How to Scan On MacBook Using Printer

How to scan documents to a computer through a printer

With a scanner or multifunctional device, you can easily digitize real documents and photographs. In this article, we will talk about how to scan documents to a computer through a printer. Before starting, it should be noted that this cannot be done on a regular printer without additional functions. you must use the all-in-one printer to scan.

Also, on the topic presented, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video. It describes all the steps and examples from the article.


Before using the scanner, you need to install the hardware drivers. If it is an all-in-one printer, then make sure that Windows detects Not only the printer, but also the scanner you need. You can check this through the standard “Printers and Scanners” tool by finding the model of your device in the list.

The second point is the correct position of the document or photograph. A great deal of the quality of the scanned image depends on this. Especially in those situations when it comes to complex documents (worn notes, faint print, and so on). Be sure to remove the cover before placing the document in the scanner. After that, put it near the corresponding mark so that some of the information from the sheets is NOT lost during scanning. Then close the cover and proceed to start scanning.

Windows scanning

The simplest, but not the most functional method is the standard Windows utility. Suitable for simple tasks, but images need further processing. Also, the received data is saved only in the image format, and not as a text document. If you need to quickly scan and send any documents, then do the following:

  • In the search box on the taskbar, enter the name of the fax and scan utility. It can also be launched through the usual control panel.
  • A preview window will appear in front of you. If the all-in-one printer is connected and working properly, then pressing the “New scan” button will start the procedure.
  • Wait for the process to finish. After that, a preview of the scanned document will appear on the right side.
  • You can save the image or send it by fax, email.

Special software

However, the standard Windows Media tool is not suitable for constant use and preparation of documents for further work. If you need to edit the scanned text or improve the quality of the picture, then install one of the Special utilities for scanning. The most popular is ABBYY FineReader of any version. To download the utility, go to the official website at the link provided.

If a scanner is connected and configured in the operating system, it will be automatically detected in FineReader. By the way, this tool supports most of the well-known models from various manufacturers. Finereader has built-in text recognition, so you can convert an image to a full PDF or DOC file, and then make the desired changes. Many settings, functions and modes make the program from ABBYY one of the best solutions for scanning and subsequent processing of the result.

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Manufacturer’s proprietary program

So, we figured out how you can Scan documents on your computer through a printer. As you can see, you can choose a universal program just for your purposes. If we are talking about a one-time scan for personal use, then you can stop at the standard OS functionality. And if you need to Process scanned documents, convert them and use them in your work, it is better to understand the capabilities of ABBYY FineReader or a similar application.

How to scan to MacBook via printer? How to scan from a printer on Mac?

Scanning from your printer your Mac just got easier

scan, macbook, using, printer
  • Open Image Capture.
  • Select your scanner in the panel on the left.
  • Capturing an image will automatically warm up the scanner.
  • Select the correct scan options in the rightmost pane.
  • Click Scan. To start scanning.

How to scan via MacBook?

Scan pictures and documents in Preview on Mac

  • Prepare the pages. Feeder Scanner.
  • In Preview on Mac, choose File menu Import from Scanner [Scanner Name].
  • Set scan options.
  • Click “Scan”.

How to Scan to Macbook Pro?

Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu. Click on the Print Scan icon. Select a device from the list on the left side of the screen and click Open Print Queue. Click on the Scanner icon.

How to scan to a computer from a printer?

How to scan from printer to computer

  • Open the “Start” menu;
  • Go to the “Control Panel”;
  • Go to the “Hardware, Sound” / or “Devices and Printers” tab for Windows 7 and then “Printers”;
  • Select the line “Start scanning”.

How to connect a scanner to a Mac?

How to add a printer or scanner on Mac

  • Open System Preferences by clicking in the upper left corner , select the appropriate menu
  • Select “Print & Fax” (in the latest versions of the “Print & Scan” system)
  • In the lower left corner above the lock icon, press the “” key, a window for adding a printer will appear

How to scan a document with the HP Laserjet 1536dnf all-in-one printer?

