How to Reset Kuoser Printer Error

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How to reset the printer: quickly reset the number of printed pages on the cartridge chip

Laser and inkjet printers do not have built-in hardware to measure the amount of ink remaining. Instead, software techniques for estimating ink consumption are used. The printer calculates the coverage rate for each letter sent to print. Based on this setting, the estimated amount of liquid ink or powder toner used is calculated. Information is recorded on a chip, which is usually found on a cartridge. After refilling most models with toner or ink, it becomes necessary to reset the printer.

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During zeroing, information is erased not in the printer itself, but on the chip. Some refueling kits also include a separate chip to replace the old one that has been exceeded. There may be several such chips in color models. Each of them stores information about the remaining amount of paint for a particular color. Normal use of the device will be impossible until zeroing or replacing all chips that are exhausted.

How to reset any printer model

When refueling a cartridge at a service center, zeroing or replacing the chip is usually done by the technician performing the maintenance. It is recommended to clarify in advance whether this service is included in the refueling price. Otherwise, you risk being left with a refilled but non-working cartridge. If the device is not reset, to restore the correct operation of the device, you will have to contact the wizard again or find the instructions yourself.

Standard user manuals usually do NOT contain information on how to reset the chip counter. This is because printing equipment manufacturers are NOT interested in providing such data. Most companies recommend NOT refilling old consumables, but purchasing new ones. over, in some cases, their cost may even exceed the price of a new printer with a set of starter cartridges.

Try looking for the service manual for your printer model. This document contains detailed descriptions of actions, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting. It is not intended for distribution to ordinary users, therefore, such a manual is available on the disc included in the package. The availability of the service instructions depends on the manufacturer of the device. Some companies provide it only to authorized service centers, others publish it for everyone in a separate section of the official website.

However, whatever the manufacturer’s policy for protecting proprietary information, you can find repair manuals for most popular models on thematic forums. When you find the document, open it and skip to the chapter on refilling and maintaining ink cartridges. Perform a number of the specified actions in the necessary order required in order to reset the printer. Typically, this will require a device reboot.

How to reset Epson refillable cartridges

Multiple refills is the recommended scenario for servicing Epson cartridges. The chip installed on them is used not in the interests of the manufacturer, complicating the refueling process, but in the interests of the user. Its main purpose is to display information about the current level of ink in the tanks. You can reset the microcircuit on printers of different models in different ways:

  • If the chip has buttons or two contacts at the top. Remove the ink tank and put it back.
  • If there is a button, press it and hold it for 5-7 seconds.
  • If there are two SEPARATE contacts located next to each other. remove the cartridge and prohibit the contacts with any metal object.

Canon Printer Zeroing Features

There are many more ways to reset the chip on Canon devices than on equipment from other manufacturers. The recommended algorithm of actions differs depending on the specific model, while for some devices it is indicated directly in the annotation. The most common methods are:

  • Reset the printer by gluing the desired contact on the contact pad of the cartridge.
  • Disable ink level control in device properties.
  • Hold down the cancel button (usually red) for 10 seconds.
  • Completely disable bi-directional communication via hardware properties.

Canon Pixma printers and all-in-one printers account for ink consumption for printing and cleaning. During operation, sometimes it is necessary to resort to cleaning the nozzles with the printheads and part of the ink falls into a special container in the Maintenance Box. For simplicity, the maintenance box is most often referred to simply as a “diaper”.

In this case, the printer can only empirically estimate the degree of filling the diaper. By the total amount of ink produced. When the service cartridge reaches its maximum fill level, the printer will block printing.

This causes the printer driver to display error 5B00. This error is also accompanied by a light indication on the printer itself: the green and yellow LEDs on the printer flash alternately seven times.

Very often, the printer warns about the imminent filling of the diaper. Error 1700. If the printer issued it, then the printer considers that the diaper will soon be full.

Can I just reset the diaper counter? Or be sure to change it?

In Canon PIXMA inkjet printers, the probability of an error related to the absorber overflow, rather than high. If you print in an intensive mode and often resort to cleaning the print heads, the diaper will fill up faster. But even in this mode, the counter usually works much earlier.

The physical filling of the “diaper” almost always coincides with the meter readings. But we must remember that with a real overflow of the waste cartridge, ink may flow into the printer and outward and this will lead to the failure of the printer.

