How to Set Song to Ringtone on Samsung

Setting your own ringtone on Samsung

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Built-in capabilities

There is also a built-in way to link a ringtone to a contact on Samsung. The downside is that in some budget models this function is not provided. In addition, taking into account the software version, the process may have individual characteristics, albeit insignificant.

  • Sign in to Contacts.
  • Select the right person and click on him.
  • Touch the pencil button to edit. If you have a new version of Samsung at your disposal, to set a melody, press and hold the contact for 1-2 seconds, and then select Change from the menu.
  • Find the Ringtone section in the field and tap it. If there is none, click Add another field.

Pressing the Ringtone button directs the user to the application. Find the program you need by clicking on the button Only once. Find the song you want, confirm your selection and save the data. These actions are enough to bind a ringtone to a contact on new Samsung models. If the built-in functionality is suddenly not provided, you can use the third-party application mentioned above, or another application.

How to put a ringtone on a separate Samsung contact

There are situations when it is necessary to set a melody to a separate contact. In this case, the entry must be in the phone and not on the SIM card. In addition, this option is not provided in budget smartphones, so you will have to install an additional program. Consider different options.

How to set music (ringtone) to ringtone on Samsung

How to set music to ringtone on Samsung? If you want to change the default melody, then this procedure will not cause problems. Our article will provide appropriate instructions for users.

System Tools

Of course, the desired goal can be achieved by means built into the firmware, but we repeat that on some smartphones of the budget segment this function is not available. In addition, depending on the version of the system software, the procedure may differ, although not much.

    The easiest way to do the desired operation is using the “Contacts” application. find it on one of the desktops or in the menu and open.

Next, enable the display of contacts on the device. To do this, open the application menu (a separate button or three dots at the top) and select “Settings”.

Then select the “Contacts” option. In the next window, tap on the item “Show contacts”. Select the “Device” option.

Return to the list of subscribers, find the one you need in the list and tap on it.

  • Find the “Edit” button or an item with a pencil icon at the top and tap it. On the latest smartphones (in particular, S8 of both versions), this must be done from the address book: find a contact, tap and hold for 1-2 seconds, then select the “Change” item from the context menu.
  • Find the Ringtone field in the list and tap it. If it is absent, use the “Add another field” button, then select the desired item from the list.
  • Clicking on the “Ringtone” item leads to a call to the application to select a ringtone. Media Store is responsible for standard ringtones, while the rest (file managers, cloud clients, music players) allow you to select a third-party music file. Find the program you need (for example, a standard utility) and click “Only once”.

    Find the desired ringtone in the list of music and confirm the selection. In the contact editing window, click “Save” and exit the application.

    Done. a ringtone for a specific subscriber is installed The procedure can be repeated for other contacts, if the need arises.

    As a result, we note that it is very easy to set a ringtone on Samsung phones. In addition to system tools, some music players also support this option.

    How to put music on a call on Samsung?

    To set a specific ringtone, you first need to download music or select a standard ringtone. Galaxy series devices are considered very popular in our market. They provide ample opportunities, are easy to use, and have a good design. But how to change the default ringtone on Galaxy from Android?

    • Directly through the settings.
    • Through the “dialer”.

    Setting up a subscriber ringtone for Samsung based on Android 7

    If you have a Samsung phone based on Android 7.X OS, then you can add a melody to a separate number as follows:

    • Turn on your gadget;
    • On the main screen, tap on “Contacts”;
    • Click on the desired contact, then click on “Details”;
    • Select “Change”;
    • Tap on “View more”;
    • Select “Ringtone”;
    • Tap on the desired ringtone to assign it to a contact on Samsung, and then tap on “Ok”;
    • Clicking on the button in the form of an arrow in the upper left corner will automatically save all the changes made.

    How to put your own ringtone on a contact on a Samsung device

    There are several ways to add your own or built-in ringtone to your smartphone.

