How to see where the iPhone was in the settings

Where to see iPhone storage capacity

What is the memory in the iPhone doing. look in the iOS settings

When buying iPhone phones, a potential user is interested in the main technical characteristics, one of such parameters is the device’s memory. IPhone persistent memory is used to store your files, its size affects how much music, videos, applications, etc. will fit in the phone. Measured so far in Gigabytes (Gb).

Today I will show you the places where you can see the amount of memory of almost any model of Apple iPhone. The post will be useful for buyers of new or used (used) phones. You will also find out how much memory is occupied, what it is used for and how much free space is left for recording.

How much memory is in the iPhone. box

IPhone storage is indicated on the box. 32Gb and 16Gb

You read about physical memory, but many are also interested in the amount of RAM, which can be found here. How much RAM is in an iPhone.

Free and Used Memory. iOS firmware

If the iPhone is activated and the first time it is turned on, then go to the application:

  • Settings. General. About this device. Memory capacity and Available

Here you will see the total memory capacity and the available (free for writing) memory. In the latest firmware, the iPhone Storage section has appeared, it is located here:

The storage displays not only the total and used memory, here you can see what the iPhone’s memory is used for, and below which application takes up how much space. In this section, you can immediately free up memory by cleaning unnecessary programs using uninstall.

You can completely clear the iPhone memory using. full reset, or simply delete applications that you can do without.

Watching iPhone memory in iTunes

You can view the amount of storage on your iPhone in iTunes

Another way to find out how much total memory is using the iTunes computer program:

  • We connect our iPhone to the computer using the supplied cable, if the cable is not native, then preferably certified
  • Run the iTunes program on the computer
  • In the program, click the iPhone icon. Overview. look at the iPhone memory capacity

In the case of iTunes, you will have to round off, for example, if it shows 29.8 GB, then this is a model with 32 GB of memory. Using the listed methods, you can see how much memory is in the iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and in other models. Also in iPod Touch and iPad tablets.

iphone, settings

Other possibilities

With Find My open, go to the People tab and select someone’s name. You can do the following.

iphone, settings

Find a friend in Find My on iPhone

Use the Find My app. to view the locations of your friends.

Note. If you want to know if your friends are far away, make sure that the “Exact location” option is turned on for the Latitude application. See Manage location information on iPhone.

Receive notifications when a friend arrives, leaves, or isn’t there

When you create a location-based notification, your friend will receive notifications.

How to see frequently visited places on iPhone and can you turn them off

Did you know that your iPhone always knows where you are? No, we’re not talking about geolocation in applications right now. Many iPhone and iPad users are unaware of the fact that their devices are constantly sending data about their location to Apple, and also save all the information on the devices themselves. It’s one thing if a person has absolutely nothing to hide, but what if he doesn’t want to advertise his adventures in some places? Apple has provided an option to disable this feature, but by default it is always enabled. and the user is not even asked about it.

iPhone is constantly monitoring you. And don’t be confused by these cute “eyes”

Adding Friends to Favorites

Favorite friends are shown at the top of the people list and are marked with an asterisk.

Tap People, then tap the person you want to add to Favorites.

Do one of the following:

Tap the username, then tap Add [name] to Favorites.

Swipe left on your username, then tap the star.

To remove a friend from Favorites, swipe left and tap the star, or tap a friend’s name, then tap Remove [name] from Favorites.

How to find out where your (or not your) iPhone has been

Slyly hidden in the wilds of iOS 7, an opportunity would be very attractive to detectives, jealous husbands and just curious people who want to know where the owner of the iPhone is often. The beauty (or evil) of the Frequently Visited Places menu is that it stores the history of the movement of the device, which is quite detailed at that. Where it happens, how much time does it spend, when by dates.

The articles of the cycle are written for beginners and tell in simple language about useful tricks and capabilities of iOS / OS X.

UiP Tips Released Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Before I tell you where this useful menu is hiding, I will allow myself to do some work. Guys, do not use this knowledge to the detriment of relatives, friends or just different people! At the very least, this is an invasion of privacy.

Well, okay, open Settings → Privacy → Geolocation services → System services → Frequently visited places and look in the History section. The entries are grouped by city, and then by the addresses of the most frequent visit. A little deeper is the log with dates and time periods.

