How to reset Samsung if you forgot your pattern

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Factory data reset on Huawei (NEW)

This method works on a limited number of smartphones. This method offers unlocking the bootloader.

Huawei, as a result of which absolutely all personal data is deleted!

Method 85. Connecting to Intrernet via Lan adapter

In the video below you can see what the Lan adapter looks like and how to connect it to Android (in your only case, unlike the video, you will not be able to navigate through the settings, since it is blocked).

If blocked:

Android has the ability to remotely install applications to the device!

  • If the device is now connected to the Internet (method 4. 4.75);
  • There is a Google account entered into the Android device;
  • There are Root rights;
  • Install SMS Bypass from PC;

By default, the application has special text 1234! Send an SMS from any phone to the blocked device with the text:

After that, Android will reboot, after loading, enter any picture password! Android is unlocked! Below is a video of how it happens live.

and 7 unlock pattern

reset, samsung, forgot, pattern

Go to the Adb Run program and go to the “Unlock Gesture Key” menu (control by pressing numbers and the Enter button);

Try the first method, if it doesn’t help, then the second.

Resetting data to Sony