How To Scan From Printer To Computer

What to do if the scanner won’t scan

The problem, why the device may NOT work, most likely lies in the fact that standard applications are not enough. For example, you need text recognition, special quality settings, or save in a format that is not in the list. For such cases, there are applications for this process:

  • ABBYY FineReader. Will be able to recognize pictures and text. The program is paid, but there is a free trial period.
  • Suitable, if you need to transfer several documents.
  • OCR CuneiForm. Also for recognition. Supports multiple foreign languages. The app is free.
  • Allows to process photos transferred to a computer. The program is free.
  • Allows you to save migrated documents in PDF format. Free of charge.
  • Can save transferred objects in different formats and create whole galleries from them.
  • The program is suitable for processing. Can read a picture from the tablet screen. Supports over 100 languages.
  • Can connect to many digital devices and multiple devices at the same time.

Most programs have a SIMilar aLGorithm, only the interface is different. Let’s take a look at how VueScan works:

  • We put the document into the device.
  • Launches “VueScan”.
  • Checking quality settings.
  • Now we process the settings for the image that will result.
  • Scanning.
  • Save on your computer.
  • We process if necessary.

The problem can also appear in the following cases:

Windows can scan

Let’s say you urgently need to get a scan, but you can’t work with Paint. What then? There is another SIMple option. the ability of your operating system.

  • Click on “Start” finding the “Devices and Printers” section.
  • Look for the scanner that is connected to your computer by opening the tab and selecting what you want. After that click “Start Scan”.
  • As soon as the window opens, carefully REVIEW your options: you can change the format or orientation of the image. Lowering or raising the brightness will significantly affect the quality of the scanned image. So be careful with “brightness” and “contrast”.
  • Clicked “Scan”, expect the result, which will appear in a separate folder on your computer. The desired location can be changed or left by default, so that there is always a request where to save the document.

Scanning a document from the printer to a PC

Still DO NOT know how to scan a document from a printer to a computer? Not sure what needs to be done to get a clear digital copy? This article was just created for you.

There is nothing easier than scanning a document, saving it on the desktop of your computer or laptop, and then using it as much as your heart desires.

How to scan a document to a computer from a printer. Scanning an image

It is best to use the Preview (or SIMilar.

It will give you an idea of ​​exactly how the photo is positioned on the glass, and will help you scan only the part you need. Otherwise, for example, your scan will be A4 size, and the photo on it will be 1015. After the “prescan” you will get the following result.

Now you can select a fragment with the mouse that you want to scan. Do you want to digitize just a person or a specific person? No question, highlighting only the object.

For those who do not know how to use a scanner on a computer, the Step-by-Step Instructions will help you understand the process and NOT make mistakes. The procedure is as follows.

First, select the basic settings.

Color. If this is a black and white photo, set the black and white mode to the scanner (or grayscale). Such a scan will “weigh” less than a color scan.

Resolution. For posting on the Internet, 100 dpi is enough, for printing. at least 300, for subsequent processing or enlarging a photo, you can put much more. Remember: the higher the resolution, the more space the file takes up.

Filters / Tools. Used only if you do NOT plan to edit the photo further. You can, for example, correct something to or contrast.

After you have selected the fragment and set the settings, click the “Start” button.

Using ControlCenter4 Software

This application is specially designed for this purpose, processing and transmission of a document via fax.

Preparing the Scanner and Software

Before using the scanner, connect it to the computer using the supplied or separately purchased cable. The equipment must be disconnected from the network. If the scanner has already been used on this PC, the connection is made automatically, NOT requiring the installation of drivers. In other cases, you will need to install software. from a disk or from the Internet.

If there is no connection, it is worth making sure that you are using the correct cable. in modern models this is a USB cable, in older scanners you may need to connect via the LPT port. If the driver installation does NOT start automatically, it is started manually through the “Devices and Printers” section in the “Control Panel” of Windows OS or SIMilar methods for another platform.

Before you scan a photo to a computer, you should choose a suitable program:

  • The easiest option for Windows, and does not require installation and configuration, is the built-in Fax and Scan utility. You can find it by using the search terms in the Start menu. The utility works with any scanner, providing a minimum of scanning options.
  • Graphic editor Paint. Also installed with Windows. Without serious functionality for editing images, the utility allows you to scan them. The required window is called from the “File” menu and is called “Import from Scanner or Camera”.
  • ABBYY FineReader is a paid but multifunctional program that provides transfer of a document or photo with the ability to recognize text in a picture in more than 150 languages.
  • Vuescan is a program suitable for use with most MFPs and flatbed scanners, allowing you to save photos in various formats, including JPEG and TIFF.
  • Branded software is ideal, and also a free option. This usually comes with the device (or there is a link to download it).

