How to set parental controls on iPhone

Kid’s shell

Kids’s Shell is a launcher for running only approved apps and games on your phone. With its help, a kind of safe zone is created in the child’s mobile phone. Also, the launcher can be installed on the parent phone to which the child has access. In this case, calls and SMS are blocked, as well as access to Google Play.

  • Children’s mode, in which only the applications selected by the parents are launched;
  • Blocking the transition to Google Play, as well as by advertising links and banners;
  • Ban on purchases inside installed programs;
  • Setting a math password to exit the shell.

In the PRO version for 200 rubles, the functionality of the application expands to prohibiting access to the Internet, setting up desktops, setting the operating time of a smartphone, as well as a built-in player with content useful for a child.

How to set parental controls on a child’s phone

A smartphone has long become a familiar thing not only in the hands of an adult, but also a child. Many children receive their first mobile phone almost from the first grade in order to always stay in touch with their parents. In addition, a smartphone is not only a means of making calls, but also a rather powerful educational and gaming platform.

How to Set Up Parental Controls on iPhone or iPad

Nevertheless, a multifunctional gadget in the hands of a minor can also become source of problems associated with visiting unwanted sites on the Internet or downloading malware. Therefore, the Android system provides the ability to set parental controls on the child’s phone.

The main functions of parental control:

  • Protecting your child from negative web content (violence and pornography);
  • Ban on downloading paid programs;
  • Protection against malicious viruses that can get into the phone along with applications from unreliable sources;
  • Limiting the amount of time the child spends playing.

Safe lagoon

Safe Lagoon is a universal parental control app. To use it, it is enough to follow simple steps:

  • Download Safe Lagoon to your child’s device;
  • Create a parent profile;
  • Configure security;
  • Install Lagoon for parents or go to your profile on the site.

In the profile, parents can track the child’s activity on the Web and applications, set a limit for working with programs and even set a geo-perimeter, within the boundaries of which dad and mom can always see where their child is, and receive a notification if he has gone beyond a certain territory.

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How to put parental controls on a child’s phone

Android parental control settings

To make the gadget as safe as possible for a child, it is enough to set up user access restrictions:

  • Open Android settings;
  • Select the Users item;
  • Click on the Add User command;
  • Set limits on guest account.
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By setting up parental controls, adults can provide their child with the most useful learning apps that can be great helpers in class and homework.

After that, Google Play gives you the opportunity to set up content filtering. Games, apps, and movies have rating limits ranging from 0-18 years. And the checked box in the “Music” section exposes a ban on downloading songs with profanity.

Parents who are worried about how to control their child’s phone can take advantage of the special applications’ functions. There are several popular and convenient parental control programs on Google Play:

  • Screen Time parental control;
  • Kid’s Shell;
  • YouTube Kids;
  • Safe lagoon.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a dedicated app that contains fun and educational videos. In this case, if any video does not like the parents, they just need to click on the “Complain” button, and the specified video will be removed from the program.

All videos in the app are categorized into four categories:

  • Show;
  • Music;
  • Training;
  • Kaleidoscope.

Thanks to the large buttons, even the smallest users can operate the interface. Also, a smartphone with the installed program can be connected to a TV and watch video on a large screen.

Special settings for adults will allow you to turn off the search function so that the child watches only the video on the main screen, and also limit the program’s running time.

Parental Control Screen Time

The Screen Time app will help parents manage the time that their child spends on their smartphone. The program consists of two parts: the main application and the Screen Time Companion add-on, which is put on a child’s mobile device.

After that, adults can track all activity on the phone of a son or daughter: what games the child starts, how much time he devotes to entertainment applications, what he watches or listens.

Among the main functions of the Screen Time application are:

  • Setting the running time of applications;
  • Blocking certain applications;
  • Banning access to social networks during school hours;
  • Adding additional minutes of running programs.

Thus, if a child instead of lessons or lunch, as they say, “sticks” on the phone, parents just need to press the necessary buttons in the application on their gadget several times without taking away their favorite mobile phone from the teenager.

How to choose a smartphone for parental control

Before installing parental controls on a child’s phone, adults should take care to provide their child with a reliable and inexpensive gadget for study and play.

If we are talking about a smartphone for a student, the following characteristics of the device should be considered:

  • Cost. A smartphone should not be too expensive, as children often break even the most beloved toys;
  • Functionality. On the child’s mobile device, game and educational applications, as well as special shells for parental control with the programs they contain, should be launched without any problems;
  • Small size. For children from 7 to 14 years old, it is advisable to purchase lightweight and compact smartphones for more comfortable use.
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information about the parameters that parents should pay attention to when looking for a mobile gadget for their child can be found in the article “How to choose the best smartphone for a student”.

