How to Save Instagram Videos to iPhone

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Download for free and without ads

You can skip downloading special programs from the App Store with intrusive ads. To upload a video, you just need to have a Dropbox cloud service client on your device.

Using the previous scheme, find the video you like and copy the link to it. Now go to one of the online services to download or

Insert the link into a special line and download the video in Mp4 format. From the Share menu, save the video to Dropbox, and from the cloud service client, upload it to the device’s gallery.

Not the easiest way, but without ads and waiting.

How do you download videos from Instagram?

How to Download Instagram Videos on iPhone Quickly

One of the most popular online services continues to gain popularity. Today, only the lazy person does not view photos of their favorite stars, celebrities, football clubs, etc. on Instagram.

You won’t surprise anyone with static images, give vidosiki to the spoiled audience. Unfortunately, the standard client of the social network does not allow saving videos on the iPhone in order to review them offline and show them to “friends from the Stone Age” who do not yet have an Instagram account.

Now I’ll tell you how easy and simple it is to download any videos directly to the iPhone.

Developer: Fabian Lessley
Version: 1.1
Price: Free

This simple free utility from the App Store allows you to download any Instagram video in a couple of taps. It is enough to copy the link to the entry through the context menu in the native client and open the application.

The program will automatically recognize the link from the clipboard and paste it into the appropriate field. All you have to do is click the download button. The developer offers to download videos for points, which will be replenished after watching commercials.

Everything is simple and fast, only sometimes you have to watch ads. Great option for single downloads, with frequent downloads. not the best option.

Developer: Charmer Studio
Version: 1.2
Price: Free

A similar application with minor differences. Everything is just as simple, only you need to make one more click. InstaDown itself does not insert links from the clipboard, you need to click on the field and manually add the download link.

But the download is not limited by any coins and ads, the application has a history of uploaded videos.

InstaGet. Download
Developer: Jinxin He
Version: 2.0
Price: Free

Alternative client for Insatgram. Knows how to wind up subscribers and download videos. Videos can be stored both in the app and in the device gallery.

Advanced features are paid for with coins. When the start-up capital runs out, you will have to buy in addition for real money.

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If you have iPadOS, iOS 13 or newer

In the thirteenth version of iOS, developers finally allowed downloading videos from the Internet through a standard browser.

Open any of the following downloader sites in Safari: Getfvid, FB Downloader, SaceAs. and paste the link you copied earlier into the text box. Then click on the download button and select the video quality. After that, the browser will start downloading the file.

Click the arrow in the upper right corner of Safari to view the download status. When the file is downloaded, tap on it.

When the downloaded video opens in the player, click on the “Share” icon (in the form of a square with an arrow) and select “Save Video”. It will appear in the standard “Photos” application.

How to download videos from iPhone or iPad

Open the app and copy the link to the video. To do this, click “Share” under the post with the video and select “Copy link”. You will need it to download the video.

Further steps will differ depending on the version of the operating system on your gadget.

How to download videos from to your computer or Android device

This can be done without third-party software. All you need is a direct link to the video and one of the downloader sites.

First, copy the link to the video you want to. To do this in the Android application, click on the video, then on the three dots and select “Copy link”. If you are using a computer, right-click on the video, select “Show video URL” and copy the address that appears.

Open any of these sites in your browser: Getfvid, FB Downloader, SaceAs. and paste the copied link into the text field. Click on the download button and select the quality of the final file. After a while, it will appear on your device.

If the video does not load on your computer, but simply opens in a new tab, right-click on it and select “Save Video As”.

How to download videos from to any device

Three Easy Ways That Really Work.

Just in case, we note: videos protected by privacy settings cannot be uploaded.

If you have an older version of iOS

In iOS 12 and older versions of the system, you cannot download videos through Safari. Therefore, you will need the free Documents program with a built-in browser.

Install the application and open the browser in it (blue button in the lower right corner).

Go to one of these downloader sites: Getfvid, FB Downloader, SaceAs. and paste the previously copied video link into the text box. Then click on the download button and select the appropriate video quality.

