How to Reset Password on Android Samsung

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How to reset the pattern on Samsung smartphones using Odin

For Samsung phones and tablets running Android below version 7, there is a simple unlock method. First, TWRP or CWM Recovery is flashed using the Odin program, and the password is deleted through custom Recovery.

(!) On Samsung devices with Android 7.0 and newer, to install custom Recovery, you will need to activate the “OEM unlocking” function, which is located in “Settings”. Going there from the locked screen will not exit.

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Install the drivers and download the CWM or TWRP image file in the.tar format for your model. it can be found in the relevant topics on the Needrom, XDA-Developers, Sammobile,,

Unpack the archive with Odin and run the program.

Put your smartphone in firmware mode (aka Bootloader, boot mode). To do this, on the switched off device, hold down and hold 3 keys:

  • “ON” volume down button “Home”

When you get to such a menu, press the volume up key to continue.

Android will appear on the screen and the inscription “Downloading”. it means that you have put Samsung into firmware mode.

Connect your phone to your computer via USB and wait for the drivers to install. In the first cell “ID: COM” the connected port will be displayed, and the message “Added” will appear in the logs.

Now press the “AP” button (“PDA” in older versions of Odin) and select the Recovery file.

If there is a checkmark in front of “AP”, and the path to the file is written in the field next to the file, you can proceed.

Since the weight of the Recovery file is small, the process will take a couple of seconds. The message “All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0) “, and in the upper left cell.” PASS! “. This means that the custom Recovery firmware was successful.

Now turn off your phone and hold one of the key combinations to get into Recovery:

  • “Home” increase the volume turn on
  • “Home” “ON” (on older Samsung)
  • Volume up turn on (on older tablets)

Depending on the installed Recovery: CWM or TWRP, go to paragraphs 5 or 6 of this article and delete the files:

  • “Password.key” (“gatekeeper.password.key”)
  • “Gesture.key” (“gatekeeper.pattern.key”)
  • “Locksettings.db”
  • “Locksettings.db-wal”
  • “Locksettings.db-shm”

Additional PIN on Samsung

On Samsung phones running Android 5.0 and below, when setting a pattern, you need to set an additional PIN code. And if you have forgotten the pattern, but remember the PIN, you can enter it and unlock your smartphone.

Draw any wrong pattern until the message appears that you can try again only after 30 seconds.

Then wait half a minute and click on the “Additional PIN” button in the lower right corner. Enter PIN and click “OK”.

The lock on the phone will be completely removed.

Backup PIN on LG

When installing a screen lock on LG, you need to set a backup PIN-code, which can be entered instead of a pattern or password, and unlock the phone.

To do this, draw the wrong graphic pattern until the message about blocked input for 30 seconds appears. Click “OK”, at the bottom select “Forgot your pattern?”, Enter your PIN and click “OK”.

Enter your Google account details

Working way for devices running Android 4.4 and below. Starting with Android 5.0, this option has been removed from many firmwares. But not all manufacturers did this, so check if it works for you or not.

When your phone or tablet is connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi, you just need to enter your e-mail and password to remove the lock. To do this, enter the pattern incorrectly 5-10 times, after which a warning will pop up about blocking the device for 30 seconds.

The button “Forgot your pattern?” Will appear on the screen, by clicking on which you can enter your data and unlock the device.

If you forgot your account password, you will have to restore it. go to this page from a working gadget or PC.

Please note that this method requires mandatory Internet access. Therefore, open the quick settings panel by swiping down (the “curtain” can be opened directly from the lock screen on Android 5.0 Lollipop and newer) and turn on mobile data or Wi-Fi. The device will connect to the access point if it worked in this network before.

How to remove the pattern on Samsung phones using “Find My Mobile”

Owners of smartphones of the most popular brand have the ability to unlock the device if the Internet is turned on and a Samsung account is added. You need to go to, click “Login” and enter your login and password.

After detecting your tablet, Samsung phone, on the side in the options, click “Unlock”, then again “Unlock” in the pop-up window, and re-enter the password.

Done. a notification will appear in the Android curtain about the removal of the key or pin from the screen.

