How to Reset Samsung to Factory Settings

Reset with service codes

In the Android system, as in any other (Java, Symbian), there are special codes with which you can activate the restore operation to factory settings.

Attention! The codes may change, they may not be suitable for your model or version of Android, so follow all the operations carefully! We are not responsible for all actions, and we provide information with codes for review.

Here are some codes. You will need to go to the dialing mode of the phone and enter one of these:

  • ###
  • 27673855 #
  • ###

All the ways to factory reset your Android device

Not a single user can be insured and is 100% sure of the quality of his mobile phone, and even more so in the reliability of the operating system and other installed applications. Perhaps smartphones have become smarter, more convenient, but the problems in many cases remain the same. complete phone failure, the appearance of non-standard errors, glitches and freezes, mute and much more. As a rule, in the Android operating system, most problems can be solved on their own, and at the same time it is not necessary to carry the phone to the nearest service center, having paid several thousand rubles for actions that you can perform yourself without much effort.

In this article, we will tell you how to reset the settings on Android to factory settings, what it is for, what the consequences will be after the reset.

What the user will lose from their device?

If you do not want to lose data, then create backups in order to restore them in whole or in part later. We also recommend that you copy some photos and videos to a PC or another phone with a certain period of time.

How to Factory Reset Android Phone Using Menu

All operations will be carried out from the OS Android main menu. You need to go to the “Settings” item, select the tab called “Privacy” there, and then click on the “Reset Settings” tab.

As you can see in the photo above, here you can activate the following items:

  • “Data backup” (“Data copying”). The system will automatically save copies of all applications installed on your device, settings from Google services, as well as data on each Wi-Fi network previously saved in the phone.
  • “Auto recovery”. All programs will be automatically restored with all settings.

Click the “Reset settings” item and confirm your desire to erase the data. You will see a window with a list of data that is deleted after a factory reset. As soon as the phone restarts, you can reinstall any programs, add accounts.

How to do a factory reset on Android

There are three ways in total, and they differ significantly from each other. Let’s analyze each of them in detail:

  • Reset in phone settings
  • Reset with service codes
  • Reset by keys
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Reset with keys (using Recovery)

Each Android smartphone has dedicated keys that you can use to initiate the factory reset process. Since most phones at the moment are provided with a touch screen, the reset keys are mainly the volume keys, the Home button, the power key.

Here is a sample list of buttons that will allow you to reset your settings:

  • “Volume down” “Turn on the device”. This is one of the most common combinations used on many phones. Try it first. If it does not work, then see the list below.
  • “Volume up” “Volume down”.
  • Power on device Home key Volume up.
  • “Volume up” “Volume down” “Turn on the device”.
  • Volume Up Home Key.

You need to hold and press the keys at the same time. The approximate retention time is 2-5 seconds. As soon as the system enters a special mode. Recovery, you will see a menu on your screen.

To move through the list, use the volume up and down keys, because the devices are mostly touch-sensitive!

Find the wipe data / factory reset item and click on it. Sometimes this item is not on the list, but instead there will be one of them: Clear eMMC, Clear Flash! As soon as you click on the selected tab, the system will ask for confirmation.

reset, samsung, factory, settings

Select Yes. and at the end press the menu item Reboot System. this is the restart of the operating system.

In some versions of Android, the items presented may vary depending on the version, but the menu is mostly of the same type. We also strongly recommend that you look at the manual of your mobile device before calling the menu or using the codes. Sometimes there are already registered service codes and keys for resetting the settings.

4 Effective Methods to Factory Reset Samsung Tablets [2020]

My Samsung Galaxy Tab stopped responding after dropping from my hand to a hard floor (the screen cracked too). I thought it would return to normal after restarting, but the problem persists. The problem is the device won’t recognize my face, won’t accept my password or fingerprint. Someone suggested that I reset my Samsung tablet to factory settings, please how to factory reset Samsung tablets?

This blog will offer you a more reliable way to factory reset your Samsung tablet or phone no matter what the device is.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab

When the Galaxy Tab works and you’ve tried everything you can to fix it without success, you can take the plunge and reset all of the Galaxy Tab’s software, essentially returning it to the state it was in when it first appeared out of the box. Obviously, you don’t need to take this step lightly. In fact, consider finding support before starting the next process:

Launch the “Settings” application in the “Applications” menu.

Click the reset button of the tablet.

Samsung Factory Data Reset Tutorial

Click the “Erase All” button to confirm.

Removes all information you’ve installed or saved on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, including apps you’ve downloaded, music, synced accounts, and more.

Again, do not follow these steps if you are not sure if they will fix the problem, or if you are not instructed to do so by someone from technical support.

You can also reset the Galaxy Tab software and erase everything if you return or sell your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Of course, you probably love your Galaxy Tab so much that you pale at the thought of selling it.

Erase and Reset Android to Factory Defaults

This will erase everything from your Android phone or tablet. In the newest versions of Android (like Nexus 5) just do the following:

  • Open the Settings app and select Backup & Reset.
  • Scroll down and select “Factory data reset” to start the data deletion process. You may need to enter a password to continue if Android is secure.
  • Confirm that you want to erase everything from Android by selecting “Erase All”.
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Android will shutdown and restart, when the screen turns back on, you will see a small progress bar and then the phone will restart again, booting to the newly formatted Android phone without any personal data stored on the device.

