How to scan a document with a Canon printer

Canon mg2540s how to scan to computer

Canon multifunctional printer, as a rule, can not only print, but also scan and copy. Canon has a lot of models that allow you to scan the necessary documents not only to your computer but also to any other gadget.

If you want to know how to scan on a Canon printer, you first need to install a printer on your computer in order to be able to save the information already scanned by us in the required format and then, if necessary, transfer it to your other device. How to turn on the scanner on the printer.
It is quite easy to scan your documents, photos from the printer to your computer. To do this procedure, you just need.

Install the drivers required for your printer to work. There are two options for installing them: either you can install them from the dix that you bought with the printer, but you can also install them without a disk.
In the first option, if you have a disc at hand that was given out at the time of purchase as a set with the printer, you can safely use it. First, unplug the printer, put the disk in the right place, and wait a few seconds. When the folder with the files opens, find the file with the [.exe] extension and run it (usually this file is easier to find, it is called Setup.exe). During installation, just follow the steps, with the wizard’s prompts, carefully reading everything in order to avoid mistakes.

Place the document on the scanner glass. In the vast majority of cases, you should put the printed side down, but for HP ENVY multifunction printers. up.
3. Turn on the printer and wait 30 seconds until it is detected in the system.
4. Scanning. There are various ways to scan a photo to your computer through a Canon printer: Go to Control Panel Hardware and Sound Devices and Printers.

Click on the printer icon with the right mouse button and select “Start Scanning”. In the window that opens, set the necessary parameters, click “View and if everything suits us, click” Scan. The 3rd video on the left shows this option using the example of a Canon MFP. Open special scanning software that is installed in the computer with the driver for your MFP. Usually a shortcut appears for it on the desktop. There you can open the settings and set the desired ones. Paint. This utility comes bundled with Windows. You can start it by opening the Start menu. All Programs. Accessories. Paint. Expand the File menu (or click on the down arrow button in Windows 7). You can just as easily cope with how to scan from a printer to a Canon computer. We select “From a scanner or camera”. In the window that opens, you can select the type of scanned image. Many users also have a question about how to copy a document on a Canon printer. If there is no time and you need to quickly scan something, we immediately select the desired type and click “Scan. If you have time, you can select “Adjust the quality of the scanned image and make more appropriate settings. 5. We save. After the scanned image appears in the program, open the menu File. Save As. Image in JPEG format. Select the directory or folder to save the document on the computer, set the file name and click “Save. We look if the scanner does not work on the printer.

How to scan to a Canon printer, enable, configure and use the scanner

DPI. resolution or dots per inch. The more. the higher the quality of the image, the higher its resolution (the number of pixels in length and width) and the more it will “weigh, take up space on the disk of your computer. The higher you set the resolution, the longer the printer will process or scan the document.
100-200 dpi. if you need it quickly and you will not recognize documents.
300-400 dpi. suitable if you need to recognize text.
500-600 dpi. if you need the smallest details of the document.

At 600 dpi, the father scans old family photographs he can get his hands on. There you need a maximum resolution because the quality of a photo from 20-30-40 years is “not very.
It is convenient for me to scan at 300 dpi. The quality of the photo is good and the text can be recognized if necessary.
There is one more nuance here. You can always reduce the resolution of the scanned file in the same graphics editor Paint. But you won’t be able to increase the resolution. Have to scan again.
If you cannot find where you saved your scanned document, try searching in the Scanned Documents folder. When you install the printer software, it may create a Scanned Documents folder on your computer.
Visit our website to read the manual for your printer, if you cannot find a brochure at home, and instructions on how to use your Canon scanner. Search the website for your printer model and read Product Overview and Specifications. If you want, you can download the information you need to your computer.
You can also use other applications on your computer to understand how to scan a document to your computer through a Canon scanner. Try a graphic editing program or Preview on a Mac. Select the action “Import from Scanner” and then follow the sequence of actions described above.

Now many users are actively purchasing printers of different models. Among the leaders in sales of such equipment is Canon, which, in addition to printers, became famous for MFPs and scanners. However, it can be problematic for novice users to understand all the functionality of the purchased device, in particular, this also applies to scanning. Today we would like to demonstrate the available methods for performing this operation on devices from this manufacturer.