Enter any file name without changing its extension and click “Finish”. The program will start downloading videos, progress can be tracked on the “Downloads” tab (arrow icon).

When the video is downloaded, return to the main Documents screen and open the Downloads folder on the My Files tab.

Click on the three dots next to the downloaded video, choose Move → Photo and use the Move button. The file will appear in the standard “Photos” application.

How to Download Instagram Videos to iPhone: Basic Ways

Of course, there are ways to save clips to iphone. Let’s list them:

  • screen recording;
  • use of the application;
  • PC help.

The user can choose the most convenient method that does not take much time and space on the gadget. Below we will consider the most popular programs, we will analyze the algorithms of action for this or that method of downloading videos from Instagram to your iPhone.

How to save video to gallery?

Saving files to the gallery from Instagram is possible using a browser. To do this, you do not need to download third-party products, you should use the online service. Algorithm:

  • We get the link. To do this, log into Instagram, find the content of interest. On the file publishing page, tap the icon (three dots) of the menu, in the drop-down tab, select “Copy link”. It will be moved to the gadget’s clipboard.
  • We launch any browser that is installed on the user’s mobile phone. In a web browser, we find any online service. For example, On the service page, paste the copied link into the search bar and click the “Find” button.
  • When the found video appears, click on the “Download file” button located directly below it.
  • For iphone se X phone owners, the download doesn’t end there, unlike Android owners. You will need to install Dropbox to save the file to the gallery on your mobile device. To save, you need to tap on the button of the same name and select “Save to Dropbox”.
  • In a moment, the file will appear in the folder of the same name. To launch the Dropbox application on the iphone, select the “Export” action in the upper right corner.
  • At the end, select the “Save Video” item. The download is complete, it will be saved in the device gallery.

Without repost

If there is no purpose to repost the saved videos, but you need to get the content, use screen recording. There is a limitation for iphone owners. the screencast function is only available for IOS 11. Algorithm of actions:

  • Go to Settings, select Control Center and Control Settings. In the tab, we find the green slider opposite “Screen Recording” and move it to the right. This is how we add the function.
  • We return to the main screen and swipe up. For the convenience and purity of the recording, click “Do not disturb”.
  • In the “Control Center” click on the beginning of the recording. Countdown to start.
  • Recorded will be saved in the selected folder.

How to Download Instagram Videos on iPhone: All Methods

How to Download Instagram Videos on iPhone? Many owners of Apple devices are asking this question, since the social network itself, even in 2021, does not provide for the ability to repost and save videos and photos. For owners of personal computers and gadgets on Android, there are third-party programs and applications that can be downloaded from the Market and calmly carried out their plans. For iphone owners, everything is more complicated. The number of third-party services is limited, additional software is required.

Applications for downloading photos from Instagram to iPhone

The most popular apps today are:

All utilities are free, easy to use and have a friendly interface. The functionality is not very wide, but it is enough to download and save videos from Instagram to your iPhone. The algorithm of actions is the same for everyone:

  • User authorization on a social network.
  • Choice of content to download. Selecting in the menu (three dots) the item “Copy link” or “Share”, “Save” depending on the program.
  • The videos are saved in the appropriate folder.

Saving media from Instagram to iphone has some complications caused by the closed nature of IOS. Nevertheless, many options have been invented, a large number of programs have been created for these purposes. The user only has to choose the most convenient in terms of functionality and accessibility. It is worth remembering that the social network is prohibited from downloading files of third-party people and the need to indicate the source during subsequent publication.

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How to Download Instagram Videos to iPhone

How to download videos from Instagram to iPhone is a question, the answer to which will be of interest to users. In the process of studying the content of the social network, the user sees interesting photos and videos, wants to save them to a smartphone or PC. Everyone knows how to download from a search engine. But how to carry out a similar process from a photo network is not clear. In the article you can get the answer to this question.

Program to download videos from Instagram to iPhone

Another popular program is Instagrab. The product is easy to use. No special settings are required. You need to perform the following operations:

  • The utility is downloaded to the gadget;
  • You should find a link to the video you like;
  • The Share option is activated;
  • The Save Photo function is pressed.