It is also worth remembering that any manipulations with the service mode and resetting the counters can lead to the loss of the warranty for the printer or all-in-one printer.

Also note that for some Canon printers, the “pads” can be reset only before the 5B00 error occurs. Therefore, it is worth tracking the meter readings in advance using the Service Tool utility.

Entering Service Mode in Canon Printers

To change the shown printer counters, you need to enter the service mode. This can be done using the buttons “Enable” and “Continue” / “Cancel”.

On some Canon models, the buttons can be touch-sensitive, but the principle remains the same. In this case, the printer must be connected to the computer via USB.

Entering the service mode:

  • Turn off the printing device with the “Power on” button.
  • Clamp the “Cancel” key.
  • Do not let go of the “Cancel” key pressed, press the “Enable” button.
  • When the printer starts up, Do not let go of “Enable” Release the “Cancel” button and press it a specified number of times, depending on the printer model (details below).

The indicator of the device should respond to pressing by changing the color from green to yellow, and then back to green.
I release both buttons.
The indicator should flash green several times and then turn on completely.

This means that the printing device has entered service mode. If the indicator is blinking or lit amber. there is another error that needs to be corrected or you are doing something wrong.

The number of times the Cancel button can be pressed from 2 to 9 depends on the Canon PIXMA model. You can define it yourself by repeating steps from 1 to 5 with a different number of pressing the “Cancel” button.

After each attempt, I unplug the printer, plug it back in and try again.

Below we give approximate data on the number of required clicks, but this is only approximate information:

  • 2 clicks:
    iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP1900, iP2200, iP2500, iP2600, iP3600, iP4600, iP4700, iP4840, iP4850, Pro9000 MarkII, Pro9500 MarkII, IX7000, MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP480, MP490, MP490 MP550, MP560, MP620, MP630, MP640, MP980, MP990
  • 4 clicks:
    iP2700, iP7240
  • 5 clicks:
    iP4840, iP4850, G1400, G2400, G3400, G4400, iP4940, MP280, MX320, MX330, MX340, MX860, MG5340, MG2245, MP230, MX494, MG3540, MG3550
  • 6 clicks:
    MG2140, MG2440 (all MG2400 Series), MG5340, MG5140, MG5240, MG6140, MG8140, MX394

Using the Service Tool to Reset Counters

Currently, there are several versions of the Service Tool. This utility can be used to reset the diaper counter.

The utility is constantly evolving. New versions are released with support for new printer models and Canon all-in-one printer. In some cases, to determine the appropriate version of the utility, you have to download and try several versions. they have the same interface.

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Correspondence (Approximate) of Service Tool versions to printer models:

  • V700: iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP2200, iP2500, iP1900, iP2600.
  • V2000: iP2700, iP3600, iP4600, iP4700, iP4840, iP4850, Pro9000 MarkII, Pro9500 MarkII, IX7000, MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP480, MP490, MP540, MP550, MP560, MP620, MP630, MP6990, MP980, MP630 MX320, MX330, MX860, MG2400, MG2440, MG5140, MG5150, MG5340.
  • V3400: iP4940, MG2140, MG2245, MG3240, MG4240, MP230, MG3540, MX494
  • V3600: iP7240.
  • V4720 / v4740: G1400, G2400, G3400.

Important! Service Tool may interfere with different versions of operating systems. If errors occur, we recommend running the program in compatibility mode with Windows XP.

The sequence of actions to reset the diaper:

  • After entering the printer service mode, start the ServiceTool program. If the program does not see the printer, make sure it is connected to your computer. If more than one printing device is connected, select the required.
  • In the “Main” tab of the program, select the “Print” item with the “Test Print”, “EEPROM” and “Nozzle Check” buttons. Print a test page with the “Nozzle Check” to make sure the program has correctly identified the device.
  • In the “Ink Absorber Counter” section in the “Counter Value” field, the percentage of filling the “diaper” is indicated.
    Go to “Clear Ink Counter” and press the “Main” key. If the reset is successful, the value in “Counter Value” should be reset to zero.
    If the value is NOT cleared, try also clicking “Platen”.
  • After resetting the pampers counter, close the Service Tool and on the computer, delete the copy of the printer from the “Printers and Faxes” folder that was created when using the service mode.

