How To Scan A Document On A Printer

How to scan document from Canon printer to computer

Canon multifunctional printer, as a rule, can not only print, but also scan and copy. In Canon, many models allow you to scan the necessary documents Not only to your computer but also to any other gadget.

If you want to know how to Scan on a Canon printer, you first need to install a printer on your computer in order to be able to save the information already scanned by us in the required format and then, if necessary, transfer it to your other device. How to turn on the scanner on the printer. From a printer Scanning your documents, photos to your computer is quite SIMple. To do this procedure, you just need.

Install the drivers required for your printer to work. There are two options for installing them: either you can install them from Dix, which you bought with the printer, but you can also install them without a disk.

In the first option, if you have a disc at hand that was given out at the time of purchase as a kit with the printer, you can safely use it. First, turn off the printer, put the disk in the right place, and wait a few seconds. When the folder with the files opens, find the file with the extension [.Exe] and run it (usually this file is easier to find, it is called Setup.Exe). During installation, SIMply follow the steps, with the wizard’s prompts, carefully reading everything to avoid errors.

Place the document on the scanner glass. In the vast majority of cases, put the printed side down, but for HP ENVY multifunction printers, face up. 3. Turn on the printer and wait 30 seconds until it is detected in the system. 4. Scanning. There are various ways how to Scan a photo to a computer using a Canon printer: Go to Control Panel \ Hardware and Sound \ Devices and Printers.

Click on the printer icon with the right mouse button and select “Start Scan”. In the window that opens, set the desired parameters, click “View and if everything suits us, click” Scan. The 3rd from the left shows this option using the example of a Canon MFP. Open special scanning software that is installed on the computer with the driver for your MFP. Usually a shortcut appears for it on the desktop. There you can open the settings and set the desired ones. Paint. This utility is bundled with Windows. You can start it by opening the Start menu. All Programs. Accessories. Paint. Expanding the File menu (or click on the down arrow button in Windows 7). You can easily cope with how to scan from a printer to a Canon computer. We select “From a scanner or camera”. In the window that opens, you can select the type of scanned image. Many users also have the question of how to render a document on a Canon printer. If there is no time and you need to quickly scan something. immediately select the desired type and click “Scan. If you have time, you can select “Adjust the quality of the scanned image and make more appropriate settings. 5. Save. After the scanned image appears in the program Expanding the menu File. Save As. Image in JPEG format. Select the directory or folder to save the document on the computer, set the file name and click “Save. We look if the scanner does not work on the printer.

How to scan to a Canon printer, enable, configure and use the scanner

DPI. Resolution or dots per inch. The more. the higher the image quality, the higher its resolution (the number of pixels in length and width) and the more it will “weigh, take up space on the disk of your computer. The higher you set the resolution, the longer the printer will take to process or scan a document. 100-200 dpi. if you need it quickly and you will not recognize documents. 300-400 dpi. suitable if you need to recognize text. 500-600 dpi. if you need the smallest details of the document.

At 600 dpi, the father scans old family photographs that he can get his hands on. There you need a maximum resolution because the quality of a photo from 20-30-40 years is “not very good. It’s convenient for me to Scan at 300 dpi. The photo quality is good and the text can be recognized if necessary. There is one more nuance here. You can always lower the resolution of the scanned file in the same graphics editor Paint. But you won’t be able to increase the resolution. You will have to scan again. If you cannot find where you saved your scanned document, try searching in the Scanned Documents folder. When you install the printer software, it may create a Scanned Documents folder on your computer. Visit our website to read the instructions for your printer, if you cannot find a brochure at home, and instructions on how to use your Canon scanner. Search the website for your printer model and read Product Overview and Specifications. If you like, you can download the information you need to your computer. You can also use other applications on your computer to understand how to Scan a document to your computer through a Canon scanner. Try graphics editing software or Preview software on Mac. Select the action “Import from Scanner” and then follow the sequence of actions described above.

How to print text?

Microsoft Office includes programs that provide a print function. There are 3 ways you can start printing your document.

  • Press the “File” button in the main menu.
  • Click the printer icon. It’s at the top of the toolbar.
  • Press the key combination CtrlP.
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The last option will immediately print the file, and the first two will bring up the settings window, in which you can set the Desired characteristics. For example, you can define the number and position of pages that you want to print, change the position of the text, or specify the sheet size. A print preview is also available in the window.

Each option has its own pros and cons. The user himself decides which method of calling the printing of the document seems to him the most convenient.