The selected program is installed (if not already installed) and launched. Then one or more photos are placed on the surface of the device with the image down and the lid is closed. If the image does not cover the entire glass surface, note the arrow pointing to the upper left corner. To him and need to press the photo.

It is advisable to align the image so that the edges are parallel to the boundaries of the scanning area, gently wipe it from dust, clean the glass, Using a dry cloth or glass cleaner.

Detailed instructions: scan from printer to computer

Before you decide to scan a document, you need to decide how the scan will look. You have 2 choices: either this is the in-picture version or plain text. Since the scanner connected to the computer creates by default a separate photo of the work done, you will have to choose how exactly the documents will be saved.

Also, so that everything is preserved exclusively by text only, be sure to use a recognizer. special software that must be installed to see the text with a scanner. So, an ordinary picture will turn into a file, which can be freely edited.

So, you connected the scanner to your computer, installed all the drivers you need on the desktop, so that the device works correctly. What should you do next? What is the aLGorithm for using the scanner? How to Scan Document to PC from Printer?

The aLGorithm looks like this:

  • Carefully place the desired document to be scanned in the required area for scanning in the printer.
  • There will be several buttons on the panel. You need and, where it says “Scan”. Read all buttons carefully so as not to confuse the function. Perhaps the title will be slightly different on second printers, but the essence is the same. By the way, the buttons can be highlighted with special signaling icons, pay attention to them too.
  • As soon as the printer is started, the main operation of the device will begin. You manually adjust the desired parameters by transferring the image to your computer desktop. You will see frames, read absolutely everything that is written, choosing the color, shape of the scan, the presence of text, and so on. And then click “next”, saving your settings.
  • As soon as the printer does its job, the document will appear on the desktop in exactly the program that you specified a couple of minutes ago. Such a document can now be printed on paper, dropped onto a USB flash drive for distribution, or sent by fax.
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Through Paint

  • We put the document into the device.
  • We go to “Start”. We choose “Paint”. If you can’t find it, enter in the search bar.
  • Choose “File”.
  • Click “From scanner or camera”.
  • We choose the device we need (if there are several of them).
  • Making scan settings.
  • Click “Scan”.
  • The transferred image should appear on the screen.
  • Save it.

What does DPI mean when printing or copying a document

You probably noticed when adjusting the print parameters the DPI item, the value of which can be changed. It is an abbreviation that stands for dots per inch. If you see a value of 200 by 400 DPI, then you can imagine a rectangle with an area of ​​200 by 400 dots. In this case, the dots in the printer can be applied in different ways to the surface of the paper during copying or printing. Since there are laser, inkjet, matrix. This metric will also help improve the quality of your scan.

What you need to know about your printer?

A printer is an output device that is capable of transferring digital information to solid surfaces, primarily cardboard paper. A classic printer can do nothing but print text from a computer onto paper. In the modern world, a printer is also called an MFP, which means multifunctional devices. They have built in equipment called a scanner. The MFP contains other functions such as fax.

It is the scanner built into the printer that allows converting information in the reverse order: from printed, printed on paper. to digital.

All this was said to the fact that today there are old working models of devices in which the function of scanning documents is not provided. Therefore, before looking for ways to scan through a printer to a PC, you need to look at the instructions that came with the device. If they are not there, you can find the model’s website and see the information you need.

Scanning through the printer software

A driver from the manufacturer in almost all cases installs a program on the user’s computer, the interface of which allows us to work with the printer. Its icon is also displayed on the desktop. When called, the parameters window appears, where we can change them. And also start scanning or printing.

Features of scanning a document to a computer

Even if your device is an MFP and it has a scanner, this is still not enough to start printing right away. Each hardware in a computer has its own software. It should show the PC how to operate this equipment. If you are the owner of the printer, then the kit should include a floppy disk with the driver. You need to install it into the computer’s disk drive and install the program.

When the required software is installed and the printer is ready to use. Now you can easily scan the documents you need.