Alternative way to dump the diaper

For Canon PIXMA iP3600, iP4600, MG5140, MG5240 printers, you can try to reset the “pampers” using PrintHelp.

  • Download PrintHelp from the official website.
  • Install and run.
  • In the left menu, select our printer.
  • Go to the “Management” tab and in the “Workout counter (s)” section, just click on the “Reset workout” button

If all else fails

There are times when none of the above helps and the error is NOT reset. Many services recommend changing the formatting board. This will certainly eliminate the problem, but the replacement price is slightly cheaper than a new printer. In fact, it is NOT at all necessary to change the entire formatting board, it is enough in this case to flash the microcircuit. This requires a programmer, a working dump for the microcircuit and straight arms. You will NOT be able to perform this procedure at home, because you need specialized equipment. We have this equipment, bring the printer to us at this address. And we will successfully reflash the flash memory and it will work like new. The procedure is not free, but also NOT expensive.

I also want to add that we provide repair services for printers kyocera, HP, samsung, canon and other manufacturers and almost all office equipment.

How to reset error on Canon mp250 printer?

Canon mp250 is one of the most budget and popular printers. It is very convenient because we can supply CISS in it, as well as very high quality printing. It should also be remembered that the printer has Advanced functionality, this device not only prints, but also scans, makes copies of documents.

This printer can perform all the functions required by the office worker and also for daily use at home. Despite this, it is not recommended to overload the printer if you do not want it to fail early, and then you will need to reset the diaper on the Canon mp250.

In this model, the cartridges can be refilled very easily if you are an experienced user. But still, often, even after refilling, the printer issues, Supposedly our cartridge is empty.

If you want to know how to reset the Canon mp280 pampers, do not forget that the Installed counter is a system that determines whether a new cartridge is inserted, or a working cartridge or not. But, in fact, our program is NOT capable of obtaining information about the exact amount of ink inside the cartridge. It can only count the number of pages that have been printed by this cartridge. And this means, when we have printed a large number of pages, then the program will already report that the ink level is below normal.

If you need to reset the pampers on the Canon mp280, this problem can be solved by resetting the printer, i.E. Resetting its settings and all the information collected by this counter. Thus, every time this program counts the specified number of pages (cartridge performance), you will see this error and you will have to reset the printer again.

Canon Pixma printers and all-in-one printer keep track of used ink in cartridges. In the process of operation and service cleaning of nozzles, part of the waste ink falls past the paper and accumulates in a special container (Maintenance Box), in common parlance called a “diaper. The printer does NOT track the physical filling of the absorbent filler with ink in any way, but estimates it by the total amount of ink used and you need to know how to reset the ink level of Canon mp280. As a result, the printer blocks printing when the average fill limit of the waste cartridge is reached. You can understand this by the error number 5B00 or the alternating flashing of the green and yellow indicators on the printer seven times before resetting the canon mp250 diaper. Before that, an error 1700 may have occurred, indicating that the meter will soon be full.

Canon pixma mp250 ink level reset

In Canon PIXMA consumer inkjet printers, the probability of an error related to an overflow of the absorber, rather than high. To do this, you need to print a lot and often, so one of the parts of the printer is more likely to fail. Although the physical filling of the “pampers” does not always coincide with the meter readings, This does not mean that the latter can be forgotten and there is no need to reset the ink level in the Canon pixma mp250 printer. If the waste cartridge is actually overfilled, ink may leak and damage the printer. In addition, any manipulations with the service mode and resetting the counters lead to the loss of the warranty for the device. First, think carefully if it’s worth it. On a number of printers, the “pampers” reset works only before the error 5B00 occurs. Fortunately, the Service Tool displays meter readings and can be checked in advance. Entering the service mode Changing the displayed counters of the printer requires starting it in the service mode. To do this, use the “Power on (or Power, depicted by the usual circle with a dash) and” Continue / “Cancel (Resume, looks like a triangle inscribed in a circle) on the Canon PIXMA body. The keys can be touch sensitive, but the principle remains the same. In this case, the printer must be connected to the computer via USB.