Click the Print & Scan or Print, Scan & Fax tab, depending on your printer model. Select Scan, then click Scan Document or Photo. Select a scan shortcut for the task being performed.

Where is the image folder on Mac?

By default, the photos and videos you import into Photos are saved in the Photos library in the Pictures folder on your Mac. The first time you use Photos, you need to create a new library or select the library you want to use.

How to scan a document with the HP Laserjet m1132 all-in-one printer?

Start menu. Devices and printers. Printer icon. Right-click on it. Start scanning. Image resolution. Scan.

How to scan a document on the HP 1005?

Scan using HP LaserJet Scan software (Macintosh).

  • Click the Start button, point to All Programs, Click on HP, and select HP LaserJet M1005 all-in-one printer.
  • Select Scan To to launch the HP LaserJet Scan software.
  • Select scan destination.
  • Click the Scan button.

How to scan a document on the HP m1120 printer?

Scan to HP LaserJet M1120

  • Raise the flatbed scanner lid.
  • Place the original document face down on the flatbed scanner with the top left corner of the document in the corner of the flatbed, as indicated by.
  • Close the cover gently.

How to use the HP scanner?

Scan to cloud

  • Open the scanner cover and place the original face down on the scanner glass as indicated by the arrow under the scanner glass.
  • Close the scanner cover.
  • Double-click the HP Scanning icon on the desktop to open the HP Scanning Shortcuts Dialog Box.

How to scan to MacBook via printer

Connecting a printer to a MACBOOK AIR, PRO or iMAC is a fairly simple thing and does not require specific knowledge, as in principle on Windows. But those who have switched from Windows to MAC may experience difficulties associated primarily with the Other interface of the Mac OS. In order to facilitate this task, I wrote this article, here it is described step by step how to connect a printer to a MAC (MACBOOK AIR, PRO, MAC mini or iMAC) device in different ways (via USB or network interface).

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Connecting Printer to MAC via USB.

The easiest way to connect your printer to your Mac. Using a USB interface, all you need to do is connect your Mac to the printer using a USB cable. Then you need to go to “System Preferences” in the Dock.

In the “System Preferences” panel, click on “Printers & Scanners”.

Next, click on the plus sign to add a printer.

After that, you will be prompted to install software for the printer, as you can understand, in order to download it, you need an Internet connection from your Mac device. Click on the “Install” button. A similar window may appear immediately after connecting the printer to the Mac.

Then the process of downloading and installing the necessary software will begin.

After that, the printer will be available for printing.

Connecting to MACBOOK AIR, PRO, MAC mini or iMAC shared printer connected to Windows.

Consider another situation when the printer is connected to a Windows computer / laptop and needs to be connected to a MACBOOK AIR, PRO or iMAC. To do this, it is not at all necessary to connect USB from the printer to the MAC device every time, it is enough to share (make a network) printer on Windows, I described how to do this in the article Connecting and configuring a network printer in Windows 7.

After you have shared the printer on Windows, now you just need to connect it to the MACBOOK AIR, PRO or iMAC. To do this, go to “System Preferences” in the Dock.

Select “Printers and Scanners”.

Then select the “Windows” tab. After a short scan of the network, the Mac OS will give you available working networks. Your computer name and network printer.

Clicked on the printer, in the “use.” select a driver, several options are possible here:

Generic PostScript printer is a generic driver for printers. It should be used in extreme cases, if there are no “native” drivers for the printer.

Generic PCL printer. Printer Command Language developed by Hewlett-Packard.

Select software. There is a choice of overwhelming software, which is already installed in the MAC OS. Most preferred option.

Other. You can specify the file with the necessary software and drivers (it is desirable to download them from the official website of the printer).

In my case, the option “select software” came up to me, after which I indicated the model of the connected printer.

After that click the “Add” button.

The printer will be added to your Mac OS.

