How to Scan To Epson Printer

How to scan to a printer. Useful tips

How to Scan to Printer? Today even a child can handle this. For a long time, a printer, scanner and copier have been combined into one multifunctional device. The so-called all-in-one printer. They differ Not only in design, but also in speed, quality of work and other properties.

If in the first place when choosing such a device is compactness and a limited budget, then it is better to consider the most simple devices. An example of such an option from Epson would be the Stylus CX 4100. How to Scan to a printer of this brand?

This device has a color scanner based on a CCD-sensor, optical resolution size. 1200x2400dpi. I must say that for a device of this class this is a pretty decent resolution.

There are three modes of operation on this scanner:

Simple. some of the settings must be done manually;

Automatic. identification of the type and source of the document, optimization, preview and scanning are performed automatically;

Professional mode. the user has the ability to carry out all the parameter settings independently.

The device comes with a disk with drivers and a program for manual or automatic scanning, saving in PDF format, restoring colors in photos, and so on.

Connect the scanner-printer to the computer, install the device driver and you can start working. How do I scan from a Stylus CX 4100 printer? It’s very simple. Placing the necessary document on it, open the EPSON Smart Panel application on the desktop, find the Scan icon in it and start the information reading process. Then follow the prompts.

How to scan on a Samsung SCX 4100 printer

This is another representative of multifunctional devices. There is also a dedicated scanner application. “Samsung SmarThru 4”, it is installed with the device driver using the optical disc.

Open the printer lid, place a document or photo there (you need to be guided by the guide marks). Now you can launch “Samsung SmarThru 4”, find the “scan” icon in it and click on it. You will see another window in which you need to select a mode for scanning. How to scan to a printer in different modes?

If you use the Application tab, you can send the scanned document to one of the programs on your computer. If you apply the “E-mail” tab, then scanning will be performed with the subsequent sending of a document or photo to the specified email address. The “Folder” section will help you save the scan result on your computer. And if you need to recognize the text, then use the “Recognition” tab.

Select the mode you need, set all resolutions and color values, then click the “Scan” button and start the process.

How to scan to a printer without using the “Samsung SmarThru 4” application

To do this, you need to use the “TWAIN” interface, which is usually installed in the operating system by default. In order to start the process, you need to open a graphics editor or OCR program and select “Samsung SCX 4100” as the source of the opened document.

As you can see, the principle of operation of all multifunctional devices is the same: just install the drivers and connect the printer to the computer, and then calmly start working.

How to scan on a panasonic kx mb1500 printer

Laser multifunctional devices, once regulars only in offices and offices, somehow quietly and imperceptibly began to appear in our home. These, of course, are not at all cumbersome and expensive “monsters”, but devices that inherited from them the versatility and readiness to solve a lot of diverse tasks.

Separately a printer, a separate scanner, or even a fax on the bedside table, and a “braid” of wires to boot. a typical picture of recent times. But everything is changing, thinking about buying a printer for home, many began to lean in favor of an inexpensive, versatile multifunctional device. The only question is which printing technology to opt for.

Today there are a lot of laser-type budget home devices. Their cost does NOT scare you, and the compactness of SEPARATE models even surprises.
Panasonic has been manufacturing laser printers and all-in-one printers for NOT the first year. Nevertheless, speaking about the company’s printing devices, one is more likely to recall the legendary fax machines that print on thermal paper, and meanwhile, its arsenal has interesting and modern solutions.

All-in-one printer Panasonic KX-MB1500, which we will look at today, refers to a compact type device, focused on the work of small and medium groups. The design of the all-in-one printer is quite simple and unremarkable. A sort of typical office worker, in the best sense of the word. The KX-MB1500 is the youngest in the line and does not have a built-in fax. The all-in-one printer is available in three colors: black, white and combined (white with black front). The body of the device is made of high-quality plastic, all elements are carefully adjusted, and the device itself is a typical candy bar.