Plug in the printer‘s power cord and press the Power button.

Further procedure:

    You need to open the cover that hides the scanning cloth;

The progress of the process will be visible on your computer screen. When it finishes, you will need to name the new file and also specify the path where it should be saved. This is how the principal papers are scanned onto the PC screen.

This can be helpful: how to update your driver online.

How to transfer a document to Paint

Thanks to the versatility of the software, we can start scanning documents from different programs. For example, from Paint. a photo editor, which is available in every version of Windows. It is also very convenient, there is a need to look for a section with a seal. You need to find the Paint program on your computer. Also, make sure the printer is connected to your computer and all required drivers are installed.

    Click the “Start” button (in Windows 7) or the search button (in Windows 10, 8) and type “Paint”;

Now the finished scanned file can be printed, saved as an image in one of the graphic formats, or changed. All this you can do through the “File” button by selecting the appropriate menu item.

How to scan documents from a printer to a computer

Every day we are faced with the need to learn something new while working with a PC. This seemingly ordinary device is actually the most complex invention of the twentieth century. The topic of our article today will help novice office workers. You will learn how to Scan any documents from the printer to your personal computer.

Where to find a driver for your printer

We often lose drivers that come with computer devices.

If this is the first time you connect the printer to a computer and you do not have software for it on the disk, follow these instructions to scan successfully:

  • Connect the printer to your computer and turn on both devices;
  • On the PC, open the Device Manager. To do this, press the WINPAUSE key combination;
  • Select the item “Device Manager” on the left in the menu;
How To Scan From Printer To Computer

Scanning Documents to Your Computer

Many people do not know how to scan, and the need for this can arise at any time. For example, at work or from government agencies, where each document needs to be scanned in a huge number of copies. So how do you do this? There are several effective ways!

How to scan from printer to computer

The printed workflow is steadily replaced by the digital counterpart. However, the fact is still relevant that many important materials or photographs are stored on paper. How to deal with this? Scan and save on your computer, of course.

Paint program

This is the easiest way, requiring from you only the installed Windows operating system and a set of standard programs, among which Paint must be present.

  • First you need to install a printer and connect it to your computer. It is assumed that this stage has already been passed, so just put the required document face down on the scanner glass and close it.
  • Next, we are interested in the aforementioned Paint program. We launch it in any convenient way.
  • An empty window will appear. We are interested in the button with a white rectangle located in the upper left corner. In Windows 10 it is called “File”.
  • After clicking, we find the section “From Scanner and Camera”. Naturally, These words mean a way of adding digital material to the working environment of the Paint program. Making a single click.
  • Then you can choose either “View” or “Scan”. In general, there will be no difference in the results, but the first function will still allow you to see the digital version of the document a little faster, and this will lead to an understanding of how accurate the result will be. If everything suits you, then select the “Scan” button.
  • The result will be uploaded to the working window of the program, which will allow you to quickly assess whether the work has been carried out with sufficient quality or whether you need to correct something and repeat the procedure.
  • To save the finished material, you need to click on the button in the upper left corner again, but select “Save As”. Best of all Hover over the arrow which will open a quick selection of available formats. We recommend using the first option, since it is PNG that provides the best quality.

    This concludes the analysis of the first and easiest method.

    Third Party Programs

    On the Internet you can find a huge number of paid and free programs that help in scanning files. They are equipped with a fairly modern interface and huge potential for processing, for example, the same photos. It is more relevant for a home computer, because not everyone is ready to give money for software in the office.

    • For parsing, VueScan is best suited. This is the software where there are many different settings. In addition, it is convenient and practical.
    • Quite often, the standard settings suit people who need to scan various documents, and not those requiring high quality. Therefore, just click on the “View” button.
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    After that, build the frame so that there are no empty spaces on the future digital analogue, and click “Save”.

  • In just a few steps, the program provides us with a high quality finished file.
  • This concludes the analysis of this method.

    Windows System Capability

    Sometimes it is impossible to make photocopies using Paint or another program. For such a case, another option is provided, which is NOT particularly difficult, but also rather unattractive among the rest due to low customization.

      First, go to “Start”, where we are interested in the section “Devices and Printers”.

    Next, you need to find the current scanner, which must be connected to the computer. Drivers must also be installed. We make a single right-click on it and select “Start Scanning” in the context menu.

