How to reset your brother printer after refueling

Why you might need to throw off the counter

All printers have an automatic page counter. It stops the operation of the device when there is no paint left. In some cases, after replacing it, the message “Toner Low” appears on the screen. Therefore, the user must know how to reset the counter.

How to start a brother printer after refilling a cartridge and how to reset the toner counter

Brother is specialized in the production of multifunction printers. Periodically you need to replace the cartridge if the ink runs out. But this is often not enough for the device to function normally. In this case, you will have to reset the counter. So that there are no unexpected hiccups in work, you should know in advance how to correctly start a Brother brand printer after refilling the cartridge.

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How to remove the cartridge from the Brother printer

The aLGorithm for replacing the consumable depends on the specific model. Almost all multifunction printers of this brand have a two-piece printing unit, toner is located in a separate compartment, like the drum unit. Therefore, the replacement of components can be handled by anyone who does not have special skills in working with equipment.

The user can visit the official website and download the instructions from the “Operation Manual” section. Brother dcp 1510r cartridge removal instructions:

  • Lift the control panel cover to open the print unit. To do this, you need to move the shutter located on the left.
  • Turning the green mount will unlock the locking mechanism.
  • After these steps, you can carefully remove the photosensitive drum tray and cartridge.
  • Pulling down on the blue lock lever will remove the toner cartridge itself.

This option is suitable for devices intended for black and white printing. In devices designed for color printing, the unit contains an imaging drum and 4 cartridges. The user needs to remove each cartridge one at a time. You can see the amount of paint on the scale on the screen.

Instructions for zeroing the cartridge for different models

The sequence of actions does not vary much. The main difference is the choice of the mode for zeroing the counter.

Software option to remove the lock

You can reset the counter automatically. This manual is suitable for a printer with a built-in display.

  • Reboot the device first.
  • After waiting for full download, you need to select “Clear”.
  • When a notification about a drum malfunction appears, you must click on “Start”.
  • Pressing the “up” and “down” arrows will scroll to the value “00”. After that, you need to confirm your actions.

Having opened the main menu, using the same buttons, you need to scroll to the current counter values: it should show 100%.

How to start the Brother printer after refilling the cartridge

By installing a new block, the user will be able to check the correctness of their actions. If a mistake was made, the printer will not work. Below are instructions on how to properly start up your Brother printer after refilling the cartridge.

Brother dcp 1510r

To solve this problem, you need to use this instruction:

  • Remove the drum cartridge from the device while it is turned on.
  • It should be divided into a printing unit and a drum.
  • The last item must be returned to the printer.
  • Press the black flag through the auto-feed tray.
  • After closing the lid, release the checkbox and press again.

When the printer stops making strange noises, you can completely release the latch and carry out a test print.

How to manually reset the counter

When there is no automatic reset function, you will have to do all the manipulations manually:

  • The printer must be turned on, but not connected to a PC or laptop.
  • Need to remove print unit, drum unit and toner.
  • The cartridge and drum must be reinserted into the machine.
  • On the inside, on the left, there is a reset button. Press and hold the button in the paper feed tray. It can be released when the mechanism is activated. Then press again until the auto-feed process is completed.
  • Next, the cartridge is reinstalled in the print unit.

If resetting the counter does not help and the device does not work, you will have to take the printer to a service center.

How to reset Canon Pixma cartridge

This is a way to turn off the printer’s ink counter. Please note that deactivation is written to the device memory and voids the user of the manufacturer’s warranty. The shutdown procedure is carried out only once and is irreversible.

  • After installing a refilled cartridge, an Ink is running low error appears. Press ok in the alert window or out of paper. no paper.
  • If nothing else appears, you can work further.
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How to reset a Canon cartridge if an Ink has run out error pops up?

  • You need to click Yes in the window with this notification.
  • A window with the words Press and hold the Stop / Reset button should appear, so press and hold the Stop key (or diamond, color copy button for MFPs, or resume for simple printers) for about ten seconds until the window disappears.
  • As soon as the message disappears, the printer will reset and start printing.

ALGorithm of actions

How do I reset a Canon cartridge after refilling? The result is guaranteed by following the instructions in sequence, first for the color cartridge and then for the black one.