Photos and Pictures

Many people consider printing photographs a more difficult issue, so they DO NOT risk undertaking such a procedure on their own. However, the printing process is almost the same as in the case of outputting text documents to the device.

When this printing method is selected, only the settings and programs in which the file is processed before printing will be changed. You can output the image both on plain paper and on photo paper with a pleasant coating.

If a printout of a high-quality image is required, then the second option should be preferred. In photo paper, special sizes reminiscent of the A5 format.

The paper itself is:

  • Matte;
  • Glossy.

In this case, the choice depends on the taste of the owner of the image. If desired, if possible, you can try both options and choose the one that you like more.

The print settings are also identical. Therefore, after the required parameters are set, you can send the image for printing.

How to print other documents?

It is not always necessary to print only the text. Therefore, the printer provides the ability to work with other files and extensions. It is worth considering in more detail each case.

Web pages

Often there is a need to print a web page, but there is a desire to create a new file. Therefore, many are wondering if there is a way to print Internet pages without the need to copy text and translate it into a document.

To answer this question, you should consider popular browsers.

  • Google Chrome. Provides the user with the ability to transfer information from the laptop screen to paper. To do this, you need to open a browser, find the required document and open a menu. 3 points, which can be found in the upper right corner. In the list that appears, select the print option, and the process will be launched. If necessary, you can also press the CtrlP key combination, and then the printer will start instantly.
  • Opera. Also makes it possible to print web pages from a laptop. To display the document, you will need to be named by gears, which will open the main browser settings. Otherwise, everything is clear, you need to select a seal and confirm the procedure.
  • Yandex. A browser SIMilar in structure to Google Chrome. Therefore, it is not surprising that it also has the function of printing a web page on a printer. The sequence of the procedure is identical, so it will NOT be difficult to print the document on paper.

It’s worth noting that the latest updates to the familiar browsers Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (or now Microsoft Edge) also include a print option.

The start of the process is carried out according to the same rules described above. Therefore, coping with the task will be quick and easy.

How to set up your printer to print?

Regardless of what model the printer has and what functions it has, the principle of connecting the device to a laptop will be the same for everyone.

This requires the following steps.

  • Turn on the laptop.
  • Connect the wires that come from the printer to the appropriate connectors. It is important that the printing device is turned off. Otherwise, it will NOT be possible to ensure its correct operation.
  • Connect the printer to the mains with the power cord.
  • Switch on the device by pressing the button.

Such drivers can be found on a disc in the packaging box that came with the printing equipment. Software installation is carried out as follows.

  • First you need to turn on the disk Immediately after that, the “Installation Wizard” should start.
  • If it does not start, it must be called manually. To do this, open the “My Computer” folder and find the name of the drive. It should be named and clicked in the pop-up menu “Open”. This will help launch the boot file where the required extension is located.
  • Launched “Installation Wizard” will carry out the classic procedure for installing drivers, which practically does not require the participation of the computer owner.
  • If the download fails and the file cannot be fully installed, it means a driver conflict. In this case, it is recommended to check if the second printer software is installed on the laptop.
  • A successful installation will show an icon with a connected device.
How To Scan A Document On A Printer

To start printing, you first need to specify the necessary parameters, which can be set in the program with the document. Various features are available in the printer properties to improve print quality, sharpen images, and more.

How to print to a printer from a laptop?

Few people today DO NOT know what a printer is, and have no idea how to use it. In the age of modern technology, this type of equipment can be found in any office and most homes.

Despite the widespread use of such devices, people do not always understand how to correctly print texts, images or entire pages from the Internet on a printer. It is worth considering this issue in more detail.

Two-sided printing

Some jobs require the material to be printed on both sides of the paper. Therefore, it is worth learning how to carry out the procedure. Everything is very SIMple. Previously, there were already explanations of how to output text to the printer. In this case, it is necessary to act according to the same Step-by-step instructions that were given.

The only difference is how to send the document to the printer, you need to check the print mode. There are several of them in the system, one of which allows you to organize double-sided printing. If you do not take care of this moment, the document will be printed in normal mode, where the text will be on one side of the sheet.

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It should be noted that on some models the process of turning the sheet is facilitated by special pictures. If not, put the end of the printed text on the paper output tray to achieve correct operation of the device.


There are several recommendations with which you can make the procedure for printing text or images on paper faster and more efficiently.

