How To Reset Brother Dcp 1510r Printer

Reset methods

First of all, it should be noted that many representatives of the lineup of the famous brand, representing the Land of the Rising Sun on the world market of office equipment, have a SIMilar design. However, many of them are equipped with TN-1075 series cartridges.

How To Reset Brother Dcp 1510r Printer

In this case, the point is that in the overwhelming majority of variants the aLGorithm of actions when resetting the counters will be the same.

The first option is focused on multifunctional cameras and printers equipped with their own displays. In the second case, we are talking about a universal clearing method that allows you to reset the counter to zero and restart office equipment for further full operation.


Manually activate cartridge and reset sensor for page counts and machine lock, suitable for all Brother models.

This fairly SIMple aLGorithm involves the following steps.

Connect the equipment to the mains. It is important NOT to connect the printer or MFP to a PC or laptop. You also need to remove all the paper.

Open the top cover and side panel. Pull the drum out of the housing. You can get it by gently pulling it towards you. Separate cartridge and drum by removing fasteners.

Place the drum piece back in its place. Click on the sensor, which is located on the left side. The unit can be accessed by inserting your hand through the paper feed tray.

Holding the sensor in the clamp position, close the printer cover (MFP), wait for the mechanisms to start. Release the sensor for a few seconds and clamp it again until the printing device stops working, that is, until the engine stops completely. Insert the previously removed cartridge into the drum unit.

Sometimes, after all the described manipulations, the technician still DOES NOT detect the consumable or considers it empty. In such situations, it is recommended that you remove the cartridge again and check it. After that, it will have to be refueled or changed to a worker in case of failure. All the necessary actions, as a rule, can be performed independently.

It is essential that all operations are performed correctly. If you have the slightest doubt about your own strengths and knowledge, it is strongly recommended to seek help from the specialists of the service center.

When to reset to zero?

The essence of most of the problems boils down to the fact that the manufacturer installs more than just a page counter on its printing devices. In this case, we are talking about a kind of lock for a printer and MFP.

It is no secret that when the cartridge is fully loaded, the equipment is designed to print a certain number of sheets. Average figures for printers and multifunctional devices are 1000 and 2500 A4 pages, respectively.

As soon as the page counter reaches the mark provided by the manufacturer, the printer or MFP asks to replace the cartridge and refuses to function.

On the one hand, if the device writes that the toner has run out, then the reservoir needs to be replaced. That is, the manufacturer provides for the purchase of new consumables each time. The situation is SIMilar with inkjet models that require a certain level of ink. As a result, operating costs increase significantly, since cartridges are often very expensive. Based on this, many users prefer to independently restore the functionality of printing devices.

However, the mentioned chip can become source of problems during the further operation of the cartridge refill. The latter is either not defined at all, or is perceived by technology as empty. In such situations, in order to start a printer or multifunctional device, you will need to knock down the settings and update (reset) the counter of printed pages to that very same. In this case, we are talking about the so-called clearing, which boils down to adjusting the settings, allowing the continued operation of the equipment.


The creators of modern printing equipment are constantly expanding the list of additional functions of their devices. It also includes an option to reset the counter on Brother printers and MFPs.

It is important to consider that we are talking about models with an integrated display. Owners of SIMilar models need to do the following to reset the page and ink counter.

Connect to the network and start the peripheral. It is important to remember that no action will be taken while the message “Please wait” is displayed.

Open (remove) the side cover, then use the “Clear” button.

Clicked “Start”, will start the Corresponding process after the request appears related to the replacement of the cartridge. Wait until the display stops showing “Wait” and press the “Up” and “Down” arrows several times. After “00” appears on the screen, you will need to confirm your actions using the “Ok” button.

After the corresponding inscription appears, replace the side panel. Reload the printing device. After the reboot is made, go to the device menu, through the items of which you can navigate using the arrows mentioned above. At this stage, you need to check the status of the counter. If all of the above manipulations were completed successfully, then this indicator will be equal to 100%.

In practice, the software method of resetting the counter and resetting the settings is as SIMple as possible and does NOT require significant time costs.

An alternative would be a universal aLGorithm of actions that is relevant for all peripheral devices, including those that do not have a display.

How to reset Brother printers?

