How to Send Music to WhatsApp on iPhone

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How to hide visiting time on iPhone in Whatsapp

Below is the algorithm by which you can remove the visit time on the iPhone:

  • Login to the messenger.
  • Go through authorization.
  • Go to the menu of parameter settings and user account.
  • Find the section “Account”, click on it.
  • Select “Privacy”, after which a list of available status display options will open. Find “Was / was online”.
  • Select an audience that will not be able to see the time of the last stay in the application.

When choosing an audience, 3 options are provided:

  • “No one”. In this case, the information will not be available to anyone, in turn, the user will not see this information about others.
  • “List of contacts”. Select those who will be denied access.
  • “All”. Openness of information to absolutely everyone.

Important! When blocking individual contacts, the user will also be denied access to information about these users.

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Why is the time of visiting the interlocutor not visible

Quite often, the question is asked why the data about the time when the user was in the messenger is not visible:

  • The interlocutor has used the privacy settings. You can check as follows: send a message to the subscriber. If it reached the addressee, then the profile is simply hidden. It is possible to send and receive messages.
  • There is a less pleasant option when a person has added some contacts to the “black list” or blocked them. Check in exactly the same way as in the first case. When the message does not reach, there is no photo, there is a high probability of being on the “black list”.
  • Another reason is blocking a contact and adding it to the ignore list and forgetting about it. It is worth checking in the settings. Perhaps the contact whose time is not displayed is in the list of blocked users.

These are the main reasons why a contact’s visit time may not be displayed on WhatsApp on iPhone.

Why you might want to hide your last visit time on iPhone

There are many reasons why the user wants to hide information about the time of the visit to the application, the status of the message. There are those who generally prefer to hide their presence. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Receiving messages from unpleasant users and not wanting to respond to those messages.
  • Reducing information about your use of the messenger to a minimum, as well as building various guesses like “why were you online so late? do you have insomnia?”. This is considered an invasion of privacy.
  • The desire to just make your communication private.

Additional options in the messenger on iPhone

Some solve the problem drastically. They just block the entire WhatsApp or uninstall the app. Only in this case there is a break in communication with those with whom you want to maintain it through calls and correspondence. As a rule, such people are the majority among contacts and it is illogical to stop pleasant communication with them because of one or a couple of people.

Note! The application developers have provided for the possibility of private communication, so any iPhone owner can make adjustments to the settings and continue to use the messenger.

It is optional to uninstall the app from the iPhone

What else can be done

To hide your online presence altogether, you can turn off the display of the date and time of your last online presence. To do this, in the private settings, select the “Visit time” item and mark “Nobody”.

After making these adjustments, no contact will know if the message has been read or not. In this case, the person who set the block will not be able to see this status either. This must be remembered.

Blacklist creation

There is another alternative way to remove the reflection of the time of entering the application, which will refer to a certain person or group, this is adding to the “black list”. At the same time, this person and the group will not know the time of the last call to the messenger.

Finding a person on this list deprives him of the following opportunities:

  • voice calls;
  • text and other messages;
  • sending files;
  • viewing the status;
  • access to the user’s personal information.

In some situations, a blacklist is a great thing.

How to hide visit time on iPhone in WhatsApp

Currently, instant messengers have completely replaced SMS messages. They are convenient to use, their functionality is very wide. One of the most popular is WhatsApp. It can be installed on both Android and iOS. The messenger shows the last time a user was online, but not everyone wants this information to be available. The article will help you learn how to hide visiting time on iPhone (any versions. s, se, XR) in WhatsApp and other interesting features, for example, “Invisible” mode.

Disable WhatsApp Delivery Report on iPhone

In modern messengers, it is possible to see by indicators when a message was received and even when exactly it was read. In WhatsApp, this indicator is a check mark. When a message reaches the user and he reads it, it doubles and turns blue. This is convenient, because it makes it clear to the sender that his message has reached the addressee, which means that a response should soon follow. But not every recipient wants to know that he has read the message, because this implies an instant response. Sometimes there is simply no time to answer right away or it takes time to think.