To enter the service mode:
1. Turn off the printing device with the “Enable.
2. Clamp the button “Cancel.
3. Do not let go of the hold down Cancel key, press the Enable.
4. When the printer starts up, Do not release “Enable Release” Cancel and click on it a clearly defined number of times (varies depending on the printer model, more details below). The indicator of the device should respond to pressing by changing the color from green to yellow, and then back to green.
5. Release both buttons. The indicator should flash green several times and then turn on completely. This means that the printing device has entered service mode. If the indicator is blinking or lit amber. there is another error that needs to be corrected or you are doing something wrong.

Major errors of Kyocera printers

The Japanese brand Kyocera offers customers excellent quality copying and printing equipment. It can be used both at home and in the office. But what if there are errors on the Kyocera FS 1020 all-in-one printer or other models? After all, you need to print or scan almost every day, and work is greatly delayed due to malfunctions. Let’s consider the main problems and how you can fix them yourself.

The most common error codes for Kyocera printers

So, what errors can occur in Japanese printers Kyocera FS 1020all-in-one printer:

1.E-0002. Indicates that the toner cartridge is not suitable for the regional specification. You need to use a different cartridge.
2.E-0003. This error indicates that the scanner memory is full. Only the last scanned images will be available to you. To clear error E-0003, you need to clear the scanner memory. To do this, press Stop / Reset.

3.E-0007. Means that there is not enough ink for printing. Correcting code 07 is simple. you need to add toner.
4. When the back or front cover of the all-in-one is open, the Kyocera printer does not work and displays an error code E-0008.
5.After printing or copying a large amount of paper (one hundred sheets), if the tray is empty, Kyocera printer error E-0009 appears. You need to remove the sheets and press the Start button to continue working.
6. Sometimes the code E-0012 is issued, which means that the task cannot be completed due to lack of RAM. To solve the problem, you need to change the print resolution from 1200 to 600. How to do this is described in the instructions.
7. When code E-0014 appears, put the correct size paper in the input tray. Sheet size is determined by the printer driver.
8.If you forgot to connect a network or USB cable, the printer will display an error code E-0015. You need to press Stop / Reset, connect the cable and press this button again.

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Replacing the Toner Bottle

In Japanese printers Kyocera FS 1020all-in-one printer the errors described in the previous section and specific ones may occur. All codes can be found in the instruction manual.

Code C7990

This error number on FS 1020 all-in-one printer indicates a signal that the toner reservoir is full.

There are three reasons for error C7990:

Defective PWB board;
faulty paint quantity sensor;
hopper really full. it is recommended to replace the drum unit.

In the first two cases, you need to contact the service center.

In the third case of the appearance of the code C7990, if the life of the drum has not yet been completed, you can clean the hopper of paint. They do it like this:

1.Open the front cover and pull out the developer unit.
2.Reach the drum unit.
3.Carefully open the hopper lid and remove the paint.
4. Assemble the device in the reverse order.

As you can see, error C7990 of the Kyocera printer can be easily eliminated on its own, and you need to contact the specialists only when there are really faulty boards.

Other malfunctions

The appearance of such codes is also possible:

C-F040. You need to turn the device off and on again by pressing the power button.
J-0511. The code indicates a paper jam under the rear cover. The instructions describe how to remove the paper in the appropriate section.
PF. Printer signals to add sheets to the input tray.

As you can see, printers from the Japanese company Kyocera rarely break down. Mostly errors are generated due to improper or careless operation. You can correct them yourself, but if you are NOT confident in your abilities, it is better Contact a specialist.

Kyocera Printer Errors? Ways to eliminate them!

The Japanese manufacturer Kyocera produces office equipment that is reliable and unpretentious in everyday use, which competes on equal terms with the market leaders. HP , Canon , Samsung , Xerox and Konica . But despite the high wear resistance, popular printer models Kyocera FS-1020/1025/1120/1125/1220/1320/1325 may stop working, Citing one of many common problems. It is about such errors, as well as ways to eliminate them, that we will talk about today.

CAUTION! Self-repair of Kyocera printers by users without experience can become a prerequisite for even greater problems with office equipment, up to its final failure. Therefore, we recommend using the services of professionals. The nearest branches of the MiraxPrint service center are located at:

Errors of Kyocera FS-1020/1025/1120/1220/1320/1325 printers and other popular models

Error E. 0001

Problems: the product does not print.

Cause of the error: NOT an original cartridge, but a compatible cartridge.

Solution to the error: simultaneously hold down the “Mode selection” and “Reset” buttons for 5 seconds.