The vast majority of printers and multifunctional devices of the Japanese brand with more than a century of history are equipped with automatic accounting systems. This applies to both the number of pages printed and the amount of ink in the cartridges. However, many users are interested in how to reset a Brother printer or MFP. Most often, this interest is due to the emerging problems that one has to face after refueling the cartridges. Quite often, peripheral devices “do not see” the updated containers or perceive them as empty, although there is paint in them.

How to reset different models?

As already noted, one of the most common cartridges that Brother machines are equipped with is the TN-1075 model. We are talking, in particular, about such samples of office equipment as DCP 1410r and 1512r, as well as HL 1110r and 1112r, MFC 1810r and 1815r.

In this case, the printing unit includes the cartridge itself and the DR-1075 series drum unit.

After installing the Refurbished starter cartridge on the indicated models of equipment, you will need to perform the following steps.

  • Empty the paper tray completely. Remove the print module from the device housing.
  • Disconnect the cartridge from the drum unit, pressed the blue button on the right.
  • Place the drum unit in place. On its left side you can see a hole through which you can access the button to reset the counter of printed pages. It is important to keep in mind that the process of resetting and unlocking the cartridge will be carried out with the cover closed, and you can only get to it through the paper tray. Therefore, it is required to remember exactly its location.
  • Press the zero button and close the printer cover. DO NOT worry about the risk of injury to your finger as there are no moving parts in this part of the device.
  • Hold checkbox in device startup.
  • Release the button for a while and again, press it, hold it until the engine is turned off.
  • Wait for the light indication in the form of a blinking green LED signaling the successful completion of the counter reset. If this does not happen, you should repeat the whole process again.
  • Place the cartridge in the drum unit.

The hardware setup aLGorithm when using a commercially available TN-1075 cartridge includes the following steps.

  • Separate the cartridge from the drum unit (drum unit).
  • Open the side panel from the side of the gear block of the printing device.
  • DO NOT use excessive force to remove the cover. It is important to remember that in case of an error, the gears can get enough sleep.
  • Remove the left outer row gear. Find crescent-shaped gears under it and return it all the way.
  • Place the removed subassembly in its seat.
  • Close the gear block with the cover. It is important to carry out all manipulations with the utmost care and Make sure that the crescent-shaped gears DO NOT shift.
  • Screw on the installed cover, after which you will need to return the cartridge to the drum unit.
  • Place the Assembled Print Module in the Printer or MFP.
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In situations where a factory reset is required in the Brother HL 2130r and 2132r family of laser office equipment, DCP 7055r and 7057r, we are also talking about the software and hardware method. The first option of zeroing can be considered on the example of the Hl-2130R printer.

The software method of resetting the page counter and unlocking is more relevant for Brother MFPs. So, in the case of the DCP 7055r, the following steps are provided:

  • Go to the device menu using the appropriate button;
  • Go to the item “General settings” and confirm your actions by clicking “Ok”;
  • Select the “Replace Toner” command;
  • Use the arrows to go to the “Continue” item;
  • Click “Clear”.

The user will need to take the following steps.

  • Start equipment. After turning on the device, you can hear the characteristic noise.
  • As soon as the noise stops, open the cover on the front panel. Turn off the printer.
  • Press the “GO” key and hold it down until the technique does NOT start working again. It is important to make sure that there is no indication “Ready”.
  • Release the held button.
  • Press “GO” twice and then 5 more times in a row.
  • Close the front cover.

After all the above manipulations, the “Ready” indicator should glow uniformly. At the final stage, it remains to reboot. As a result, the laser printer will be zeroed and ready for full operation.

If you want to reset the DCP 7057r, you will need to:

  • Activate the MFP and wait for the mechanism to stop making noise;
  • Open the front cover of the device;
  • Depending on the modification, press the “Cancel”, “Stop” or “Back” button;
  • Use the “Start” key;
  • Press the “Up” arrow, and then “Down” several times until the screen displays two zeros;
  • Click “Ok” and return the cover to its place.

An alternative procedure (using the system menu of the multifunction device) includes the following manipulations.

  • Disable the MFP. Press and hold the “Menu” button.
  • Turn on the device while continuing to hold the indicated button. Release the “Menu” after the display flashes.
  • Wait until the message “Maintenance” appears.
  • Find menu item 81 using the arrows and select it by clicking on “Ok”.
  • The appeared inscription “Reset Drum Count” by pressing the “Start” button, change to “Reset Life Count”.
  • Press “Start” again.
  • Use the arrows to select point 96 and confirm your actions.

