How to restart Samsung if sensor does not work

Regular reboot of Samsung phone

What if my smartphone or tablet is OK and no forced power off is required? Follow these steps:

  • Hold the lock button for 1-2 seconds.
  • Click “Reboot Device”.
  • In the window that opens, confirm the selected action. After a few seconds, the gadget will turn off.

Now you know how to completely restart your Samsung device.

The third way to restart the phone if the sensor does not work is to use the buttons

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To restart the iPhone with a non-working sensor for 3. 6 seconds, hold down the power and home buttons. It’s all. Iphone will reboot.

If you are an Android phone, a lot depends on the manufacturer. So on Sony you need to hold down the volume and turn it on.

On HTC, press and hold the shutdown button for about 10. 20 seconds, in a word, until it reboots.

On Samsung, you need to hold down the sound and the enable button. How much to keep? Hold until reboot starts.

In the same way, you can reboot any other phone, only on some you need, in addition to the button to turn on, hold down or decrease the sound, or increase.

As you can see, if the sensor does not work, then not all is lost. You can turn off, restart and even use. Success.

How to turn off Samsung if sensor doesn’t work

The touch screen in mobile phones is the standard today. This is a very practical solution.

The touch screen makes using the smartphone more convenient, offers many possibilities, but if the screen does not work, you cannot use the device.

Therefore, the situation in which a smartphone or tablet does not respond to touch, most leads to a dead end.

There is an exit. Here I will touch upon only the questions of how to turn off or restart Android, or iPhone, and who wants to use it. here are the instructions.


Reboot with factory reset

If you need to return the parameters to the default state, use the special Recovery menu. On most Samsung models, you can log in as follows:

  • Turn off your phone. To do this, hold down the power switch for a few seconds and select the “Turn off the phone” option.
  • The necessary information on entering the Recovery can be found on various forums, in the topic of your specific device. Universal option: hold down the power, volume down and Bixby buttons on the turned off gadget for 5-6 seconds. After the Android icon appears, release all switches.
  • You will be taken to the Recovery menu. Navigation through it is carried out using the volume buttons and activating the screen lock. Select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option if you want to perform a hard reset, as well as erase all data from the internal memory.
  • After completing the uninstallation process, select “Reboot System Now”. Samsung will restart.

After a full factory reset, all personal files and installed applications will be deleted, and it will not be easy to restore them. Use Factory Reset with care.

With this method, data is erased only from the internal memory, the information on the SD card is saved.

How to set up automatic reboot

Latest Samsung models may reboot on their own from time to time. This process will only happen when the screen is off and when the device is not in use, it usually happens at night. This function can be disabled in the device parameters.

  • Go to gadget settings.
  • Open the “Reset” tab, then click “Automatically restart Samsung”.
  • In the menu that opens, you can set specific days and exact time for restart. It should be noted that the device will be restarted only if the battery charge is above 30%, the SIM card lock is disabled, and the internal memory is not encrypted.

It should be understood that automatic restart increases the performance of the device only slightly, and it can happen at the most inopportune moment. when the phone is urgently needed.

The first way to turn off and restart the phone if the sensor does not work is to remove the battery

This is a simple option, only if the built-in battery does not work. You will not disassemble it, where everything is glued and soldered.

If it’s removable, then go ahead, though you won’t be able to reboot in this way, or rather it will be a reboot without saving open data, which, however, is also not bad.

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Even on a slightly outdated iPhone 5, this will not work, not to mention the latest flagships.

Of course, as a last resort, you can wait until the battery is discharged, but we live in an age of speed and no one wants to do this, so we move on.

Restarting the system through the Recovery environment

To restart Android via Recovery, follow the instructions:

  • Turn off your smartphone using the procedure described above.
  • Enter the Recovery environment using the instructions in the previous method. If required, do a hard reset or clear cache.
  • Use the volume controls to select “Reboot System Now” and press the power button.

Restart via Recovery can be used only after performing certain actions in this menu, otherwise it is absolutely useless, since it takes 2 times more time than a regular restart.