    How to put a ringtone on a contact on Samsung

    Hey! Today I will show you how to put a ringtone on a contact on a Samsung Galaxy phone. For each contact, you can set a specific melody or mp3 track. For example, if your friend Petya calls you, a jazz melody will play, and if your wife calls you, you will hear an alarm siren))) Everything is very simple and fast. See the instructions below and write comments if something is not clear to you. Go!

    On the main or secondary screen, find the Contacts icon and tap on it.

    See, you need to create a new contact. I could not find such an option to add a melody to an existing contact (who knows, write in the comments). So, if you want to add music to a contact that is already in the database, delete it and create it again. On this page, at the bottom of the screen on the right, click on the round button with a plus.

    Next, select where to save the contact and press Select.

    On the page for creating a contact, at the bottom, click on the tab.

    You will be presented with a page for choosing a default ringtone. If you want to add your song, click on the top right on the Add tab.

    Next, you need to select an application to open the section with music. Click on Select Sound.

    Next, you need to select the music and mark it by clicking on the circle on the left.

    How To Set Any Song As Ringtone On Samsung (Android 10)

    Select a song and click on the Done button at the top right.

    All is ready. You just have to specify all the necessary contact information and click on the Save button at the top.

    Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

    Hello. Such a problem. When choosing an action with the help, I mistakenly clicked on the cloud. now, when choosing a melody, it constantly sends through the account. how to return to make a choice through the choice of sound. Thank. Tel. Samsung Galaxy A3.

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    Good day. So in the “Perform an action using” window, you clicked on the “Always” tab to perform an operation using this application. It was necessary to press “Only once.” Can be easily fixed. Open: Settings. Applications. Click on the name of the application (which you installed by default). In the app settings, at the bottom, find the Use by default option. There you need to click Reset defaults.

    Hello there was such a problem, I have a Samsung J2 CORE phone and when I click on there is no such button

    Good day. Most likely this smartphone does not have such a function. Especially if it’s an old model.

    Hello. I have problems on j2, there are no more tabs after the phonetic name field

    Good evening. What year is the smartphone? Android version?

    crap deleted the contact, now not only a melody, but also an avatar not to add, I would have known I would not have read this nonsense

    but such a problem Samsung haloxy cortex J2 is the same as shown here, but there is no contact melody. how to be or not to be. android 8.01

    Either look elsewhere, or there is no such function on your smartphone.

    Contacts where are saved, on a SIM card or phone?

    You need to go to contacts management contacts import / export contacts and transfer all contacts from SIM to phone. And then you can put melodies on the selected contact

    You can not delete a contact, but just click change contact.

    Contacts are on the phone, but I can’t set a melody to a contact. Phonetic name last on the list.
    Samsung j2 core

    I can only assume that there is no such feature on your phone. Or it is somewhere else. You can see in the properties of the track you want to call.

    On Samsung C7, you do not need to delete the number. Press “Change”, if it does not show all the data, press “more”, scroll down and change the contact melody.

    See, you need to create a new contact. I could not find such an option so that I could add a melody to an existing contact (who knows, write in the comments).
    Before getting smart, you need to study the phone. it’s very simple to add a melody to an existing recording.

    I know my phone well) But they are all different. If you do, this does not mean that everyone will have the same.

    We re-create the contact without deleting the old one, and entering the same name. The phone immediately finds the existing one and offers to update it. Well, then there will be a change in the melody as when adding a contact

    in my Samsung Galaxy I add a melody to a contact or group like this:
    1.Open contact
    2. Click Change
    3. Click Add Field
    4. choose “ringtone”
    5. in the appeared field “Ringtone” add a melody

    Contacts where you have, on a SIM card or on your phone?

    Hello Samsung Galaxy A40
    the ringtone is not installed. Added downloaded songs to the ringtones folder. In the settings, when choosing a ringtone, it says that “it was not possible to set as a melody”. Plays just standard. What can be done?

    Hello. What melody, in what format? When you select a melody, it is the ringtones folder that opens?

