How to scan documents on a Canon printer

How to scan documents on the MFP MF4018

To scan documents, launch the Canon MF Toolbox shortcut on the desktop.

We transfer the green icon to the first profile and click on the little man (?).

Where do the following options for scan customization open?

  • Color or black and white scanning mode;
  • Change the default common filename;
  • Save documents in Bmp, Jpeg, Tiff or Pdf format;
  • Choose a place to store scanned documents;
  • Mark the saving of documents in subdirectories with the current date;
  • After setting, click Apply and the Start button to scan.

We are waiting for the end of the scanning process.

After that, the folder will immediately open where there will be a file with the scanned document.

You can go to the Start menu ›Devices and Printers and select the default MFP.

How to set up the Canon MF4018 printer and scanner

The Canon MF4018 multifunction printer shows itself quite well on the routine front of office work, when you need to regularly copy, scan and print various documents. From experience I will say that it can serve you faithfully for at least 10 years, with careful handling. Now we will learn how to set up the operation of a printer and scanner from Canon, model MF4018 on a computer, and also what can be done if it suddenly stops scanning.

Installing drivers for MFP MF4018

So, we connect the printer to the computer with a cable, the system will successfully detect the new connected device, but, naturally, it will swear at the lack of drivers, which we will now install with you.

We go to the official website and go directly to the desired section, where the version of our operating system will be automatically determined and the appropriate drivers will be offered, which we, in fact, download.

We accept the terms of the license agreement.

The drivers are supplied in a self-extracting Sfx Zip archive, which you need to find on your computer so that it is more convenient to unzip it in the same place where the archive itself will be located. So, in any browser, we find the downloaded archive with the drivers and click Show in the folder.

The storage location will open, where we open the archive, starting the unzipping process.

And after extracting files from it, a regular folder will appear.

In which, we find and run the Setup file.

In the installation wizard window for MF Drivers, click Next.

We accept the terms of the license agreement.

We are waiting for the end of the process of their installation as quickly as possible.

Install Tool Box

In general, after installing the drivers, we can already use the printer, but for comfortable work with the scanner, you need to return to the official website and download a separate software called Tool Box.

Canon PIXMA TS3150 Scan to Windows 10

We accept the terms of the license agreement.

Find the downloaded archive with the program in the browser and click Show in the folder.

The installation wizard for MF Toolbox will immediately appear, where we click Next.

We accept the terms of the license agreement.

Choose a place to install and click Next.

Click Exit and restart your computer.

After rebooting, the drivers were detected successfully.

And, as you can see, our device is ready for use.

Doesn’t scan MFP MF4018. what to do?

At first. Try simply plugging the USB cable on your computer into a different connector.

Secondly. Right-click on the Toolbox shortcut and open Properties.

Next, we are in the Shortcut section, click Advanced.

We mark the item Run as administrator and click OK.

We accept the terms of the license agreement.

Find the downloaded archive with the fix in the browser and click Show in folder.

It will start immediately and independently update all the necessary files, and we click OK.

And we definitely agree to restart the computer.

Fourth. You can check if the WIA system service is working. To do this, press WinR, enter services.msc and press Enter.

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Find and go to the Windows Image Loading System Service (WIA).

In the General section, select Startup type: Automatic, and then Start the service.

Disabling this service may help.

And in the Login section, check Allow interaction with the desktop.

Fifth. If your scanner does not work in the Windows 10 operating system, then in the Windows Settings section, enter the query in the component search bar and click Show all results.

Open the item Turn Windows features on or off in the results.

And in the Print and Document Services section, check Windows Fax and Scan.

Disabling this component can also help.

That’s probably all. See you on the following blog pages. Until then. Until.

How to scan a document from a Canon printer to a computer

Canon multifunctional printer, as a rule, can not only print, but also scan and copy. Canon has a lot of models that allow you to scan the necessary documents not only to your computer but also to any other gadget.

If you want to know how to scan on a Canon printer, you first need to install a printer on your computer in order to be able to save the information already scanned by us in the required format and then, if necessary, transfer it to your other device. How to turn on the scanner on the printer.
It is quite easy to scan your documents, photos from the printer to your computer. To do this procedure, you just need.