At the final stage of zeroing, you only need to restart the unit.

For how to reset your Brother HL-2130 printer, see below.

Resetting the drum unit

This process on Brothher devices is as follows:

  • After the message “Replace the drum unit” appears on the display, proceed to the “Menu”;
  • Scrolling through the list using the up / down keys, they w /., until the item “Reset. Photob. “;
  • Press and hold the “Ok” button for 3-6 seconds until the reset confirmation form appears. Confirm it by tapping on the “” button;
  • Resetting the counter will be considered complete. Leave the menu by tapping on “Stop / Exit”.

After completing all actions, it is recommended to restart the MFP.

How to reset the counter on a Brother printer (reset the toner counter)

You will need to reset the counter on your Brother printer if the machine displays a “Toner Low”, “Replace Toner” message or the red light starts flashing while refilling cartridges. In this case, you need to reset the ink counter, which limits printing.

How is the reset

Zero the Brother printer on HL 1110R, HL 1112R, HL 2132R, DCP 1602R, DCP L2520DWR and MFC L2700DWR models using the hardware keys or manually. Both options, discussed below, are universal, since all of the above models use a TN 1075 cartridge.

Reset on models without display

In printers without a screen, 2 indicators play its role:

  • The first one reports on the readiness of the device for operation, and it lights up green;
  • The second reports bugs. To understand the essence of the problem, you need to Track the number of flashes.

When the error indicator blinks 3 times in succession, this indicates the need to replace or reset the drum. To do this:

  • Open the top cover;
  • Press the power button 4 times;
  • Close the cover;
  • Ready light will stay green while the second LED should stop flashing.

How to reset a cartridge

To reset the cartridge:

  • Turn on the MFP;
  • Continue to observe the “Please wait” notification in its loss, then open the cover;
  • Click on the “Clear” button;
  • The message “replace. Drum? “, Press the green Start button;
  • The “Please wait” notification appears again. After it disappears, click on the down and / or up key until 00 appears. End the process by tapping on “Ok”;
  • Close the cover when prompted on the display;
  • Make sure the number of available prints has been reduced. Click on “Menu” and, Tap on the up / down keys, find the counter designation: it should be marked as 100%.

Hard reset

On Brother devices, you can reset the toner and drum counter through the settings menu.

Manual reset

Manual reset allows you to reset the counter directly on the drum, which is not always available through the hardware menu. It goes like this:

  • Disconnect the printer or multifunction device from the PC, Remove the paper;
  • Turn on the device;
  • Open the top or side cover depending on the model you have;
  • Take out the ink cartridge, for which it is enough to pull it towards the open lid;
  • It is necessary to separate the device, for which press down the blue flag located on the drum unit;
  • Insert the drum back;
  • Place your hand, palm up, into the empty paper tray. With your finger, reach for the reset flags located on the left;
  • Clamp it and then lower the cover;
  • Wait for the printer motor to start (it starts to hum) and release the flag for 2 seconds, and then press it down again. Keep your finger in this position until the engine stops;
  • Open the cover again and put the toner and ink back into the drum unit;
  • Try to start printing. If nothing works, please try again.

Regardless of the type of printing device, you can reset your Brother printer by manually resetting or using hardware settings. The second option is an order of magnitude easier, but may NOT work if the cartridge or drum is installed incorrectly.

Reset photo

The photo drum (photo drum) is one of the main components of a laser printer. Like a cartridge, it has its own resource. The drum is programmed from the factory to print a certain number of pages. When the counter reaches the maximum value, the message “Replace drum unit” (or something SIMilar) appears on the printer screen and printing is blocked.

There are two options for correcting the situation:

    Or really make a replacement for a new photo roll;

    Starts the printer and wait for the mechanisms to end (the device will stop making noise):

Then I confirm the reset:

  • For Brother printers with numbers “25”, press the “” button;
  • On models with the first number “27”, the button “1” is used.

Close the cover and start printing any document. Printing should resume.

How to reset the toner counter on Brother printers DCP-l2500dr / l2540dnr, MFC-l2700dnr / l2700dwr worthy of SIMilar

Use the printer control panel to reset the toner counter for Brother DCP l2500dr, l2700dnr, l27dnr, l2700dwr. I have to press certain buttons, in parallel I look at the built-in screen, agreeing with the notification.