Proprietary utility IJ Scan Utility

Canon has created a separate software specifically for the equipment it produces, called IJ Scan Utility. It performs the function of presetting scanning, which allows you to end up with the desired document in the desired format. IJ Scan Utility is installed along with the printer driver from the supplied CD or downloaded separately from the official website. After successful installation, you can proceed directly to copying.

Then move on to configuring additional parameters.

In the window that appears, it is possible to create settings for each type of scan. For example, choosing a save location, specifying a default viewer, choosing a name for each file. With all the advanced settings on your own by examining the mentioned menu.

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Then it remains to choose only the type of scan, based on your own needs.

We will walk through this procedure using the ScanGear mode as an example, since there is a set of additional tools. First, it is recommended to download the scan for viewing by clicking on the corresponding button.

Next, the captured area is edited, the output format and the color rendition is corrected. Only after that the “Scan” button is pressed.

Wait for the completion of receiving a copy of the scan, on which the copying procedure will be successfully completed.

It is worth noting that recently Canon has not been very active in supporting the development of the utility in question, so it is possible that you will not find it on the website with the software for the printer model or on the disk. In this case, we advise you to use the other methods given in this article.

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Printer button

Absolutely on all models, the functionality of which has a built-in scanner, there is a necessary button that starts this process. The user is only required to perform a number of actions to activate the copying of the document:

  • Connect the printer to the network and turn it on, then connect to the computer.
  • Lift the scanner lid and place the document with the desired side down.


Press the assigned button to start scanning.

A notification should appear on the monitor screen that the scanner is warming up and you cannot open the cover.

After that, the folder where the finished document was saved will automatically open. By default, all files are placed in “Documents”.

Now you can take out the document, place a new sheet in its place and create an electronic copy of it in the same way. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in carrying out this operation.

Scanning on Canon printers

To carry out scanning, respectively, the device must have a special unit responsible for creating an electronic copy of the document. Such blocks are placed in printers, MFPs, or they are separate models called scanners. Regardless of the type of device, the scanning principle is almost identical and is available for execution in different ways. We offer you to get acquainted in detail with all known.

Document scanning software

Now on the Internet there is a lot of the most diverse software that performs various tasks. Among the endless list are applications that allow you to scan documents. Their advantage over standard tools lies in the presence of advanced functions, for example, instant sending of a copy to print, which makes them in demand in certain circles of users. Next, we want to show the process of working in such software using the example of Scanitto Pro.

    Download and install the program. After starting, first of all, select the device from which the scanning will be carried out in the future.

Set the image parameters according to your needs. Scanitto Pro functionality allows you to adjust the mode, brightness, contrast, resolution, scale and format of the finished file.

Then click on “View” or “Scan” to start this operation.

When finished, a snapshot will appear on the right. Double-click on it with LMB if you want to go to editing.

In the opened editor, you can adjust the size, rotate the picture, crop it, or immediately send it to print.

In addition to the software mentioned above, there are many more paid and free analogs that provide similar functionality with certain features. Therefore, each user can easily find a suitable option for himself. We advise you to familiarize yourself with additional material on this topic by clicking on the link below.

Installing and configuring the Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 printer

If you are the proud owner of the Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 printer, you should worry about its correct connection to the PC, as well as the correct installation of the appropriate drivers. Unfortunately, without performing such manipulations, your MFP will not be able to please you with quality work.

How to install and configure the Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 printer yourself.

It’s good when the Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 is a power user. It will be quite easy for him to independently figure out all the nuances that arise when working with multifunctional devices. It is a different matter when installing the Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 printer is necessary for a beginner who is not familiar with any technical issue related to such a device. We recommend such beginners to carefully read the instructions, which must be included in the kit if the Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 is purchased at a retail outlet.

If you are offered to buy an MFP from hand at a tempting cost, do not be alarmed if after purchasing you did not find such an important user manual for you. We will help you navigate the steps associated with installing and configuring the MFP, after which the printer will be able to please you with quality work.

Adjusting color and brightness

This section is available under color intensity / brightness settings.

Here you can adjust the values ​​of a particular color, however, the final result can only be seen after printing. It should also be borne in mind that the result on glossy and matte paper can be very different.

Installing Drivers

Most often, the drivers are included. However, not all computers and laptops have floppy drives in their composition, so a disc from the manufacturer may be useless.

