How to scan from printer to phone

Scan document with Google Docs tools without scanner on Android

Android gadgets also allow users to scan documents using standard functions.

  • To scan, go to the “Disk” application under your account.
  • In the lower right corner you can see a large plus button. By clicking on it, the user opens a menu with the ability to create new files. Select the item “Scan”.
  • We direct the camera to the document. Icons at the top of the screen allow you to control flash, apply filters, adjust aspect ratio, shutter, and general camera setup.

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The buttons at the bottom allow you to take a picture, change the camera and exit the application. The resulting image can be reshomed by clicking on the cross or edited by selecting the checkbox.

Photo can be cropped, rotated, color selected. You can add the next page to your document by clicking on the plus button in the lower left corner. The “Save” button in the lower right will complete the scan. The file is automatically converted and saved in PDF format.

Scanning in Mac OS: instruction

To see a list of available devices on the Mac operating system, the user needs to go to the main menu of the computer, select the “System Preferences” item and find the “Printers Scanners” tab.

In the window that opens, select a multifunction printer from the list of available ones. You can add a new device using the “” button. Go to the Scan tab, then. Open Scanner.

The scanner settings window opens with the ability to view the electronic version of the resulting image. To get started, just select the “Scan” item.

You can save the scanned version of the document in a convenient folder and with the desired extension (by default, pictures are saved in the “Images” folder in JPEG format).

Scanning in Windows with Paint

Not all users know about the advanced features of the OS and specific software. But even children are familiar with the standard Paint program. This utility can help with document scanning for those users who are not too eager to dive deeply into the system settings.

  • turn on the device,
  • open Paint,
  • position the document on the scanner,
  • close the printer cover,
  • select the item “From scanner or camera” in the “File” tab.

In the window that opens, the user only needs to select an available MFP and click the “Scan” button.

Save the resulting image in a convenient resolution (PNG, JPEG, GIF), under the desired name in the specified folder.

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MFP and computer: how to connect

You can convert a document into electronic form and save it on a PC using a multifunctional printer (the so-called MFP). The principle and procedure is the same for Windows and Mac OS devices.

Owners of computers with Windows version up to version 8 will need to install a driver. Those who have “eight” or “ten” are more fortunate: the system can find the necessary driver automatically.

In any case, you first need to connect both gadgets to each other. For this we use a special wire or Wi-Fi connection. We turn on the equipment. If the OS unmistakably determines the model and purpose of the device, you can get to work. If not, you will have to look for the necessary “firewood”.

In caring for customers, manufacturers usually add a driver disc to MFPs. If for any reason the disc is missing. go to the manufacturer’s website and download the required program from the official source for the corresponding version of the operating system.

Run the installer and follow its instructions. The installation of the program takes a few minutes. After completion, it is worth restarting your computer. Some manufacturers, along with the drivers, offer the user to install a specialized software package to simplify the processes of configuration, scanning and printing.

Scanning from Mac OS Using the Machine Software

For Apple technology, MFP manufacturers also supply proprietary programs that allow you to work as quickly as possible with a multifunctional device. Program interfaces for Windows and Mac OS differ little.

  • EPSON Scan,
  • Xerox Easy Printer Manager,
  • HP Easy Scan,
  • Samsung Easy Document Creator,
  • Brother iPrintScan,
  • Canon MF Toolbox.

So it’s hard to make a mistake when choosing the right application. To get a scan of the document, the user can follow the instructions and prompts of the utility.

How to scan a document even without a scanner: 15 ways

We offer a guide on how to scan a document. We use:

  • multifunction printer,
  • the tablet,
  • telephone.
  • Consider different tools and options for different platforms.

Windows 10: step-by-step instructions for scanning

To scan a document without spending extra time searching for and installing additional software, the user can use the standard tools of the system.

Do not forget that the MFP must be turned on.

Open “Start” and go to the control panel (gear icon). We select the item “Devices”.

  • In the window that opens, go to the item “Printers and scanners”.
  • Choosing a multifunction printer connected to a computer.

Place a sheet of document on the scanner glass as straight as possible with the text (image) down. Only a few manufacturers place the scanning element in a closable lid. In this case, the document will need to be turned over.

Make sure the cover of the device is tightly closed. Then we press the button “New scan” (or New Scan).

The program window is divided into two halves.