Removing gesture.key (unlock graphic pattern) and password.key (reset password)

The method is intended for owners of phones and tablets with root-rights and CWM Recovery. Its action is that the system files “gesture.key” and “password.key” are deleted, which are responsible for displaying the graphic lock and password, respectively.

This requires the Aroma file manager. Download the archive from the link and drop it onto your phone or tablet without unpacking. Then turn off the device and go to the Recovery menu. To do this, instead of the power button, hold down one of the possible combinations (or read the FAQ for specific models):

  • Volume up “ON”
  • Volume Down “ON”
  • Volume up / down Power Home

Using the volume up and down buttons, you move up and down, respectively, and confirm the selection with the power / lock button. In new smartphones, Recovery may be touch sensitive.

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In the CWM Recovery menu, select “Install zip”.

Then click “Choose zip from / sdcard” and go to the folder where you dropped Aroma or use “Choose zip from last install folder”. In the second case, you will see all the last downloaded archives, among which you will find the desired one.

Next, the file manager itself will open. Go to the path / data / system / and delete the files:

  • “Gesture.key” (“gatekeeper.pattern.key” in newer firmware)
  • “Password.key” (or “gatekeeper.password.key” instead)
  • “Locksettings.db”
  • “Locksettings.db-wal”
  • “Locksettings.db-shm”

Select them and in the additional menu click “Delete”.

Finally, reboot your device. You can enter any password and the phone will be unlocked. Then feel free to go to the settings and set a new lock.

How to remove unlock key on Huawei and Honor: backup PIN

On Huawei and Honor, in addition to the pattern, a backup PIN is used. Therefore, to unlock the device, you need to draw the pattern incorrectly 5 times, and the message will appear on the display: “Please try again in 1 minute.” Wait 60 seconds for the “Backup PIN” button in the lower right corner to become active. Click on it, enter the PIN and the unlock key will be instantly reset.

We use the service “Find device”

Google has created a Find My Device service that has a Hard Reset feature. The lock is reset accordingly.

If the device is not connected to the Internet, open the quick settings panel and connect to a mobile or Wi-Fi network (open or the one to which you have connected before).

From a computer or other device, go to and log in.

The service will locate the phone and when it was last online. In the list of options, select “Clean device”.

To confirm the deletion, click on the “Clear” button.

When the device is offline, Wipe will be done when connecting to the Internet for the first time.

How to reset Android lock password through factory settings

One of the simplest ways to remove Android lock screen is to reset all device settings to factory settings, which completely erases all phone data, including the passwords you set. Please note that all your personal files will also be erased. To protect phones from theft after 2016, the “Factory Reset Protection” function appeared on Android phones, which, during a reset operation, asks the user for the data of the Google account installed on the phone.

Put your locked phone into recovery mode using the button combinations appropriate for your particular device model.

In recovery mode, use the volume up / down buttons to select options and the power button to confirm your selection. Select “Wipe data / factory reset” from the list of options. After notification of the need to delete all data, click “Yes”.

Wait for the reset process to complete and select “Reboot system now”. After booting the phone normally, the screen lock will be disabled.

How to reset your Android phone password using Google’s Find My Device

Google offers its users a fairly convenient service “Find my device” (“Find my device”). Using it, you can find a lost or stolen smartphone, as well as unlock the phone remotely, which we will use now.

On any device, visit the Equipment management service page Log in to your account.

Select the required device from the list of devices (in case you have several of them). Then select “Block”.

Set a new lock screen password. Re-enter it to confirm. Select “Block” again.

Enter this password on your Android smartphone. The phone will be successfully unlocked. After that, you can leave this password or change it in the phone settings to another type of lock.

How to reset Android password?

Often, smartphone users forget various important passwords. from a Google account, various applications, but it also happens that the screen lock password is unknown! Despite the fact that this password is used up to several dozen times a day, this also happens. Sometimes this happens because the device has not been used for a long time, and sometimes as a result of a joke from friends or unintentional actions of children. Be that as it may, you can still restore access to the device, as. We have collected the easiest and most effective ways to reset the screen password on Android.

ways to solve the problem 《how to reset android screen password》

How can I quickly reset my lock screen password?