The device is made according to the classical scheme, but it has one very interesting solution, which made it possible to eliminate the receiving tray. Although it would still be more correct to say, simultaneously hide and replace it. The small space under the scanner is used as a receptacle and can be increased in the case of heavy printing. To do this, it is enough to raise the front part of the scanner and fold the stop. Quite a simple and very convenient solution that made it possible to reduce the height of the device by a couple of centimeters.

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Another point that I would like to note is the control panel. However, not everything is so simple here. On the one hand, we have before us a large functional panel with a two-line monochrome screen, a convenient navigation unit and a digital programming unit, and a sweeping layout of controls with large signatures. Everything is convenient and close at hand, there are some pluses on the face.
But on the other hand, the panel is clearly overloaded and noticeably overlaps the capabilities of the all-in-one printer itself. So, for example, the numeric block located on the right side is actually just an add-on inherited from the model with a fax. KX-MB1520. If you look at the programmable functions of the device, you will see that more than half of the codes describe fax functions. Setting up a printer, scanner or copier is easier and faster to do from a computer or using the “Menu” and “Options” buttons on the panel itself.

According to its capabilities, the all-in-one printer would be more correct to consider for work at home or in a small group, with a small workflow. This is indicated by the lack of network capabilities and the notorious fax, despite a decent monthly load. This means that it would be worth paying more attention to a design that takes into account the mood of the home environment. Its appearance should be more modern, versatile, without any obvious hints at the place of its application. Alternatively, I removed the digital block, revising the layout of the buttons and the design of the panel, you can get rid of the feeling of an office device. The shape of the body is just for this. But as they say, taste and color all have their own special opinions.

Completion and installation


  • All-in-one printer Panasonic KX-MB1500;
  • Toner cartridge (starter)
  • Power cord;
  • CD with drivers and necessary software;
  • USB cable.

It is very rare to see a USB cable included with a printer. Of course, this is a trifle, but, you see, a pleasant one. Now there is no need to solve this issue on your own, the manufacturer has already taken care of this.

Installing the KX-MB1500 in the system Takes no more than 5 minutes. The complete disk contains all the necessary drivers and software for Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 The installation of the device under Windows 7 went quite smoothly and did not reveal any software inconsistencies.

As a toolkit for working with the all-in-one printer, we are offered a fairly simple and convenient program Multi-Function Station.
The program window consists of four tabs: Scanning, remote control, utilities and Customization.

The Scanning tab has five customizable presets for working with the scanner, four of which are available directly from the menu of the device itself. Customizable presets greatly simplify the work with the same type of documents and, importantly, save time, avoiding monotonous repetitive scan settings.

Remote control serves as a software alternative to the digital programming unit of the control panel. In other words, the all-in-one printer setup codes can be entered remotely, do not approach the device.

Through the Utilities tab, you can prompt the device status and assess its readiness for work, or launch the all-in-one printer viewer. This program has a small set of basic functions for editing scanned documents (selection of a scanning area, cropping, rotating, copying, combining several documents into one, etc.).

And the last tab is “Settings”. It opens access to the general settings of the device (with the choice of the path to the recognition program (OPC)), as well as the advanced settings of the scanner (with the choice of the path for saving documents when working with presets).
It should be noted that Multi-Function Station is easy to learn, easy to use and intuitive even for an untrained person.

For Mac OS X users, things are a little more complicated. You cannot do without visiting the company’s website, since the driver missing on the disk will have to be downloaded from there. But this is not the most unpleasant thing. The fact is that, alas, there is no full support for the KX-MB1500.

Choosing the Mac OS X operating system on the all-in-one printer support page, we get to the page of the second model line. It can be assumed that this model was simply not included in the list, and the driver present on it is the same for all devices. It happens. But for those who managed to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion (my case), the troubles do NOT end.

For this version of the operating system, there is only a beta driver, which only provides the all-in-one printer. Like this. It remains to wait for the final version, promised by the manufacturer in early 2012.

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Comprehensive check

The device is ready for operation within 10 seconds after switching on.
Since the KX-MB1500 does not have expansion components (card reader, flash drive slot, Wi-Fi module), its autonomous capabilities are limited to the copy function. But the all-in-one printer copes with this task very well.

