need to reset your HP Laserjet printer to return to factory settings, remember that all existing pages will be erased from the printer’s memory.

If you have a Laserjet with a touch panel:

  • the “Settings” button is pressed;
  • “Service” is selected;
  • scrolling through the list, you should find the option “Restore defaults”, after which the action is confirmed.

Resetting settings on other models

Resetting the HP 2050 printer is often required if you need to install a cartridge after refilling. In order for the device to do its job, you must:

To reset the HP Photosmart Printer (Model C5183), do the following:

  • the power plug is removed;
  • “OK” and “Help” are pressed at the same time, the plug is inserted back, but the buttons are held until the Photosmart printer turns off;
  • by pressing the key with a cross and an arrow down, the device must be turned on.

HP Photosmart C5183 Multifunction Printer

In some HP Photosmart devices, for example, the C7283, the ink error is reset by resetting the settings. To do this, press “Help” and “Ok” and after the power plug is inserted, they are held until returning to the original parameters.

You can solve the arising problems with HP brand printers by resetting the settings. The main thing is to take into account the model of the apparatus and adhere to the correct aLGorithm of actions.

Resetting Canon printer settings. how and why? Reset printer settings

Resetting the HP C5183 Printer

To reset, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the device, and remove the power cord from the printer.
  • While holding down the Help and OK buttons, plug the power cord back in. Do not release the buttons until the device is completely turned off.
  • Turn on the printer by pressing the Down Arrow and Cancel (X) buttons at the same time.

Resetting the Printer on Error 79

Error 79 is usually caused by a malfunction in the printer software. To fix it, do the following:

  • Unplug the printer for at least half a minute.
  • Connect and turn on the printer. Wait for it to initialize.

Reset Cartridge Counter

Any modern printer is equipped with various sensors that help to carry out all the functions of the printing machine. Among them are sensors that are responsible for measuring the remaining level of toner in the cartridges and transmitting the received data to the main controller of the device. When the ink runs out, the operating system automatically blocks the printing function, because idling printheads can cause premature wear.

When installing new, replacing, or refilling installed ink tanks, the printer will usually automatically recognize that the user has performed these procedures, and then reset the ink level counter. But for various reasons, this may not happen. It is in these cases that the reset function helps, which will allow you to zero the readings of the ink level sensor, thereby unlocking the printer and it will be able to continue its work.

Detailed instructions on how to reset the cartridge counter on Canon printers are available on our website.

How to reset HP cartridges?

All information about the amount of ink in the cartridge is transmitted by the chip directly to the printer itself, which can store information about the last four connected cartridges in memory. In order to erase the data on the current cartridge, it is necessary to connect several other cartridges to the printer one by one. But, since few people have several HP ink tanks in stock, you can go for a trick. make the machine believe that different cartridges were inserted into it. To do this, you can alternately glue different contacts of the chip in order to “deceive” the printer:

  • Cover the contact of the HP cartridge chip, marked in green in all three illustrations (you can use regular tape or tape). Do not touch other contacts yet. Insert the cartridge into the printer and print a test page.
  • Without peeling off the green contact, glue the contact indicated in blue. Insert the cartridge into the printer and print a test page.
  • Peel off the tape from the blue sealed contact. Without peeling off the green contact, glue the indicated contact with crimson color. Insert the cartridge into the printer and print a test page.
  • Remove the tape from the crimson-colored contact. Without peeling off the green contact, glue the contact indicated in red. Insert the cartridge into the printer and print a test page.
  • Remove the tape from all contacts and wipe them with alcohol. Put the cartridge back into the printer.
  • Try to print something.

Important! The sequence of steps can be changed. Please note that the cartridge ID must be different on all test pages.

  • Cover the HP cartridge chip contact marked in green in the illustration below. Do not touch other contacts yet. Insert the cartridge into the printer and print a test page.
  • Without peeling off the green contact, glue the contacts indicated in red. Insert the cartridge into the printer and print a test page.
  • Remove the tape from all contacts and wipe them with alcohol. Put the cartridge back into the printer.
  • Try to print something.

Resetting the HP 20150 Printer

To reset, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the printer from the computer, but do not remove the power cord.
  • Turn off the printer using the power button.
  • While holding down the Color Copy and Cancel buttons, turn on the device with the power button.
  • After the display and indicators respond to pressing (the printer will not turn on), release the buttons.
  • Turn on the device normally using the power button.

Zeroing the HL-2130R (2132R) device by software

How to reset the counter of the HL-2130R or HL-2132R using the software method? Simple actions are envisaged:

  • First of all, the Brother HL-2132R printer must be turned on and wait until it dies down after preliminary preparation for work.
  • Open the front cover, then turn off the device.
  • Press the “Go” button and hold until the Brother HL-2132R (HL-2130R) machine is turned on.
  • After releasing the key, you should wait until the indicators go out, and then press it again 2 times.
  • After 4-5 seconds, you must press “Go” 5 times in a row. As a result, the “Error” indicator should light up.
  • The final step is closing the lid Brother HL-2132R.

If you do everything correctly, the Brother HL-2132R printer will reset, that is, the toner counter will be reset.