Materials that have been saved in this way are automatically added to the gallery. The application is mainly due to the fact that you can not only save, but carry out such operations as:

  • Like.
  • Write answers to questions and comments.
  • Save Description.
  • Share posts.

The service is free to use and easy to work with. But there are certain limitations in the form of watermarks and setting a download limit. If you are satisfied with the software, you can purchase a pro version. Then such a defect is automatically canceled.

Digital products such as Savegram, Tim Trinkies, and Xing Zhao can be used as additional download tools. The first allows you to quickly download videos and photos. The general operating principle is simple.

It is required to click on the options. share and save. The program works for free. The second and third applications are not valid outside the Russian site. But for working with video, this is quite enough.

How to Download Instagram Videos to iPhone?

An excellent option is to install a special program for downloading content on a smartphone. There are a number of types of software. paid and free. You do not need to immediately purchase the second option. You can use the trial period.

Thanks to this, you can study the features of the application of the product. After that, you can understand what the application is based on and decide whether you need to pay for the functionality presented to your attention. Another important condition is the study of new, more thoughtful and improved programs. Developers offer many different products.

Is it possible to download Instagram videos to iPhone online?

The answer to this question can be given in the affirmative. This is possible after downloading and using a specialized application. DownloadGram is one of the options. This is a product originally intended for downloading and saving content.

It is quite easy to solve the question of how to download instagram videos to your iPhone. You need to make the following manipulations:

  • The link to the video is copied.
  • Going to the portal.
  • In the center, you need to find a field to insert an address.
  • Paste and push.
  • A green button will appear, which should be pressed.
  • It is required to hold in this position for about a minute.
  • The download function will pop up.
  • The video at the end of the operation will be in the gallery.

Received content can be sent to friends, shared on other social networks.

Summing up

Saving content from Instagram to a computer is characterized by a couple of difficulties. In the case of the iPhone, this method is even more complicated. Therefore, you cannot do without the use of third-party applications. All that is required from the user in 2021 is to choose from the proposed variety the one that suits the degree of accessibility and functionality. When copying video to iphone or mobile with Android OS, please be aware of copyright. If the author of the content requires, when posting online, it is worth indicating the appropriate link.

How to download photos to iPhone

The best way is to install a program to download photos on your phone. There are several varieties, both paid and free versions. Some work for a fee, others are free, but with the purchase of pro versions, the work goes better, downloads are faster and without restrictions.

Remember that from time to time programs disappear from the App Store, but then reappear. This is due to incorrect work and frequent blockages, but the programs invariably start working again.


To download videos, the InstaSave program is provided, which allows you to download any videos. It only takes a few clicks to download. In Instagram, you need to copy the link to the post using the context menu. After you open the application, paste the link and open the application.

The program independently recognizes the link from the clipboard and inserts it into the appropriate field, so you don’t even need to insert it. It remains to click the button to download. The developer offers to download videos for points awarded after watching the video. If you don’t know how to download Instagram videos on iPhone, use this application. Works fast, sometimes requires viewing ads, but completely free.

A versatile way to save photos and videos


Website for saving both photos and videos. The advantage is that it is not banned or blocked, it works without interruption and does not disappear at the wrong moment. In addition, due to the fact that it is a website, downloads can take place on both phone and iPhone, Android and computer. The step-by-step instructions for use are simple:

  • To save the photo copy the link.
  • Go to the site.
  • In the center of the site there is a field where you need to paste the copied link.
  • Insert it and click download.
  • A green button appears below. You need to click on it.
  • For mobile devices, a window with a photo will open. In the photo, you need to press and hold for a couple of minutes, after which the download function will pop up. Download starts automatically on the computer version.

How to Save Instagram Videos to iPhone Camera Roll (iOS 14)

After the last photo is saved in the gallery, from where it can be sent and uploaded to other social networks, shared with friends and shown to relatives who are not used on Instagram. Downloading photos and videos from Instagram for free with this application is easy, you do not need to pay, the saving takes place and that’s it.