Copied text documents are of high quality and difficult to distinguish from the originals. Documents with graphic elements Also do not cause difficulties in devices, but they look a little simpler (rougher). The copier has three copy modes “Text”, “Photo” and “Text / Photo”. Having experimented with them, we can say that the modes match their description. True, sometimes it is necessary to reduce the contrast of the copy in order to avoid blurring the picture. In Photo mode, it takes 23 seconds for the device to make the first copy. Affected by the high scanning resolution. With the settings “Text” and “Text / Photo” the same operation takes only 10 seconds.

The all-in-one printer Panasonic KX-MB1500 is equipped with a full color CIS flatbed scanner with an optical resolution of 600 × 1200 dpi (software interpolation resolution can be up to 19200 dpi). But here you need to understand that the interpolated image is a programmatically recalculated picture, which is based on the original with the maximum optical resolution. Therefore, the scan speed in 1200 dpi mode will not differ from the scan speed in high resolution modes.

Scan speed in color, A4 format Resolution (dpi)




14 sec
52 sec
1 min 46 sec

The scanner is very quiet and pretty nimble. You can work with it through a computer and directly from the control panel. There are four scanning modes in the all-in-one printer menu: “View”, “File”, “E-mail” and “ORD”.
Work with documents is carried out according to the scanning modes. Scan Mode Preview. opens the document in the Preview window of Multi-Function Station. The “File” mode allows you to save the document in the “Panasonic scanned files” folder, which was created when the device was installed. In the “E-mail” mode, the mail client will automatically start, and the scanned document will be attached to a new message. “ORD” mode start the program by recognizing symbols (software is not included in the package). The KX-MB1500 also allows you to scan multi-page documents and combine them into one file. To do this, you must select TIFF or PDF as the format of the final file.

Panasonic KX-MB1500 is built on the basis of a laser printer, with a maximum print resolution of 600 × 600 dpi. The printer warms up very quickly, and it takes only 10 seconds for the first sheet to come out. The all-in-one printer is equipped with a fairly large built-in feed tray that can hold 150 sheets of 80g / m² paper. Above it is a single sheet-load out-of-order tray with media size guides for convenience.

The printer works with three types of cartridges. The first of them is the starting one. It is not for sale, it only comes with the device. Its capacity is approximately 500 pages (referring to ISO / IEC 19752). KX-FAT400A7 (1800 pages) and KX-FAT410A7 (2500 pages) are official Panasonic KX-MB1500 toner cartridges recommended by the company for use in this product. Changing the cartridge is very simple. To do this, it is necessary to Fold back the front part of the case, and pull the cartridge towards you. The replacement procedure is really very simple and even a child can do. After installing a new printer cartridge, it takes about 10-15 seconds to be ready for work again.

The speed test (printing an A4 text document with 5% coverage) showed almost full compliance with the declared speed. 17 pages per minute.
Printing a 30-page test document (with parameters: default margins, text typed in Times New Roman 10 points, headings 12 points) from MS Word 2003 showed an identical result. 17 pages / min.
Printing a 20-page PDF is not difficult, containing small bitmap illustrations in RGB format and 10-point text, has not been changed. All the same 17 ppm.

The print quality of the printer, which has a maximum resolution of 600 dpi, is pretty good. Letters and numbers in all Draft and Standard modes are crisp and dense. The difference between the results is almost invisible. We read the text up to the fourth point. But upon closer examination, it is still noticeable that the edges of the letters in the “Draft” mode are rougher than in the standard. On their contours you can see a slight “ladder”, which adds some negligence to the document, which I noted above with the words “almost invisible”.

The toner saving mode, and this function is enabled on the print quality tab, noticeably reduces the black density, leaving all the same negligence in the “Draft” mode. The text of the document turns dark gray, but we DO NOT see the bitmap image. The printer copes with vector graphics without serious claims. Black density is clearly visible on a density scale from 1 to 100%, gradient streaks are distinct. The printer exhibits excellent, dense black solid areas, and the maximum ruling is 100 lpi. For documents with graphic elements of a text editor, such possibilities are enough in abundance.