Error E. 0002

Problems the printer refuses to print.

Cause of error: The region of the cartridge matches the regional specifications of the Kyocera printer.

Solution to the error: replace the cartridge, which matches the regional specifications of the printer.

Error E. 0003

Problems: the scanner has stopped working.

Cause of error: device memory is full.

Error solution: press the “Reset” button and repeat the operation to scan documents.

Error E. 0007

Problems: the printer does not print.

Cause of error: Toner cartridge is out of toner.

Error solution: replace the cartridge with a new or compatible one.

Error E. 0008

Problem: Print operation paused.

Cause of error: Printer covers are closed.

Error solution: close the printer covers.

Error E. 0009

Problems the printer refuses to print.

Cause of error: paper tray is full.

Solution to the error: if the number of sheets in a stack exceeds 100 units, then I will select the extra pages and activate printing using the “Start” button.

Error E. 0012

Problems: the product does not print.

Reason for the error: the device ran out of memory.

Solution to the error: set a lower print resolution, for example, from Fast1200 to 600.

Error E. 0014

Problems: Paper remains in the tray. The product does not print.

Cause of error: Paper size Does not match the specified print settings.

Solution to error: replace the correct size paper.

Error E. 0015

The product does not print because there is no connection to the computer.

  • USB cable NOT connected.
  • The network cable is not connected.
  • No drivers.

Check the network and USB cable connections. Reinstall the drivers for the appropriate Kyocera printer models.

Error E. 0018

Problems: The print file is missing.

Cause of error: The selected file is not in the print queue due to deletion, changes, or corruption.

Solution: Press the Reset button and print the document again.

Error E. 0019

Problems: the product does not print.

Cause of the error: The device cannot start the operation because the print format does not match the functionality of the device.

Solution to the error: click “Reset”. Change software settings.

Error J-0511

Problems: paper is jammed.

Cause of error: letter with paper is stuck under the back cover of the device.

Solution to the error: Remove the paper from the cover in a smooth motion (see User Guide).

Can’t Fix Kyocera Printer Errors?

Have additional questions?

Get help

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Errors in printers Kyocera FS-1020all-in-one printer, FS-1025all-in-one printer, FS-1030all-in-one printer, FS-1120all-in-one printer, FS-1125all-in-one printer, FS.1220all-in-one printer and other models? Reset Tips and Troubleshooting!

Errors in printers Kyocera FS-1020all-in-one printer, FS-1025all-in-one printer, FS-1030all-in-one printer, FS-1120all-in-one printer, FS-1125all-in-one printer, FS.1220all-in-one printer and other models? Reset Tips and Troubleshooting!

Japanese office equipment manufacturer Kyocera produces some of the highest quality printing devices on the market, which are, first of all, in high demand in business. And this already says a lot!

However, even the highest quality office equipment can malfunction. Especially if you DO NOT follow her!

Therefore, today we will look at the most common error codes in popular Kyocera printers FS-1020all-in-one printer, FS-1025all-in-one printer, FS-1030all-in-one printer, FS-1120all-in-one printer, FS- 1125all-in-one printer, FS-1220all-in-one printer and other models, to figure out what problems you can fix yourself, and in which cases you need to use the help of specialists.

Clearing errors in Kyocera printers with your own hands

By resetting errors in Kyocera printers, you need to understand a set of measures that an experienced user can potentially carry out in order to restore the operability of printing devices without contacting a service center.

Error no.


Solution to the problem


A compatible cartridge is installed in the printer or the consumable chip has been damaged. The problem is solved in several ways:

Installing the original cartridge

Replacement of a damaged chip;

Printer firmware. then any cartridge can be installed in the printer an unlimited number of times;


The region of the cartridge you are using matches the printer specifications. The problem is solved in several ways:

Installing the correct cartridge for your printer







The paper is of a size that does not support. Replace the paper with compatible letter sizes.

Sometimes the functionality of the printer can be limited at the software level.


1. The printer has no power.

The network cable is not connected.





Troubleshooting Kyocera printers at a service center

Possible reason

Defective Flash or PWB board.