How to download videos to your phone

To download videos from Instagram to the phone, several programs are used. Both are free, some require you to enter a code or watch a promotional video. One is suitable for bulk download, the other for single.


The application allows you to download photos from Instagram to your iPhone, and you can also save videos here. The principle of operation is the same as in the previous program: we press share and save to the phone. Alas, there is no possibility to save text here, but the application is free, and you do not need to configure it, after installation it immediately works.

There is also an application Tim Trinkies and Xing Zhao, but they do not work on the Russian site, although in other countries you can still download and use them to save photos and videos from the social network.

How to download photos and videos from Instagram to iPhone

It often happens: you find an interesting photo and want to save it to your phone or computer. With search engines, everything is simple, but with the social network Instagram is a little more complicated. Not everyone knows how to download Instagram photos on iPhone. A simple way is to take a screenshot of the screen, then change the photo and crop unnecessary details, but it takes a long time and in this case the quality of the picture is distorted. To save images, there are special applications through which you can easily download a picture to your phone.

How to Save Instagram Videos to Computer

We figured out how to save Instagram videos to your phone. however, there are situations when it is necessary to download a video to a personal computer. And even in this case, the application developers have created the appropriate software.

How to save a video from a private Instagram profile

We have come to the most frequently asked question of users: “Is it possible to download a video from a private account.” We answer right away. no. And the reason for this is the reliable security policy of the Instagram service, which does not allow the dissemination of personal information if the user chose to hide it. All actions to save the video go through copying the link, which is available to a limited number of users.

The only option is to subscribe to an account and use the above methods to download videos. Many users create fake accounts with the help of which they view other people’s pages, but this method is not legal, which means it can harm the user’s main page.

We warn you that a lot of malicious applications and services are widespread on the Internet, promising fast loading of videos from Instagram. Always carefully check the software that you download to your gadget, and do not install programs from unverified developers, even for the sake of curiosity, because the price of this is a complete failure of your device.

How to save Instagram videos to phone

It will be possible to download your favorite videos to your phone with our guide: we will tell you how to save videos from Instagram on iPhone and Android and make this process as clear and accessible to everyone as possible.

Save Instagram videos on iPhone and Android: special software

For Android smartphones, more applications are available with different interfaces and work patterns:

Over 11 million downloads and absolute popularity among Android users. The application has a clear interface, and the tasks of the program include not only downloading the video, but also reposting the recording you like.

The mechanism of operation of this software is a little more complicated, but the application works stably and continues to be popular among Android lovers. To save your video, follow a few simple steps:

  • open your favorite Instagram post;
  • copy the link to the video;
  • return to the application and click on the “Download” button.

The software has a paid and a free version, allows you to download several videos at once and, if desired, save them to the cloud, which is great for those who do not want to overload the memory of their phone.

InstaSaver for Yandex and Opera

A similar extension with a slightly modified scheme of work. Here, a link to download the video is added to each individual post on the Instragram website.

Browser add-ons

Before saving a video from Instagram Stories, make sure that the page on which the video is posted is open to all users.

Chrome IG Stories is a free add-on for users of the popular browser. Install this software, go to your Instagram account and select the video you like from the list (you will be prompted to list all the stories in the specified range).

Attention! To download the live broadcast, you will be prompted to download video and audio files separately, later they can be edited in a special application.

How to Save Instagram Videos: All Available Methods

February 23, 2018 Posted in sections: Working with social networks. 29915

Instagram has become so closely embedded in our life that it is already difficult to imagine at least one day without scrolling through the updated feed. Funny and informative videos and photos, useful posts and short master classes. all this is available on Instagram for everyone.
If you liked the video and want to download it to your phone or computer, then this is quite problematic: Instagram does not provide such a function. However, there are still ways to quickly and efficiently save the video you like, which we will talk about in the article.

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How to Save Instagram Videos to iPhone

How to save video from Instagram story or profile to phone (Android, iPhone) or computer. study these questions in conjunction with the presented article.

