How To Scan On Pantum Printer

Scan to one PDF file

How To Scan On Pantum Printer

You can scan multiple pages of documents in many ways, then save them in various formats for later use. As part of this article, we will show you how to save scanned material into one PDF file.


Scan2PDF provides all the tools you need to scan and save pages into a single PDF. Software supports any devices for scanning, the purchase of a license is NOT required.

  • Open the page following the link provided by us and select the item “Scan2PDF” from the list. The program must be downloaded to the computer and installed.

Completed the installation process and opened Scan2PDF, for convenience, you can change the interface language to “Russian” from the “Settings” section.

Expand the “Scan” list and go to the “Select Scanner” window.

  • From this list, you need to select a device that will be used as source.
  • After that, on the toolbar or through the same list, click on the “Scan” button.
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    If the scan is successful, the pages you need will appear in the program window. There are three additional tools for material processing in the “View” menu:

      Page Properties. for editing content, including background and text;

    “Images”. to open a window with added scans;

  • “Professional mode”. for SIMultaneous work with all instruments.
  • Open the “File” list and select “Save to PDF”.

    Select a location on your computer and click the “Save” button.

    The finished PDF document automatically includes all added pages.

    The program has a high speed of processing files and allows you to create a PDF file from scanned material in a few clicks. However, in some cases, the number of tools provided may not be enough.


    In addition to the program discussed above, you can use RiDoc, a software that provides the ability to merge several scanned pages into one file. In more detail about the features of this software, we have described in the corresponding article on the site.

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      Following the instructions from the material on the link below, scan the documents, downloaded and prepared the pages in the program.

    Select the image to be added to the PDF file and on the top toolbar, click on the icon with the signature “Glue”. If necessary, through the menu of the same name Change the basic parameters of the images.

    After that, click the “Save to PDF” button on the same panel or in the “Operations” menu.

    In the “Save to file” window, change the auto-assigned name and place a marker next to “Save in multipage mode”.

    Change the value in the “Save folder” block, indicate the appropriate directory. Other parameters can be left in the standard form, clicked the “Ok” button.

    If the steps in the instructions were followed correctly, the Saved PDF document will automatically open. It will consist of all prepared scans.

    The only drawback of the program is the need to purchase a license. However, despite this, you can use the software for a 30-day trial period with access to all tools and without annoying ads.

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    Scan to one PDF

    Further instructions will allow you to scan several pages of documents into one file using a conventional scanner. The only thing you need is special software that provides the ability not only to scan, but also to save material to a PDF file.

    The considered programs are very different from each other in terms of functionality, but equally well cope with the task. If you have any questions about this instruction, write them in the comments.

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