How to scan a document using the Canon pixma printer

Printer button

Absolutely on all models, the functionality of which has a built-in scanner, there is a necessary button that starts this process. The user is only required to perform a number of actions to activate the copying of the document:

  • Connect the printer to the network and turn it on, then connect to the computer.
  • Lift the scanner lid and place the document with the desired side down.

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Press the assigned button to start scanning.

A notification should appear on the monitor screen that the scanner is warming up and you cannot open the cover.

After that, the folder where the finished document was saved will automatically open. By default, all files are placed in “Documents”.

Now you can take out the document, place a new sheet in its place and create an electronic copy of it in the same way. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in carrying out this operation.

Scanning on Canon printers

To carry out scanning, respectively, the device must have a special unit responsible for creating an electronic copy of the document. Such blocks are placed in printers, MFPs, or they are separate models called scanners. Regardless of the type of device, the scanning principle is almost identical and is available for execution in different ways. We offer you to get acquainted in detail with all known.

Driver Installation in Windows 10

Let’s walk through the installation procedure for the Canon PIXMA MG3640 printer. For it to work, you need to install the driver. This program will make the necessary settings, after which it will be possible to print. First you need to download the Canon PIXMA MG3640 driver. Click on the link a little above.

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Run the distribution kit that has been saved on your computer, and in the first window, click on the green oval with the words “Printer Setup”.

In the upper drop-down menu, select the region “Europe”, in the lower country “Russia” and click “Next”.

Click “I Agree” in the new window, so you confirm that you will comply with the license agreement.

Review the information in a new window and click “Agree”.

Click with the mouse next to the words “USB connection”. A green dot should appear in an empty circle, then click on “Next”.

Now turn on the printer. He needs to be given power using a wire with a plug at one end. Use the second wire to connect the devices. Press the ON button on the case itself.

If difficulties arise in these procedures, refer to the instructions, it should be included. It remains to wait a little while the system detects the device and you can start printing.

How to scan with a Canon pixma mg3640 printer

Now many users are actively purchasing printers of different models. Among the leaders in sales of such equipment is Canon, which, in addition to printers, became famous for MFPs and scanners. However, it can be problematic for novice users to understand all the functionality of the purchased device, in particular, this also applies to scanning. Today we would like to demonstrate the available methods for performing this operation on devices from this manufacturer.

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Document scanning software

Now on the Internet there is a lot of the most diverse software that performs various tasks. Among the endless list are applications that allow you to scan documents. Their advantage over standard tools lies in the presence of advanced functions, for example, instant sending of a copy to print, which makes them in demand in certain circles of users. Next, we want to show the process of working in such software using the example of Scanitto Pro.

    Download and install the program. After starting, first of all, select the device from which the scanning will be carried out in the future.

Set the image parameters according to your needs. Scanitto Pro functionality allows you to adjust the mode, brightness, contrast, resolution, scale and format of the finished file.

Then click on “View” or “Scan” to start this operation.

When finished, a snapshot will appear on the right. Double-click on it with LMB if you want to go to editing.

In the opened editor, you can adjust the size, rotate the picture, crop it, or immediately send it to print.

In addition to the software mentioned above, there are many more paid and free analogs that provide similar functionality with certain features. Therefore, each user can easily find a suitable option for himself. We advise you to familiarize yourself with additional material on this topic by clicking on the link below.

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Proprietary utility IJ Scan Utility

  • First of all, launch the IJ Scan Utility itself and select the active device.

Then move on to configuring additional parameters.

In the window that appears, it is possible to create settings for each type of scan. For example, choosing a save location, specifying a default viewer, choosing a name for each file. With all the advanced settings on your own by examining the mentioned menu.

Then it remains to choose only the type of scan, based on your own needs.

We will walk through this procedure using the ScanGear mode as an example, since there is a set of additional tools. First, it is recommended to download the scan for viewing by clicking on the corresponding button.

Next, the captured area is edited, the output format and the color rendition is corrected. Only after that the “Scan” button is pressed.

Wait for the completion of receiving a copy of the scan, on which the copying procedure will be successfully completed.

It is worth noting that recently Canon has not been very active in supporting the development of the utility in question, so it is possible that you will not find it on the website with the software for the printer model or on the disk. In this case, we advise you to use the other methods given in this article.