How to Save Instagram Videos to Phone: iPhone and Android

The Instagram site is actively developing the video direction. Users are offered to shoot or add videos up to 1 minute in length from the archive to a feed or story. You can open your video channel. And there they already post stories up to 10 minutes long, and privileged Instagrammers. up to 1 hour. That is, there are no problems in order to upload a video. But to save it, if it is someone else’s video, is not easy.

The point is that Instagram. a dedicated copyright advocate. Because of this, it doesn’t have built-in tools for downloading content. And if users post other people’s photos and videos at their place? Therefore, you will not find legal ways to save Instagram videos to your phone. Unless, of course, these are not your personal shots (we will talk about them later).

In the meantime, about the videos from the pages of other users. Recently, Instagram has a new Bookmarks feature. It allows you to save your favorite stories in your archive. This is convenient, since you no longer have to search for the video you like.

A useful option is hidden behind the flag symbol. It is located at the bottom and to the right of the publication in the mobile application. By the way, the function has been added and the web version of Instagram. If you are thinking of how to save Instagram videos to your phone, click on the checkbox below.

And when you want to see the saved video, tap the same icon, but already located in your profile above the publications. Everything that has been bookmarked is stored there. By the way, the author of the video you like, as well as other users, will not be able to find out what exactly you have saved in your personal archive. This method is simple and convenient, but there is a big drawback. Watching videos requires an internet connection. Otherwise, you will not see anything. So, we need to look for options on how to leave the video in the phone’s memory. In this case, you can watch videos without going to Instagram.

Let’s take a look at how to save Instagram videos on Android. For the application, we go to the Play Market. One of the most popular mobile programs. Video Downloader for Instagram. As the developers assure, their product is used by more than 10 million people. Using the app is very simple:

Download Video Downloader for Instagram to your phone, launch it;

We go to our Instagram, look for a clip that we will save;

Copy the link to it (if you don’t know how, read how it is done below);

Go to the Video Downloader application again, saving should start automatically, if not, press the “Insert” button.

Another popular app. Inst Download. Video Photo. Its principle of operation is almost the same. You just need to take a little more steps. Install Inst Download. Video Photo on your phone, copy the link to the video on Instagram. Then we paste it into a special line by clicking on the “Paste” button. Next, we touch the button “Check URL”, and then. to “Save Video”.

The InstaGrab application does not deal with such matters, so let’s talk about it in more detail. How to proceed:

Download and install Instagrab on your iPhone;

Go to Instagram and find the video to save;

Open InstaGrab. then the application will ask whether to download the video, agree by clicking on the Download button.

The same application does an excellent job of saving photos, and some versions allow you to make reposts.

Consider storing videos on your phone is not a good idea. Rollers, as a rule, weigh a lot, and the memory of the device is not at all infinite. Therefore, try to save as many files as possible on your computer. How this can be done in different ways, we will tell you more.

Inexperienced Instagrammers who download videos using third-party applications may have a question: “Where can I find a link?” Let’s clarify this. A link is the address of a page on the Internet. On a computer, it is located in the address bar of the browser, it is located at the top. There the link can be selected and copied. It’s a little more complicated in a mobile app. You need to act like this:

Open the post you need on Instagram;

Above the video or photo, click on the horizontal ellipsis in the iPhone, on the vertical in the device with Android;

In the new menu, check the command “Copy link”.

If you want to know more about the Internet address, read the article “How to make a link to Instagram active on the site and in “.

And now we will tell you about the way how to download video from Instagram to the phone memory. The site itself offers to save everything that you shoot via Instagram. To do this, make the correct settings:

The entrance to the settings in Android phones and tablets is located in the upper right corner behind the “vertical ellipsis” symbol; in iOS devices, click on the “gear” icon;

In the menu that appears, mark the line “Original photos”;

On the next screen, move the toggle buttons to the active position.

After you have activated the save function, the video taken on Instagram will remain on the phone automatically. But keep in mind that videos take up a significant amount of space. So if you upload too many videos, your phone may slow down.

Anyone who wants to expand the range of social networks is advised to visit the website It contains a lot of interesting and useful information about the most popular Internet communities.