Take out the cartridge and cover the top row of contacts with tape or tape.

Install the ink tank in the printer, a cartridge not inserted message appears.

Cover the second row of contacts with tape (or tape).

A cartridge not inserted error reappears.

Reinsert the ink tank, the printer will now detect the cartridge as full

After this procedure, you can use them as new. Keep in mind, if the printer does not give out a message about an empty cartridge, but simply prints white sheets, then the problem lies in poor-quality refueling or dried nozzles.

There is no chip in the cartridge: what to do?

How do I reset a Canon cartridge that does not have a chip? The design of the cartridge does not provide for a chip, but there is a contact pad, which is recognized by the printer, and it reads information about which ink tank is installed and how much it has exhausted its resource.

How to reset a Canon cartridge after refilling: three ways

Printer owners are constantly faced with the question: how to reset the Canon cartridge? The problem lies in the memory of the chip on the ink tank and the printing device. When a new cartridge is installed, the printer reads information from the chip. The software displays data that the installed ink tank is original and 100% full.

Refillable cartridges do not have such chips, which is why the printer cannot read information about a new ink tank and update data in the software. Accordingly, the printing device “thinks” that the cartridge has not been replaced and blocks use. The same situation develops among owners using CISS.

The question of how to reset a Canon cartridge may arise when using ink tanks without chips. Then only the printer’s software cutting and one contact on the cartridge site are responsible for the volume of printed pages and the ink resource. In this case, the ink counter is also reset and you can continue printing.

Let’s take a look at the main methods of zeroing cartridges in Canon printers, which include the following:

  • using the programmer;
  • blocking the reading contact;
  • reset counter in printer.

Each model of printing device has its own zeroing option. By using the wrong method, the user risks damaging the printer, so remember that you do all the actions at your own risk.

Optional kit

The most common trick many people use is to buy two sets of cartridges and print one at a time. Each subsequent ink tank resets information about the previous one. This method has a big drawback, which is dangerous for those who rarely type. Ink cartridges do not tolerate downtime, nozzles dry out and become unusable. If the cartridge is rarely used, proceed with the instructions and follow the steps in order.

How to reset a Canon cartridge using the programmer

The safest way to reset the chip is to use a special programmer. There are several types for different models of blueberries. Finding a suitable one is easy, since there are many such offers on the market. The type of action they have is the same:

  • Pulling the cartridge out of the printer.
  • Install it in the programmer so that the chip rests on the contacts.
  • As soon as the indicator light comes on, remove the ink tank.
  • Return the cartridge to the printer and print.

Each of the described methods can be considered universal. For beginners, it is recommended to use the programmer zeroing or sealing the ink tank contacts. These options will not void your warranty or service. It is worth deactivating the counter if the printer’s warranty period has already expired.

3.Arc Continuous Ink Supply System (CIS)

These chips are similar to refillable cartridges. However, all the microcircuits are together in one array. The continuous ink supply system supplies tubes with tubes. Therefore, we will be adding ink to the external containers, rather than removing the cartridges. The reset button is located at the top of the chip array. After pressing, the button cuts off the electricity to the chip for a few seconds. Therefore, the printer will think that we have removed the cartridge and replaced it.

The availability of one solution does not guarantee the availability of others; for example, some models only have regulators. These cartridges are often rare and the development of ARC is not profitable. In addition, some newer models may not have a filling solution at all.

This rundown isn’t just for BCH solutions. We will try to update the document.

  • If you see a new solution not listed here, write to [email protected] We will contact the manufacturer and clarify the result.
  • If you find a cartridge without a solution, DO NOT CONTACT us. We will answer: “This cartridge does not have a known solution.”.

No solutions for T220, T288, T410, T702, T802

Features of Zeroing Canon Devices

The question of how to reset the cartridge on their own often worries those who use Canon printers. The essence of the problem is the presence of the chip memory on the ink tank and the printing apparatus. If a new ink tank is installed, the software will indicate that it is full. After refueling, the container does not have a chip, therefore, the data will not be updated, and the use of the device will become impossible due to its blocking.

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You can reset a Canon cartridge that does not have a chip. Resetting a Canon cartridge is done using:

  • programmer;
  • contact blocking;
  • reset the counter of the Canon printer itself.