The second way to turn off and restart the phone if the sensor does not work is to use a computer mouse

If you have a computer mouse or keyboard near you (maybe on Bluetooth), you need to purchase an OTG cable for a penny.

Further, if, for example, connect a mouse, then a pointer will appear on the screen, like in a computer and it will completely replace your finger.

Conveniently. Yes, it is convenient, here are only the cheapest phones, this function is not supported, but everyone works on tablets.

As you can see, not everything is simple here. In addition to the fact that the Android phone or iPhone must have support, you also need to purchase a cable.

What to do if your phone freezes on the splash screen when you turn it on

There are situations when the device freezes without even turning on. This can happen when downloading the Android logo or the phone company (for example, Xiaomi has the Mi logo). There are two ways out: remove the battery or turn off the smartphone using the buttons.

In the first option, simply disconnect the battery, of course, if possible. In the second case, hold down the power key until the screen goes out. Usually this action takes 5-7 seconds. Then try starting the device again.

In principle, if the smartphone is frozen on the Android logo, then any of the above methods can be used to solve this problem. But there are situations when after holding down the power key, nothing happens. Then you can try to restart the gadget through the Recovery menu.

  • You can switch to recovery mode by simultaneously holding down the volume button up and on.
  • A list that is unusual for an ordinary user should appear on the screen. Here you need to select “wipe data. factory reset”. Who does not know, then navigation through the sections occurs using the volume keys, and the power button is responsible for the choice.

Why Android smartphone freezes

After conducting a number of analyzes, experts have identified the main reasons for the freezing of phones. Below are the most popular ones:

  • Lack of free space.
  • RAM is full.
  • Applications are being installed or updated.
  • Mechanical damage to the device.
  • System error.
  • A sharp drop in temperature.

It is difficult to independently determine the cause of glitches and freezes of a smartphone. Therefore, the principle of error correction is general in nature, that is, any of the methods below will be suitable for solving the problem.

How to save data when the display is not working

If the smartphone screen stops working completely and you want to keep the files on the phone, you will have to use a regular PC and a special program.

TSP Dot Mode and TSP Grid Mode Tests

To carry out this testing, you need to get into the engineering menu. To do this, dial the service code. It can be different for different manufacturers and phone models, try these options:

  • TSP Dot Mode. allows you to check the screen in “dot mode”. A cross should remain in the place where you touch the display.
  • TSP Grid Mode. testing takes place in “grid mode”. The screen is split into several rectangular parts. When a specific rectangle reacts to a touch, its color will change.

This testing will tell you which part of the screen the problem appeared on.

The developers do not advise trying to repair the phone on your own, since this requires certain knowledge and experience.

full discharge with soft reset

It should be noted that this method is time-consuming, but there is no doubt about its effectiveness. First, you need to completely discharge your phone. A refrigerator or freezer can help with this. Put the device there for a while and wait until it turns off.

soft reset

The presented instructions have been working for a long time, and, accordingly, are suitable for most smartphones and tablets. Do not rush to feverishly press all the buttons at the same time, but first find the key responsible for locking the screen.

Now hold it down until the selection menu appears, where click “Restart”. Usually the list appears after 10-15 seconds of holding the key. There are times when this function is not active, then just select “Power off”. The smartphone should vibrate and dim the display. After a short period of time, it will automatically turn on. If this does not happen, then press the power button manually.

Broken Android Data Extraction

iSkysoft has developed a program that allows you to save or restore the necessary information from broken phones. To do this, install the Android Data Extraction application on your computer and follow the instructions.

Solved: Note 4 Restart, Restart, Freeze, Won’t Restart Samsung Community

Hello Samsung! Please if a Samsung representative is reading this. do something to help. Please talk to a higher level technical programmer, software engineer and hardware engineer. Please work on this to find out how to fix this issue. This problem has been going on for years with some of your phones. This problem? The phone lags, freezes and restarts. Or does not reboot. The phone turns off as if the battery had run out when there was 20-30% left in the battery. Several times mine turned off when my battery remained 49%!