How to save Instagram videos to your computer. with and without software

You probably already realized that the question of how to save videos from Instagram is not easy for any device. However, oddly enough, in the web version of Instagram, this procedure can be performed even without installing an additional program. And besides, there are two more ways. Let’s analyze each of them in more detail.

For starters, how to save Instagram videos to your computer, without any third-party tools. This option is convenient in that it does not burden your PC with unnecessary software, does not crash and is always at hand. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and your bright head to boot. Read the instructions carefully, follow the instructions and everything will work out:

Let’s go, using any browser, to the site;

instagram, videos, iphone

Find the video that we want to save on our computer;

We open it, but do not start playback yet;

Right-click on the video page; instead, you can simultaneously press the “Shift Ctrl I” combination;

In the menu that opens, select the line “View code”;

The developer panel will open on the right side of the screen, in which the “Network” tab should be checked;

Then select the column called “Media”, while it is empty, it should be;

Now let’s go back halfway where the video is and start playback;

After the start of the video, the video code will appear in the table on the developer panel, move the cursor over it and click on the right mouse button;

In the next menu, check the “Open in new tab” command to open the video in a new tab;

We go to the next tab, where the video we need is playing, already free from Instagram, from the bottom and to the right of the screen, click on three vertical dots, and then on the icon with an arrow pointing down, the whole download started;

Go to the “Downloads” section (or another one where you sent the video) to make sure the Instagram story was downloaded.

Do not be afraid that the method is too complicated. It only seems to be. Try to apply it, and after two or three times you will begin to do everything without hesitation. And your computer will be grateful to you that it is not burdened with unnecessary programs and extensions. After all, it is known that they strongly affect the performance of the machine.

It’s not for nothing that we started talking about this. Two more ways to save Instagram videos to your computer are connected with additional software. The least straightforward option is to apply a browser extension. This will probably be correct if you often use a computer to access social networks and download a lot of videos.

There are universal extensions, and there are also specialized in one browser. Finding these useful gadgets will not be difficult. Open the browser settings, in Yandex there are three dashes in the upper right corner, in Google there are three dots in the same place. Then select the “Add-ons” tab. Next, open it and enter your request in the search box. Read the results carefully to choose what works best for you. By the way, the vast majority of these devices work for free.

In Google, for example, there is an extension that is directly called “Download from Instagram”. over, its functions are somewhat more: you can not only save content from the social network, but also add your photos and videos there via a computer. The extension is very simple to use. You need to download it, then open your page on After that, when you hover the cursor over the video you like, a button with an arrow “Download” will appear. It remains to click on it to start downloading. The files will be saved to your computer in a compact format. mp4.

Another noteworthy extension. Savefrom net. Its advantage is work not only with Instagram, but with all popular social networks and video hosting. In addition, it is adapted to work in any browser. But during the installation it should be noted which one you are using. And another important point. do not agree to make the default installation. Do not be too lazy to read everything and place checkmarks manually. Otherwise, a lot of not very useful related functions will be added to you. When the installation of Savefrom net is complete, log into Instagram. As soon as the cursor is on a photo or video, you will notice a loading icon. Click and save the file to your computer.

We have already talked about how applications for downloading video to your phone work. There is also a lot of free software for the web version with similar functions and principle of operation. Here are a few tested programs:

One of the latest developments. Instaposting. she knows how to upload various content to Instagram, and download from it;

Instagrab. known as a mobile application, there is also for a computer, the program is stable in most browsers, for this it has received recognition from users;

SaveDeo is a convenient download service, its beauty is that it works not only on Instagram, but also on YouTube and Vimeo;

Dredown is a downloader in English, but it is so conveniently arranged that the language barrier does not prevent you from using it.

The list of programs for saving videos from Instagram can be continued. But it doesn’t make sense. Other services did not come up with any new options for action. The principle is the same. The user must copy the link to the desired video, paste it into the special line of the downloader, click on the start button. The program does everything else on its own without user intervention.

I must say that the Instagram network does not make friends with computers in any way. The web version of the site is devoid of the main functions. For example, you won’t be able to publish photos from a digital archive there. But users have invented workarounds for this operation. We talk about them in the article “Add a photo to Instagram from a computer. the simplest ways”. By the way, these methods work great for video publishing too. The main thing is to download it in advance to your PC.