After refueling, it is recommended to zero the capacity as follows:

  • First, the upper contacts are glued with tape.
  • The ink tank is installed in the machine, after which the information about the absence of the cartridge will be displayed.
  • Next, the second row is glued, and the container is returned to its place.
  • After an error appears stating that you need to insert the ink tank, it must be pulled out and completely remove the sticky strips.
  • Once the part is reinstalled, Canon will assume the cartridge is full.

Steps to zero out the Canon Pixma colorant bottle:

  • if there is an ink cartridge in the device and an inscription appears indicating a low ink content, press “OK” or the “No paper” button;
  • if no further messages are observed, you can continue to work.

In the event of the “Out of ink” error, the following is provided:

  • pressing the “OK” key;
  • holding the “Stop” button for 10 seconds;
  • after the message disappears, the Canon counter will be reset.

Deactivating the Canon Pixma cartridge voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

Zeroing on HP models

Many HP cartridge users choose to turn off ink control. But for most models, it is not possible to reset the cartridge counter. The HP printer is equipped with a dual tracking system. First of all, the chip signals the end of the paint. If he thinks that the ink is completely empty, although there is still enough dye on the electronic sensor, the device will ask a question about whether to continue working.

The HP printer will continue to function when refilling ink. If refueling is skipped, the chip will be blocked, and then you will need to buy a new cartridge or reflash the chip.

In some cases, you can reset the HP cartridge. How do you do this job so that the printer always accepts the ink bottle like new? You can reset the cartridge as follows:

  • Using adhesive tape, the contact located in the upper left part is glued.
  • The part is inserted into the HP printer.
  • Paper is being removed from the tray.
  • The “Enable” and “Cancel” buttons are pressed at the same time, after which the device will notify about the absence of sheets.
  • The “Cancel” button is pressed again, and the highlighted inscription disappears.
  • The paper is put back in place and one sheet is printed. This will cause the HP machine to detect that the ink tank is full.

When the counter again shows the absence of paint, the tape is removed, which will allow the container to be zeroed. Similar actions are performed as needed.

How to reset the cartridge on HP, Canon, Brother printers

Often users of printing devices are faced with a situation when the printer informs about the need to install a new cartridge, although there is enough ink in it. You can solve the problem on your own. The main thing is to understand what actions will be appropriate and in what sequence they should be performed.

BCH: All Epson Cartridge Refilling Solutions at a Glance

We have summarized the current progress in the development of the refueling industry. Some Epson cartridges can only use reset devices, while refillable cartridges or ink supply systems are available for others. This document will help us formulate a strategy for solving the problem of refueling Epson.

We often get requests like, “Do you have a refillable cartridge / CIS / ink for the Epson xxx?” BCH ink works on all Epson printers if we say they are “Epson compatible.” “However, Epson has a memory chip on every cartridge. The chip stores the number of pages printed with the cartridge. For the printer to recognize the cartridge as full, we need to reset the page counter to zero. Epson cartridges are not always refillable due to our ability to reset the page counter.

What is the counter reset for?

Trimming is the procedure for changing equipment settings. The protection itself operates according to the following principle:

  • the manufacturer installs a special meter in the system;
  • the chip counts the number of sheets used during printing, and, after the cartridge has exhausted its resource, signals this to the user, blocking the device.

Each cartridge has its own resource. There are toner containers designed for 2500 sheets, and there are. for 1000 sheets. According to the number of sheets, the chip is also programmed. After exceeding the print limit, the message “Replace consumables”, “Toner empty” appears, or the indicator simply blinks. However, although you can add new toner, the chip will still assume the cartridge is empty and prevent the machine from working. To get rid of this problem, a method was devised to reset the counter.

How to reset the toner counter for your Brother printer

The instructions below will work best for most Brother printing machines as they are all similar in design and quite often include the TN-1075 cartridge. We’ll look at two ways. The first is suitable for users of MFPs and printers with a built-in screen, and the second is universal.

Reset Toner Counter for Brother Printers

The other day, relatives had a problem with the Brother MFC-1810R printer. After refilling the starter cartridge, the printer requires replacing the toner. To solve this problem, the printer needs to reset the toner counter. Since the TN-1075 cartridge is sold by Brother machines, the manual described here will work for DCP-1510R, DCP-1512R, HL-1110R, HL-1112R, MFC-1810R, MFC-1815R.