The menu does not offer any options for exporting information, it can only be viewed. But we know how screenshots are taken.

The logical question is, why should iOS 7 save such specific information at all? The answer is hidden here. to provide “useful geolocation information” and improve Apple maps. With the second it is even more or less clear, but the first one sounds rather dull. My advice to you, if you yourself do not need to analyze your movements every now and then, deactivate the “Frequently visited places” option, after clearing the history. For every fireman.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

Providing information about your location

When Share My Location is turned on, you can use Find My to share your location with friends, family, and contacts stored on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Location information can also be shared in Find People on an Apple Watch with watchOS 6 or later, a GPS-enabled, cellular, and paired with an iPhone.

If you’ve already set up Family Sharing and are using Share Location, your family members will automatically appear in Find My.

You can also share your location in the Messages app.

Searching using SIRI

All the same actions can be done using SIRI from another iPhone. The main thing is that it is connected through the same Apple ID. So, through one account, as many as 6 devices can work.

Tell SIRI. where is my iPhone? She will send a beep to him so that you can quickly find.

How to find iPhone by phone number

Finding your device by phone number, as in the case of IMEY, is almost impossible. Cellular operators, again, will not do this, but rather simply block your number and issue a new SIM card.

Try to call your iPhone, the finder can pick up the phone and make an appointment with you.

Turn on Lost iPhone and enter a different contact number so that the finder phone can call you.

They called you and said that they found your iPhone or received an SMS

Consider what options for events can go with such a call.

You will be asked to meet and return your phone in a crowded place, or you will be asked to come. Meet, if you wish, thank you with some kind of reward. If you eat yourself, take someone with you.

They will offer to return the smartphone for a reward. Here everything can go according to two scenarios.

a) It is more likely that scammers called you and will try to ask you for a reward on their card. But in reality they do not have a telephone. So you can transfer money, and they will stop picking up the phone.

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b) You really got a call from the person who found the smartphone who wants to cash in on the grief. Offer such a reward when you meet. Meet also in a crowded place and you can call the police with you. Since this is already extortion and it is generally not clear who is calling you with money for a meeting.

Important! A normal person will not offer you to return the phone for a fee, but will simply return it. And to give any encouragement to him or not, that’s up to you. Often such retention with ransom is classified in our country precisely as theft with extortion.

If you changed your SIM card and received an SMS with information that someone turned on the phone. There is a link that is suggested to go. do not do it. These scammers are trying to unlink your Apple ID so that the iPhone is white again. Do all actions with your smartphone exclusively through the official website. If you follow this link and provide any data, you can say goodbye to the device.

Important! Often the link is a fake page, made very similar to the official iCloud website, where they simply steal data from your account. Look carefully at which site you are going to, this is extremely important.

Find iPhone by IMEI. How?

There is no direct way to find the iPhone itself by IMEY. Even if you contact your cellular operator with such a request, they will only be able to block the GSM network on the device. And they won’t look for a location.

Important! You can see the IMEI of the phone on the box from the smartphone or in the iCloud settings.

Be sure to give information about IMEY to the police so that law enforcement agencies are already looking for your smartphone using this code.

Ask cellular operators to block your device in their cellular networks using IMEY. Also add it on the site. This must be done so that no one can use the phone in the future.

Turn on Lost to have iPhone blacklisted by Apple.

How to find your iPhone: if it’s turned off, use its name and phone number

To find an iPhone if it is lost, to secure the information that is stored on it, Apple has developed a whole search and protection system for this.

In this article, we will analyze in detail how to find an iPhone from another iPhone, computer or smartphone, in case of loss, whether it is turned off or not. The main thing is to save STIHL and follow the instructions described in the article.

The previous article was devoted to the built-in function in Apple smartphones. iPhone locator. Today we will continue to analyze this topic, and you will find out all the ways to find a lost iPhone, if lost or in other cases. We will do this from a computer or from another iPhone.

Find iPhone via iPhone or Computer. All Steps

Let’s start with the steps to take as soon as you find your phone is missing. It will be very good if no one has managed to find it yet and you know the approximate place where you lost it.