The connecting cable is defective or the integrity of the contact connection is broken;

1.The connecting cable is faulty or the integrity of the connection of the contacts is broken;

The position sensor is faulty;

Defective scanner drive;

1.The connecting cable is faulty or the integrity of the contact connection is broken;

Defective CIS sensor;

1.The connecting cable is defective or the integrity of the contact connection is broken;

Faulty drive;

1.The connecting cable is faulty or the integrity of the connection of the contacts is broken;

1.The connecting cable is faulty or the integrity of the contact connection is broken;

Faulty thermostat;

Defective fuser heater;

1. The PWB board and individual components are defective;

1.The connecting cable is faulty or the integrity of the contact connection is broken;

A defect in the thermistor was detected;

Faulty thermostat;

1.The connecting cable is faulty or the integrity of the contact connection is broken;





1. The drive software is faulty;

Have you tried to fix the error on your Kyocera printer yourself but still have problems with printing? Service center MosToner. round-the-clock free departure of the master within the Moscow Ring Road. You pay only for the result!

Resetting Non Genuine Kyocera Toner Cartridge Installed Information

New printer models and all-in-one printer Kyocera (released after 2013) are blocked when using non-original cartridges without a chip or refilling cartridges:

However, the manufacturer, Kyocera, allows operation of the device and information on resetting the error is indicated in the instruction manual. It is necessary to simultaneously press two buttons and hold for 3-4 seconds. Until the disappearance of the warning label on devices with a screen and / or the appearance of a green indication of warning diodes.

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In most cases, to reset the error information, press the [Reset] (orange) and [OK] buttons, except for the Aquarius series:

Clears information in the all-in-one printer Kyocera FS-1020all-in-one printer. [Stop / Clear] button and select button

Clears all-in-one printer information Kyocera FS-1025all-in-one printer, Kyocera FS-1120all-in-one printer. [Stop / Clear] and [OK] buttons

Clearing all-in-one printer information Kyocera FS-118 all-in-one printer

Resetting FS-2000D Information

Resetting information in printers Kyocera FS-1040, Kyocera FS-1060DN. [GO] and [Cancel] buttons

The location of the buttons depending on the model of the Kyocera device:

All-in-one printer reset Kyocera M3040DN, M3540DN

Reset all-in-one printer Kyocera M2030DN, M2035DN, M2535DN

Resetting information in printers Kyocera FS-2100DN, FS-4100DN, FS-4200DN

Resetting information in Ecosys P2035d, FS-1120D, FS-1320dn, FS-1110

Resetting information in FS-1370dn, P2135dn

Resetting P3045dn / P3050dn / P3055dn / P3060dn / P4040DN

Resetting information in P5021cdn / P5021cdw

Resetting information to P5026cdn / P5026cdw

Resetting information in the all-in-one printer Kyocera M5521cdn / M5521cdw

Resetting information in the all-in-one printer Kyocera M6030cdn / M6530cdn

Resetting information in TASKalfa 1800

Other Kyocera devices

In other devices: previously produced, new color or TASKalfa series, the information is of a warning nature, the operation of the printer or all-in-one printer is NOT blocked.

We eliminate errors if the device does not want to print

A printer is a device for printing digital data. Today, almost everyone has such a device at home. There are many different models. They are divided both by the principle of printing (laser, inkjet, matrix) and by functionality (photo printing, support for various formats, pre-processing, duplex printing).

No matter how modern your device is, everyone can face problems. Many of them can be solved on their own, and not by Contacting Support, especially if a software error.

Printer displays an error

There are several causes of printer or printing errors and can be divided into two categories.

The first is software:

In addition, the program can be damaged by viruses. If your computer was infected and the error appeared after it was disinfected, you need to reinstall the software;

Also, there may be a driver conflict problem with the device. This most often happens with several printers connected to one computer, or when working with many machines via a local network.

The second reason for the occurrence of errors is hardware, which are directly related to the device itself, such as:

The printer periodically turns off or gives an error, which can run faster (the problem may be caused by the USB port, the connecting cord or the driver)

If the cartridge is poorly inserted, or the interconnecting chip is stained with toner or ink, the device will display a message related to replacing the cartridge

Also errors occur if the paper is jammed or has run out;

The most common message from the machine is “ink or toner low”.

In fact, there are many more system messages from a modern printer. But everything, in one way or another, is related to refilling / replacing the cartridge or paper jams, as well as overheating of the device.