In this case, the user can go to the official website in the support section, select the driver there and enter the name of his model. You can also find the section you need on the Canon website. After selecting the model, a window will appear with the choice of the operating system. Here you should carefully indicate your OS, not forgetting about the bit depth. Then it remains to click on download, after which you can proceed with the installation. In some cases, the drivers are available as archives, then they should be unpacked and only then run the executable file.

Towards the end of the installation, you may need to connect a cable to a computer, if during the installation a wired connection option was selected (for devices that work via WI-FI or a local network, the corresponding item will be available during installation). At this point, you should make sure that the printer is turned on and connected to the computer. After that, you may need to reboot and you can start working.

Practical use of MFPs

After your printer is ready for use, you can print a test page. And also you can print any document you created earlier. A properly configured printer will flawlessly perform all the tasks you designate.

You can also not immediately send the document to print, but initially go to the “Properties” of the device. In this window, you can change the factory settings, orient the MFP to perform actions that are important to you at a particular moment:

  • printing multiple copies at the same time;
  • printing not the entire document, but a separate fragment or certain pages;
  • selection of a specific sheet format;
  • choosing a different page orientation;
  • setting different levels of print quality.

If the majority of users can print, then not everyone had to scan before. For this reason, initially, when it becomes necessary to scan documents, some users experience a stupor. They do not understand how such actions are carried out. In fact, the scanning process is simple, just read our recommendations or the corresponding section of the user manual.

So, if it is important for you to start scanning documents, go to “Start”, go to the already familiar menu item “Devices and Printers”. After the main window opens, you will find in it the listed printers that are ready to work, select your MFP, click on it once to make it highlighted. Now, just below the address bar, you will see a menu bar with several parameters.

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You need to find the “Start Scan” option, click on it, and the automatic process will start. Another window will appear where you, as a user, can make some changes. However, such changes do not need to be made initially, at the initial introductory stages. Click on the button below “Scan”, and the device will perform the tasks you set in front of it.

As you can see, the scanning process is also straightforward. It is even easier to copy documents, just place the document, close the top cover and press the corresponding button located on the body of the MFP itself. It will be easy to find such a button, since it is accompanied by an icon that shows two copies of the document, and also below this icon there is a corresponding name.

ADVICE. If for some reason the multifunction device refuses to work, you should check the quality of its connection to the computer. Very often, the problem occurs against the background of a slight detachment of the USB cable.

In addition, the problem may arise against the background of a viral interference. Viruses often leave behind negative traces, including severely damaging drivers. In this case, you will have to reinstall the drivers in order to restore the normal functioning of the multifunctional device.

So, the installation and subsequent configuration of the Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 multifunctional device is not accompanied by difficulties, if the user followed the recommendations, got acquainted with the aLGorithm of actions and, based on them, carried out all the manipulations.

How to connect a printer

First you need to decide on a place to install your Canon printer. It should be located near the computer, the device should be in a stable position, all wires should be free to reach the desired sockets, it is advisable to avoid tension on the wires. It is also undesirable to install equipment in direct sunlight and near heating devices in order to avoid overheating or other damage.

After choosing a place, it remains only to connect the wires to the outlet and to the computer, most of the data exchange goes through the USB port, which is in every computer, some older models use LPT ports that are absent in modern devices. In these cases, you just need to plug the cables into the necessary ports and you can proceed to the next item.

Multifunctional devices can have connectors for connecting to a local network or the Internet rj-45, this will provide access to them for several users at once, which is useful for offices. Modern models can also communicate over Wi-Fi. In these cases, it will not be enough just to connect the wires and install the drivers, you will need to go to the Canon printer menu and connect to Wi-Fi by entering the network password and setting the device name, or to connect to the local network in the same way.

How to set up a Canon printer

Most of the parameters are identical for all models, it is carried out through the standard utility. In order to open it, you can go to devices and printers, then find the installed printer, right-click on it and select the Printing Preferences section.

How to scan a document on a Canon printer without cartridges

Sometimes there are cases when you urgently need to scan a document, and the printer refuses to do it due to problems with consumables. This is especially the case with Canon inkjet MFPs, which are not equipped with a continuous ink supply system, but use classic low-resource cartridges.