All actions are SIMple, you can reset the drum or toner counter in one minute. In order not to require manual user intervention in the design of the cartridge, an additional detail has been added in the new models. a flag. When rotated, it will automatically dump data.

The instruction also applies to l2520dwr, l2540dnr, l2560dwr multifunctional devices.

How to reset a cartridge

The reset aLGorithm is almost the same as the previous one. Zeroing will have to be done when the printer says “Replace cartridge”, “Out of toner” and other SIMilar notifications on the built-in screen. Even after refilling the cartridge, the notification will remain, so you must reset the toner count.

  • Open the printer by pulling the cartridge access door;
  • Press the “Menu” button and wait on the display for the notification “Reset TNR-STD A counter”, Press the button;
  • Agree by clicking “OK”;
  • Confirm zeroing by pressing “” or “1” for series “25” and “27” respectively.

The printer will then accept confirmation and display a notification that the reset has started.

Start printing after exiting the menu (Stop / Exit button) and closing the cover.

For more details, you can get acquainted with zeroing by looking at.

Brother TN-2075, TN-2135, TN-2175

Insert the cartridge into the printer and turn on with the cover open.

Press the flags on the lever as shown in Fig. 2.

When the sensor is pressed, press the second sensor. the sensor for closing the lid Fig. 3.

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After a few seconds, the printer will start scrolling the cartridge (you can hear it). As soon as this happens, depress the sensor flags, but do not touch the sensor cover.

Wait for the printer to be ready.

Press the cover sensor, close the cover.

The printer is ready to use.

How to reset the toner counter for Brother cartridges

Brother TN-2080 / TN-2085 / TN-2090 / TN-2275.

This is what the “flag” looks like (see the image below), which we need to hob to reset the toner counter in the printer. To do this, unscrew 2-3 screws (depending on the model) and remove the side “cheek” covering the reset mechanism.

Remove the two gears covering the center gear. Rotate the center gear to the position shown in the picture below, so that the straight edge of the center part is vertically to the left.

Reinstall the two gears. The right gear should be in the petal position (protruding edge) down as shown in the figure.

Install the side panel. In total, after assembling the cartridge, make sure that the protruding petal of the “flags” is facing down and the marker arrows are facing each other.

This procedure, sometimes, has to be repeated more than once, even with a new cartridge.

Brother TN-1075

(Brother HL 1110R / 1112R, Brother DCP 1510R / 1512R, Brother MFC 1810R / 1812R)

1.Open the printer cover where the cartridge is installed.

Remove the cartridge from the printer,

I left only the drum part in the machine (Drum unit).

Press your finger on the reset sensor in the printer. The reset sensor is located on the left side of the printer; you can reach it through the input tray after removing all paper from it.

Close the printer cover.

Hold the gauge to start the printer engine.

After starting the engine, release the sensor, and after 1.5-2 seconds (no more!) Press it again and hold it to a complete stop of the engine.

Wait until the printer is ready.

Put the cartridge back in the drum unit.

Resetting the Toner Counter Using the Machine Menu

The instructions for resetting the toner counter through the machine’s menu are only applicable for Brother DCP-7055 / DCP-7057 / DCP-7060 / DCP-7065 / DCP-7070 and MFC-7360 / MFC-7860 MFPs. The procedure must be performed if the “flag” on the cartridge has reset the toner counter in the printer.

  • Press the “Menu” button
  • Use the arrows to select “General settings” and click “OK”
  • Select “Replace Toner” with the arrows and press the “OK” button
  • Select “Continue” with the arrows and click “OK”
  • To exit the menu, press the “Clear” button.

You can only reset the toner counter through the printer menu once. In the future, it is necessary to use the method of resetting the counter by cocking the “flags” on the cartridge.

Instructions for MFP:

1.Turn off the power, insert the cartridges, leave the cover open.

Detach lever 1 from the cover and insert it inside the MFP Fig. 4.

Press sensor 2 and sensor 3 with a screwdriver Fig. 4. (2. new cartridge sensor, 3. lid closed sensor)

With 2 and 3 pressed, wait until the MFP starts spinning inside. At first you will hear a faint fan noise. And after a while. much more loud noise of the mechanism scrolling.