Here a double situation arises and the sender’s misinterpretation of the “silence” is likely. The developers have foreseen this as well. You can turn off the blue double check and read message indicator. The advantage is that the recipient has the ability to read messages at any time, and the information about the status of the message will be hidden and you don’t have to worry if it is impossible to give an answer right away.

To turn off the delivery indicator in WhatsApp, go to the “Menu”. It is located in the upper right corner. Then open “Settings”. “Account”. “Privacy”. To turn off message delivery notifications, you need to find an option at the bottom of the screen called Read Receipts. Remove the mark from the box opposite.

How to send GIF to whatsapp on Android and iPhone

As planned by the developers, a person first records a short video up to 6 seconds, and then translates it into a GIF animation so that you can share it with your interlocutor (Read how to add a friend to whatsapp to replenish your friend list and always stay in touch with the closest ones) Let’s consider in more detail.

Note that it is impossible to send a GIF that you saved in advance in your phone’s library via WhatsApp. If you try to do this, at best a simple photographic image will reach your companion. That is, it is not known whether such a gif will work in WhatsApp.

What to do to send GIFs to WhatsApp on Android and iPhone?

A new subsection with the GIF icon has appeared at the bottom left. open and see the built-in GIF search. You can choose any GIFs for WhatsApp that you can edit (crop, add an emoticon, etc.)

Then we press the “send” button and that’s it.

Pay also attention to the material on how to upload music to iPhone via WhatsApp in order to share with a subscriber.

Can i send GIFs to WhatsApp

If you have previously converted them from a short video. Then yes it is possible.

  • The version of the program must be updated to the latest. We launch it.
  • Open the conversation window, where we want to send a short GIF-picture (don’t forget about six seconds).

You will see images from the gallery, but in the upper right corner there is a switch to GIF.

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The conversion will be completed and the file will reach the recipient.

How to send a GIF to Whatsapp: detailed instructions

How to send a gif in the whatsapp application is a popular request among users of the ultra-modern social network. GIFs for WhatsApp have appeared relatively recently, and thus the number of fans of the service has grown even more. The introduction of this option came in handy in one of the most common instant messaging services, because everyone loves GIFs. Previously, users had to install a third-party utility for sending gifs, and this is somewhat difficult and not at all secure. But now you can already exhale and not worry about it. (For security, see What is end-to-end encryption in Whatsapp?)

For Live Photo

To send a Live Photo, follow these steps (available for happy owners of iPhones 6 and newer, which have a built-in 3D Touch display):

  • The latest version of the application must be downloaded to the device
  • We start a chat with the person-addressee in order to send him a live-photo, click on Plus

In the pop-up menu, select the item “Photo / Video”

You will see files from your photo gallery from your phone, choose what you need and use 3D Touch technology to lightly click on it. Such photos will be marked with a round symbol

If you wish, you can make adjustments (that is, edit) and or just send.

For variety and fun, you can download GIFs for WhatsApp for free from a trusted source or from us.

Thank you for staying with us! See you on new reviews!

How to Send Music by Whatsapp on Android Correctly?

Transferring any media file to Android is much easier than dealing with the iPhone operating system (see also Why there are no emoticons in Whatsapp on Iphone).

Transfer music files via whatsapp in iphone

To get started, select the desired chat and click on the button in the form of a paper clip. In the window that opens, select the icon with the headphone image from the files of the available format.

You have the right to choose not one, but several songs, and only then click on send.

You can also forward a song that you have already received from another subscriber. Select the source chat, mark the audio you want, click on the bold gray arrow. After switching to a dialogue with the one to whom you want to forward them, press “Send”. Note that in this case, the audio itself is not downloaded again. you save both time and traffic.
If something is not clear, watch the video instruction:

How to Send Any Music to Whatsapp from iPhone?

As promised, there is a catch. It is simply not possible to send music via WhatsApp to iPhone. Apple is very sensitive to copyright, so this kind of mailing is regarded by them as piracy. Of course, if you have certain skills, then you can put yourself an iTransfer or FSharing program and try to figure it out.

