How to scan code on Android Honor

3 Ways to Scan QR Code on Honor and Huawei Phone

Let’s consider the proposed options using the example of Huawei P Smart 2018 with Android 8.0 running the EMUI 8 user interface. Step-by-step instructions are provided for each of them. All of these options work on Honor series devices as well. It is worth remembering. to scan a QR code, you need a Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection.

How to Scan QR Code on Honor and Huawei Phone. 4 Ways

QR codes are gaining more and more popularity every day, spreading mainly where the placement of familiar links would be a great inconvenience. They are often found in museums, historic buildings and business cards.
. However, many users stopped paying attention to them, because they do not know what they are for and how to use them. And what it is, and how to scan a QR code on Honor and Huawei, you will find out later in the article.

Scan QR and barcodes on Huawei and Honor smartphones

Information such as website address, text message, business card, contact information from the phone book, etc. Convenience and ease of use of the QR scanning function and common barcodes on Huawei and Honor smartphones will allow you to quickly find out information encrypted with the code.

and barcodes from
– an excellent program that has a set of useful functions with it, such as the history of read codes, the mode of inverted colors and automatic following links.

To read the QR code in this application, you need to click on the button in the form of 3 stripes in the upper left corner of the screen. A menu will appear on the left, the topmost item of which is named “Scanning”.

After pressing the button, the application switches the smartphone to scan mode. Hold the object in the target area and wait for the scan to finish.

The application stands out from the standard by the presence of a history of scan results. To turn it on, you need to press the button with 3 stripes. On the left, a menu slides out, the second item of which, if you count from the top, is history. Click on the “History” button

A list of previously received links appears. By clicking on each of them, we are given detailed information about each scanned object. Here you can find the previously read QR code.

The advantage over the built-in utility is noticeable in the application settings. Of the useful functions. there is the ability to enable automatic transition to the site after scanning. And also inverting colors, when black turns to white and vice versa.

What is QR code

A QR code is an ordinary address that a laptop or phone can open. To receive information and go to the designated site, you will need to scan the QR. You can use the built-in functionality of the smartphone or download a special application, which will provide a wider list of possibilities.

QR Code Barcode Scanner

The main advantage is the ability to scan not only QR, but also barcodes. Other features:

  • You can create QR.
  • No need to connect to online to receive, scan and change information.
  • All purchased data can be saved in the program history.
  • Prompt transfer of information to contacts and other storage locations.

The only drawback will be the lack of the Russian language.

On the locked screen of the smartphone

Locked Screen Instruction:

  • Press the power key.
  • Open the additional toolbar. swipe up the display.
  • In the panel that highlighted at the bottom, click on the image of the eye.
  • The scanning window is highlighted, where you need to select the QR icon. We enter the code so that it appears in a frame, the data is calculated and displayed on the display.

This feature is not available on all smartphones. It is built into all modern models, starting from EMUI 8.

Why Honor 7C doesn’t have QR code scanning app?

The Honor 7C is considered a budget phone under 250. This explains why this model has stripped down functionality. To use the scan, install a special application, for example, select one of the suggested in the article.

From an unlocked smartphone

Use the Google Assistant. Instructions:

  • Start the assistant by holding the circle in the navigation bar.
  • When Google Assistant starts, click on the button as shown in the screenshot.
  • Point the camera at the code and read the website address. To follow the link, click on the magnifying glass.
  • As a result, the system will demonstrate the information of interest.
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Is it possible to somehow expand the functionality of the built-in scanner?

The standard methods are often stripped down and provide only one function. scanning. If you need more options, then download the program from the Play Store.

Additional Information

Sometimes problems can arise when using the option in question. Let’s explore common issues.

How to scan a QR code on a Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi smartphone

Modern phone manufacturers often implement their own barcode tools on Android. You can read without installing the application on several models.

Owners of Xiaomi devices can use the built-in Scanner program. Located in the “Tools” section or in the auxiliary panel.

For the application to work, the user needs to place a character inside the scan limiter. After correct scanning on a focused camera, encrypted information appears on the screen from the image.

Finding a scanner on a Xiaomi device

Important! The uniqueness of the application lies in scanning any picture from the photo album to find the QR code.

Users of Huawei or Honor devices can display a number of tools on the locked display for quick use. Symbol scanning app included.

Instructions for opening and using the program from the locked screen:

  • Swipe up to unlock the display. At the bottom is the settings panel.
  • Select a scanner from the list of available utilities.
  • Hover a quick response code on the camera.
  • Wait for the decryption results and analyze the data.

On the main screen of the mobile device, you can find the program through the quick search menu. Swipe down from the middle of the display and select the utility symbol found in the query string.

Important! In order to scan a cipher from a photo, you need to select the desired picture and through the “” additional settings panel go to the “Scan QR Code” service.