Install the drivers required for your printer to work. There are two options for installing them: either you can install them from the dix that you bought with the printer, but you can also install them without a disk.
In the first option, if you have a disc at hand that was given out at the time of purchase as a set with the printer, you can safely use it. First, unplug the printer, put the disk in the right place, and wait a few seconds. When the folder with the files opens, find the file with the [.exe] extension and run it (usually this file is easier to find, it is called Setup.exe). During installation, just follow the steps, with the wizard’s prompts, carefully reading everything in order to avoid mistakes.

Place the document on the scanner glass. In the vast majority of cases, you should put the printed side down, but for HP ENVY multifunction printers. up.
3. Turn on the printer and wait 30 seconds until it is detected in the system.
4. Scanning. There are various ways how to scan a photo to a computer through a Canon printer: Go to Control Panel \ Hardware and Sound \ Devices and Printers.

Click on the printer icon with the right mouse button and select “Start Scanning”. In the window that opens, set the necessary parameters, click “View and if everything suits us, click” Scan. The 3rd video on the left shows this option using the example of a Canon MFP. Open special scanning software that is installed in the computer with the driver for your MFP. Usually a shortcut appears for it on the desktop. There you can open the settings and set the desired ones. Paint. This utility comes bundled with Windows. You can start it by opening the Start menu. All Programs. Accessories. Paint. Expand the File menu (or click on the down arrow button in Windows 7). You can just as easily cope with how to scan from a printer to a Canon computer. We select “From a scanner or camera”. In the window that opens, you can select the type of scanned image. Many users also have a question about how to copy a document on a Canon printer. If there is no time and you need to quickly scan something, we immediately select the desired type and click “Scan. If you have time, you can select “Adjust the quality of the scanned image and make more appropriate settings. 5. We save. After the scanned image appears in the program, open the menu File. Save As. Image in JPEG format. Select the directory or folder to save the document on the computer, set the file name and click “Save. We look if the scanner does not work on the printer.

How to scan to a Canon printer, enable, configure and use the scanner

DPI. resolution or dots per inch. The more. the higher the quality of the image, the higher its resolution (the number of pixels in length and width) and the more it will “weigh, take up space on the disk of your computer. The higher you set the resolution, the longer the printer will process or scan the document.
100-200 dpi. if you need it quickly and you will not recognize documents.
300-400 dpi. suitable if you need to recognize text.
500-600 dpi. if you need the smallest details of the document.

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At 600 dpi, the father scans old family photographs he can get his hands on. There you need a maximum resolution because the quality of a photo from 20-30-40 years is “not very.
It is convenient for me to scan at 300 dpi. The quality of the photo is good and the text can be recognized if necessary.
There is one more nuance here. You can always reduce the resolution of the scanned file in the same graphics editor Paint. But you won’t be able to increase the resolution. Have to scan again.
If you cannot find where you saved your scanned document, try searching in the Scanned Documents folder. When you install the printer software, it may create a Scanned Documents folder on your computer.
Visit our website to read the manual for your printer, if you cannot find a brochure at home, and instructions on how to use your Canon scanner. Search the website for your printer model and read Product Overview and Specifications. If you want, you can download the information you need to your computer.
You can also use other applications on your computer to understand how to scan a document to your computer through a Canon scanner. Try a graphic editing program or Preview on a Mac. Select the action “Import from Scanner” and then follow the sequence of actions described above.


Before using the scanner, you need to install the hardware drivers. For MFPs, make sure Windows not only detects the printer, but also the scanner you want. You can check this through the standard “Printers and Scanners” tool by finding the model of your device in the list.

The second point is the correct position of the document or photograph. A great deal of the quality of the scanned image depends on this. Especially in those situations when it comes to complex documents (worn notes, faint print, and so on). Be sure to remove the cover before placing the document in the scanner. After that, put it near the corresponding mark so that some of the information from the sheets is not lost during scanning. Then close the cover and go to start scanning.

How to scan documents to a computer through a printer

With a scanner or multifunctional device, you can easily digitize real documents and photos. In this article, we will talk about how to scan documents to a computer through a printer. Before starting, it should be noted that this cannot be done on a regular printer without additional functions. you need to use an MFP to scan.

Also, on the topic presented, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video. It describes all the steps and examples from the article.

Windows scanning

The simplest, but not the most functional method is the standard Windows utility. Suitable for simple tasks, but images need further processing. Also, the received data is saved only in the image format, and not in the form of a text document. If you need to quickly scan and send any documents, then do the following:

  • In the search box on the taskbar, enter the name of the utility “Fax and Scan”. It can also be launched through the usual control panel.
  • A preview window will appear in front of you. If the MFP is connected and working properly, then when you click on the “New scan” button, the procedure will start.
  • Wait for the process to finish. After that, a preview of the scanned document will appear on the right side.
  • You can save the image or send it by fax, email.