Preparing for a hard reset

Before proceeding with restoring a mobile gadget to factory settings, if the situation permits, copy all important information from it to external media, for example, to a computer hard drive or to the cloud.

It is convenient to save contacts on the Google service of the same name. To do this, copy them from SIM cards to the phone memory and log in to the device under the Google account to which you want to transfer them. Synchronization will take place automatically.

Videos, pictures, music and other user files can be simply transferred from folder to folder by connecting the phone with a USB cable to the PC.

If this is not possible, install a cloud service client on your mobile device, for example, Google Drive or Yandex.Disk, enter the “Files” section, click “Upload to disk” and select the data to save.

To avoid having to enter the owner’s login and password when starting the device after the reset, delete your Google account from the system.

Immediately before recovery, charge the device to at least 25-30% or connect to a power source, and remove the memory card and SIM from it.

What problems can be solved by factory resetting Samsung tablet?

If you have problems with your Samsung screen lock or your tablet is defective and a friend suggests to restore to factory settings as a solution, then you would like to know what Samsung Android problems can be solved with factory settings.

Restoring your Samsung tablet to factory settings can fix the following problems:

Troubleshoot device crashes or freezes.
Restoring all tablet memory.
Remove Screen Lock on Samsung Tablet.
Troubleshoot your Samsung to fix other minor issues with a factory reset.

3 Factory reset your Samsung tablet using the buttons from the recovery menu

If your Android device is locked, you can remove the screen lock by resetting your Samsung phone using the buttons.

Turn off the device.

Press and hold the Volume Up, Power and Return Home buttons at the same time.

When the device vibrates, release the power button while holding the other buttons.

When the OSD appears, release the other buttons.

Scroll down to Erase All User Data with the Volume Down button and press the Power button to select it.

Press the power button again to select “Yes, erase all user data”.

Press the power button. to reboot the device.

Service code in the dialer

This cleaning method is possible using the Samsung Service Tag. Works only on some devices, and it also affects the contents of memory cards, so we recommend removing the USB flash drive from the phone before use.

    Open your device’s dialer app (preferably standard, but most third-party apps work as well).

27673855 #
The device will immediately start the reset process and reboot when finished.

The method is extremely simple, but fraught with danger, since no warning or confirmation of the reset is provided.

Summing up, we note that the process of factory resetting Samsung phones is not much different from other smartphones on Android. In addition to those described above, there are more exotic reset methods, but most ordinary users do not need them.

What is a data reset for?

Resetting device data (reset, hard reset, factory reset) is the removal of all data from a smartphone or tablet: contacts, messages, downloaded applications, photos, music, mail settings, alarms. After a reset, the smartphone or tablet returns to the factory state.

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Usually, data reset is done in the following cases:

  • Before selling or giving a device to another person;
  • If a problem occurs on the device that cannot be fixed by other methods;
  • After updating the device software (firmware).

Via the “Settings” menu

Go to settings, select “General settings“. If there is no such tab, go to the next step.

Select the “Reset” menu. In some models, it is referred to as “Archive and Reset”, “Archive and Reset” or “Privacy”.

Find the item “Reset data” or “Reset device”.

Select the option “Reset”, “Reset device” or “Delete all”.

Start deleting all information and rebooting the device.

Through code

How to factory reset Samsung? The latter method is used much less often. using the service code. Need to:

  • Launch the system application “Phone”.
  • Open dialer.
  • Enter code 27673855 #.
  • The device will reboot and the user information will be deleted.

What is a data reset and why is it needed?

Not only Galaxy, but all Android smartphones have a full reset. When this function is activated, the device is rolled back to the factory settings. You get your phone completely clean, just like out of the box.

The Right Way to Factory Reset a Samsung Phone | Note 8, S8, S8

Important! When this option is activated, all user data is deleted. These are applications, files, contacts, correspondence, system settings, additional components, etc.

  • Transfer all important files from phone to flash drive.
  • Make a backup. It will allow you to restore information, save the user a lot of time.
  • Go to settings and delete your Google account. Otherwise, the smartphone will ask you to log in to this account after turning on.

Why would you need a hard reset and factory reset? Let’s list the common reasons:

  • There are problems with your phone. If they cannot be solved by standard means, then it is recommended to perform a full reset. It is not uncommon to roll back the system to factory settings to help users.
  • You are about to implement an old device, or give it to someone else. Naturally, it is better to erase a huge amount of personal information so that third-party people do not get access to it.
  • Before or after OS upgrade. The developers recommend performing a “clean” installation so that errors from the old version of the operating system do not migrate to the new one.

How to Factory Reset Samsung? Consider the main ways to rollback the system on devices from a Korean manufacturer.

Using the Recovery keys

If you cannot use the first method, there is a way to recover through Recovery mode. To enter this mode, you need to hold down a certain combination of buttons on the switched off smartphone. The combination of buttons depends on the manufacturer of your device. Below are the key combinations that are used to enter recovery mode in most smartphone models.

  • Power button Home button Volume button or
  • Power button Volume button or
  • Power button Home button Volume and
  • Power button volume button and

In most cases, the Recovery menu looks like this.

Navigation is done using the volume buttons. Selection. with the power key. To reset the settings, select the “Wipe data / factory reset” item. The phone will reboot and return to factory settings.