In the free version, ads will pop up every now and then, so your nerves will give up and you will buy the full version. Then you can transfer music to iPhone via WhatsApp if, after visiting the Music Library section, mark the messenger in the “Open in” list of applications. Can be sent to address, or transfer from iphone to iphone.

For this program, we watch the video How to send songs to WhatsApp:

How to Send Music to WhatsApp: Sharing Working Ways

How to send music to WhatsApp because you want to share your mood or find or just greet it with your own voice!

The WhatsApp messenger has a number of functional advantages:

  • he works with text messages online;
  • processes media files (both audio and video; and what size video can be thrown off via whatsapp, you will find out from the link);
  • provides the ability to make a voice call.
  • In WhatsApp, you can send awesome music to anyone;

No wonder why a multi-million dollar army of users has long been on the side of this wonderful application.

Why won’t my music send to WhatsApp??

Give each other not only good songs, but also a cheerful mood! Also Read: How to Save WhatsApp Conversations?

Then watch the video “How to send music to WhatsApp?”:

How to put a ringtone on an iPhone?

Using sounds and ringtones on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Go to the menu “Settings” “Sounds, tactile signals”.
  • Under Vibration Sounds and Patterns, click the sound you want to change.
  • Tap the name of the ringtone or alert to play it and set it as a new sound.

How to turn on ringtone in WhatsApp?

To turn these sounds on or off:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap options Settings Notifications turn chat sounds on or off.

How to set Android 9 ringtone?

To do this, hold and hold your finger on the audio file until additional options appear. Click on “Copy”, go to the “Ringtones” folder and click on the “Paste” button in the lower left corner. Now the melody will be displayed in the menu “Settings” → “Sound” → “Ringtone” → “Media storage” and you can select it.

How to change your WhatsApp ringtone?

How to change WhatsApp ringtone on Android

  • Connect smartphone to PC via USB adapter.
  • Open on PC “Alerts” in the folder with “WhatsApp” files.
  • Load the necessary melodies there from a folder on your computer.
  • Go to the “WhatsApp” settings.
  • Select the downloaded ringtone in the “Alerts”.

Where WhatsApp Sounds Are Stored?

On Android phones, media is saved automatically in your WhatsApp / Media folder. If you have internal storage, the WhatsApp folder is in Internal Storage. If you don’t have internal storage, the folder will be on your SD card or External SD card.

How to set m4r ringtone on iPhone?

How to Copy Ringtones to iPhone or iPad in iTunes 12.7

  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Connect iPhone to computer, select it in iTunes by clicking on the device icon on the top bar of the program.
  • Find the required M4R file.
  • Select the “Sounds” section on the left panel of iTunes and drag the file to the opened section.

IPhone audio files

If you have downloaded records on your smartphone, it is enough to go to the chat of interest after opening the mobile application. Next, the “Attach” option is activated and the composition that you plan to send is marked in a new form.

Alternative music transfer options

If it is impossible to use the listed methods, you can go to alternative methods. Each of them contains personal characteristics, which are recommended to be known in advance.

Streaming service

  • Find a section of your music library.
  • In the newly opened form, the composition of interest is selected.
  • Next, you need to click on the “Open in”.
  • The system selects WhatsApp from the list provided.
  • The interlocutor is selected to whom it is planned to send a message.

Pressing the button of the same name ends the sending procedure.

How to upload a song to WhatsApp on iPhone

It is often difficult for WhatsApp users who own iPhones to send audio files, which is due to a lack of understanding of the principle of action. Therefore, it is important to consider the available features and know the instructions.

How to send a song from iPhone using WhatsApp

Unfortunately, the WhatsApp developers were unable to implement an option with which you can instantly share music within the app. This is due to the fact that Apple respects copyrights, so the owners of apple devices are not able to use the function of downloading audio to the internal memory of the device in use, including sending it by interlocutors to the messenger.