Special software

However, the standard Windows tool is not suitable for constant use and preparation of documents for further work. If you need to edit the scanned text or improve the quality of the picture, then install one of the special utilities for scanning. The most popular is ABBYY FineReader of any version. To download the utility, go to the official website at the link provided.

If the scanner is connected and configured in the operating system, then it will be automatically detected in the FineReader program. By the way, this tool supports most of the well-known models from various manufacturers. FineReader has built-in text recognition, so you can convert the image to a full PDF or DOC file, and then make the necessary changes. Many settings, functions and modes make the program from ABBYY one of the best solutions for scanning and subsequent processing of the result.

So, we figured out how you can scan documents on a computer through a printer. As you can see, you can choose a universal program specifically for your purposes. If we are talking about a one-time scan for personal use, then you can stop at the standard OS functionality. And if you need to process scanned documents, convert them and use them in your work, then it is better to understand the capabilities of ABBYY FineReader or a similar application.

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What you need to know about your printer?

A printer is an output device that is capable of transferring digital information to solid surfaces, primarily cardboard paper. A classic printer can do nothing but print text from a computer onto paper. In the modern world, a printer is also called an MFP, which means multifunctional devices. They have a built-in equipment called a scanner. The MFP also contains other functions, such as fax.

It is the scanner built into the printer that allows converting information in the reverse order: from printed, printed on paper. to digital.

All this was said to the fact that today there are old working models of devices in which the function of scanning documents is not provided. Therefore, before looking for ways to scan through a printer to a PC, you need to look at the instructions that came with the device. If they are not there, you can find the model’s website and see the information you need.

What does DPI mean when printing or copying a document

You’ve probably noticed the DPI item when adjusting the print settings. the value of which can be changed. It is an abbreviation that stands for dots per inch. If you see the value: 200 by 400 DPI, then you can imagine a rectangle with an area of ​​200 by 400 dots. In this case, the dots in the printer can be applied in different ways to the surface of the paper during copying or printing. Since there are laser, inkjet, matrix. This metric will also help improve the quality of your scan.

Features of scanning a document to a computer

Even if your device is an MFP and has a scanner, this is still not enough to start printing right away. Each hardware in a computer has its own software. It should show the PC how to operate the equipment. If you are the owner of the printer, then the kit should include a floppy disk with the driver. You need to install it into the computer’s disk drive and install the program.

When the required software is installed and the printer is ready to use. Now you can easily scan the documents you need.

Plug in the printer’s power cord and press the “Power” button.

    You need to open the cover that hides the scanning cloth;

The progress of the process will be visible on your computer screen. When it finishes, you will need to name the new file and also specify the path where it should be saved. This is how important papers are scanned on the PC screen.

How to transfer a document to Paint

Thanks to the versatility of the software, we can start scanning documents from different programs. For example, from Paint, a photo editor that is available in every version of Windows. It is also very convenient, there is no need to search for a section with a seal. You need to find the Paint program on your computer. Also make sure the printer is connected to the computer and all necessary drivers are installed.

    Click the “Start” button (in Windows 7) or the search button (in Windows 10, 8) and type “Paint”;

Now the finished scanned file can be printed, saved as an image in one of the graphic formats, or changed. All this you can do through the “File” button by selecting the appropriate menu item.

Scanning through the printer software

In almost all cases, the manufacturer’s driver installs a program on the user’s computer, the interface of which allows us to work with the printer. Its icon is also displayed on the desktop. When called, the parameters window appears, where we can change them. And also start scanning or printing.

How to scan documents from printer to computer

Every day we are faced with the need to learn something new while working with a PC. This seemingly ordinary device is actually the most complex invention of the twentieth century. The topic of our article today will help novice office workers. You will learn how to scan any document from the printer to your personal computer.

Where to find a driver for your printer

We often lose drivers that come with computer devices.

If this is your first time connecting the printer to your computer and you do not have the software on the disk for it, follow these instructions to scan successfully:

  • Connect the printer to your computer and turn on both devices;
  • On the PC, you need to open the Device Manager. To do this, press the WINPAUSE key combination;
  • Select the item “Device Manager” on the left in the menu;