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Also find out how to repost on Instagram and in what ways you can find a person on this network. If you do not like it when strangers are looking at your photos or videos, read the article “How to close an Instagram profile from your phone and PC. are the photos visible”. And in another material, we will tell the most curious how to view a closed account.

How to save video from Instagram story. disassemble method

The “Stories” section, which has recently appeared on Instagram, is gaining popularity. Some users like that photos and videos can be taken, and then brightly and creatively decorated with captions, stickers and more. But at the same time, many are saddened that small masterpieces exist for a very short time. After 24 hours they just disappear.

Therefore, the question of how to save a video from Instagram history is especially relevant now. We will warn you right away: you will have to do this on your phone, where the “History” section is active. But, fortunately, no additional “gestures” in the form of installing applications are required. The developers have built in the save functions. And there are two options: before publication and after. It is only important not to hesitate, in a day your story will dissolve.

Let’s take a look at how to save a video from your Instagram story before you publish it. Follow these steps:

Log into your account in the Instagram application, tap the “camera” symbol, which is located in the upper left corner, to open the “Stories” section;

On the next page, open “Settings” by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner;

Move the switch next to the words “Save to Gallery” to the active position.

It remains for us to tell you how to save a video from Instagram story when it’s already published. This is very easy to do. But there are some differences for devices with different operating systems. In an android phone, you need to open the story with the video and click on the arrow next to the word “Save” in the lower left part of the screen.

On the iPhone, to perform the same operation, you need to open the video, then touch the three horizontal dots, which are located at the bottom and on the right. And then select the command “Save” or “Save history”.

In addition to the options described above, it is possible to save a draft of the publication in the phone. Shoot a video, edit it, type a description, add hashtags and geolocation. Complete at least some of these steps, all are optional. Otherwise, the file will not be saved. Then click on the “Back” arrow in the top left corner. Then tap the words “Save Draft” at the bottom of the screen.

To see a draft of an unpublished video stored on your phone, log into your profile and tap the “” sign. On the iPhone, look for the file in the “Library” section, and on the android device, in the “Gallery”.

In Instagram Stories, you can make a difficult video, and also broadcast live. And it can also be left in the phone’s memory. To do this, touch the word “Save” in the upper right corner. This must be done immediately after the end of the recording of the live broadcast.

Now you know almost everything about the ways to save videos on Instagram. You can do this on different devices, in different sections, using simpler and more complex methods. But it is quite possible that new options will soon appear for performing the same operation. If Instagram itself refuses to provide users with a download function, there will be someone who will come up with something in return. Although from the methods that we have already described, you can choose the one that suits you.

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How to save photos and videos from Instagram to iPhone or iPad [Instructions]

Almost every iPhone owner now has an Instagram account. Even if you do not like to post personal photos for everyone to see, you certainly love to spy on others.

I myself am like that, and in my instagram there is not a single photo, although I am subscribed to many of my friends, as well as to some profiles that are just interesting to watch for example labuten_vsemy_golova.

Sometimes you come across such interesting posts that you want to leave them as a keepsake or share with friends. Unfortunately, there is simply no built-in function for saving content from Instagram to the library, and that is why today I will tell you how and how you can save photos and videos from Instagram to iPhone.

Instagram content comes in the form of photos and videos. Come on! Didn’t you know? That is why I decided to split this article into two parts The first is about the photo, the second is about the video.

How to save Instagram photos to iPhone

Static Instagram images can be saved in at least two ways. The first way is to take a screenshot of the screen with the photo displayed on it. Don’t know how? Well then, here’s a step-by-step guide:

STEP 1. Open Instagram and go to the page with the photo

STEP 2. Press the Home and Power buttons at the same time (just press and release, you don’t need to hold anything). The screenshot has been created the blinking screen and the sound effect of the camera shutter will inform you about it.

STEP 3. A screenshot of the screen has been placed in the Media Library on your iPhone.

STEP 4. If you don’t want to see Instagram frames around the photo, you can crop them in edit mode (see pictures below).