However, users can always find a way out for themselves. The owners of iPhones were able to find alternative methods with which there is a chance to get around the existing prohibitions. For this, a specific instruction was developed:

  • Initially, the user has to download the tunes of interest to his personal computer in the optimal way and in the required format.
  • Next, you go to the official iCloud portal, followed by authorization by entering your personal username and password.
  • After that, the display of the device in use displays a dialog box for passing two-factor identification. the user must provide all the necessary permissions to the system.
  • The user waits for a unique verification code to be displayed on the phone screen, after which it is entered on a personal computer.

After successfully following the instructions provided, the iCloud menu is displayed on the screen of the user’s device. This step selects the iCloud Drive graphic. After that, the first part of the instruction is considered complete. To send a song via WhatsApp from iPhone, the user just needs to:

  • Sign in to an existing iCloud Drive. located at the top of the dashboard with an arrow graphic.
  • In the newly opened download form, the user selects the songs of interest that were previously downloaded to a personal computer.
  • Then the “Open” function key is pressed for subsequent transfer to the cloud storage.

Further instructions for sending a song using WhatsApp include the following procedure:

  • The “Files” software starts up. functions in each device by default.
  • Confirmation that the song of interest is displayed on the display.
  • In the upper right corner, the selection of the composition is confirmed.
  • After selecting the audio recording in the lower right corner, you need to click on the graphic image of the arrow.
  • In the newly opened form, the user searches for the WhatsApp mobile application.
  • From the presented list of subscribers, you need to select a specific interlocutor.

To complete the procedure, the user sends the file by pressing the key of the same name.

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Music program

The default software installed on iPhones provides the ability to share audio recordings with your friends using the WhatsApp mobile application. The presence of an intuitive interface eliminates the possibility of misunderstanding or making mistakes. It’s enough not to ignore the tooltips.


To send a song through the cloud, you must initially upload the song to virtual storage and open access to download. Next, the working link is sent to the interlocutor, who goes to the repository and, if desired, downloads the song.


Among the disadvantages of the method is the possibility of using exclusively the paid version. The procedure is simple and includes:

To send a song in this way, you just need to follow the prompts in the utility. Features or difficulties are excluded.

How to send files from WhatsApp to mail

There are situations in which you need to send photos and other objects to virtual mail. They send reports of negotiations, documents, important photos and video files so that you can send information to print, edit text or image. To do this, you need to know how to send from “Vatsap” to e-mail.

Message, correspondence, chat

Chats are sent in 2 ways. In the first case, the standard functions of the phone are used:

  • Open the “WhatsApp” application. Find the chat list and select the desired conversation. You can take a screenshot of the message or copy it. To do this, use the appropriate keyboard shortcuts. You can memorize the text and type it in the field.
  • Go to work with e-mail. Here they insert text or attach a file, then enter the addressee’s data and click the “Send” button.

You can forward the conversation to mail. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • Open up “WhatsApp”. Go to the “Chats” section and select the desired dialogue.
  • Text notifications are sent without attachments. Without highlighting individual messages, go to the menu. Press the “” button and start the “Export” function.
  • Specifies the sending method. If the “Email” item does not appear, you need to install an additional application.
  • Write a letter. Enter the recipient’s address and edit the sent data, leaving only the necessary messages in text format. Then they send a letter.

Picture, music or video

There are 2 ways to send songs and other media:

  • Through cloud storage. There is an option to save to the cloud in the email menu. After its activation, they open the storage, find the necessary objects and sequentially select them by touching. In the upper right corner, click the “Share” button. In the list that opens, select the “WhatsApp” conversation. Click on the airplane icon.
  • Using the capabilities of a smartphone. The objects are saved in the phone memory, the file manager is opened and the necessary objects are selected. To send several files, you need to press the “Share” button at the top of the screen and check the boxes next to the necessary items. Start sending by selecting “WhatsApp”. Find the addressee in the contact list and click on the image of the airplane.

Photo, audio or document

Documents received in Votsap can be saved to your phone. After that, e-mail is opened in the browser, select the “Write a letter” command and attach the files. You can also export objects to e-mail, including sending a gif. To do this, do the following:.