If you want to print something, a window will appear in which you need to enter the credentials of your Windows computer (computer name / account and password). Whatever enters this every time, check the box “Remember this password in the keychain”.

Connecting a network printer to MAC OS (MACBOOK AIR, PRO, MAC mini or iMAC).

In case you need to connect a network printer to the Mac OS (by a network printer in this case, I mean a printer connected directly to your network (using Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable) or through a print server. In general, a printer with IP addresses in your network).

As in previous cases, go to “System Preferences”.

Choose “Printers and Scanners”.

Click on the plus to add a new printer.

In the “Add” window, select the “IP” tab. In the “address” field, enter the IP addresses of the printer or its name on the network. To find out the IP address of the printer, just select in its settings. Printing network settings (the name depends on the printer model), if the printer is connected via a print server, then the IP addresses can be obtained from the DHCP server (if the router is acting as DHCP, then you need to go to its web interface and find the printer in the list of connected devices and find out its IP ).

You can leave the “protocol”, “queue” field blank, in the “Name” field you can specify the name of the printer (the name that will be used on your Mac for this printer), you can also specify its location. At the very bottom, you need to select drivers or use universal ones. “Shared PostScript Printer”.

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Confirm your choice and click “Continue”.

The printer will be added to your MACBOOK AIR, PRO, MAC mini or iMAC and you can use it without hindrance.

Scan to one PDF file

You can scan multiple pages of documents in many ways, then save them in different formats for later use. As part of this article, we will show you how to save the scanned material into one PDF file.

Scan to one PDF

Further instructions will allow you to scan several pages of documents into one file using a conventional scanner. The only thing you need is special software that provides the ability not only to scan, but also to save material to a PDF file.


Scan2pdf provides all the tools you need to scan and save pages into a single PDF. The software supports any devices for scanning, the purchase of a license is NOT required.

  • Open the page following the link provided by us and select the item “Scan2PDF” from the list. The program must be downloaded to the computer and installed.

Completed the installation process and opened Scan2PDF, for convenience, you can change the interface language to “Russian” from the “Settings” section.

Expand the “Scan” list and go to the “Select Scanner” window.

  • From this list, you need to select a device that will be used as source.
  • After that, on the toolbar or through the same list, click on the “Scan” button.
  • If the scan is successful, the pages you need will appear in the program window. There are three additional tools for material processing in the “View” menu:

      Page Properties. for editing content, including background and text;

    “Images”. to open a window with added scans;

  • “Professional mode”. for simultaneous work with all instruments.
  • Open the “File” list and select “Save to PDF”.

    Select a location on your computer and click the “Save” button.

    The finished PDF document automatically includes all added pages.

    The program has a high speed of processing files and allows you to create a PDF file from scanned material in a few clicks. However, in some cases, the number of tools provided may not be enough.


    In addition to the program discussed above, you can use RiDoc, a software that provides the ability to merge several scanned pages into one file. In more detail about the features of this software, we have described in the corresponding article on the site.

      Following the instructions from the material at the link below, scan documents, downloaded and prepared pages in the program.

    Select the image to be added to the PDF file and on the top toolbar, click on the icon with the signature “Glue”. If necessary, through the menu of the same name Change the basic parameters of the images.

    After that press the button “Save to PDF” on the same panel or in the menu “Operations”.

    In the “Save to file” window, change the auto-assigned name and place a marker next to “Save in multipage mode”.

    Change the value in the “Save folder” block, indicate the appropriate directory. Other parameters can be left in the standard form, clicked the “Ok” button.

    If the steps in the instructions were followed correctly, the Saved PDF document will automatically open. It will consist of all prepared scans.

    The only drawback of the program is the need to purchase a license. However, despite this, you can use the software for a 30-day trial period with access to all tools and without annoying ads.

    The considered programs are very different from each other in terms of functionality, but equally well cope with the task. If you have any questions about this manual, write them in the comments.

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