Basically, a Canon printer scanner is an independent part of the printing device. Therefore, in theory, it should work even when the printer cannot perform its main function. printing materials. However, if the MFP has an E3, E5 error or any other problem not related to the technical condition of the machine, then because of this, the device completely stops functioning, including the scanner. In this article we will show you how to make a Canon printer work without cartridges, but only in document scanning mode.

Switching the Canon PIXMA MP250 printer to the low-level mode of operation

During normal operation, the Canon MFP will continually display an error and refuse to function. Therefore, to use the scanner, you need to change the operating mode of the printer. This is done as follows:

  • Unplug the printer from the electrical outlet (unplug the power cord from the outlet).
  • Hold down the On / Off button of the Canon printer and connect the device to the mains.
  • While holding the above button, press the print cancel button eight times (for some Canon MFPs, the number of clicks may be different, try different combinations from 2 to 12).
  • Press the printer on / off button.

This method is guaranteed to help you bypass errors E3, E5, U051, U052, U059, and run the Canon PIXMA MP250 MFP in limited mode. We remind you that the printer will still not perform its main function, but the scanner will work in standard mode.

How to scan a document on a Canon printer if there are no working cartridges in it

Typically, this problem occurs when the printing device displays an error E3. a Canon printer has jammed paper, or E5. a Canon MFP does not see the cartridge (for some models, the error may be indicated by flashing indicators or the appearance of codes U051, U052, U059). The easiest way to get the scanner to work is to fix the above problems in the appropriate ways (remove the jammed paper or install new cartridges). However, what to do if you need to scan right now, but you can’t get rid of the error. We know really working ways to run a Canon printer scanner that has no ink cartridges. It is about them that will be discussed further.

Please note: Take the Canon PIXMA MP250 multifunction printer as an example. However, the scanner start-up guide will work with many Canon PIXMA series inkjet MFPs. For example, these methods were tested on Canon MP140, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP190, MP210, MP240 and MP800 printers, as well as on some MG and TS series devices, everything worked fine.

Taking the Canon PIXMA MP250 printer out of low-level operation

If you put the MP250 printer into maintenance mode, then the next time it is started, it will enter this mode again (if the printer is turned on and off with the button). Therefore, to put the MFP into normal mode, you need to turn off the printer by pressing the “ON” button. Then unplug the power cord of the device and wait 30-60 seconds. After turning on the printing device again, it will automatically enter the standard user mode. In addition, all errors will reappear on the segment display or PC.

Launching the Canon PIXMA MP250 MFP Scanner by Changing the Paper Jam Error Code

If the above recommendations did not have a positive effect, then try a slightly different method of using the Canon PIXMA MP250 printer scanner without cartridges. There is a small but. The next method, which we will tell you about, most often works on devices with problematic or missing cartridges (error code E5). To implement it, you will need to do the following:

  • Turn off the printer using the corresponding button located on the control panel.
  • Remove cartridges from the printer if they are still installed in the printer.
  • Hold down the print reset key and simultaneously hold down On / Off.
  • Press the reset button and press it twice (some Canon models switch to the service mode in a slightly different way, experiment if nothing happens).
  • Release the power button and wait until the printer enters maintenance mode (the segment display will show “0”).
  • If the scanner still does not work, take a piece of paper, insert it into the feed tray and turn off the printer with the button.
  • Check that the printer’s grip slightly grabs the paper (you need to slightly pull the paper sheet, if it is in the gripper, you can clearly feel it).
  • Start the printing device with the On / Off button.
  • After a little thought, the MP250 MFP will pull the paper sheet.
  • As soon as the sheet stretches to the middle, hold it and do not let it go all the way to the end.
  • Initially, the machine will resist a little, but after 10-20 seconds it will give up and change the E5 error to an E3 paper jam.
  • As soon as the printer calms down, remove the paper sheet from it and press any button for creating a scanned copy (b / w or color).
  • After rebooting the device, it will automatically enter a special mode, where some of its functions, including the scanner, will be limited.
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Attention: Do not even try to print anything. Printing will still not function. But the sent file for printing may return the E5 error again and the scanner will stop working again.

You download VueScan and use it to scan documents, photos, film and slides with a scanner.

Works on flatbed, document and film / slide scanner

We reverse engineered the Canon MF3010 driver and included it in VueScan so you can keep using your old scanner.

What is VueScan?

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If you are having trouble connecting your scanner to your computer or want to use the scanner software with most of the features, VueScan is your tool.