  • Start the application. In the list of conversations, select the chat from which attachments will be sent.
  • Click on the file to be sent and hold until the menu appears. Newer versions of Watsap have a Share button depicted as two combined balls. In legacy versions of the application, you can only export everything with the inclusion, i.e. the chat is sent in full. To do this, enter the menu, select the “” section and launch the “Export Conversation” function.
  • In the window that opens, select the forwarding method “E-mail box”. If there is no such option, then the required application is missing.
  • Sets the size of the image to send. You can zoom out a few percent.
  • Go to writing a letter. In the corresponding field, enter the recipient’s e-mail address. Click the “Submit” button.

This method sends all messages and attachments. In the process of writing letters, unnecessary fragments can be deleted.

How to send from WhatsApp to email

You can forward a letter, image or music track to your Outlook, Mail, Yandex mailbox. The principle of sending is similar to how the Share function works. There are also easier ways to copy and save text fragments.

How to Send from Email to “WhatsApp”

Delivery of messages or images from e-mail is performed in several ways, which are selected depending on the type of data being sent. Very often people send Instagram videos to WhatsApp.

Message or chat

To send text documents, open a browser and go to an email inbox. The object to be sent is found in the list of letters and the text is copied. You can also take a screenshot or re-enter the information. In the main menu, choose the method of sending. “WhatsApp”. The required contact is found in the “Chats” tab. Paste the copied text into the typing field or attach a screenshot. Then click the “Send” button.

Solving the problem on Android devices

Another problem that is typical for devices running on the Android platform is software crashes. But this is not the only reason why the microphone cannot be connected.

Also, it will not work in a video call if water or dirt gets inside the device, or the phone has been damaged by shock or improper cleaning.

First, they clean the channel, which is located in the body of the gadget. When processing, do not put pressure on the sound trap, strong pressure will damage it.

If after that the microphone does not work, reset the settings. This procedure is called system rollback. But before starting, the data is saved and then the addresses are synchronized. All photos and video files are best placed on an external drive, only after that they roll back.

The second way to eliminate the errors that have occurred can be a flashing of the gadget. But you cannot do it yourself, so you need to contact the communication salon to specialists. The help of the master is also required if the recorder is working, the microphone distinguishes sounds, and in Votsap it is impossible to contact a person.

On iPhone

Before installing the messenger on the iPhone, check the compatibility. There will be no access to the microphone if WhatsApp conflicts with other programs and applications installed on the smartphone.

To be able to use the program, you need to go to “Settings”. After that, you need to select “Sound parameters”, in the menu you should find “Voice activation”, and then uncheck this item. Then you need to check how the microphone works.

Why WhatsApp Microphone Doesn’t Work

Many users are interested in how to turn on the microphone in WhatsApp in order to talk with the interlocutors. There are several reasons why this fails. But problems in Vacap can be fixed on your own.

On Android

In order for the application to be able to record video and voice messages that subscribers leave, indicating their name, use the free calls function. But the user must give permission for this.

After that, you can open the application. The user will see that the system is notifying him that the features have been updated. Now he can make a video call or leave a voice message.

Why WhatsApp Microphone Doesn’t Work

If WhatsApp users notice that the microphone is not working, the problem may be as follows:

  • The microphone is out of order. This is the most common breakdown. If the device is broken, there is no sound during a call, the interlocutor cannot be heard.
  • An old version of the application is installed on the smartphone.
  • Application conflict. If your hardware has multiple programs that compete with each other, WhatsApp may not work.
  • The program stops working if the operating system is out of date.

Further actions depend on which platform the gadget is running on.

How to fix the error on iOs

If the microphone does not work, you should go to the “Settings” section. Here is a tab called “About phone”. The user needs to select “System Update”. When the updates are installed, the voice mode should work.

So that in the future there will be no disruptions in the work of the messenger, you need to ensure that the latest version of the program is installed on your smartphone. Regular updates will prevent problems from occurring.

Microphone problems

Another common reason why there is no sound on WhatsApp calls is microphone problems. Here you need to clearly understand whether the device is broken or you simply forgot to give the system the necessary permissions.

Maybe the answer to the question why there is no sound in Wotsap is the lack of corresponding parameters in the messenger?