    I also have the last section “phonetic name” in Samsung j2 core and nothing else. After all, it cannot be that this function is not available in such a phone.

    Good day. There are special applications, you can easily put any downloaded music on a Samsung Android call and on a separate contact. Everything is very simple. I found the simplest application especially for you.

    Samsung J2 Core. Samsung’s official support service said: “Since this model is LIGHTWEIGHT, it has a similar function, adding a ringtone to contacts and groups is not provided.” 🙁

    Samsung J2 Core. Download Ringtone maker-MP3cutter application from Play Store and install any ringtone for each subscriber separately from your arsenal. In the “Select files” section and by clicking three vertical dots opposite the song or melody, the “To contact” section. A list of your contacts opens, select the one you need.

    With a melody for a separate contact, the issue is POSITIVEly resolved.
    Who could not have LIVE wallpaper (ANIMATED), set on the main screen?
    If YES, link plizzz.

    Everything is very simple. On the home screen, look for the Samsung Galaxy Themes app, open it. At the bottom, click Wallpaper. Next, find wallpaper with animation in the catalog. Install them. There is also an application in the Google Play market called Live Wallpapers HD / Backgrounds 4K WALLOOP. It can be downloaded and installed for free on the Google Play Store. Have questions?

    Before that I had a “Samsung Galaxy 350 full” I bought it in the spring of 2015, it had about thirty Zh.O. and 99% worked great. I dragged everything onto the SM-J260F and only the candle worked, and that was not correct, no fire, only smoke. I downloaded 50 more pieces from INETA, I specifically chose to be friends with the software version of the phone and more than one Zh.O. didn’t work.

    What version of Android do you have now? Tried installing from Samsung Galaxy Themes?

    Android 8.1.0
    Firmware version: J260FXXU3ASF2
    We didn’t try it from Galaxy Themes, because I don’t use the Internet on my phone and don’t intend to. Oh, they want me to download to my phone.

    How then can you download and install wallpaper on your phone without the Internet? You don’t have internet at home?

    I have cable high-speed Internet in all my houses and apartments and even WI-FI modems for my guests.

    And how we are communicating with you now?!

    Cable, computer. mobile phone. And click on the phone to allow file sharing.

    I just don’t understand why you don’t want to use the Internet on your phone? Why cable and computer, what’s the catch? Live wallpapers can be downloaded for free from the Google Play market directly on your smartphone. But the Internet is needed on the phone. Otherwise, why bother with a smartphone?

    A smartphone with the Internet is needed for someone who loves to use an Internet on a smart phone and for whom there is a need for this or there is no computer at home.
    Ah, I don’t like it at 1x on the phone, but I like it when I have at least one 32 ″ monitor in front of me. In 2x there is no need for 3x I don’t want to give MTS an extra opportunity to try to steal money from me. in 4x kaspersky total security works perfectly on all windows, but on Android not as I need.
    From the black box, which I ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE I carry with me, I need a phone, an SMS, an audio recorder, a pedometer, sometimes a photo and video recording, and several computing programs. Live wallpaper, dolphins swam under water on my old phone. When, for example: you are standing in a traffic jam, open the lid for time to look, and there are also fish swimming, you look at them and you calm down. Ah, now they are gone and this is a little uncomfortable.

    Connect the Internet to your phone via Wi-Fi for free, download the wallpaper, turn off the Internet, and that’s it. You don’t need Kaspersky on your smartphone, it’s a myth. I have my own protection and all the rules. I don’t see any problems here at all. The Internet is still needed in the phone to update. Without software updates, it gets old, the phone will slow down.

    You either do not read or do not understand the meaning of the words I have written. What’s the difference in the way the software is delivered to the phone? The internet is full of resources that can be downloaded to a PC and then either with a cable or from a card reader to a phone flash drive.
    Kaspersky is not a MYTH. I’ve been using it for years

    17 and the money spent on licenses is not a pity!
    If I do not connect the Internet on my SM, then I really need it!
    I have already visited the old Samsung, I had to REINSTALL the firmware, not update, but REINSTALLED! Your advice does not suit me.