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So, if your printer displays the “Change toner” error, then you need to do the following sequence of actions:

  • Remove the cartridge and paper from the printer.
  • Remove the toner from the housing. To do this, use the special lever on the cartridge.
  • Insert only the base of the housing into the printer. On the left you will see a button to reset the counter.
  • Put your hand through the paper tray, feel and hold the button with your finger.
  • Close the cover through which the cartridge is inserted.
  • Wait for the mechanism inside the printer to spin. As soon as it turns, release the counter reset button for 1-2 seconds (no more), then press it again until the mechanism inside the printer stops.
  • Then two options are possible:
  • If the printer clicked and gave an error “Replace toner”, then you could not catch the right moment in the previous step (step 6). Go back to step 1 and do all the steps again (I was able to correctly reset the toner counter only from the fourth time).
  • If you have done everything correctly, the printer will not peep, the printer display will not display the “Change toner” error. Now pull the cartridge base out of the printer, insert the toner, and then reinsert the assembled cartridge. The printer will now work until the next cartridge refill.

Zeroing DCP 7057r by software

Zeroing the MFC DCP 7057r is slightly different from DCP 7055r:

  • turn on the MFP and wait for the mechanics to calm down;
  • after that, open the cover located on the front of the device;
  • click on the “Cancel” button (“Back” or “Stop”);
  • press the “Start” button;
  • press the up arrow key followed by the down arrow key several times until you see 2 zeros (00) on the display;
  • click “ok” and the front cover can be closed.

In the case when these 2 methods did not help, then you can reset through the system menu of the MFP.

  • First check that your MFP is turned off.
  • Press and hold the Menu key.
  • Turn on the device while holding down the.
  • After you see a blinking inscription on the screen of the device, release the “Menu” key.
  • Wait a while until the word “MAINTENANCE” is displayed on the screen.
  • Using the arrow keys, you need to find point 81, then confirm the selection by clicking on “Ok”.
  • The screen will display “RESET DRUM COUNT”. After pressing the “Start” button, the message will change to “RESET LIFE COUNT”. Press “Start” again.
  • Using the arrow keys, you need to select already item 96 and confirm with the “Ok” key.
  • Reboot the unit. To do this, you need to turn it off and turn it off again. This completes the resetting of the counter.

Software way to zero the printer HL-2130R (2132R)

To soft reset the counter on your brother printer, do the following:

  • turn on the device (after turning on you will hear the noise of the drive);
  • after the noise disappears, open the cover located in front of the unit;
  • turn off the device;
  • press the “Go” button and do not release it until the unit turns on again (the “ready” indicator should not be on);
  • lower the “Go” key;
  • press the “Go” key twice again;
  • click on “Go” 5 times in a row;
  • close the cover (front).

The “ready” indicator now lights up steadily. After these manipulations and restarting the machine, the Brother hl 2130r (2132) laser can be considered zeroed and ready for use.

Starter cartridge

So, if in the printer brother appeared the inscription: “Change toner”, then proceed as follows.

  • Empty the paper tray and remove the module from the machine.
  • Separate the cartridge from the drum unit by pressing the blue button on the right.
  • Put the drum unit back into your brother printer. On the left side of it you can see a hole from which you can see the reset button.
  • There is only one way to click on this checkbox. You can reach it only through the tray in which the paper is loaded. You have to remember where the checkbox is, as the reset will happen when the lid is closed.
  • Knowing where the button is, press it and close the cover of the unit. Don’t be afraid that something will happen to your finger. there are no moving parts in this place. So, after closing the lid, the engine will turn on. As soon as you hear it work, immediately release the button and after 1 second press it again. Wait in this position until the engine stops.
  • You can tell that the operation was successful by the blinking green LED. If this does not happen, then repeat all over again.
  • Insert the cartridge into the drum unit. This completes the resetting of the counter in the brother printer.

Zeroing aLGorithm for laser models HL-2130R, HL-2132R, DCP 7055r and DCP 7057r

There are also 2 ways to reset the page counter in the HL-2130R (hl 2132R) and DCP 7055r (7057r) laser models: software and hardware.



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