The scanner function is built into the classic Samsung smartphone camera. To read, you just need to point the lens at the object.

If the automatic mode did not recognize the object, then you can switch to a special format. The method is available on modern devices to receive encrypted information:

  • Go to the “Camera” service.
  • Go to auxiliary tools.
  • Select the “Scanner” utility.

Easiest way to scan a QR Code on HUAWEI!

What it is

QR is short for Quick Response Code, which means quick response code. A two-dimensional barcode created by a Japanese organization in the mid-90s. At first they were used in the automotive industry to quickly search for information about the development of cars.

Scan QR code

Nowadays, the picture with black lines is often found:

Important! The convenience of a QR code is that it encrypts several thousand values. You can read both a thumbnail image and a large picture.


QR code reader app

After installing the program, you can run the utility. The user grants permission to use the camera and points it at the object. Then you can copy or immediately open the link in your default browser.

There are different options for reading QR code depending on the Android device model. To scan an image, you need to open the utility and point the camera at an object to get a link.

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How to scan qr on Honor (Huawei). instruction

A QR code is a special image that, in encrypted form, can store any text information that can be read by a camera of a mobile device. As a rule, this technology is used in magazines, business cards, information boards and other advertising materials, where it is necessary to place information important for the client in a compact form. How to scan QR code on Honor?

It is quite simple to do this, since the recognition utility is initially located in the smartphone’s firmware and does not need to be installed separately. So, for example, to scan a QR code on Honor 8x, just pull down the quick access shutter and find the corresponding icon. In the event that it is not there, click on the edit button of the quick access menu and select the “Scan” item.

In the event that the scanner is launched for the first time, the system will ask for access to the camera (you must click on “Allow”), and then it will display the image from the viewfinder, which should be pointed at the QR code.

If the code is generated correctly, it is instantly recognized by the system and the decrypted content will be displayed on the screen, which can be saved in the memory of the mobile device.

It is worth noting that you can recognize not only the image from the camera, but also ordinary pictures. So, for example, after taking a screenshot of the screen with the image of the QR code, open the “Scan” utility and select the “Image scan” item, where we look for the desired image and recognize its contents.

Besides QR recognition, you can also generate your own encrypted images. To do this, in the “Scanner” utility, click on the “Create” button and select one of the available options there: “Website”, “Contact”. “Program”, “Wi-Fi” or any “Text”.

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After generating your QR code, it must be given for decryption to the owner of another smartphone, who can quickly and accurately use it.

This manual applies to any Honor smartphone, but it is quite possible that some of them (especially with outdated firmware) may not be able to do this. In this case, you can install any other QR code scanner that can be found on Google Play on request: QR scanner.

How to scan QR code on honor and huawei on emui 10

A QR code is a barcode that can only be read by a PC (or laptop) and a smartphone. Special tools are used that are automatically built into Android or after downloading programs that are designed to read them.

The proprietary shell EMUI 10 Honor has a useful quick tools menu. One of the elements is a QR scanner, which is easy for the user to connect. To activate, you need to slide your finger on top of the display, move the shutter, select the icon that displays the function.

From an unlocked smartphone

Call up the quick access panel by moving down from the center of the display. Next, on the right, select the desired icon, point to the code, read the information.

scan, code, android, honor

Method number 3. using a camera

There is another way to scan the QR code on Huawei and Honor phones.

  • Open the Camera app, select. tap Scanner. The item may not be displayed instantly, so you will need to wait for a while.
  • Take a photo of the required code. Make it so that the image will fit within the set frame.
  • A small image will appear on the left side.

And how to scan qr code using Huawei (Honor) phone with Android 9 pie operating system with emui 9.1 shell?

The QR code scanner function in the phone has not disappeared. It’s just that along with the transfer of many control functions of the phone to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the concept of using many familiar functions is changing. It turned out that scanning and decoding a QR code is a “job” that the Artificial Intelligence of a smartphone must do from start to finish.

Lightning QR Scanner

This application is free of charge, takes up a minimum of space on the device, and data reading is very fast. Before using it, you need to download the utility and run it. In the new menu, click on permission to access data. In the scan menu, point the camera at the code to determine the complete information.

Using buttons, you can open links or copy them to send to other people. A positive point is the ability to save the scan history. This will allow you to view the information scanned earlier at any time.

QR reader

This program is characterized by a pleasant appearance, which is made in dark shades. The utility itself takes up to 5 MB, which can also be considered its advantage. Immediately after launch, all the necessary permissions are given, by turning on the scanner, you can point the camera at the code and wait 1-2 seconds. Automatic recognition and following the link begins. The main advantage is simplicity and fast work.