1 second after the MFP started scrolling inside, release sensor 2, but not Press 3.

After the MFP stops spinning, squeeze 3, attach lever 1 back and close the lid.

MFP ready to go.

For MFPs, reset all counters, including the cartridge counter and the drum cartridge counter:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Clamp the “Menu / Set” button and turn on the device.
  • The device boots up in service mode.
  • Enter “81”.
  • We get the message “Reset drum count”.
  • Click “Start”.
  • The message “Reset life count” appears.
  • Press “Start” again.
  • We leave the service mode, typed “96”, or “98”, or “99”.
  • Turn off the device, turn on.

Internet, gadgets and technology. Check

You can check if the Brother DCP-1512R cartridge has been reset to zero by printing the “Custom Settings” report. We press

The printouts show that the toner and drum unit is 100% resource. By the way, I periodically print this report, you will see that the Brother DCP-1512R imaging drum is running out, and you can replace it in time.

Resetting the BROTHER HL-1110R / DCP-1510R counter After the machine prints a certain number of pages, it stops printing. And one refueling of starter cartridges is not enough because they do not have reset flags (unlike purchased ones). you need to reset the toner counter manually. 1. It is necessary to open the cover of the printer and take out the drum cartridge, together with the toner cartridge. Drum cartridge Toner cartridge 2. Remove the cartridge from the drum cartridge 3. Insert the drum cartridge without cartridge into the machine 4. Move your hand through the paper feed tray into the machine and hold the reset flag on the left. 5. Close the cover of the printer. The motor starts rotating. 6. Release for 1-1.5 seconds and press the reset flag again, hold it until the engine stops. 7. If the green LED is on. this is the counter reset. insert the cartridge into the drum cartridge and print. If the red LED is still on. then repeat the procedure again. Perhaps the first time will NOT work.

Resetting the drum counter

Click [Menu] [4. Device Information] [6. Resetting the drum unit]

Press the “Up” arrow [∧] and the resource of the drum unit for the device is again 100%.



The first time, lovely!

Thanks! Good advice from a good person!

Thank you, it worked the first time, helped out).

Let’s look at how to reset the counters for Brother HL-1110R, HL-1112R, DCP-1510R, DCP-1512R, MFC-1810R, MFC-1815R printers. THESE models use one cartridge, TN-1075, so the toner and drum counters are reset in the same way.

Reset Toner Counter

How to do this through the device menu. I do not know yet. You can reset the toner counter of the Brother DCP-1512R manually, in the truest sense of the word. The process is SIMpler than the Brother DCP-7057R model. No need to disconnect and poke with a screwdriver.

We take out the cartridge and divide it into two parts (a block with a toner and a block with a drum unit).

Insert the drum unit into the device.

Pulling paper out of the feed tray.

We put our hand through the paper feed tray and press the sensor or lever (located on the left).

    Hold and close the top cover.

As soon as we hear the engine noise, release the sensor and after 1 second press it again.

We hold until the device warms up and dies down.

  • Open the lid, take out the drum unit, assemble the cartridge, insert it into the device and print.

You may not be able to reset the counter of the Brother DCP-1512R printer right away. Try to repeat the process by pausing before releasing the sensor for about 1 second after turning on the device motor.

Reset Toner Counter for Brother Printers

The other day a problem with the Brother MFC-1810R printer arose in relatives. After refilling the starter cartridge, the printer requires replacing the toner. To solve this problem, the printer needs to reset the toner counter. Since the TN-1075 cartridge is distributed among Brother machines, the instruction described here will work for DCP-1510R, DCP-1512R, HL-1110R, HL-1112R, MFC-1810R, MFC-1815R.

So, if your printer displays the “Change Toner” error, then you need to do the following sequence of actions:

  • Remove the cartridge and paper from the printer.
  • Remove the toner from the housing. To do this, use the special lever on the cartridge.
  • Insert only the base of the housing into the printer. On the left you will see a button to reset the counter.
  • Insert your hand through the paper tray, feel and hold the button with your finger.
  • Close the cover through which the cartridge is inserted.
  • Wait for the mechanism inside the printer to spin. As soon as it spins, release the counter reset button for 1-2 seconds (no more), then press it again until the mechanism inside the printer stops.
  • Further two options are possible:
  • If the printer clicks and displays an error “Change toner”, then you could not catch the correct moment in the previous step (step 6). Go back to step 1 and Do all the steps again (I was able to reset the toner counter correctly only from the fourth time).
  • If you did everything correctly, the device will not peep, the printer display will display the “Change toner” error. Now pull the cartridge base out of the printer, insert the toner, and then put the Assembled cartridge back in. The printer will now work until the next cartridge refill.