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    When setting a melody to a contact, for some reason after the line “phonetic name” there are no more lines, I tried everything.

    The contact must be saved on the phone, then it will be possible to add a melody in the standard settings. Or install a special Android application and put any music on any contact.

    To add a melody to a contact, go to “contacts”, select a contact, change, below “more” and look below.

    After clicking on the “” button, the tab opens to “Phonetic name” and there is nothing else. Where did the “Ringtone” go and how to put it back in place?

    Save your contacts on your phone. They are on your SIM card, so there is no such function.

    I also have a model SM-J260F / DS, contacts on the phone, but there is no function of setting a ringtone to a contact anywhere, I dug everywhere, but where you write it should not be there. I click to change the contact, then another, and everything ends. First, the phonetic name. About the Ringtone and the word NO.

    In my opinion, I already wrote 10 times above. Check where your contacts are stored, on the SIM card or phone? The contact must be saved to the phone, then you can add a melody. There is a special Android application, you can easily add any ringtone to any contact.

    Setting the melody through the “Settings” section

    This method works on the vast majority of smartphones. In order to put a song on a call, you need to do the following:

    Go to “Settings”.

    Go to the “Sound” section. It can also be called “Sounds and Notifications”.

    Here click on the “Ringtone” item. It can also be called “Phone ringtone”, “Ringtone”, etc.

    At this step, you may need to select an application with which to view your library. For example, you can use the file manager ES Explorer for this.

    Select the song you want to use as a ringtone.

    That’s all! In the same way, you can set a melody to SMS on Android. in this case, you should be interested in the item “Default notification melody”.

    On modern smartphones running on more recent versions of Android, the procedure may be slightly different. For example, on Xiaomi devices (MIUI shell), you need to do the following:

    In the settings, select the “Sound and vibration” section, and then click on the “Ringtone” button.

    Optionally, you can choose a melody from the available ones. If you want to set a custom track, then select “All tunes”. On the page that opens, click “Select a melody on the device”.

    A window will appear where you can specify the source. The most convenient way to make settings is through the explorer, but you can use another method. After that, it remains to select the desired track and click “OK”.

    Please note that using this method you will set a ringtone for all incoming calls. Custom ringtones are configured separately via contacts.

    Using the music player

    There are several ways to put a ringtone on Android. The simplest of these is to use a music player for this purpose. However, a third party solution will not work! You need to launch the preinstalled player, which is usually called “Music”.

    Run the application and select the song that you want to set for the call.

    Hold your finger on this song until the context menu appears.

    Select “Use as ringtone” or “Put on call”.

    Attention: this method may not work on newer smartphones. It all depends on the specific proprietary shell. In many of them, you can install music on a call only in other ways. the player is not suitable for these purposes.

    Using the Contacts app

    At one time, even smartphones based on Symbian allowed each contact to be assigned a specific melody. You can also do this on Android. To do this, follow these instructions:

    Go to the “Contacts” section.

    Select the contact you are interested in.

    Here you need to click the “Change” button. It can look like a pencil or hide under the ellipsis located in the upper right corner.

    Now you definitely need to click on three dots. In the pop-up menu, click on the item “Set ringtone”.

    Select the application with which you will view the list of songs stored on the device.

    Select a folder with MP3 songs, and then the song itself.

    Save the result by clicking on the checkmark.

    Please note: on some smartphones, the ringtone setting process may differ. Everything, again, depends on the proprietary shell. each manufacturer is sophisticated in its own way. Our example is given for “pure” Android, installed on devices of the Nexus family.

    On Xiaomi devices, the order will be slightly different. For example, having selected the desired contact, you do not have to switch to edit mode. It is enough to press the “Default melody” button in the same window. After that, a new window will open in which you can set up a ringtone (we have already described how to do this).

    How to set a ringtone on Android?