    Immediately after that, a new window opens where we can change some basic elements, for example, the format of the future digital analogue or the orientation of the image. The only thing that affects the image quality here is the two sliders “Brightness” and “Contrast”.

  • Here, as in the second method, there is an option for the initial viewing of the scanned document. It also saves time by evaluating the accuracy of the procedure. If there is some confidence that everything is located and configured correctly, then you can immediately click on “Scan”.
  • Immediately after that, a small window appears that tells you what progress is in the scanning procedure. As soon as the strip is filled to the end, it will be possible to save the finished material.
  • You don’t need to press anything for this, just another window will appear in the lower right part of the screen, which offers to choose a name for the document. It is worth noting that it is very important to select the correct settings in the Import Options section. For example, you need to set a save location that is convenient for the user.
  • The finished file must be searched for in the created folder where the path was specified. The analysis of this method is over.

    As a result, we can say that scanning documents is not such a difficult task. However, sometimes it is enough to use standard Windows tools than download and install something. One way or another, the choice is up to the user.

    Scanning with software

    If the scanned text is still to be worked with, the user will need to apply the software. In addition, additional equipment helps to achieve better picture quality and makes the process itself more efficient and comfortable.

    Software workflow using the example of scanning from a Sensys printer:

    • Install device and software.
    • Open the list of programs.
    • Launch an application for an existing printer model.
    • Click “Scan”.
    • The software will prompt you to change scan parameters.
    • Make the necessary edits.
    • Specify storage location.
    • To correct, preview the file.
    • Scan result.
    • Save in prepared storage location.
    • Scanning process
    • Scan text to PC
    • Scanning with software
    • Scanning with Paint
    • Setting scan options
    • Scanning photos
    • Additional tips for working with a snapshot

    Scanning photos and documents to a computer is one of the most common operations in everyday life and in various professional activities. A successfully completed procedure helps to digitize documents for further processing, storage and transmission. The process is SIMple and accessible, so the knowledge of how to Scan from a printer to a computer is available to ordinary people. The main thing is to perform the correct sequence of actions, which you will learn from this article.

    Scanning with Paint

    Scanning with a SIMple, traditional graphics editor also enjoys excellent user guidance. This utility is already in the Windows operating system.

    The way to work with Paint involves doing the following:

    • Find the shortcut to the editor along this path “Start”. “All programs”. “Standard”.
    • Select the term “From Scanner or Camera” in the “File” menu.
    • Decide on the parameters.
    • Scan document.

    Setting scan options

    To get a good quality scan, you need to set special parameters. These settings depend on the resolution. the number of dots per inch. The better the resolution, the better the scanned image. DPI is responsible for this function.

    The most popular DPI indicators are:

    • 100-200. Differs in the speed of image transfer. The quality is inferior.
    • 300-400. The best value if you plan to work with text documents.
    • 500-600. Designed for scans with maximum detail. excellent quality.

    How to scan from printer to computer?

    Scan text to PC

    There are two options for scanning documents in the OS: in the form of text and images. The difference between them is that if the scanner creates a photo of the text by default, then it is no longer possible to edit it. To make corrections to the scanned document, the user must use a recognizer. additional software. It is usually available on a disc that comes with the printer. If you lose a disk You can download the required program, just remember that each scanner has its own driver.

    To successfully work with a text document, users follow the following procedure:

    • Connect the scanner to a PC or laptop.
    • Install available drivers.
    • Configure the machine to scan using the Scanner Wizard.
    • Raise the scanner cover.
    • Place document face down on clean glass.
    • Lower the cover of the machine.
    • Click “Hardware and Sound” on the “Control Panel”.
    • Go to the appeared section “Devices and Printers”.
    • Select “Start Scan”.
    • Set parameters suitable for the document.
    • See what happens by selecting the “Preview” function.
    • Make the necessary edits.
    • Call the function “Scan”.
    • Save result to computer or print.

    Scanning photos

    Gone are the days when photographs could only be developed in a photo studio. With the advent of digital technologies, this process has become much SIMpler and to do, and then also print a photo, the user can, without contacting the relevant services.

    The main thing is to choose the correct settings and follow the Required Procedure:

    • Connect multifunction device to computer.
    • Turn on technique.
    • In the application on the computer, designate the color.
    • Set the desired format “Photo”.
    • Set the highest DPI settings.
    • Make a scan.
    • Save result.