A utility specially created for such cases from the developer Tenorshare will be the best assistant in solving the problem of a forgotten password / code / screen lock pattern on Android. All you need to do is install the program on your computer and follow the prompts of the program itself.

Connect your Android phone to your computer. Run the 4uKey for Android program.

In the main menu of the utility, select the “Delete” option.

After the end of the data verification, the process of removing the smartphone screen lock will start.

When a notification appears that all phone content has been deleted, click “Okay”.

Wait for the process to complete, and then enter the recovery mode. To do this, follow the prompts of the program.

Click “Next”. The program will prompt you to perform the steps to restore factory settings on your smartphone and then reboot the device. After that, you can freely use your device again.

Easiest option (only for Android 2.2 and below)

First of all, we will discuss the easiest way to unlock your phone. Unfortunately, it will only work on devices with Android 2.2 and below. It is also quite possible that it will not work if you have a PIN code as protection, and not a pattern (although it is still worth trying).

All Samsung Galaxy Phones: Forgot Password (Factory Reset)

But if you are lucky and your phone fits the criteria, then you will deal with this problem very quickly, because to unlock it, it will be enough to call the phone. All devices with Android 2.2 and lower version will automatically unlock if they receive a call, however, for a very short period, and then it will turn on again. Therefore, when you answer the call, you need to have time to very quickly go to “Settings” and in the “Security” section to disable blocking.

How to reset Android password

Surely, almost all of us have forgotten the password at least once. And when this password is from an account on social networks or some website, it’s still half the trouble, because you can always restore it using email or phone. But what to come up with if the phone is blocked? This article will tell you about all the ways to reset Android password without losing data.

How to reset Android password with low battery

The next method is very simple, however, to use it, you have to wait until the battery is almost empty. When this happens, you will receive a low battery notification. By clicking on it, you will find yourself in the section of parameters “Energy consumption”. Here, you need to return to the main settings screen and turn off the lock through the “Security” section.

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Unlocking methods from developers

Now let’s discuss the methods of removing protection on the phone, created by their developers. These methods are quite simple and any user can handle them, but they are suitable only for certain companies and phone models.

If you are the owner of an HTC phone, you can always use a special utility called HTCSync to unlock. It serves to synchronize two devices, for example a laptop and a phone, and with its help you can also remove the password.

Here is an instruction on how to reset Android password without losing data through this program:

  • Install HTCSync on your computer.
  • Connect your smartphone to PC via USB cable.
  • Via HTCSync Download ScreenLockBypass.
  • Then, restart your phone.
  • Select “Unlock”, if the problem persists, try again.

The next way is for Samsung owners. To use this instruction, you must have an activated Samsungaccount on your phone.

  • Go to Samsung website.
  • Enter the same data as in the phone.
  • Go to the “Content and Services” section.
  • Here select “Find My Device” and “Unlock Screen”.

Also, Huawei did not leave its phones without attention.

If your phone is from this developer, then do the following:

  • Install a utility called HiSuite on your PC.
  • Next, connect your phone and computer via a cable.
  • Run the program and go to the “Contacts” section.
  • Next select your E-mail.
  • Then you should receive a notification by clicking on it, you will be taken to the parameters.
  • Here go to the main settings screen and in the “Security” section disable protection.

How to reset your password offline

When there is no Wi-fi network nearby, you can connect via a Lan adapter. This is a special device that fits into your phone and router. With this connection option, you do not need to reboot and activate anything, wait, and the Internet will work by itself.

Reset Android password

Sometimes users of mobile gadgets forget the password they set and lose the ability to use the device. There are several ways to get out of this situation. These can be standard methods for resetting a lock through an account, or non-standard ones that use a few system vulnerabilities. We will tell you further how to remove a password from a tablet or other mobile device in various situations.

How to Bypass Password/Pin Code to Factory Reset for ALL SAMSUNG GALAXY PHONES

Resetting the lock using the ADB utility

To remove the PIN or key, you actually need to delete several files from the / data / system / directory in Android. ADB Run can help with this even on non-rooted gadgets. The only prerequisite is that “Debugging via USB” should not be disabled in the “For Developers” settings, that is, it must be activated in advance.