How does it work

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Want to keep using your CanoScan MF3010 on Windows 10
VueScan is here to help!

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Scan photos

Do you have boxes of photos in the drawer? Use VueScan to get them on your computer and off the to-do list.

Scanning with flatbed and automatic document feeders (ADF)

Scan multiple photos on a tablet

How to scan a document from a printer to a computer?

How to scan from printer to computer

  • open the “Start” menu;
  • go to the “Control Panel”;
  • go to the “Hardware, Sound” / or “Devices and Printers” tab for Windows 7 and then “Printers”;
  • select the line “Start scanning”.

How to print photos on a borderless Canon printer?

  • Open the printer driver setup window.
  • Select borderless printing. Select Borderless from the Page Layout list on the Page Setup tab.
  • Check the paper size.
  • Adjust the amount of expansion for the paper.
  • Complete the setup.

How to scan a document using the Canon mf3010 printer?

To scan the desired document, go to the “Start” menu, then “Devices and Printers”. In the window that opens, you will see the available (connected) devices, select the desired Canon mf3010 MFP from the list and click on it with the mouse. A panel with several options will appear.

How to set up Wi-Fi on a Canon mg3640 printer?

Make sure the printer is turned on. Press and hold the [Wi-Fi] button on the top of the printer until the orange alarm indicator blinks once. Make sure that the indicator next to the button starts flashing blue, then on the access point press and hold the [WPS] button for 2 minutes.

How to print a 10 by 15 photo on a Canon printer?

Go to the “Commonly Used Settings” tab and click on “Photo Print”. Decide on the appropriate paper size. in this case, click on 10 × 15 or A6. Open the “Media Type” tab and select the type of paper used. for this, pay attention to its packaging. Click on “Next”.

How to print photos on Canon Pixma mg3640 printer?

  • Open the front cover (A).
  • Pull out the paper support (B).
  • Load paper vertically with the PRINT SIDE DOWN.
  • Align the paper guides to the width of the paper.
  • Open the optional paper output tray (C).
  • Open the paper output tray (D).
  • Pull out the paper exit support (E).

Scanning to Canon Pixma MP250 / 270 printer

Preparing to Scan Using the Control Panel

Check the following before scanning originals.

Required software installed (MP Drivers and MP Navigator EX).

Before scanning originals for saving on a computer using the control panel, you can set MP Navigator EX preferences in Preferences.

The original being scanned meets the requirements for placing the original on the scanner glass.

Is the device connected to the computer correctly?

Make sure your device’s connection to your computer is physically secure.

Do not insert or remove the USB cable while the device is scanning the originals (hand over expired cartridges, buyout, where to hand over expired HP, epson, Canon cartridges is more expensive, from whom the buyback is more expensive, we will buy out expired HP, epson, Canon cartridges, buy overdue expired HP, epson, Canon cartridges).

You must set MP Navigator EX as the startup software in Image Capture in the Applications menu of Mac OS X.

(1) Select Applications from the Go menu, then double-click the Image Capture icon.

(2) Click the Options button in the lower left corner of the scanner window, select MP Navigator EX 3 on the Application to launch when scanner button is pressed, then click OK.

To exit the Image Capture menu, select Quit Image Capture from the Image Capture menu.

If the Options tab is not visible, select Preferences from the Image Capture menu, click Scanner, and then click Use TWAIN software whenever possible to disable the setting. Then exit the Image Capture menu and enter it again.

(2) Load the original on the scanner glass.

Press the SCAN button to start scanning.

The original will be scanned and stored on the computer according to the settings specified with MP Navigator EX.

Remove the original from the scanner glass after scanning is complete.

Do not turn off the power while the device is operating.

Do not open the document cover or move the loaded original until the scanning process is complete.

0 The position or size of the original is not always detected correctly when scanning due to the fact that this depends on the type of original. In this case, refer to the e-manual Advanced Guide to change the Document Type and Document Size settings in MP Navigator EX to match the scanned document, and then scan the document. When using Windows Vista:

A program selection screen may appear after step 2. In this case, select MP Navigator EX Ver3.0 and click OK. When using Windows XP:

The program selection screen may appear after performing step 2 for the first time. In this case, select MP Navigator Ver3.0 as the application you are using, then select Always use this program for this action, then click OK. Next time MP Navigator EX will launch automatically.