    Scanning process

    The scanning procedure is the same for any special device from HP, Canon, or Samsung (SCX-Gray). Each new scan tool is released together with a disk that stores the required drivers. If you do not have the required software, you can download it on the Internet. Users who scan from the printer for the first time note that if the instructions are followed clearly, the process does NOT take a lot of time and effort.

    For a successful scan using a multifunctional device, you need to do the following:

    • Install the required drivers first. If they are NOT included with the printer, download from the respective sites.
    • Place the scanned item on the corresponding panel with a picture or text against the glass.
    • Turn on the MFP if it is unplugged.
    • Enter the “Devices and Printers” section. It’s on the main control panel.
    • Right-click on the device icon to display a context menu.
    • Set parameters.
    • Select the function “Start Scan”.
    • Click and start the process.

    Additional tips for working with a snapshot

    • When printing photos using a scanner, you need to keep the glass transparent and perfectly clean. With contamination, even minor ones, the photos are of poor quality.
    • Do not lift the scanner lid during printing or tamper with the settings after starting the process.
    • To successfully correct the image before printing, experts recommend using a graphics editor.

    As you can see, using a printer or MFP to scan a photo and any documents is an extremely SIMple process. If you still doubt something, then a visual master class on performing such tasks will help you out. See it in the suggested below.

    Scanning on Mac OS

    If you are the owner of Mac OS, then the steps are almost the same, but you can enter the printers menu by following the “System Preferences”. “Printers” route from the Apple main menu. Then you can act intuitively, since all actions are sequential. You can also easily find an overview of the scanning process in Mac OS on the Internet.

    Scan options

    The most important parameter when working with the scanner and the resulting images is DPI. This abbreviation means the resolution that will correspond to the resulting picture. The higher the value, the better the scan will be. The most common values ​​are:

    • 100-200 dpi. fast, but the lowest quality recognition;
    • 300-400 dpi. great for working with text pages;
    • 500-600 dpi. maximum detail and frame transmission.

    It is worth saying that, for example, the Paint graphic editor makes it easy to change the parameters that affect the image quality.

    Scanning and saving to a computer

    The action is NOT difficult, but to be honest, there is software on the network with a set of functions better than in standard solutions, but more on that later. To make a scan, follow these steps:

    • Of course, you should be concerned about the pre-installation of drivers for the device to function normally. How to perform this action, you can study other reviews on the Internet.
    • Next, we put the document or image in the compartment for scanning so that the side with the content (text, picture, etc.) is facing the glass. It is worth knowing that this is mainly down towards the surface on which the MFP is installed, but in some models of certain manufacturers, the glass may be located on top.
    • The next step is to turn on the MFP, but in fact it can already work and should not be turned off after each scan.
    • Now you can Scan. To do this, you must choose one of the possible methods:
    • You must enter the “Devices and Printers” section, which is located in the “Control Panel”, if the view mode is configured correctly. small / large icons. Next, right-clicking on the printer icon will open a context menu in which you should select the “Start scan” term. In the window that appears, you should set the scanning parameters and start the process, but if you want to preview what the result will be, you can click the “View” button.
    • Use the standard graphics editor Paint. This utility in Windows also allows you to make a scan. To do this, you need to run Paint. The shortcut is located along the path “Start”. “All Programs”. “Standard”, but in the case of systems versions 7, 8 and 10, you can use the search bar. Next, in the “File” menu, you need to select the term “From scanner or camera”. Then you can also select scan options and start the process.
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    How to scan from a printer on a computer

    When working with multifunctional devices (MFP), which are presented on the market of office equipment, today it is very easy to make a scan of a document or image placed in the Corresponding compartment.

    To do this, you can use both the standard tools of the operating system and the installed software.

    Scanning software

    Applications such as VueScan or CuneiForm are the most popular among users. They have the SIMplest functionality, and it is quite easy to recognize any fragment. Also, this function is included in the more global complex software ABBYY FineReader, but it is much more difficult to work with it and in order for an ordinary user to figure it out, you will need to read more than one review or training.

    From the above, it becomes clear that using an MFP as a scanner or a separate device is not so difficult, and there are many opportunities for this, both in the operating system itself and on the Internet in the form of a variety of software: paid with a wide range of functions, more stripped down free, etc.