Let’s describe further how to unlock a tablet or other Android device:

  • Connect the gadget to a laptop or PC.
  • Run on laptop or PC ADB Run.
  • Open the Unlcok Gesture Key / Pin Key section.
  • Select the 3rd or 4th item (the last one. if you have root).
  • Reboot your device.

After the download is complete, the remote system file will not interfere with the entry, the gadget should unlock.

Unblocking using your Google account credentials

This is the standard and simplest method. It allows you to remove the password on a tablet or other device from Android, if you know the password for your Google account that you used on the locked gadget. For this:

  • Enter any wrong key five or more times.
  • The tablet will lock with a message that the number of attempts has been exceeded.
  • In this case, the display will show the link “Forgot the key?”, Which should be followed. If it does not appear, repeat the steps described, try pressing “Home”.
  • Clicking on the link will redirect the user to a page where you will need to write down the password and e-mail (login) of your account.

After authorization, the system will reset the old key and ask you to enter a new one, while the Internet should work.

Unlock with data reset

This method involves resetting the password and deleting personal user data on the tablet. The reset device will not display contacts, SMS. You will not be able to restore them, since you will not be able to log into your Google account, since you have lost your login and password. The only thing that can be done is to remove the removable memory card, if present. In addition, on Android 5.1 and above, even after Hard Reset, user account information is required, which further complicates the unlocking task. Nevertheless, we will tell you how to remove the password from the tablet by resetting the data.

You need to go to the Recovery menu. It can be either standard or custom (usually CWM or TWRP). Below we will talk about working in standard Recovery for different devices.

Going through the items here is carried out by the volume down button, and the selection is confirmed by the central “Menu” key.

How to reset password on Samsung Android devices:

  • Turn off your tablet.
  • Hold down the central, power and volume buttons “” (for devices released after 2012) or a couple of buttons. turning on together with the central one (for old smartphones).
  • A logo appeared. release “Power”, hold down the rest until the download is complete.
  • After entering recovery mode, select “wipe data / factory reset”.
  • After turning off the gadget, remove and then reinsert the battery (if possible).
  • Hold down the volume “-” and power keys.
  • When the display shows a picture with Android, release the buttons and complete the reset (Factory Reset or Clear Storage).
  • When turning on, hold the volume “” and “Power”.
  • After entering recovery mode, select “wipe data / factory reset“.

On some ZTEs, you can reset directly from the lock screen, for which you press the emergency call button and enter the combination 983987 #.

  • Turn off and on the device.
  • While loading, hold down the volume rocker, as well as the center and “Power” buttons.
  • Select “wipe data / factory reset”, then “delete all user data” and “reboot system now”.

What to do if the Network is disconnected

Try connecting over Wi-Fi. There are ways to do this:

  • Restart your gadget. When the status bar (the so-called curtain) is highlighted, pull it down and activate Wi-Fi.
  • After exceeding the attempts to enter the key, tap on the emergency call. Write down ### to enter the engineering menu (on some devices the numbers may be different), then open “Service tests” and activate Wi-Fi.

The described method of removing the screen lock, although extremely simple, is not suitable if the user has forgotten their account information.

Usually, users choose an existing Gmail mail account for their Android account. Try to enter this information. If you suddenly forgot your password, use the Google Account Recovery service.

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This is a step-by-step guide to regain access to all Google service accounts. If during registration you tied the phone that is currently locked to the service, remove the SIM card and insert it into another gadget, which should receive a verification code.

Detailed instructions

The task is implemented in the following sequence:

  • Download the Android SDK archive from the official site and unpack it to your PC. You cannot download only ADB, so it downloads entirely Android Studio.
  • Place the platform-tools folder in the root (drive C) and rename it to ADB for convenience.
  • Connect smartphone to PC via USB cable.
  • Enter the command line (Start menu, run or find cmd, then the Enter key) and write the adb shell command

update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lock_pattern_autolock’;

update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;

The password will disappear after rebooting from the device. If the device is rooted and has custom Recovery, you can proceed as follows:

  • Download Aroma file manager (on PC) without unpacking the archive. In principle, you can use any other, just this one works with graphic files and is suitable for bypassing a graphic password.
  • Connect gadget to PC.
  • Copy the downloaded archive to the Android memory card.
  • Turn off the gadget.
  • Enter Recovery and choose to install the archive (Install zip).
  • Select install from SD card.
  • Find and specify the downloaded archive. The file manager will start.
  • Open the data / system folder, where to find and delete the password.key file.

