How To Scan A Document On A Pantum Printer

Using standard Windows tools

Most of the demanded office programs are already installed in the basic configuration in versions of Windows 7 and higher. If there is no need to make scans in high resolution, you can use this functionality.

Let’s see how to scan a document using standard Windows tools:

  • Go to “Start”.
  • Select the “Devices and Printers” section in the “Hardware and Sound” menu.
  • In the scan settings, they will be named twice for the name of the device that is connected to the computer.
  • Click on it twice or it will be called “Start Scan“.
  • In the new window, you need to adjust the color, brightness and contrast settings manually and click “Scan”.
  • Next, you need to wait until the end of the procedure.

How to Scan Documents from Printer to Computer: A Guide for Dummies

Scanning a photo or document is a common procedure that one has to deal with when submitting an application, duplicating copies of text files from a book, documents, etc. You can scan a text or photo at home, if the user knows how to use the scanner, and the equipment at his disposal contains all the necessary modules compatible with the computer software.

These devices are called multifunctional devices (MFPs), which combine the functions of a printer and a scanner. That is, the desired image You can not only Scan from the printer, but immediately print if necessary. On the PC or laptop itself, scanning can be done in several ways, and in some cases, you can even get by with just built-in Windows functions.

  • Preparatory stage
  • Using standard Windows tools
  • Using Paint
  • ABBYY FineReader
  • List of additional programs
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Using Paint

Standard editor included in all Windows operating systems: Paint is a handy image manipulation tool available to everyone. To get started in Paint, you need to go to the “Start” menu and carry out the following manipulations:

  • Open the program and select the “File” tab.
  • Find the term “From scanner or camera”.
  • The computer opens a list of ever connected devices. among them you need to select the current.
  • Use the slider to adjust the image settings if necessary.
  • Scan the document and the finished image will appear on the screen.
  • Print title and save.

Before scanning from a computer in standard Windows programs, you need to check whether the program has started automatically. If this does not happen, then you can complete the procedure manually by opening the “Start” menu and choosing the term “Fax and Scan”.

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is designed to scan a document of any resolution and quality. It is not worth looking for special drivers for it, since it was created for Windows working tools. ABBYY FineReader is capable of recognizing about 150 languages ​​of the world, as well as Scanning handwritten texts in high resolution. Working with this application is NOT more difficult than with standard computer programs.

  • Run the program and select the “File” tab.
  • Select the path to save the future scan to a file: Word, Excel or Image;
  • Edit settings and send for scanning.
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The full-format version of the program is paid. it is suitable for most PC users who rarely use the scanning function. ABBYY FineReader provides the function of converting document images into editing format.

Preparatory stage

Before you scan a document to your computer from the printer, you need to check the compatibility of the scanner and the version of Windows installed. The computer and the device can be connected:

  • Wi-Fi.
  • Via bluetooth.
  • Via USB cable.

The first two parameters are not found in every MFP model. Therefore, it is safer to connect the device through a wire. Windows functionality automatically finds and installs the necessary drivers for pairing the MFP and PC. If the connection is successful, the notification “Found new hardware” will appear on the screen. If the required drivers are not installed, then pairing will be refused and this.

The standard connection method involves several steps:

  • Placing an Image File Face Up on the Scanning Surface.
  • Pressing the “Scan” button on the device and sending the image to the working screen.
  • Select scan options and complete the process.
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After scanning, it is possible to additionally save it in one of the folders on the computer. If this function is not provided automatically, there is a hot key combination “CTRLS”.

List of additional programs

A convenient program for scanning MFP documents is “VueScan”. It not only saves images in various formats: jpeg, tiff, pdf, but also has a built-in OCR system.

  • “ScanLite” and “RiDoc” are great programs with which you can scan and save a document in various formats.
  • “WinScan2PDF” is a utility that includes a set of functions with the ability to save the file exclusively in PDF format. Its advantage is that it is free.
  • Xerox Easy Printer Manager is designed specifically to work with Xerox devices, and then will NOT be able to copy files from your HP printer. It allows you to edit and enhance the image.
How To Scan A Document On A Pantum Printer

The free program “CuneiForm” is designed to work with: tables, maps, fonts. and has the function of recognizing several dozen languages, which is quite enough for the average user. Each of THESE programs has a clear and SIMple interface, which can only be based on individual user preferences.

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