    Now many people are switching to smartphones from regular push-button phones. Such users often do not understand the functionality of the operating system at all. Often they don’t even know how to set a ringtone. Interestingly, in the early stages of Android development, it was really very difficult, almost impossible. But now you can change the call in a couple of finger movements.

    Using third-party applications

    You can also use third-party utilities to change melodies. They often make the process a little more convenient. We recommend trying out Rings Extended, GO SMS Pro and RingTone Slicer FX. All of them differ in their functionality, providing more advanced options for setting ringtones.

    How to set a ringtone on Samsung?

    Samsung smartphones, like similar devices from other companies, allow you to choose from the ringtones available in the memory or set your own without any problems, including for each individual contact in your address book. But how to do this, we will tell you right now in our article.

    How to set Samsung ringtone for all contacts?

    Select the SIM card for which you want to change or add a melody. Let it be the first SIM for example.

    Choose a melody, for which just tap on it. The melody will start playing, and if it suits you, just press “Back”.

    How to set a ringtone to a contact on Samsung?

    We select the item “Contacts” (also available as a separate application).

    By default, the system shows all the songs that are in the smartphone’s memory. To choose a melody from those available here, tap on it. If this is the melody you want, click on the “Done” button. Please note that the system can automatically select a part of the track. the item “Only selected fragments”.

    The specified melody is used as the main ringtone.

    In addition, Samsung allows you to select folders with songs in memory.

    Of course, you can also choose your own melody. You already know how to do this from the first part of the article.

    The only moment: when you change the ringtone for a contact, do not forget to click on the “Save” button.

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    How to put your ringtone on a contact on Samsung a50

    In the Samsung a 50 smartphone, you can put different melodies for specific contacts from the address book, only the contact must be saved in the phone, and not on the SIM card.

    Now at the beginning of your work, select “Contacts” from the main menu and from the list of contacts you need to select the person for whom we want to put a separate ringtone.

    At the bottom we see the pencil symbol “Change”. click on it. Then scroll down the screen and select Expand.

    Scroll down again to the “Ringtone” location and click on the horizontal ellipsis. I will not describe further.

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    The further procedure has already been described above. Do exactly as above in the section and you will definitely succeed.

    How to set a ringtone in Samsung a50

    To put an mp3 melody on your Samsung a50 smartphone, you just need to drop it into any folder, for example, I drop it in “Ringtones”.

    When looking, the name should be in Latin (you can in English) and it is best that it consists of one word, more precisely, that there are no dashes like this_.

    With dashes and in Russian, your Samsung a 50, it may not be able to parse it. it showed me how an unknown file and refused to install.

    You can throw it by connecting the phone to the computer (easier way) or through the file manager on the phone (longer way).

    Then we move to the settings and go to “Sounds and Vibration”. There we select the ringtone (if you have two SIM cards, then we indicate which one we will put the melody on).

    After that, click on the plus at the top / right (if you are going to put your own). Then at the bottom / on the right we select “Folders”, after which we go down and “Ringtones”.

    It will open and you just have to select the ringtone that you have thrown and click “Done” at the top / right. It’s all.

    3 ways to put a ringtone on Samsung a50. call contact and SMS

    Samsung a50 phone offers many options, thanks to which we can personalize our phone as much as possible.

    One of them is to put your own melody (ringtone) on a call as a whole, on a contact separately and on an SMS. So Samsung a 50 can be customized to your liking.

    The manufacturer offers their own set of specially designed ringtones by default, but most of us prefer to set a ringtone with our favorite song.

    Oddly enough, in the a50 smartphone, setting your own ringtone from an mp3 file is not as simple and intuitive as it might seem.

    Fortunately, there are ways to set a ringtone from an mp3 file that will definitely work on your Samsung a50.

    How to set a melody to SMS in Samsung a50

    Putting a melody to SMS on Samsung a50 turned out to be not so easy. The manufacturer, both with calls and contacts, did not provide such a tool.