  • Word allows you to create a document of any complexity. In order not to edit the print settings, you can immediately give the page the required appearance in the program.
  • Print time depends on the printer model. This parameter can be specified in the characteristics.
  • The purpose of the printer plays an important role. Home and professional devices differ from each other, so it is worth deciding in advance what equipment is required.

Considering THESE requirements will help you choose the right device and organize reliable file printing.

How to connect and configure the printer, see below.

Models capable of copying and scanning documents

In order to photocopy one copy of a passport or scan an important document onto a computer, it is not at all necessary to run to the nearest kiosk with a sign “photocopy-printout”; it is enough to have a modern device at hand that can copy information. Today, quite a few models support this feature. The printer has long ceased to be a device with limited functionality only for printing. A modern MFP is not only the printer itself, but also a scanner and a copier.

Most copiers, including both inkjet and laser printers, can transfer scanned information to a computer. To find out if the device has a scanner and copier, it is best to look at its characteristics. However, sometimes it is enough to superficially examine the corpus. If there is a cover on the top of the device with a glass surface under it, then this device has the above functions. The printer, as a rule, has only a tray-receiving of blank paper and prints it vertically upwards, while in the MFP the printed product comes out from the end, below the scanner area.

What to do if the device does NOT scan

There are not many reasons why this happens.

  • The program does NOT respond. Everything is SIMple here, we restart the device and wait for the system to boot. If the task is repeated, then I do not turn it off for more than 60 seconds, then turn it on.
  • Error. If an error is made in the operation of your scanner, then you should eliminate it, having previously learned its code. In order to find out the error code, it is necessary to make diagnostics, which are different in each model. It is important to remember that the scanner can work in service mode, however, such an MFP will NOT be able to Scan and Xer, at least until the error is eliminated. In Canon brand scanners, to activate this mode, you must press the reset button five times.
  • Your device is currently performing another assigned task. The MFP may be waiting for a copy to be queued to print just at the moment you need to scan something. To do this, SIMply complete the current task and start a new one.
  • The scanner driver has flown. If the above methods DO NOT help, try reinstalling the scanner driver, it may be the cause.
  • Cord connection problem. Unplug the power cord from the PC and the scanner, then plug it back in, in some cases this may solve the problem.
  • The general device driver (for both the printer and the scanner) may have become corrupted. In this case, you should reinstall all software. The easiest way to find it is on the manufacturer’s website.
  • We reset the settings. If none of the above helps, you can try to revive the device by resetting to factory settings. This is done in the OS menu, by clicking on the corresponding item “reset settings”, or hardware (see instructions).

Before taking the device to the service, try connecting it to a second PC, installing drivers and scanning something. If it does not work out, then the breakdown is possibly serious, and it is difficult to eliminate it with improvised means.

Making photocopies on a printer

One of the most common office tasks is photocopying documents. It is necessary to copy documents (passport, driver’s license, etc.), important papers, books, notes. Learning to copy is quite SIMple, for this you need to adhere to the following aLGorithm of actions.

  • Make sure the device is plugged in.
  • Check printer drivers.
  • Check the condition of documents for dirt, jams, wrinkles and fingerprints.
  • Open the top cover of the device.
  • Place the document neatly with the side to be copied down. Make sure that the paper fits exactly according to the marks on the device.
  • Press the “start” button (in the printer and copier) or “copy”, if it is an MFP, and then “start”. Take finished copies from the receiving tray, remove the original from the scanning compartment.

The printer also has a number of additional features. For example, you can make multiple copies of pages to fit on one sheet. How to make photocopies of a passport on one page is easiest to learn from the following:

How to scan documents on a PC

When a scanner or a printing device equipped with a scanning function is connected to a PC / laptop, the user can digitize the necessary documents, photographs. The scanning procedure is performed in one of the following ways:

  • Through the system application “Scanner Wizard”, which is located in the operating system of the computer;
  • Using third-party programs;
  • Through the standard utility Paint.

A prerequisite for the successful creation of electronic copies of printed pages is the presence on the computer of the driver for the connected scanning device. Before starting the process, it is necessary to check the glass surface of the device under the cover. If you find dust, small debris or streaks, you should eliminate the defects. After turning on the scanner, you need to make sure it is active, place the media with the printed side against the glass and lower the lid.

When the necessary preparation has been completed, you can use the selected method of performing the operation. Scanning with the Wizard is the basic option.