Checking OS and device settings

If you are faced with the fact that the device does NOT display any messages on the screen, and nothing happens when you send a file to print, then before contacting the service center with the question: “what to do the printer stopped printing, check the connection settings of the device, as well as systems.

To do this, the first step is to check if the device is correctly connected to the computer and whether the operating system sees it.

To do this, you should:

Open the task manager and find the required device;

It should be in the list and correspond to the name of your device;

Opposite to it there should be no designations of erroneous connection, conflict or disconnection (yellow exclamation mark or red cross).

Now you need to check if the settings of the device itself are correct.

If printing does NOT start, there may be several problems:

The connection port is incorrect;

The address or name of the computer to which the network printer is connected has changed

The device that is the link for the network connection (router, router, computer) does not work

The wrong printer is selected as the default device;

The device settings prohibit the output of a certain type of data.

To check THIS data, you need to go to the “Control Panel” and select “Devices and Printers”. Here you can change the default device for printing (by right-clicking the menu and activating the corresponding checkbox). In the properties of the device. check if the settings are correct.

If you cannot connect to a network machine, it is best to contact the remote computer user or network administrator for assistance.

Is the driver installed?

The first time you connect any device to your computer, you need to install drivers. In the case of printers, it is better to install Not only the driver, but also the program for working with the device. The software is almost always supplied on disk with the device and also contains instructions in several languages.

Occasionally, in expensive models, the software is provided on a USB stick. To check if the driver is installed correctly, you need to go to the “Device Manager” of the Windows operating system.

To do this, you should:

Left-click on “My Computer” on the desktop or “Computer” in the “Start” menu and call “Properties”;

Select “Dispatcher.” in the left menu;

Check the list for your device.

The machine must be in the Printers & Scanners category. Its name should correspond exactly or approximately to the name of your device (in case the driver is universal, or the software and hardware part of the day has not changed from the previous model).

For example, you have a Canon Pixma MP 280 model, in the task manager it may appear as Canon Pixma MP 200 or MP 2.

Does NOT print printer

Print queue busy

If you are sure that the printer is working but not printing, you need to check if the print queue is busy. Most modern devices with fully installed software will display this error on their own. However, this does not always happen.

In this case, you need to check the print queue yourself. This can be done by calling the driver program from the tray (the icon near the clock). However, this method is not always suitable for those who use the device over a network.

The most common print queue problem is encountered by users on large networks when working with a shared printer. In this case, the same task can consist of many parts. For example, if it is very large, the program could divide it itself in order not to overload the internal memory of the device.

In addition, corporate practice shows that very often there are cases when one job did NOT complete completely due to errors (paper ran out or jammed, printer overheated), and another job was sent and another.

Depending on the model, the device may NOT pay attention to unfinished tasks and continue to work until its memory is completely clogged with such fragments. Or do not immediately allow to continue working.

There can be two ways out:

Check the print queue and clear it on the computer to which the printer is connected

Some devices require physical impact, that is, acknowledgment of errors and deletion of the print queue by buttons directly on it.

What to do if the product does not print after refilling the cartridge

Users who have tried to refill the cartridge themselves, clean it, or soak it in a special solution, often encounter the following problem: the printer stopped printing, what to do now?

The fact is that each device requires an individual approach when it comes to refueling. First of all, you need to find out whether the cartridge is equipped with special protections and chips, read it, and whether it has a page counter or other clever manufacturer’s option.

In addition, they refill the cartridge on their own, it is very important to be careful not to “air” the ink supply system in the case of inkjet printers. And on the laser device. do not get dirty, not scratch the drum or knock down the spring that fixes the gears.

In any case, if after refilling the printer works, but does not print, you need to contact professionals, to the workshop, so as not to spoil it completely. Cartridge are sometimes half the cost of the entire unit, so be very careful when refueling.

Sometimes ink cartridges dry out. Therefore, after refilling, be sure to print a few pages to check. If this does not work, the cartridge requires soaking in a special solution.

Most of the problems with the printer arise from software errors, but they are easy to deal with on your own, rather than going to a computer workshop. If errors are NOT eliminated, you should contact a specialist.

When a cartridge needs to be refilled, it is necessary to carefully study all the information and strictly follow the instructions, and for printers with inkjet printing it is generally better to install a special ink supply system. Thanks to this, most problems can be avoided.