Unfortunately, this method is only suitable for saving photos. You won’t save Instagram videos on your iPhone this way. But there is a more advanced way, which I will talk about right now

How to Save Instagram Videos to iPhone

So, here we come to the most interesting in this article. Now you will learn how you can save Instagram photos or videos to iPhone or iPad. For this we will use the InstaGrab application from the AppStore.

InstaGrab App (by Jinxin He) has a minimum of ads and works pretty well. That’s why I recommend it. Next, we will do everything step by step

STEP 1. Download and install Instagrab (link to AppStore) on your iPhone

STEP 2. Go to Instagram and select a video or photo to save on iPhone

STEP 3. Next, click on the ellipsis in the right corner above the video / photo and select “Copy link” from the menu that opens.

STEP 4. Next, launch the InstaGrab application.

instagram, videos, iphone

STEP 5. The application will immediately pick up the previously copied link and ask you whether to download this media file to the iPhone. Click Download, after which the video / photo will be saved to the media library of your i-device.

Well, something like that Nothing complicated at all. If you suddenly do not find the application that I used, search the AppStore for a similar request. There are a dime a dozen applications for saving Instagram videos Although not all of them work perfectly, they fulfill their function.

That’s all. Don’t forget to like it on one of the social networks. It really matters to me!

Inst Down app

A great app to quickly download video from Instagram. Differs in ease of operation and pleasant design. The download process is also not very long, so the user will have to wait only about a minute.

    First, we need to get a link to the video from Instagram. To do this, find the post with the desired video and click on the icon with three dots.

Click “Copy link” and it will be saved to the clipboard.

Wait for the download to finish. The file will be saved to the “Photos” application.

Download Instagram Videos to iPhone

Instagram is an application not only for sharing photos, but also video recordings that can be posted both to your profile and to your story. If you liked a video and wanted to save it, you won’t be able to use the built-in functions. But there are special programs for downloading.

Download video from Instagram

The standard Instagram application does not allow you to download other people’s videos to your phone, which greatly limits users of the social network. But for such a procedure, special applications have been developed that can be downloaded from the App Store. You can also use a computer and iTunes.

Screen Recording

You can save your profile video or Instagram story by recording a screen video. Subsequently, it will become available for editing: cropping, rotating, etc. Let’s take a look at one of the iOS screen recording apps. DU Recorder. This fast and easy-to-use app includes all the features you need to work with Instagram videos.

This option only works for devices with iOS 11 or higher installed. The operating system versions below do not support screen recording apps, so they cannot be downloaded from the App Store. If you do not have iOS 11 or higher, then use Method 1 or Method 3 from this article.

instagram, videos, iphone

For example, we’ll take an iPad with iOS 11. The interface and steps on the iPhone are the same.

Go to Device Settings. Control Center. Configure Element. management “.

Find “Screen Recorder” in the list and click the “Add” button (plus sign on the left).

Go to the Quick Access Toolbar by swiping from the bottom of the screen edge. Press and hold the record button on the right.

In the menu that appears, select DU Recorder and click “Start Broadcast”. After 3 seconds, recording of everything that happens on the screen in any application will begin.

Open Instagram, find the video you need, turn it on and wait for it to end. After that, turn off the recording by reopening the Quick Access Toolbar and clicking on “Stop broadcasting”.

Open DU Recorder. Go to the Video section and select the video you just recorded.

On the panel at the bottom of the screen, click on the “Share”. “Save Video” icon. It will be saved in “Photos”.

Before saving, the user can trim the file using the tools of the program. To do this, go to the edit section by clicking on one of the icons indicated in the screenshot. Save the resulting work.

PC use

If the user does not want to resort to third-party programs to download videos from Instagram, he can use a computer and iTunes to solve the problem. First you need to download the video from the official Instagram website to your PC. Next, you should use Apple’s iTunes software to download videos to your iPhone. How to do this consistently, read the articles below.

Finally, it should be noted that screen recording has been a standard feature since iOS 11. However, we looked at the third-party application, as it has additional editing tools that will help when downloading and processing videos from Instagram.