In order for the child to be provided with a multifunctional mobile device that parents could control using applications and special settings, we recommend paying attention to the model from the British company Fly. the Nimbus 11 smartphone.

It should be noted that for 14 years now, Fly has been consistently providing consumers with powerful, productive and affordable smartphones. At the same time, a suitable model can be selected for both an adult and a child.

Fly Nimbus 11 may well become the first smartphone for a child that will faithfully serve him for many years, educate, inspire, entertain and open the door to the world of high technologies for a little person.

For very little money. only 3,790 rubles. adults will be able to provide their child with a convenient and lightweight smartphone with extremely comfortable dimensions: 132.9 x 67.3 x 10.2 mm. 4.5-inch screen displays excellent videos and interfaces for entertainment and educational apps.

You can easily install the most convenient parental control applications on your Fly Nimbus 11 smartphone, including launchers with selected software. A powerful 4-core processor with 1.1 GHz and 1 GB of RAM is responsible for stable operation. And so that the child can easily communicate with his friends on social networks (of course, not during school hours or home lessons), a module is installed in the smartphone high-speed communication 4G LTE.

Parental Controls on IOS: functions and settings

If a child’s score in the App Store and iTunes exceeds yours, and a 12-year-old boy doesn’t even ask what Tinder is, it’s time to think about parental control on his son’s iPhone. We read how to warn a child against unreasonable spending on unnecessary applications and decorations, filter content, block the installation of parental control crawlers, and even close the settings so as not to hack locks. And also how to know if the hope of the whole family is sticking out in the mall instead of school.

4th place. OurPact

If it were not for the price of 6.99 (500 rubles) for one device per month and the clear American focus, the application could well become the leaders of the chart.

OurPact allows you to use all of the constraint functions:

  • total time of use;
  • blocking pornography;
  • age rating;
  • restricting Internet access;
  • blocking unwanted applications.
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In addition, the application allows you to track the location of family members, set up geo-fences and set up alarms indicating their violation.

From the chips of the application, we note the limitation on SMS.

7th place. TeenSafe

The last place in the top is occupied by an application that limits the phone on business. when the owner is driving. According to the official website of the application, every day 11 people die while typing while driving.

TeenSafe. Teen Safety is a service that automatically locks your phone while on the move. Except for calls. the law allows you to receive calls when using hands free. And even make calls using the same device. Parental control in a clean, uncluttered form.

The social orientation of the application is undeniable. But the target audience and target action do not allow it to rise above 7th place.

How many AppleID accounts do you need

To fully use Family Sharing, phones and tablets must be linked to the parent’s AppleID. In his account, a parent can add devices. his own and children. Restrictions are set for each child device separately.

  • Parental Controls on IOS: functions and settings
  • Content restriction in iOS
  • How many AppleID accounts do you need
  • Protection of settings
  • Entering settings
  • Restriction on purchases in iTunes store and app store
  • Hiding apps
  • Checkmate lock and age rating
  • Restriction on information from the Internet
  • Teaching Siri to filter SERPs
  • Setting up the game center
  • IOS Conclusions
  • Top 7 Best Parental Control Apps for iOS
  • 7th place. TeenSafe
  • 6th place. MobiStealth
  • 5th place. Net nanny
  • 4th place. OurPact
  • 3rd place. Qustodio
  • 2nd place. Family time
  • 1st place. Where are my kids
  • findings
  • 2nd place. Family time

    45 (RUR 2900) for 3 devices per year. are falling, functionality is growing. As an additional feature, the application received the Teen Safe Drive mode. if a teenager with a license, having received a family or his own car, exceeds the permitted speed, the parents will find out about this and punish the reckless driver. Nice feature, but not defining. In Russia, children are not given the right to drive a car. If only the speed of the scooter and electric scooter can be tracked.

    Another new mode is the time piggy bank. The child may not sit at the tablet for all the released 3 hours a day. And save a few minutes for later. so as not to interrupt watching the super interesting stream on the passage of “Minecraft”.

    Setting up the game center

    Restrictions on game applications are configured on the same page.

    parental, controls, iphone

    We are looking for Game Center and include the necessary restrictions on:

    • multiplayer;
    • adding friends;
    • screen recording.
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