Call him from another phone. So, we will check if it is turned on and beep. Find out the approximate location. If you are nearby, you can quickly find.

If someone has already found it, they can pick up the phone and return your device to you. If the iPhone is already turned off, and you remember that the charge was full, then most likely it was stolen. What to do in this situation is written below.

Go to the site. from a computer or other smartphone. Enter the details from your account. Select your iPhone from the list of devices and try beeping it. This is convenient if there is no other phone to call it.

If you can’t find it, turn on Lost Mode. Indicate your contact information by which the finder will be able to contact you. This is convenient, especially if you immediately change your SIM card.

If the phone is turned off and you know for sure that it was stolen. In the same window, you can immediately click on clear iPhone to erase all your data from it and attackers could not get access to them.

When you find a device, in the future everything can be restored from an iPhone backup.

After turning on the search function, look on the map where your device is located, move towards it, and turn on the beep to hear. If someone takes a smartphone, they will be able to contact you using the contact information you left.

Important! If, when the phone was lost, it did not have a password and it could be easily unlocked, then I recommend changing the passwords: from mail, Apple ID and others that a person could access from your phone. Change your Email password first.

If stolen 100%. After the above operations, call or go to your mobile operator and block the SIM card, in the office. reissue to be in touch.

There is a lot of data now: banks, access to sites and other actions require a phone number. And he will not be with you, in order to avoid problems, it is better to immediately make a lock or change the SIM card.

Go to the police, write a statement on the loss. I also highly recommend contacting your own and not only cellular company to make a blocking by IMEI. Also add it here.

Be sure to take documents with you to the police confirming that the phone is really yours and your documents.

If the device has not been found for a long time, then remove it from the list of trusted devices in iCloud.

Next, we will take a closer look at what needs to be done in certain situations if your phone is lost.

Important! How to properly configure the locator on your device is described in detail in the material. locator on the iPhone. Always enable this feature on a new device.

How to find iPhone if it is turned off

The most difficult thing is to find your device if it is turned off. the battery / accumulator is empty. So, the iPhone simply won’t transmit its location information. But, you can see where he was when he was last turned on.

Important! For the geolocation search function to work at all, it must be enabled in the phone settings. Settings. Privacy. Location Services. On.

Go from a computer or other phone to and enter your Apple ID information. Turn on Lost Mode and see where the device was last located. Set the checkbox “Notify me of a find” in the active position.

If you want, you can immediately erase your iPhone so that all data is erased. All actions that you take on this page will work only when the phone is turned on and connected to the network.

All notifications will be sent to the email specified for your account: about turning on the device, playing a sound signal on it. So you will immediately know when it was turned on.

Go to the police with a missing person report. In some cases, the device can be found quite quickly, especially if you know roughly where the device was lost.

Important! I also highly recommend that you read the detailed material on what you need to do to find an iPhone via iCloud.

Now you know how to find iPhone from another iPhone or computer, stolen or just forgotten online. And what actions need to be taken first of all in order to surely return your device to yourself.

How to view your travel history

Next, to view the list, the smartphone will ask you to enter a password or log in via Face ID.

You will see a list of cities. next to each is the number of geolocations and the dates when you were in them. For example, if you choose the city in which you live, you will find dozens of points (in some cases there may be hundreds). My smartphone recorded 136 places in New York, where I have been.

Apple claims that all locations are encrypted and cannot be read by the company. We’ll have to take her word for it. I do not like that such information is so carefully hidden from the user.

Anyone who has ever been involved in the development of a digital product knows that if you hide some function behind a lot of screens, scrolls, clicks and non-obvious names, then you are doing this so that the end user does not see this content.

How to see frequently visited places on iPhone

Scroll down to the System Services menu.

iPhone Settings You Should Change Right Away

  • Select “Important Locations”.
  • iOS even shows the approximate time span when you were in a particular place. Why does Apple need all this? The company explains its behavior by the desire to customize the device for a specific user. For example, to create geolocation memories with the Photos application. But to be honest, such close attention from the smartphone confuses even me. The iPhone knows how long I spent driving before arriving at my destination (thanks to the connection to the car), calculates all the addresses where I go most often, keeps track of the time. It’s good that access to this section is only possible for the owner of the device (you will need to enter a password or go through authorization using Touch ID or Face ID), but it’s still somehow uncomfortable.