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A message may pop up with a green Android man saying don’t turn off the device while we’re downloading. I’ll post the general problem. But if you search this forum AND google. according to the words “Restart Samsung” or “Restart Note 4”. you will find hundreds or thousands of people complaining about the same problem. However, Samsung hasn’t done anything to fix this. Many say this problem is built into the Samsung phone to keep users updated.

I have a second Note 4. 7 months ago my Note 4 just started to freeze and reboot. Reloading in a loop. Sometimes the phone runs dead and won’t reboot. We have to do all kinds of tricks to get it going.

Most people blame software updates for this. Replaced my phone with Sprint. It worked great. This time, I gave up on software updates. It took 7 months and again last week one morning out of the blue it started to freeze and reboot. Same problem. I haven’t updated the software this time, so the problem is not updating. This time when the problem started, I didn’t do anything with the phone. I haven’t downloaded any new apps. I called Samsung and the rep doesn’t know anything about it. I told her to search the community forums. She asked me to do standard checks again.

Not. removing sd card doesn’t fix.

Not. clearing the cache doesn’t fix.

Not. restoring factory settings does not fix.

Not. going to Best Buy to flash software doesn’t help.

Not. new batteries won’t fix.

Not. plugging in the phone does not fix.

Not. the problem also occurs when working in safe mode.

I have tried many other ideas. No help.

This is my last chance. Hope to replace my phone again. If this happens again, then I will exit the game and no longer buy Samsung. I believe this is a serious issue that Samsung is reluctant to fix. Please read all forums. I’m not the only one who says this. Most people with this complaint say they won’t buy Samsung anymore. When my Note 4 works, I really like the phone. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH IT. But I need a reliable phone that doesn’t reboot when I call or do something. Often I grab my phone to call and find out that it is trying to reboot again and is stuck in a reboot loop. I have to consider LG, Pixel, Nexus or even Iphone (ugh). I just started getting information about a new phone competing with the S8. Essentials PH-1. I’m not going to switch. I want to stay with Samsung with my Note 4. Does Samsung want me to stay with them? I’m not sure.

This problem is not limited to Note 4. I spent several hours reading these forums looking for help. Note 5 users, Note 7 users have the same complaints. The Note 4 seems to have the most, though. I just saw a post on the Samsung community forum where someone made the same complaint about the new Galaxy S8!


YOU ARE WELCOME! Let me know. thank.

How to Backup Samsung Data with AnyTrans for Android

Users who are overwhelmed by an issue like Samsung touch screen not working can try to effectively fix the problem by restarting their Samsung device. However, these processes should be performed with caution, as it can erase all of your data if you do not back it up. Using a Gmail account. a reasonable option, but there are some drawbacks to this process as well.

AnyDroid. reliable third party software that does the job effectively. Data is important no matter which Samsung device you are using. Samsung owners have various methods of backing up their data, and AnyTrans. the best option for today. Developed by iMobie, this software is the top choice right now, especially for Samsung users.

Allows you to backup data from Samsung to computer in just a few clicks.

Its smart algorithm allows users to choose the path and save files anywhere.

AnyTrans is fully compatible with all Samsung devices.

There is no data loss or corruption when creating a backup.

Initially, you need to download AnyTrans for Android on your computer and install it. Now launch AnyTrans on your PC / Mac.

Connect the device to your computer and connect it to the USB cable. Select Content to Computer.

How to Backup Samsung Data with AnyDroid. Step 1

It will display all data on your Samsung device. Select the content you want to back up (eg Contacts) and then click the Next button to get started.

How to Backup Samsung Data with AnyDroid. Step 2

All your data is backed up to your computer, you can now easily reboot your device and adjust the Samsung touchscreen issues.

Problems such as Samsung’s not working touchscreen are depressing for the mainstream user group these days. Above, you can follow all the solutions to get the touchscreen working. But when doing them, it is vital to back up and restore your Samsung device’s data, unless your data gets corrupted or lost. AnyDroid. a reliable third party tool that can help you back up your important data, and you can complete this action in a few clicks. Just download it and get a free trial.