After rebooting the gadget, the password will fly off. In the same way, you can remove the password on the Android tablet. Well, the flashing will completely update the operating system, and the included password will not be in it by default. But this work is not for “dummies” and requires more knowledge and time.

Unlocking the pattern on Android

You can bypass the pattern with a less drastic method using:

  • Google account
  • incoming call;
  • full battery discharge.

You don’t need to be a specialist for this, and such options almost always work. In more complex cases, this is done with:

  • deleting the gesture.key file;
  • cleaning the partition via Fastboot;
  • full reset and reboot of settings;
  • flashing.

How to perform a hard reset

There is one more answer, what to do if you forgot your Android password. Hard Reset, or complete reset of user settings, will erase the password from memory and open the device. And this operation is performed using the Recovery menu, which can be entered in two ways:

  • By a specific sequence of pressing the volume keys, power on and the center button.
  • Special teams via emergency call.

The combinations for different devices are practically the same, but there are still some nuances. You can find a suitable one for a specific model on the manufacturer’s official website or on numerous user forums on the network.

Once in the specified menu, the user selects the wipe data / factory reset or Clear Storage item, which means “wipe data / factory settings” or “Clear storage”, which, in principle, are the same.

After a reset, the device remains clean, without passwords and locks. Starting with Android 5.1, the first login will require a Google account confirmation. To start Android, enter your account password. If it is lost, then some system vulnerabilities will have to be exploited on such a device.

Contacting the service

It also happens that none of the methods works. Most likely, due to the inexperience or carelessness of the user himself. Although even purely technical reasons why you cannot remove the password on Android, there can be quite a few.

In this case, there is only one way out. to contact the professionals, that is, to Support Google, the manufacturer, or directly to a specialized service. In the latter case, the risks of losing important data are minimal, and guarantees that the device will return to its normal state are maximized.

How to delete the system.db file

If you delete the system database from the device, it will not have a password. The base, including system passwords, is located in a folder in the system.db file, which can be erased to get rid of the annoying blocking order. But to access such features, you need superuser rights, which can be obtained in two ways:

  • Using software. special utilities installed on Android and / or PC.
  • By flashing.

If you cannot find out the password from the Android phone, having full access to the operating system, you can use the explorer of the connected computer to enter the system partition. It is easy to find and erase a file here, without which passwords cannot be saved.

Android apps for unlocking

Korean Samsung offers about the same unlocking option to its customers. They have their own account and a similar software unlock method. To disable the password on Android Samsung, you should:

  • Open the Samsung account website and log in. If there is no username and password, register.
  • Enter the section “Content and Services”.
  • On the page that opens, confirm the “Unlock screen” command. The problem will be solved immediately.

But this is perhaps the only program for Android password reset provided directly by mobile developers. All the rest involve sharing utilities on a PC and even obtaining ROOT rights, but more on that later.

Why use a password

What we just do not store on our gadgets! Here are personal photos, documents and much more. Finally, a smartphone is already a full-fledged wallet, and protecting your own data is the most important task of the user.

All Android Phones: How to Remove Forgotten Password / Unlock Password / Pin Code / Swipe Code

Setting a password significantly reduces the opportunities for ill-wishers and scammers. The former are unlikely to be able to bypass the password on Android and gain access to personal information, and from the latter, only a four-digit numeric code is unlikely to save, but it will make you tinker. Young children, too, will not be able to disturb the peace by accidentally deleting important files. Yes, there can be a lot of reasons for locking a mobile device, only we often forget passwords.

Is it possible to remove the password in the settings

If the gadget is not locked, the user can remove the password at any time in the settings on Android. To disable the function, you need:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Enter the section “Security” (or “Location and security”).
  • Select the “Screen lock” tab and then the type of lock that does not require codes. For example, “Slider” or “None”. To confirm, you must enter the previously used password.

Disabling the function is available in the same place where it was enabled. The process is the same for almost all models from any manufacturer. Differences can only be in the names of the tabs in the branded shells.