  • Allows you to get acquainted with the results of the device in advance. You can get a trial electronic version of the document by clicking the “Preview” button.
  • Printer settings window.
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If the user is satisfied with the result he sees, he needs to click on “Scan”.

By setting different parameters of the DPI value, the user will receive a picture with different characteristics.

  • Pictures up to 150 dpi will be created faster, “weigh” less, but significantly lose quality.
  • Images with a pixel density of 150-300 dpi (as a rule, the density is set by default at 300) are obtained a little slower, but working with such a scan is much easier and more convenient. This permission is sufficient for working with most documents.
  • Density of 300-600 dpi is set for better digitizing. With these parameters, the user will receive a high quality picture that takes up a lot of disk space due to detail. True, such an image is created very slowly.

The resulting image will open in a new window and, by default, will be saved in the Scanned documents folder. If the result of the device is unsatisfactory, the user can change the available settings to achieve the desired result.

Scan without scanner on iPone and iPad

When you have an MFP or a scanner on hand, it’s easier to handle. But what to do if the document needs to be scanned urgently, and from the auxiliary devices on hand. only a phone or tablet?!

Owners of gadgets on iOS can create a scan of a document using the preinstalled Notes application.

  • We find this program in the list of applications, create a new entry.
  • In the toolbar, look for “”, click and select the option “Scan documents”.
  • We point the camera and take a photo of the future scanned copy. Markers allow you to specify borders, which you want to position at the corners of the document.
  • If the scanned copy is successful, press the “Leave” button, if not. reshoot.
  • Next, let’s start editing. The image can be cropped, made clearer and brighter by applying filters, rotated.

Scans are saved in the “Gallery”. After creating a digitized copy, you can send it in any convenient way.

Owners of gadgets with iOS version 13 can use the standard “File” utility.

  • Open the application, go to view mode.
  • When you click on the ellipsis (upper right corner) in the menu, look for the item “Scanning Documents”.
  • We aim the camera at the desired object and take a photo. For a high-quality picture, you can set the flash parameters and apply filters.
  • We indicate the boundaries of the document using the sliders. Click Keep scan, then. “Save” and specify the desired folder. You can edit the resulting image using the buttons located at the bottom of the screen. The file is automatically saved in PDF format.

Scan QR code via phone

Most likely, your phone already has a QR code scanner installed by default in the camera or in a separate application, you can easily scan the first QR code with it. This is very easy to do. Just follow our instructions.

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Open the QR code reader or camera on your phone.

Hold the device over the QR code so that it is clearly visible on the screen of your smartphone.

If you hold your smartphone correctly over the QR code, then the following will happen:

  • The phone automatically scans the code.
  • In some code scanning applications, you have to click on the image, and not on the button as to create a photo on your smartphone.

Press the indicated button if required.

Super! Your smartphone reads the code and follows the specified link, which does not always happen instantly. On most devices, this may take a few seconds.

You will start to see QR codes all over the place. They are used for teaching, informing, explaining and many other things. Find them and scan them! QR codes will save you a lot of time and effort.

How to scan QR codes on Android

Now we will show you how to use the QR code scanning app on Android.

1. Open Play Store.
2. Search for QR code reader.
3. Select QR Code Reader (via Scan).
4. Click “Install”.
5. Open the QR code reader.
7. Point the camera at the QR code.
8. Click “OK”.

Open the Play Store on Android. It’s an icon in the app or on the home screen.

Enter the QR code reader in the search engine. A list of QR code reader apps will appear.

  • This article explains how to use QR Code Reader, but you can choose which app you like. Just remember to read about the app before downloading.
  • The steps should be the same for all QR code reader apps.

Click QR Code Reader developed by Scan. The developer’s name is listed below each app. You may have to scroll down the page to find the app made by Scan.

Click Install. A popup will appear asking for permission to access information on your Android.

Click “Accept”. QR Code Reader will now be installed on your Android device.

  • When the application is downloaded, the “Install” button will change to “Open”, and you will have a new icon in the application.

Open QR Code Reader. It’s an icon that looks like a QR code in the app. An application will open that looks like a standard camera screen.

Align the QR code in the camera frame. A bit similar to how you take photos, except that you don’t have to press any buttons. When the barcode scanner reads the code, a popup will appear with the URL in the code.

Click OK to open the website. This launches your default web browser and navigates to the URL in the QR code.