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    iPhone knows everything about your movements

    Interestingly, the Frequently Visited Places feature is enabled by default. It costs Apple nothing to ask its users when collecting sensitive information. On the other hand, I don’t think customers will happily allow a third-party company to track their movements. Therefore, most likely, this section was hidden so far in the settings. Most of the iPhone owners with whom I spoke in our Telegram chat do not even know about its existence.

    All of this looks even more terrifying when you consider the recent advice of the US NSA to prevent device tracking.

    How to turn off frequently visited places on iPhone

    In the section “Important locations” at the very top there is an item of the same name, which can be disabled. If you wish, you can not turn off the Important Locations function, but only erase all information about visited places or some of them. To do this, you need to go to each location and delete information about it from the device.

    Do not assume that frequently visited places are needed to constantly monitor you. For example, the same geolocation clues are based on data received from the Important Locations service. Geolocation clues in iOS serve to inform the user of various useful information related to his location. For example, they show the approximate time you will spend on your usual commute to work at the moment and much more.

    The next time you need to remember the places you were the day before, check with your iPhone. In modern times, it is quite difficult to be surprised that smartphones track our location. there have been many public scandals and proceedings about this.

    IPhone secrets are constantly being published on the network, which arouse genuine interest from users. So, one of the latest discussed news was that the memory of your device contains incredibly detailed information about all the places where you were, including the map and the time intervals when you arrived and left this or that place.

    Here’s how to find your location history and delete it if necessary.

    Enigma recovery

    The only Russian-language program in this list. Enigma similarly helps to extract files from iTunes and iCloud backups if traditional options didn’t help. The procedure is as follows:

    • Download and install Enigma Recovery.
    • Connect via USB and unlock iPhone (the last condition is strictly required).
    • On the notification that pops up on the smartphone, press the confirmation button.
    • Wait until the end of the scan of the gadget, which will start automatically.
    • Next go to the “Messages” section.
    • Highlight the required files (the program marks deleted SMS in red).
    • Press the restore confirmation button and wait while Enigma Recovery downloads data back to the phone.

    After connecting the phone to the computer, you can simply follow the indicators above, indicating the status of the process

    The utility also has paid features. In this case, the free functionality is enough.

    Is it possible to recover deleted messages on iPhone

    The amount of information lost forever depends on several factors. Basic:

    • how long has the smartphone been used after the loss of the SMS. The sooner the owner starts to restore messages, the more he will be able to “pull”;
    • whether backup was enabled in iCloud settings;
    • how crowded the cloud storage is;
    • whether the smartphone was synchronized with the PC;
    • whether the owner of the smartphone used “backups” when connecting to a PC and using iTunes.

    Can you recover deleted SMS on iPhone? Definitely yes. If there is at least some backup or synchronization, something can be restored.

    Recover messages via iCloud

    The original purpose of iCloud was to allow a user to log into an account from any Apple device and have access to their media. So, every year buying a new iPhone, many simply log into their Apple ID account and through iCloud download all their files from the last gadget in a couple of minutes.

    To have access to iCloud, you need to create an Apple ID account

    As is the case with iTunes, the user should first make sure that the backup function is enabled on the iPhone. To do this, step by step is enough:

    • Go to “Settings“.
    • Select the first menu “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes Store”.
    • Find the “iCloud” section.
    • Then click “Storage Management”.

    Here you can see all the subsections that are included in the backup. If opposite to the item “Messages” it means that it contains several MB of information, then you will get the lost messages.

    Now all that remains is to figure out how to recover and view deleted messages on iPhone:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Then in the menu “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes Store”.
    • Section “iCloud”.
    • Scroll down to “Backup”.
    • In it, look at the possible dates of the “backup”.

    Now you need to reset the settings to factory settings:

    • Return to “Settings”.
    • Item “Basic”.
    • Followed to the section “Reset”.
    • Select “Reset content and settings”.

    After that, re-authorize your Apple ID, go to “Backup”, select a date and restore. It usually takes about 20 minutes depending on the amount of data.