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But the bitmap printing is not the strongest point of the Panasonic KX-MB1500. For text and office graphics of high resolutions and complex algorithms of rasterization is NOT required, but for the transfer of any realistic pictures, the capabilities of this printer are still not enough. As I noted above, speaking about copying, the image is NOT too expressive (simple) and uneven. Density floats on fills and transitions, creating a stripe effect. No tricks, such as adding to the main print mode the functions “Print fills” or “Print graphics in black”, the picture does NOT change, or rather, these changes are practically NOT noticeable during normal viewing. Only a decrease / increase in contrast helps to improve the result. This function with a step of ± 10 (20 positions) can slightly stretch the image, added missing details to “overexposed” or “sagging” fragments.

Summing up, we can safely say that Panasonic brought to the market an interesting product with an excellent price / quality ratio. The device is very compact, very simple, and most importantly, extremely affordable. The all-in-one printer is excellent for the role of a home generalist, and as such it will generate legitimate interest. As I already said, the KX-MB1500 is more correctly considered for work at home or in a small office. The lack of a network interface significantly limits the multi-user functions of the printer and scanner, which can affect the work of offices with intensive document flow.

The positive points that the potential buyer should pay attention to, there are enough in the all-in-one printer. these are compactness, good equipment, quick warm-up and quick start, a quiet and rather nimble scanner, high print quality, ease of learning and operation. From what is somewhat confusing, perhaps, only the large overloaded control panel. Its design gives the device an uncompromising office look and impacts the overall experience. At the time of this writing, the Panasonic KX-MB1500 could be purchased for less than 4,000 rubles, and for a laser multifunctional device, this price is very tempting.

Bought an all-in-one 3in1 printer today, installed everything you need
the problem is this. The scanner refuses to work, “PC fault / busy” comes out, after each shutdown
only reinstalling the firewood from the disk, which is included in the kit, helps. But every time they overtake firewood is also NOT an option
tell me what could be

There are several driver versions for this hardware. To download the driver Panasonic KX-MB1500, click on the link and then download the driver to your computer.

Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Size: 39.75 MB
Bit depth: 32/64
Reference: MFS15_112_1_RUS.Exe

Instructions for using the all-in-one printer are here. This document applies to the KX-MB1500RU and KX-MB1520RU.

Optional driver update

In the event that you need to update the drivers that are installed on your computer for this all-in-one printer, then you can use the links below to download the latest programs and drivers.

Size: 25.5 MB
Bit depth: 32/64

Device Monitor

To monitor the status of your all-in-one printer, we recommend downloading the official utility.

Click here to download the utility. Program weight. 4.5 MB.

Driver Installation in Windows 10

So, you have downloaded the driver for the all-in-one printer from our site. To start installing the driver you need to extract. To do this, open the downloaded file and click “Unzip”. The driver will be extracted to the same folder where the archive was downloaded. You can adjust the final destination using the “Browse” button.

After unzipping, open the Install file from the newly created folder.

After starting the file, you will be greeted by the main installer window. If you have little experience with similar software, we recommend choosing an easy installation.

The installer will make all the necessary preparations.

We accept the license agreement by clicking “Yes”.

In the connection selection menu, select the “Connect using USB cable” item. At this stage, nothing needs to be connected.

In the next window, you only need to mark a single tick and click “Next”.

If you have done everything correctly so far, you will be greeted with the I / O system configuration window.After a short period of time, it will change to the window shown below.

Most likely you will see the Windows Security window. Since the driver does NOT carry any malicious intent to your computer, boldly ignoring all exclamations is safe and click “Install”.

scan, epson, printer

To complete the installation, you need to connect the printer to the computer and click “Next”.

A little more time will pass and the driver will be installed. Done, Panasonic KX-MB1500 driver has been installed successfully!