  • Open your smartphone settings;
  • Find the section with applications and click on the name of Watsap;
  • Go to the “Permissions” block and put a tick in front of the microphone;
  • Save your changes.

The second option is a real breakdown. Test your microphone first in other applications. Does the problem persist? We’ll have to take the phone to a specialist to fix it.

The microphone is okay, but the audibility on WhatsApp hasn’t improved? Let’s explore the issue in detail!

Sending a voice message

To use the voice messaging feature, simply press and hold the button
microphone, which replaces the button
sending before you start typing a message.

While recording a voice message, you can swipe to the left to cancel it immediately.

A really great and innovative feature of voice messaging is that the microphone icon turns blue when a message is played on the recipient’s phone.

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Note: On some phones, you may need a second before recording your message if the beginning of your message is not recorded.


It is difficult to transfer music according to Watsap on the iPhone due to the fact that Apple is advocating copyright protection. We offer a way to get around this prohibition:

  • Download music in MP3 format to your computer.
  • Go to the virtual cloud storage site.
  • Log in with your personal Apple ID.
  • Pass authentication by clicking the “Allow” button.
  • Enter a special verification code for
  • Confirm actions by clicking on the command “Trust”.
  • In the iCloud window that opens, select the iCloud Drive function.
  • Select the download sign at the top.
  • Select audio.
  • Open the Files utility on the iPhone or download it in the AppStore.
  • In the upper corner, click on the “Select” command.
  • Mark songs for submission.
  • At the bottom left, click on the square sign at the top with an arrow.
  • Find Votsap in the list, select it.
  • Find a contact and send him a file by clicking on the “Send” command top right.

The composition has been successfully transferred to a friend.

Reasons: why the sound notification disappeared?

Let’s voice the reasons why your WhatsApp does not sound when you receive an incoming message:

  • There is a silent mode on the phone or the volume is turned down to the very minimum (as an option, a quiet melody);
  • Sometimes WhatsApp messages come without sound, because in the phone itself, notifications about incoming in this application are disabled;
  • No internet connection;
  • There is not enough memory on the phone’s hard drive, so the messenger cannot download new incoming messages. Therefore, notifications do not come;
  • The power saving mode is activated, which often turns off the transmission of any data, including over the Internet;
  • Malfunction of the operating system or WhatsApp application;
  • Sound notifications are disabled in the messenger itself;
  • A tab with WhatsApp Web is open on the computer, as a result, the system “thinks” that the message on the phone was delivered and read;
  • Background data limiting is enabled in Application settings;
  • An application such as Task Killer is installed on the smartphone. Its main task is to suppress notifications of utilities that are currently closed;
  • WhatsApp was not given the required permissions during installation;
  • Headphones are plugged into the phone or on the display in the upper line (near the cellular network indicator) the icon is lit that they are inserted (failure, often happens if the device is wet).

Accordingly, if you have the opposite problem, all these actions allow you to remove the sound of messages in WhatsApp. systemically or pointwise.

Why is there no sound in WhatsApp: how to fix the problem?

Smartphone memory is full

The second most common reason is that there is simply not enough memory on your phone. The fact is that when you play audio messages, the application actually downloads them and stores them in the memory of your phone. And so with any media files. photos, videos, and so on. If the application works stably but does not save files.

WhatsApp does not load voice messages and photos, then you should definitely check how much memory is left on your phone or SD card (depending on where the messenger saves the media). If it is not enough, then it is worth cleaning the phone. delete unnecessary photos, music or applications. Make sure there is enough memory and try loading audio again.

Common causes

First, let’s take a look at the two most common reasons why you only hear a quiet sound or you can’t hear voice messages in WhatsApp at all.

How to transfer music �� files on WHATSAPP from iPHONE

IPhone Problems

If you cannot hear voice messages in Whatsapp at all, you should make sure that you have not connected a headset, in which case the sound will disappear completely.

  • Check if a third-party device is plugged into the dock or headphone jack;
  • Open the settings and go to the “Bluetooth” section;
  • Turn off Bluetooth operation.

The question, why is it difficult to hear voice messages on WhatsApp, is still relevant? Be sure to trick the receiver. if it is dirty, it will not work.