How to reset toner on brother dcp 1510r


Departure of the refueller to your office for free! Refueling in 15 minutes in a mobile laboratory! Quality, guarantee.

Tel. 268-28-14

Purchased Toner Cartridge TN-1075

Besides the fact that the counter can be reset with a button, there is another easy way to reset the brother printer.

  • Detach the cartridge from the drum unit and unscrew the side cover from the side where the gears are visible.
  • Remove the cover carefully to prevent the gears from spilling out. You only need to remove one gear, as shown in the following figure.
  • Next, you will see a crescent-shaped gear that needs to be returned all the way, as shown in the photo below.
  • The gear previously removed can now be reinserted.
  • Close the cover carefully so that the crescent-shaped gears DO NOT move.
  • Screw on the cap and insert the cartridge into the drum unit.
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After all THESE actions, place the module in the printer.

Zeroing aLGorithm for laser models HL-2130R, HL-2132R, DCP 7055r and DCP 7057r

There are also 2 ways to reset the page counter in the HL-2130R (hl 2132R) and DCP 7055r (7057r) laser models: software and hardware.

Resetting the counter on various Brother printer models

It’s no secret that all Brother printers, especially laser printers, have an installed chip-like protection, which in some models is located on a cartridge. Thus, manufacturers of equipment for printing are Trying to fight with companies that provide users with refilling the toner cartridge. Indeed, due to the availability of such a service, the sale of original (new) cartridges is significantly reduced. But, if you look at the situation from the user’s point of view, then paying a lot of money for a new cartridge, which costs almost half the price of a new printer, does not make sense. Therefore, Brother laser owners often resort to such a procedure as clearing or zeroing the counter, which you can do yourself.

Zeroing DCP 7057r by software

Zeroing the MFC DCP 7057r is slightly different from DCP 7055r:

  • Turn on the MFP and wait for the mechanics to calm down;
  • After that, open the cover located in front of the device;
  • Click on the “Cancel” button (“Back” or “Stop”)
  • Click on the “Start” button;
  • Press the up arrow key followed by the down arrow key several times until you see 2 zeros (00) on the display
  • Click “OK” and the front cover can be closed.

In the case when these 2 methods did not help, then you can reset through the system menu of the MFP.

  • First check that your MFP is turned off.
  • Press and hold the Menu key.
  • Turn on the device while holding down the.
  • After you see a blinking inscription on the screen of the device, Release the “Menu” key.
  • Wait a while until the word “MAINTENANCE” is displayed on the screen.
  • Using the arrow keys, you need to find point 81, then confirm the selection by clicking on “OK”.
  • The screen will display the inscription “RESET DRUM COUNT” After pressing the “Start” button, the message will change to “RESET LIFE COUNT”. Press “Start” again.
  • Using the arrow keys, you need to select already item 96 and confirm with the “OK” key.
  • Let’s reboot the unit. To do this, you need to turn it off and turn it off again. This completes the resetting of the counter.

Why reset the counter

Trimming is the procedure for changing equipment settings. The protection itself operates according to the following principle:

  • The manufacturer installs a special meter in the system;
  • During printing, the chip counts the number of sheets used, and after the cartridge has reached the end of its life, it signals to the user, block the machine.

Each cartridge has its own resource. There are toner containers designed for 2,500 sheets, and sometimes. for 1,000 sheets. The chip is programmed according to the number of sheets. After exceeding the print limit, the message “Replace consumables”, “Out of toner” appears, or the indicator SIMply blinks. But, although you can add new toner, the chip will still consider that the cartridge is empty, and will not allow the machine to work. To get rid of this problem, a method was devised to reset the counter.

Zeroing software for DCP 7055r

To reset the counter programmatically in the dcp 7055r MFP, go through the following steps:

  • Press the “Menu” key;
  • Next, select “General settings”, then click on “OK”;
  • At the next step, select “Change toner” and again “OK”;
  • Using the arrows on the control panel, select “Continue” and click “OK”;
  • To exit this menu press “Clear”;
  • The counter has been reset.