    So I had to resort to outsiders. The solution was found in the application “Rings Extended”. It is available in the market.

    After installation in the application, in front of the line “Current ringtone” put a checkbox and select the item “Media rington”

    You will discover all your tunes that only exist in your Samsung a50. Select the required one, put a tick and “OK”.

    It’s all. You have delivered your favorite SMS ringtone. You can also change it to another one in the same way. It turned out. great. And if not? Just write in the comments and you will soon get a solution.

    Of course, over time, the version of Android may change and with it the settings, but that’s another story. Those interested can find out in more detail from the video lesson below. Success.

    For all incoming calls

    All smartphones have a standard sound that is played when a call comes in. To put music on a call in Samsung, you first need to download the song to your device or find it from the list, then select it through general settings or “dialer”.

    Through the “dialer”

    There is another easy way, how to put a song on the incoming one through the gadget parameters. It is recommended to carry out the action as follows:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Select “Signals” or “Calls” in it.
    • A new list will appear, in it you need to find an inscription under the name “Signals”.
    • A list will appear on the screen, here you need to select the “Call melody” or “Call” function, then select the desired one from it and pin the checkmark opposite it.

    The final step is to check for changes. To do this, call your number from another device. If the sound has not changed, most likely the changes were not saved or the phone needs to be restarted.

    For an individual contact

    It is more convenient to set a melody to a contact in Samsung, then it will be possible to recognize the caller without looking at the screen of the gadget. It will not work through the settings or the “dialer”, for this you need to use a special application or the “Contacts” function in the phone.

    Change settings

    The easiest way to set a ringtone on a Samsung phone is through the gadgets options. You need to do the following:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Scroll through the menu until you see Sounds & Notifications or Sounds & Vibrations. Click on it.
    • Listen to songs downloaded to your device. Choose your favorite track.
    • Save.

    If you need to put on an incoming notification a piece of music downloaded to your phone from a computer or the Internet, you must first find it, then go to its menu and select the “Set as ringtone” or “Use as ringtone” function from the list.

    You can put a ringtone on Samsung by applying a song of one of 3 types: built-in music installed by the manufacturer, downloaded from the network or downloaded from a computer or other devices. The standard for it is the mp3 format with a bit rate of 128 or 256 kbps.

    With applications

    To put different music on each contact in Samsung, it is recommended to download Ringtone Maker app. Through it, it is convenient to put sound on a call or on a separate contact, or edit it. For example, to fix not the whole composition, but only its chorus or favorite moment. To change the parameters, do the following:

    If the actions are performed correctly, a message will appear stating that the installation of a new melody was successful, after this the changes will be saved, and each signal from a loved one will delight you with your favorite track.

    Ringtone Maker constantly displays ads and is inconvenient to use. The only way to eliminate its appearance is to turn off the Internet, but because of this, some of its functions will be unavailable.

    Without using apps

    If you still do not want to download an application to your smartphone that will take up memory and constantly watch ads, you can put a ringtone on Samsung through the phone option. This can be done in a few steps:

    • You need to find the “Phone” function on the gadget and click on it.
    • Find the name of the person in the address book to whom you want to set a new alert. Click on it.
    • Information about the subscriber will open in a new window. Here you should find the “i” icon and click on it.
    • Scroll to the end of the page, click on the displayed inscription “Melody”.
    • A list of musical compositions that are saved in the gadget’s memory will open. It is necessary to put a tick in front of the desired composition.

    After we managed to add a melody to a call in Samsung, the same operations can be done for other subscribers. Thus, a separate signal will be assigned to each person. In the vastness of the Internet, you can find different ringtones and compare them with all the people who are recorded in the address book.

    Stages of installing a ringtone for incoming calls on Samsung phones in 2021

    On Samsung, like on another smartphone, you can put any melody on the call, if it is in the device’s memory, by assigning it in the general mode or for each subscriber separately. It is important not to make mistakes, otherwise the changes will not be saved.

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