    Note! On iPhones with iOS 9.0 and older, for example, on the five S, SE and 6 plus, the names of the subsections may differ slightly. But the principle itself remains the same.

    iSkysoft Toolbox

    The advantage of the following program lies in the ability to select the specific data to be extracted, which reduces the time for scanning and recovery.

    Also, the utility allows you to transfer data from one phone to another

    Important! First you need to update iTunes to the latest version.

    • Download and install on PC iSkysoft Toolbox.
    • Connect your phone via USB and run the utility.
    • Wait until the program “sees” the iPhone and synchronizes. You don’t need to press anything.
    • After click on “Recovery”.
    • In the menu that opens, select “Recovery from iOS Device”.
    • Next, in order to restore only deleted SMS, you need to uncheck all items, except for “Messages Attachments”.
    • Next, to start scanning, click Start Scan.
    • After a few minutes, the program will provide all text messages available for recovery.
    • It remains to tick the required SMS, click on “Recover” and wait until the utility downloads data to the phone.

    Additional Information. To make it easier to navigate, you can use the “Filter” button to configure the display of only remote SMS.

    Recover messages via iTunes

    Before viewing deleted messages on iPhone via iTunes, it is important to remember the last time the user connected the phone to the computer. If such interaction did not occur, you can immediately proceed to the next section.

    For those who dropped files through a proprietary program, there is a chance to recover data as follows:

    • Connect iPhone to Computer.
    • Launch iTunes.
    • In the utility, click on the phone icon.
    • Go to the “Overview” tab.
    • Select “Recover from a copy”.

    The section usually has several dates on which the backup was made. You can choose any of the proposed ones. After that, you just need to confirm the operation and wait until the data is copied to the smartphone.

    10 iPhone Settings You Should Change Right Now

    iTunes can also be installed on a Windows PC

    Important! This method is possible only when the automatic “backup” function is enabled in the utility settings.

    To enable automatic backups, each time you connect your iPhone to the program, you need to find the “Automatic backups” item in the same “Overview” tab and put a checkmark next to it.

    How to Recover Deleted SMS on iPhone

    There are three ways to recover deleted messages:

    • Use iTunes.
    • Via iCloud.
    • Through third-party programs.

    Each method is equally worthy of attention, so which one to use is up to the end user to decide. And yet there are a couple of nuances in which some options cannot be implemented.

    In most cases, you will need to use a PC

    Note! Before restoring SMS or other data on your phone, you need to turn off Find My iPhone. Security settings will not allow you to use backup, which is actually logical.

    View deleted messages on iPhone through third-party programs

    These are far from the only ways to view deleted messages on iPhone. In addition to them, there are special programs that work when in contact with a PC or while connected to the Internet. These utilities are able to “pull” more information without enabling “backups” and other conditions.

    Note! They are best used only when absolutely necessary, since they are all created by third-party developers. Officials are not responsible for the use of these programs. But it should be said that you can always use the factory reset function.

    Consider a few programs that have received the highest user ratings. These will be Primo iPhone Data Recovery, iSkysoft Toolbox and Enigma Recovery.

    Why SMS on iPhone may go missing

    For starters, it is worth noting because of what the dialogues abruptly disappear from the iPhone. All the more so if it happens systematically. There may be several reasons:

    • the available memory for storing correspondence has run out. Thanks to the multimedia attachment function, dialogs can accumulate up to several gigabytes in a short time. As a result, the system has no choice but to delete all messages on the iPhone. The cleaning date is set in the gadget settings;
    • malware and third party controls. Although iOS is considered the most reliable operating system, there is no way to defend against viruses. Also, attackers can establish remote control over a smartphone and correspondence if its owner opened third-party links;
    • the user has reset the settings to factory settings without taking care of the backup;
    • incorrect firmware update or use of Jailbreak.

    The branded iPhone app boasts an extensive list of features

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    Note! IPhone with iOS 8 and above can automatically delete messages.

    How to find out where and when your iPhone was purchased by IMEI (serial number)?