The described applications should be enough for comfortable work with QR codes. However, some Android smartphones may include a built-in scanning utility. In this case, you do not need to install applications. Often, options are presented from Chinese brands of mobile devices, among which Xiaomi can be distinguished. To get started, you need to turn on the camera, click on the icon with the modes and select the settings at the top. After that, activate the scanning of codes

As soon as the QR code enters the screen and is focused, automatic scanning will begin. As a result, the user receives a link with data, a selection menu opens, where you can open the data in the browser or copy the link.

Huawei mobile devices also offer the ability to use a code scanner. The manufacturer pre-installs a utility that is intuitive to use. It is enough to slide your finger across the display and there will be a button for the program next to the search line. You need to click on it for further work.

Samsung can also offer the use of a scanner, but it will only need to use a standard browser to work. First you need to open it, call the settings menu at the top and select Scan QR code. Next, the camera is aimed at the encrypted code, and in case of a positive result, an automatic transition to the site or another product will be made.

How to scan a QR code on Android

A QR code is considered the modern counterpart of a conventional barcode, but the means for obtaining information is characterized by better security and practicality. This element allows you to get a lot of information, which is of a different nature. Modern Android smartphones can read this code, but there are a few rules to be aware of. This article introduces basic programs and other tools to help you figure out how to scan a QR code on Android.


This scanner can be installed from the application market or use the link on the official website of the program. Program recording is identical for all:

  • You need to go to the Play Store.
  • At the top, find the search bar where the name of the program is entered. You can enter only part of the name, and the system will automatically provide possible options.
  • Going to the utility page, you need to click on the “Install” button, and then wait a few seconds for recording on the smartphone, and since the volume is about 5 MB, the process will not take much time.
  • After the application is recorded, the “Open” button will appear, which must be clicked to launch the utility. Along with this, on the main screen there will be an icon for starting the program in the future.
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This is how applications are recorded on a smartphone. After that, you can proceed to work and configure the utility. There are 3 main tabs in the program menu, as well as a button for calling the settings, which is made in the form of a small gear. There are 4 work items provided on the main page for scanning:

  • Scan Barcode. the function is the code scanner itself, which will only function through the camera.
  • Manual Key-in. an option for manually entering information about the code.
  • Decode from file. a function that allows you to read a code from a file, which helps to open a previously downloaded QR code on a smartphone.
  • Decode from Url. option for scanning by link.

At the bottom there are several keys that do not provide useful functionality, so you can ignore them.

Now we need to consider the basic settings of the utility, of which there are many. For example, using the first screen, you can activate or deactivate the sounds of the utility, vibration of the smartphone, or set up the operating modes when the scanner is launched. This makes it possible to bypass the main menu. In addition, users can use automatic copying of information directly to the clipboard.

As soon as the program is launched and scanning is started, the utility will ask for permission to access the system. To do this, you need to give consent by checking the box. After that, you need to move the scanner frame so that the horizontal bar falls directly on the code. It is important to keep an eye on focus, as if there is no sharpness, scanning will be impossible. To do this, you need to exclude shaking hands and other movements that violate sharpness.

In addition to scanning, the utility helps to create the QR code itself. To do this, you need to go to the third section, and in the form of a list there will be available options for encryption. Among them should be highlighted:

  • Phone contacts with numbers.
  • Url address.
  • Email.
  • Applications.
  • Location.
  • Text, bookmarks or calendar events.

After selecting the desired section, you will need to press the Encode key, which will make an encrypted link. The result is a small code that can be shared with friends.

The utility also helps to encrypt any type of text. There is a corresponding paragraph for this.

You just need to enter the desired phrase or several sentences, then click on the code generation button. If required, the QR code can be changed in color using the appropriate key, choose a shade from the possible.


A modern utility that includes extensive functionality. The program makes it possible to read 39 types of codes. After installation, you need to give all permissions for normal operation. As a positive factor, users highlight the ability to scan images, so there is no need to aim the lens at the black square.

scan, code, android, honor

The program works by analogy with the rest of the presented types. It is enough to find the code, point the camera lens at it. In the future, click on the opening of the site and see the encrypted data. Among the main disadvantage, users highlight a large amount of advertising information.

Basic programs for analysis

To be able to decrypt and scan the code, you will need to use an Android-based mobile device with a camera. In addition, you will need to download and install a utility that can read the code. Many of them are available in the Play Store for free. Below will be described the best options for work and accomplishment of the assigned tasks, however, some of them can be applied for certain smartphones. It should be noted right away that each application has its own characteristics, which you need to familiarize yourself with before starting the installation. However, their functioning is almost always the same.

QR Scanner

This utility is considered one of the lightest and easiest to use on smartphones running Android. After launching, it will be enough to point the camera at the desired code for scanning. Immediately after downloading and using, you need to press the start button and allow the utility free access to the smartphone camera.

To follow the read link, you must use the Browse Website button, and if you need to copy the information, click the Copy Link. Users can use history to view information that was previously read.