  • Check if the speaker is blocked by a cover or film;
  • See if there is any dirt in the holes. if necessary, clean them with a dry and clean brush.

There is another tricky way. while listening to voice in WhatsApp, turn on the speaker. If the problem persists, you still can’t hear it, perhaps the reason lies in the lack of a network or signal. Wait a while and try again.

Look at the link for funny and cool SMS, it will become more fun for you.

Nothing helps to fix problems on iPhone 7 or other models?

  • Hold the shutdown button and wait a few seconds;
  • Turn on the iPhone again and try to play audio again;
  • Open the settings and go to the item “Basic”;
  • Find the “Software Update” section and install the latest version of iOS.

Complaining to your friends: “I can’t hear voice messages in WhatsApp on Android”? Read How To Solve Your Problem Why You Can’t Hear Voice Messages on WhatsApp.

Increasing and changing font on iPhone and WhatsApp

How about the size of the text on your iPhone or iPad? Is the font size on iPhone convenient for reading emails or comfortable for using apps and programs? For example, you can easily zoom in on the display of an email using finger gestures, but this is not always convenient.

In this tutorial, we will take a closer look at how to increase the font or size of the text on the iPhone, make it bold and the most legible for your eyes. We will also tell you about the possibilities of changing the font in WhatsApp on the iPhone. Knowing how to resize text will be helpful for many people who have handheld devices such as iPhones. But gadgets do not always display text on a large enough scale with standard settings. This is difficult for people with eye problems or for users who like to keep their iPhone away from their face.

Carefully read the table of contents in our instructions and go to the iPhone settings.

How to make large font on iPhone?

Fortunately, earlier versions of iOS 8 support dynamic font resizing. It can be configured to enlarge text in many built-in applications, including email clients, notes, messages, and calendars. Remember that increasing the text size for reading emails will also change it for all other applications that use the “Dynamic Type” display method.

On the home screen, go to the “Settings” section. Open the menu item “Display and Brightness”. In the window that appears, you can change the text size of the iPhone using the settings that are shown in our screenshot.

Go to the “Text size” menu item and change the font size with the slider. To the right. increase the text, to the left. decrease.

To make text bold on iPhone, in the “Screen and Brightness” section, the corresponding menu item is available for setting. Make active “Bold” and the device will automatically reboot with updated display parameters.

If the size of the enlarged text is not enough in standard iPhone applications, you can change the size of the text in games and programs that use the technology of “Dynamic display” of fonts.

Open “Settings”. Go to the “General” section. Further, “Universal Access”. An item “Enlarged text” will appear in the open menu. Use the slider to adjust the font size for display in iPhone applications.

What font does Apple use?

To date, Apple has completely redesigned the fonts on its official website, and has also completely redesigned iOS using the “San Francisco” font. This type of text was first introduced by the company in 2015 along with the Apple Watch.

San Francisco is a condensed sans serif font that looks a lot like Helvetica. It was created specifically for small displays like the Apple Watch. San Francisco renders well on large Retina displays because of its “Clean Design”. Many users confuse San Francisco with Helvetica because these fonts are almost the same.

San Francisco is the first font on the iPhone to have a name in the last 20 years. In the 80s and 90s, Apple used several fonts that were created in-house. But the company stopped making its own text fonts back in the early 1990s.

How to change the font in WhatsApp on iPhone?

In April 2016, the WhatsApp messenger released a major update to its Android apps, including iOS for iPhone and iPad. The update included some minor bug fixes as well as excellent text formatting and type changes.

WhatsApp users on iPhone can now use Bold, Italic, or Strikethrough Text in Text Messages.

How to write in bold on WhatsApp:

Add an asterisk before and after the words or phrases you have selected that you want to highlight. For example, bold, as shown in the screenshot.

Add an underscore character in front of the word or sentence you are going to highlight. For example: _ italic_.

How to write strikethrough text in WhatsApp:

Just as with bold or italic formatting for words or sentences, add the symbol

If you still have questions about changing the font size on iPhone or how to format text in WhatsApp, ask them in the comments.