    Hello everyone! Finding out where the iPhone was purchased by serial number is useful for several reasons. Firstly, there is always an opportunity to compare this data with your memory and make sure that you are the first owner of the device. Secondly, when buying a device from your hands, check that the seller is not lying and the phone is really bought where the person tells you, for example, in America (although it is not particularly profitable to buy something there). And thirdly, perhaps this information will help you when creating a receipt (which is required to unlock iCloud).

    As you can see, there are a lot of serious reasons to determine the place where the purchase of the iPhone was made, and there are also plenty of frivolous ones. for example, just out of curiosity. This means that we must act quickly and decisively! 🙂

    • Find out the serial number of your iPhone or iPad.
    • This site-checker.

    Updated! The checker site, about which the article is being discussed, “lay down” safely. How much is unknown. However, it is possible that at that moment when you read this warning, it will work again. this has already happened. If not, then you can temporarily use another service that we got acquainted with when we found out the date of iPhone activation.

    Follow the link and enter emei in a special field, then click check.

    Preliminary information about the device opens:

    • Manufacturer.
    • Brand and model of the gadget.

    Find the line Simlock / Carrier, and click on Free Check Now.

    After a short wait, much more detailed information about the iPhone opens, including:

    • Purchase Country (country where the phone was sold).
    • Purchase Date.
    • Sold To (place of purchase).
    • Carrier (supplier, but at the same time he is almost always the official seller in the country).

    It is a completely different matter. this is exactly the data about the place and date of sale that we needed!

    However, if ATT or some other foreign mobile operator is indicated in this field, and the seller tells you tales about the fact that this is a certified and official phone, for example, for Russia, then you should think about whether you should trust this person at all. because his words are a brazen deception.

    P.S. Did you find out where the iPhone was sold? Like it! 🙂

    Hello everyone! My name is Mikhail and this is my blog. Welcome! P.S. Sometimes I can be caught live. Come in, let’s chat!;) At the moment. OFFLINE!

    110 Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Leave new

    IMEI: 35332107947 Serial: FFNQK7WLG5MR Model Number: A1586 Board ID: n61ap FCC ID: BCG-E2816A Network: Global Manufacture Date: November, 2015 Production Week: 43 Phone Age: 0 Year (s), 2 Month (s), 11 Day (s) Factory: FF / China Introduction Date: September 9, 2014 Discontinue Date: N / A Contract Status: Unknown Find My iPhone: ON SIM Lock: Unknown Blacklist (Lost / Stolen): Free Check Now Model Check: Bought a new iPhone 6 connected. I suspect that he is an RFB. Can you find out about this? On the Apple site on imai, all the rules. Purchased and activated at the same time. But for some reason, on the site of the site, the picture of the iPhone is white gold, but they write that space gray. Here he also shows a picture of a gold iPhone, but writes that it is gray. And the factory writes: FF China. And nothing more, which plant is unknown. On another site it shows a factory: (refurbished?). Damn how to understand? Recovered or what? Although everything is the same with serial numbers and imai

    I also looked, everything is somehow strange. Although it makes no sense to trust all online verification services 100%, there is always a chance of error. Call or write to those. Apple support. Surely they will help dispel your doubts.

    hello! the same story, bought on 02/26/17 6ku, serial FFMT54HMG5MN, and the manufacturer does not show below. refurbished?, what does it mean. in support they say that everything is perfect, but then why does the manufacturer not show this rfb? with a question

    Hello. There is a question mark because the verification service cannot say for sure whether it was restored or not. If the support said that everything is fine, then everything is fine. To those. support for trust is definitely more.

    The new “fours” have not been on sale for a long time (Apple simply stopped releasing them). The only option is if it lay in the warehouse for a very long time (3 years) and waited for it to be bought. But apparently, this is not your case. From itself it is an old motherboard (used), packed in a new (possibly) case. And yes, if they said that it was completely new. you were deceived.