    Scanning with Paint

    The easiest way to transfer files from the printer to a PC is to learn how to use this program. Paint is included in the standard set of options for the Windows operating base. The step-by-step instructions are given below:

    • You can start the Paint program through “Start” or in the second convenient way. The display will show an empty window with icons. It is necessary to select the white rectangle, placed in the top left corner. In Windows 7, this window is called “File”.
    • Click the item “From camera and scanner”. This makes it possible to transfer material to the working base of the program with a single click.
    • Another window will pop up, offering several options for copying the document. The fastest and easiest way is to choose either color or black and white without additional settings.
    • They are included in the section “Scanning” or “Viewing”. If the presented version suits all parameters, activate the “Scan” button.
    • The resulting result will be loaded onto the Paint working window, which will make it possible to quickly assess the quality of the work performed. To save the selected material, you need to re-name the button in the upper left corner, select the “Save As”.

    This aLGorithm is relevant for “Windows 7”.

    Scanner wizard

    After connecting a printer of any manufacturer, drivers are installed on the PC. To do this, perform the following manipulations:

    • Many manufacturers use Plug and Play technology. It helps Windows recognize hardware and automatically installs it. If the specified function is present, after connecting the scanner, the message “Found new hardware” will be displayed. The inscription is displayed in the lower right corner of the taskbar.
    • Further installation is performed automatically. If this does not happen, the MFP (MFP) Plasma of the specified technology or the OS does not find a driver for the device. You need to click the mouse on the “Found new hardware” window and continue installing the driver.
    • In the search engine icon, click on “Yes, only now”, then activate the “Next” section. It should be noted that the specified window will work only if you enable automatic updating of the operating system through the update center.

    If a driver disc is used, it must be inserted into the drive and will be called the “Next” window. After that, Windows itself will find the necessary drivers and install them.

    After connecting a universal DeskJet printer or an analogue to the computer, making the specified settings for installing the drivers, enter through the “Start” to the “Control Panel”. In the search section, the term “Scanner” is introduced. Several links will appear on the screen, from which they select “View Cameras and Scanners”.

    Ways to scan document from printer to computer

    How do I scan a document from the printer to my computer using the Scanner Wizard? Scanning documents using special software and Paint.

    Transferring information from an MFP or printer to a PC is possible in several ways, differing from each other by the introduction of various software and additional files. The general principle of operation of all methods is almost identical, with the exception of a number of nuances. Knowing them, you can Get the highest possible quality of the image results with the ability to correct text or photos according to the specified parameters.

    • Scanner wizard
    • The easiest way to scan a document from a printer (MFP)
    • Scanning with Paint
    • Using special software
    • Recommendations
    • on the topic:

    The easiest way to scan a document from a printer (MFP)

    • Go to the “Control Panel”, select the section “Hardware and Sound”, “Devices and Printers”. Activate the window with the display of the available printer, select the “Start Scan” item.
    • After specifying the required parameters for copying, click the “Preview” icon. If you are satisfied with the final result, click “Scan”. The information obtained is saved on a PC or printed.

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    Using special software

    Any printer or MFP is supplied with a CD with drivers and software specially designed for a particular model of the device. Installation of such programs makes it possible to get the most effective interaction with the device along with high quality parameters.

    Actions when using special software:

    • After installing the hardware and software, open the list of programs.
    • Find the application for the version of the printer you are using and launch it.
    • Click on Scan.
    • Among the proposed parameters, choose the type, format, color and resolution.
    • Using Explorer, indicate the path for the destination folder where the files are stored. For the convenience of searching and reading a document, it is advisable to immediately give it a name.
    • Removable media can act as a keeper.
    • After previewing the file, they correct the shortcomings and problem areas, and then click on the “Scan” button.
    • After fixing the data, the device confirms the next action by pressing the “Save” button.

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    Some standard applications do NOT save processed pages. They just open them in the image view section. In this case, the combination of keys “Ctrl” and “S” will help to correctly configure the process, after pressing which they select the folder for storing the document.

    To SIMplify the operation, you need to choose software with automatic saving of information, proven by time and users (Adobe Reader or DjvuReader). They make it possible to deduce the format for the image and select the storage. The device can copy the specified file with black outlines, which must be cropped before saving to the PC using the editor. The optimal resolution is 150 dots per inch, for the Official Documentation. 300. The configuration of the final file is affected by the format of saving the scan (jpg, bmp, tif).

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