Scanner Wizard Window

  • Click “Start” on the computer screen.
  • Find the “Fax and Scan” utility in the list of standard Windows 10 tools and launch. In Windows 7 and 8, the desired utility should be looked for by going to the tabs of the menu “Start” → “Control Panel” → “Hardware and Sound” → “Devices and Printers”. Next, you should activate the shortcut of the connected MFP / scanner and launch the “Scan document or image” wizard.
  • In the wizard window that opens, you need to configure the operation parameters: black and white, color scanning, brightness, resolution, path to save the result, etc. Here in the preview you can see how the scanned document will look.
  • Activate the process by clicking on the “Scan” button, upon completion of the scan, save the result to the PC memory (“Save” button).
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Completing the Wizard

How to properly scan and photocopy on a printer

A printer and a scanner are fairly common office equipment. The need for them is extremely great, because it is necessary to copy a document or send information from a printer to a PC almost every day, especially when it comes to document flow. In this article, we will learn how to use additional useful functions of the printer and scanner. we will learn how to optimally photocopy and scan documents.

Using third-party scanning software

Third-party scanning software is interesting for users by expanding the functionality: text recognition, converting from one format to another, the ability to send an electronic image by mail, fax, etc. The use of any such application implies that it has been installed on a computer. To start the program, use a shortcut located on the desktop or in the Start menu.

After starting the program in the window that opens, the necessary settings are made, after which you can start scanning, as well as use other functionality.

  • ScanLite app. The product has a SIMple, concise interface. User settings are minimal: you need to specify a file name and folder to save the scan result. The scan operation starts when the corresponding button is pressed.
  • ABBYY FineReader. A program that allows you to transfer a printed document into electronic format and recognize text for subsequent editing. Paid software, introductory test period is provided.

ABBYY FineReader Features

Scanning with Paint

Paint is part of the standard Windows toolbox. This application is equipped with scanning support. The user just needs to find the application in the list of programs in the “Start” menu and launch it. In the window that opens, open the “File” tab, where select the submenu item “From Scanner or Camera”. After that, select the settings necessary for the scanning process, as well as determine the file format for saving the image. The digitization process is initiated by clicking on the corresponding button.

Scanning in Paint

There are many ways to obtain an electronic image of a printed document or photographs. The user has the right to choose the option that best suits his needs.

Preparation for work

So, to use the scanner, you need to follow a few SIMple steps.

  • The first thing to do is to check if the scanner is connected to your computer (PC or laptop). Most often, a USB cable is not included in the package of the device itself, so you should consider buying it in advance.
  • Next, you need to turn on the device itself to the network and press the power button on the case.
  • After turning on, you need to insert a disc (or flash drive) with software (drivers) into the drive. Usually, such a disk or flash drive is supplied in a packing box and is part of the package.
  • If for some reason there is a disk, then you need to go to the manufacturer’s website, enter the full name of your scanner in the search window, after which you will see a list of all drivers available for download to your computer. You will need to select the most current one (by release date), download and install it by clicking on the distribution kit with the extension, double-click the left mouse button.

Once the driver installation process is complete, the device is recognized by your operating system. It can always be found in the appropriate section (printers and faxes, etc.). Usually the name of the device is the complete designation of its model, including the alphabetic and numeric index. If desired, the name can be changed to any other from the system settings.

After the process of installing drivers and synchronizing the device with the system, you need to decide which software you will use. The Windows family offers programs built into them by default, but this is far from the only solution. In any case, it is important to understand that you cannot do without a Specialized program that will be responsible for the scanning process.

Scan Options in Text or Photo Mode

Despite the fact that the drivers for all manufacturers differ and do not have one universal scheme, there are a number of basic settings that are present in all devices without exception.

The first thing worth mentioning is DPI. When working with text, this item should NOT be in a value below 300 (same with a printer or MFP). The higher it is, the more accurate the picture will be. With a high DPI value, scanning will take a little longer, but the text is more likely to be readable, and not have to resort to recognition. The optimal value is 300-400 DPI.

The second thing to note is color saturation (chromaticity). There are only three options here: the option to scan black and white text, grayscale and color (magazines, documents, posters, etc.). The higher the color, the longer it will take to scan.

In the photo mode, the most important thing is to avoid blurring the picture, and also to make sure that all the edges lie flat on the surface. Color and tonality are set in the Preview settings before starting the scanning process from the printer.

To scan a photo, it is advisable to use the maximum clarity settings, this will minimize possible inaccuracies during the process itself, although it will take 10-15 seconds more.