    The phone is new, but what is written in 2010, do not be alarmed, is the release date of the phone when it was assembled.

    precisely, the release date of the iPhone 4 A could have been assembled from 2010 to 2013. You were not deceived.

    iPhone 4S iPhone 4S 8GB White IMEI: 013589003079818 Serial: DX3NHGKSFMLD Model Number: A1387 Order Number: MF262 Board ID: n94ap FCC ID: BCG-E2430A Network: Global Manufacture Date: October, 2014 Production Week: 41 Phone Age: 1 Year (s ), 6 Month (s), 17 Day (s) Factory: DX / China Introduction Date: October 4, 2011 Discontinue Date: September 9, 2014 Contract Status: Unknown Find My iPhone: OFF SIM Lock: Unlocked Blacklist (Lost / Stolen ): Free Check Now Model Check: Free Check Now BOUGHT ON AVITO. THE SELLER IS NOT A NEW AND NEVER ACTIVATED. TEN, HOW BOUGHT IN M-VIDEO, SO HIM LIES A YEAR. BELIEVE OR IT’S REF?

    Of course, you cannot trust these services 100%, but there is a possibility that the seller is still cheating. By the way, when buying, you can check the number of iPhone battery recharge cycles. it will also tell you a lot (you used it or it really was in the box).

    iPhone 6 16GB Space Gray North America / Verizon

    IMEI: 356990063670717 Serial: DNQNXTB2G5MC Model Number: A1549 Order Number: MG4N2 Board ID: n61ap FCC ID: BCG-E2816A Network: GSM / CDMA (Global) Manufacture Date: December, 2014 Production Week: 53 Phone Age: 1 Year (s). 4 Month (s), 18 Day (s) Factory: DN / China, Chengdu. Foxconn Introduction Date: September 9, 2014 Discontinue Date: N / A Contract Status: Unknown Find My iPhone: OFF SIM Lock: Unknown Blacklist (Lost / Stolen): Free Check Now Model Check: Free Check Now I bought the phone today, but here it says that it is already a year and a half. And the kit came with a Chinese earphone

    As I already said, you cannot trust one service 100%. try again to check on the Apple website and in other checkers. Although verification errors are quite rare

    Good day. I can not find information on this checker where and when the iPhone was purchased. Now it cannot be recognized?

    IPhone Serial Number Reveals Secrets

    • Serial No. can be seen on the phone box
    • In the standard application Settings. General. About device. Serial number
    • On some models, on the SIM card tray
    • Some iPhones also have a Serial No on the back.
    • When connected to a computer, the iPhone serial number can be seen in iTunes

    At first glance, the usual set of characters, but not as simple as it seems at first glance.

    In addition to numbers, the serial number of the iPhone also contains letters, so do not confuse it with the unique international mobile IMEI identifier containing only numbers. The characters of the serial number are constant, that is, they do not change from the moment the phone was manufactured, but if the iPhone was being repaired by an official service, then Apple changes the first characters of the serial.

    As an example, consider the serial number. 82034A4T and try to decipher its values. All iPhone serial numbers are in the following format: AA B CC DDD EE F

    AA. Identifier of the factory where the iPhone was manufactured B. Year of manufacture (the number. 0 means that the phone was released in 2010 or 2020, if in our case it would be 9, then the year, respectively, 2009 or 2019, and so on) CC. Manufacturing week (34th week or month of August) DDD. Unique identifier EE. Color (A4 = black) F. Memory capacity (T = 32GB)

    Using the last 3 characters of the serial number, you can independently determine the model, color and memory size of the device, a list of possible iPhone models will help with this:

    VR0. iPhone (2G) 4 GB WH8. iPhone (2G) 8 GB 0KH. iPhone (2G) 16 GB Y7H. iPhone 3G Black 8 GB Y7K. iPhone 3G Black 16 GB 3NP. iPhone 3GS Black 16 GB 3NR. iPhone 3GS Black 32 GB 3NQ. iPhone 3Gs White 16 GB 3NS. iPhone 3Gs White 32 GB A4S. iPhone 4 Black 16 GB A4T. iPhone 4 Black 32 GB

    All factories that produce the iPhone are located in China, there are many factories, so each has its own identifier (6Q, 79, 7R, 7S, 7T, 7U, 7V, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, etc.) etc.). If the iPhone was repaired or was subject to warranty replacement, then Apple changes the factory ID to 5K, 7K, 8K.

    “You tortured us with your codes!”. some reader will say and he will be right, because there is a special service on the network, using which you can enter the serial number of the iPhone, press a button and quickly get all the information related specifically to your phone model.

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