Starter cartridge

So, if in the printer brother appeared the inscription: “Change toner”, then proceed as follows.

  • Empty the paper tray and remove the module from the machine.
  • Division cartridge from drum unit, pressed the blue key case.
  • Put the drum unit back into your brother printer. On the left side of it you can see a hole from which you can see the reset button.
  • There is only one way to click on this checkbox. You can only reach it through the tray, in which paper is put. You must remember where the checkbox is, as the reset will happen when the lid is closed.
  • Knowing where the button is, press it and close the cover of the unit. Don’t be afraid that something will happen to your finger. there are moving parts in this place. So, after closing the lid, the engine will turn on. As soon as you hear it work, immediately release the button and after 1 second press it again. Wait in this position until the engine stops.
  • You can tell that the operation was successful by the blinking green LED. If this does not happen, then repeat all over again.
  • Insert the cartridge into the drum unit. This completes the resetting of the counter in the brother printer.

Software way to zero the printer HL-2130R (2132R)

To soft reset the counter on your brother printer, do the following:

  • Turn on the device (after turning on you will hear the drive noise)
  • After the noise disappears, open the cover located in front of the unit;
  • Disconnect the device;
  • Press the “Go” button and do not release it until the unit turns on again (the “ready” indicator should NOT be on)
  • Pull down the “Go” key;
  • Press the “Go” key twice again;
  • Click on “Go” 5 times in a row;
  • Close the cover (front).

The “ready” indicator now lights up steadily. After THESE manipulations and overloading the machine, the Brother hl 2130r (2132) laser can be considered zeroed and ready to work.

Resetting the TN-1075 cartridge

TN-1075 cartridge is quite common in Brother laser printers. It is installed, for example, in such models of devices as: DCP 1510r, dcp 1512r, MFC-1810R (1815R), HL-1110R (1112R).

To reset the counter on a TN-1075 cartridge, there are 2 methods, which are used depending on whether you have a starting model that does not have a crescent-shaped gear, or you have already purchased a replacement one.

Reset Toner Counter

If your machine writes “low toner“Or”replace toner“, Then one refueling of the cartridge will not be enough here. Brother printers have a counter that counts the number of printed sheets. This function is needed in order to signal the owner of the machine to replace the toner. toner, you need to reset it. This is done in the following SIMple way:

  • Turn on the printer
  • Opening the top cover, take out the cartridge
  • Next, it needs to be divided into two parts (clicked the blue checkbox on the right). It should look like this:
  • Insert only the drum cartridge into the printer (green)
  • Soak up all the paper from the tray, stick your hand underneath and look for the reset flag (red arrow in the picture) with your finger. Then they clamp it:
  • Do not release the flag, close the top cover of the printer
  • As soon as the printer engine starts spinning (you will notice when it starts humming), release the finger with the flags for 2 seconds and clamp it again. Keep the box clamped until the motor stops spinning
  • When the printer stops, lift the cover, insert the cartridge into the green drum cartridge housing and close the cover

This completes the toner counter reset. The screen should read “Stacked copies»(In MFP DCP-1510r, DCP-1512r, DCP-1602r, DCP-1610wr, DCP-1612wr, MFC-1810r, MFC-1815r, MFC-1912wr) and one green light should be on (in printers HL-1110r, HL.1112r, HL-1202r, HL-1210wr, HL-1212wr). If suddenly you fail to reset the printer the first time, it’s okay, from the second or third time everything will definitely work.

Perhaps you will find it more intuitive. instructions for the above reset:

This manual is suitable for resetting the toner and drum counters in the following printers and MFPs:

Resetting the drum counter in the MFP. Reset counters Brother DCP-1512r / 1602r / HL-1110r / 1202r. Resetting the drum counter in printers

The message “Replace Drum” for Brother HL-1110r, HL-1112r, HL-1210WR, HL-1212WR printers appears when the drum unit has reached the end of its life. On the printer, it looks like this: the ready light is on, and an error (!) Flashes three times:

It is quite easy to reset this error in this way:

  • Opening the top cover

Press the button “incl“4 times

Close the lid

The ready indicator (green) should be on, and the error indicator (! Orange) should disappear. If so. This means the error has been cleared and we can safely print.