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IMobie team member and also an Apple fan loves helping more users solve different types of iOS and Android issues.

5 Tips to Fix Samsung Touchscreen Issues. iMobie

Are you plagued by issues like Samsung touchscreen not working and want to fix it quickly? Now you have nothing to worry about as this article will provide you with solutions to such problems.

Touchscreen technology is evolving day by day, but issues like a broken touchscreen on Samsung and other brands are now becoming a common problem. Basically, the touchscreen allows you to smoothly control your smartphones, but this problem will hinder your cellular activity and exacerbate the situation when you are unable to perform any actions. There are several common reasons that determine the reason for a Samsung touchscreen not working:

Unpleasant apps: Most apps get corrupted, crash the phone system and render the touch screen insensitive.

Screen Damage: External factors such as screen damage, temperature changes, magnetic field, etc., may cause Samsung touchscreen not to work.

Android crash or system error: When making system changes, there is a possibility that Android may crash.

How to fix Samsung touchscreen not working

Tip 1. Force restart your Samsung phone.

If you have a problem with Samsung touch screen not working then force restart. reasonable option. To do this, you need to press the volume down key and the power key for more than 20 seconds. This action will make your device run smoother and faster with correct touchscreen response.

Tip 2: Remove the memory card and SIM card.

When performing multiple functions, the smartphone heats up and reduces performance. It also affects the touchscreen and makes it unresponsive. Removing the memory card and SIM card may be the best way to fix this problem.

Note. Always disconnect the SIM and memory cards before removing them. There is a possibility that your data may be deleted.

Tip 3. Boot your device into Safe Mode.

If the above methods didn’t work, you can boot your Samsung device into Safe Mode. This procedure will help you recognize the problem as if the application you just installed was the cause.

To do this, you need to press and hold the power button longer until the power menu item appears on the screen. Now press and hold the power off button and the screen will pop up a message asking to reboot. After doing this the device is working properly, then it is most likely the last installed application causing the problem.

Boot your device in Safe Mode

Tip 4: Boot your phone into recovery mode and clear the cache.

If you still face the problem of Samsung touchscreen not working, just try to boot your device into recovery mode. A factory reset will erase all of your data and will try to be safe while doing this.

Note. This process will delete all of your data and everything you need. it is to back up and safely restore your device data.

Boot your phone into recovery mode

Tip 5. Back up your data and reset your phone.

Create a backup before resetting your device. a reasonable option for every user. often than not, when you restart your device, all of your data can be erased. To do this, you can sync your data with your Gmail account. Please check again by logging into your Gmail account to confirm the backup. Now, smoothly do a factory reset and restart your Samsung device. After this process, you can restore all of your data from your Gmail account. Some third-party software also helps with backing up and restoring data. This process can help you with issues such as touchscreen not working, Samsung.

Backing up data and resetting your phone

Restart your phone normally

When applications crash or software freezes, it makes sense to initiate a regular Samsung restart. On almost all models, it is started by pressing the power button for 2-3 seconds. After that, a menu will come out, where the user needs to tap the item related to the restart.

Sometimes the touchscreen on a frozen device does not respond at all to touch, in which case the developer has provided one more working combination for the Galaxy series models. You will need to simultaneously hold down and hold the same power and volume down buttons until the result. After 6-9 seconds, the smartphone will turn itself off and start again.

How to restart a Samsung smartphone of any model

How to restart a Samsung smartphone. instructions on how to do this may be required by any user whose phone is frozen or has a significant slowdown.

How to restart Samsung if sensor doesn’t work

Types of Samsung reboots

The developers have provided users with several reboot options that allow them to turn off and turn on the smartphone:

  • rebooting by software allows you to make a restart “clean” and does not harm running applications and processes, and also helps to carry out a high-quality reset;
  • restart by means of hardware buttons serves for emergency shutdown and turning on of the device in case of urgent need to resume operability.

Depending on the problem that has arisen that requires a restart, users can use different options. Let’s start with the easiest way.